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Your taxes go "up in smoke" as Biden amps up crack programs

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Be advised, you are now entering a work free zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails. Here we destroy the liberals, the left and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, whining, screaming lashing out or tantrums will not be tolerated. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host, the beacon of truth, your binary brother, the holiest tomo, the leader of the gay world. He may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. Ladies and gentlemen, your host, Chad law

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Yeah, hello, everybody. And let's go Brandon, hope you all are good. I am fired up this morning. Welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. It's me Chad law, the holiest homo, your binary brother, the beacon of truth and the leader of the gay world, the true leader of the gay world. So happy to be here, broadcasting from our gay conservative headquarters here in Southern California, beaming truth over the airwaves on our red, white and blue rainbow, making sure all of you have the best information at hand. Anyways, as always, I'm very excited to be here with you all. I'm fired up. Like I said, as I'm sure you know, by now, I always like to start with a little personal Funny story, every episode and feel like you know, for an hour or so a few times a week, you all welcome me into your life and home. So I should return the favor, right? Not to mention that my life has always been like an episode of punked with asked Ashton Kutcher, and people seem to find it somewhat entertaining, I'm sorry, if you don't, you can fast forward to the, to the meat of the episode if you'd like. But, you know, I'm very fortunate to have some companies that just love me and send me cool stuff. And so oftentimes, I have like tech stuff, or clothes or whatever, that are lightly used, that I throw up on offer up because if I get the new thing, I don't need the next one anymore, right? If it's stuff I didn't pay for, I tried to sell at first super cheap and make sure it's going to help someone. So I just received my new podcast, audio interface from Rode, it is so cool, controls the mics levels, and basically everything audio related. So I had the older model up and I just threw it up for 250 bucks with a little blurb explaining that I have it really cheap, because I'd like it to go to someone who's just starting podcasting or trying to take their you know, maybe they're just doing it on the computer or whatever trying to take it to the next level, step it up. And there were already five or six listed, but they were all around 600 bucks, which is about what it retails for not looking to make any money here and people ask me all the time, why don't you just make it free and not sell it if they gave it to you and I would. But the problem is with everything like offer up Craigslist Facebook marketplace, it's filled with these experts, scammers and sellers, they'll take it for free, flip it and just relist it and make money off of it. That's not the goal here. I mean, I applaud the effort. You know, I'm all about the hustle, but not when I'm trying to help someone. So often what happens is that when I meet someone and can tell, they will really appreciate it, and it'll be a good thing. And I get that vibe, I'll just give it to them and tell them to keep their money. Anyway, so this nice guy comes by the studio yesterday to pick up the interface. The the older one that I was selling, and I welcomed him in, I actually have the computer up front reception area set up, so I could show him how to use it and also verify that it's in working order. Who's the nice enough guy and one of those short guys with a higher voice? Kind of like a wanker, I would say, you know the type I'm talking about. He came in with millions of questions, and he wanted the receipt and proof of purchase. Shoot me please. I finally just looked at him and said, Dude, it's a $600 machine for 250 bucks. Do you want it or not? Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry. I just, you know, I'm excited about it. So I'm showing him a few things of what he can do on there. And he goes, Oh, is this your studio? And he's kind of looking around the corner. And as a rule of thumb, I never let people I don't know back past the lobby area because we've got guns and historical flags and expensive literature and pictures with presidents and you know, just stuff that you don't want people looking at potentially taking or just how they'll respond. You know, especially lately the stories that I've had a lot of freaks, so of course, naturally I told him yes, I guess it was feeling generous and just said you know, it's locked up right now because we're not recording. Like please can I just take a peek? I want to know to do for my podcast? Well, of course, I'm so supportive of content graders. I couldn't say no to that. Like, Well, okay, so we come around the corner, there's three AR fifteens, mounted on the wall, a bunch of my conservative recognitions pictures with Trump and more and more stuff. I opened the studio door and I said, Okay, you can check it out. But Please take off your shoes, because we just laid down this new sound absorbing carpet. And apparently, it has to stay fluffy. You don't want it to go flat, because then the sound starts bouncing off of it we both had crocs on so it was easy. And I'm gonna hope you all skipped past that admission of what I was wearing. There's looking around, he goes, so what's this podcast about? What's your podcast about? And I said,

