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The Unholy Election Trinity: Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.


Intro: The votes are tallied and it's time for a post-election reality check, the unholy Trinity, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania have serious questions to answer. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yeah, we are fired up this evening everyone. Let's go Brandon. Oh yeah, come on. Get it done.

Chad: Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, the holiest homo, the binary brother of your dreams, the gayest conservative of all time, and the true leader of the gay world. We're here today broadcasting from the gay conservative studios in Newport Beach, California. It's a gorgeous fall evening. Sorry to rub it in for those of you listening from an icy and snowy climate, however, you're always welcome to come experience the gay conservative studios here if you need a break from real winter. Reminding all of you out there that this is a safe space, a woke free zone for truth-seeking, freedom loving patriots all over the world, and as always, we will broadcast our truth on the red, white and blue rainbow.

Well folks, today I want to do more election episode coverage just to dive deeper into some things that I mentioned earlier and things like why Georgia, Pennsylvanian and Arizona have such odd elections, election results, things that don't make sense. I call them the unholy trinity because they're by far the most messed up election states in the country. I think it's very important that we dive into some of the final numbers, maybe some of the demographic or psychographic results on turnouts so we can understand where we felt short in some of these "easy win races." What's really happening in the eyes of Americans, and most importantly, I just want to filter through some of this noise for you guys because it seems speculating wildly, is the media's favorite pastime, but it's on steroids coupled with the political opinions of contributors and politicians that make things almost impossible to know truth from fiction.

People like Carl Rove who should have hung up his cheap wingtip after he sat his fat ass on the better part of a year, proclaiming that Donald Trump could never ever beat Hillary. Man, I love Fox News for so many things, but they have such an issue with recycling terrible contributors. This midterm election coverage was the worst I've seen in a very long time. I would've been fine with just Brit Hume, Brett, Dana, and some of the real contributors, not Carl Rove and the other dead weight that we saw on there. All of that aside, this election highlighted a lot of things wrong with the American election system, which I didn't think we could get any worse than we have been. This is an area we used to set the global standard for in free and fair elections, and from the outside looking in, we've become the third-world equivalent in election management.

The fact that counting could take weeks is already completely unacceptable, but the amount of loopholes for voting laws and those in power certifying elections have political interest in the very elections themselves. Now to be clear, I don't subscribe to the MyPillow guy and Dominion Machine Claims, however, there are some massive gaps in the current election system that have been around for a long time, but are coming to light with all the digitalization of past information, the instant information in front of us on our phones, and most importantly, all the new Freedom of Information act requests that expose some pretty big issues.

Before I get too far off track, I do want to tell you a funny story. I realize my life has been pretty boring and I just saw the 22nd email asking me why I'm not doing funny stories anymore. Don't worry folks, I'm doing funny stories, but I want to make sure they're real and funny for you all or it loses all value. The best email I got was of gentlemen requesting that I actually do a separate podcast with just my funny life stories. To be honest, it would probably do better than this one, but my stories are reserved for last gay conservative listeners. Even if some of you tune in and then tune out after you hear the funny story, which I know doesn't happen. Many of you know that I sit on a handful of boards. I'm a director on several board of directors for various companies based on my marketing expertise, my reputation for creating productive and positive culture in the workplace and my entrepreneurial spirit, I guess.

So I've had to go to a lot of the quarter three meetings in the last few weeks, and truth be told, I'm trying to resign from a few of the positions, but as I'm sure you all assume, I'm just way too popular and way too valuable for anyone to let me go without a fight. That was sarcasm. So the meeting I was at last week is a pretty informal one. I bring Ron and wear a polo shirt and golf shorts or pants. Funny enough, it's the most successful company I sit on the board of as well. The company is a very successful pet food brand that makes the best dog and cat food on the planet. Truth be told, one of the reasons Ron is in such awesome shape is because he's never had kibble. So we're sitting in this board meeting and the marketing analyst gets up to share the data collected on what's working and what isn't.

So he starts going through the main reasons we've lost customers. One of the top five items reported was excessive gas and strong odor. Of course, we all got a good laugh out of it and they started moving through the conversation all along. Ron's there laying next to my feet and all of a sudden you hear this fart noise that's very distinguishable. Most dogs are silent but deadly, but when Ron farts, he makes the actual fart noise like a human does. So he's at my feet sleeping and farting away. It's a dog company. No one thought anything of it. We laughed, but maybe about two minutes later everyone started looking at me and Ron and around and one guy stands up and says, I can't take it anymore. I need air. Now remember folks, since I had covid, I've not regained my sense of smell.

I had no idea what was going on, but apparently Ron's farts were just rancid and the entire boardroom was gagging. They decided to take five to clear the room and spray a lot of Fabrezz. Only me, as they're breaking down reasons for people leaving the brand and gas is one of the major issues. My dog who is on the food rips deadly farts. I was crying. The irony was perfect. The funniest part of the whole thing is the CEO and other executives immediately stood up and said, we need to get the nutritionist on this immediately to add ingredients or take something out that causes this gas and smell. And yet here Ron inspires change in another way. Who knew dog farts could make a serious difference in business? Needless to say, Ron may be the face of the new formula. I could not stop laughing folks.

