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The Pain We're Feeling is Socialism

Be advised, you are now entering a no work zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the left the liberals and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, a place where whining, crying, screaming, lashing out and tantrums are prohibited and punishable by law. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host the beacon of truth. The gays conservative, the leader of the gay world, he may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. He's always right and never canceled. Ladies and gentleman, the last gay conservative themself Chad

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Hello, everybody and let's go Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative like you heard this is your host Chad law beaming in from the conservative gay headquarters here in Newport Beach, California wishing you all a fantastic week hoping that all of you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. It is Monologue Monday today. But it's the Monologue Monday, Wednesday edition because of the holiday mean, what kind of American Christian conservative boss and business owner would I be if I didn't give people memorial day off? I figured also we've been clear with you all that our schedule still a little bit up in the air as we find our sweet spot. And so far, none of you seem to really mind that much. If you do, let us know. So we can make adjustments. I don't know about you all, but I feel like Memorial came as fast as it left. I mean, naturally, Monday isn't enough for her for my office. So of course, I gave everyone Friday and Monday off. I always tell people party on Friday, pray on Monday, it doesn't always necessarily happened in that order. But if we take a small part of our day to honor those who didn't make it home and pray for them, it's to me that that marks a successful Memorial Day holiday we hear ultimate sacrifice all the time. And that's exactly what it is. When it pertains to fallen soldiers. I don't think there's a better definition. This is a person or people who literally love their country so much. They don't want it going anywhere because of the opportunities that has given them and their families and they're willing to die for it. That's how important the US and America is for these people. Our fallen soldiers are so much more than heroes are sacrifices. These people leave everything and everyone behind for something greater than themselves. I believe that greater thing is God. Some people say it's America, maybe both. But either way for us to conceptualize what that would look like or feel like to me is nearly impossible. I mean, how does someone become so selfless and so willing to walk into a terrible situation with minimal survival rates holding on to nothing but the belief that what they're doing will help others either today or in the future. These are our true saints and angels in everyone's recent just about Russia and world war three and talks about drafts, we so often forget that we my generations generations before me and generations after haven't been drafted because these guys sign up voluntarily and jump in headfirst into the fire, some lose their lives so we can keep ours in history. One of the biggest moments that we talk about is the beaches of Normandy D Day, and there's 100 movies out there about it. But when you really think about 1000s of young men, mostly American who fly swim, run, walk as fast as they can right into enemy fire breaking every rule of nature, every human sense that tells us to run away or hide these guys going in. They knew what was happening and what would probably happen they knew that there was less than a 50% chance they would live to see the next day if they did it anyway, those lives lost on those beaches are the only reason why democracy in Europe continues to exist. Had we the United States done nothing there is no questioning Hitler would have taken England the north and all of Eastern Europe our lives as we know it the economy worldwide as we know it and the world the way we have it now would have been over can you really fathom that? I'm not sure I can. All I can do is remind myself to be thankful people often tell me Well, Chad, it's part of God's plan, you know that this is what he wanted. Of course, I know it's part of God's plan. But that doesn't mean the people that he called didn't want to stay down here with their loved ones, their families, friends, it's still the ultimate sacrifice. What I do know is two things give me heartburn every Memorial Day. First of all, why? I do we have to remind people every year on Memorial Day I'm talking politicians, business owners, celebrities influencers. Why do we have to remind them every Memorial Day that Memorial Day is not the same as Veterans Day. Memorial Day is celebrating the fallen soldier who didn't make it home Veterans Day is to celebrate all who served. The other thing that drives me crazy about Memorial Day is the traffic in Newport is awful. I was getting a little bit heavy there. But in all seriousness, the traffic is really bad but we also should really take some time to contemplate what it means to strap on a backpack walk into gunfire because something intelligent because something inside you tells you it will serve others even in your death. And those deep thoughts are exactly why I drink very heavily through Memorial Day weekend every year. Don't look at me like that. My team on the other side of the glass is looking at me going you drink heavily every day. I know people I'm trying to be inspiring here. Give me a break. Anyways, it was a beautiful weekend here in Newport Beach. We took our boat out with a group of friends and clients it's a yearly thing I do every year and as I'm saying this it makes me realize that I sound like a snob but good I deserve to be a snob I work my ass off but our Memorial Day event is always hit or miss because of June gloom. So we got really lucky this year. I haven't even been on my boat and a couple of months. I couldn't believe how much I