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Venti Size Crime: the US is too unsafe for Starbucks

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Be advised, you are now entering a woke free zone, a place where facts always trump fiction and truth always prevails. Here we destroy the liberals, the left and the Democrats at home, online and in political office whining, screaming lashing out or tantrums will not be tolerated. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host the beacon of truth, your binary brother, the holiest Tomoe, the leader of the gay world. He may not be straight, but he's straight to the point Ladies and gentleman, your host Chad law

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Yeah, hello, everybody and let's go Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. This is Chad law as you heard your host the beacon of truth, sending that truth as well as facts and findings into the airwaves over our red, white and blue rainbow. What a beautiful day to be alive. I guess everyday is a beautiful day to be alive. However, I don't know what it is about today. It just feels so nice. And if only I went outside, it's the weather's beautiful as well. It looks beautiful from the window. But I rarely go outside because I am a workaholic and I don't leave the studio or the office I should learn I should learn this thing called personal enjoyment work life balance never had it never will. So like always, we're broadcasting from our gay conservative headquarters here in Newport Beach. And I am just so excited about today's episode. Nothing tickles my fancy more than when liberals especially known ones are caught saying what we on the right had been saying for the last two years, I'm sure well, I'm not sure maybe you guys saw the story. Howard Schultz, the founder and CEO of Starbucks got caught admitting on a hot mic the US is no longer safe is essentially what he said in typical liberal fashion. All things are wonderful public restrooms, needle disposals safe user sites Intel it hits home, he is pulling the same crap. Also with unions, the liberal utopia of Starbucks where everyone gets free benefits and college education is slowly breaking down. And Schultz has no other choice than to move away from his liberal fantasies and start applying some good old common sense, which by the way, we know doesn't align with his progressive buddies on the left. I don't know if you remember he tried throwing his hat in the ring in the Democratic primary for president and it was very short lived. He also happens to be one of the most hated men with true Seattleites as he was pretty much personally responsible for selling off the Supersonics to Oklahoma, the Seattle basketball team. Now it's important that you keep in mind that the Sonics were Seattle, it was their team way beyond mariners, Seahawks, and any of the other Seattle teams, because when it rains, 80% of the time, indoor sports are taken very seriously. And the only reason I bring this up is because somehow this guy's gotten away unscathed. And he really is a shady character, and he drives the mob Express up in the Pacific Northwest. But before we get into all of that, I do have a few updates for you. First and foremost, and I have to say thank you to each and every one of you. The last episode, where's the pork just hit six figure downloads. And we've had six figure downloads before but not within a 48 hour period. We've done no marketing, no advertising, no press, something that started as a fun thing for me to share with friends and family has truly taken off. And the only way that is possible literally the only way it's been possible is because you all are sharing and I have to say from the bottom of my heart really in a non cliche way from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Okay, enough sappy crap for now. I sure had an interesting day yesterday. I don't know if I'm ever leaving the house and office ever again. Like you know, my freak magnet has doubled in strength and it seems I can't even go outside without something erupting. So I went to lunch with a friend of mine that I've known forever and you may not know this depending on where you are. But once you're in a certain socio economic level in Newport Beach, Orange County, it becomes a very small world. Everyone knows everyone and it doesn't help that I speak and participated all these conservative events. I know it sounds ridiculous like oh Chad, it must be hard to get recognized and have people know you first. I don't have a problem with that. But if they don't recognize me from the show, they see me as a staple in Orange County conservative circles and know me just from being around and second. It's not fun getting rekt recognize when you're a political figure remember 50% of people hate you and 50% of people like you the people who like you leave you alone the people who hate you can't help themselves because the same so we walk into this well known restaurant in Newport Beach and get seated and how lucky I look over and this guy I used to go out with comes right out of the bathroom or somewhere around the corner and is seated with his friend right next to us. Normally I wouldn't care but this situation with this guy did not end well people let me tell you like one of those single gay female instead of single white female literally crawled through my dog door one night after we broke up, which on a side note, he's lucky I was up with my wits about me because my house you don't want to break in. It's like an armed camp. So I just smiled and nodded and keep kept talking to my friend and then we start it's a healthy spot. So they make these fresh pressed juices but with vodka or whatever liquor you want, I guess. And you know, we started getting a little rowdy. We hadn't seen each other for a while. And we were laughing and all the while as we're cracking up the guy that you know, I just talked about, and his friends are just sitting there looking like they just smelled a fart. And at some point, I guess he mustered up the courage to turn halfway around. The boots were together, and he goes, Well, aren't you to having fun? I'm surprised Chad, you're drinking at lunch. And going back to the office. You were always so serious about that. And so I proceeded to tell him I sold my business. And now I'm working on my podcast and today was the day that I could have lunch and big mistake, even engaging damn vodka. So then he says out of the blue, man, it's too bad. Maybe if we dated when you weren't such a workaholic, it could have worked and I kid you not without thinking just blurted out of my mouth. No, we weren't compatible. It would have never worked. My friend basically chokes on her drink. She's just stunned. And what am I supposed to say? Yeah, too bad. Only that night to get an Instagram DM the next day asking to hang out again. No, thank you. And all of you know what I'm talking about. So after that, the conversation naturally fizzles out, he goes back to his friend, we start cracking up again. And his friend then proceeds to walk over she actually left the booth came around, walked over was standing over me talking and she says, Oh, I've heard so much about you from let's say, Steve, fake name. And I go, Oh, that's we and she says, Well, they're not good things. I said, Oh, okay. I'm sorry. And I just shrugged it off and started talking to my friend again, again. What are you supposed to say to something like that before I could even blink. She pours her drink