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The State of Delusion, Private Sector Surprises, and Uncle Festerman Vegetable Updates


Chad: Biden's state of delusion continues to cause confusion. Meanwhile, new legislation hits the private sector, and Uncle Festerman takes another step towards total vegetation. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Intro: Yeah. Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, your host, Chad Law, the binary brother of your dreams, the holiest homo in the true leader of the gay world. We're here today with one mission and one mission only. Send common sense conservative politics through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. You got it. Today is the Monday after the Super Bowl. I hope all of you enjoyed your family and football. I wasn't big on either team, but I do like Mahomes and congratulations to the Chiefs. However, I do not like his little brother. If y'all have seen his TikTok or Instagram, he is the epitome of what's going wrong in this country, and I'm not sure how Patrick puts up with it and it makes the entire family look bad. The kid is odd, to say the least, but I think Patrick Mahomes is a talented guy who has a lot to offer the NFL and this country.

I think he's a great role model. I was waiting for someone on Twitter or one of my friends to release a woke cracker or woke bedding pool to see how many woke progressive references there were. And they started right off the bat with a black national anthem that came before the American National anthem. The problem with that is it's completely divisive. That's it. It's racist, it's divisive. There's no color that goes into a national anthem period, especially skin color. It's taken the media Twitter and everywhere by storm and some people are defending it and other people are completely tearing it down. Whatever it was, it was a totally bad call and not the right time to do it. And I've talked to you guys about this a hundred million times. But for new listeners and people who need to hear it again, the Super Bowl football, these things are not supposed to be political.

They're not supposed to have a bias. They're not supposed to divide people. Sports are supposed to bring people together and professional sports are woven into the fabric of this country. And sports players are all different colors, genders, races, and they're fans the same way. However, the mob can't help themselves and they have to work hysterically to tear it down and it's sick and it should never happen. But unfortunately, the spineless leaders of the NFL and other professional sports take this stuff from the woke mob, from woke politicians because there's a quid pro quo. There's always something that's either going to be in it for them or threatened. And that's what we see happening all over the US and I will talk about that today when we go into some of the private sector revelations that I want to discuss.

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Alright, so today is a big day. As I mentioned before, the commercial break, Biden's State of the Union, which I am calling the state of delusion, is still rippling through the country, causing a lot of questions and confusion. People continually ask me, well, it sounds like these job numbers are real. All the news are reporting these job numbers, so they can't be a lie, Chad. No, they're not a lie. The job numbers are real. What's not real is who can take the credit and also how the job numbers are manipulated. So that's just one example. But Biden said a lot of things in this state of delusion that made people feel like he was telling the truth. Even on the conservative side, I had people emailing me saying, well, I mean it sounds so real, and I've always said this and it's so important that we remember that liberals will always make you feel like the crazy one.

They are the crazy ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, ex-friend person in your life that will continue to make you feel like you are the crazy one and turn everything around on you before taking any accountability. That's the liberal motto. That's what they do. And so when you hear people like AOC or Elizabeth Warren coming out and talking so confidently about these facts and about the economy and about jobs and about equal rights for women and gays and lesbians and transgender, you start to wonder, is this real? Are they real? Is it me is the crazy one? And of course, in this isolated time that we live in, as connected as we are, I think we're even more isolated than ever, in this isolated time that we live in. People are constantly having to think like that, what's real and what's not. And truth and fiction and conspiracy are all kind of muddled together at this point.

And so I want to go through Biden's speech, take some stuff that I haven't seen in the mainstream media and walk you all through why some things are just massive lies, but how the misconceptions and the small changes to perception are actually what people grab onto and they think it's truthful and it's not, but it's a version of the truth, slightly shifted for liberals to either take credit or shame someone else or whatever they need to do to propel their agenda forward. We've also gotten a lot of interesting information on the private sector. A couple of big things. There is a private sector list that just came out in the LGBTQ community of all the big companies that are signing this anti-trans, well, I guess it's their, how can I say this? The companies are against laws in Washington that are against France.

And it's interesting because it's just this blanket thing that we're signing this, that we are against any legislation that's anti-trans, even though it might be kids that might factor on certain medications or transitioning or parents' rights, doesn't matter. These companies are on board and we have to start thinking to ourselves, okay, why are these companies getting on board? And we also have to realize that this is the first year, this year, 2023 is the first year that the 15% billion dollar company tax hits. Most of our billion dollar companies in the US are tech companies. And guess where all the layoffs are happening right now? And I said it when they passed this inflation reduction act. And you guys know as well, you all told me too, Chad, isn't this just going to raise the prices of everything or have them cut everything to make up for the 15%?

