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Your taxes go "up in smoke" as Biden amps up crack programs

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Be advised, you are now entering a work free zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails. Here we destroy the liberals, the left and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, whining, screaming lashing out or tantrums will not be tolerated. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host, the beacon of truth, your binary brother, the holiest tomo, the leader of the gay world. He may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. Ladies and gentlemen, your host, Chad law

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Yeah, hello, everybody. And let's go Brandon, hope you all are good. I am fired up this morning. Welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. It's me Chad law, the holiest homo, your binary brother, the beacon of truth and the leader of the gay world, the true leader of the gay world. So happy to be here, broadcasting from our gay conservative headquarters here in Southern California, beaming truth over the airwaves on our red, white and blue rainbow, making sure all of you have the best information at hand. Anyways, as always, I'm very excited to be here with you all. I'm fired up. Like I said, as I'm sure you know, by now, I always like to start with a little personal Funny story, every episode and feel like you know, for an hour or so a few times a week, you all welcome me into your life and home. So I should return the favor, right? Not to mention that my life has always been like an episode of punked with asked Ashton Kutcher, and people seem to find it somewhat entertaining, I'm sorry, if you don't, you can fast forward to the, to the meat of the episode if you'd like. But, you know, I'm very fortunate to have some companies that just love me and send me cool stuff. And so oftentimes, I have like tech stuff, or clothes or whatever, that are lightly used, that I throw up on offer up because if I get the new thing, I don't need the next one anymore, right? If it's stuff I didn't pay for, I tried to sell at first super cheap and make sure it's going to help someone. So I just received my new podcast, audio interface from Rode, it is so cool, controls the mics levels, and basically everything audio related. So I had the older model up and I just threw it up for 250 bucks with a little blurb explaining that I have it really cheap, because I'd like it to go to someone who's just starting podcasting or trying to take their you know, maybe they're just doing it on the computer or whatever trying to take it to the next level, step it up. And there were already five or six listed, but they were all around 600 bucks, which is about what it retails for not looking to make any money here and people ask me all the time, why don't you just make it free and not sell it if they gave it to you and I would. But the problem is with everything like offer up Craigslist Facebook marketplace, it's filled with these experts, scammers and sellers, they'll take it for free, flip it and just relist it and make money off of it. That's not the goal here. I mean, I applaud the effort. You know, I'm all about the hustle, but not when I'm trying to help someone. So often what happens is that when I meet someone and can tell, they will really appreciate it, and it'll be a good thing. And I get that vibe, I'll just give it to them and tell them to keep their money. Anyway, so this nice guy comes by the studio yesterday to pick up the interface. The the older one that I was selling, and I welcomed him in, I actually have the computer up front reception area set up, so I could show him how to use it and also verify that it's in working order. Who's the nice enough guy and one of those short guys with a higher voice? Kind of like a wanker, I would say, you know the type I'm talking about. He came in with millions of questions, and he wanted the receipt and proof of purchase. Shoot me please. I finally just looked at him and said, Dude, it's a $600 machine for 250 bucks. Do you want it or not? Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry. I just, you know, I'm excited about it. So I'm showing him a few things of what he can do on there. And he goes, Oh, is this your studio? And he's kind of looking around the corner. And as a rule of thumb, I never let people I don't know back past the lobby area because we've got guns and historical flags and expensive literature and pictures with presidents and you know, just stuff that you don't want people looking at potentially taking or just how they'll respond. You know, especially lately the stories that I've had a lot of freaks, so of course, naturally I told him yes, I guess it was feeling generous and just said you know, it's locked up right now because we're not recording. Like please can I just take a peek? I want to know to do for my podcast? Well, of course, I'm so supportive of content graders. I couldn't say no to that. Like, Well, okay, so we come around the corner, there's three AR fifteens, mounted on the wall, a bunch of my conservative recognitions pictures with Trump and more and more stuff. I opened the studio door and I said, Okay, you can check it out. But Please take off your shoes, because we just laid down this new sound absorbing carpet. And apparently, it has to stay fluffy. You don't want it to go flat, because then the sound starts bouncing off of it we both had crocs on so it was easy. And I'm gonna hope you all skipped past that admission of what I was wearing. There's looking around, he goes, so what's this podcast about? What's your podcast about? And I said,