It was one of those moments that was just too good to be true. Now I do want to touch on a few news items quickly before we get into election stuff. In all the election noise, one of the biggest losses to our movement was a piece of gun control legislation In Oregon. Measure 114 is a very unconstitutional mockery of our second amendment rights. And in true liberal fashion, just bad legislation, Oregon voters passed 114 with a tight 1.5% majority, in my opinion mostly due to what we do worst, which is educate people on the reality. It's almost exactly the same as what I talk about with Roe v. Wade. The insanity is that 6 out of 36 counties in Oregon voted in favor of the measure and multiple sheriffs have come out and said they will not enforce it. Period. Folks, this is the game we constantly have to play.

Legislators that feel that they're above the constitution and the powers of the Supreme Court. In this case, state legislators, which are the equivalent to high school ASB leaders, they think that they have supreme rule over our Second Amendment rights. Every single piece of gun legislation presented to the Supreme Court this year and last year has been ruled in favor of the Second Amendment. All this legislation does is delay the inevitable, which it'll be thrown out and it'll waste tax dollars and give Oregon State legislators something to talk about on the local cable news stations. Keely Hopkins, I saw this quote from Keely Hopkins. Apparently she's the manager of Pacific States and firearm policy for Congressional Sportsman Foundation. She says "it's a feel good measure that only adds new unfunded burdens on local police, eliminates opportunities for recreational activities and hurts conservation funding while not making any tangible impact on the real problem."

Man, ain't that the truth? It's a feel good legislation. I tell you it's media politicking. What she's pointing out here is the theme of liberal feel good should be law, but we realize that hardly do head, brain and feelings work well together to create common sense in legislations or just in life. If you simply look at crime in Portland, for example, that has gone from lots of petty theft, urinating in public and drunken disorderlies to now stabbing, shootings, attempted murder, domestic terrorism, and the list goes on. But the much larger issue is that the Portland police do not respond. They've been ordered to stand down and not antagonize the wonderful demonstrators in the summer of love. Portland has become a total toilet, and for those who have to work in some of the more CD parts of town now have no ways to protect themselves.

We've seen this before, folks. Illegal gun sales will surely skyrocket. Criminals who have said for years that they fear armed citizens more than cops will be more embolden. And the hunting population in central and eastern Oregon that controls certain populations like deer for example, will be totally limited, which will injure the environment. This is yet another example of how numbers and results don't quite add up. Again, only 6 out of 36 counties past the measure. Opposition has been strong and a moderate candidate got a nice chunk of the votes for governor. Rarely do we see such extreme fluctuation from county to county and along with record moderate and Republican turnout makes you wonder how this thing passed. Even if the numbers do add up from a vote standpoint, the funding doesn't add up.

Anti-Gun groups funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into the support and passage of 114, which pro second Amendment groups fell very short. I see and here all these groups who opposed 114. So why has such little money been invested to the blocking of that legislation? It's because 95% of political funds are funneled into personal campaigns and not used to block or push legislation that aligns with us on the right. Similarly, pro-abortion groups just raised another 400 million with pro-life groups barely touching that. I have always said political funds should be used towards legislation purposes versus the politicians. You can get someone to vote out of step or out of line with their traditional voting patterns if you teach them about specific legislation that may or may not impact them via TV commercial, Facebook ad, whatever.

However, it's much harder to get someone to step out of line for a politician. So this huge blow to the second amendment, which is 100% going to result in overpopulated hunting areas, wreaking havoc on the forests, illegal gun black markets, and serious crime spikes up and down the state. Unarmed is the last thing you want to be while criminal activity is skyrocketing. In another interesting story out of the gay bay, aka San Francisco, I don't know if you'll remember in my third episode, trans is the New Black. I said, mark my words, they will roll out guaranteed income for transgendered and now San Francisco is the second city to do so. The first was Palm Springs. This is another gift to the taxpayers that live on the gay bay. The guaranteed income for transgender act is in full effect.

Gift is the acronym used to describe the new law guaranteed income for transgender. Gift, that's ironic. Okay, yes, I know what you're thinking. No surprise coming out of San Francisco. But what is surprising is the lack of structure or sense in who, what and how funds will be distributed. Now, if you can believe this, applicants have 97 gender options to choose from. They are not required to actually be trans. The only requirement is that the applicant makes under $600 a month. American Wire News wrote, "applicants can choose between 97 options including Xeno gender, which means beyond human understanding, gender outlaw, brother boy, aggressive gender F U C K, and no choice meaning no gender. What I never understand is actually why trans people aren't angry about this.

