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Will Women Abort the Midterms?

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Will women abort the midterms? The left's hysteria tactics and media lies may have a negative impact for Republicans in the upcoming elections. You're listening to the last gay conservative I'm your host Chad law

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Yeah, hello everybody and let's go Brandon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the no woke zone, a zone where facts always beats fiction and truth always prevails, a place where we destroy the left the mob, the liberals and the Democrats at home online and in political office. We're always right and never canceled. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Yeah, okay. Well, it's another day in the socialist hellscape called California just paid 619 per gallon. While Newsom wants to send each of us $400 in gas rebates, all while he continues to block refineries. We've cut off all drilling and you won't lift our special blend requirements for fuel. That's why we're the highest in the country. I mean, I've got to get out of here. I live in Orange County, which is the only semi acceptable place in California to live and it's been gutted by redistricting and Irvine now has a mayor who is so left wing she makes Joe Biden look conservative. Her name is Farah Khan. You believe that her name is Khan and she is a conscious a liberal con i just i am so blessed to have grown up in California when I did you know I enjoying LA when it was still cool. And it's finally yours. And it's just not the same folks. It's It's really sad to see the state and the cities be so anti business, anti growth anti middle class, they've done an amazing job at expanding the poor though a you can't drive anywhere on the freeway without seeing a homeless tent encampment. And today in LA, you're either mega rich or living in a tent. And that's really the reality of it. And I can't stand it anymore. So I am on a mission to get out of California. Speaking of growing up in California when it was cool. I watched a senior year with Rebel Wilson on Netflix over the weekend. It was so funny. I think I mainly found it funny because it was such a throwback to the late 90s and early 2000s. juxtaposed with today, my assistant who's 21 watched it as well and she didn't get a lot of the humor. So if you're under 40, I highly suggest you take a look at the movie. It's really really, really funny. As always, I just want to touch base on a few news items that relate to previous episodes. Just like I predicted the Senate moved $40 billion to Ukraine aid in a at one to 11 vote the 11 who voted against were all Republicans whom the rhinos and Democrats have deemed isolationist Trump supporters, the 11 have been very clear, we need to put fiscal responsibility and America first, Rand Paul, who has gained so much of my respect through COVID issues and cutting through the Biden bullshit, blocked the Swift consideration asking for an audit of the spending of the funds thus far. Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, did a conference call from his swanky hotel in Stockholm and told all of us he would get it done despite his isolationist colleagues. What has he gotten done for America. Furthermore, his tone sure has changed when him and Lindsey Graham and ISTE were together on tour praising Trump's America first agenda. These people are so spineless they literally just try to vote with whatever they think is going to be popular, very strong tweets from both sides vilified or praised the 11 Nay votes. The midterm should tell us really what Americans truly support. And I have a feeling the Senate is going to have a rude awakening because most people who can't find baby formula, for example, or are paying like 619 per gallon like I did this morning, are going to say, Yeah, this is more important than 40 billion to Ukraine aid. How long are we going to remain in this war? How long are we going to be funding? Biden's compromised state? When are people going to wake up and realize that the only reason why we're doing this is so damning information about him and his family doesn't come out? Then we have to touch base on the old bummers. They're added again, ironically, Michelle Obama of all people is spouting off about Roe v. Wade by inserting trans rhetoric in her post. That's a little close to home for her I would think in her post she used this new term I guess it's not new from my research but a term words woman but spelled with an x instead of an A

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It's seemingly a woek term that I think is used to divide people. Of course, under the guise of being inclusive, she put a post on Instagram that must have 37 slides to it. And he was used to promote voting for extreme progressives in the midterms. Which is funny because her husband Obama dodged the issue his entire presidency, let's deal with abortion. At what point does a baby get human rights in your view? Well,

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I think that, whether you're looking at it from a theological perspective, or a scientific perspective,

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answering that question with specificity.

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You know, is is above my paygrade. Just like he was anti gay marriage right up until he saw national levels of support. The hypocrisy of these people is an real, the left still revered the Obamas as gods and abortion is much of a trans issue as it is a man issue. I don't know what the move is here because an overwhelming majority of Democrats do not subscribe to these woke beliefs. And that's exactly what we're talking about today. The Roe v Wade leak, not in the moral sense, but more so how I believe the leak is going to impact the upcoming midterms, I received an awesome meme this morning from my best friend and business partner, Josh, and I got it right before I started recording, and I have to share with you what it says. Abortion $600 Plan B $59 Condoms $7 being gay, free, you decide.

