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Chad: Reparations seem to be inevitable trans terrorism is on overdrive. Meanwhile, Biden wants you to buy a refugee. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Intro: Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, America's binary brother, the holiest homo, and the gayest conservative of all time, sending out common sense conservative politics through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Another beautiful day today in Newport Beach, California as we ramp up for our 2023 blow up. It's been a crazy week and things are starting to happen. Speaking of that, I do have a treat for all of you. One of the number one questions that I get, whether it be online, in person, comments, etcetera, is Chad, you have all these great stories. How can I get trustworthy news with the most important stories that isn't fake, isn't too left, too right? And is just good news.

Well, speaking of good news, I'm very excited to say you can now stop switching between different news sites, fact-checking and getting sucked into the fake news out there. Starting next week, I'm launching my Gaily news. I will now be handpicking and vetting the top news stories for you, according to me, twice a day. So twice a day, you'll get a customized email from me with all the top stories of the day, vetted, insured that the news is correct. The same news that I use to develop the show, you will now have access to. This is 100% free service for my loyal listeners like you all. And I've been working on it for some time now, and I'm just so excited to get it out there. I tell people all the time, listen, my listeners are already the smartest listeners out there. This is just here to ensure that y'all are informed.

Like I said, it's 100% free. You just have to go to, enter your email in one of the many boxes. You can also go to the Gaily News tab on the website to get a sneak peek of what that email will look like. And from that point forward, you will be the most intelligent and informed person in any room. But we've gotta go over some new trans terrorism, a lot of "studies," quote unquote, coming out from the medical world about trans people and post transgender surgery life. And this is the start of some increasing war propaganda that we're going to start seeing coming from the mob, because you can't argue with science, you can't argue with medicine, can't argue with "facts." So this is going to be the hyperdrive approach that we see this year.

Also, want to touch base on this reparation nonsense. I don't have to tell you it's stupid and won't work, but we need to understand what's really happening and what are the factions of this? Because a lot of people are like, well, you're going to dedicate a segment on your show to this. That's a lot. It's just San Francisco. Well, you're right, it is San Francisco. But remember, California, New York, Connecticut, they all have reparation boards, if you will, researching how to put this program together and what the environmental impacts would be of a program like this. Well, San Francisco just happens to be the first official proposal that we've seen, but many are going to fall of suit. So we need to look at this and understand how we're going to combat it. And lastly, today for our third segment, I want to just quickly touch on Biden's new refugee program for a couple of grand you can buy your very own refugee.

Biden will send you a photo of your refugee for your fridge and a t-shirt for your sponsorship. There's also a Sarah McLaughlin commercial to go with it and for a couple extra grand, you can take one home. I don't know, folks, this is the world we're living in and this is the priorities of our liberal friends that don't involve education, economy, immigration, the right way, and all of the other things that American people are worried about. Oh, no, trans reparations and migrants for sale. Let's take a quick break and come back after these words.

Folks, it's no secret here on the program that I'm a total foodie and total wino. I get one cheat night a week while I'm on my meal plan. And we went out to Houston's restaurant here in Irvine, California, and it was fantastic. We had sushi. We all split a beautiful big Thai salad. And then I had a Hawaiian ribeye, which is this beautiful cut of beef that they marinade for like two or three days in this special Hawaiian marinade. So it's so good. It's like butter in your mouth. I've talked about Hillstone Group before. Hillstone restaurants are the best restaurants in the country. In Orange County I have four different locations. We've got Houston's, Gulfstream, Bandera, and Cafe R and D. There's probably a Hillstone restaurant near you.

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Before we jump into trans, I do want to talk about a story that's been floating around the news about this hockey player, Ivan Provorov They call him Pravi or Provi. Of course, he's getting attacked from every direction because he refused to wear his rainbow pride jersey on the ice. And I really hope someone sends him this show, or at least this little clip, because he needs to know that he has the support of me as a gay person, a leader in the community, as well as the whole program itself, a couple hundred thousand people. Here's the whole problem. The mob thinks that public figures are theirs, their property to use for free advertising and pushing their agenda. And in doing so, they create even more divide and hate than ever because they're going after institutions that were never partisan institutions. They're just tried and true American culture, American way of life like sports.

Really up until recently, sports has been one of the few remaining places where you and me, and yes, you two and everyone could unite around a team regardless of politics or social beliefs. We could check that shit at the door, go into the stadium and watch a game surrounded by like-minded people about the sport. It was a representation of America. That's why professional sports are so popular, because it's a way to get people to come together and unite on something that isn't so divisive. Well, again, tell that to a Steelers fan, right? But really, why is it that anything remotely American, any remotely American institution that doesn't force people to take a stand, is the mob's target. They go after with full vengeance. I mean, think about it. They ask players to kneel, which sparks huge divide because some fans support it and some fans find it offensive.