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Well, it's a conservative political show told through my perspective as a gay man and an entrepreneur as well. What issues do you talk about? And so I'm already starting to feel like a little uncomfortable. I'm like, you know, when people like intensely stare into your eyes while they talk, I'm all about eye contact. But it was like that super intense, awkward eye contact, kind of like the close talker on Seinfeld. I just had a bad feeling about the whole situation. And so to lighten up the air, I said, I talk about everything from gas prices to all these trans issues in schools. And he's like, oh, yeah, what issues and I'm like, you don't know. So you know, it's a bit miffed at this point, I'm starting to feel myself actually get frustrated. I'm like, You don't come into someone's office buying something for basically free, give me the fifth degree about the product and then try to poke around my show. So to get him out as fast as I could I say, you know, the seven, I'm kind of walking and talking kind of like pushing him out the door. And I said, you know, the stuff going on with the non binary teaching kids, they're given a gender at birth by a doctor and they can choose and loads of young girls wanting to transition in disproportionate numbers. It's a really big deal. Do you have kids knee goes, Yeah, I have a daughter and a son. And again, I'm just just now getting him out the door of the studio to make it back up front, and I redirected him to the hall. And it's way too hard for me to explain the positioning of the pictures. But there's a picture of album art. It was my most popular episode for a while, and it's called Trans is the New Black. It was my third episode. It went crazy and I kid you not at the exact same time. I looked down on the floor and noticed his toenails were painted bright, electric purple, he read the poster and I swear to God, he picked up his crocs stormed out, called me a Nazi told me his daughter is non binary, and people like me cause hate and violence and I should be ashamed. They just looked at him and said, You're the 45 year old father of two with electric purple toenails who here should be ashamed. Anyways, typical liberal fashion, picked up his toys and stormed out of the sandbox. I waited until the doors shut to just start cracking up. I don't know why, but the whole build up of the situation and how and what happened I just found so funny. But looking back on it, I think, man, that could have been a really bad situation. So I think my uncontrollable laughter just came from like uncomfortable tension, but it's like how stupid can you be? Are you so clueless that you can't read a room and say maybe Oh, I don't disagree with this guy. No. Instead, guy comes in, pushes yourself in basically more and more and tries to grill you more and more to find out what you don't like about me or wherever you are and explode sick. Why? It never makes sense to me why liberals always insert themselves into a situation place or community they know they won't like or agree with and then fight. What's the point, all you had to do was come in, check his machine, go home and start doing his real estate podcast. Instead, he would rather start fights with me over politics. It wasn't for a few hours that I actually realized that he was pushing me into that corner the entire time. He saw other things in the entryway that nodded to our conservative movement. I mean, from the second he walked in his goal went from getting much needed piece of equipment for his own podcast to verbally attacking me, he would think as a dad, he wouldn't have time for these games or even the energy for it. And you think he wouldn't pass something up almost free or super cheap. He needed to grow more business make more money, potentially to help your family just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't agree with you in a situation you inserted yourself to. I just the thinking or lack thereof is is something incredible, you know, I just