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I love it so much. That's the best thing I've heard all month. as disgusting as the Internet can be. On the flip side, some of the humor and the memes and the tweets just make me laugh hysterically. But getting back into our issue at hand abortion, pro life pro choice a woman's right to choose. These are the most charged issues in the United States right now. And no big surprise the mob comes along and pours gasoline on the already smoldering fire. Much like gay marriage, the issue of abortion forces people to choose on the spot between their moral convictions and what they've heard. From my scientific or medical standpoint, this is one of the most dangerous places for our population to be both politically and socially. I mean, I see it every day amongst my group of friends, Christian conservatives, who would normally be totally pro life are being pushed to take a stand and struggle in their heads because they've been told this is a health issue for women, and victims of rape and incest will be first to come to term, et cetera. And it makes you question even the most of the statements are lies. Now, before I press the gas on this issue, I do need to put out the following disclaimer. This is not a subject I have strong convictions about for two reasons. One, to me, this is more of a moral issue that shouldn't be politicized. And as a man, I can't really put myself in any position that the argument comes from, and all respect to men who have passionate opinions about this. And you're absolutely within your right to do so. Personally, I just don't feel like I can sympathize with women on the right level or on either side. Because I don't think I'll ever know this dilemma. But who knows the direction we're going, you know, men could be getting pregnant left and right. But my morals do tell me if I had to choose in a black and white form, I would certainly be pro life. However, like many Americans, there's more factors that I'm just not sure about. All in all, the challenge for me, and I think for most people, if I can speak for a large population, we've witnessed both sides of the coin. So I know a few women from my early 20s, who aborted an unborn child and they've regretted every day, the biggest regret of my life is having had my abortion, I suppose the thought was I was going to disappoint my parents, you know, I wouldn't be able to cope all the usual reasons. I, I had a very good job, you know, and I wanted to reach a certain goal in my life. Initially, there's relief because your problem is gone. And you feel like everything is going to be fine, your life will get back to normal. But very soon afterwards, I began to realize that was not the case for me. I began to had an emptiness inside like there was something missing. I had terrible grief, terrible guilt, terrible shame that it's very shaming. And of course, it's also very isolating, I suppose my right to choose, took away the right to live from my my child, they need therapy, and it's impacted their entire life. One I know today can't conceive because of the abortion that she had. And it's put an unbelievable strain on her marriage and her life, and it's very disappointing. On the other hand, I know someone that I've known since high school, very close friend of mine

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I just found this out recently, when we were 17, she actually got pregnant and had an abortion. Her mother, which I know for a fact was an extreme alcoholic, and dad was physically and sexually abusive in the past, which is why she never stayed at home. Now I know. And she knew that if they knew she got pregnant, they would take custody of the baby and the baby would go through the same hell, adoption would not be an issue, although she would have preferred it because she was still a minor and the parents would take the child, she didn't want to put her kid through sexual abuse. So what's the answer there is to me, there's too many factors don't make a split decision. There are medical, psychological, physical, circumstantial, all sorts of different issues that make no case the same. And I think many Americans have similar stories and feel the same way. However, it's not up to us to decide which is right in which is wrong. In a country this size. Sometimes all we can do is set a standard and allow individual communities to dictate it from there. I personally believe that these federal sweeping standards are often unconstitutional and do more harm than good. I don't think anyone can argue that laws in California should mirror laws in Wyoming or Illinois, the populations economy's needs of the people all vary drastically. Thus far the only standard we have around abortion is this Roe v. Wade law, which is a law or a ruling I should say implemented by the supreme preme court in 1973, making abortions federally legal and forcing all 50 states to make abortions legal and available for women within very dated and unscientific guidelines. Keep in mind, the practice of non invasive natal heart monitoring wasn't introduced to the medical community until 1973. So prior to 1973, we couldn't even detect a heartbeat yet they wanted to determine when life begins. We know so much more in America today about the formation of young children in the womb than we did when Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. We know that the heart has partially formed at 15 weeks, we know that the baby in the womb is practicing breathing, we know that most internal organs have started to form. They don't even come close to determining that Roe v. Wade merely uses these trimesters to determine when it's a privacy issue between a woman and her doctor and a state issue per regulating the procedure of abortion. See, the issue with Roe v Wade is that it's actually not a standard around abortion in any way, shape, or form. Roe doesn't reference any specific case or types such as incest, it doesn't create any consistency around time limits or procedure types and all the other factors that we now know, simply put, Roe v Wade outlines that although they believe abortions do fall under the constitutional right to privacy, the right to having an abortion is not absolute. It grants states the right to protect the health of its citizens by regulating abortion within certain parameters. So what are those parameters? Well, during a pregnant person's first trimester, a state can't regulate abortion beyond requiring that the procedure is performed by a licensed doctor federally, so that's up to 12 weeks from 12 to 24 weeks the second trimester, the ruling states that the state may regulate abortion if the regulations are reasonably related to the health of the pregnant person. And lastly, during the third trimester of pregnancy, the state's interest in protecting the potential human life outweighs the right to privacy. As a result, the state may prohibit abortions unless an abortion is necessary to save the life or health of the pregnant person. Now, where do those 1224 36 guidelines come from? Well, again in 1973, doctors touted that viability happens after 24 weeks. Well, we know now from advanced science, that that's not the case. And so by overturning Roe v Wade, you're just looking at things from a different perspective and pushing it back to the States. But if you look at Roe v. Wade, someone can tell me, maybe I'm blind. But if you could tell me where the ruling says that abortion is legal or illegal, it just gives state guidelines to govern within the three trimesters that they laid out. Like I said, the medical advancements we've seen since then allow us to pinpoint exactly when life begins when the procedure can be safe or not how the procedure can affect future pregnancy and more. For example, in 1973, it was all surgical. There were none of these abortion pills, if you will. And again, it's completely over.