Programs that were created to help members of the trans community, trans men and women are now just charities using a hundred different meanings to include everyone. It's the classic mob power move. Use minority groups to appeal to the kind nature of people and then make it for everyone. It's just using groups like the trans community to install woke policies like this one that may have actually helped trans people, but now if you call yourself gender, F U C K, you're entitled to the same as a trans woman who can't get a job because she looks too abnormal. These people are so predictable. I know these woke liberals so well up there, they just use whoever they can. Then they drop them like hot potatoes after their mission has been complete for everyone else.

It'd be really interesting to see how many actually trans people get into the program versus want tobes. We have to remember that the trans community created all these transgender options and all-encompassing rhetoric to boost their numbers, but it's starting to backfire. Be careful what you wish for. Under the 19 options for sexual orientation, applicants are told to check all that apply and are given choices like a romantic, BDSM/kink, dike, fagot, golio sexual and straight. How is this allowed? Isn't the general purpose of government not to offend people and serve as many as possible, however they use these words? Are they just trying to be culturally hip or something? How is fagot acceptable? I have no words for this. These politicians in San Francisco are going to have to face the fact that this will not help the trans community.

Anyone can check any box, and of course, it's human nature to try to cut corners, try to cheat. We have to constantly hold ourselves up to values and ethics and integrity that we've learned over the years of our lives. But there's always going to be something inside of people that says, oh, just check that you're trans so you can get into Sarah Lawrence or Brynn Mar College. How easy. I need an extra $1,200 a month. I'll just claim that I'm scolio sexual and gender F U C K or Xeno gender, which means beyond human understanding. Oh my God, where do we live people? What is this craziness. I guess whatever, leave it up in San Francisco.

Alright, let's jump into the meat of the episode and go through some of this election stuff. The first thing I want to get into right now is why Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania have the worst elections every year and always strange anomalies, especially coming out of this last midterm. Let's talk Arizona first. Arizona is traditionally a red state. The late rhino John McCain and his mafia are based in Arizona. John McCain ran Arizona politics for years. He was a never Trumper, and that attitude seemed to have made its way through state and county governments within the state. Maricopa County, the largest county in the state has been caught blue handed in some pretty unethical handling of the last several elections. So what happened this time? Well, like I mentioned in several episodes, Kari Lake had a double digit lead through the entire election on a multitude of polls.

Katie Hobbs did not campaign. She did very few interviews. She was totally kept out of the public eye and had very little recognition, public recognition. On top of that, Mark Kelly, the socialist senator from Arizona, was incredibly unpopular. I had a feeling masters could not win from just a purely financial standpoint, but it shouldn't have been that much of a landslide for Kelly. So what do we know for sure right now in Arizona? First of all, we know Republicans make up 1.4 million voters and Democrats, 1.2 million voters. However, in Arizona there's another million voters labeled as other, which could be independent, libertarian, whatnot. However, it is extremely unlikely that one third of your voting base is other when in other states like Nevada or Oregon. The other category is 20% less, if not more, than the major party registrants. So now we're in the most divisive time in history.

It doesn't make sense that a third of the voting pool isn't Republican or Democrat, okay, that's one red flag. Now, the big looming issue in Arizona is that the Democrat Katie Hobbs running for governor is the secretary of state. She will be until January. Secretaries of states oversee, plan, organize, and essentially run all aspects of elections. They administer them and they certify them. During the campaign and before elections began, Hobbs was overreaching into counties and how they voted. In fact, a rural county in Arizona voted to do a multiple hand count of their ballots versus using machines. The residents of the county had lost pretty much all faith in the election system. So they lobbied for a hand count. Now, let's keep in mind Canada for example, they still hand count everything. It's what we call multiple hand counts, which means it goes through multiple series of hand counts.

Honestly, it is the most effective way to handle elections. It's been proven, hand-counted elections have less fraud, less mistakes, and lends much more confidence to the voting basis. Katie Hobbs knew this, yet she launched a legal attack on this county to essentially bankrupt them. She threatened and sued them and essentially burned the house down in this county for exercising its right to govern for and by the people. It's moves like this that truly make me wonder. Hobbs was also asked several times to recuse herself as Secretary of State, and she refused. Just another example of the secretive and backroom Arizona governing has turned into, I mean, during the 2020 election audit, Maricopa County, the Secretary of State's office and the governor at the time all refused to turn over any information, flat out refused. Again, I always go back to common sense.

If you have something to hide, you hide it. Now, I might be single, but I'm even smart enough to know that if your partner won't hand over their phone or show their passcode, they've got something to hide. And my liberal friends, I say that to my liberal friends, they say, well, what if he works for the CIA or like this is so typical liberal response, right? Constantly, constantly going for the exception and not the rule of situations. How can she not recuse herself? How can she basically destroy a county for wanting to hand count? Those are two very big red flags. But why would you oppose something that could help everyone and at the very least just affirm the results? I mean, that audit that they did was so interesting and it was so interesting the people who said, I'm nothing hot to hide.

