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The Pain We're Feeling is Socialism

Be advised, you are now entering a no work zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the left the liberals and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, a place where whining, crying, screaming, lashing out and tantrums are prohibited and punishable by law. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host the beacon of truth. The gays conservative, the leader of the gay world, he may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. He's always right and never canceled. Ladies and gentleman, the last gay conservative themself Chad

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Hello, everybody and let's go Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative like you heard this is your host Chad law beaming in from the conservative gay headquarters here in Newport Beach, California wishing you all a fantastic week hoping that all of you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. It is Monologue Monday today. But it's the Monologue Monday, Wednesday edition because of the holiday mean, what kind of American Christian conservative boss and business owner would I be if I didn't give people memorial day off? I figured also we've been clear with you all that our schedule still a little bit up in the air as we find our sweet spot. And so far, none of you seem to really mind that much. If you do, let us know. So we can make adjustments. I don't know about you all, but I feel like Memorial came as fast as it left. I mean, naturally, Monday isn't enough for her for my office. So of course, I gave everyone Friday and Monday off. I always tell people party on Friday, pray on Monday, it doesn't always necessarily happened in that order. But if we take a small part of our day to honor those who didn't make it home and pray for them, it's to me that that marks a successful Memorial Day holiday we hear ultimate sacrifice all the time. And that's exactly what it is. When it pertains to fallen soldiers. I don't think there's a better definition. This is a person or people who literally love their country so much. They don't want it going anywhere because of the opportunities that has given them and their families and they're willing to die for it. That's how important the US and America is for these people. Our fallen soldiers are so much more than heroes are sacrifices. These people leave everything and everyone behind for something greater than themselves. I believe that greater thing is God. Some people say it's America, maybe both. But either way for us to conceptualize what that would look like or feel like to me is nearly impossible. I mean, how does someone become so selfless and so willing to walk into a terrible situation with minimal survival rates holding on to nothing but the belief that what they're doing will help others either today or in the future. These are our true saints and angels in everyone's recent just about Russia and world war three and talks about drafts, we so often forget that we my generations generations before me and generations after haven't been drafted because these guys sign up voluntarily and jump in headfirst into the fire, some lose their lives so we can keep ours in history. One of the biggest moments that we talk about is the beaches of Normandy D Day, and there's 100 movies out there about it. But when you really think about 1000s of young men, mostly American who fly swim, run, walk as fast as they can right into enemy fire breaking every rule of nature, every human sense that tells us to run away or hide these guys going in. They knew what was happening and what would probably happen they knew that there was less than a 50% chance they would live to see the next day if they did it anyway, those lives lost on those beaches are the only reason why democracy in Europe continues to exist. Had we the United States done nothing there is no questioning Hitler would have taken England the north and all of Eastern Europe our lives as we know it the economy worldwide as we know it and the world the way we have it now would have been over can you really fathom that? I'm not sure I can. All I can do is remind myself to be thankful people often tell me Well, Chad, it's part of God's plan, you know that this is what he wanted. Of course, I know it's part of God's plan. But that doesn't mean the people that he called didn't want to stay down here with their loved ones, their families, friends, it's still the ultimate sacrifice. What I do know is two things give me heartburn every Memorial Day. First of all, why? I do we have to remind people every year on Memorial Day I'm talking politicians, business owners, celebrities influencers. Why do we have to remind them every Memorial Day that Memorial Day is not the same as Veterans Day. Memorial Day is celebrating the fallen soldier who didn't make it home Veterans Day is to celebrate all who served. The other thing that drives me crazy about Memorial Day is the traffic in Newport is awful. I was getting a little bit heavy there. But in all seriousness, the traffic is really bad but we also should really take some time to contemplate what it means to strap on a backpack walk into gunfire because something intelligent because something inside you tells you it will serve others even in your death. And those deep thoughts are exactly why I drink very heavily through Memorial Day weekend every year. Don't look at me like that. My team on the other side of the glass is looking at me going you drink heavily every day. I know people I'm trying to be inspiring here. Give me a break. Anyways, it was a beautiful weekend here in Newport Beach. We took