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Will Women Abort the Midterms?

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Will women abort the midterms? The left's hysteria tactics and media lies may have a negative impact for Republicans in the upcoming elections. You're listening to the last gay conservative I'm your host Chad law

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Yeah, hello everybody and let's go Brandon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the no woke zone, a zone where facts always beats fiction and truth always prevails, a place where we destroy the left the mob, the liberals and the Democrats at home online and in political office. We're always right and never canceled. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Yeah, okay. Well, it's another day in the socialist hellscape called California just paid 619 per gallon. While Newsom wants to send each of us $400 in gas rebates, all while he continues to block refineries. We've cut off all drilling and you won't lift our special blend requirements for fuel. That's why we're the highest in the country. I mean, I've got to get out of here. I live in Orange County, which is the only semi acceptable place in California to live and it's been gutted by redistricting and Irvine now has a mayor who is so left wing she makes Joe Biden look conservative. Her name is Farah Khan. You believe that her name is Khan and she is a conscious a liberal con i just i am so blessed to have grown up in California when I did you know I enjoying LA when it was still cool. And it's finally yours. And it's just not the same folks. It's It's really sad to see the state and the cities be so anti business, anti growth anti middle class, they've done an amazing job at expanding the poor though a you can't drive anywhere on the freeway without seeing a homeless tent encampment. And today in LA, you're either mega rich or living in a tent. And that's really the reality of it. And I can't stand it anymore. So I am on a mission to get out of California. Speaking of growing up in California when it was cool. I watched a senior year with Rebel Wilson on Netflix over the weekend. It was so funny. I think I mainly found it funny because it was such a throwback to the late 90s and early 2000s. juxtaposed with today, my assistant who's 21 watched it as well and she didn't get a lot of the humor. So if you're under 40, I highly suggest you take a look at the movie. It's really really, really funny. As always, I just want to touch base on a few news items that relate to previous episodes. Just like I predicted the Senate moved $40 billion to Ukraine aid in a at one to 11 vote the 11 who voted against were all Republicans whom the rhinos and Democrats have deemed isolationist Trump supporters, the 11 have been very clear, we need to put fiscal responsibility and America first, Rand Paul, who has gained so much of my respect through COVID issues and cutting through the Biden bullshit, blocked the Swift consideration asking for an audit of the spending of the funds thus far. Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, did a conference call from his swanky hotel in Stockholm and told all of us he would get it done despite his isolationist colleagues. What has he gotten done for America. Furthermore, his tone sure has changed when him and Lindsey Graham and ISTE were together on tour praising Trump's America first agenda. These people are so spineless they literally just try to vote with whatever they think is going to be popular, very strong tweets from both sides vilified or praised the 11 Nay votes. The midterm should tell us really what Americans truly support. And I have a feeling the Senate is going to have a rude awakening because most people who can't find baby formula, for example, or are paying like 619 per gallon like I did this morning, are going to say, Yeah, this is more important than 40 billion to Ukraine aid. How long are we going to remain in this war? How long are we going to be funding? Biden's compromised state? When are people going to wake up and realize that the only reason why we're doing this is so damning information about him and his family doesn't come out? Then we have to touch base on the old bummers. They're added again, ironically, Michelle Obama of all people is spouting off about Roe v. Wade by inserting trans rhetoric in her post. That's a little close to home for her I would think in her post she used this new term I guess it's not new from my research but a term words woman but spelled with an x instead of an A

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It's seemingly a woek term that I think is used to divide people. Of course, under the guise of being inclusive, she put a post on Instagram that must have 37 slides to it. And he was used to promote voting for extreme progressives in the midterms. Which is funny because her husband Obama dodged the issue his entire presidency, let's deal with abortion. At what point does a baby get human rights in your view? Well,

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I think that, whether you're looking at it from a theological perspective, or a scientific perspective,

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answering that question with specificity.