Take this, look at this, whatever. And then the people who just closed down, why close down? What is the worst thing that could happen? They find no fraud. Move on. That's when I really started realizing that Arizona is right up there with Georgia and Pennsylvania when it comes to election mishandling. This here just adds fuel to that same fire. I mean, during prime voting times, ballot machines around the state just mysteriously broke. Now, how many of you want to guess how many of each party show up to vote on voting day? Well, this year in Arizona it was four to one Republican to Democrat, meaning that election day issues like voting machines impact Republicans four times more than Democrats. So there are just a lot of questions. Why wouldn't Hobbs recuse herself? How come she was so afraid of hand counting? How did her win come down to a last dump of ballots in Maricopa County truck, the very county accused of fixing the last election?

And the most important question to ask is why does it take five days to count ballots in Arizona? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but there are one too many questions to not force me to wonder. I have a friend who's very active politically in Maricopa County and actually worked on the election audit throughout the whole process, and I confirm with her that I can share with you that there are a lot of details in the audit results that were not shared publicly and would've been shared should have Kari Lake been elected? It's been quashed. Governor aside, there was also similar thoughts around the Senate race. Kelly is the incumbent, and we know those are usually pretty hard to dethrone, and I wasn't convinced that Masters would win, knowing that McConnell blocking funding from his campaign would hurt and just the incumbent issue and all the issues in Arizona, I just figured he wouldn't win and he didn't.

The interesting part, however, is the amount of votes that went for Kelly versus Masters despite of the governor count. So with the governor race, Katie Hobbs received 1.28 million votes while Kari Lake received 1.26 million votes very close race. Now, fast forward to the Senate race, Mark Kelly won more votes than Hobbs with 1.32 million than masters with 1.19 million. This is very odd for a Senate race to exceed a governor vote count, especially by this many, with such a disconnect from governor to senator. My question folks is, out of 1.26 million Kari Lake supporters, I find it hard to believe that a hundred thousand of them switched and voted for Kelly. There are many of these disconnects around the country, which is very odd because again, you have to look at the political environment we're in.

There's not flipping going on, it's head on, there's no wishy-washy like there was when we essentially had one big party in Washington throughout the nineties and early two thousands, you always get a handful of offset votes from people who either don't vote on one election or idiots that checked the wrong box or in Biden's case, he was able to flip every cemetery from California to New York from red to blue. But between the days on end counting the previous audit, the number of other voters in a state pretty much split down the middle, if not a little more red, and the opponent being the actual Secretary of State. Something stinks in Arizona and it's got the McCain Mafia written all over it. Even their stupid tactics trying to blame the GOP for breaking into Hobbs office when a dozen or more offices had been broken into by the same illegal alien.

It didn't phase voters. The people of Arizona deserve fair, transparent, and clear elections. The people of America do also but we need some serious explanations as to why Hobbs didn't recuse herself. Why do mail-in and Dropbox always come in late and push Democrats to the top when four Republicans to one Democrat showed up on the polls on election day? And I want to know why she's so against hand counting. How would millions of people vote for an extreme liberal in Arizona who never showed her face during the campaign and then has Project Veritas evidence that she was completely lackadaisical and cared less about the the people of Arizona? And this worst part is that these results will keep anything that needs to happen from happening in Arizona.

Sadly, I think we can assume like Pennsylvania will vote blue for good so will Arizona. Not because of anything other than election laws that are being rigged and redistricting. The only thing that does lend some sense is that Arizona has been the Martha's Vineyard for Californian's defecting from the People's Republic and Chairman Newsom, and they're bringing their blue votes along with them, which how stupid can you be if that's the case. But the influx and the blue numbers just don't add up as not all defectors come in blue. The only plausible explanation here is, oh wait, we don't have one. That's why I'm doing this. It's this hush hush backdoor in corrupt election and the election officials in Maricopa County and within state government refuse to give answers. It's the same thing in Georgia. The figures in Georgia are very fishy. Listen folks, the only reason I bring all this up is not to necessarily cast doubt on elections in general, and many states do do it right. I will say, even though it's all blue all the time, California elections don't have nearly the problems that Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia has.

In fact, if I had to guess the problems out of Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona probably equal more than the problems we collect from the rest of the other 47 states. So when we talk about Georgia, it's important to note that they've had a very interesting history with elections. First of all, Georgia as punishment for civil rights violations and Jim Crow and this and that, were forced to have federally managed and oversight of their elections until pretty recently. The state of Georgia was forced to follow the federal dictators until the time Romney ran for president. That's a long time, and we know that any federal oversight will always lean blue. People say why is that?

There can be Republican presidents and Democrat presidents. Well, it's not about the presidents. It's about bureaucracy and it's about employees. No, the whole federal government isn't Democrat. However, what it does mean is that federal employees vote Democrat because they constantly receive more paid vacations, more raises, federal holidays and more benefits under Democrats who do that on purpose. Republicans, on the other hand, call for merit-based pay and more alignment of the standard private sector benefits versus an annual Easter basket of pay-to-play votes. Keep in mind, the federal government is the largest employer in the country. During the federal election rule, things were put into place to start bolstering previously unelectable candidates also known as Democrats in one of the Red Estate in the Union.