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relevant when you're dealing with scientific advancements, they really could not say anything with absolute certainty in 1973. And I encourage you to go back and listen to some of the pro abortion medical professionals in the late 60s and early 70s. I mean, it sounds like you're listening to something from 200 years ago, they might as well be using Colloidal Silver instead of amoxicillin or penicillin. It's insane to see how far we've come and we will continue to go further. And even when we're gone, I would hope generations after us would push and question legislation, if more evidence or science comes forward that challenges the constitutionality of that specific legislation. So we're looking at life choice, privacy, constitutionality, states rights, and they all come into play for this conversation. To me, that is a huge mistake. And it's a story perpetuated by the mob, that all of the above are mutually exclusive. And that's just not true. It's also not true that this is all about aborting babies or taking health rights away from women, because it's not, it's about protecting values and setting certain standards within localities, for the safety and the well being of women and unborn children. It is a deeply intimate and moral issue that's being used as a political tactic by the left to distract and try to influence these upcoming midterm elections. It's a hysteria game, and we've seen it before. And as you know, Politico, which is basically a borderline terrorist news outlet leaked the straw poll taken within the Supreme Court on whether Roe v Wade should would or could be overturned. It was an informal straw poll, nowhere near decision. Nevertheless, political ran with it as if it was the Supreme Court ruling itself. The interesting or ironic part about this to consider is that the only reason why the Supreme Court is looking into Roe v. Wade is because the left fought this law in Mississippi that was limiting abortions to 15 weeks with medical and circumstantial exemptions, which is exactly how it's laid out in Roe v. Wade. It's another example of these liberals torching their own village and their attempt to block a bill that's seemingly well within Roe v. Wade. They escalate it to the Supreme Court. And now the Supreme Court has to be faced to decide on Roe v. Wade, because one kind of impacts the other had they just allowed things to happen in locality, they wouldn't be having all this craziness going on. But they want the craziness. If you think about it, 15 weeks has passed the first trimester and well within the road guidelines of state authority to regulate this would not be happening if these idiots would pick their battles properly and not force this issue to the top. They're so stupid. As you've seen since this leak, it is a frenzy out there. Some of the chants and behaviors are just despicable.

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If there were no man, there will be no abortions.

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Fail that doesn't stand for women's rights about women. Don't give us a light on you are just a bunch of

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my favorite one is all the women saying Well, fine, we'll just withhold sex. It's like, okay, well, first of all, the ones that I've seen with those signs would be doing us a favor, and the other ones won't have a leg to stand on when their husbands start being in some hot Internet work. withholding sex works every time said no psychologist ever. The other question I have is like, I see a lot of lesbians in the crowd. You know, I can spot them from a mile away. It's just a gay to gay thing. Why are they upset? How does this impact you at all? I mean, are you saving it just in case you want to go back straight and get pregnant and kill the baby makes absolutely no sense to me. I didn't think demonstrations could get any worse than Black Lives Matter. It's pure insanity. Going to Supreme Court justices homes. Demonstrators on Saturday took their battle directly to the homes of Supreme Court justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh. You don't get to take away my bodily autonomy and enjoy your Saturday night at home, stocking them taunting them. We've seen this hysteria that really frightens me because I've seen it work in the past. You have a massively charged situation in which most Americans are very uneducated on and we have tons of false claims all over the media making it so much worse than it is just like 2020 around Trump. Data shows that Americans who just want to live their lives and sort of vote and whatever