Yes, because there's no such thing as a company just taking an extra expense and paying it without making the adjustments on their profit and loss sheet. That's it. If you add more expenses, you have to find a way to make up for it and you can't count merely on additional revenue. Not to mention when it's a percentage of revenue or net profit or whatever figure, when it's a percentage, you know that when you grow that figure, the percentage that you owe gets larger. So there's absolutely no motivation for these companies to grow, to continue to pay 15% on top of whatever they're paying to the IRS. So we're seeing mass layoffs. Again, the beauty about the time that we live in now is that we get to see the impacts of legislation pretty quickly in the markets, in companies, in the private sector, we never had that before.

We knew laws went into place and they kind of just went out and there was really not a whole lot of tracking in how it impacted. But today it's rapid fire. It is rapid fire. And then lastly, I want to go over the state of Uncle Festerman, also known as Senator John Federman of Pennsylvania. He was clearly challenged mentally on the campaign trail, which of course didn't keep the Pennsylvanians from voting for him. And he just recently had a brief stint in the hospital and there was some interesting details that came out of that. And I want to touch on that a little bit. I'm also getting trolled heavily by liberals about my commentary on Uncle Festerman and how I'm teasing him for his disability. And I want to give you all my response to these woke idiots that have a lot to say.

Alright, let's take a quick break and we will go right into Biden's state of delusion. The team and I just sat down and had a long meeting to plan out my trip to CPAC in DC in a few weeks. And just found out last week that I was personally invited by a big conservative media personality. And I will actually be working on radio row doing interviews, covering CPAC and also promoting the show. So we got really excited. We were all cheering, it's all good, woo woo woo, and then all of a sudden it hit us. I don't have nearly enough swag, any printed materials to promote the show. I want t-shirts, QR code badges, buttons, lanyards, etcetera. We had nothing. Thank God I have the best team in the world, folks. They tell me, Chad, don't fret. We can get everything to you from Moo. They have everything you want minus the clothes, but they have buttons and cards and mugs and all the other swag to make a lasting impact.

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Alright, so we know that Biden is the slimiest lying sack of crap to ever grace our political sphere in the United States. It's funny last night he tweeted, or it showed up on my feed last night, I don't know when he actually tweeted, but he tweeted and he said, listen, I'm a capitalist, but billionaires have to pay their fair share, which is why I instituted this 15% tax on billion dollar companies. Don't you have to earn capital to be a capitalist? The guy has never had a private sector job. Well, I guess when he was an engineer on the railroad or whatever, he just said. The man has worked in government for over 50 years, he's never had a real job. He's been a parasite sucking the blood from taxpayers like you and me his entire life. And that is why he has a 40% approval rating, which by the way is the highest he's had since he's started.

He brags about low unemployment, but he never talks about the different things that indicate employment, which is called labor participation. So he likes to stand up and tout that he is this job zar, the creator of jobs, but there might be more jobs, which as we know, the jobs report comes from companies turning in their taxes, their employee taxes to the IRS, and they count how many jobs each company has. They also count the unemployment rate, which is how many people are currently receiving unemployment benefits. Now you don't have to be smart to understand that there's a ton of other issues in between the employment rate and the unemployment rate. For example, just because someone has stopped taking payments from unemployment, maybe those benefits have expired. It doesn't mean that they're not unemployed, it just means that they're no longer taking taxes.

The other part, just because a company identifies someone as a new hire or an additional job, it doesn't reflect how much they're making. It also doesn't reflect if that person is working three jobs or a job. And it also doesn't reflect if people have been taken down to part-time. So the other part of it is we have to ask ourselves what he's done to affect the jobs? Nothing. There has been zero economic stimuluses or stimuli, if you will, from the Biden camp that you can tie directly to the creation of jobs and the lowering of the unemployment rate, doesn't exist. So why are the job rates the way they are? Because it's naturally rebounding on autopilot from the two year covid 19 lockdown.

When you take jobs away and they come back, it's not like they're all going to instantly come back when you open the door, companies lay people off and then they bring people back slowly, cautiously to make sure that they don't overhire and something else happens like this again and they have to go through letting all these people go. So slowly but surely the economy is catching up. No matter what he says, no matter what anyone says, we're still not completely caught up from covid, dollars and cents maybe. But I'm talking about behavior. I'm talking about the way companies operate. I'm talking about the effects of covid, the rebounds from Covid we're going to be feeling for 10 years. And the economy doesn't just go in these quick waves. When you have lockdowns like that where literally the economy comes to a grinding halt, it takes much more than a couple years to get it back, even though he'll tell all of us that it rebounded.

The other issue that he has continually talked about is that take home pay has gone up. Well actually real wages, not take home pay, but real wages have fallen every month for two years under his administration. And what's happening is the wage level that's going up is following the inflation that he's created. So we're at a 7% inflation level and the average wage is up 5%. First of all, they're not even moving equally. So that tells you that the wages are still down. But second of all, you can't create a problem, allow the private sector and the employers to react to the problem, which is the fact that their employees just took a 7 to 10% pay cut. So they need to make up for that to make sure that they can go home and eat, they can feed their families, they can put gas in their car, so they respond to the economy that Biden as created. And what happens is that when they respond, he takes credit that the wages have gone up, the wages have only gone up because of the rising inflation he created the day he walked into office.