Now, this combined with other trends like a massive increase in businesses moving to the Atlanta Metro area from previous blue states, bringing with them thousands of blue employees, but not enough to swing the electorate so far to the other side from red to blue. In the last 10 years, the Democrats have attempted to turn the elections they were constantly losing in Georgia all about race racism. What a shocker. Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Obama, and the Clintons have all said that Georgia elections are racially driven. They have told the world that Georgia's Republicans actively work to keep blacks away from the polls. Slowly but surely that has caused major election credibility Questions from the other side. Now, let's rewind to Stacey Abrams's last run. She refused to accept the results of the election and reiterated that she was shut out for being black. I mean, the words of Jim Crow fly out of her mouth like Please and thank yous, and I'm setting the stage here to share my point.

Both parties claim the elections in Georgia are not credible. The Democrat numbers of registered voters do not make sense as it's not been a slow incline, but skyrocketing out of nowhere that doesn't align with any particular population. So you tell me if this adds up. Governor Kemp beat Stacey Abrams by eight points. He received 2.11 million votes while Stacey fell way short with 1.81 million. That's 45% versus 53%. That is a landslide victory for Kemp. Now we turn our attention to the Senate race, which is now going to a runoff and with the shady voting system and issues in Georgia I have no faith of the runoff. In the Senate race, socialist, insane and radical religious leader Warnock received 1.94 million votes. That's again, a massive difference from Abrams who is essentially the female version of him.

Over a hundred thousand people who did not vote for Abrams, voted for Warnock. Again maybe 20 years ago when we actually had true swinging and true swing states, it doesn't exist anymore folks. Like I said, no waves, no big swings. It comes down to counties now. Then we take Herschel, my man Herschel, I love him so much and he squeaked by with 1.9 million votes to secure his place in the runoff. However, like I just said, Kemp received 2.11 million votes. So again, explain to me how it's possible that a hundred thousand people who did not vote for Abrams voted for Warnock. Now explain how 2.11 million Republicans voted to elect Kemp, yet only 1.9 million were cast for Herschel Walker.

These are 6-figure differences. We're talking entire cities or counties in a state like Georgia. I cannot believe so many Republicans did not vote for Senate flipped or didn't vote for Herschel Walker. It's just not possible. I should also point out that the big Democrat cry after Trump lost Georgia was this bill SB202. It's a new voting overhaul that the biggest thing it does is require IDs and clearly controls the length of time for mail-in and absentee ballots, closes, loopholes, and some other issues. It's a great piece of legislation. I mean, granted in 2020 there is actual video of Georgia's counters just dumping ballots out of suitcases, whether or not they're legit is not my call. However, the optics of it are very bad.

The Secretary of State affirmed to us in 2020 that no signature matching actually ever occurs. Here we are in 2022 with record turnout, record black vote, record black Republican votes. I guess SB202 didn't hurt too many. However, it doesn't stop the media for from calling Kemp's victory based on voter suppression. They're doing the same in Florida. But then I open up my email today and there's another story surfacing out of Georgia, the Atlanta metro area to be precise where a small little voting hiccup cost a new politician a win and left everyone else going WTF. This is the quintessential Georgia election fraud at its finest. See, the American Wire News reported that a candidate Madeline or Rochena took to social media to announce her big win in the election for Kennesaw City Council, special post one. She wrote "feeling excited and so grateful, it's a win." She wrote that along with posting information about the time and location of the swearing in ceremony says, let's get right to it, but [34:42 inaudible] happiness soon turned to disbelief when she got a call from the Cobb County Board of Elections informing her that her opponent, Lynette Burnett had come out on top after the memory card had been uploaded.

So they certify and announce the election results in favor of this poor woman. Now, as most city council races are, Kennesaw is a nonpartisan city council race, but if you go to her website, it screams blue and liberal to me. Why does that matter? Because it's not just us and the red getting tied up in the Georgia election mess. I mean, you all know how much I travel, how out and about I am. Do you know how many US beef sticks I've lost, found or replaced in my life? Probably hundreds. The results of an entire election were contained on a missing memory card. That's how they tabulate votes, a memory card and it was missing or lost. Of course it was. That's what memory cards do. They get lost. How is anyone in Georgia supposed to take these elections seriously? How can anyone believe that Psycho Warnock got that many votes exceeding his twin sister, Stacey Abrams. This is Georgia folks, not California or now California influence states like Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.