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gotta wonder where these people come from. I mean, it's like, Did this guy have parents anyways? But those painted toenails, you know? And don't say to me, oh, maybe his kid was a little girl and let her practice first of all, that shouldn't happen. That's weird. Second, if she's old enough to be nonbinary she's probably too old to be playing with daddy's toenails. Okay and as obnoxious as he was, and as much time I feel was taken away from me, it did make me realize that the situation is like, almost identical to what's happening in Washington right now, this skidmark stain on our country called liberalism is the same from the smallest scale to all the way up to the highest possible level. Liberalism is in fact where the need to be righteous or progressive supersedes actual real needs. In front of our face. This guy needed an interface for his big project, but he needed to teach me a lesson which became more important Biden needs to get babies fed, but he needs to make sure druggies can use them piece now, I'm just starting to wonder guys if my thinking about what's going on around us every day somehow attracting or manifesting these situations or is this just how we live these days? I don't know. I will say this is the most general public interaction that I've had in a long time because when I was running the business, you know, it was in the office all day long and then home and very rarely did anything else. Now that I'm more out and about it's I'm really experiencing the day in the life in the general public. And I gotta tell you, I do not like what I see. I don't have to remind you, but I'm going to anyways, we're facing the most challenging time this country has ever yet to face every day more tension, more lies, more backstabbing all without a thought about us, the taxpayer, the family member, the American, the constant fight at the top of our Power magazine covers interview time and popularity has pushed each of us to our lowest point, no one is advocating for us. No one is putting us first you see it more than ever, and I highlighted on almost every show. I mean, just last episode, we showed what we had broke, but Tucker had covered all this petroleum from our strategic reserve going to China in India, not our gas stations, and certainly not in our wallets. We've also exposed why Biden is keeping us stuck in Ukraine. Like I said, it's looking more like a war of attrition. I called it from day one, this is Afghanistan 2.0 which we're still secretly laundering money through by the way in Ukraine, millions and millions of dollars continue to go over to support that worthless war. We have the highest level of politicians in Washington admittedly hired because of the genitals they have the color of their skin and the people they have sex with versus people with merit who care about Americans, each of them constantly fighting over who can get more coverage Mayor Pete Xavier Branca or Buck Kara excuse me, Ron Klain, each of them constantly fighting over who can get more coverage all of it smelling like a unique combination of Dana canoe for men and cheeseburgers that can only belong to Ron Klain. There's not one person who could argue that this reality TV show of a presidency isn't the most self serving administration in history every week. It's more lies, more discoveries, more failure, and no accountability. People tease me because everything is insane. I guess I overuse the word who knows. But this stuff truly is insane. The reason why I use the word insane so often is because since Biden has been in office every week, we have some insane finding. And then even more insane after that the next week and they've gotten worse week by week by week, between the crackhead trying to steal my car, the liberal law student yelling at me and now getting accosted by a 40 year old man and crocs with purple toenails are just micro metaphors of what's happening in Washington baby formula is scarce gas is totally unaffordable. Inflation is not getting better. Markets are crashing, tech companies are bringing in record low revenue and the labor market is a disaster. Those are irrefutable facts, right? No one can argue those are real life issues affecting all of us every day. This is what needs to be addressed and not stop being addressed until it's fixed. Don't you agree? The simplest fundamental principles of leadership and governing you take the issues in order of the impact it's having on the population or your constituents and you work up from there, too. That doesn't work for the left, because it's not self serving enough. It's not woke enough. It doesn't make them feel better at night. You would think anyone would agree but not Washington's political elite. It's not progressive enough. What just making sure babies are fed and healthy now have anything to do with the future of the world or this country that won't make them look forward thinking and radical. You know, those white middle class babies are fine, they can just breastfeed folks, I'm going to make a statement here and I need you all to hear it and know I'm being 100% serious. If you take anything away from this episode, it should be this we have become A nation where the comfort of crackheads has superseded the nutrition of infants. And I mean that with all my heart, I think we all understand that Biden has a soft spot for crackheads and heroin users. As a matter of fact, the smartest person Biden's ever known his son Hunter is a crack addict, but I didn't personally paid for that crack addiction for years. Well, folks looks like the big guy wanted to spread his personal knowledge of crack addicts and experience in supporting their habit nationwide with your money. Do you remember the whole Biden crack pipe scandal? It's still all over the internet a few months ago, I want to say probably February, January February, an article was published by the Washington Free Beacon citing a $30 million grant program the HHS would begin shelling out to reduce drug use in cities now the author did