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Tyree Nicols, Mass Shootings, and Ilhan 'incest' Omar gets booted


Intro: Five officers brutally killed an innocent man in Memphis, Tennessee, while California sees two mass shootings in one weekend. And Elon Incest Omar gets the boot. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, America's Binary brother, the holiest homo of all time, and the ultimate beacon of truth sitting in my safe space here in Newport Beach, California, my no woke zone, overlooking the water with one mission, broadcast common sense, conservative politics through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Folks, I feel like I haven't been on for a while. I was traveling last week and let me tell you, it is so good to be back in the gay conservative studios. A lot has been going on, and I'm sure you've been bombarded just as much as I have. Thankfully, the first Gailey news blasts went out and are cycling 5,000 emails a day. So be sure to check your inboxes if you don't have one. You will in the next couple of days.

Folks, you're going to love this. I've been getting them as a tester, and I even love the email, and I'm the one picking the stories. First thing I read when I get up and last thing I read before dinner and the phone goes down. So today is one of those bittersweet days, bitter, because everything that's happened between Tyree Nicols in Memphis and the shooting in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay. I never want any of these things to happen. In fact, I pray for peace every day. But there's a little sweet side to this folks. I've been right about just about everything. I mean, the Democrats have made things so much worse and of course have offered zero solutions. Well, one solution, ban guns. It just doesn't work. As you saw, the strictest gun laws in the nation here in my state of California did nothing to stop the shooters.

And I said it then, and I'll say it again, mark my words, defunding the police will cause a huge spike in cop violence against civilians and mass shootings. I also laid out an entire program that would stop this nonsense in its tracks. So you say to me, well, Chad, what's the problem? Well, there's a big problem. The legislation bills, state laws, city ordinances, etcetera, that actually call for reform Democrats shut down, then there's a shooting or a police incident, and everyone else is to blame the GOP, hate, white supremacy, whatever they want to make up. And it comes for both things, mass shootings and police violence. Instead of increasing reform with proven methods, they want to punish the innocent, which has created this socioeconomic sphere SocialSphere we're in right now, that the slightest incident can flip our entire country upside down.

I mean, think about it, one little thing. Then we're going to talk a little bit about Elon Incest Omar, who has been booted off the Foreign Affairs Committee for being an anti-Semite, but there is way more to her than you could have ever imagined. I want to do a little refresher case on the incest and all the other creepy things she has swirling around her life. She shouldn't even be in the country, let alone on a top secret committee at Foreign Affairs. It's ridiculous. Alright, I'll be right back after these words and we can dive into the meat of today's episode.

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Alright, I want to talk about what everyone has been talking about, the police killing of a Memphis resident, Tyree Nicols. Let me start by saying this. The only people responsible for this murder were the officers involved. Period. Done. That's it. Anyone you hear in the mainstream media that wants to talk about, we need training, we need this, that, they're full of crap. They want to talk about the race factor, but it was black on black and that should not matter anyways. They'll always go back to this evil streak of killers that are all lodged deep into the depths of police stations all over the world. It's just self-serving. And this is what happens when you try to create formulas around actions that are never identical. So you create the formula that white cops shoot black people, innocent black people, that's your formula.

And then it all goes to shit when five black cops kill a black resident, innocent black resident, the progressives, they figured all white cops are bad because that's what they do. They purposely go after blacks like I just said, and that's all cop violence. That's what they say. So as you can imagine, they do not like this case, but like I say, who cares? I've said it for years. This is not a race problem. This is a bad cop problem. And because of the Democrats, there are many more bad cops on the streets than before. You guys see it. You know it. The other piece that I'm still curious about is the motive. I mean, these cops, all five of them, essentially killed themselves. If you think about it, essentially suicide. I mean, they'll spend their lives in jail, all because of beating up an innocent civilian. Who knows? It's very odd. Maybe it was a PAC mentality. Maybe one of them knew Tyree. Who knows? That is the point. We don't know.