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The way they want will vote to make the noise stop the fastest or the drama end, if you will, the media that left the mob made such chaos about Trump every tweet. I mean, he couldn't walk out of the White House without being called a neo Nazi and that he hates this and hates that. And many Americans just wanted that to end which is why they voted for Biden and a lot of them are regretting it. Now. This is the playbook I've talked about forever, not just on my podcast, but during my life. It's like the three step plan of liberals one you take emotionally charged situations, in this case, it's abortion to you fanned the flames to create division pit women against men, in this case, three, you spread lies to make it seem like it's one big issue in this case, illegal abortions. It's a political tactic. It's the George Soros play, and it's scary, but it has worked. These people don't care about women's rights or abortions. If they did, they'd be using facts and a true platform. This is about distraction and influencing elections. The left elites exploiting the not so smart or well read members of their base to cause destruction. The group Ruth sent us threatening to burn a Catholic display tweeting, stuff your rosaries in your weaponized prayer. We will remain outraged after this weekend. So keep praying, we'll be burning the Eucharist. To show our disgust for the abuse Catholic churches have condoned for centuries. In Wisconsin, the violence is picking up at a pro life organization someone tagged the building. Quote, if abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either.

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And even through what appears to be a Molotov cocktail under the window of someone's office burning the inside. And this week, activists are planning to continue the protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices after protests escalated last night. That's all this is. Here are some numbers that I think are important to note, Biden's approval rating right now according to NBC is 39% with over 70% of Americans saying we're headed in the wrong direction. I purposely use the most liberal polls, because honestly the real number of approvals probably more like 35%. The same poll shows a two point lead 46 to 44 of Americans preferring a Republican House and Senate. Those numbers are very scary for the left. Very scary here. We thought we couldn't win another election when Biden was elected. I think we all underestimated how bad Biden and his DNC buddies actually were. And their frustrations have been growing and they've gotten more and more aggressive doubling down on their backfiring politics. They've had a really rough go these two years, but they did it to themselves. They just went too far too fast. All year. They've been looking for their smoking gun and they've all backfired. Florida don't say gay was supported in huge numbers across the US. trans issues are being rejected and deemed unfair. college debt forgiveness is either too low or too high for people and people put inflation First Americans are really getting sick and tired of the Ukraine conflict. Everything is backfiring. However, this political leak Roe v Wade could be their smoking gun. And if it is, it seems to be working. Mark my words. The more forceful approach we take on the pro life narrative, the more midterm votes we will lose. I'm not a naysayer. But how many times do we have to dismiss the hysteria and watch it burn us before we approached the strategy with caution? We saw the straw poll. We know it's real. We know it's going to go our way. Leave it at that we can't lose sight of what's important. Get rid of this disinformation czar, our economy that's on the verge of a 2008 level collapse, an endless war we're in the middle of and we're about to start another one. A totally compromised President critical race theory trans bias in schools dismantling the Second Amendment. There are so many pressing issues that Americans align with, that we need to focus on. I understand that many conservatives for them the Fight for Life supersedes all of the above. But from a universal standpoint, it's a lot easier to win the fight for life with a conservative Congress and eventually White House. As conservatives we should not take the bait and engage. This is a battle and we have a war to win. Like my favorite book The Art of War. Sun Tzu says He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. This is where I believe my Conservative colleagues are taking things just a little too lightly. According to most of my friends out there. The poll numbers haven't really changed since the leak. Most conservatives also believed that although a large majority of people think abortion should be legal, according to the polls, that roe doesn't equal