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Well, it's a conservative political show told through my perspective as a gay man and an entrepreneur as well. What issues do you talk about? And so I'm already starting to feel like a little uncomfortable. I'm like, you know, when people like intensely stare into your eyes while they talk, I'm all about eye contact. But it was like that super intense, awkward eye contact, kind of like the close talker on Seinfeld. I just had a bad feeling about the whole situation. And so to lighten up the air, I said, I talk about everything from gas prices to all these trans issues in schools. And he's like, oh, yeah, what issues and I'm like, you don't know. So you know, it's a bit miffed at this point, I'm starting to feel myself actually get frustrated. I'm like, You don't come into someone's office buying something for basically free, give me the fifth degree about the product and then try to poke around my show. So to get him out as fast as I could I say, you know, the seven, I'm kind of walking and talking kind of like pushing him out the door. And I said, you know, the stuff going on with the non binary teaching kids, they're given a gender at birth by a doctor and they can choose and loads of young girls wanting to transition in disproportionate numbers. It's a really big deal. Do you have kids knee goes, Yeah, I have a daughter and a son. And again, I'm just just now getting him out the door of the studio to make it back up front, and I redirected him to the hall. And it's way too hard for me to explain the positioning of the pictures. But there's a picture of album art. It was my most popular episode for a while, and it's called Trans is the New Black. It was my third episode. It went crazy and I kid you not at the exact same time. I looked down on the floor and noticed his toenails were painted bright, electric purple, he read the poster and I swear to God, he picked up his crocs stormed out, called me a Nazi told me his daughter is non binary, and people like me cause hate and violence and I should be ashamed. They just looked at him and said, You're the 45 year old father of two with electric purple toenails who here should be ashamed. Anyways, typical liberal fashion, picked up his toys and stormed out of the sandbox. I waited until the doors shut to just start cracking up. I don't know why, but the whole build up of the situation and how and what happened I just found so funny. But looking back on it, I think, man, that could have been a really bad situation. So I think my uncontrollable laughter just came from like uncomfortable tension, but it's like how stupid can you be? Are you so clueless that you can't read a room and say maybe Oh, I don't disagree with this guy. No. Instead, guy comes in, pushes yourself in basically more and more and tries to grill you more and more to find out what you don't like about me or wherever you are and explode sick. Why? It never makes sense to me why liberals always insert themselves into a situation place or community they know they won't like or agree with and then fight. What's the point, all you had to do was come in, check his machine, go home and start doing his real estate podcast. Instead, he would rather start fights with me over politics. It wasn't for a few hours that I actually realized that he was pushing me into that corner the entire time. He saw other things in the entryway that nodded to our conservative movement. I mean, from the second he walked in his goal went from getting much needed piece of equipment for his own podcast to verbally attacking me, he would think as a dad, he wouldn't have time for these games or even the energy for it. And you think he wouldn't pass something up almost free or super cheap. He needed to grow more business make more money, potentially to help your family just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't agree with you in a situation you inserted yourself to. I just the thinking or lack thereof is is something incredible, you know, I just

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gotta wonder where these people come from. I mean, it's like, Did this guy have parents anyways? But those painted toenails, you know? And don't say to me, oh, maybe his kid was a little girl and let her practice first of all, that shouldn't happen. That's weird. Second, if she's old enough to be nonbinary she's probably too old to be playing with daddy's toenails. Okay and as obnoxious as he was, and as much time I feel was taken away from me, it did make me realize that the situation is like, almost identical to what's happening in Washington right now, this skidmark stain on our country called liberalism is the same from the smallest scale to all the way up to the highest possible level. Liberalism is in fact where the need to be righteous or progressive supersedes actual real needs. In front of our face. This guy needed an interface for his big project, but he needed to teach me a lesson which became more important Biden needs to get babies fed, but he needs to make sure druggies can use them piece now, I'm just starting to wonder guys if my thinking about what's going on around us every day somehow attracting or manifesting these situations or is this just how we live these days? I don't know. I will say this is the most general public interaction that I've had in a long time because when I was running the business, you know, it was in the office all day long and then home and very rarely did anything else. Now that I'm more out and about it's I'm really experiencing the day in the life in the general public. And I gotta tell you, I do not like what I see. I don't have to remind you, but I'm going to anyways, we're facing the most challenging time this country has ever yet to face every day more tension, more lies, more backstabbing all without a thought about us, the taxpayer, the family member, the American, the constant fight at the top of our Power magazine covers interview time and popularity has pushed each of us to our lowest point, no one is advocating for us. No one is putting us first you see it more than ever, and I highlighted on almost every show. I mean, just last episode, we showed what we had broke, but Tucker had covered all this petroleum from our strategic reserve going to China in India, not our gas stations, and certainly not in our wallets. We've also exposed why Biden is keeping us stuck in Ukraine. Like I said, it's looking more like a war of attrition. I called it from day one, this is Afghanistan 2.0 which we're still secretly laundering money through by the way in Ukraine, millions and millions of dollars continue to go over to support that worthless war. We have the highest level of politicians in Washington admittedly hired because of the genitals they have the color of their skin and the people they have sex with versus people with merit who care about Americans, each of them constantly fighting over who can get more coverage Mayor Pete Xavier Branca or Buck Kara excuse me, Ron Klain, each of them constantly fighting over who can get more coverage all of it smelling like a unique combination of Dana canoe for men and cheeseburgers that can only belong to Ron Klain. There's not one person who could argue that this reality TV show of a presidency isn't the most self serving administration in history every week. It's more lies, more discoveries, more failure, and no accountability. People tease me because everything is insane. I guess I overuse the word who knows. But this stuff truly is insane. The reason why I use the word insane so often is because since Biden has been in office every week, we have some insane finding. And then even more insane after that the next week and they've gotten worse week by week by week, between the crackhead trying to steal my car, the libe