So there you go, a huge divide in sports that shouldn't be there. These woke, the woke mob tries to force the players to wear ridiculous jerseys to take their stand, the mob stand, not the player's stance. They push athletes to get involved in political conversations about race and the evils of America. They've set the stage for people like LeBron James and Britney Grayer Greer. So now the mob has the NHL pulling the same crap with these rainbow jerseys. Oh, the NHL is welcome to everyone. Listen, no one needs to know that. Everybody already knows that. It's ridiculous. The players are expected to wear these pride jerseys even if they don't support pride efforts, and that's not fair. Can you imagine an alternate universe where we asked players to wear thin blue line flags to honor fallen police officers? It would be mayhem, folks.

The whole society would melt down from racism and pro police and anti BLM. Anyways, this guy Provi, Ivan Provi says, look, I think everyone has the right to believe and choose whatever they want. And as part of that belief, I'm choosing to abstain from wearing the jersey for myself and my religious beliefs. I'm not saying anything more about it. Done. What does he do? He goes and sits in the locker room, doesn't make any scene, and says nothing else to the press. Doesn't bother or hurt anyone. Oh no, he's the devil. But what I love is as he's being attacked from every different direction, his coach comes out and says, listen, I've experienced a lot through this kneeling, no kneeling, wear this, wear that. And he says, people's individual beliefs come first. To understanding that personal freedoms and beliefs are a person or a player's right to express without having to feel guilted or shamed into thinking a certain way.

I'm paraphrasing all of this folks, if you can tell. But he came out and supported his player, which to me shows that there are still some decent people in professional sports. And if you were going to ask me which sport would be the hardest one to woke eyes, if you will, I would hands down say the NHL. The NHL is a different sort of world. Now it's becoming increasingly more mainstream and popular in the United States. So it's becoming subject to a lot of this anti-American BS. But NHL is a different animal. It's different from the players. These are not whiny little babies. These are hardcore players. Do you think NFL players are tough? NHL players are a hundred times tougher than NFL players. And honestly, I don't know how the woke mob got itself weezled into the NHL.

It's actually very shocking. And so with all of these things, hitting sports and all of these teams bending over for the mob, things like the MLB, moving the World Series from Atlanta because of voting laws and LeBron James telling President Trump that he's a racist, Nazi or whatever the things that he said. All of these things that have completely destroyed sports for the rest of us have now come to the NHL. But the difference is, the coach is supporting the player. And I just want Provi to know that he has my full support and the support of this show. Alright, I'm going to take a quick break before I pee my pants and we'll be right back.

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Okay, crisis averted. You guys all know that I'm on a health kick. I've made it three weeks today, which is two more weeks than I thought I would, but I'm feeling okay. I don't know if you guys know this. I work out at the swanky gym here in Orange County and I'm an executive member. And the only reason why I do that is because we get a private locker room that's not filled with a bunch of dushy people. It's older, successful guys that sit around and watch sports and talk about the economy and politics right up my alley. So this morning I hit the gym early and every time I work out I go into the sauna and there was a guy who probably was 40 ish and he came into the sauna this morning and we all wear towels everywhere. Everyone's naked, but a towel around them and you walk around.

Occasionally, there's an 80 year old man that just lets it all go. But that's what old guys do. So this 40 year old comes in, he is wearing his towel, and right before he sits down, he drops his towel on the floor on purpose and of course sits arms length away from me. Like everything just hanging out. And no, he wasn't attractive by any means, but I mean literally just sitting there butt naked right next to me in the middle of the sauna where there are 10 other guys in towels. I was so uncomfortable I had to leave. And a lot of people I know, I told this story too in the office and they're like, what's the big deal? It's a gym. Well, I'm a weirdo. Okay? I didn't grow up in a naked household, let's just put it that way. So I'm leaving the gym, I'm all shaken up and I opened my phone and my friend texted me a story about the cat mom in Arizona who now is essentially being peeped on by the same trans woman the cat lady went to criticize at the board meeting.

There's a trans woman on this school board who goes into the classrooms and does inappropriate things that infuriated this mother. So she went to the school board dressed as a cat and was meowing and made sure everyone knew that she identified as a cat, which was hysterical. Do you remember this?

Lady: I am a cat. Meow, meow. I'm not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat. By show of hands. I'm curious how many of you believe and confess that I'm a cat? Great, I am. By show of hands, I'm curious how many of you believe that your child or a child from this school would believe that I'm actually a cat? No one? You are right? Truth prevails over imagination. Reality exists. Discernment is innate and something we are biologically wired to have. One look at me and you know this to be true, I am a woman posing as a cat.