However, I do find it odd. Out of all five cops, none of them said, okay guys, that's enough too far. I mean, who was the ring leader here? The camera footage certainly doesn't show it, and this is what I'm saying, we don't know. And the state of Tennessee will need to have an independent investigation on their own to answer these questions. The hardest part of an incident like this is that the entire country, all of us look bad. When you take someone like me pro-cop law and order, pro-criminal justice, I look terrible. It makes me look and feel terrible. The raced-focused anti-white cop groups look bad because this was black on black. Anti-Police measures are directly related to this, which makes the defund the police movement look bad. Not that any of the progressive sides can actually see their own deficits and being a liberal so easy, you just have to stand back and point, oh, look at the injustice.

Oh, look at the cop killing. All cops are bad. Absolutely no action, which is what we're seeing today. We all look bad. This is a terrible reflection of this country, of our officers, our citizens and our media. I mean, what do you think the cha coms think when they see stuff like this? But however, that doesn't keep these liberal morons from blaming this on white supremacy or trying to stay. There's not enough training or sympathy or empathy training, whatever they say, this was an anomaly folks, period. But the left has to blame instead of reform. Now, let me backtrack a bit and walk you through some of the details most outlets have missed. And before I go into this, I'm not excusing any action, but I do want to set the stage for you. So right at the onset of defund the police big movement, the Memphis City Council, which is notoriously super liberal, they voted and decided they would cut pensions and retirements for cops and firefighters.

That was their punishment for all the black injustice. Actually, they were one of the very first cities to roll out some of this defund the police nonsense in response to the BLM crap. And so what happened is that drove out most of the senior members of the police, fire and ambulance. They either took early retirement or left to go to other jurisdictions where they were more appreciated. And those were the people that were rooted in the Memphis community. So that wasn't enough. Then the geniuses on Memphis City Council chose that no law enforcement officer could work for Memphis PD or the sheriff outside of Shelby County. That's the county that Memphis is in. So more cops said, screw it, because in that tri-state area, across the bridge, you've got Arkansas, you've got Mississippi like, I don't know, 30 minutes from Beale Street, the border.

And so based on kids' schools, their lives, people live in those different areas. And not to mention, a lot of these people don't want to live in Memphis because it's a shit hole. So of course people are like, all right, we'll leave. And they don't have a problem getting jobs because they need cops everywhere. They say, okay, fine, I'll just join the local PD near me. I don't have retirement benefits with you anyways, so I'm out. The voters then tried to overturn this new law enforcement regulation about where they could live, but city council took it off the ballot before the residents could vote against it. Those things eliminated 5 to 700 cops. And this is based on the Memphis PD report that shows the amount of hires and recruitment that they've had in the last several years. But 500 to 700 cops gone from the liberal city council's blatant stupidity, no captains left, no senior officers left, no trainers left.

The police chief, who's actually a very strong female, has publicly asked over and over again the ability to bring on more senior law enforcement officers, maybe recruit them from other areas, but she has desperately pled to all of us that she does not have captains or senior officers, and it's affecting the police force. So that just shows how broken the system is and how inexperienced the cops are in Memphis, which is the number one place of violent crime in America. And folks, this isn't an excuse for them, but what it is, what I like to say is this is an example of a systemic breakdown. When an institution breaks down, all hell breaks loose, and it becomes the wild, wild West in the Police Department. These five cops murder Tyree Nicols period.

However, by stripping down departments to bear bones, you make it easier for these things to happen. I mean, you all know when I talk about policing and police reform, I talk about 24/7 accountability. But this is a dangerous city, folks. And when I say dangerous city, parts of town between midnight and 5:00 AM are closed off, cops will not respond because they will be an imminent danger. Needless to say, if you're a cop walking a beat in Memphis, you're always in fight or flight, and you combine that with a pack or gang mentality. I mean, I feel like these guys would've killed a puppy for barking back at them more likely. I mean, these people are on edge and they're egging each other on. It's like frat boys, a frat initiation. It becomes a perfect storm. Broken department, broken city, riddled with gang violence, scorpion groups of cops who are on high adrenaline, and it's a powder kick.