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legalize it, it just simply kicks it back to the States. That's true. But we're not looking at the data in totality. Americans are confused and confusion usually leads to a default of the last thing they heard. For example, 62% of Americans who were polled agreed abortion should be legal, but the same 62% did not know that Roe v. Wade was not banning all abortions in the US. Here's the more data according to the Gallup poll, for example, they say 64% of Americans surveyed wanted Roe v Wade to remain in place. However, in the second question 65% believe that abortion should be illegal after the first trimester. Clearly they're confused. They think that Roe v Wade is going to legalize abortion across the board. The 538 writer Amelia Thomas DeVoe tweeted support for roe is a vague proxy for the idea that abortion should be available to some people sometimes, which to me proves my point that hysteria, confusion and rhetoric can heavily impact votes one way or another around a specific issue. Perfect example, on the opposite side, Prop Eight in California very similar, a large majority of Californians polled as pro gay marriage. However, the opposition did an amazing job of confusing Californians that it was more about protecting families. On top of that the opposition took advantage of the bills structure, making a yes vote on Prop Eight mean no to gay marriage and a no vote mean yes, it was an easy win. We also need to consider the other factor which is the Prop Eight was on the same ballot as Barack Obama, which naturally had a record number of black turnout there historically, anti LGBTQ pro gay marriage campaigns failed to address and educate the black community on what it meant. Essentially, they disregarded an entire population that tipped the scales in the other direction. If we break down those same factors with this Roe v Wade insanity, it suggests that the issue could push the vote closer than what we would like. Now, I need to be clear with you all, I'm not suggesting this is going to cause a total loss. I'm suggesting however, it could push the nice cushion that we currently have a little too close to comfort, Geraldo who I generally can't stand because every time I see him, I can't unsee his half naked selfie in the mirror. But he came forward like me and asked the question or made the statement, if you will take a listen. I think that with inflation, with immigration with crime, the Democrats are doomed. Except for one thing. This leak in the Supreme Court of the abortion decision has changed the political calculus in this country. And I think that we don't address it. We don't deal with it in a straightforward way over the weekend, 1000s turned out as they did in hundreds of other places around the country. I think what the Supreme Court has done is ignite the suburbs. And they could change the entire dynamic of the election. Despite inflation and immigration and crime and Ukraine and so forth. I think it is so emotionally fraught, that it has the it has the capacity of changing the the other thing to look at is white moms were a huge target for the 2020 presidential campaign as a key demographic that could have taken either candidate to the finish line. This is a demographic known for swinging on issues and not party voting. Then my Conservative colleagues say we're winning with moms trans issue critical race theory, etc. That's all well and good. But like I always say people are victims of the last thing they hear what are they're hearing on the media, what are they hearing on TV? Most people don't remember the list of issues just the loudest issue. And in this case, the Roe v Wade lies will be the loudest through November and the media will be shoving this down America's throats for months just like Black Lives Matter. The Gallup poll again shows that women 52% of women are pro choice compared to 43%. Pro life women with thumb college and college educations are overwhelmingly pro choice combined around 55%. White women are overwhelmingly pro choice at 50% versus 46 That moderates in the white college educated 18 to 54 year old women are pro choice by about seven points. These are huge demographics we need to win. My fear is not the pro choice stance. That's fine. My fear is that most women have no idea what pro choice means right now today and how it relates to Roe v. Wade. According to the AP vote cast Biden won suburban women 59% to Trump's 40% in 2020. On the flip side, we saw that gap almost

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Completely close within a percentage point or two in the Virginia governor's race with young Kim, we could conclude that those suburban women did not fully understand the actual liberal agenda on things like education, which has turned them around white quickly. I'm telling you guys, this destructive power has legs. I mean, it's funny to sit back and, and laugh about it and watch these crazies, but believe me, we have to take a cautious approach when criticizing openly because of the heat of this issue, combined with the lack of knowledge around Roe, it is not a safe place for us to be as a party and as a movement. Remember, over half of the voters weren't even born when Roe v Wade was ruled which they should all do their homework because their hero Joe Biden was one of the most outspoken pro lifers in Congress. Joe Biden was sworn into the Senate just 17 days before the Supreme Court issued its 1973 ruling on Roe v. Wade. In an interview with the Washingtonian back in 1974. He said, I don't like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far. I don't think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body. Same with gay marriage all the way until 2008. See, the elite Democrats all know this, but they're not the ones fanning the flames. Their woke robotic low IQ bass who follow them blindly are so that's my opinion on how this leak combined with confusion around the law and the hysteria tactics will impact the midterms coming up we have to take a much softer more educated approach creating some space between large religious organizations and aggressive pro life groups they don't sit well with the white some college college educated middle of America mom, every TV commercial we run newspaper ad editorial opinion piece should have big simple to understand graphs juxtaposed with these insane protesters saying what are they really fighting something like that right what are they really fighting? Roe v Wade does not mean no abortion are amazing pundants out there the Tucker's and the Sean's and the Laura Ingram's they should be doing the same thing. It's our job to show the suppose a two thirds of America who oppose roe being overturned the truth. Well, what is the truth? Most of the liberal lies are pretty easy to spot. I mean, I took my car to the dealership to get an oil change and I decided to wait in the lobby I avoid Ubers like the plague I just I can't do it. The TV was on and all of a sudden the view came on. Oh my god, I swear this must be what happens in Guantanamo Bay. If not, it should be tie these terrorists to a chair and force them to watch those irrelevant old wind bags Joy Bay Harbor and Whoopi Goldberg and they'll start singing like a bird forget waterboarding. I honestly haven't even watched the show since Barbara Walters was on it. Honestly, I hear and see clips of the ridiculousness but never in its entirety, I can believe would be enjoy are just washed up old bullies. It's 100% of political show. Now it's Rachel Mad Cow times for that is all they talk about. And in this instance, it was all abortion all the time. If I thought you were going to pay for the things that women need in terms of health and education and all the stuff we've been talking about over the last 40 years, I went home and I did some more research and I watched a few more episodes online. And I actually do believe they are the largest spreaders of lies and disinformation, quote unquote, than anyone else on television. You're pissed that the era came up, you're pissed that women have decided to take care of themselves and do the things they need to do. We've been angry about this for years. You know, women are not gonna let you dictate to them. Their what they can do with their bodies.