a little bit more research and he found within the grant applications this program was really focused on three areas these safe smoking kits syringe access, and clean slash voluntary using sites like safe spaces, but for drug addicts, each one of these progressive ideals has proven nothing other than boosting those involved self esteems that's it the original article alluded to clean crack pipes being included in the safe smoking kit. The author noted that in 90% of other safe smoking kit programs crack pipes were included. Well I don't have to tell you this put the left in a tailspin frenzy this and of course this is the tell when you know you're onto something that liberals don't want you to see or catch. They just lose it. These guys lost it they went absolutely nuts. All of a sudden anyone who thought Biden funds would include kits that included crackpots were all right. Conspiracy theorists Q Anon, and spreaders of misinformation it was shut down so quick, The Washington Post CNN, MSNBC, NPR, political in the rest of the drive by domestic terrorists, news organizations worked 24/7 to slam the book on the story. I mean, just go online today, type in Biden crack pipes, and you'll find the first 10 pages on Google have the same title quote, no, Biden did not fund bagpipes, which is a total lie, of course, because as conservatives and Republicans were the party of taking it up the keister from Democrats, we allowed them to shut down the story and pursued nothing further. However, a few conservative publications with vested interests published op ed pieces that in fact confirmed a traditional safe smoking kit did include cracked pipes. As a follow up to the story the same Washington Free Beacon reporters went to various harm reduction sites up and down the coast where each location provided a safe smoking kit with a crack pipe in them. They took video photos however, because the drive by media did such a fine job at discrediting these people. It all got brushed off all the photos and evidence is still readily available, but it's hard to resell a story that's already been damaged will finally and almost surprisingly, thanks to the Gateway Pundit and The Daily Caller, we have confirmation that the Biden administration's HHS grants are being awarded to purchase safe smoking kits which include cracked pipes go figure just the other day the Gateway Pundit uncovered a story of another reporter this time from The Daily Caller going undercover in one of many Biden crack camps in New York City. This one just happened to be across the street from a preschool. According to the Gateway Pundit in New York harm reduction educators clinic is located at Park and 26. In East Harlem, the clinic was awarded $400,000 in grants from the Biden administration to provide services to drug addicts in the area including a safe injection site and clean equipment. A reporter from The Daily Caller went to that location at which point he received a crack pipe condoms and lubricant. After filling out a bit of paperwork. The process was repeated by a second reporter from the same news outlet this article goes on to say when they entered the back room the reporters witnessed individuals smoking and injecting various substances. Their request to use outdoors was denied with staff citing the clinic was located across the street from Echo Park, children and families center. According to inside schools, the center provides preschool for three and four year old children in the city. The Safe Use site was permitted by Bill de Bozo the previous New York City mayor in December of 2021. And according to the New York Post, the local parents have been outraged by the whole situation. I mean, could you imagine one of them said quote whatever you're going to do, you don't put this kind of center directly across the street from a preschool that makes no sense. Another parent said it may be helping them not to overdose but when they come out high we have to deal with them and it's not something I want to subject my three year old to in February. We know the Biden administration denied it was giving grants to fund distribute Should have cracked pipes following that Washington Free Beacon report that exposed the practice no federal funding will be used directly or through subsequent reimbursement of grantees to put pipes in safe smoking kits. Human Health Services Secretary Xavier Bukhara said in a statement more lies, this guy lies almost as much as Biden does. I mean, at what point does Biden not watch his human health services secretary on TV pleading with Americans that there are no crack pipes and the kits being made from his grant money and think this is a frickin circus? How do you as a leader sit back and cheer that on the Department of Health and Human Services for the United States of America is on TV assuring Americans that there were no crack pipes included in the grant funding? We're not talking about diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and the other silent killers Americans deal with every day. Oh, no. They're on TV defending whether they're paying for crack pipes. What the hell is this? I mean, as I hear myself say it, I get heartburn, the term crack pipe should never come up anywhere about anything our federal government