It was bound to explode. The Democrats in Memphis created a situation that was bound to explode, period. And I can bet you that things like this happen all the time in the hoods there or in the gang infested areas, but there's just no camera footage because even if you see the body cam footage from the incident, it was okay, but it could have left a lot of questions. If it wasn't for that street post camera, we wouldn't have the clear idea of what actually happened that we do now. I mean, all across the country, Democrats have cut police budgets, introduce legislation that impacts their ability to do their job, and vilified the profession, that is the most dangerous. That's what creates the biggest problems here, is they have vilified the profession of policing and it's having this effect everywhere. So when you do all that, when you cut budgets, when you take away retirements, when you introduce legislation that makes you police streets with one hand behind your back and you're vilified publicly for being a cop, wait, who wants to work that way?

The good guys don't want to come work for you. You put your life in danger every day and maybe won't get retirement benefits. On top of that, liberals strip military style equipment like Kevlar vests and more efficient firearms. Who do you think wants to sign up at this point? Nobody. However, it's a perfect place for people who thrive off the power and authority who know they have little oversight and want to use the badge for harm and not good. It's typical. This is why pedophiles are often found in public schools, in young grades because there's hardly any oversight. They're assumed to be trusted because they're teachers and they can get away with this stuff. This is what's happening with police. As the institution of policing breaks down, it only allows for the wrong people to come in and take these jobs. And it makes sense.

I mean, we're going to see more of this. It's not just Memphis. We're in a recruitment emergency. I don't know if you know that folks, we are having such a hard time recruiting new officers due to mass early retirements and good people who don't want to be accused of being evil. Everything comes full circle. So now they want these five heads on a stick, which I agree. But the problem is Democrats refuse to admit that this is a result of their failed policies. So what do they fall back on? White supremacy, race, training. All cops are bad. No reform. I mean, can you believe that, despite the fact that all of the officers involved were black and that the Memphis Police Department is majority black, and that the chief of police is black, the killing was a result of white supremacy. This is Washington Post. Black Memphis Police sparked dialogue on systemic racism in the US.

Van Jones on CNN says, the police who killed Tyree Nicols were black, but they might still have been driven by racism. And then Kimberly Crenshaw, who's insane, says one cannot imagine this happening in a well-healed white community. That is a racial problem that the law has consistently said is a non problem, these people. But Ben Shapiro really kind of put it together for me, and I want to read this out of a piece that he did on the incident. "The liberal narrative is designed to avoid solutions. If all policing is the result of structures of white supremacy, the only answer is to abolish policing. If each individual instance of police brutality, no matter the race of the officers, is an example of racism when the only way to alleviate police brutality is by completely restructuring American society, which is just what those people like Crenshaw propose. The results won't be as safe for America, but a much less safe and more fractious one. We're seeing that now."

It's true, it's happening now. This Memphis is just the epitome of it. I mean, we see this time and time again, and all they do is play the race card. Is this really their best card? And it must be because they keep using it. I mean, I thought it was offensive to say whitewashed about a black person, but I've heard it a couple times on the media now, essentially what they're saying is these officers were so whitewashed, they became racist against their own race. I mean, is this not the blind KKK member on the Dave Chappelle show all over again, folks, give me a break. This is a very simple fix though and I've talked about this because you know what folks? I focus on the solution. I always like to leave you with solutions instead of just ranting on about the problem. I mean, that's fun too, but there should always be some sort of solution.

So when you're in that debate and people say, well, what would you do? That's the liberal response. You couldn't do any better. So actually no, I have the last gay police reform bill right here. This is what we should do. The most obvious way to fix this is to make policing a good thing. Make it respectable again. Give them great pay, strong benefits and good bonuses. After that, take criminals off the streets so there is less police criminal engagement, which would reduce the risks of these incidents substantially. I mean, everywhere you turn there are people out on bail or no cash bail. And then they go and commit heinous crimes. Again, these cops, they do their job, they pick up a bad guy, get them locked up, but their DA counterpart says, eh, just cut them loose. I mean, that's just another way to punish cops.