missed it. All the sayings around boats are so true. They're awful. They suck your time and your money all the stuff you always hear 100% True. However, my boat does something for me. That's priceless. It keeps the parties the events and the people out of my house. It takes minimal hosting. And since I've had the boat, I've had zero guests at home exactly the way I like it. Newport Beach is special because the entire community is built around this giant Harbor. And if you don't have a boat, someone you know has a boat. Now it's not like where I grew up in Santa Barbara where it's a short ride from the launch to wide open waters unless you're heading somewhere specific to anchor in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by nothing even on an 80 foot yacht isn't fun. So we have this huge Marina it's massive you can actually have an awesome voting day without even leaving the harbor. And if you do leave the coast has amazing little cove cutouts along it where you can anchor yachts can stop and everyone jumps in the waters way too cold for me. But still it's fun. And the best part about the harbor is that you can get anything you need from land onto your boat. I love to host so usually I do a signature cocktail get some apps and we cater in lunch. So this weekend we decided to do Nobu they brought down and incredible spread food unreal awesome wine just such a nice way to celebrate the weekend, I of course decided to shove 45 sushi rolls down my throat and chase it with very very expensive champagne. I was an absolute heaven. It was weird because usually these events that I throw someone either quits I fire them, I kill someone. I'm kidding. Or they want to kill me or someone cries and breaks down. I mean, I put a lot of pressure on myself when I host events and so it was weird. I didn't really feel any pressure. I was having a grand old time. I mean, you know, trash piling up drinks needing refilling. I mean anyone who knows me knows that that would not fly. I was in pure ecstasy eating Nobu drinking way too much champagne laughing hysterical the opposite of chat. This was Chad's Alter Ego. Consuelo. I remember one point at the night I put my arm around my business partner and I said these are way more fun than I remember. It's been so long since the budget pandemic we need to do this more often. Whoo hoo give me more champagne. Then next thing you know it's 2am My assistant is dripping cold water to wake me up on my face. I'm down in one of the rooms in the boat and the party had been over since 9pm. I didn't say by it and cleaned and give out the gift bags nothing apparently I'd been out since 7pm Just a couple hours after the party started everything that I remember did actually happen except for what I didn't realize is that my friend who is an amazing Baker candy maker, anything sweets related. She does incredible. She bought these little chocolate balls with a chocolate cacao powder on top and her husband gave me one and said be careful these are really strong and of course I understood it to be very rich. Well no when he said very strong he failed to mention that they were weak chocolates they were they were cooked with marijuana. So you wonder what kind of man who has a business and boats takes basically 400 edibles at a party he's hosting eats all the Nobu drinks all the champagne and then goes and passes out below deck. I mean, I have my moments but that's definitely not me. I want to remember when I woke up I looked at the mirror my mother staring back at me through the mirror telling me imagine what they'll say about you. They're all talking about you they're gonna think you're unprofessional and a druggie. I think I've mentioned growing up she cared a little too much about what people thought and apparently there was no wind when my Apple dropped that day because it's a horrible habit of mine as well. in the morning of course I called everyone I apologize did that big ring of Moran and called everyone apologize and everyone said that was the best party they ever had. They liked it better when there was an extra large blonde gay man dripping in Gucci chasing them around with a trash bag and a coaster Go figure. Anyways, I'm rambling at this point, but it was a great Memorial Day it really reminded me that no one really cares about you and the judging way we judge ourselves and people around you love you regardless, they really do. But the real moral of the story is looking into the mirror and seeing your own mother look back at you is some effed up shit and I will never eat another weed candy again. All right, folks. Moving on. I think it would be an understatement to see we're all feeling pain one way or another currently, and I'm not talking about my current throat pain. If you didn't notice my voice, I'm a little bit under the weather today. So bear with me did not want to delay the information feed of the conservative and the gay conservative movements to you all, so I decided to record anyways. But weather inflation and gas prices have just destroyed you financially. Or maybe you are going to five or six stores a day to get baby formula. You own a business and your cost and lead time for materials makes it impossible to compete with larger companies who have stockpiles. Maybe you have kids in school that are being forced to learn woek BS and you're constantly worried about them. It doesn't matter where you fall on the spectrum of pain I would imagine several of you including myself fall into several of those categories. I'm not sure if I've ever shared this with you. I have a small mini kind of rental business we created it to help offset the cost of our boats and create a truly luxury boating experience here in Newport. That's our point of difference the luxury we can't compete with the 1520 30 fleet businesses out there so I decided to create a niche of a luxury ride catering to engagement special days ladies high fashion brunches you know the drill. Surprisingly even when you rent the biggest yachts in Newport or around the world. Most of them are kind of plug and play bland, boring dry with no luxury. I