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Chad: Reparations seem to be inevitable trans terrorism is on overdrive. Meanwhile, Biden wants you to buy a refugee. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Intro: Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, America's binary brother, the holiest homo, and the gayest conservative of all time, sending out common sense conservative politics through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Another beautiful day today in Newport Beach, California as we ramp up for our 2023 blow up. It's been a crazy week and things are starting to happen. Speaking of that, I do have a treat for all of you. One of the number one questions that I get, whether it be online, in person, comments, etcetera, is Chad, you have all these great stories. How can I get trustworthy news with the most important stories that isn't fake, isn't too left, too right? And is just good news.

Well, speaking of good news, I'm very excited to say you can now stop switching between different news sites, fact-checking and getting sucked into the fake news out there. Starting next week, I'm launching my Gaily news. I will now be handpicking and vetting the top news stories for you, according to me, twice a day. So twice a day, you'll get a customized email from me with all the top stories of the day, vetted, insured that the news is correct. The same news that I use to develop the show, you will now have access to. This is 100% free service for my loyal listeners like you all. And I've been working on it for some time now, and I'm just so excited to get it out there. I tell people all the time, listen, my listeners are already the smartest listeners out there. This is just here to ensure that y'all are informed.

Like I said, it's 100% free. You just have to go to, enter your email in one of the many boxes. You can also go to the Gaily News tab on the website to get a sneak peek of what that email will look like. And from that point forward, you will be the most intelligent and informed person in any room. But we've gotta go over some new trans terrorism, a lot of "studies," quote unquote, coming out from the medical world about trans people and post transgender surgery life. And this is the start of some increasing war propaganda that we're going to start seeing coming from the mob, because you can't argue with science, you can't argue with medicine, can't argue with "facts." So this is going to be the hyperdrive approach that we see this year.

Also, want to touch base on this reparation nonsense. I don't have to tell you it's stupid and won't work, but we need to understand what's really happening and what are the factions of this? Because a lot of people are like, well, you're going to dedicate a segment on your show to this. That's a lot. It's just San Francisco. Well, you're right, it is San Francisco. But remember, California, New York, Connecticut, they all have reparation boards, if you will, researching how to put this program together and what the environmental impacts would be of a program like this. Well, San Francisco just happens to be the first official proposal that we've seen, but many are going to fall of suit. So we need to look at this and understand how we're going to combat it. And lastly, today for our third segment, I want to just quickly touch on Biden's new refugee program for a couple of grand you can buy your very own refugee.

Biden will send you a photo of your refugee for your fridge and a t-shirt for your sponsorship. There's also a Sarah McLaughlin commercial to go with it and for a couple extra grand, you can take one home. I don't know, folks, this is the world we're living in and this is the priorities of our liberal friends that don't involve education, economy, immigration, the right way, and all of the other things that American people are worried about. Oh, no, trans reparations and migrants for sale. Let's take a quick break and come back after these words.

Folks, it's no secret here on the program that I'm a total foodie and total wino. I get one cheat night a week while I'm on my meal plan. And we went out to Houston's restaurant here in Irvine, California, and it was fantastic. We had sushi. We all split a beautiful big Thai salad. And then I had a Hawaiian ribeye, which is this beautiful cut of beef that they marinade for like two or three days in this special Hawaiian marinade. So it's so good. It's like butter in your mouth. I've talked about Hillstone Group before. Hillstone restaurants are the best restaurants in the country. In Orange County I have four different locations. We've got Houston's, Gulfstream, Bandera, and Cafe R and D. There's probably a Hillstone restaurant near you.

The service is impeccable and the food is always fresh and always good. Most importantly, you're getting five star service for three star prices. Whether it's a birthday, a special occasion, a date, or you just want to go to dinner, go to, find a location near you. They all have reservations online now, so you don't have to wait and go get yourself a meal. You will not be sorry. Find a location near you, make a reservation, and don't forget to tell the hostess that the last gay conservative sent you.

Before we jump into trans, I do want to talk about a story that's been floating around the news about this hockey player, Ivan Provorov They call him Pravi or Provi. Of course, he's getting attacked from every direction because he refused to wear his rainbow pride jersey on the ice. And I really hope someone sends him this show, or at least this little clip, because he needs to know that he has the support of me as a gay person, a leader in the community, as well as the whole program itself, a couple hundred thousand people. Here's the whole problem. The mob thinks that public figures are theirs, their property to use for free advertising and pushing their agenda. And in doing so, they create even more divide and hate than ever because they're going after institutions that were never partisan institutions. They're just tried and true American culture, American way of life like sports.

Really up until recently, sports has been one of the few remaining places where you and me, and yes, you two and everyone could unite around a team regardless of politics or social beliefs. We could check that shit at the door, go into the stadium and watch a game surrounded by like-minded people about the sport. It was a representation of America. That's why professional sports are so popular, because it's a way to get people to come together and unite on something that isn't so divisive. Well, again, tell that to a Steelers fan, right? But really, why is it that anything remotely American, any remotely American institution that doesn't force people to take a stand, is the mob's target. They go after with full vengeance. I mean, think about it. They ask players to kneel, which sparks huge divide because some fans support it and some fans find it offensive.