is doing. How is it even an issue for any news outlet at all? To have a shred of evidence to even raise a question about American tax dollars used to provide crack pipes is crazy. Think about it. Where have we gone? Where are we you can't make this stuff up. This is the state of the administration we have so not only do we have a discredited author and publication that was right all along, but we also have Jen Sakhi and Xavier Vokera boldface lying to us on television. I mean, truly, how many lives are these people willing to destroy to keep their liberal experiments on your dime, a secret 100,000 hundreds of 1000s Whatever it takes, right, we're just collateral damage on their quest to socialism. And don't expect any corrections from the media either. They're too busy currently harassing Supreme Court justices that their own private homes. All this clean crack kid or safe smoke kid or syringe access all these new progressive programs around drug addict outreach come from this concept called harm reduction. Not sure if you've ever heard of it. It's a crackpot theory that involves enabling drug users and alcoholics with clean using sites free syringe access, safe smoking kits, and a staff that can communicate without judgment and respect. Now, before I start throwing things, I will tell you all and very personal part of my life, I'm very well versed on all things addiction. I'm not personally an addict, but my biological father is and my stepfather who was my dad and the dad I refer to on the show is also an addict. My dad's sober, his addiction wasn't always fun. But we did get very lucky in the sense that our home, the family, finances, careers school, were never affected by his addiction, drinking or not. As kids, if we needed something, we always got it without fail. My dad was not one of those non functioning alcoholics, but I proudly share and admit that I was essentially born into addiction. My mom wasn't an addict. I'm not an addict, but I've been surrounded by them my entire life. It was just kind of a way of life for me for a number of years. And thank God because honestly, I would be nowhere without the lessons and personal development I had to face earlier than others my age, and it forced me to push myself up the ranks. I mean, I've been an Al Anon since I could drive myself to meetings. And that's really where I learned how bad some addicts can get. I call it donut table talk because an Al Anon we obsess about the addicts instead of ourselves and allanon It's like Oh, Kim, my Joey's an angry drunk. You're so lucky. Yours just passes out on the couch really? Well, I'll take angry and lazy anyway over my sex addict alcoholic. Anyways, I'll stop there. It's taking me a little too far back for my first allanon Click. But just like politics, addiction was a big part of my life. And I've always tried to understand as much as I could. So naturally, while I'm following this story and learning about harm reduction, it goes against everything I've ever learned or read about addiction. The argument behind harm prevention is sort of like the cool parents who say, Oh, well, if you're going to smoke pot, just tell us and smoke it here. So we know you're safe. Now as an adult, I know they just wanted to get high as well. But I digress. The concept is of harm prevention is just like that. But instead of parents it's multimillion dollar grant and government funded health care nonprofit groups, and instead of weed it's crack and heroin. If we provide a safe, non judgmental place to use and give them all safe tools, we can reduce the number of ODS and increase the number of conversations about sobriety. Here's the definition of harm prevention directly from their website, just so we're all on the same page. Harm reduction is great. counted in justice and human rights. Okay, well, first of all, we know anything that starts with justice or social justice is just woke BS continues to say it focuses on positive change and on working with people without judgment, coercion, discrimination or requiring that they stop using drugs as a precondition of support harm reduction encompasses a range of health and social services and practices that apply to illicit and licit drugs. These include but are not limited to drug consumption rooms, needle and syringe programs, non abstinence based housing and employment initiatives, drug checking, overdose prevention and reversal, psychosocial support, and the provision of information on safer drug use approaches such as these are cost effective evidence based and have a positive impact on the individual and community health. Well, just a couple of things to point out that are ridiculous, this non abstinence based housing and employment initiatives. So what they're trying to do is get drug users jobs that they can do while they're high, not get clean, and then we'll give you a job no same with housing, no Sober Living either they don't want sober living, they want everyone to be able to use but have a safe place to use, it doesn't work. And naturally, if we take that same concept and apply it to their gun law argument around banning it ceases to exist. If you want to stop overdosing, you should take away all the needles and pipes right? No outreach, no education, just take them all away. So