serve Justin vineyards, wine and the local beer IPA selection organic signature cocktails from a local mixologist. We have cashmere blankets when you get cold and big cozy deep chairs for the deck you know all the stuff that would make the ride special we offer way more in the same cost as the other guys we'll fast forward to today the cost of gas for the boat is so extremely high that it's eaten away at everyone's profit. There's only so many people willing to pay and competition doesn't allow for streamline pricing. There's not like a cap or a minimum. Naturally the big guys who provide nothing bump up their prices a little bit take less profit but stay busy with high volumes because of the competitors like me who can't compete for us the luxury experience was my only way of keeping up market price wise and also profiting but with the gas prices. Now we can't offer the full luxury experience and fill up the tank at the same time or compete price wise with the giants in the harbor. I mean quite frankly without a high volume even without the luxury experience these gas prices alone make it impossible to make money and even make it worth it so my boats and their slips these are things that I think people don't realize these Financial Times sweep and touch everyone in every business however small businesses can generally compete price wise with larger businesses that can maintain a blended profit margin by losing on some and winning on others. So naturally the small business owner screwed the consumer is more screwed because you all have no choices they go by by and large companies have no incentive to provide decent service I'm sure you've all felt that pain but that's not it. Millions of people are hurting in all sorts of ways and it's just awful me show after show you hear me say the same thing. I don't know about you all but I just can't believe where we're living. I'm a broken record. I sit at home on the couch watching TV, Fox News, CNN whatever it is my head and my hands shaking going where the hell am I we have to ask what has changed so much that almost every single person in this country is in pain. If you break it down individually, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. We've been through high gas prices before we've survived. We've seen mass produce or meat recalls leaving shelves empty before we've survived. We've seen household items shortages. I mean, just during COVID We survived one could easily argue that each pain point that I just talked about has happened and we've gotten over the challenge okay as a country. So what's the difference today? Well, first, most incidents like this were caused by natural or semi natural circumstances running out of paper product literally demand increased so fast that the supply forecast didn't include a one off freak virus I've seen in California guys, gas prices temporarily shoot up because the refinery shuts down or a drilling issue. But that's not the case today. The pain we're feeling today is not only from all sides versus one incident like I just talked about, but also the result of systematically bland push for democratic quote unquote, socialism in this country, which I'll talk about later, but Democratic Socialist Islam is an oxymoron and does not exist, we are really reaching the point of no return folks. And the people in office doing this want you to feel this pain. So you're used to it and give up and say, well, that's just life. They're trying to create a new normal of suffering. So we turn to them for help people say, Oh, Chad, socialism is the Boogeyman. There's no way the US could or whatever be socialist, I get it. I thought that too, but it's happening aggressively and purposely every day. I mean, think about it. It wasn't that long ago, when Bernie Sanders took to the campaign trail and proudly called himself a socialist, democratic socialist, to be exact wonder what Marx would think about that definition, democratic socialist, but like many of us, I just couldn't believe that there was someone who stands for everything that we're not could build such a large following. I mean, he almost won the nomination. And I think he would have if Hillary didn't juke the stats, I mean, just the slightest bit of research will tell you that socialism is a very scary thing. It does not work and it nurtures an environment of dictatorship, abuse of power military states, and more contrary to what Marxist theory will tell you people come last in the socialist environment, you know, and before Bernie Democrats were never so emboldened to come out and openly say they are socialist or proponents of socialist democracy, they would use social programs to create their own sort of makeshift stepping stones towards socialism, but never came out and said it and us on the right have talked about the fear of socialism encroaching into our American democracy. From the beginning of time, we've warned every one of its nasty consequences and tried to block the socialist agenda from having detrimental effects on the future of this country. Emphasis on tried, it wasn't until Bernie showed up on the campaign stage that socialism started becoming popularized, and quite frankly, acceptable so popularized that millions of Americans wanted him as president it was the birth of a movement all and out socialism them against the United States of America, don't misunderstand me, not just social programs, but true socialism, like you see in many European countries, or even the most extreme versions, like China and Russia. Now, since Bernie's double runs, socialism is more real and more present than ever in the United States. Today, we have a major issue now millions of Americans have bought into the idea of this glamorous democratic socialist society, the utopia, if you will, Bernie was merely a test of where our country stood, and whether or not the Democratic Party could market and get away with more bold, sweeping socialist policy and election promises. Now, they're openly socialists, congressmen and women, and it's growing, they call themselves the Congressional Progressive Caucus,