No person in economics will tell you that any data actually points to the fact that Americans are getting richer. As a matter of fact, we're getting poorer everyday. And you should know every time you pull up to the gas pump, every time you go onto the grocery store, I mean, grocery prices have increased by 20%. But someone got a $5 an hour raise or a 3% raise to try to combat inflation. Oh, wages are up. So sure wages are up, but the cost of living is exorbitantly up. But one doesn't have anything to do with the other. Like I just talked about jobs. He says, we've created 12 million new jobs, and again, he's taking credit for backfilled post-pandemic jobs as new, but the positions were already created temporarily abandoned due to covid and brought back. So really, again, talking about gross versus net, sure there are 12 million "new jobs" in the gross category. Let's just say those are the gross jobs. But when you take out all the jobs that were already there that essentially got put on pause during Covid, that's about a little over 10 million jobs.

So truly Biden has only created 2.7 million net jobs above what Donald Trump created, and it's only 60% of the 4.5 million net jobs that Trump created in his first two years of office. So the other part of that is why are we comparing his success to Donald Trump? We shouldn't be. How about comparing his success to his success, which is very, very low. It shouldn't matter if the person before him was horrible or the best, and I know we have to have some sort of measure, but at the end of the day, why don't we just measure Biden on Biden and not measure his performance based on how it compares to Trump's? I love his talking about the deficit.

I've lowered the deficit more than anyone in American history. But again, this is a pandemic baseline people. You see how all these numbers, all these statements, they're all inflated. So yes, this is a perfect example. I've presided over the largest deficit reduction in American history, okay? But again, first of all what you said going in that you were going to tackle from the deficit, you are way below the congressional budgetary office's prediction, way below. Can't remember the exact percentage, but it's like more than half. He's missed the mark more than half on what the CBO claimed that he was going to do. And the deficit, the 4.2 trillion deficit. And so he loves to talk about the deficit. He's obsessed with the deficit. There's 4.2 trillion deficit, and yes, he did preside over that deficit, but the deficit is lower because again, the pandemic in 2020 and all of these pandemic error spending packages have just been expired, like the American rescue plan, it's nothing to cheer for.

And actually the spending which doesn't hit the deficit immediately because for example, this omnibus bill, which is a multi-trillion dollar bill, all of that money doesn't hit the deficit right away as it spends, it hits the deficit. But if you look at the rates in which we're able to pay down the deficit as we are spending, there is absolutely no way that we will ever break even. We are spending at a rate so much faster than Biden has ever worked to reduce the deficit that it doesn't matter. It's a moot point because you can have a hundred thousand dollars worth of debt and you can pay $50 a month towards it. But if you're spending $60 a month, then it doesn't matter. And that's exactly what we're doing here. He loves to talk about how bad the economy was when Trump was in office.

Let me make one thing very clear. President Trump was president over the fastest economic recovery in American history, with the economy expanding by 11% in his last six months in office. But what do you do when Biden comes in he without a thought in the world removes every single Trump era policy, just because it has the word Trump or because it happened during Trump's presidency. And that 11% growth completely tanked because he has to have this rapid anti-trump recovery for the country, which is costing us now so much money. People are having a hard time surviving. Biden used Covid and he continues to use Covid. I think we're on the 12th. He said he wasn't going to extend the Covid emergency order anymore. I think this is the 11th or 12th time he used Covid to increase the welfare state of this country. And by spending and spending and spending under the guise of Covid, he created this inflation and economic turndown.

He loves to blame the oil companies. Oil companies have invested too little in their profit to increase domestic production and keep gas prices down. Excuse me, the oil companies want to expand production, but the green policies has made it very difficult. I mean, if you look at, for example, there's a great piece in the Heritage Foundation by the energy analyst that they have there named Katie Tub. She says the administration has proposed or finalized regulation that restrict nearly every aspect of the oil industry, financing and private sector investment, exploration and production, pipeline construction and operation and consumer use. Guys, all you have to do is look at the oil drilling permits. He's issued less than any other president since World War II and our oil production is still lower than ever before the pandemic and the gas prices are higher.

This is the stuff that makes people actually insane, including me, because you're reading this, you're hearing this with so much confidence and enough time has gone by that you start to think gas prices, because that is the whole agenda here, is to create a new normal, a new normal of $5 a gallon gas prices, a new normal of limited oil production, a new normal of the complete removal of natural gas out of the American household. And they want time to pass. So when you think back behind it, you get so used to paying these prices that you don't even realize after an amount of time that that it was so much better before. Well, luckily these are direct impacts on the wallet. So they are the most top of mind, if you will. But this happens all the time with different legislation. I mean the taxes in California, all the different measures and bonds and I mean it's just ridiculous how they just add more and more taxes, but the people in the state get used to it and they don't think about it anymore. And that's the exact goal of these people.