all over me. As she's walking out. She wouldn't quite say it's a yell. But it was a very loud voice. And she goes, No one EPS with my friends. Good bye, you fat F. I'm telling you people, I attract this shit. Listen, I'm a tough cookie. Really. I've had an interesting life to say the least. And I can handle most things. I'm not lying. When I say I didn't care about the drink. I've had drinks thrown on me before. I'll have them thrown on me again. However, I did have a total meltdown. I was wearing a brand new set shorts and shirt or light sweater that I've never worn and her drink was pink. And it was kind of an off white color. My outfit. Listen, I don't care how mad you are, what your problem is, you don't break the couture code. It's the unspoken rule of mongst Fashionistas. And she had a brand new Chanel bag. So I figured she would know this. But Rule number one is no matter what you do avoid the couture clothes in any type of encounter. This is why I can't go outside. So now home studio boat are my only three stops. I keep trying and the summer has just been crazier and crazier than normal. And I don't know, I think it's the political climate with the economy. And apparently there's a Prozac shortage which with Biden, I wouldn't be surprised there's so many shortages. But there you go, folks. I like to keep you abreast of all my life happenings and it's all me he's stuck with a pink Louis baton shirt and shorts. Hopefully my dry cleaner can get it out but he wasn't too confident. Well, I do have a big announcement which I know you're also tired of hearing me say this. But finally next week, Monday, the podcast will be available on video will be on YouTube. It won't be live. But we will film on video edit and post on YouTube. Don't worry, the podcast will still be available in audio, which I'm sure you prefer because no one wants to look at me. I look like Shrek, but it is our number one request. So we're just about ready. Not a whole lot of news items today. But there is one thing happening I think we should all follow looks like House Democrats including the Progressive Caucus, you know our commie caucus are going to vote on laws to attempt to circumvent the Supreme Court Oh Pelosi, she's so strong above the constitution of course in traditional Democrat fashion, not getting what you want is just additional incentive for them to dig in their heels and just throw tantrums, checks and balances don't work for them because it's fair and they don't get what they want. Just look at the gas prices, their reaction tells you everything. It's Putin's fault. It's COVID fault. It's Trump's fault, but then they go down a little bit and there all of a sudden responsible for it to go down. I think Americans are just so all over these obvious lies. I mean, anyone can see through this stuff. Basically, after the Roe v. Wade overturned sending abortion laws to the states, Pelosi and friends decided that Congress has more power than the Supreme Court. So apparently, they missed a chapter in civics class that outlines how our government works. It's pretty simple guys, Congress makes laws based on the needs slash wants of the American people, the bill must pass in both houses and then go to the President's desk, the President has the power to send it back or sign it, if it's signed its law, once it's law, it can then be challenged in the courts. If someone believes the law infringes on their constitutional rights, that fight can work its way all the way to the Supreme Court should it and their job is to make a final ruling. And their decision is the ultimate decision until of course, if something else comes up that may overturn that ruling, like Roe v. Wade, that's it. It's pretty simple. It doesn't go backwards. Creating laws that directly go against a Supreme Court ruling is just an exercise in futility. Because once it becomes law, someone's gonna sue again, it'll end up back in the courts, and then we'll just be the same place where we are now not to mention how do you think the Supreme Court will rule on the law that was created to circumvent the constitutional ruling of them in the first place? Pelosi and all the progressives know this? These are just media talking points for them. They're fighting for you. They're fighting for Roe v. Wade, your champion? No, they're wasting your money on legislation that will die in the Supreme Court or lower courts immediately. Hey, they tried right? No wrong. Now, where it's getting a little strange to me is that in this legislation they've thrown in gay marriage and contraceptives into the ring. Keep in mind the ruling from the Jackson Women's Health Center V state of Mississippi which is the case that overturned Roe v. Wade Alito, in a new section of the opinion responded to the dissenters warning. He emphasized to all of us that quote, nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion. He goes on to say we have also explained why that is. So rights regarding contraception and same sex relationships are inherently different from the right to abortion, because the latter, as we've stressed uniquely involves what roe and Casey termed, quote, potential life. Now, I don't know if it was the most intelligent decision but then Justice Thomas threw his opinion in the ring, which seemed to be using the roe ruling as an opportunity to overturn other rulings that he personally doesn't agree with. And to be honest, guys, that's his job. Every justice that voted issued their opinion and Thomas was a lone wolf there, but the drive by media just ran with it. There must be 10,000 stories online about how the Supreme Court is going after contraceptions and contraceptives and gay marriage, the mob just can't help themselves. Neither can the drive by media, they just want to cause mass hysteria. Again, we know the game people and they call the Supreme Court radical. You know, my favorite is how all these liberals in Congress say quote, an overwhelming support of Roe from people was ignored and the courts ruled against it anyways, I'm like, Guys, did I miss something did the name of the Supreme Court change to the People's Court? Our founding fathers designed this for a reason legislators are representatives, which ultimately we know is a popularity contest with no incentive to follow the law unless it suits their poll numbers. Same with the President. However, the Supreme Court is a lifetime position appointed by a president they have no obligation to anyone or anything other than the Constitution. That's the purpose that's checks and balances. So now we're back at their moral strategy, which has never worked. Why did they keep doing this lying to Americans that they have authority over Supreme Court rulings, and the only reason they do this is to look good on MSNBC. I welcome it run on abortion, gay marriage and contraceptives, throw some trans rights in there. And that's the current DNC platform, no economic plan, no jobs plan, no supply chain plan, no baby formula plan. I mean, they're just sealing the deal for a huge conservative sweep in November and a lot of the candidates are Trump backed as well as you know, which hopefully will shift the power away from the current rhinos like McConnell and Greg, Amnesty that are in office. Let's just keep watching and see how this plays out and who plays along now that they're on the Congressional Record now? Every One has to decide on top of the lack of economic planning, job planning, supply chain planning any solutions to baby formula? Another thing that's being