Warnock is deranged and so is Abrams. They ran on identical radical platforms, yet one was shut down heavily and the other goes to runoff. Something not right here. I mean the saddest thing for me is when my friends email or text me and they say, oh, Chad, it's just one stupid little city council election. That's the point. These little missteps are representations of the larger picture. The small ones don't get the care, the oversight and the extreme backroom treatment like the larger ones do. I mean, would you feel confident knowing your vote is floating around on a memory card? I mean, when the 2020 election in Georgia went to recount, it was strange. We found out that signatures and ballots were kept totally separate and all they did was recount the same votes. They did not check for inaccuracies, disqualifications, and the craziest part, they did not verify signatures. In fact, it came out that they have never verified signatures.

Signatures are supposed to replace ID requirements because the signature on file with the DMV should match your ballot. They never checked, not once, not ever. Not even California either. Nowhere, signature matching does not exist. It's a big lie and it's reserved for extreme measures, the Secretary of State told us from Georgia. Why recount if you're going to just do the same exact thing you did before? Shouldn't there be some changes or some additional oversight? I don't know. Again, it just doesn't add up. Liberals love to shut me down and tell me that's your opinion. It's not as simple as misplacing a memory card. Okay, so what's the complicated answer? And after minutes of circling, running and breakdowns, we finally get to the liberal answer. Mistakes happen on small scales, that's normal. It is simple, not mistakes being normal. This is simple.

A memory card controlled an election. The same general election ballots where people voted for Herschel or Warnock that mysteriously appears after a winner was called in a local election. Just something I can't get over, but Pennsylvania is not any better. I mean, one of the funnier election stories floating around comes right out of Pennsylvania and it's saying a lot about not only the Pennsylvania voting system, but the voters there as well. A longtime state representative in Pennsylvania, Tony DeLuca won his seat by a landslide. Deluca was the longest serving state representative and a staunch democrat. However, he wasn't able to come to the phone when his opponent conceded and he was not in attendance at his election celebration party. Why? Because he was dead.

The man was elected with 85% of the votes while dead. Now are Democrats in Pennsylvania that stupid or is the voting system that bad? I would say both. It's just a mess of state with just as much corruption and fraud as Illinois and within Chicago. Only in Pennsylvania can a dead man win state Senate with 85%. I understand things happen. Maybe a handful of people vote for a dead guy, but 85%, funny enough, had no one caught this. I think they would've just had him stuffed and brought to all the hearings and votes. Hell, I mean, he's probably still drafting legislation. So yeah, people do die before elections and ballots have already been printed, it does happen. However, why were the votes counted?

You can't vote for a dead man and be counted. Furthermore, why weren't people at the polls advising of his death? Or maybe there are a few signs, but in the paper, again, it's never about the actual incident. Like I said, politicians die after ballots are printed. Not all the time, but it happens. It's more about the way things are handled. Pennsylvania Secretary of State just didn't care. He let it happen as long as he took votes away from Republicans, which is exactly what it did. Apparently the guy, the dead guy, was a real piece of work, which would make perfect sense for the Democrats in Pennsylvania. One of the biggest blue drivers in Pennsylvania is University of Pennsylvania or Penn, which is in Philadelphia. The same school that harbored Jerry Sandusky and protected him from raping hundreds of boys, protected by their exalted leader, Joe Paterno, A K A Joe Paw, just my side note, but adding to the types of people from that university who vote real winners, and I can promise you mostly Democrats.

One of the first irregularities is that in Pennsylvania the Secretary of State is appointed by the governor, not elected. That's suspect to me because it removes oversight power from the people and gives the governor ultimate authority on how the Secretary of State should manage and administer elections. Right before the 2020 election, the Democrats in Pennsylvania passed what is referred to as Act 77, or no excuse for not voting. This expanded many of the questionable practices around the country and especially in the state of Pennsylvania, but I believe this was what directly led to the defeat of Donald Trump as it just leaves too much up for questioning.

Act 77 has very odd and uncertain verbiage around drop boxes. It's like a weird gray area, and it expands mail-in voting to unprecedented levels. I mean, why are liberals so obsessed with ballot drop-off boxes and mail-in voting? It's simple. They're the easiest to manipulate. Pennsylvania also has really strange ID requirements that don't require a physical ID. See in Pennsylvanian and get this, you must swear to be an American by checking a box. Furthermore, you must provide an address with a date of birth or last four of your social and or a driver's license number. Supposedly, if you miss any of the ID fields, the Secretary of State sends you a letter asking you to reenter identification information within six days to have your vote counted. However, these votes get pushed through left and right, with or without the ID information on there.

How do we know? Because there are no safety nets, no double checking, just like signature matching. It's a fallacy created by Democrats to try and justify why IDs and or proof of citizenship should not be required when voting. What's happening here? Why are ID requirements such a problem when every single database map of DMV records of people with driver's licenses does not show a heavy discrepancy in black communities? Doesn't, it doesn't exist. It's a big lie. The Democrats in Pennsylvania have also tried very hard to expand the ID requirements so there are no ID requirements. They want automatic voter registration for when people turn 18 and same day registration, all convenient ways to submit ballots for people who may or not may not be knowing they're going to submit ballots. Could you imagine every single person gets registered to vote at age 18? Voter turnout is, you know, 50 percent-ish.