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progressives are pushing particles even further left as chair of the Progressive Caucus. Representative Pramila Jayapal is one of the leaders in this push.

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The policies that we advocate for are the policies that lift up the bottom that lift up the middle and actually bring fairness back so that the very top is is is paying their fair share. We have an enormous amount of power

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and my Congresswoman is the Deputy Chair Katey Porter, and she represents Orange County. It's disgusting, but this Congressional Progressive Caucus is composed of more than 100 progressive members of Congress and one US senator, guess who that is Bernie Sanders. So you have people like Katey Porter, Ilan Omar, Barbara Lee, Mark Pocan, Pramila jeyapaul, all these radical extremists got to put AOC in there and along with 100 other whack jobs, all of them self proclaimed democratic socialists, and I know what you're thinking right now we'll chat 100 members, that's not that much. Well, 100 members can make or break a vote. Democrats can't get anything passed without this Progressive Caucus. So things like build back better infrastructure, gun laws, they all must appease these authoritarians that only want the most extreme version of legislation. The moderate Democrats put a bill together, let's say and these guys hate it, what happens it either gets dropped, or they have to earmark and add 1000 other socialist agenda items into the bill, just the 40 billion that just went to Ukraine. It wasn't all for Ukraine. Now. These jackals that care so much about the world and peace and no war added millions and millions of dollars in benefits for their own personal districts and themselves. You know, we went from one lone wolf wacky Bernie that we all kind of rolled our eyes that to now an entire caucus that controls the passage of legislation within the Democratic Party. This has forced out any moderate legislation not filled with socialist agenda items, and we're feeling it bad. This is the pain we're all feeling it's socialism period. This is how people in France and Italy and Norway and Russia and China feel every day things are beyond their grasp. They have no control over their finances, businesses, kids every day is a struggle fighting against our human nature to compete, work and produce. It's painful, literally. And folks, we're here are in this country there is no ifs, ands or buts about it. This is the most socialist the US has ever been. We're feeling the pain. And if we keep going at this rate, it's not going to be pretty. And I know what you're asking. Whoa, that seems extreme Chad. Well, people say, Well, what's so socialist about now versus 10 years ago, and I'm going to tell you why and break it down. First of all, our welfare state, which is 100% Socialism has expanded by 300%. We have more people dependent on our welfare programs than we ever had before. To our presidents on all sides are abusing power with executive orders using their power to sidestep checks and balances in our legislative process three re education, which is a huge thing in socialist countries like China, they actually have reeducation camps that they send people who don't align with the government agenda. Think about it. History is being removed. Kids are taught new versions of history. It's a reeducation camp, same premise for citizens are being disarmed. And I'm not talking right now with all this gun reform. It's been happening really since 1994, before 1994, but the big sweep was 1994. That was the catalyst for all this other bull. And lastly, the probably the most important thing is that we have started and we are continuing to aggressively redistribute wealth and reform wages in a way that creates a socialist environment. I can assure you of this all these things have been happening since before 10 years ago, however, after Americans gave Bernie the green light cheered for AOC praised Ilan Omar and now allowed their congress people in a extremist in my opinion, terrorist caucus. Well, they've pressed the gas let me tell you, let's look at the state of our country on a socialism scale. I mean, the word socialism means all things to men. Socialism refers to the government ownership of the means of production planning by the government and income distribution. Well, welfare is a perfect example of a program rooted in socialism socialists denounce inequality through things like private property ownership, or owning businesses that aren't government controlled. So how do you create a quality in the eyes of a socialist you use welfare, welfare is a system in place for the government to help the poor or the poverty stricken, become dependent and controlled by the government. Surprisingly enough and 94. Clinton reformed welfare by shifting focus away from sort of feeding the poor and redistributing the funds to work based programs, limiting benefits and lowering cash payouts and increasing food benefits. As you can imagine, liberals have hated this program and have systematically tried to return to a handout platform that it once was, and failing. Even Bill Clinton a Democrat saw that they want to create a higher dependency, eliminate accountability and give the federal government 100% control over the livelihood of these people. So how is it increased? These are straight from US government spending stats, let's go over them shall we welfare spending on programs for relief, unemployment, compensation and income support started out in the beginning of the 20th century at point 1% of the GDP. It wasn't until the great depression where they really grew, and they reached 2.1% of the GDP by 1940. During World War Two, welfare declined, went down to about 2% of the GDP. It stayed that way through the 60s and the Great Society Program started welfare on an upward path so that 1980 welfare spending fluctuated between now three and 4%, spiking during recessions. Now, where are we now? Well, we were at 4.75% and 2010, under Obama, and now we're at 6.3. And we're estimated to hit 7.2% against GDP this year in 2022. And you would think the pandemics over so welfare spending should drop dramatically? Well, if you notice, every time there's a major spike in spending, the normalization, or the cool off is around two to 3% Economists are saying this year will probably finish around 7% welfare to GDP and it's never going to go below 5%. This point further and that's just federal spending. Each state has their own program as well. According to In 2018, total government expenditures for poor families with children came to 337 billion there were 5 million poor families dividing the total expenditures by the number of families yields an average of 65,000 for poor family. Now the total spending is divided into four categories. One is cash, food and housing. The other one is medical care, public education and direct social services. So if you look at it, the combined total resources of these family of these families equal the cost of benefits and services provided by the government support Support System Plus earnings and other private income income obtained by the family in 2018. The total resources of the average poor family as defined by the government came to $83,000 per year and now Biden is proposing the largest expansion of means tested spending in US history immediately. He wants to raise the budget by 139 billion per year. Government spending and services for the average poor family would then be increased from 65,000 to 76,000 per year and combined resources from government support and prime EBIT, earnings and self support would reach $94,000 per year for the average poor family. Even if spending on social services and public education were omitted, the remaining resources would still equals $65,000. Also work requirements would be removed from the largest means tested cash program and penalties against marriage would be increased.

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Unfortunately, today, Democrats in Congress won't work with us to jumpstart our economic growth and move people back into the workforce. It appears that they are more interested in paying people more and giving people better health care benefits to stay home and reconnect to their jobs. Make no mistake, the Democrats on welfare without work expansion paid for with tax hikes on the middle class and small businesses.