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You know, is is above my paygrade. Just like he was anti gay marriage right up until he saw national levels of support. The hypocrisy of these people is an real, the left still revered the Obamas as gods and abortion is much of a trans issue as it is a man issue. I don't know what the move is here because an overwhelming majority of Democrats do not subscribe to these woke beliefs. And that's exactly what we're talking about today. The Roe v Wade leak, not in the moral sense, but more so how I believe the leak is going to impact the upcoming midterms, I received an awesome meme this morning from my best friend and business partner, Josh, and I got it right before I started recording, and I have to share with you what it says. Abortion $600 Plan B $59 Condoms $7 being gay, free, you decide.

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I love it so much. That's the best thing I've heard all month. as disgusting as the Internet can be. On the flip side, some of the humor and the memes and the tweets just make me laugh hysterically. But getting back into our issue at hand abortion, pro life pro choice a woman's right to choose. These are the most charged issues in the United States right now. And no big surprise the mob comes along and pours gasoline on the already smoldering fire. Much like gay marriage, the issue of abortion forces people to choose on the spot between their moral convictions and what they've heard. From my scientific or medical standpoint, this is one of the most dangerous places for our population to be both politically and socially. I mean, I see it every day amongst my group of friends, Christian conservatives, who would normally be totally pro life are being pushed to take a stand and struggle in their heads because they've been told this is a health issue for women, and victims of rape and incest will be first to come to term, et cetera. And it makes you question even the most of the statements are lies. Now, before I press the gas on this issue, I do need to put out the following disclaimer. This is not a subject I have strong convictions about for two reasons. One, to me, this is more of a moral issue that shouldn't be politicized. And as a man, I can't really put myself in any position that the argument comes from, and all respect to men who have passionate opinions about this. And you're absolutely within your right to do so. Personally, I just don't feel like I can sympathize with women on the right level or on either side. Because I don't think I'll ever know this dilemma. But who knows the direction we're going, you know, men could be getting pregnant left and right. But my morals do tell me if I had to choose in a black and white form, I would certainly be pro life. However, like many Americans, there's more factors that I'm just not sure about. All in all, the challenge for me, and I think for most people, if I can speak for a large population, we've witnessed both sides of the coin. So I know a few women from my early 20s, who aborted an unborn child and they've regretted every day, the biggest regret of my life is having had my abortion, I suppose the thought was I was going to disappoint my parents, you know, I wouldn't be able to cope all the usual reasons. I, I had a very good job, you know, and I wanted to reach a certain goal in my life. Initially, there's relief because your problem is gone. And you feel like everything is going to be fine, your life will get back to normal. But very soon afterwards, I began to realize that was not the case for me. I began to had an emptiness inside like there was something missing. I had terrible grief, terrible guilt, terrible shame that it's very shaming. And of course, it's also very isolating, I suppose my right to choose, took away the right to live from my my child, they need therapy, and it's impacted their entire life. One I know today can't conceive because of the abortion that she had. And it's put an unbelievable strain on her marriage and her life, and it's very disappointing. On the other hand, I know someone that I've known since high school, very close friend of mine

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I just found this out recently, when we were 17, she actually got pregnant and had an abortion. Her mother, which I know for a fact was an extreme alcoholic, and dad was physically and sexually abusive in the past, which is why she never stayed at home. Now I know. And she knew that if they knew she got pregnant, they would take custody of the baby and the baby would go through the same hell, adoption would not be an issue, although she would have preferred it because she was still a minor and the parents would take the child, she didn't want to put her kid through sexual abuse. So what's the answer there is to me, there's too many factors don't make a split decision. There are medical, psychological, physical, circumstantial, all sorts of different issues that make no case the same. And I think many Americans have similar stories and feel the same way. However, it's not up to us to decide which is right in which is wrong. In a country this size. Sometimes all we can do is set a standard and allow individual communities to dictate it from there. I personally believe that these federal sweeping standards are often unconstitutional and do more harm than good. I don't think anyone can argue that laws in California should mirror laws in Wy