Oh man, I love that she was meowing and forcing everyone to refer to her as a cat. And to be honest folks, normally I'm against these types of theatrics. These crazy arguments because it reminds me of when we were going through gay marriage, people would say, oh, if we let the gays marry what's next? Goats? Well, that's stupid. And if we were just talking about trans women and trans men, I would say, yeah, okay, let's dial it back. But the trans terrorists, the woke mobs have gone so far beyond something like marriage. They've essentially come out and told everyone, you can be whatever you want to be. Even if it defies humanity and science, be whatever you want to be. Cat, non-binary, binary. I mean, there are like 21 different genders now and 21 different sexual orientations. It's just a big catchall for everything in the kitchen sink for people who want attention.

And when I say that I'm not disregarding actual trans people. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I don't, and no one does that I know care if you want to transition. I only care if you want to transition and then have expectations of everyone else changing because you want to change. So apparently the board member, 72 year old man who wears his dead wife's clothing goes into these elementary schools. Sometimes he uses the boys' room, sometimes he uses the girls' room. He makes the students call him her and makes a big deal out of that apparently. I just want to know why he's wearing his dead wife's clothes. I mean, is that some sort of weird fetish or it just happened to be convenient that she died and then he became a woman?

I have no idea. And of course I would get hung up on that one weird detail, but that is very weird to me. So the woman who they refer to as the Patriot Barbie in Arizona, she's changing. She gets done with her workout, changing, doesn't notice, turns around. Boom, 72 year old man right in the woman's locker room staring right at her boobs. Whether or not it was purposeful is irrelevant. Women, men, no one should have to feel uncomfortable in a vulnerable situation like that. Me with the dong next to me, her with some man in the locker room staring at her boobs. No one should have to feel uncomfortable. I mean, I feel bad for these women. I really do. I mean, like I said, I couldn't even handle being up close to a guy's wiener and I'm gay. And as much as it pains me to say it, Caitlin Jenner has actually been the voice of reason about all of this. She was on Fox News the other night, and I have a clip here to listen to. And she's a hundred percent right, have a listen.

Voice: Literally, it's been a couple of years. Leah Thomas stays with the swimming and is it fair? And it isn't. We kind of won that battle because now the international governing body says you cannot compete if you don't go through transition before the age of 12 because they knew male puberty is a big deal, in this case right here. It's another case of it. What happened is California changed the laws. You see that in, in government and you also see it at universities. You also see it in the marketplace. Big companies are changing policies when it comes to trans issues. And it just isn't good. I just don't feel it because in this case right here, what I feel like here in California, bad people are using these very liberal civil rights laws as kind of a loophole to victimize people and take advantage of it. And that's exactly what happened here. I don't want my daughter in a locker room with some guy walking around parading himself, pride as can be with all his manhood hanging out. It's just not right. Young people don't deserve to have to go through something like that. And this guy's a pervert. I mean, if you're in the trans community, you have to have some discretion. You have to have a little bit of class. You just can't do these things. Honestly, it's just not right.

Chad: The point is pretty simple here, folks, and before I get too heated, just need to make this point. When you represent something that's either new or different or uncomfortable, represent something that people around you are not used to until evolution happens. In other words, the masses around you as the minority change, you are responsible for adjusting not the masses. I never understood this whole gay marriage thing, for a long time, gay guys just expected to be treated a certain way and they wanted to force their way through instead of allowing society to evolve. But then they backed out. They were smart, the war backed away. They worked through the process, and gay marriage got passed through the Supreme Court. But up until that point, they had waged a war, which is why they lost Prop eight. I mean, just speaking of this, I know they're yelling at me to keep moving.

One of my gay friends that is in an outer circle of my inner circle posted a tweet this week about how he and his boyfriend were out at El Camp Padre in LA, which is a very famous staple restaurant of LA and has been around for many years, and they have a couple of locations. So according to this guy's tweet, him and his boyfriend go into the bar as they're waiting for their table and they start making out at the bar. And a handful of minutes later, the manager comes over and says, guys, I'm sorry, this is a family establishment we can't have you making out at the bar. Well, the outrage, what a hateful homophobia. So him and his boyfriend storm out, grab their birkins and storm out and go home to be keyboard warriors for everyone to know what a homophobic, hateful place El Camp Padre is.

So he sends me a private message and he says, Chad, can you talk about this incident on the show? I said, sure. So I asked him, did he say we can't have two men making out? No. Any gay slurs or homophobic remarks? Well, no, Chad, but it was so obvious he was singling us out. Oh, okay. So there were other straight people making out that he didn't speak to, and he went right to you guys. Well, no. Well then what's the problem? I mean, even if it was because you're gay and people are uncomfortable, you are the minority. You are two people out of say 50 in the restaurant. Yet the expectation is that everyone else must accommodate you and your boyfriend, which by the way, making out at a bar straight, gay, trans, whatever is disgusting. It's completely classless. So yes, my friend, I am talking about it on the show probably in a way that he would not appreciate.