These guys just can't catch a break. So essentially you are recycling criminals who for a fact, as they get off on a crime, come back out into society and commit more severe crimes. It's a stairstep, and we see that all the time. But the most important thing here is accountability. And I talk about this all the time. Body cams need to run and be on from start to finish. The whole shift. If they turn them off, it's termination immediately. If it malfunctions, there's another one in the car, or you immediately go back to the station. The other thing I think that could really help is co-ed patrol as much as possible. Now, I know the left doesn't like this because there's no such thing as a man or a woman, but having the balance between a man and a woman approaching crimes often helps things from escalating because a man's perception and a man's version of fight or flight is completely different than a woman's.

So often it can create balance. And I know it's not a perfect system, but it really has shown to work in policing very, very well. Third thing I think that they miss a lot that no one really talks about is that doing the drug tests, but they need to check for performance enhancers. Most of the cops that I know, a lot of them work out at the gym that I work out. They're big gym guys and they all take testosterone and they all use other steroids like clenbuterol to bulk up. And that stuff makes you edgy and angry, especially if you don't need it. And the last thing that I'm calling for reform on is profiling and hiring and lie detector tests randomly. The police forces should have a very good F B I personality test and start to match the types of patrol or work with the profile. So you don't have people that are already miserable and angry. Someone might be good walking a beat, someone else might be better working in a different unit.

The bottom line is that all of them should have essentially a profile that they can use at any given time for hiring or firing. On top of that, the polygraphs need overhauling, and they need to be random as well. They should constantly randomly polygraph people. Ask them about racist tendencies, ask them about violent tendencies, ask them about their anger. Why not take some preemptive measures? And you know what? Not one good cop would complain about this. No one cares when they have nothing to hide. There was some troll on my Instagram the other day saying, why don't you try having a camera on you 24/7? I said, most of us do. I have cameras in the office, cameras in the studio, cameras in the hall of the building, cameras outside my house, cameras inside my house.

There is nowhere to hide. So we're already on camera all the time. What's the big deal? I call this police reform the last gay police reform, but it's also known as sticking a garden hose down a gopher hole. They either drown or run. The issue is that people aren't willing to use common sense. Trust me, my staunch conservatives will tell me I'm assuming that all cops are bad by making them do these things and it will injure police morale. The liberals will tell me we need to defund instead of fund. And this doesn't address the real issue of race. I'm not going to go through them all because I've done it before. And if you want my more in-depth take on the police subject, listen to my episode on Defund the Police. However, just keep in mind, just as many white people get attacked by cops as blacks. White cop on black violence is actually pretty low.

Use of force is actually very low as well. The only reason we do this is to weed out the bad ones. Like these five guys or Derek Chauvin who have ruined it for the 99% of amazing police officers. The problem is the liberals, the Democrats, whether it's in Memphis, in any other city, especially in Congress, will not pass actual police reform that is centered around accountability, additional funding, and bringing respect and admiration back to the force. I'm going to take a quick break and be back right after these words

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Go to and check out everything they have to offer. You're getting everything that you would from a local high-end printer for around half the price. Don't wait. Make your business goals happen today with incredible assets at Moo. To piggyback on police violence, I did want to touch on mass shootings, on my favorite topic. I wasn't going to go there until I saw Chairman Newsom flapping his gums about guns. And even though we have over 100 gun laws on the books here in California, and I know most of you are sitting there going, Chad, this keeps happening. Why this is such a terrible thing. Is it guns? Could it be guns? I don't know. Maybe? I can't tell you how the crime rates of these crimes would look after a mass ban on firearms. I can't read the future, but I can tell you based on history, removing anything from people rarely makes any sort of dent. Humans, Americans in particular, we always find a way around everything. That's why I love when politicians come out and say, oh, this is going to save you time and money or both.