I mean, doesn't that pose the question? Does banning stop action or does providing an educating stop action in traditional addiction speak this is what we would call enabling turning a blind eye making an excuse. Oh, okay, honey, I guess one beer with dinner will be fine, until it takes him to his third DUI on the way to work in the morning. No one wants to be the bad guy. No one wants to kick someone out or call the cops. It's not fun. We as humans want to see those around us happy and not distressed enabling is for the enabler, not the addict. It helps the enabler feel a little less guilt or just better overall, and it sends the addict right back down to crack pipe station. Stigma and judgment aren't always a bad thing. I was 310 pounds this time last year, and this morning I weighed 244 pounds. You know why I lost all that weight because I was fat shamed all the time. It only took 35 years because I'm a stubborn son of a bitch. But eventually I got tired of being the fat joke in the room. One day I woke up on the couch covered and Reese's and peanut m&m wrappers like a lot of them like I didn't need a blanket and realized it was time. Don't get me wrong, I still have probably another 4050 pounds to go but now it's just on me. In AAA they call it Rock Bottom. Until that happens. There's no way someone's getting sober. I agree addicts grab on to any form of hope as an excuse to keep using until they can't anymore. Once all hope is lost, they hit rock bottom and less. One day they wake up by the waterfront on Pier 44 in San Francisco to a beautiful blonde 20 Something radiating with lights, swabbing them down with alcohol and swapping out their hair with needles and getting you all comfy and ready to shoot up again essentially doing everything but plunging the needle in themselves. Does that make you want to quit not me there, it makes no sense. They're trying to have AAA meetings in a bar here, folks. And it's just another way to funnel endless money through left wing nonprofit progressive groups all over the country. So a the typically non hireable can get jobs and we continue to fund trials instead of things that work. You know what works with addiction to Salvation Army program, Betty Ford 12 steps, none of which includes safe smoking kits or unlimited syringes, harm prevention is almost impossible to measure for positive or negative impacts. First of all, they can only use the people who use the services, which is a fraction of users in the cities. And second, there's no definition of success. Because of confidentiality. They don't track the visitors they don't know if they die or get sober. It is easy to claim success because proponents of harm prevention use everything under the sun as performance indicators, things that have nothing to do with harm prevention at all. In other words, it doesn't work. Most studies show it has a minimal impact on health of homeless addicts and spreading disease. But other than that nothing according to people who live and work around these sites. They become like a social club for crackheads. They can use and share all together without judgment. Law enforcement has repeatedly shared that dealers post up around these locations and bigger cities. And due to the connection between drugs and sex work. They're often handfuls of prostitutes nearby. I mean, if I was a drug user on the street sounds like Disneyland. I mean, fresh drugs on the corner clean utensils and a beanbag chair to not often had a couple of hookers who would ever leave from I hear these places sound a lot like the spray gay away camps, they send teenage boys to you take 10 Gay teens looking to be changed and put them in dorms together. Let me tell you There ain't a lot of praying going on at night, I can promise you that just like there's no getting sober or taking strides for sobriety at Biden's crack camps. I had this conversation a couple years ago when the needle program in San Francisco switched from needle exchange to needle access. And as I have these conversations, liberals just love to tell me how ignorant I am with all of this. Crazy how anything common sense rooted in experience and results that doesn't follow a woke narrative is ignorant. For many years, San Francisco had a needle exchange program. Again, it was tied to this harm prevention bull. But it also was in hopes to get used needles off the sidewalks in the city, San Francisco, you know, so you could wear sandals or open toed shoes without getting HIV, the one for one needle exchange program worked in certain areas, there were significantly less used needles all over the city because the user had to bring an old one for a new one, and they could properly dispose of the old needles. It also had a positive impact on the transmission of infections and HIV. However, those things are extremely hard to measure the direct impact of those who did an exchange but of course, because it was working for the most part and cleaning up the city, progressives had to introduce a new level of insanity what they call needle and syringe access. No longer exchange no longer one for one, just come on in and get them I don't have to tell you the results here you've seen the pictures of Pelosi is playground. It's a needle museum. I mean, literally, you need