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Throwback Thursday- Climate Change

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It's Throwback Thursday. And this week's theme is climate change. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law

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Hello, everybody, and let's go Brandon. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the no woke zone where facts always beat fiction. And truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the Liberals that left the Democrats at home, online and in political office. We're always right and never canceled. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Hey, now Hey, now. Hey, now everyone. That is one of my favorite parts of Howard Stern Show, Hey now, but I don't listen to it anymore. Because the guy has gone over wacky with his politics used to love him. He was a true libertarian. He actually I don't know if you guys remember, he ran for governor of New York at one time as a libertarian. So which was really sad, because I loved his show, I really looked up to him growing up, and he's part of the inspiration for this podcast. But that's all right. We can't keep everyone in our movement. So most of you have been on this ride with us since day one. And I'm sure you've noticed, we're just trying some different things. I mean, we're essentially throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks with the little data that we have. And a huge part of my vision for the show. Beyond educating and laying down important facts is entertainment, and having some fun with all of you, all of us together, I should say, I try my best to be funny on my own. But one of the brilliant things about being a conservative pundit right now is that the left is pure comedy on their own, especially watching the melting down. I mean, it could not be a better time for us on the right as far as humorous, concerned, because let's face it, this is entertainment you couldn't pay for watching these woke people meltdown. It's hysterical. So it takes the pressure of being a comedian off of all of us who are commentating on these issues. But with today's fast pace and rapid fire news cycles, sometimes it's really easy for us to forget some of the pretty funny, ironic and just ridiculous moments the left has through the years and it's pretty fun to revisit them. Also a lot of my listeners are significantly younger, which I love because that feeling of knowing there's an upcoming generation of non woke non snowflakes. Keeps my stomach acids down at night. I don't know what it is, but my allergic response to liberal lunacy is heartburn. The second I start hearing the whining or the chanting or the blatant lying I start eating Tums like their peanut m&ms. You should see my office since I've started doing the show. I've Pepcid, Alka Seltzer, Tums, my lanta all lined up ready to go depending on what the topic is for the day. So I really hope that public option for health insurance is available soon because I'm going to need the government to cover my ulcer treatment after all this. So we're working on rolling out the shows with a mix of a little bit more casual combined with the regular format, but once a week. So moving forward, we'll have monologue Mondays, which is this is the current style of the show one issue or a couple of closely related issues that I dive in on a deeper level, I share my thoughts and opinions on with the intent of educating you listeners and providing you tools that y'all may need to take on your own version of the mob, which was the original point of the show. There's a lot of commentators out there that cover daily news that cetera but don't necessarily give you the talking points, you need to shut down the school boards, the teachers, the other PTA, moms, neighbors, in laws, whatever it is, you've heard me say it before. So Monday's are going to be our our big day where we dive in deep about issues that are pertinent to any of our movements, you know, that are within the larger conservative movement. On Tuesdays, we're going to have trainee Tuesdays. There's so much trans news going on, and it's not going anywhere. It's actually growing. And being a member of the LGBTQ XYZ underscore exclamation point community. I know I have a unique perspective into what's happening and why it's happening. And so we're going to pull and talk about several trans topics of the week. And the reason we're dedicating a show per week on this issue is because like you will see on Tuesday coming the sort of subliminal or casual trans bias being inserted in all sorts