I sit there and go, that's not going to work. Because if it did, people would've already done it. All you stupid Middle America people, the Democrats need to decide for you. But all I'm asking is before we punish the weapon, shouldn't we focus on the shooters? When did we become a country that blames cars over the driver, tools over the builders, books over the authors, and most importantly guns over the shooters? I mean, this is a cultural phenomenon that has completely stemmed from the woke mobs pushes for zero accountability. It's easier to blame the tool than the person because it ensures your hands are clean and things can't come back like the five black cops. So I don't fault anyone for wanting to use reform to control guns. The issue is they don't even do that. Folks, the Democrats have only proposed one piece of legislation, including some gun measures in years.

The states continually try to tighten and expand their laws, but they never work. Well they'll say that's not true. We got universal background checks passed. Yeah, and we all pass that. I don't know anyone who had issues with that, because again, if you're not hiding anything, it doesn't matter, right? So police reform and mass shooting/gun violence have to be approached differently. But with the same mentality is that we're actually creating solutions to the problem that will directly affect the problem. Not secondary excuses that may or may not work. And with cops, the whole goal is to stop the bad ones from infiltrating. With mass shootings, you understand that where there's a will, there's a way. We know these people already have guns or they can go get guns. Naturally with cops, we place all sorts of checks up front so they hopefully don't make it, but they're not foolproof.

We have similar checks. You guys know this and keep bad guys from getting guns. But like I said, look at this man in Monterey Park. He's had that rifle since the nineties. He also made a silencer out of duct tape and a paper towel roll. Good luck. But realistically, we can't control who and how people obtain firearms. The countries with no guns have guns. I mean, I talked about this recently with Mexico. Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, yet they have more guns illegally than any other country in the world, you just can't block access. It's impossible. If you could, we'd have no drugs. We'd have no illegal cars coming over with false exhaust or catalytic converters or whatever they're going crazy about right now. The point is, you can't block access to tangible things.

I mean, listen to this from the New York Times. California bans guns for domestic violence offenders. It bans them for people deemed a danger to others or themselves. There is a ban on large capacity magazines and a ban on noise muffling silencers, semi-automatic guns of the sort of colloquial known as assault weapons are famously banned. Yet this month, those laws failed to stop the massacres of at least 19 people in back-to-back mass shootings. The tragedies in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay have confounded Americans who regard California as a best case bastion of gun safety in a nation awash with firearms.

How is that journalist? I mean, give me a break. There are more adjectives in there than a fiction novel, but isn't that the point? The laws didn't work because we're dealing with people not metal machines with bullets in them. Not to mention they love to tout the assault weapons ban in California. Well, there's a total workaround. You can assemble an AR 15 in California. You just have to assemble it with separate top and bottom pieces, and you can't have a quick release magazine. I mean, come to the range with me. Every guy there has a California compliant rifle, I refuse. And these mass shootings folks, we're not going to be able to change anything until we reverse engineer and focus on the criminal. For example, one big trend is the desire to be a celebrity shooter. You know, they want to be a Ted Bundy or a Jeffrey Dahmer.

They want their names all over the paper. Like this guy in Idaho, he gives me serious celebrity killer vibes. Again, Democrats now, three times blocked legislation that would now listen very carefully. This is important, legislation that actually defines mass shooting, defines mass shooting. What, how do you need to define mass shooting? Well, today, the FBI references any violent act with three or more dead as mass killing or shooting if there's a gun involved. But there is no federal law on the books that defines mass shootings as a charge. When we've charged these shooters, it's been multiple murder charges with hate enhancements if the DA feels like it. It's like cry, cry, cry, guns, guns, guns, yet never even legally defining the act, you see, because until it's a crime defined under Title 19, we can't establish proper sentencing, proper punishment, which is an amazing deterrent.

I mean, under Title 18, there are several murder variants. You listen to this, murder, manslaughter, attempt to commit murder or manslaughter protection of officers and employees of the United States, misconduct or neglect of ship officers, murder or manslaughter of foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons, conspiracy to murder. Murder by a federal prisoner, foreign murder of United States nationals, murder by escaped prisoners, killing persons aiding federal investigations or state correctional officers, protection against the human, no killing of three or more. It's been introduced on three pieces of legislation. All Democrats voted it down. Why? Because it comes with strict punishments and law. And crime is not their thing. They turn a blind eye. It's the same issue as cops because they have to eat their cake and bake it too. They only talk about gun control because all the other solutions that will work go against their other socialist agenda items.