Voter registration, depending on the state can be higher or lower, but that's a lot of people who are registered where someone just has to show up and vote as that person whether they are coming or not. Again, the numbers alone just don't add up in Pennsylvania. Break it down, the governor's race, Josh Shapiro, the Democrat who received just over 3 million votes with Mastriano, the Republican winning 2.2 million, that's a landslide victory, even better than Kemp over Abrams in Georgia. Now for a swing state of Pennsylvania, I don't know. I mean, the reasoning on the media side was Mastriano was just not a likable candidate, which I get it, just so funny one of the reporters on Fox News the other day said he was rougher around the edges. Wait, so Mastriano is too rough, but Uncle Fersterman wasn't. That's just conjecture, however, but now let's look at the Senate race.

You've got Uncle Fersterman who got 2.7 million votes, a good 300,000 less than Josh Shapiro. Again, can we believe that 300,000 people who voted for Josh Shapiro flipped for Oz? No. But then when you look at our side where Oz received 200,000 more votes than Mastriano, oh, maybe there was some flipping when you look at that at base value, but it still doesn't add up to the actual results. People tell me all the time, Chad, these are just anomalies Chad, little disconnects that don't matter. Well, I disagree. Eating a donut every day for breakfast may not be a big massive overeating problem, but eventually you will get fat. Small pockets of odd counties or mismatched numbers or dead people getting elected is the donut. Eventually it'll be too late when we're diabetic, obese people in the hospital. Take it from me. I'm working very hard every day to reverse that.

Another big factor in my decision to call out Pennsylvania as one of the most fraudulent states in America is the past. You know when Romney went up against Obama's reelection bid, several counties in Pennsylvania, which was not covered by the media, but you can look it up, several counties in Pennsylvania did not have one vote cast for Romney. Tens of thousands of ballots came in and none of them had a Romney vote. Not even one. I mean, we have the green party, we have the Marks party, I don't know all the parties, but they all get a voter or 2, just doesn't happen ever in any state. That is a clear indicator of fraud, but it was all swept under the rug because at that time, Americans could never think our elections were being toyed with by state officials. So how do we run a fair election?

I mean, this is so easy and that's the problem with politics. That's the problem with Washington, the most simple solutions. It's so convoluted that it seems like this unbearable nightmare to fix, when it's not. One, prove all voters are US citizens and able to vote. Two, promote in-person voting while minimizing mail-in votes to the elderly and the unable. Use a simple counting machine. Think scantrons when the teacher would grade your multiple choice test. That's it. I don't think many people would disagree these are fair, but in states where these are the very things Republicans have wanted or wanted to put in place, it called Jim Crow, and you know that's unfair. Now, I don't think many people would disagree with me that these are fair common sense voting laws, but in the states where these things were actually presented, tried to be put into place, the Republicans were called Jim Crow.

You know what's unfair? Giving out ballots to everyone and anyone, especially in a time where millions of illegals are crossing our border, then putting boxes all over the place that require trucks and movement to counting places, allowing everyone to mail in, which again puts the ballot in a series of handoffs, and as we know, every handoff brings more risk in sports, in life, and in elections. Vote, count, tally, done. Yet liberals can't stand that. And if you notice, the big upsets never come from the polling places. They always come from the late counting of mail-in ballots with mystery truckloads showing up in places like Maricopa County in Arizona. I mean, if we can't come together on something as simple as voting requirements, we're never going to be able to fix things like Medicare and social security. I mean, I think the hardest part of this voting nightmare for me is that as these things pop up republicans, many that I know get discouraged and give up.

I mean, I hear it every day, Chad. It's obvious our candidates are chosen for us now and we have no say anyways, and I disagree, but naturally it will lead to less Republican voter turnout and a very bitter base. It's a double-edged sword because you have to vote to make the change, but voting also adds to the insanity. Understand, I am only calling out these states. There are little blips here and there in other states, but they're either A, explainable or B anomalies. You guys know me? Exception rule, exception rule. One little misstep in the state of Washington, I'm just making this up, is an exception, but when you have this many issues, it's starting to become the rule. I don't see multiple irregularities in other states like I do in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. I mean, just look at the candidates we're getting out of these states.

Katie Hobbs, she's a radical nut job basement dweller. How is she electable? Uncle Festerman radical and mentally stunted can barely talk. See Electable Warnock is a voodoo priest in the church of socialism. See Electable Mark Kelly, the Democrat from Arizona. He's just a bump on a log with nothing to offer. He votes in line with Schumer on everything and is a pro-amnesty senator in a state being demolished by illegals. How does he get elected? It's purely insane and the left wants to paint the picture that the Trump backed conservatives are some radical offshoots of mainstream Republicans. All I say is no, this is Republicans taking their party back, taking the party of Reagan and Abraham Lincoln back from the idiotic McConnells, Gramnasties and Liz Cheneys of the world. The only radicals exist in the Democratic party and as the Bidens of the world die off, the more radical they become and have become.