He loves to say that he is the reason why we're exporting American products, which is so funny because the same day as his state of delusion, the government released 2022 trade figures showing the country hit record trade deficit of almost 1 trillion dollars last year. That's 12% compared to 2021. Complete opposite. And this comes directly from the White House financial reports. This is a completely unprecedented, we haven't had a trade deficit this bad since World War II. And again, it comes directly because of Biden's squashing Trump policies automatically creating very difficult regulations for companies to overcome in order to ship products out of America like labor overregulation, climate overregulation, it makes it way too expensive to manufacture quality goods in America and export. And the last thing that I think is so important is that he continually says that the wealthy don't pay their fair share.

I mean, he makes this into every single speech, and it's a lie. The top 1% of highest earning Americans pay nearly 50% of the nation's income taxes. I mean right here from WalletHub, the top 100 American corporations pay an effective tax rate of nearly 20%. And smaller businesses pay even more thanks to Biden and his democratic cronies. And the liabilities don't even conclude the high bills paid by shareholders and executives who get paid out of that money. The American tax system is progressive and it's developed, but the people who create jobs are paying far more than their fair share, despite Democrats nonstop claims that the wealthier IS stealing from the poor and don't ever expect the mainstream media to call Biden out on some of these lies because it doesn't happen it, it does not happen. He talks about strengthening the southern border. He's destroyed it. He literally greenlighted 5 million illegal aliens to enter the United States without audit or any legal means.

He talks about stopping the building of the wall and now they're trying to backdoor rebuild the wall because they understand that it's working. And he canceled all kinds of immigration laws that he is actually supposed to uphold in the executive branch. He continually ignores the 4 trillion he has borrowed in the last two years to inflate national debt. And now we're on our way to 32 trillion in deficit this year. 401 retirement plans are representing years worth of lost, hard-earned savings. Yet he promised hundreds of billions of dollars more in borrowing with no idea how to pay back the already crushing national debt that will incur 450 billion just to service the debt alone. One of the things that he never mentioned was that Russia went into Ukraine because President Putin saw no downside after the debacle in Afghanistan. And what we know is that he also handed Nord Stream two over to the Russians after the Ukrainians and the Polish said, if you give Putin Nord stream two, which Trump never did, Biden did his first a hundred days in office, you will see Russian tanks in Kiev. Ted Cruz talks about it all the time.

What did he do? He turned it around, give it to him. That's why he already knew what was going to happen with this war. He's completely destroyed the honor and dignity that comes with wearing a police badge. He had the parents of Tyre Nichols at the state of delusion and he made it about race. You can't make it about race when it's black on black. And there's a majority black police force, a black police chief, there is no race thing here. And the worst part of all of it is that he continually talks about January 6th and then also tries to connect the attack on Paul Pelosi with January 6th, even though they've released all kinds of video and email from January 6th and Paul Pelosi, which first of all, how they can try to tie that together is so bizarre to me. What a sleeze ball. That's what he wants people to think all Republicans and conservatives are.

But he goes on and on about January 6th, the largest threat to our democracy, when there are so many lapses in security. It's not even funny. Pelosi essentially allowed this to happen by her inability to govern and protect the capitol using the means that she had as the speaker of the house. But no, it's all misinformation, it's all ignorance and then attack. But I think the worst part about this state of delusion is he continually refers to unifying the country having unity. There's no unity. He has divided us so far it's not even funny, from his Maga, evil Maga speech to his first state of the Union to now this state of the union. He has nothing but horrible things to say about conservatives and about Republicans, but that is insane, all of that misinformation and it was delivered so well. I mean, well, first of all, the guy's a babbling idiot.

I don't mean delivered so well, but I mean that him and the DNC do such a good job of disseminating this information in a way that makes people think that it's true. And unfortunately, Republicans just don't know how to do this. They won't do it. They are so good at slightly twisting the truth like the jobs numbers for example, and presenting it so confidently that people believe the lies. That's a big problem. And unfortunately, there are no mainstream media that will ever check it where it needs to get checked. There are so much stuff, guys, success with the borders he talked about. He talked about extreme abortion bans. He talked about the inflation reduction act and how it's lowered healthcare costs, which is not true. Lie, lie, lie. There was probably 1% of truth within the entire context of his state of delusion. And I wanted to go through these points with you all so you're armed with the information that you need in order to go after people who are saying, well, online and in person, that the country is on the right track and Biden's doing a good job.

Because what we're going to start seeing is we're going to start seeing more and more people forgetting the good old Trump days and starting to accept this new normal and accepting all the lies as gospel. That's what happens in the middle of this country when people are not either staunch on one side or staunch on the other. The best storyteller wins and the DNC have always been the better storytellers because they lie. Because they lie. Talks about border success, talks about how January 6th was the greatest, that democracy since police reform. But again, this police reform, talking about training, a lie, has nothing to do with training. Not to mention that the Democrats have not signed one police reform bill, and I talked about this in a recent episode. And then of course he's got to give himself credit for covid and the vaccine. Now remember, it's Biden's vaccine.