No law and order and no appreciation for life. By now, we could have easily folks, have better laws to deter some of these shootings, but they refuse. So what do we do? Well, all I am saying is before we go against the very law of the land, our constitution, before we go after the Second Amendment, maybe we should try some shooter focused reform. I mean, some of my ideas, first, multiple murder charges do not work. Mass shooting needs to be defined under Title 18 as mass shooting. Then we need to outline the punishment, needs to be an automatic death penalty, no exceptions, automatic hate crime, no appeals. Once you're found guilty once for the crime, you go on death row. Appeals never really work with these cases because there are so many witnesses. So much evidence comes around these mass shootings that generally speaking, the prosecutors already met the burden of proof by the time the court even starts.

So by removing the appeal, it's not like we're taking away rights. We're saying 9.9 times out of 10 appeals don't even really apply to these cases. We also need to make it illegal for press to release the names of the killers until after they've been tried. They can use names like the hurricane system, but when they don't splash it all over the front page, when they don't capitalize on it, when we shove that shooter away into a box and no one knows who they are, no one wants to be a shooter after that, especially the ones looking for fame. And lastly, I think that's so important for me, is that we need to also take significant amounts of time and look deep into the home life to see if there was abuse or any other activity that can be shown to lead or led to the shooting.

Home life needs to be examined, if anything, just to collect data for us to make better decisions. Now in order to stop it from happening. Obviously upgraded security. I think we should also have a high payout report line where if your tip leads to the stopping of a mass shooting, you get millions of dollars or something very grand. And I know this isn't perfect, but shouldn't we try this before we go against our founding fathers? Why don't we see things like this in Washington? Because solutions fix things and when things are fixed, they have nothing to complain about and nothing to record for their campaign ads. And so the next time someone says, guns are the problem, they tell me this all the time, and I say to them, title 18 doesn't even define mass shootings. The mass shooters know going in that it's multiple murder charges.

There's no strict, strict, strict mass shooting category where if they hit that category, it's, oh crap, I'm going away. I'm never coming out of this box and no one's going to know who I am. And so when people tell me it's about the guns, and I say, well, why haven't Democrats put out any legislation for gun bans? And why have they blocked every piece of legislation pertaining to the law and order of mass shootings? Because we know you guys are smart. I know the application of punishment is the only 100% certainty of getting crime down. That is the only measure that they've ever been able to show that impacts crime. It's not money, it's not education, it's not urban development. The only thing that lowers crime is the punishment and the application of the punishment. And this conversation just goes round and round with them.

And I'm looking at this. They had two years of a house majority and essentially Senate majority because of the big 12 rhinos who would've supported it. And yet they did nothing mean. I see Lori Lightsocket is screaming and crying. She's sick of this shit. Gavin Newsom is going gangbusters on gun owners and it just doesn't stop. The interesting thing is I actually think Gavin's additional gun reform he'll push will be another liberal lifeguarding accident. What he is going to do is he's going to push new gun reform laws when the current laws on the books are strict and all the other blue states are being challenged for whatever reason. It's not in the courts here yet, these laws. So what's going to happen is that he's going to put more gun reform laws, they're going to get challenged immediately. The Supreme Court will rule in favor of the Second Amendment and unravel all the other reform from before.

Maybe I'm dreaming, but honestly, I think it's a true possibility. This is what I mean when I say common sense conservative politics people. As a conservative, I don't want more big government or legislation, but there is a reality we have to work within. And in instances like this, you have to work within your boundaries. I just think it's so funny. I can hear my friends right now yelling at the speaker saying, you're going liberal. You're going soft. Something needs to happen. And the gun conversations need to stop until we try something that works. Let's take a quick break, switch gears and talk about Ilhan incest Omar, when we get back.

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Lady: Don't tell me this is about consistency. Don't tell me that this is about a condemnation of anti-semitic remarks. This is about targeting women of color in the United States of America. Don't tell me because I didn't get a single [40:38 inaudible].