a body condom just to walk to Starbucks in San Francisco. It's true. And you all think this is a New York San Francisco la program. Big City thing. Oh no. You see as these crazy commie governors and mayors spout off about these things, your small town wannabe mayors and woke councils will follow. Now keep in mind here folks, I'm talking about needles, not crack pipes. Unlike pipes, needles can cause serious health problems including death. That being said, there's no real firm data that supports syringe access helps. But if we were going to stick out a toe into this harm prevention concept, needles or syringes would seem to be the most impactful against IV user death or spread of disease. Crack pipes, on the other hand, are just a party favor, there is absolutely no need to provide these for human safety standpoint. Very few if any cases of hepatitis or HIV can be traced back to sharing a crack pipe. Think about it like this. A crack pipe is like making out with someone although there's a small risk of transmission. It rarely happens. A syringe is fully having sex risk goes up 1000 times. So what's the point of the crack pipe giveaway? The argument could be made that syringes can save lives but not crack pipes. Again, it's a bizarro concept with zero medical science behind it no positive impact and it just encourages crack use. I mean, when can my stoner friends go claim their free bomb or their Biden bongs somewhere? The numbers show very clearly that although in many areas were safe use sites exist drug use did not increase. It also didn't decrease. You can't use public taxpayer funding on programs that don't impact that issue positively. It's community policing all over again, dump millions of dollars of ours our tax dollars into cities for community policing pilots. Meanwhile, crime goes up. Imagine someone taking your hard earned savings and investing it into a stock that's going to tank then after it tanks. They buy more of the same stock. That's what's happening, folks. I mean, is this Biden's way of feeling at home with people? What's his obsession with crack? The smartest man he's ever known is a crack addict. I truly believe Biden thinks if hunter had these places to go he could have been helped what you mean he would have to leave Chateau Marmont to go use that a safe space Give me a break we have a wide open border with drugs flooding in like never before we have progressive DEA is all over the country decriminalizing drug use and will not prosecute leaving them on the streets. And now we have taxpayer funded crack stands on the street corners for free pipes, free needles, condoms and lube. By the way, don't forget the lube. We have to make sure those crackheads don't experience any unwanted friction. I mean, it sounds crazy to say it and as I say it, it sounds even crazier, but it's almost like they want to keep people high and drugged out which is terrible for the surrounding communities because drug use especially crack and heroin impact crime rates exponentially in the surrounding areas of where the users are. I mean, here the most recent stats from the Bureau of Justice Statistics 25% of jailed crack users admitted the crime that got them in jail was because of the need to feed their addiction 41% of violent crime against students were committed by drug users of crack to and five rapes slash sexual assaults were committed by crack users. 25% of robberies are committed by crack users crack in crime go hand in hand. All you have to do is read hunters book to know that I still think he lifted a lot of his stories from Richard Pryor. But anyways, I digress. By enabling crack use giving out the tools to use it giving them safe legal places to smoke it with our tax dollars, we are indirectly funding an increase in crime. The crack addiction is so physically strong, the need for the drug takes over your minds ability to reason or know right from wrong, folks. Like I mentioned, I have a special place in my heart for addicts. I understand the pain and the suffering for the addict and the people around them. It's not good, and it's an epidemic in this country. But just like gun control and mass killings, we're not addressing the cause. Why do so many use? Why is it so easy to get these drugs? Where are they coming from? What have we done to stop that effort? Acceptance is a form of mediocrity. Essentially, the government has said, Well, if we can't beat them, join them. That is the most non American attitude possible. Instead of trying to fix and rat and eradicate a major problem, except it allow it and don't judge it. Well, we know three irrefutable facts about drug users. One they only get sober when they want to get sober to they only want to get sober when they hit rock bottom. And three, they only hit rock bottom when being an addict becomes so difficult. It isn't worth it anymore. Why aren't we limiting access making it impossible to get drugs and dumping money into programs like Betty Ford or Salvation Army? is tough love a thing of the past here, have liberals eradicated it? I mean, I know cops that I've talked to that would see a user in bad shape, pick them up, throw them in jail in the drunk tank for a couple of nights just so they won't die. Nothing like a detox in prison. I mean, it's