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The Unholy Election Trinity: Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.


Intro: The votes are tallied and it's time for a post-election reality check, the unholy Trinity, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania have serious questions to answer. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yeah, we are fired up this evening everyone. Let's go Brandon. Oh yeah, come on. Get it done.

Chad: Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, the holiest homo, the binary brother of your dreams, the gayest conservative of all time, and the true leader of the gay world. We're here today broadcasting from the gay conservative studios in Newport Beach, California. It's a gorgeous fall evening. Sorry to rub it in for those of you listening from an icy and snowy climate, however, you're always welcome to come experience the gay conservative studios here if you need a break from real winter. Reminding all of you out there that this is a safe space, a woke free zone for truth-seeking, freedom loving patriots all over the world, and as always, we will broadcast our truth on the red, white and blue rainbow.

Well folks, today I want to do more election episode coverage just to dive deeper into some things that I mentioned earlier and things like why Georgia, Pennsylvanian and Arizona have such odd elections, election results, things that don't make sense. I call them the unholy trinity because they're by far the most messed up election states in the country. I think it's very important that we dive into some of the final numbers, maybe some of the demographic or psychographic results on turnouts so we can understand where we felt short in some of these "easy win races." What's really happening in the eyes of Americans, and most importantly, I just want to filter through some of this noise for you guys because it seems speculating wildly, is the media's favorite pastime, but it's on steroids coupled with the political opinions of contributors and politicians that make things almost impossible to know truth from fiction.

People like Carl Rove who should have hung up his cheap wingtip after he sat his fat ass on the better part of a year, proclaiming that Donald Trump could never ever beat Hillary. Man, I love Fox News for so many things, but they have such an issue with recycling terrible contributors. This midterm election coverage was the worst I've seen in a very long time. I would've been fine with just Brit Hume, Brett, Dana, and some of the real contributors, not Carl Rove and the other dead weight that we saw on there. All of that aside, this election highlighted a lot of things wrong with the American election system, which I didn't think we could get any worse than we have been. This is an area we used to set the global standard for in free and fair elections, and from the outside looking in, we've become the third-world equivalent in election management.

The fact that counting could take weeks is already completely unacceptable, but the amount of loopholes for voting laws and those in power certifying elections have political interest in the very elections themselves. Now to be clear, I don't subscribe to the MyPillow guy and Dominion Machine Claims, however, there are some massive gaps in the current election system that have been around for a long time, but are coming to light with all the digitalization of past information, the instant information in front of us on our phones, and most importantly, all the new Freedom of Information act requests that expose some pretty big issues.

Before I get too far off track, I do want to tell you a funny story. I realize my life has been pretty boring and I just saw the 22nd email asking me why I'm not doing funny stories anymore. Don't worry folks, I'm doing funny stories, but I want to make sure they're real and funny for you all or it loses all value. The best email I got was of gentlemen requesting that I actually do a separate podcast with just my funny life stories. To be honest, it would probably do better than this one, but my stories are reserved for last gay conservative listeners. Even if some of you tune in and then tune out after you hear the funny story, which I know doesn't happen. Many of you know that I sit on a handful of boards. I'm a director on several board of directors for various companies based on my marketing expertise, my reputation for creating productive and positive culture in the workplace and my entrepreneurial spirit, I guess.

So I've had to go to a lot of the quarter three meetings in the last few weeks, and truth be told, I'm trying to resign from a few of the positions, but as I'm sure you all assume, I'm just way too popular and way too valuable for anyone to let me go without a fight. That was sarcasm. So the meeting I was at last week is a pretty informal one. I bring Ron and wear a polo shirt and golf shorts or pants. Funny enough, it's the most successful company I sit on the board of as well. The company is a very successful pet food brand that makes the best dog and cat food on the planet. Truth be told, one of the reasons Ron is in such awesome shape is because he's never had kibble. So we're sitting in this board meeting and the marketing analyst gets up to share the data collected on what's working and what isn't.

So he starts going through the main reasons we've lost customers. One of the top five items reported was excessive gas and strong odor. Of course, we all got a good laugh out of it and they started moving through the conversation all along. Ron's there laying next to my feet and all of a sudden you hear this fart noise that's very distinguishable. Most dogs are silent but deadly, but when Ron farts, he makes the actual fart noise like a human does. So he's at my feet sleeping and farting away. It's a dog company. No one thought anything of it. We laughed, but maybe about two minutes later everyone started looking at me and Ron and around and one guy stands up and says, I can't take it anymore. I need air. Now remember folks, since I had covid, I've not regained my sense of smell.

I had no idea what was going on, but apparently Ron's farts were just rancid and the entire boardroom was gagging. They decided to take five to clear the room and spray a lot of Fabrezz. Only me, as they're breaking down reasons for people leaving the brand and gas is one of the major issues. My dog who is on the food rips deadly farts. I was crying. The irony was perfect. The funniest part of the whole thing is the CEO and other executives immediately stood up and said, we need to get the nutritionist on this immediately to add ingredients or take something out that causes this gas and smell. And yet here Ron inspires change in another way. Who knew dog farts could make a serious difference in business? Needless to say, Ron may be the face of the new formula. I could not stop laughing folks.

It was one of those moments that was just too good to be true. Now I do want to touch on a few news items quickly before we get into election stuff. In all the election noise, one of the biggest losses to our movement was a piece of gun control legislation In Oregon. Measure 114 is a very unconstitutional mockery of our second amendment rights. And in true liberal fashion, just bad legislation, Oregon voters passed 114 with a tight 1.5% majority, in my opinion mostly due to what we do worst, which is educate people on the reality. It's almost exactly the same as what I talk about with Roe v. Wade. The insanity is that 6 out of 36 counties in Oregon voted in favor of the measure and multiple sheriffs have come out and said they will not enforce it. Period. Folks, this is the game we constantly have to play.

Legislators that feel that they're above the constitution and the powers of the Supreme Court. In this case, state legislators, which are the equivalent to high school ASB leaders, they think that they have supreme rule over our Second Amendment rights. Every single piece of gun legislation presented to the Supreme Court this year and last year has been ruled in favor of the Second Amendment. All this legislation does is delay the inevitable, which it'll be thrown out and it'll waste tax dollars and give Oregon State legislators something to talk about on the local cable news stations. Keely Hopkins, I saw this quote from Keely Hopkins. Apparently she's the manager of Pacific States and firearm policy for Congressional Sportsman Foundation. She says "it's a feel good measure that only adds new unfunded burdens on local police, eliminates opportunities for recreational activities and hurts conservation funding while not making any tangible impact on the real problem."

Man, ain't that the truth? It's a feel good legislation. I tell you it's media politicking. What she's pointing out here is the theme of liberal feel good should be law, but we realize that hardly do head, brain and feelings work well together to create common sense in legislations or just in life. If you simply look at crime in Portland, for example, that has gone from lots of petty theft, urinating in public and drunken disorderlies to now stabbing, shootings, attempted murder, domestic terrorism, and the list goes on. But the much larger issue is that the Portland police do not respond. They've be