But he asked me in the first place, which tells me he probably does not listen. And this is just common sense stuff. And that was an example of a gay couple that trans terrorists take this stuff to an entirely new level. And so the reason why I put a trans segment in today is because yesterday the New England Journal of Medicine stated that a group of children who underwent gender affirming care got happier two years later. They were happier two years later. Oh, okay, so now gender affirming care is an antidepressant, even more propaganda to tell parents that it's okay. The problem is the study was only for two years. That's not enough. That's not enough. I mean, think, I can remember when I was at my biggest, right, it actually took me more than two years to look in the mirror and realize that I looked disgusting.

You don't realize that right away. On the flip side, I think about how many cars I've had, and usually I'm not sick of a car by two years. So if I had some brand new parts under the pants, I probably would be okay with it for two years before it started to cause me trouble. This doctor was on the Gaily Mail and he says two years is far too short to have any true evaluation of these kinds of interventions that have long-term consequences. It's too soon to tell which participants might experience regret over something life-altering without fully understanding its costs. He also says there's a very real possibility, the main issue with one's gender and appearance would have abated without intervention. Anyways. See, there are pieces to gender affirming care that will help people regardless. The first thing is counseling. They go under significant amounts of counseling.

Will therapy conducted the right way. Therapy that forces you to look at some of your issues, some of your self destruction, you're going to feel better. Of course you're going to feel better because you're getting this stuff off of you that's been weighing you down for so long. The other thing that makes them feel better is hormones. I mean, I can share with you guys, I shoot myself with testosterone in my arm every week from my doctor, my actual doctor, not some weird clinic, my actual doctor, because my testosterone levels are essentially at the bottom and my body does not naturally produce testosterone in line with what other people my age would. If I don't do my shots for a couple weeks. There's been times that I've traveled across the world and I haven't had to get the medication, it's pretty controlled here, I feel like absolute garbage.

I do my shot three, four days later I feel like a new person, myself again. So a lot of this is superficial. This is not real data. The other part of it is that we have to realize is legitimately, there are so many adult detransition who pursued hormone therapy, surgery, etcetera as teenagers, but now regret their decision. Now they're shut down all over. They're barred from talking, but they exist. I mean, listen, a survey conducted last year by this group, society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine found out of 237 detransition, 70% of them detransition partly because, because they realized their gender dysphoria was related to other issues. In other words, like most things in mental health, there's very rarely isolated diseases or isolated issues. For example, depression comes as a result of outside circumstances, etcetera, chemicals, etcetera.

And it also oftentimes comes with anxiety. So what people realize is that gender dysphoria, although it may be real and they might exhibit those symptoms, they didn't take enough time to work with mental health professionals to see if it was a result of something bigger. And what a lot of people don't realize is, in my opinion, and people think I'm wacky for this, you can ignore it or whatever, I liken transgenderism or being trans to the same as what they would call disassociative personality disorder or multiple personality disorders. Multiple personality disorders come usually as a result from severe trauma. You see it a lot with child abuse victims. You see it a lot with sexual abuse victims. They create alternate realities so they can escape the trauma that they've experienced. A lot of people who think they want to transition is because they're escaping trauma that they've experienced in their life.

It's a mini version of disassociative personality disorder. Again, in my opinion, I am not a doctor, but there are so many similarities. The other part, mental health aside, the physical health concerns are also an issue with detransition. Hair loss and all kinds of things that come with these cocktails of medicine that they have them taking in order to encourage their transition. So you have all these other factors. You've got hormones, you've got therapy, you've got trauma, disassociation, then you have people who regret transitioning and they're called detransition that have all of this data behind basically saying why it was a bad idea for them to transition. Listen people, gender dysphoria exists. It exists. It's a thing. There are people who suffer from gender dysphoria or gender identity crises, however, not at the level that we're seeing today. And that's why with the increase in people transitioning, there's a massive uptick in people detransition.

When we see studies like that, all these things do is feed liberal politicians and their agenda and give them ammo for pushing certain policy. And that's exactly what we're seeing today with Title Mine. And for those of you who don't know, title mine was created to block discrimination against women in any federally funded organization. Anyone that takes a dollar from the federal government cannot discriminate against women. It was a bigger problem when they passed Title mine. What no one is talking about is that the Democrats are feverously trying to include gender identity into Title mine. But then what does that mean for women who are there to be protected? Much like the women on sports teams who can't compete. By including gender identity, which is a big catch hole of everything in the kitchen sink. They completely water down the protections for biological women.