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On top of that the federal government is the largest employer in the US. And let me back up a little bit insane. You're looking at a labor shortage. Why? Why work when you can get $65,000 A year from the government. But why is this whole federal government being the US is largest employer important? Well, two reasons one public sector expansion creates an additional welfare state of people reliant on the government and two socialists want maximum control and a bigger public budget than the private sector has, so they can lean on them and control the private sector. Again, according to, the federal government employs nearly 9.1 million workers comprising nearly 6% of total employment in the United States. You've got about 2 million federal employees, 4 million contract employees, 1 million grant employees, 1 million active duty military personnel and about half a million Postal Service employees. Walmart, our largest private employer has 1.8 million employees. You tell me the federal government isn't encroaching in all of our lives. If you go to whitehouse. Gov right now you will find Biden's expansion plan for the federal workforce, which is something that he shouldn't even really be talking about on his website. Why are we focused on expanding the federal government and hiring more people when we can't even get it right as it is, with the 9.1 million workers we have the most important piece of socialism is power and authoritarianism. presidential power has run amok in this country, we have a checks and balances system. It's pretty basic. Our legislative branch, Congress makes laws at the will of the people executive branch's the president who's supposed to control the military and approve or veto legislation. And the court system is supposed to enforce the legislation or determine its viability against the Constitution. I mean, this might not be a modern problem. And we've seen presidential abuse of power through executive orders, you know, throughout history in recent years since Bush, but it's been expanded to sidestep the legislative process. There are no loopholes in the Constitution, folks, it's that easy. The formula works checks and balances. However, they don't want to use it because they feel like they deserve control. When we talk about the pain, we're feeling about socialism, there's a huge direct correlation to executive orders that are an overreach and our misery executive orders should we to move the federal government along and make military decisions instead, it's being used to create laws but because presidents have gotten lazy and more power hungry than ever, they figure a way to avoid Congress. The rise of this presidential overstepping is directly related to socialism. I mean, President Obama, Trump and now Biden are all known for pushing the bounds of the Constitutions definition of presidential power. I mean, President Bush went way too far beyond his power with his waging war in the Middle East, that that set a precedent and a level of executive abuse of power, thus giving Obama the free rein to ratchet that up even more. Obama, however, created policies and made decisions that totally ignored the Constitution and put us where we are today.

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I'm not gonna stand by while a minority in the Senate puts party ideology ahead of the people that we were elected to serve.

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What a rule is to President Obama? Why he is such a he's such an important man. I mean, he's the press the United States, isn't he

Unknown Speaker 29:04

you just saw yesterday, the President appoint people to the National Labor Relations Board without the confirmation of the Senate as a political payback to his friends,

Unknown Speaker 29:13

when a president decides to violate the spirit of the law, and to use the power of the presidency to reshape the government against the Congress. The Congress has an obligation to the people. To defend our rights.

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He used executive orders almost all of them for socialism, DACA and DAPA programs that created illegal laws around immigration, thus forcing us without any congressional approval to foot the bill for a sweeping basically pre amnesty program. The administration engineered this Deferred Action for Parents of Americans in the wake of Congress's rejection of the same policies in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act, immigration law and the Constitutions take care clause. So you didn't like the answer. What did he do? He did it himself and we let him Obamacare he Obamacare was essentially all done through executive orders. It was the first attempt at socialized medicine in the US, which we're paying for and I think most of you probably feel the pain either in your wallet or in your coverage. Another example is Dodd Frank, illegally meddling in private enterprise Obama, instead of using congressional steps decided to rewrite the rules of Wall Street, telling them what they can and can't invest in. It also controls consumer mortgages, student loans, credit cards, bank fees, and more that should be through Congress. Not socialists want to be dictator presidents. And guess who bites the bullet for all this crap we do. He bailed out Chrysler and GM illegal use of TARP funds to interfere with private enterprise, which to be fair, Bush was the first one to illegally use TARP funds. But Obama used it to bail out the automakers and essentially bullied Chrysler secured creditors who are entitled to absolute priority and accepting 30 cents on the dollar while Junior creditors such as labor unions received way more this aversion of creditor rights violates not just bankruptcy law but also the Constitutions taking and due process clause. Obama also use executive orders for political profiling of the IRS. He told the IRS I want you to look at these nonprofit businesses and want you to start a task force to review nonprofits who are critical of his government. The Cato Institute says right here after seeing a rise in the number of applications for tax exempt status, the IRS in 2010 compiled a vo ello Be on the lookout list to identify organizations and gain engaged in political activities. The list included words such as Tea Party Patriots and Israel subjects such as government spending debt or taxes and activities such as criticizing the government educating about the Constitution or challenging Obamacare. Tell me that's not socialism, he created this Clean Power Plan. You know, that was the first step in ruining our energy production forced us all with these green washed fake policies. It was really the beginning of the end of what we're experiencing. Now. Trump came in and wiped all that clean, but Biden brought it all back had Trump not wiped it all clean, we would have felt this way sooner. And it would we'd be at 10 $12 a gallon by now, the way the direction it's going. He says right here the EPA site section 111 of clean air act as justification for this Clean Power Plan. But that section can't give the agencies such authority section 111 doesn't permit the government to require state doesn't want the government to require states to regulate pollutants from existing sources when those pollutants are already being regulated under Section 112. Like those derived from coal, we also know Obama used his authority to give the internet out of America's control gave it away to the world created net net neutrality, which essentially gave the Federal Communications Commission's authority to regulate the internet despite clear congressional instruction that the internet was supposed to remain unregulated. And you're probably sitting here going, Wow, is this all about Obama was such a long time ago. And you're right. But we know that presidential power overreach and policy can take years to catch up. We're feeling the banking regulations. Now. We're feeling the illegal immigration controls. We're being regulated and spied on online, our nonprofits are being regulated against non pro liberal agenda groups, and our energy market is more state controlled than ever sound familiar? That's exactly what they do in Russia. Seriously, maintaining state control is surrounded around education of everyone, not just kids in schools. And that's more of a that's less of a Russian way and more of a Chinese way of managing people's thinking and knowledge around the government. The left has repeatedly called and implemented re education programs in the United States, pure socialism. There's nothing that says that we should re educate people. People need to be accountable for their own education and believe what they want to believe Oh, no, not to the left. Again, this has been happening for a long time, but the prevalence and the focus have never been greater than it is today. I mean, just after the 2020 election, Biden won Congress was recommending re education for those who voted for Trump of course with AOC at the forefront. One tweet suggests her supporters make a list of Trump supporters for punishment down the road. New York Post Road democratic New York representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on Friday faced heat for urging supporters to create an archive of online postings by Trump psychopaths who may later regret their affiliation with the President taking to Twitter AOC asked if any of her followers we're archiving social media posts from supporters of President Trump to be later used as evidence of their complicity during his time in Oval Office. Besides AOC we had many others pushing for re education for non Biden supporters. Eugene Robinson said, there are millions of Americans almost all white almost all Republicans who somehow need to be deprogrammed. It's as if they're a members of a cult. Can you believe these people? If you don't agree with them? You're a member of a cult and you need to be real. educated, why even have parties? Why even have democracy? They don't want it. They can't function in a democratic society because they doesn't allow them to have the power they need to push their bullshit drives me absolutely insane members of a cult. I mean, then you got Project Veritas who interviewed the lead counsel, the number one lawyer at the top of PBS, a piece of crap government funded TV station for all of America to watch and here's what the guy said.

