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Dirty Pete up in Dirty Smoke


Intro: Diane Feinstein says goodbye to her friends in the Senate while liberal sharks start to smell blood. Environmental Nazis are coming for your gas stove, whether you like it or not, and dirty Pete is up in dirty smoke. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Lost.

Chad: Yeah. Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of The Last Gay Conservative. I'm Chad Law, your hostess with the mostess. America's binary brother, the holiest homo, and the gayest conservative of all time. Here in my safe space, my woke free zone in Newport Beach, California, overlooking the water with one mission to send common sense conservative politics through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, it's the day after Valentine's Day. I hope you all had a fantastic day filled with chocolates and balloons and roses and all that other sappy crap. I don't love Valentine's Day for two reasons. One, I never have a Valentine my choice. I have to put that out there. Have plenty of offers.

But second of all, for whatever reason, holidays, these Hallmark holidays just bring out the worst in people and all the freaks come out. And so I merely shut the blinds and lock the doors and hide out until everyone goes back to their little caves or sewers or wherever they came from. No, but in all seriousness, folks, I do hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day either with yourself or with your partner. I do like Galentine's Day, though. That's a lot of fun. Get together with all your friends and drink and talk about why being single is so much better than being with someone. I'm merely projecting on all of you. I do want to say thank you to all of you for your tweets and emails and chats on the website about the Gailey News.

It's something I'm so proud of and something no other podcasters in this industry offer. A handpicked vetted news email that keeps the listeners completely informed. It's fantastic. You don't have to do anything except for open your email, so thank you for those who are enjoying it, please sign up if you haven't had the chance. Also, in case you've missed it, I'm doing a weekly op-ed for the opinion column on my website. They are often published as well on top conservative sites. This week's column is all about the Democrats love for cognitively challenged candidates like John Federman, Diane Feinstein, and Joe Biden. And it was already picked up by Beau Nerdly of the Rush Limbal Show and published on his Daily BS site. Very, very proud of that.

On a quick personal side note, I want to give a shout out to two of my oldest friends, Irene Flaherty, her man Mark and her daughter Katie, all very proud New York conservatives. I just recently found out that they are listeners and although we haven't connected in some years, I love them very much and I'm so proud to have them listening to my show. But that's enough sappy crap for today. We've got three big news items to cover today. Diane Feinstein just announced that she's not seeking reelection to her post as the Senate's token crip keeper, I mean senator from California. 89 years old people, and she's had seriously noticeable cognitive decline in the last six to seven years, maybe even more. But of course, the Democrats have forced her to stay in office. They feed her her snow peas and prop her up with pillows because she was easily controlled, and she doesn't represent that crazy progressive caucus that they can't control anymore.

They've learned their lesson. Listen, her leaving is not necessarily a good thing. Feinstein was progressive, but not like the potential candidates I want to go over. The gas stove topic is heating up again. Although the feds have completely backtracked and said they're not looking to remove gas stoves, many states are already drawing up legislation to say the opposite. This whole thing is so ass backwards folks, and it's going to be so much worse for every single category that they're quoting or they're using as an excuse. It's going to be so much worse having all electric. And of course, dirty Pete is in the headlines again because he's not you guessed it, doing his job. Carcinogenic chemicals are seeping into the groundwater and flying through the air in Ohio, and he's more worried about his future presidential talking points and nonsense about racist roads and construction crews, etcetera.

The motives here are very suspect, and we need to take a deeper look into Pete's failures, but also the federal response, which has been lackluster. Alright, I'm going to take a quick break and we'll be back after these words. Folks, let me ask you something, would you eat spam out of the can every day? No other option, just spam. Well, if you're still feeding your pet's kibble or traditional wet food, that's what they're getting. Actually, probably even worse quality than spam. If you don't believe me, listen to this. We received the following email this week, and I want to read it to you. Chad, thank you so much for recommending Darwin's pet. It's only been two weeks and my dog is itch and smell free. He's always suffered from itchy, oily skin that stunk, and we had to bathe him constantly, which made the problem worse. We did not have to bathe him since we started him on Darwin's. Raw was one of the only diets I didn't try based on the vet's advice and the thought of having to touch raw meat. But I can't believe I waited.

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Alright. Like I mentioned, Diane Feinstein, 89 years old, was elected to Senate in 1992. At that time, she was considered to be the AOC of 1992, if you will, as one of the most progressive politicians next to all of her left of center, Bill Clinton, Democrats. But today, she's actually considered more moderate as her party has surpassed her in progressiveness, which we've seen. All of these older Democrats are still struggling to keep up with this progressive caucus because they're not that progressive, but the progressive caucus and those members dominate the news cycle. So if they don't act like they're getting on board, then they by default get bad press. Sadly, her mind has been failing her for years, and we just thought this week she came out and said, I'm not running for reelection. And then one of the reporters that was yesterday, today one of the reporters asked her this morning, well, what do you have to say about not running for reelection?

And she said, what? I haven't announ