The other piece of that is when it comes to transgender or trans or trans terrorists or tranies, what is discrimination? Well, Chad discrimination is when people can't access or get blocked from the same opportunities because they're a woman. Okay. Right. That is true. However, there's no science and there's no way to show what discrimination is because there are so many aspects to this tranny nonsense. These are the same people that can't tell us what a woman is, but they want to add gender identity into Title mine, which was created to protect women. And then it allows the federal government to determine what is discrimination. I mean, they say, well, oh, people don't get fair treatment because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, etcetera. So then I say, okay, we're having biological sex defined restrooms, men and women's restrooms. Is that discrimination, is that enough for Title mine to come into effect?

What becomes the standard? Where does discrimination start and stop according to liberals? I mean, we're opening a can of worms by putting things in place before we have the actual data. Perfect example, if you look at the United Kingdom, which is way more woke than we are, they had one approved clinic in the UK that performed gender affirming care on minors and children. And it's been forced to close because the overwhelming majority of people in the UK realized the consequences of gender-affirming care on minors. They realized it was not a good idea, so they got rid of it. In Scotland, for example, they're trying to make it easy for anyone who says they've lived as the opposite sex or a different sex for three months can completely change their gender on court documents.

Well, what's the issue there? Well, the issue there is that the sex that you have on your court documents or your citizenship or residency, whatever you want to call it, determines for example what prison you would go to, right? You go to women's prison, you go to men's prison. But see, trans ideology doesn't apply to things like jail. Oh no. These same trans advocates, as we saw with pedophile buffet up in Los Angeles, these same advocates think the laws should be adjusted for trans people and they should have separate areas in jail or separate jails themselves because of the threat to their safety. So we now have to choose where to apply pro trans laws and regulations on our own. If they need their own prison, why can't they have their own sport league? That's all I've ever said.

Trans men and women have the same challenges. The once girls can't compete with the regular boys without losing, and the once guys can't compete with the girls because they always win and they completely take the fairness out of the competition. And it seems like the two kind of cancel each other out and it would be a fair league. On top of the New England Journal of Medicine study, we have another study, medical study out of the Netherlands that essentially blames people's lack of excitement from having their genitals hacked up like Benny Hana on deep-rooted transphobia. So essentially transgendered people have deep-rooted transphobic beliefs that are making them hate their new gender. So they're self-hating transphobic, post reassignment surgery. I mean, it makes absolutely no sense. It's kinda like me, they tell me, I'm a gay hating gay. Yes, that is how things work, right? In reality, no.

The report goes, still many people who undergo these procedures continue to have mental struggles with their identity and other issues moving forward. It is something that transgender advocates have had a hard time explaining for a long time. This study included 19 very small pool, voluntary subjects for the study, all of whom were Dutch and all of whom had had reassignment surgery. They all got interviewed and they followed them around in their life, and they tested all of these different things with what kind of stressors impacted their life. Why were they dissatisfied, if they were dissatisfied with their medical experience and any coping mechanisms that they have to deal with, with those struggles. And just like the New England Journal of Medicine, this was published as a peer reviewed medical journal in the MDPI healthcare publication that is very, very, very prestigious in Europe.

One of the pieces of the study says participants frequently mentioned having maladaptive cognition concerning gender and transition, which including having stereotypical images of men and women focusing on gender incongruent characteristics and experiencing internalized transphobia. Essentially what the study says here, folks, is that every negative experience a transgender subject had was due to internalized transphobia. So it has nothing to do with anything medical, nothing to do with their experience. Nothing, if it was surgery was botched, oh no. It's because they have an image of their head of what men and women are, and when they don't fit that mold, they hate themselves using their own transphobia. Oh my God, I just got dizzy. I mean, who believes this crap? Who really believes this crap? Honestly, it's not possible to be this stupid, is it? And the crazy thing is that this is the real propaganda, medical and peer reviewed studies outlined this nonsense.

This is the Nazis in Germany launched all kinds of medical reviewed studies about the Jewish race and how they were this and that. And according to doctors to try to bring people over to the Nazi side to be Nazi sympathizers. And it works, and it may work here because I'll tell you what folks, 2023 will be the year of the trans. And that's why people should take this more seriously, especially as we're seeing more and more of these medical journals, which medical journals and medical experiences is the easiest and number one way to deliver propaganda without any pushback. All right, let's take a quick break and we'll get back into reparations.

I'm sure I've brought it up on the show before, I can't remember, but I think you guys all know that I'm a massive car fan. It's like my third thing. I've got politics, fashion, and cars. So my favorite car brand, if you don't already know this, is Aston Martin. It's an amazing product and they have not moved away from any of their core values in several generations. I love my vintage and I'm looking forward to getting the new Vantage v12. The guys at Newport Beach, Aston Martin love this show and invited me to come out and checkout their new DVX 707. It is the fastest SUV in the world. This SUV, driving it around was so impressive with all the stylings of a traditional Aston Martin, but in an SUV form that I never thought would be possible, I drove the car around town through the mountains a bit, and I have to say when it's time I will be getting this car.