Anyways folks, I think it's so important that we look at this and we understand the difference between some of the very, very big lies and some of the smaller tweaks that make you second guess. And I am not too big to say that I get into a point where I second guess myself sometimes as well. If anyone says they don't, they're idiots. Because when you have information coming at you all the time, as fast as we do, sometimes we get caught up and go down the wrong rabbit hole. But as long as you have the wherewithal to identify that and come back up for air, it doesn't mean anything other than what it means. I think Joe Biden is the most evil, disgusting, lying, fraud in the history of this country. It truly is astonishing how much this man has gotten away with. You take this one state of delusion speech and everything I just talked about. You compound that by a hundred times. That's his entire career. Alright, let's take a break we'll come back and talk a little bit about my favorite topic, the private sector

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I want to talk a little bit about the private sector and what's happening, because I'm noticing that there's a handful of companies or more and more that are adding. The LGBTQ community and the advocate, the gay magazine, have come out with a list of companies that do not support anti-trans legislation. They sign up on this list, they take the pledge, if you will. If you remember, Obama really took the climate change thing to a whole new level. Yes, we heard it with Al Gore, whatever, but I'm talking about as president. He really took the cap and trade climate change green initiatives to an entirely new level in this country. Part of that was stronghold companies to take these green initiatives. Nobody cares about the green initiatives. None of these companies care whether or not they're green or not. I have news for you, they don't care because their job is to earn money for their shareholders and their employees. But hundreds of companies came forward and essentially did the same things, signed these climate pledges.

And so now you're seeing that in the LGBTQ community with this anti-trans, and by the way, it's completely wide open. It doesn't matter if it's an anti-child mutilation law or anti schools being able to do this to kids without parental signatures or consent. It's insanity. And so you've got companies, like I said, Apple, GM, Ford, and you have to wonder, why do they have any interest in signing these things? Why do they care about whether or not the Congress or state or local legislators develop laws for their constituents that the majority of their constituents want? Just like how consumers make a choice to buy their product. Constituents are making a choice to support the politicians who are putting these laws in place. But why does Apple Care? Why does GM care? So I pulled the list of the top 20 companies that had signed this new pledge.

There's about a hundred on there. I took the top 20. Now I put them in alphabetical order. So they're not exactly, but you need to understand that every one of these companies makes millions, if not billions of dollars. Some of them depend on these government subsidies to survive. So naturally, what are they going to do? They're going to subscribe to whatever they feel they need to subscribe to for whatever they feel they need to do for the right politicians to continue feeding them. First signature on their Amazon. Do you know how many subsidies we gave Amazon in 2022? 3 billion, 838 million, 3.8 billion dollars. Bayer signed it, you know the aspirin people, 850 million last year. Berkshire, you know, Warren Buffet, 1.8 billion. Comcast and NBC Universal, 1.4 billion. Dow Incorporated, or Dow Jones, 1.1 billion. Ford Motors, 6 billion. General Motors, 10 billion. Goldman Sachs, 800 million. Google, 1.6 billion. Hyundai 2 billion. IBM 1.8 billion. Intel, 8 billion. Meta, 850 million. Micron, 6.5 billion. Microsoft 825 million. Nissan, 1.8 billion. Nike 2.1 billion. Oracle 2.198 billion. Paramount 1.4 billion. Disney, 2.2 billion. Do you think these people actually care about trans rights? No. They just don't want to give up like GM 10 billion in government subsidies. IBM, Hyundai.

I mean, of course it's easier for them to sign a pledge because what they figure is people who care about the issue will shop and support the brand. And the people who are against the issue or don't care about the issue won't necessarily have access to the other side because the mainstream media won't cover it. So they're taking the risk that by supporting it, they're keeping their government subsidies flowing and keeping a small sector of the population that's plugged in and very, very passionate about this stuff, supporting their business while they assume the other regular supporters who are not political will continue to shop with them or purchase with them. Does that make sense? So they're taking a gamble on our purchasing power and thinking that the left progressives are more important to please for purposes of, I guess economies. And the middle to right will continue to shop there regardless of their political power. Well, clearly they haven't looked at what's happening to Disney now, which by the way, they had an interesting Super Bowl commercial I saw that's all about the old Fantasia Disney, the true Disney.

So it looks like Bob Eger is pulling everything back. Each one of these companies during Obama's reign committed to billions of dollars in green improvements and green initiatives. Did they care about green? No. What happens is they spend a couple hundred million bucks on green initiatives and Obama and the senators who are all in the pockets of these companies, turn around and give them government subsidies to pay them back for the money they spent to support the progressive agenda in the first place. It's a big money laundering scheme and all you have to do is find the money, I mean, makes me sick. General Motors, 10 billion folks of your tax money and they're out signing pledges for the LGBTQ community. Then the other thing that's insane that a lot of people aren't really noticing is that 2023 is the first year of Biden's, 15% billion dollar company tax. Does anyone else know what's happening right now with those companies?