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You imagine take their kids re educate them, Molotov cocktails, again, socialist ultimate power, and anyone that criticizes the opposition should be re educated. I mean, as we've discussed, in many episodes, rewind, rewriting history, CRT, gender studies, et cetera, are all examples of socialism by very definition created by people who are openly socialist, totally removing opposition and indoctrination with one agenda. That's the only way they can win. It may not have been noticeable during Obama's reign. But this started early on in his presidency, and that was 10 to 14 years ago, depending on what date you take within his eight year reign. How many millions of children who are now young adults were indoctrinated with Obama's socialist education? Does anyone else see a pattern with the civil unrest, violence and destruction happening yet another addition to our pain. The other huge piece of the socialist agenda, according to Marx is disarming citizens leaving all warfare decisions up to the people which Marx's quote unquote people are the dictator. And listen to this clip

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telling you you're heading towards something like the Cherokee Indians experienced. And here in America, it is very important that we protect our Second Amendment rights. But it's very important that we always look at the history of what this country has gone through when people groups have been disarmed. Disarming mainstream America is only going to lead to a tighter grip by the federal government. Originally, the Second Amendment was passed to allow guys like me and guys and girls like you to be able to protect ourselves and our family, not just from criminals, but from tyrants and the government. It's no wonder so many 1000s of Indians died, not just along the way. But when they got there, it wasn't a peaceable thing and they didn't want to move, they're forced to move because they were disarmed. If they were a heavily armed militia, that would have never happened. So it's very important in America, that we keep our firearms, and not just any old firearm, that we keep firearms that are equivalent to any military firearm out there.