It handles perfectly, accelerates like butter and just flies. Couple of my friends have the Ures by Lamborghini and this thing just smokes it in every category. If you're thinking of or know anyone in the market for their next exotic car, go to Newport Beach Aston Martin. Not only did they have a nice new inventory, but their used selection is also amazing. On a side note, the only reason why I fell in love with Aston was because of my size. All you tall guys out there, each Aston is built to be comfortable for someone up to six feet, six inches. Go drive one today. You'll be shocked how easy it is to get into a new Aston Martin with all their financing options. You don't have to be rich to drive Rich. Aston Martin of Newport Beach, the number one Aston dealership in the world. Check them out online or stop by off PCH next to Javiers in the Crystal Cove Center.

I can still feel the G-force from that DBX 707 guys. Man, you slam on that pedal and my God, you get like the stomach feeling during the launch. It's insane. But anyways, the guys are so good to me over there. I told them I would shout the dealership out while I was there. I noticed tons of Astons coming on and off the truck. There was one that had five that were the same year. Obviously I know a lot about the brand and I asked the guy, I said, who buys five Astons at the same time and then either doesn't buy them out of the lease at the end, doesn't turn them back in and doesn't refinance? Who does that? I mean, who wouldn't turn it back in or buy it? Well, they couldn't get me a lot of information, but one of the interesting things was because they're the number one Aston Martin dealership in the world and they often have very rare cars used from trades and things like that.

They deal with a lot of lottery winners, people who win the lottery. I mean, this truck with five repoed Astons was from a gentleman who had won about $5 million in the California lottery or took home 5 million in the California lottery, and now he lives in his mobile home in Newport Beach. Don't get me wrong, the mobile home is a very nice million dollar mobile home park, but he spent it all in under three years, just went gangbusters. It was like you get an Aston, you get an Aston, you get an Aston in three years, burns through all of his money with nothing to show for it, from what I can tell. And I don't know who, black, white man, woman, I really don't know. They kept saying he, but you never really know. So he's talking about these lottery winners and he says, look, this is something that we see all the time.

He said, it's very common. He said, if I had to add it up in my career, since we've been opened this dealership, we get one lottery winner a month and nine out of 10 times the car either gets repoed or gets returned. I mean, I thought to myself, man, this is reparations. When has free money ever worked for anyone? I mean, is this not one of the most bizarre concepts things you've ever heard? The city of San Francisco is considering a reparations program that would gift 5 million to each eligible black person in lump sums. Listen to this. Recipients are required to be 18 or older and to have identified as black or African American on public documents for at least 10 years and meet two qualifiers from a list of possible relationships they may have with incidents such as drug related incarceration or slavery.

The proposal also recommends that the city formally apologize for past wrongdoings, establish a new city office to execute the plan and create a committee to quote, "ensure equity and continuity in the implementation of relevant policy initiatives." I'm sorry, this is just bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. Hey, first of all, where did the drug incarceration thing come from? How is that slavery? I mean, am I being obtuse by thinking that, I mean even if there were laws on the books that were racist or hurt certain groups of people at that time, those were legitimate arrests and sentences based on a judge and jury. So one of the biggest misses here is that California has extremely progressive crime laws and always had they say, well, three strikes was very racist. It was mass incarceration of blacks. Listen, if someone is wrongly convicted and years of their lives are taken away from them for being wrongly convicted, absolutely they deserve to be paid to try to make up for that loss.

However, if someone really had drugs and they were charged based on the laws on the books at the time, that's the same as slavery. And we needed three strikes at the time. We had a big problem with repeat offenders. And so when we put three strikes on the books, I think Governor Wilson did, it was much needed at the time and it worked. And apparently we've evolved to a point where the people of California have decided it's no longer working. And so we don't use it anymore. That's called life. That's called life in America. People can be eligible for reparation payouts if they were incarcerated in the failed war on drugs or are descended from someone who was. Also, if they descended from someone who was enslaved in chattel slavery prior to 1865, or if they were displaced by the city's 1954 to 1973 urban renewal project or descend from someone who was, so long as they meet two of the qualifications on that list, they will receive 5 million.

It's insane. I mean, if you set aside all your politics, all your beliefs, all your psycho babble about why this won't work, just keep in mind when is the government ever put together a program that actually worked? Never. So by even entertaining this conversation through a government proposal is ridiculous. I mean, keep in mind, nothing that the recent politicians have done in San Francisco has worked. Fighting the homeless crisis. They spent $160 million. Remember this folks, I've talked about this before. $160 million housing program for 70 rooms in an old hotel. And it came out that it was infested with rats and bugs and it was a hub for violent crime and drug overdoses and major sanitation and human feces issues, and that was in the San Francisco Chronicle. All of the social programs in the world don't work. And we know this, Ben Shapiro had a really good piece with the daily caller where he kind of broke down the past and how the wealth gap and some of the issues that are being discussed don't really work.