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To talk about vasectomies, yeah to because that would solve a lot of problems. If men I'm sure that they don't want you to tell them what to do with their body. Right? But maybe that would solve a lot of the problems. They are propagandists through and through. Unlike Maddow, who talks the talk for ratings but doesn't really walk the walk. She's just again all about ratings. It seems like these four degenerates believe their own lies. I mean, Whoopi is 100%, a racist, anti Semite. I don't even know how she's allowed on national television. So I'm watching this in the car dealership trying not to vomit. They're spewing their personal opinions on abortion want to know now when we say what could happen next is how are we going to indict the men because every abortion starts with a male orgasm. And so if we, we know we know since the beginning of time that many women are pressured into this to to men as well which has not even a shred of

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Ruth, and they don't even really discuss Roe v. Wade, because again, it would destroy their argument. And they had these insane talking points. And I just want to go through them because I also think that this contributes to what women think is going on right now. So the first thing they said is one in four women will have an abortion by 45. Even if this was a viable argument for pro choice advocates, which it's not, it's also incredibly misleading. If you look at these statistics, they include women who take the morning after pill, they do this to pad the numbers. So people think it's a hugely adopted practice, when in fact, the number of abortions has never been lower than it is today. The argument that is that it's a needed elective operation for all women in all places is bull. If that were the case, the number would stay the same or actually increase, the demand for the procedure is going down, and so is the need. This allows us to look forward using these trends and determine who why and when someone would need an abortion, thus creating appropriate laws that not only protect the life of the child and the mother, but also the tax dollars allocated to fund these abortions. The other argument they touted was, abortion numbers are only dropping because many red states are implementing extreme bans, and it's completely false. The left uses this to argue that all these women are being forced to carry to term now. And it's a women's health epidemic. Well, according to a very, very in depth study by gun matcher Institute, which like you notice, I always pull liberal publications and they destroy their own argument. So it's fun to use. But what they say is while there appears to be a clear link in many states between abortion restrictions and trap laws in particular, and clinic closures, there is no clear pattern linking abortion restrictions to changes in the abortion rate, while 32 states enacted 394 restrictions between 2011 and 2017. Nearly every state had a lower abortion rate in 2017 than 2011 Regardless of whether it had restricted abortion access, or not, notably 57% of the 2011 to 2017 decline in the number of abortions nationwide happen in the 18 states and the District of Columbia that did not adopt any new abortion restrictions at all. Some of these states such as California, even took steps to increase access and they still declined. Furthermore, states that enacted new restrictions and saw declines in abortion numbers. It is uncertain what role these restrictions as opposed to other factors played in the decline. It's really interesting because the law and the actual medical procedure do not go hand in hand. The author goes on and says similarly, there is no clear link even indirectly from new abortion restrictions to clinic closures to decreases in abortion rates among the 26 states and the District of Columbia that had a decline in clinics between 2011 and 2017 20 fourths of those states had declining abortion rates. However, 13 of the 15 states that added clinics also saw declines in their abortion rates, as did eight of the nine states where the number of clinics stayed the same. It goes on to talk about the pre teen pregnancies are down premarital sex is down and overall pregnancy is down. And the opinion as to why it's down varies across the board. I don't know I have an opinion. I'm not sure how scientific it is. But I'll share with share with you my opinion. I think one of the reasons why premarital or teen sex and pregnancy is down is because kids have access to porn a lot earlier, and they're finding sexual stimulation on their own. You know, not back in the day when mom's Victoria's Secret catalogs or for some of us dead surfer magazines just you know, weren't cutting it, we had to find it in other ways. Number two, I think the variety of birth control available is way more extensive. For instance, when I was growing up, it was mostly the pill and they had these little packs. And it had very specific times in days that had had to be taken teenager or even a college student remembering all those specifics and pills now, you can just go get a shot or something implanted. I always say it wrong. But anyway, something that they can implant that lasts for weeks or months, so it's thoughtless. And I also think that new generations are really future focused teens, because they see all these Instagram and YouTube entrepreneur videos that are flashing Ferraris, and they want to work to create their own wealth. You know, prior to that, like when I was in high school, it was very simple. You graduate high school, you go to college, you get a job. We sort of just went through the motions with very little concept of creating wealth and success for ourselves. And that's

