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The Race Based Boondoggle- Affirmative Action


Intro: It looks as though the Supreme Court is poised to quash the racist practice of affirmative action, hopefully sending a message to America that race-based boondoggles no longer have a place in this country. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Oh yeah, let's go Brandon. Come on y'all. Let's go Brandon and get fired us today. Let me hear you say FJB FJB FJB! Yeah. Hello everybody and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host with the most Chad Law, America's binary brother, the holiest homo, and the true leader of the gay world. This is the real queer eye. Queer eye for the smart guy and like always we're broadcasting today from our gay conservative studios, which of course is my safe space, free of wokeness and tantrums, but most importantly, where we broadcast our truth through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow.

You got it. Just want to say quick thank you for those who shared our last show, our last episode about the Colorado Springs massacre had a massive uptick in downloads and we've received many notes with friends shouting out their friends who referred them to the show. Please keep sharing. There will be huge opportunities for all of us, including you, my core, as we grow. Alright folks, we've got a lot to cover today. I have quite a few big news items to cover and then I wanted to take a deeper look at affirmative action and some of the other race-based boondoggles. The Supreme Court is reviewing yet another case on affirmative action. Affirmative action is one of those things that has been around forever, is continually challenged, but hardly anyone really understands what it means.

Set the details aside, fighting racism with racism has never worked. Furthermore, there's never been a successful race-based, or what I say, guilt driven program run by the government that has worked. In fact, these programs have worked against the various groups. They're supposed to be protecting for decades. Look to the Native American reservation program with the legalizing of casinos, letting them manage their reservation as if it's their own country, which is fine, but not only are there no taxes paid on their massive earnings, the massive earnings hardly trickle into their communities. Native reservations have some of the highest levels of poverty, lowest levels of education, but at least we propped them up and gave them reservations. Completely backwards. Now I do believe people will often need help and there should be programs to assist in those cases, but race or ethnicity should have no bearing on the acceptance or participation in these programs.

Furthermore, the program should be designed to give people another opportunity, not keep them dependent on the government. I will get into all this a little later in the episode, but in the meantime, I do have a very quick funny story for you today. I was in Home Goods yesterday. I was at Costco and the Home Goods is actually right across the parking lot and decided to pop in and see if I could find some non tacky Christmas throw pillows for the house. I know, how gay right? Christmas throw pillows. I might as well be liberatchy. However, if you've ever been to a Home Goods, you can't just pop in for one item and there's a hundred dollars minimum exit fee, kind of like Target. So Ron and I are walking around and I have him on an extenzo leash, one of the ones that go back and forth into the handle because if I don't, he pulls to say hi to everyone.

So typical me, I'm shopping, I don't realize Ron has gone all the way to the next aisle, but when I look up I can see the cord of the leash all the way around the end cap and I called for him as always, he comes over right away, but the leash had wrapped around the end cap and it was all tangled. And when he came around the corner towards me, he pulled off an entire shelf of candles, just shattered everywhere and no, not just a couple of candles, at least 20. So naturally a big scene ensued and I'm guarding the glass. I stuck Ron in the cart so he wouldn't cut his foot. Couple minutes go by and this guy comes up like some cop and goes, is everyone okay here? I thought it was the manager at first. So I quickly explained that it was my dog and that someone had left to go get an employee to help me clean it up.

The employee who was going to help, ironically remembered me because I'm there all the time and she loves Ron. She says, oh, I'm going to go get the broom. I'll be right back. So right away, as she walks away, this want to be cop dude, mall cop, whatever, says nice sweatshirt, very sarcastically to me. And I look down and of course I have my, let's go Brandon, hoodie on. I immediately roll my eyes. As the show has gotten bigger, I do try not to wear that stuff out only because it draws attention and I hate it. But my eye roll was partially at myself and partially at him. I was upset that I wore it out and I was upset that he would call out in such a sarcastic way so rudely, but I'm sure you can all imagine mall cop Joe starts lecturing me on why I shouldn't use that type of leash and how I need to pay more attention to my dog.

There were a few passers by making comments like, oh, little guy didn't mean to do it and it's just candles, no biggie. Not this guy. He then has to make it political, of course. I could have guessed someone with let's go Brandon did this because they have no regard for anyone else he says, and I just said, sir, I will handle it with the team here. Your assistance is not needed. It didn't stop for like five minutes, which seemed like an eternity. Remember folks we're in Orange County, there are a lot of conservatives and as his voice started to raise a bit, I had a woman and a man at my side telling the guy to get a life. The whole situation was becoming a scene and it was all over broken candles, which of course I offered to pay for in full, but a liberal cannot be happy until they publicly humiliate other people, cause scenes and stick their noses where they don't belong.

So I went on shopping and lo and behold we get in the line and the libtard is three people in front of me. I just ignore him while everyone just dotes on Ron and enjoys the holiday spirit. It's actually quite a nice Home Good, so everyone in there is generally pretty happy. The guy is probably 65, big gray beard, skinny and tall, hair in a ponytail with light jeans and some weird t-shirt not put together at all. Borderline homeless looking and he had quite a bit more stuff than I did in the checkout. So ultimately I ended up following him out and he starts loading his car and I kid you not, he has a big rainbow sticker that says Love wins. So of course I couldn't help myself when I said to him, man, that wasn't a very loving display in the store, verbally assaulting a gay man. He looked like he was going to shoot me. And then he says, there was no gay man there. I immediately rose my hand and he became very flush and said, oh, well you're a let's go Brandon guy, it doesn't count.

And you can imagine this class act of a gentleman drove by me loading up my car, giving me the finger. I mean this hysterical anger within these woke followers is so funny. It's like in the slightest moment they get triggered and just flip out. But hey, at least I passed as straight to the LGBTQ fan club all because of the sweatshirt I was wearing. Because people think that if you're gay, you must be liberal. So don't fall into that trap. Stand proud people. Seriously. You just have to make sure you're being smart about it. 10 years ago, I would've gone around wearing any political hat, shirt, bumper sticker. These days not so much because it's dangerous. Cars get keyed, people get beat up and liberals keep getting worse. The more they don't get responses that they want, the more they escalate their behavior.