We have watched the Democratic party time and time again, medal and manipulate elections since the Civil War. They are the party of cheating elections. They are the party that wants to federalize our elections and everything else, so they have total power, but they continue to win. Why Chad? How? How is this possible? Well, I've already told you the voter base is changing. Since 2016 Republicans have garnered more traditional Democrat minority voters than ever, since blacks and browns. Essentially. However, at a much faster rate indoctrinated public school and university grads that align with the AOCs of the world are coming out voting blindly. We need to start engaging young people and educating those in the other category and showcasing what we have to offer. The Democrat controlled minorities, which by the way isn't something special, it's just what America has to offer. The five Goliaths against our conservative movement are growing, which means we need to take a different approach.

The drive-by media, the radical left. Rinos in the swamp, education indoctrination and the political elite who only want candidates they control regardless of subsides. Allow me to leave you with this. I can wholeheartedly say our election process has gone backwards. Whether you believe in fraud, sweeping fraud, whatever level you believe or even none is your call, but so many things have come up since 2020 that are just plain stupid that have no place in this country. Why would our voting machines have servers internationally and not stateside? That's pure stupidity. I'm not saying it's widespread fraud, I'm just saying that's stupid. Handling of ballots, dumping them in suitcases and trucks and shoveling and scooping them as people count, crazy. Machines that break, in 2022 a computer, were they not Apple? Wide open mail-in voting and no signature matching mean these are national issues, not just the unholy trinity.

We are the number one country in the world and that's how we handle our votes? Suitcases and truckloads of ballots. Fraud or not, it's disgraceful and if anything it just opens the door for a lot of questions. The truth is everyone is gaming the system on both sides. It's politics 101. Avoid policy at all costs while looking for loopholes and backdoor solutions. You see, the American people want me in, they just don't know it yet, so I have to tamper with the election. It's an endless nightmare. And another example of a simple issue that's made out to be so complicated that it has no real meaning anymore. We should be able to stand proud of our elections. Not constantly wonder, looking at numbers and incidents thinking, Hmm, that doesn't add up to me. None of it is fair for either side, which is why the only answer is to take a step back and look at common sense.

Americans on the left need to realize that for every illegal ballot cast, a legal ballot just became less valuable and important. Every time there's another ballot put in that doesn't quite make the rules or match the rules, it takes away from the ballot that does match the rules. It's not a matter of expanding voting for everyone, it's a matter of expanding voting legally that doesn't destroy someone else's chances because of irregular votes counted or found memory cards. The more politicians work and rework voting laws and then try to rework them again, it becomes so meaningless people lose faith and eventually stop voting. Voter turnout is already a travesty in this country and our inability to just get back to basics always hurts everyone. We're also focused on the candidates. We forget what's happening behind the scenes and oftentimes it's not great, especially in the unholy trinity.

See folks, the reason why elections have no transparency is because it's a game of politics, not of people or policy who can rig the system enough to win, whether it's through laws, machines or whatever may be the cause. It's all hidden from us, but the cracks are starting to show, whether or not Trump took it to an extreme I will let you decide, but I will say he did us a great service by exposing some of the stuff that may not be widespread voter fraud, but seriously questionable and unethical election practices happening all over the country. One of the things that I thought was always odd was that our secretaries of state have political affiliations. Shouldn't the people administering, managing and certifying our elections be nonpartisan? That's the first question, especially in places where their position is even voted on. Like Pennsylvania, I know what you're thinking.

Well, it's impossible to find nonpartisan. Everyone has some sort of bias, right? But not everyone has their livelihood relying on election results, and you run and certify those results. It's just too close for comfort. Please understand me folks when I say what I am pointing out to you is not widespread election fraud. It's a compilation of errors that makes me wonder why Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania always have these odd results that go up against every single piece of polling data that exists, and it's always tied with some strange behavior, strange candidate or strange activity. Democracy is something we've taken for granted in the last years because we've been assured all is well. The government has it all under control. They're supposed to be our champions for democracy, not the other way around. It's a fight that we have to fight and they will never fight for democracy because democracy stands for everything Washington is against, the will of the people they hate.

The power of the people they hate even more, and the representative government of the people they despise, when they look at themselves in the mirror. In Washington, there are only two kinds of people, government leeches that live and feed off your hard-earned dollars and do nothing or those fighting against democracy because it takes their power and forces them to represent you. The voter, not them, the ego. We've got two more years to get more people excited about this movement. Freedom, loving, patriotic, pro-constitution, family, first Republicans. Those are the real Republicans. We are the real Republicans, Reagan's Republicans, because everything else is just politics as usual. I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said, democracy is worth dying for because it's the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man. Now that is what we all needed to hear. God bless you President Reagan and may God save America.

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