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In my opinion, why teens are having less sex and why there's less teen pregnancy going on. But again, nothing scientific. Just just my take, if you will. The other thing liberals love to tout is over half of abortion patients identify as Christian and or Catholic. Okay, what does that have anything to do with the price of tea in China, it's this is a favorite of mine, because it is almost impossible to make this determination or any argument. I mean, think about it. Often people identify as how they were raised, but don't practice it. The left uses this in all the time and figures trying to pit people against each other. You see this a lot when they try to create arguments within the Jewish community and Christians, there are plenty of Christians and Jews who identify as Christian or Jewish but don't practice. I don't need to tell you numbers or stats on this one, because it's just all out wrong. It is a figure you cannot use. The next big BS that I heard on the view is it's easy and free in Europe to get abortions and safer because of universal health care. Well, first of all, this should be the most telling thing in the world is the EU or quote unquote, Europe has no specific standard, it allows each country to regulate this on their own. Go figure what a concept. You know, that was a huge thing when the EU formed was that there was such a worry, because every one of these countries in Europe had such different cultures and religious backgrounds, etc. And so when they formed however, they tried to push that all away and create all these standards within the EU and what happened to us, they had to walk a lot of it back because they realized that something for Germany isn't going to be the same as Italy. Hmm. California, Wyoming, go figure. There are serious regulations in Europe that would make pro choicers very, very angry. I mean, again, abortion in Sweden is available on demand up to the 18th week and after that only with medical permission if the fetus isn't viable in Italy, it's in the first 90 days. Many countries such as Denmark, Germany and Belgium allow abortion on demand up to the 12th week, France recently extended it to 14 weeks. And in Portugal, it's 10 weeks countries tend to apply stricter limits after those times such as requiring sign off from multiple doctors or only allowing later abortions if the mother's life is in danger, just like we're talking about here in the States, we must also keep in mind that several of the European countries have waiting periods. Italy requires seven days Germany requires three days. To me, that's actually a great idea. Most states force a waiting period on gun purchases, they call it a cooling off period to make sure you really want a gun. Why not let women think about it for a day or two before her appointment? I don't know. I haven't heard an argument that makes better sense against that another BS claim they make is abortion restrictions will not allow women who are victims of rape and incest to abort or women with medical concerns. Well, for this one, let's take the case that actually took all of this to the Supreme Court. It's called dobs versus Jackson Women's Health Center. This case is the result of this Jackson Women's Health Organization arguing the constitutionality of this bill passed in the Mississippi Congress or Senate and House called HB 1510, also known as the gestational age act. So first, the bill bans abortions 15 weeks after gestation, giving those victims plenty of time beyond that, it gives the physician the right to determine if an abortion would be necessary for the health of the mother. The 15 weeks keep in mind is the gestational period that starts the first day after a woman's last menstrual period, you'll hear the left say Well, that's not fair. It needs to be this time or that side. But they're never able to truly specify what the alternative is. And to be clear, this is not just a Mississippi standard. It's a worldwide standard. I mean, even if you look up gestational calendar, or gestational life, the Cleveland Clinic defines gestation from the day after the last period. So what is the basis for this argument? Well, you have the usual breakdown of gestational milestones such as heartbeat, hands and feet, human form, etc. On top of that, what I found very interesting is that they call out that one of the main factors in the bill is that after 15 weeks, abortions are done surgically using invasive and potentially damaging methods. That's it. And what do I think about all of this? Well, it doesn't matter what I think why? Because I live in California, Mississippians if that's how you say it, you have the right to choose the laws that represent them. I mean, all of this seems a lot like the don't say gay bill when you take one or two small little parents

