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The State of Delusion, Private Sector Surprises, and Uncle Festerman Vegetable Updates


Chad: Biden's state of delusion continues to cause confusion. Meanwhile, new legislation hits the private sector, and Uncle Festerman takes another step towards total vegetation. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Intro: Yeah. Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, your host, Chad Law, the binary brother of your dreams, the holiest homo in the true leader of the gay world. We're here today with one mission and one mission only. Send common sense conservative politics through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. You got it. Today is the Monday after the Super Bowl. I hope all of you enjoyed your family and football. I wasn't big on either team, but I do like Mahomes and congratulations to the Chiefs. However, I do not like his little brother. If y'all have seen his TikTok or Instagram, he is the epitome of what's going wrong in this country, and I'm not sure how Patrick puts up with it and it makes the entire family look bad. The kid is odd, to say the least, but I think Patrick Mahomes is a talented guy who has a lot to offer the NFL and this country.

I think he's a great role model. I was waiting for someone on Twitter or one of my friends to release a woke cracker or woke bedding pool to see how many woke progressive references there were. And they started right off the bat with a black national anthem that came before the American National anthem. The problem with that is it's completely divisive. That's it. It's racist, it's divisive. There's no color that goes into a national anthem period, especially skin color. It's taken the media Twitter and everywhere by storm and some people are defending it and other people are completely tearing it down. Whatever it was, it was a totally bad call and not the right time to do it. And I've talked to you guys about this a hundred million times. But for new listeners and people who need to hear it again, the Super Bowl football, these things are not supposed to be political.

They're not supposed to have a bias. They're not supposed to divide people. Sports are supposed to bring people together and professional sports are woven into the fabric of this country. And sports players are all different colors, genders, races, and they're fans the same way. However, the mob can't help themselves and they have to work hysterically to tear it down and it's sick and it should never happen. But unfortunately, the spineless leaders of the NFL and other professional sports take this stuff from the woke mob, from woke politicians because there's a quid pro quo. There's always something that's either going to be in it for them or threatened. And that's what we see happening all over the US and I will talk about that today when we go into some of the private sector revelations that I want to discuss.

Folks, we've got a packed day today. Before we get into that, let me talk to you a little bit about my favorite meal plan. Folks I'm happy to say I lost 10 pounds in January and I will hopefully lose another 10 pounds in February. It's funny, I listened to all these health coaches on YouTube and podcasts telling us everything we need to do to lose weight, get more sleep. Did I work on getting more sleep? No. Did I work out like crazy? No. Light cardio in the gym twice a week? Did I stop and breathe more and center myself? No. Did I starve myself with this intermittent fasting all day? No. All I did is I stuck to eating lunch and dinner from factor meals. I've done everything folks. A year and a half ago I was over 300 pounds and now I am 240 with probably another 20 to 30 to go. The only way to lose weight is diet and that is it. Other things may help, but without diet, nothing else works.

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Alright, so today is a big day. As I mentioned before, the commercial break, Biden's State of the Union, which I am calling the state of delusion, is still rippling through the country, causing a lot of questions and confusion. People continually ask me, well, it sounds like these job numbers are real. All the news are reporting these job numbers, so they can't be a lie, Chad. No, they're not a lie. The job numbers are real. What's not real is who can take the credit and also how the job numbers are manipulated. So that's just one example. But Biden said a lot of things in this state of delusion that made people feel like he was telling the truth. Even on the conservative side, I had people emailing me saying, well, I mean it sounds so real, and I've always said this and it's so important that we remember that liberals will always make you feel like the crazy one.

They are the crazy ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, ex-friend person in your life that will continue to make you feel like you are the crazy one and turn everything around on you before taking any accountability. That's the liberal motto. That's what they do. And so when you hear people like AOC or Elizabeth Warren coming out and talking so confidently about these facts and about the economy and about jobs and about equal rights for women and gays and lesbians and transgender, you start to wonder, is this real? Are they real? Is it me is the crazy one? And of course, in this isolated time that we live in, as connected as we are, I think we're even more isolated than ever, in this isolated time that we live in. People are constantly having to think like that, what's real and what's not. And truth and fiction and conspiracy are all kind of muddled together at this point.

And so I want to go through Biden's speech, take some stuff that I haven't seen in the mainstream media and walk you all through why some things are just massive lies, but how the misconceptions and the small changes to perception are actually what people grab onto and they think it's truthful and it's not, but it's a version of the truth, slightly shifted for liberals to either take credit or shame someone else or whatever they need to do to propel their agenda forward. We've also gotten a lot of interesting information on the private sector. A couple of big things. There is a private sector list that just came out in the LGBTQ community of all the big companies that are signing this anti-trans, well, I guess it's their, how can I say this? The companies are against laws in Washington that are against France.

And it's interesting because it's just this blanket thing that we're signing this, that we are against any legislation that's anti-trans, even though it might be kids that might factor on certain medications or transitioning or parents' rights, doesn't matter. These companies are on board and we have to start thinking to ourselves, okay, why are these companies getting on board? And we also have to realize that this is the first year, this year, 2023 is the first year that the 15% billion dollar company tax hits. Most of our billion dollar companies in the US are tech companies. And guess where all the layoffs are happening right now? And I said it when they passed this inflation reduction act. And you guys know as well, you all told me too, Chad, isn't this just going to raise the prices of everything or have them cut everything to make up for the 15%?

Yes, because there's no such thing as a company just taking an extra expense and paying it without making the adjustments on their profit and loss sheet. That's it. If you add more expenses, you have to find a way to make up for it and you can't count merely on additional revenue. Not to mention when it's a percentage of revenue or net profit or whatever figure, when it's a percentage, you know that when you grow that figure, the percentage that you owe gets larger. So there's absolutely no motivation for these companies to grow, to continue to pay 15% on top of whatever they're paying to the IRS. So we're seeing mass layoffs. Again, the beauty about the time that we live in now is that we get to see the impacts of legislation pretty quickly in the markets, in companies, in the private sector, we never had that before.

We knew laws went into place and they kind of just went out and there was really not a whole lot of tracking in how it impacted. But today it's rapid fire. It is rapid fire. And then lastly, I want to go over the state of Uncle Festerman, also known as Senator John Federman of Pennsylvania. He was clearly challenged mentally on the campaign trail, which of course didn't keep the Pennsylvanians from voting for him. And h