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This topic is everywhere right now. So I'm not going to spend too much time in hopes that I'm not potentially repeating myself with all my colleagues are saying as well. But I will say this, there has been a coordinated attack on our rights from those seeking ultimate power for over a century mean, gun rights really came to a head in 1994, when President Clinton lobbied Congress to ban automatic assault rifles, these are high speed one trigger pull guns that spray hundreds of bullets a minute on the surface, we all go, well, that's understandable. Automatic weapons have no place in the home right or with private citizens? Probably not. And that's one hand and I can understand the argument. But on the other hand, we need to understand that every time one thing is banned, it opens the door for more. The argument is that the Constitution is not absolute. That is completely false. It is absolute, because you can't regulate God given rights. And we know none of this is about mass shootings. It's about disarming people, having a country founded on the right to bear arms slowly and purposely be stripped of that right is ridiculous, but exactly what they want. Now, if you were to hear numbers from the 1994, Ban, did violence go up or down? Did mass shootings go up or down? How about the use of automatic weapons? Did it go up or down all up? No correlation to the regulation. And nobody is talking about this. Nobody is talking about how it didn't work in 94. As a precedent for today, the idea that the Second Amendment or even the First Amendment has limitations is the opposite of what this country is founded on period. These are God given rights put in place to avoid repeating history that was put in place to break the cycle of abuse from the government to its people, but the left that's what they want. They're abusing us right now. That's the pain we're feeling knowing the country is armed. I mean, we're significantly armed there's more guns than there are people is a deterrent from the government sweeping control of power. We all saw it in Canada and Australia with COVID. Both countries are 100% totalitarian and all they are using his executive power and state of emergency measures to do whatever they can to stay in power. You don't have to look very far to know Trudeau is a Cuba and Fidel Castro sympathizer and his actions in the last two years have proven it's more like copycat versus sympathy. And that's our neighboring closest ally, who by the way, Biden loves to copy and he's cheering on the Castro regime telling me socialism isn't creeping into our lives tell me there is not one case, not one. One case in history where disarming of citizens has led to great things. In fact, it's the opposite. The left is so close to an even more socialist country, even though they have slowly and consciously chipped away at democracy for over two decades, at least in their modern approach, I should say, when does it stop economies are more and more state run and they've chipped away at our capitalist market for decades, schools are teaching socialism classrooms have pictures of marks up on the wall, teaching kids about fairness and redistribution of wealth. The Constitution, which is supposed to empower people not government is under attack. The first and second amendments are pretty much over as we know it. And I should mention Biden is already using unconstitutional executive overreach for gun control. I mean, for example, he just laid out that ban on ghost guns, for example, a ban cannot be made by a president just like that Congress has to vote on it. And lastly, and probably the most damaging elements of socialism brought by the left is the distribution of wealth and controlling wages. Marx believed that wages should be based on need and not work. And that's what's happening here. I mean, the need being proposed has massive implications on our country. $15 minimum wage, $20 minimum wage, and on top of that, all these people on the left are calling for distribution of wealth by attempting to wealth, shame and overtax successful Americans, both of which deplete competition and incentive, the capitalist markets provide

Unknown Speaker 41:22

creating over a million good paying union jobs here at home, the nature of federal government to invest more in clean energy research. You know, it's based on a simple premise. It's time to reward work, not just wealth in America, we're going to have a fair tax structure that makes sure the wealthiest among us and corporations pay their fair share.

