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...How it all started

Having 5 brothers and sisters all with very strong opinions that land on all different parts of the political spectrum, I had never heard such a thing. I always thought being gay was simply sexuality not a life sentence to rainbow marches and screaming at anyone who disagreed.

The night I was yelled at sealed the deal for me. Before that night, I lived in the political center, but at that moment, I realized that outburst yelling and telling me I was essentially hurting others was a larger metaphor for the liberal narrative and formula.

If you are X you must be Y or you are evil. 

Then yell, scream, generalize, and label. Top that off with a big glass of guilt, and you've beaten someone into submission. I can see how this works on younger, less confident homosexuals, and it makes me sick. From that point on, I immersed myself in politics, learning everything I could to show other members of the LBGTQ community that sexuality doesn't define your belief system. 

As I've watched gay conservatives over the recent years get canceled, have their lives destroyed, and be forced out of politics by the liberal mob, I have had enough. 

The mob will never cancel me. They will never shut me up. They will not destroy me. I represent everything they hate, and to them, I say- bring it on. I am not going anywhere. 

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Chad Law

Chad Law is the beacon of truth, the holiest homo, and the true leader of the gay world. He is a self-educated expert on all thing’s politics, US history, and most importantly- common sense. Chad studied marketing at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. In just his short career he has created, scaled, and sold three very successful businesses. Chad also sits on eight different boards for companies around the world. 

Chad has spent his entire life defending his political beliefs next to his being gay. He has had the fortunate ability to travel around the world learning from some of today’s leading political scientists. Recently he has started working with the convention of states action and the heritage foundation. Today, Chad speaks and lectures at various political events around the country. Most days you can find him at the Huntington Beach Dog Beach with his Frenchie, Ronald Reagan.

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Chad Law

Co-creator & Host

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Creative Director


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Press and Media Relations 


Joshua Chavez

Co-Creator & Producer

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