Well, a significant amount of those companies, those billion dollar businesses are in tech. They're in tech. What's happening in tech right now? Layoffs like crazy. They're laying off. I just read that Yahoo, 20% of their sales force, 20%, eBay 500 staff, Dell, almost 7,000 people, 5% of the workforce, PayPal, 7% of its workforce. Groupon, 500 people, SAP 300,000, 2.5% of its workforce. Now remember, workforce salaries and revenue numbers are different, right? So when we say 15% of revenue, again for very, very easy math, I made a hundred thousand dollars. I owe the government now $15,000. Part of my expenses, however, is that I have $50,000 between five employees, but I really only need 15,000. So I have to lay three people off. So 15% and 15% are not going to match across the board. People ask me that all the time. Well, if they're going to 15% tax, why are they only laying off 2.5%? Well, the salary that they're trying to recuperate from the layoff to cover this new fee or bill, if you will, is in dollar amounts, not in percentages. Intel, you saw Intel, they're cutting 600 people. Spotify, 600 people. Google, 12,000 people. Microsoft, 5% of the company, 10,000 jobs lost. Goldman Sachs, 3,200 people. Oh, by the way, any of these names sound familiar? Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, I mean 1 billion, 850 million, all government subsidies, Meta, again, they've stopped hiring before candidates could even start their new jobs.

They've been pulling back offer letters like crazy. Coinbase, 950 staff. I mean, it just goes on and on and on. Amazon, 18,000 people. So what I'm trying to showcase to you is that this is an immediate response. Now there's a multitude of factors. Don't get me wrong folks. This isn't just because of the tax, some of them overhired, whatever, but how nice to have a handful of, semi-serious, maybe medium threat level factors, and then put on an additional 15% bill, killing two or three birds with one stone. And so a lot of these layoffs might have been less, might have spread out through more time, might have rebounded, but instead of being able to wait and see, they knew this 15% bill was right behind them anyways. So just go ahead and make the cuts. And if you look at most of the companies, the percentage of cuts as it has to do with the average salary of their employee and what the 15% bill on their revenue is, the numbers are pretty freaking close.

I mean, there is really very little question as to whether or not this inflation reduction act that had this 15% tax on companies earning a billion dollars or more impacted the job market. And the reason why this is happening in tech in particular is because tech companies, the biggest cost to tech companies, because a lot of them are software as a service, etcetera, it all always comes to headcount, always comes to how many people are around. So the cost of the person is really what is affecting the revenue or the profit, if you will, not the revenue, but the profit of the success of these businesses. 57.7 billion in subsidies to 20 woke companies that are actively going against representatives who are elected to represent a constituency and they're representing their constituency by creating and enforcing laws that the constituents want. It doesn't matter what it pertains to, in this case it's trans, but you don't get to sign a sweeping bill or a sweeping pledge that says, I don't support any anti-trans legislations or legislation.

Excuse me, who get to sign that, A without specifics. And B, while you're taking billions of dollars of American taxpayers hard earned money, doesn't work. But they know they're shielded by the mainstream media. Again, they know the psychos need reassurance, but the people who don't care as much will continue to patronize the businesses with or without their pledges. But the real real reason is the alignment with the government that helps keep their doors open. The federal government in 6 billion to Ford, 10 billion to General Motors. I mean, give me a break. And they're all pro trans rights and nobody knows. No one knows how many subsidies these people get. Then they go and sign these pledges, 57.7 billion in subsidies folks, that is a lot of tax dollars going to private corporations that in return are supporting these crazy progressive agenda items because they've been pigeonholed by Democrats.

People say, well, it's a majority Republican house and sometimes it's been majority Republican senate or both. They're still getting the subsidies, etcetera. And again, it's not about a majority control. It's about who is in the specific roles to grant contracts and subsidies to these companies and how they can align with them. Well, we know, most of this is bureaucratic and the bureaucracy in Washington DC is all steeped in liberal progressive crap because their paychecks are manipulated by liberals for favoritism. We know that. So it's not really necessarily about just Congress, it's about the people they need to keep happy in order to keep making and sharing this 57.7 billion a year in government subsidies. Layoffs and tax increases go hand and hand. And that's exactly what's happening here. And that's exactly what I want you to see. I want you to see how the government manipulates the private sector to get them to push their agenda.