And he did it way better than I could ever do it. And I want to just go through my take a little bit. It's a little different. I look at this entire thing the same as people who win the lottery, which has been studied for years and found people to be less happy, depressed, anxious, or worse off after winning the lottery. I mean, getting a check for 5 million for doing nothing but having a family history is essentially winning the lottery, right? I mean, that's certainly how the recipients are going to see it. I mean, in all honesty folks, do you think anyone receiving these funds will say, wow, I finally feel like I've been made whole by the US government. I'm going to turn it around and dump this into a business or invest or prop up other people who are suffering. Forget about it.

They're going straight to Gucci, pushing me out of the way at the front door. I would too. There's a very woke professor out of Howard University who has pushed for wealth redistribution for many years. And basically what he says is, you can't have someone with a hobble leg or a broken leg or whatever hobbling around and then finally it gets fixed one day and you take the splint off and then put him in a line of sprinters and expect him to compete equally with everyone else. Black people in that analogy are the hobbly ones who have been restricted and whites are the ones that create the equal playing field according to that analogy. The problem with that is that it hasn't just been instant, they didn't win the Civil War and free all the slaves and all of a sudden they were forced to compete.

No, they've integrated into society. The slaves have had to integrate into society and it's been a very, very challenging thing. However, it's not at the fault of people who are also descendants who participated in those horrific things in the 18 hundreds and 17 hundreds, whatever you want to say. I mean, how many people in Germany are descendants of Nazis, lots? Should they be paying reparations to Jews? No, they shouldn't. And here's the difference, is the hobbly person that goes up to the finish line, they don't need a new leg. They need someone to teach them how to rerun again. If you just give them a new leg, it's not going to help. They're still not going to run great. So when you look at lottery winners as the example of this, the interesting thing about lottery winners is that life after winning the lottery doesn't stay very glamorous for very long.

I mean, whether you win 500 million or 1 million, 70% of lotto winners lose or spend all the money within five years, during that time, nine out of 10 lotto winners still play the lotto and think they will win again. That will happen with reparations. When the money is gone within five years, what is the next payout? The expectation from there will be that any group impacted by social injustices at any time in the history of the world are owed money and then everyone will be back for more. I mean, where are my reparations as a gay man? I've experienced discrimination. We all have. It's human nature. Recipients of huge payouts like this will expect more and more and more. On top of that, there will be so much more exploitation. Lottery winners have been found to be some of the most exploited people in the world.

Friends, family, come out of the woodwork, try to borrow money, try to manipulate people, they lose their friends, they lose their family. It's not a great thing. The other problem is that it leads to impulse purchases that don't last long. Just like this guy, about five Aston Martins. Most lottery winners who end up going and buying these giant mansions don't realize that sure, it might be a $6 million mansion, but it costs $5,000 a month just to upkeep the water and the gardeners and everything else that it needs. And so they end up having to sell it because although they could pay the ticket up front, they could not sustain the cost. 1% of lottery winners went bankrupt every year. People who don't work for something don't respect it, the same way that people who work for their success do. It's the 16 year old's brand new car.

And on top of that, our school system does not educate on basic financial knowledge like taxes, savings, investing. So we're handing money to people, any people, I'm saying that about all Americans, not just blacks, black people just have to be the subject of this conversation because that's what the reparations are for, that this city of San Francisco is reviewing. Divorce is massive amongst lottery winners. The chances of winning the lottery is 1 in 175 million on average and it's a small population. Take all the things that I just said from the downfalls, culturally, societally, individually, economically, and put that towards a massive population of people. It'll be mayhem. These handouts will erode the black community and create a dependency on government combined with all the social and economic downfalls, never before seen. It will be a nightmare. Also, keep in mind, this is San Francisco, but other blue states like California and New York and Connecticut all have advisory boards in place studying the stuff, coming up with a number, trying to issue reparations as soon as possible. We'll be right back after these words from, oh me.

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Service is 100% free as a gift from me to all of my loyal listeners. Don't forget to sign up. Alright, for today's last segment, I thought I would quickly review Biden's bio refugee program. After I mentioned to you all that Biden's immigrations policies are only based on voting. The interesting thing about the countries he's picked and why I felt that he's picked those Pacific countries, well, apparently I'm a genius. I wrote a piece on this for Bow Snerdly. I don't know if you remember Bow Snerdly. He was Russia's producer for 40 years. He sent it out and it went viral. I thought it was obvious, but I guess I brought it up first and I'm very, very proud of that piece and the last show. But the new Biden boondoggle is the new immigrate sponsorship program. It's called the Welcome Corps. And according to Anthony Blinken, this is the most bold and innovative program in history. Well, history of immigration, which is weird because I've had this picture of an African kid sitting on a pile of trash on my fridge that I'm sponsoring for years. How is it innovative?