rough, but at least there's medical staff to oversee Instead of rewarding sobriety and funding access to tools that really do work like sober living, and no nonsense rehabilitation, where are encouraging people to stay high. How does Biden see this as a positive thing? How can he look at his reflection in the bottom of his snow peas bowl and think right now, at this time in America $30 million for crack pipes will do us a lot of good since when in this country? Do we adopt things like well, they're going to do it anyways. So that's not an argument. That's an excuse for lack of trying to tackle the issue. We can't argue with the facts here, folks. And unfortunately, this whole crack pipe situation is another an example of an actual journalist writing actual news and exposing true corruption and misuse of funds has been destroyed and discredited for not toeing the line. Let me ask you, have you heard of anything crazier? Well, I hate to say it, but in my research for this article, I went down some pretty crazy misuse of funds stories that we're going to talk about the next episode, the Biden blank check is being used in some other justice bizarre, if not more programs that will shock you. I'm talking trans prisoners, monkeys and buttholes, all with your money. Allow me to leave you with this. This country is not founded on if you can't beat them, join them. This country is not founded on mediocrity. This country isn't founded on feelings over facts. The left wants to keep you down. They want to keep drug addicts on drugs, they want to keep criminals on the streets, why you're probably tired of hearing me say this over and over again. But they're working to create a new normal, so they can keep advancing this crazy agenda they're banking on after a while we will accept the price of gas or the shortages at the store. Because if they get their way, it's going to be 100 times worse. We're being groomed. We're getting prepared for what's going to happen as they continually gain power like a snowball in an avalanche. We are a country of problem solvers and the antithesis of mediocrity. Americans have an intrinsic need to work harder, do better, improve lives and give back to those around them. It's who we are. So naturally, when you see all these programs and laws and policies that contradict that there is serious cause for concern. Biden says it's time we reward work over wealth. Where is that happening? All I see is increased welfare programs, the opposite of working increased inflation, which is just an attack on what people earn from working free crack pipes for drug users. Another fantastic reward for work, where are the rewards? Where is the incentive to work? Where's the incentive to do anything right now see, in socialism, there are no rewards. And in this country right now, there are no rewards either our way of life is under attack. The spirit of self governance and power of the people is dwindling. And this pain is becoming normal. Do yourselves a favor, take a step back and really watch, see what's happening in your community? Are these things you can actually live with? I know I can't. Sometimes all we can do is resist until the Calvary show up. That's what we have to do right now. There's a big election coming up. And all we can do is send a message that we're tired of it, we want to see things happening. We want out of this war in Ukraine and all the recent soldiers deployed to the Middle East and Asia recently to come home. We want to control the export market again, including petroleum. We want these countries that suck our bank accounts dried to pay their fair share, start there instead of the horrible 1% of this country. How about the countries around the world that use us for everything pay their fair share, before we attack Jeff Bezos, most importantly, we just want our country to come first. We got a small taste of it, it tasted really good. And we're ready to go back. The saddest part is $30 million to suppose that amazing drug cleanup grants, even if these were smart, effective programs, $30 million to help Americans get off drugs, how much should we send to the Ukrainian government? That's the difference here, folks, even the most worthless, ineffective and costly programs to help Americans as bad as they are, they're still only pennies compared to what we shell out to everyone else until our demands are met. We will continue to wake up brightened for our country. I think the light is at the end of the tunnel. I'm looking forward to the day we collect our fair share, we put America first we bring our military home, it's coming quick, make sure you're ready. Make sure you vote and make sure you continually support this effort, this conservative movement. Well, that's all for today, folks, I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I hope you are as riled up as I am about your tax dollars funding crack pipes. I'm Chad law, reminding you of what Reagan once said, I know in my heart that man is good that what is right will always eventually triumph and there's purpose and worth to each and every life. I wonder if he'd still think that with Biden in office today if he was around God bless you President Reagan and may God save America

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