Male: Time is expired.

Lady: My life was threatened. Thank you.

Female: The GOP is now doing what it is best at weaponizing hate against a black and beautiful Muslim woman.

Male: The gentlewoman's time is expired.

Female: I will not be silenced.

Male: The gentlewoman's time is expired.

Female: The congressman Omar [40:57 inaudible] that our country is failing you today through this chamber.

Male: The gentlewoman is no longer recognized.

News: Alright, forget the hysteria. Here are the facts. Congresswoman Omar was.

Chad: Well, I'm sure you have all seen the meltdowns, tears, and dramatic speeches around the GOP vote to remove Elon Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Their reasoning is that she's an anti-semite and she is, and no, it wasn't a couple of comments. She hates Jews and Israel period. Before we dive into her racism and anti-semitism, though, I want to remind you all of why she shouldn't even be allowed in this country, let alone a committee that oversees foreign affairs. The first thing is she hates America, literally. I know we say that. She really does. She has complained about the US since the day her feet hit the ground from Somalia or Kenya refugee camp. She was born in Somalia, had to flee to a Kenyan refugee camp before being granted asylum to the United States.

She said, I grew up in an extremely unjust society and the only thing that made my family excited about coming to the United States was that the United States was supposed to be the country that guaranteed justice to all. So I feel it necessary for me to speak about that promise that's not kept. She also said that she was working for a Minneapolis city councilman who asked her to report back on problems with the courts. There she recalled encountering a sweet old African-American lady who had been arrested for stealing a $2 loaf of bread to feed her starving five-year-old granddaughter. After spending the weekend in jail, the woman was led into the courtroom and find $80 a penalty she couldn't pay. Omar says, I couldn't control my emotions because I couldn't understand how a room full of educated adults could do something so unjust. Bullshit she recalled yelling in the courtroom. Then later on she backtracks and said, well, I might have flubbed on some facts. She might have had a prior arrest or something. I'm not sure. The details might not have all matched, but that's what I remember.

She has created, her entire persona is around hating America. I mean, she's from Somalia and she can't believe how bad America is. I mean, is Somalia better? This is the same woman who said the event depicted in Black Hawk down involving a US military operation in Somalia was cruel, deadly, and homicidal. She claimed the Americans had no right to be in her home country. She showed up in the US in 1995. Everything she's ever written or said about her coming here is awful. She says, Americans pick on the poor. Americans are Islamophobic. It's dirty, filled with panhandler. Why would anyone want to work for a country for a place so evil? She's also minimized and shrugged off September 11th. She says Muslims were starting to lose her civil liberties after 9/11. And that was more important than anything else.

She actually did a rally for nine Somalis who had been convicted in 2016 of trying to travel to Syria to fight on behalf of the Islamic State. She actually wrote a letter to the judge and it said, the desire to commit violence is not inherent in people. It is the consequence of systemic alienation. I mean, she'd known other young men from school who died fighting for Al Shaba or Al-Qaeda. Do you need to hear anymore folks? She wants self-proclaimed terrorists who attempted to flee the US to commit acts of terror to have counseling instead of jail time. Islamic terrorist trying to go from here to Somalia to fight for the Islamic state Isis. She hates America. She doesn't care about 9/11. She's anti-white and anti-capitalism. I mean, do any of these things add to her resume for top tier committee assignments, especially one around foreign relations?

And then on top of all of that, she's a lawbreaker who married her own brother to get him into the country. And I don't know, you look at the two of them and it's like, God, there's something weird here. But the liberals are going to tell you this was a conspiracy, a lie. There's no proof that she married her brother. Well listen to this.

Male: Married her own brother to help him gain entry illegally into the country. That's a violation of immigration law that actually happened it turns out. And not only did the FBI had evidence to confirm it, but didn't do anything about it. Miranda Devine is an actual journalist. She works at the New York Post, she writes the column she joins us to explain what exactly happened. Miranda, thanks so much for coming on.