And I'm not just talking about our elected officials, I'm talking about the bureaucrats, the federal employees that also oversee some of these contracts and subsidies. This is a big deal, a big deal. So we've got them getting billions of dollars. And these are just 20, there was several other companies on the Frans list, pledge, whatever. We got these companies on this pledge that are getting billions of dollars from us, which is essentially free money. And then on top of that, you have the same companies getting taxed an additional 15% on the top. And so what are they doing? They're laying off. So when you connect the dots, you see really the government is using funding to control the private sector, which they always have. This is not something new.

The newness is how progressive the private sector is going. How far to the left it's going, save the whales initiative from who knows Adidas or whatever, is nothing like signing a pledge that you will fight anti-trans legislation regardless of what it is or what it means or what it says because you know what that means. It means states that pass these laws, they might close locations down again, hopefully they learned from Disney. But this is exactly what is the problem today. This is what I'm telling you guys. This is what I'm trying to express to everyone out there, that these companies don't actually care about trans, about green, about abortion. They're only placating the people that they need to placate deep in the trenches of progressive bureaucracy in order to keep the billions of tax dollars flowing their direction. I'm going to take a quick break and we'll come back and talk about Uncle Festerman.

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So they've put in a special closed captioning device for him at his desk in the Senate chambers. They've put in the same device for him at the dais. The sergeant of arms actually set up a live audio to text transcription for the committees that he's on so he can have the ability to take in the information so he can comprehend the information. He cannot comprehend information unless it's on a monitor with closed captions or audio to text. That's it. The guy has to read text. Now he will say, well, I mean that's okay. Someone deaf would have to do that as well. But there's a big difference here, folks. Someone who's deaf cannot hear, sounds obvious, but they cannot hear it's a true disability. They cannot hear. So we need to make sure that we make special accommodations for someone who cannot hear. They cannot recover, they cannot fix it.

The difference is that Federman can hear, he can hear, he can hear people talking to him, but his brain damage, being deaf is not brain damage. Brain damage has limited his cognitive ability to hear and comprehend verbal live audio. Now, would you say that the ability to comprehend live audio, someone speaking to you, is an integral part of being a United States senator? I mean, the guy's 53, he's six foot eight, he's all tatted, and he had a massive stroke not even a year ago, wins the Senate, God knows how, because again, Democrats don't care. They will literally elect the real girl from Lars and the real girl. Goes through the whole entire scene, his whole entire election saying, oh no, on the campaign trial, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. He gets up on that debate stage but you can't even comprehend one thing.

It's like, no, no, no, no. Can't comprehend one thing. So now he's blaming being in the Senate for why he's not recovering. And so now he's saying, oh, well, now that I'm in the Senate, my recovery is stopped or going very, very slow, which is why my mental health challenges are getting worse, not better, even though we've gone out of our way to make serious accommodations for the guy, his stupid chief of staff says what you're supposed to do to recover from this is do as little as possible. But he was forced to do as much as possible. He had to get back to the campaign trail. It's hard to claw that back. Again, not our problem. When a medical team tells you not to do something and you go against their recommendation, that's your problem. That's why they make you sign all the discharge, all the liability releases when you leave the hospital.

If you're going against medical advice, you're taking that risk. So then he's at this Democratic retreat in Washington? No, not some stressful campaign event. No, not some big senate committee meeting that's just pouring down that he has to be on his A game for. No, he's at a Senate Democratic retreat, where they all probably are just sipping wine and jerking each other off. So he spent two days in the hospital, they said, no, no, no, no signs of stroke and they monitored him for seizures, strokes, etcetera. And they said nothing. He's all clear. However, he will not release or provide any medical information that tells us one way or the other. I mean, if you saw him at the state of delusion, you could see the guy is just nuts, says the neurological condition is affecting everything and the Senate being in the Senate is not helping.

Well then get the hell out. What the hell are you doing? You are the most unfit person to serve in the Senate. Period. He says, when he's in a stressful or unfamiliar situation, when people are talking to him, it sounds like the voice of the teacher in the peanuts cartoon, you can never hear [1:01:29 inaudible]. Again don't you need to be able to do that in order to be a senator, one of a hundred people on Earth? It's crazy. It is absolutely insane. And the reason why I get so upset and of course the liberals on Twitter, and so they tell me, oh, you're making fun of someone with a disability. This isn't a disability. And even if you could argue that it's a disability, because I don't think it's a disability, I think the guy had a health issue. He had a heart attack. For example say I had a heart attack and the doctor said, no more red meat, no more alcohol and you gotta exercise. Well, right there, I'm screwed.

Point being is okay, I get out of the hospital, the first thing I do is go to Mascros and start eating steak and immediately laying down and not exercising and I drink a bottle of scotch every night and then I start complaining that I can't do my job because of my heart attack. I'm starting to get flutters. I'm starting to feel lightheaded. Well, that's not because I had a heart attack. That's because I'm an idiot and didn't follow medical advice. Just like this guy, he is going to be in the hospital so many times this year. You mark my words. He is not fit. The other thing is that people with disabilities still have to live within their boundaries and they still have to have the tools to be able to do the job at hand.