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of places is getting worse. And I feel like it's my responsibility to do everything I can to protect children and parents from the potential damage this may cause we saw it happen in the gay community and I came up around a time where the gay community sort of radicalized and then push this issue of marriage, but in order to do so, they also inserted gay bias in all kinds of regular everyday American institutions, which I felt was unethical, trans issues are even more dangerous. And so I want to make sure that I do my part because I don't feel like I did enough when gay bias was being inserted and, you know, forced down everyone's throat, make people seem like if they question gay marriage at all, they were, you know, bigots and homophobes, and all the defensive tactics that the left teaches us are the way to argue versus factual logic. Then we're going to do like we're doing today throwback Thursdays. This is the first of many, we will focus on one theme like today, which is climate change and take a stroll down memory lane of some of the most ridiculous things we've heard from the left, could be from 30 years ago, could be from three days ago. But like I said, looking back is always fun with Democrats, unlike what they want people to think they are the party who has had these big swings and different agendas over the last 3040 years. We on the right have actually stayed largely consistent, plus or minus a few things. However, CNN and Biden's they were radicalized now, which is clearly not true, then we're going to do Friday free for all. So Friday, free for AWS will eventually be the live shows. And we may do a deeper topic or a funnier topic. We'll do guests on Fridays. If we have them. I'm still a little weary of guests. It'll be the mystery meat of the last gay conservative podcast, we'll do email answering tweets, comments, etc. And there you have it. This is the direction of the show. This schedule may take, you know, a couple of weeks to solidify. So it won't be perfect as I've come to realize the magnitude of this entire production, and we're growing rapidly and having episodes go viral doesn't help. I mean, well, it helps. I love it. I love seeing it. But like any business rapid growth means rapid growing pains. And we've definitely experienced that and I appreciate all of you for hanging on with us. One thing I have to thank you all for is the don't say gate episode has reached more downloads than all the other episodes combined. Our clips of my revised woke Disney titles have been posted by some very big accounts on Twitter and Instagram. And it's just been really fun watching and listening to the reactions on both sides. I don't consider myself a funny person. I'm not someone that could do stand up or just generally the funny guy in the room. But like they say even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. And apparently that one was my nut. But moving on. As always, I just want to talk about some news items that pertain to previous episodes. Well, we did it. I mean, that's this is the best news of the year maybe the Department of Homeland Security has officially put their disinformation board on hold Nina Genki which resigned, alleging that she's the victim of unjustified and vile attacks as well as physical threats. Well, I'm so sorry, if I'm not sympathetic is the same people defending her are violently protesting outside of Supreme Court justices house on their private property in their private residence threatening and trying to intimidate them into changing their ruling, if you will. But keep in mind, this doesn't mean the so called disinformation work within the DHS will stop. But the public piece of it will which includes Nina, The Washington Post reported that the pause was created by coordinated efforts online by extreme right wing groups, One Twitter user, so brilliantly responded to that saying, if they knew anything about us at all, they would know we don't do coordination. And that really sums it up right there, folks, there's no coordinated effort here. We don't have some big Think Tank and strategists on our side. It's just common sense. And in this case, millions of people on both sides of the aisle saw right through this one hilarious exchange with Peter Doocy. questioning our new brilliant press secretary Kareem John Pierre, in an article that I just read from Fox News, it says do see expose the irony that the disinformation board was paused due to misinformation. This was just further affirmation of what I keep saying we can no longer be the silent majority. Next up, just like I outlined in the Biden economy episode, the White House is skirting the issue of the stock market performance claiming and I quote, that's not

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Something we keep an eye on every day. Like I said, credit when it's good deflection when it's bad. Remember what I said about this White House and the liberal response to a crappy economy. The President has very little to do with the economy or stock market. Well, that's essentially what she said. She plays the Biden blame game and passes the buck, pointing to the Federal Reserve, saying, quote, the Fed chair, you know, the Federal Reserve is independent. We leave them to make their own policy decisions. We don't get involved in that and nothing is changed on how we see the stock market yet another example of how out of touch this administration is with Americans I do they not realize that millions of Americans have managed 401, K's or retirement funds that can shrink or grow depending on stock market's performance. They don't get involved in the Fed. That's such BS. They don't care about these people have retirements the middle class that they so champion for those are the people who are most affected by the stock market that they're too good to check every day. Finally, after me and over a dozen other conservative pundits question whether Mayor Pete and his wife chastity, were experiencing the same struggles getting formula like most of the US Mayor Pete has eventually come out day late and $1 short, and I'm paraphrasing here, but he said they are clicking and clicking online and soliciting out of state friends to send them formula. He also emphasized that his twins are 100% formula dependent because neither of them can produce milk, implying that this is even a bigger deal to them. It felt very much like a subtle dig at women or they who choose formula over breastfeeding as though they should leave the stockpile for people like him. At least that's how I heard it. American Wire news reporting on this issue pointed out tweets from Bette Midler that say just breastfeed and it's milk on demand like a faucet, you turn it on, you turn it off. Well, that doesn't make sense seeing that the mob would like us all to be gender neutral. Shouldn't we expect Pete and Chaston to breastfeed parents are only the person who provided me milk, right? What's disgusting is this not abortion is a women's health epidemic. Many women cannot produce milk or enough they have to supplement with formula. Some women's milk for one reason or the other isn't nutrient rich enough to sustain the baby. And although Biden visited manufacturers and retailers we have yet to hear his American Baby and women rescue plan. The other fact ignored is that even if supply were flush, the cost was already so inflated and high, it was already starting to impact millions ability to properly feed their baby having to cut corners and do things like mix cornstarch and water. This, of course, impacts the poor the most the very people Biden claims to support some protector, right, barely giving any attention or urgency to this issue. This is the real American epidemic, not COVID. Certainly not climate change, or Ukraine. It's simply just not a priority for the big guy, because there's plenty of Insure left for him. Speaking of climate change, let's get into today's Throwback Thursday, global warming edition. You'll notice sometimes I say climate change, and sometimes I say global warming because it was global warming forever. And then everything started cooling. So they changed it to climate change. And that's just recently, believe it or not in the 1970s we had global cooling, which was the same climate scientists today predicting that we were heading into the ice age. Let's stroll down memory lane starting in the 70s, shall we? In 1977. The worst winter in a century struck the United States. climate experts believe the next Ice Age is on its way. According to recent evidence, it could come sooner than anyone had expected. And weather stations in the Far North. Temperatures have been dropping for 30 years.

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