I've sponsored someone for years. The pilot program will require groups of at least five people to raise a minimum of $2,275 in cash and in-kind contributions per refugee to secure their initial needs before they can gain employment. The commitment will be to provide friendship, guidance and financial support for the initial 90 days of a refugees resettlement in the US. Wait, doesn't that sound just like this?

Voice: 1 billion children live in poverty. At Save the Children our goal is to connect children in need with people like you, who want to get involved. Your sponsorship helps provide children with the necessities for a healthy and successful start to life and continues to support them as they learn and grow. Your sponsorship enables us to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of the children and empower their communities.

Chad: The crazy thing about this is that imagine how many pedophiles and weirdos are going to be attracted to this program. The other piece of it is that a lot of people are going to use this program to try to do religious conversion techniques for people who aren't Christian or aren't Catholic or Muslim, that's another issue that's going to happen. So basically according to Anthony Blinken, it's happening in two phases. The first involving the administration facilitating matches between refugees and private sponsors. Again, so innovative. We've never seen anything like this before. The second phase to launch in the middle of this year will allow sponsors to identify refugees to refer to the agency for resettlement. The state department is aiming to mobilize 10,000 Americans to help at least 5,000 refugees and said it would be supported by a consortium of nonprofits with expertise in the area to support the welcome core.

Yeah, well guess what? This is based off a Canadian program that's been a huge failure. It breaks down in two ways. One, the refugee sponsor relationship can go sour and refugees can go rogue. Two, the government can't keep up with the demands of the program. Much like we're sitting now. So refugees sit and suffer while applications process. Actually in Canada, organizations like churches, volunteer centers have dropped out of the program because of the difficulty the government is giving them in the massive amounts of bureaucratic red tape they have to go through to continue to sponsor these people. And that's how it is folks. These programs seem great and they stroke people's ego, but in actuality there's no real success for anyone. I mean, Biden makes it sounds like they'll send you a picture and a t-shirt of your immigrant and for just $2,000 you can have your very own refugee.

I can't wait for the Sarah McLaughlin commercial. In Canada for example, which we also should mention, their refugee program is way under a hundred thousand refugees per year because nobody wants to live in Canada. They're all lined up here. So each sort of approved sponsor is allotted a number of refugees a year for a combined total of roughly 10,000 to 12,000 for whom they can submit applications to the government for refugee and citizenship to Canada, which then they carry out interviews, medical checkups and security clearance. I mean the program costs so much money and there's been very little success with the refugees themselves because again, you can't pull someone, let's say from Haiti, assign them to someone in Canada to be their sponsor and then try to just insert them into the workforce. It doesn't work that way.

These people need language skills. There's a cultural difference of things that may turn people off when they're in the workforce. There is a myriad of issues that have to be solved if you really want these people to have a long-term sustainable comfort. So throwing two grand at someone, bringing them over and providing them with friendship. Big deal. Also in Canada, it takes two to three years to process an application. It's just, this is a feel good BS program to get Americans, especially ones with ulterior motives like religious conversion to pay two grand to sponsor a refugee. I mean, refugees could also be split from their families and at the best and worst case scenarios, their families could never get back with them. I mean there are several stories in Canada right now about Syrian children whose moms and dads are stuck somewhere else.

But I think the biggest thing to remember here folks, is that it's absolutely insulting for Biden to ask us for $2,000 a refugee when he's blowing billions of dollars at the border that belong to us. What about the billions of dollars? Couldn't that go towards helping the refugees instead of people that are just flooding over that may or may not need help? Why does Biden always make his faults the problem of the American people? Why do we have to pay because of his mismanagement? You know, think about the Canadian failing system and multiply that by 100 because they don't have many refugees and for example, the Ukrainian refugees that have come in since the conflict there are having a very hard time finding jobs. It's not working private sponsor or not because there's not a proper integration program. This is just like student loan forgiveness, comes out, does his song and dance, makes his progressive friends happy and then goes back to his shuffle board.

I'm sure a lot more has to come out of this story, but I wanted to get it out there for all of you folks to understand the reality of what's happening here. Biden is asking us to clean up his mess and use our money after he's already wasted all of our money and using and is now using guilt and feel good measures to mobilize Americans. This isn't about saving refugees. Like everything with Biden, this is about getting private money to fund his voter drive. Folks, if you do buy a refugee, make sure they don't vote Democrat after they get sweeping amnesty. I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said, inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hitman. God bless you President Reagan and may God save America.

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