If I have no legs, I'm not going to be a dog walker. If I have no arms, probably not going to be a football quarterback. If you have no brain, you probably shouldn't be a US senator. It's like, sure, you have your screens and all that in the Senate office, but what happens if you have to go overseas? And then how do we know you're even voting correctly? And you're not just towing party line if you can't hear, it makes absolutely no sense. And the fact that people are just okay with this is crazy. And the reason why I make such a big deal out of it is because if you remember John McCain, Senator John McCain from Arizona, who was, I think one of the original rhinos, God rest his soul, sure he was a nice man. However, John McCain had brain cancer. He died of brain cancer while he was still in his post, he was still a senator with brain cancer.

If you remember correctly, John McCain started acting very, very weird his last few years in office. And so he did things that were so out of character and so far away from party norms that you couldn't help but wonder if his brain was affected by the cancer. It absolutely was. It absolutely was folks. The guy was loony tune and he made votes right on the vote line that seriously injured our party. Even before he had brain cancer he was never my favorite Republican, and I'm glad he never won the presidency. But for example, when he showed up to vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act, he voted against Republicans. Would he have done that if he were in sound mind? I don't know. Can we take his vote seriously if he is voting with brain cancer, a rotting brain? I don't know. I don't think so.

We need to be taking mental health, cognitive health more seriously because it is the absolute most important part of being in governing and being in politics and being in Washington. You have to be able to use your brain. You have to be able to have spectacular comprehension. It's part of the job. It's part of the job. But the Democrats have gotten so good at concealing these issues that people like Federman and Biden have and by withholding any medical information and blocking any sort of cognitive testing to build trust with the American people, that people like this can make decisions on our behalf. And they're not just following along because they have no idea where they are or what they're doing. I mean, Federman is essentially a vegetable people. His brain is mush. He's had a stroke, God bless him, and I don't wish him any harm.

Well, maybe a little bit, but what scares me the most is that someone like that could be serving in the office of the United States Senate and we have a president doing the same thing. We need to prioritize mental health. We need to prioritize cognition and cognitive ability because if not, what are we doing? Who do we have representing us that is actually consistent? Who's actually comprehending what's happening? And I know you say, well, it's just a handful, but it's not a handful because naturally your brain degrades with age. People like Diane Feinstein, what is she 130 by now? Everyone gets some form of dementia. Really, I truly believe that. I think everyone gets some sort of memory loss, Alzheimer's, dementia, whatever you want to call it. As we age, those things happen and your brain deteriorates. So studies show that after 70 is when you really start to feel the effects of the aging brain.

After you have a stroke, you've propelled those effects a hundred times. That's John Federman. Joe Biden totally has dementia. You can see it. You can hear it. Nancy Pelosi, I think she had some issues as well, but it's rampant in Washington because the brain is not the focus. It's all about the fraud. But there needs to be cognitive testing for every single person that's representing this country because if we can't trust them to make choices on their own, then it's no longer the people's Congress because we know they're just voting to tow the party line. And that's not what anyone wants. The Democrats don't really care, that's what they do they force their politicians to tow the party line no matter what, or they force them out. As you can see Republicans, we don't necessarily do that because there's a broad spectrum of ideas within our party.

There's no broad spectrum of ideas in the DNC, it's whatever the DNC says is what they have to do, which is why you see people like AOC who hated Nancy Pelosi, vice versa, but they towed the line. So when I talk about Uncle Festerman, I don't know how big of a moron he was before his stroke. I know he was a terrible lieutenant governor. I don't have enough facts in front of me now to tell you how big of a moron he was before his stroke. I think being a moron is intrinsically part of his DNA. However, his ability or inability, I should say, to comprehend verbal language, his constant, on edge, mental state that could take him to the hospital at any time. Again, very worrisome. The guy can't handle his job. He said it a hundred times, I was supposed to do nothing and I did everything.

And so he's exasperated his problem. It's worse, it's going to continue to get worse. We've made all sorts of special accommodations, which will not matter because he will get progressively worse. He will not get better because he didn't follow medical advice. Is that a disability? Maybe, but it's a self-induced disability. It's not like a deaf person or a blind person or someone who was born without an arm. No, he's an a-hole who had a stroke and refused to follow the doctor's instructions on how to get better. The guy is just a degenerate. The Democrats want to use his disability as a way to shield him from criticism, from people like me, but that is not the same as a traditional disability. That's a self-inflicted disability. We need to make sure we don't go through the John McCain situation again, folks, I understand that Federer's on the other side, but it does not matter.

Cognitive function is imperative to be able to represent this nation on Capitol Hill. It has to be because if not, what else do you have then just to be able to breathe. What are the other requirements? If you can't think and comprehend, you can't govern. I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. Your high standards make us remember the central question of public service. Why are we here? Well, we're here to see that government continues to serve you and not the other way around. God bless you, President Reagan and may God save America.

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