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Tyree Nicols, Mass Shootings, and Ilhan 'incest' Omar gets booted


Intro: Five officers brutally killed an innocent man in Memphis, Tennessee, while California sees two mass shootings in one weekend. And Elon Incest Omar gets the boot. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, America's Binary brother, the holiest homo of all time, and the ultimate beacon of truth sitting in my safe space here in Newport Beach, California, my no woke zone, overlooking the water with one mission, broadcast common sense, conservative politics through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Folks, I feel like I haven't been on for a while. I was traveling last week and let me tell you, it is so good to be back in the gay conservative studios. A lot has been going on, and I'm sure you've been bombarded just as much as I have. Thankfully, the first Gailey news blasts went out and are cycling 5,000 emails a day. So be sure to check your inboxes if you don't have one. You will in the next couple of days.

Folks, you're going to love this. I've been getting them as a tester, and I even love the email, and I'm the one picking the stories. First thing I read when I get up and last thing I read before dinner and the phone goes down. So today is one of those bittersweet days, bitter, because everything that's happened between Tyree Nicols in Memphis and the shooting in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay. I never want any of these things to happen. In fact, I pray for peace every day. But there's a little sweet side to this folks. I've been right about just about everything. I mean, the Democrats have made things so much worse and of course have offered zero solutions. Well, one solution, ban guns. It just doesn't work. As you saw, the strictest gun laws in the nation here in my state of California did nothing to stop the shooters.

And I said it then, and I'll say it again, mark my words, defunding the police will cause a huge spike in cop violence against civilians and mass shootings. I also laid out an entire program that would stop this nonsense in its tracks. So you say to me, well, Chad, what's the problem? Well, there's a big problem. The legislation bills, state laws, city ordinances, etcetera, that actually call for reform Democrats shut down, then there's a shooting or a police incident, and everyone else is to blame the GOP, hate, white supremacy, whatever they want to make up. And it comes for both things, mass shootings and police violence. Instead of increasing reform with proven methods, they want to punish the innocent, which has created this socioeconomic sphere SocialSphere we're in right now, that the slightest incident can flip our entire country upside down.

I mean, think about it, one little thing. Then we're going to talk a little bit about Elon Incest Omar, who has been booted off the Foreign Affairs Committee for being an anti-Semite, but there is way more to her than you could have ever imagined. I want to do a little refresher case on the incest and all the other creepy things she has swirling around her life. She shouldn't even be in the country, let alone on a top secret committee at Foreign Affairs. It's ridiculous. Alright, I'll be right back after these words and we can dive into the meat of today's episode.

I had one of those pesky zoom calls the other morning. I had overslept. My calendar notified me about 10 minutes prior, and of course I looked and felt like a total mess. So I did the only thing I could do. I ran to my room and put on a collars and code dress collar polo shirt. The other attendees on the call had no idea I was wearing yoga shorts underneath, and the shirt just felt so nice and looked very dressy on camera. It is the perfect zoom shirt because it allows you to look like you're trying, but you don't really have to try. Folks, open up the box, the shirts come beautifully wrapped and sealed like something from a designer, they cool you and breathe well and you look like a million bucks. These have become my absolute favorite shirts. I go from bum to babe by just putting one on and everyone notices. Go to ccllars and Shop their endless selection. I got a zip-up sweater last week, and I am in love with that too. I'm telling you folks, these guys have changed the way we dress for business. Collars and, the original dress collar polo.

Alright, I want to talk about what everyone has been talking about, the police killing of a Memphis resident, Tyree Nicols. Let me start by saying this. The only people responsible for this murder were the officers involved. Period. Done. That's it. Anyone you hear in the mainstream media that wants to talk about, we need training, we need this, that, they're full of crap. They want to talk about the race factor, but it was black on black and that should not matter anyways. They'll always go back to this evil streak of killers that are all lodged deep into the depths of police stations all over the world. It's just self-serving. And this is what happens when you try to create formulas around actions that are never identical. So you create the formula that white cops shoot black people, innocent black people, that's your formula.

And then it all goes to shit when five black cops kill a black resident, innocent black resident, the progressives, they figured all white cops are bad because that's what they do. They purposely go after blacks like I just said, and that's all cop violence. That's what they say. So as you can imagine, they do not like this case, but like I say, who cares? I've said it for years. This is not a race problem. This is a bad cop problem. And because of the Democrats, there are many more bad cops on the streets than before. You guys see it. You know it. The other piece that I'm still curious about is the motive. I mean, these cops, all five of them, essentially killed themselves. If you think about it, essentially suicide. I mean, they'll spend their lives in jail, all because of beating up an innocent civilian. Who knows? It's very odd. Maybe it was a PAC mentality. Maybe one of them knew Tyree. Who knows? That is the point. We don't know.

However, I do find it odd. Out of all five cops, none of them said, okay guys, that's enough too far. I mean, who was the ring leader here? The camera footage certainly doesn't show it, and this is what I'm saying, we don't know. And the state of Tennessee will need to have an independent investigation on their own to answer these questions. The hardest part of an incident like this is that the entire country, all of us look bad. When you take someone like me pro-cop law and order, pro-criminal justice, I look terrible. It makes me look and feel terrible. The raced-focused anti-white cop groups look bad because this was black on black. Anti-Police measures are directly related to this, which makes the defund the police movement look bad. Not that any of the progressive sides can actually see their own deficits and being a liberal so easy, you just have to stand back and point, oh, look at the injustice.

Oh, look at the cop