Miranda: Pleasure Tucker. Well some basically Republican operatives up in Minnesota decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on private investigators to really find out if Ilhan Omar was a genetic match, the DNA match to the man who was her second husband. They went to three continents. They found a cigarette butt and a drinking straw, which they decided, they sent it to a DNA laboratory and found conclusively that the DNA matched that the second husband was a sibling according to this DNA sample. So the very day that they were going to unleash this on the world, and in fact, I was interviewing one of the people involved. The FBI swooped on the gentleman Anton Lazaro from this Republican pack up in Minnesota and arrested him on some different charges. Who knows whether he's guilty or not guilty. I mean, he's not guilty until proven, but he's in jail. And so his story never got to see the light of day. I mean, luckily he's told the FBI they were not interested. They told him the statute of limitations had run out. We managed to see the website before he took it down, before he was arrested and managed to report the story such as it was.

Chad: So now we have DNA evidence. Have any criminal charges been filed? Were they filed? No. And here it is all over after they found DNA evidence. Lauren Bobber revived unproven rumors that represent Elon Omar married her brother to commit immigration fraud. Conservative websites have claimed for years that Omar's second husband was really her brother. No evidence, like a birth certificate or other legal document have surfaced to prove the theory. Hello, this was right after they found DNA match, sibling match. I mean, she truly is an incestuous nightmare. Once again, qualified for foreign affairs. No. And just break down the timeline to be clear. So she married a guy who lived here at 19 in Minnesota. They had two kids. She then divorced him. Now, keep in mind both of these transactions, if you will, the marriage and the divorce were religious.

So legally there was no marriage or divorce. In 2008, she leaves him based on her religious divorce, then immediately marries [48:33 inaudible] legally and religiously. Then in 2011, the exact three year waiting period for divorcing, after getting a marriage green card, she divorces [48:46 inaudible] and remarries her first husband again and has another kid. I mean, come on folks. We haven't even gotten to the anti-Semitism and her anti-Semitic remarks are terrible. I mean, here's what she tweeted about Israel. Israel has hypnotized the world. May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doing in Israel. Folks, this is Israel. She's using the God Allah as a dig against our ally who gets suicide bombed constantly by these no respect for life terrorist Palestinians. They have been evil from the day Israel landed on this little flick of land they got after being completely obliterated in the Holocaust.

She's saying right there, I hope Allah comes and saves Palestine and takes out Israel. It's a message of war, at least provocation. No. Then she pedals this crazy story about how America is controlled and influenced by Israel with a note that says, oh, it's all about the Benjamin's baby. Snarky, rude again, insinuating a negative financial relationship between the United States and Israel. When you thought it couldn't get any worse she posts a picture of herself with Linda Sarsour, who is actually evil. She's a Muslim brotherhood, sympathizer, and a good friend of Omar's. They have pictures together. They hang out together. And Linda Sarsour is like a terrorist. I mean what message does that send having those pictures all over your social media? And then lastly, the nail in the coffin was when she said, America is like Al-Qaeda. Most Islamic terrorist groups are not as bad as the US Army.

I mean, is your jaw not on the floor by now? She hates America. She's into incest and breaks the laws to get it. She hates Jews and Israels, she's sympathized with terrorist groups and she supports the Muslim brotherhood. I mean, why did we even need to vote her to get her off of the committee and how could any of her looney tune friends talk about how this is about her race or religion? I mean, it's right here in black and white folks, no conspiracy, DNA evidence, photos, videos, etcetera. All hard evidence proving she's unfit. And of course the weaponized left FBI won't do anything because they're too afraid that it will come across as racist or anti-Islam or they're just in the pocket of the left. Anyways. I mean, how did she get elected? She is completely off her rocker and on top of everything, she's a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.

So no, she should not be on any committee or anywhere near Washington DC. This is corrupt and as anti-American as it gets, they want to complain about her being removed. The DNC did the same thing to us when they were the majority. They didn't let anyone on the January 6th committal, remove tons of people from committees. It's a joke, but the meltdowns are fantastic. This is Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. It is time we ended this reliance on government process and renewed our faith in the human process. God bless you President Reagan and may God save America.

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