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graphs are sentences and run with it. I mean, I'm sitting here with the actual bill the actual HB 1510 in front of me and it's very cut and dry. Roe v Wade outlines that in the first trimester the state can't touch it just the woman and the doctor second trimester the state can regulate reasonably if it pertains to maternal health, the argument could easily be made that the 15 week limit on abortion pertains to maternal health. It goes a Roe v Wade goes on to state that for the third trimester states can ban it or decide otherwise with medical exemptions. So what exactly does a 15 week limit on abortion procedure due to violate Roe v. Wade, all of this should tell you one thing these people don't care. They could give a rat's ass about abortions, babies women's rights or health. The women on the view are looking for ratings by lying and being controversial. It's the television version of clickbait and their little pawns are taking the bait. And it's very, very sad. Allow me to leave you with this. Each of you have your own opinions on this issue. And I respect them all. Although I am undecided on whether the actual act of abortion is wrong. I am very opinionated about the Constitution and the law of the land. Sadly, this issue is just another example of federal overreach into states and localities that should have never happened in the first place. The Roe v Wade decision was based on outdated facts and the opinion that the 14th Amendment overrules a state's right to impose laws that reflect beliefs, values, and the needs of their population, just how I opened the show, I must get out of California because it's no longer viable for someone with my values to live a healthy and prosperous life. I'm the minority here. And when I move, I want to be within the majority, I understand that might not be an option for everyone. But if as the left says millions of women are getting abortions all the time, then a large majority of them should have the ability to relocate somewhere that aligns with their values. One of my heroes and idols is Ben Shapiro. And he talks about this a lot. He's an Orthodox Jew, and according to his religious beliefs, or traditions or laws, forgive me, I'm not sure what the proper term is there. But he must live within walking distance to a temple. And this places him in a community of like minds and morals and views. Why would Ben Shapiro go live in Chinatown, and then fight tooth and nail and kick and scream against their already established way of life and try to impose his views as the small minority in that area. The same rule applies here, the idea that everyone needs to speak up and fight against the man or status quo, that is what's causing this hysteria, the destruction of communities and the Democratic cornerstone that majority rules is in serious trouble. I remember years ago, being in Italy for a few months, and there was a massive influx of Muslim immigrants, a lot of them cool, cool people, I met some really, really, really cool people from from Africa. And surprisingly, the Italians who are notoriously racist, were extremely welcoming and warm. And then one day and I don't know exactly what the trigger was, but these Muslim immigrants just flipped and went on attack against having crucifixes in the classrooms. Well, of course, the entire country erupted into mass hysteria and pitted Italians, who are mostly Catholic against Muslims. And it was a very, very scary situation, because these immigrants were trying to push something that has been within the Italian culture for hundreds of years. But my question always was, why emigrate to somewhere where the Catholic Church is actually there, the Vatican is in Italy, and Catholicism is a way of life, not just a religion, and then you go there and then you want to start tearing down that very foundation, that basis of the community, why not emigrate to another country with a Muslim majority or adopt the ways of the new country? Obviously, there are different socio economic issues here or whatever, but I'm just making a point that this country is very much a square peg round hole situation. And I would argue that 90% of the challenges that we have, and that we see nationwide are centered because of federal overreach this abortion conversation has nothing to do specifically with the woman's right to choose or women's health it has to do with the constant fight we on the right have to fight for states rights to represent its people over federal dictation don't allow this hysteria coming from the other side who are uneducated and more than likely have never even read the Roe v. Wade ruling and entirety or the Mississippi House Bill 1510 gestational age act. Listen to the facts I just laid out. Don't allow your opinion on abortion to distract you from the arguments for states rights share the truth about Roe v Wade

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truly means with those around you. We've seen the hysteria work before we just thought in 2020, when the best man lost due to the hysterical spread of lies, and we cannot let this happen again, the answer is simple. If you are on the outside of a community that has different beliefs than you go find a community where you fit in, instead of trying to fight the one near you. If you are truly pro rights, as you say, pro women's rights pro choice, then you should understand the constitutional rights of the states. Abortion will always be available in some way, somehow, somewhere. It's just not the federal government's job to dictate those determinations and force communities to adhere to things that don't align or apply to them. With all that said, I hope I'm wrong. I do. I hope this abortion hysteria does not impact the amazing momentum that we have made moving towards the midterm and the presidential election in 2024. But if history tells us anything, those who come to the game overly confident, often lose regardless of position, and regardless of the players, I want to make sure that the warning flags are raised so that everyone who's a part of this movement can responsibly educate those people who don't understand what all of this means. That is the left's move. They take advantage of people's lack of understanding this lack of understanding is understandable. Literally, this is a ruling from the Supreme Court in 1973. We can't expect Americans to understand the intricacies of it it's our job to cut through the crap and make sure our base and those who are leaning towards our base already understand the truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth. So go out, talk to people, educate people and make sure you know especially if you're in a mom community or a PTA make sure you tell people that Roe v Wade has nothing to do with E legalizing or legalizing abortion. You've just listened to the last gay conservative. I'm Chad law reminding you of what Reagan once said. The most terrifying words in the English language are I'm from the government and I'm here to help. God bless you President Reagan and God save America.

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