Unknown Speaker 41:46

We see this in places like France, where they essentially have a universal income. They're always in labor shortage, which why work when you don't have to. Furthermore, why work when there's no way to get rich, the more controlled the market is, the worse the labor markets become the worst economy becomes its effect. Take Italy, for example. It is nearly impossible to come from a poor family and become rich, you are what you're born regardless of education. Regardless of how hard you work, there is no incentive because the more you make, the more is taken away and redistributed to people who contribute nothing to society. Just recently, Biden tweeted, if you don't like inflation, tell the wealthy to pay their fair share. What Not only is this fundamentally wrong, because even if tax revenues increased drastically, that doesn't impact inflation. Beyond that the underlying message is clear. You have too much we want it to give to other people who deserve it. And that's a Marxist economy. Maybe Marxism calls for the total distribution of wealth. But what do you think is the goal here, just tax the wealthy and that's it. No, they have consistently chipped away capital gains death tax, all of these things chipped away at people who make money to redistribute that wealth to the giant welfare state they're creating and that's not it. Those are just low hanging fruit to start justifying their socialist policies. They have to be able to say how they're going to fund all this ridiculousness. So their answers always we're going to tax the 1%. They have to justify policies like college debt cancellation, public health care options, universal expansion of welfare. I mean, even Jeff Bezos, the owner of the terrorist newspaper Washington Post, called them out and said, Excuse me, you are so wrong. The Wall Street Journal breaks it down quite nicely in a piece called Biden's economic plan would redistribute trillions and expand government. The president seeks muscular role for the federal government and economy helping middle and working class at the expense of businesses and wealthy again, that's according to Biden, not the author they go on to say with his 1.8 trillion America's family plan unveiled following is 2.3 trillion America's job plan and is 1.9 trillion American rescue plan. President Biden has proposed 6 trillion and new federal spending for the next decade that is more than any recent president at a comparable point in their terms, the top tax rate for earners would hit their highest rate according to the Wall Street Journal since before Ronald Reagan ushered in a new era favoring tax cuts in the 1980s. In Mr. Biden's far reaching agenda, some core themes have have emerged. His administration wants to expand the reach of government social safety net well beyond retirement security, health care and income support, pushing more deeply and attempting to offer federal guarantee for child care preschool and college socialism. He wants to extend the federal role in building infrastructure and redefine what it means beyond traditional understanding of roads and bridges to high speed internet service caregiving freeing up workers who would work otherwise to have to stay at home and tend to their children or elderly parents. He wants to give Washington a new role in developing critical industries from semiconductors to electric cars to compete with rivals like China. You tell me what all this sounds like socialism, socialism, socialism, take from the wealthy and the successful and redistribute that cash to the these outlandish programs. I mean, the government doesn't get to decide where semiconductors are made. And guess why they're not made here because Biden in his 75 year politician career has backed unions and wage reform that has made it impossible for companies to compete. So they take it overseas. Dude, you're a day late and $1 Short and federal funds going towards private industry is just set up for failure like every time in history. On top of that, he wants to scrape the bottom of the penny jar using the IRS, the Department of Treasury that only exists on the basis of Americans paying taxes to Snatch and Grab more. I don't know if you remember this. But in the 1990s, the IRS was exposed for huge corruption and blatant abuse of power to enforce and punish people for not paying their taxes. Bill Clinton again came along and limited the IRS from VA being able to use corrupt, aggressive and unconstitutional measures to collect on past due taxes. But premier Biden, Chairman Biden wants just the opposite. He wants the IRS tracking, counting, auditing, hounding and aggressively collecting more and more and more. So he says he's not hiking taxes on anyone under 400k. But you're going to try to squeeze every last penny out of every one by making the IRS a new brand of law enforcement that's attacks socialism costs money, money We do not have as a nation, you all have seen the numbers. So the liberal specialty is just don't We don't have it, print more print more cash, Check Into Cash, I'm gonna start using that commercial, late on a bill Check Into Cash, want more socialism, print more cash. And that's what they've done for the past two years since he came into office. How's it working? Inflation is here because they overprinted devaluing the dollar to pay for all these programs that all failed. Tim Scott, in response to Biden's disastrous State of the Union was brilliant when he said Mr. Biden's plans call for a quote, even more taxing and even more spending to put Washington even more in the middle of your life from the cradle to college. He's a Republican senator from South Carolina, and he was delivering his party's official response to Mr. Biden speech. He says our best future won't come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams a min. So hopefully, I've broken this down easy enough and friendly enough for you to see the whole picture. Every aspect of our government is overrun with socialism, taxes, welfare, education, revenue, private enterprise, oppression of rights, all the things that made America great and kept us comfortable, safe and competitive are either gone are almost gone. Like I said, we're just about at the point of no return. We're just about UK level on our way to France level, it does not work. We cannot allow this to happen. That being said, allow me to leave you with this. When we wake up in the morning, turn on the news and see yet another protest or another liberal call for some program or policy or the President making comments about the Supreme Court. That is the pain we feel it's not conscious. And it's not direct. If it were we'd all vote against this is systematic and planned layers of socialist democracy, as they call it. I don't see that in Marxism, I just see socialism. And I don't think there's other versions, but maybe I'm wrong. Every time a new policy or program or taxes introduced the more pain we feel simply because we don't see a correlation between the taxes we give the government and what the government is giving back to us. We pay for the military, but those funds are being used to Wolk eyes everyone in the department of defense we pay and expect security. Look at the borders millions of people flooding in COVID are not terrorists are not no control, no security, where's your money going? Welfare instead of keeping you safe? We pay an except some business incentives but not anti capitalist bailouts are startups if a business can't survive without public funds, it shouldn't be in business. I mean, come on. You don't think if a successful and profitable semiconductor factory or manufacture in the United States could work? It wouldn't still be here? Of course it would any true business person or capitalist would look at the viability of that and say, Oh, it doesn't work has to be overseas. So bringing it here and profiting it up with our tax dollars. It's just setting it up for failure where it's going to be propped up for a while and then everything's gonna go back overseas, and everyone's gonna have one with our tax dollars. This is straight 100% No ifs, ands or buts about it socialism. It's unfolding before our eyes folks. It's the pain we're feeling at the pump. It's the pain we're feeling at the grocery store. It's the pain we're feeling in schools it's all around call someone or talk to someone online from China or Russia or Venezuela they will all tell you socialism hurts it hurts us economically it hurts us culturally it eliminates our rights and more importantly it goes against everything this country is founded on the main thing we have to do now is just keep it from continuing the point of this episode is to highlight how some of the most harmless little programs have been turned into socialist nightmares killing us and why for pet Our money in control. It's that simple because otherwise common sense and intellect would tell you, you don't fix something that is not broken. Our system isn't perfect, but it is the best. The left wants you to think that we're broken. Too many people are suffering and we've ruined everything created division and hate suffering. Just open your eyes. And no, that's not true. The poorest people in the US live better than the middle class and most of the world we take care of our people. Capitalism takes care of our people. Democracy takes care of our people. Sure, at the time in the moment, an extra handout and extra stimulus check free health care sounds good. But what if the consequence of those great sounding programs is an inability to express yourself an inability to protest a state run media and press no right to have any sort of weaponry or defense mechanisms in your home? That is what's happened since Bush since Clinton Obama we've accepted these grandiose, wonderful sounding programs that are rearing their ugly head in their purest form today, screwing all of us over can't do it can't do it anymore. All I can say is this the pain we're all feeling right now is socialism. I'm Chad law reminding you what Reagan once said, The American Dream of human progress through freedom and equality of opportunity in Competitive Enterprise is still the most revolutionary idea in the world today is also the most successful Ain't that the truth? If only half of us can understand? God bless you, President Reagan, and may God save

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