our boat out with a group of friends and clients it's a yearly thing I do every year and as I'm saying this it makes me realize that I sound like a snob but good I deserve to be a snob I work my ass off but our Memorial Day event is always hit or miss because of June gloom. So we got really lucky this year. I haven't even been on my boat and a couple of months. I couldn't believe how much I missed it. All the sayings around boats are so true. They're awful. They suck your time and your money all the stuff you always hear 100% True. However, my boat does something for me. That's priceless. It keeps the parties the events and the people out of my house. It takes minimal hosting. And since I've had the boat, I've had zero guests at home exactly the way I like it. Newport Beach is special because the entire community is built around this giant Harbor. And if you don't have a boat, someone you know has a boat. Now it's not like where I grew up in Santa Barbara where it's a short ride from the launch to wide open waters unless you're heading somewhere specific to anchor in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by nothing even on an 80 foot yacht isn't fun. So we have this huge Marina it's massive you can actually have an awesome voting day without even leaving the harbor. And if you do leave the coast has amazing little cove cutouts along it where you can anchor yachts can stop and everyone jumps in the waters way too cold for me. But still it's fun. And the best part about the harbor is that you can get anything you need from land onto your boat. I love to host so usually I do a signature cocktail get some apps and we cater in lunch. So this weekend we decided to do Nobu they brought down and incredible spread food unreal awesome wine just such a nice way to celebrate the weekend, I of course decided to shove 45 sushi rolls down my throat and chase it with very very expensive champagne. I was an absolute heaven. It was weird because usually these events that I throw someone either quits I fire them, I kill someone. I'm kidding. Or they want to kill me or someone cries and breaks down. I mean, I put a lot of pressure on myself when I host events and so it was weird. I didn't really feel any pressure. I was having a grand old time. I mean, you know, trash piling up drinks needing refilling. I mean anyone who knows me knows that that would not fly. I was in pure ecstasy eating Nobu drinking way too much champagne laughing hysterical the opposite of chat. This was Chad's Alter Ego. Consuelo. I remember one point at the night I put my arm around my business partner and I said these are way more fun than I remember. It's been so long since the budget pandemic we need to do this more often. Whoo hoo give me more champagne. Then next thing you know it's 2am My assistant is dripping cold water to wake me up on my face. I'm down in one of the rooms in the boat and the party had been over since 9pm. I didn't say by it and cleaned and give out the gift bags nothing apparently I'd been out since 7pm Just a couple hours after the party started everything that I remember did actually happen except for what I didn't realize is that my friend who is an amazing Baker candy maker, anything sweets related. She does incredible. She bought these little chocolate balls with a chocolate cacao powder on top and her husband gave me one and said be careful these are really strong and of course I understood it to be very rich. Well no when he said very strong he failed to mention that they were weak chocolates they were they were cooked with marijuana. So you wonder what kind of man who has a business and boats takes basically 400 edibles at a party he's hosting eats all the Nobu drinks all the champagne and then goes and passes out below deck. I mean, I have my moments but that's definitely not me. I want to remember when I woke up I looked at the mirror my mother staring back at me through the mirror telling me imagine what they'll say about you. They're all talking about you they're gonna think you're unprofessional and a druggie. I think I've mentioned growing up she cared a little too much about what people thought and apparently there was no wind when my Apple dropped that day because it's a horrible habit of mine as well. in the morning of course I called everyone I apologize did that big ring of Moran and called everyone apologize and everyone said that was the best party they ever had. They liked it better when there was an extra large blonde gay man dripping in Gucci chasing them around with a trash bag and a coaster Go figure. Anyways, I'm rambling at this point, but it was a great Memorial Day it really reminded me that no one really cares about you and the judging way we judge ourselves and people around you love you regardless, they really do. But the real moral of the story is looking into the mirror and seeing your own mother look back at you is some effed up shit and I will never eat another weed candy again. All right, folks. Moving on. I think it would be an understatement to see we're all feeling pain one way or another currently, and I'm not talking about my current throat pain. If you didn't notice my voice, I'm a little bit under the weather today. So bear with me did not want to delay the information feed of the conservative and the gay conservative movements to you all, so I decided to record anyways. But weather inflation and gas prices have just destroyed you financially. Or maybe you are going to five or six stores a day to get baby formula. You own a business and your cost and lead time for materials makes it impossible to compete with larger companies who have stockpiles. Maybe you have kids in school that are being forced to learn woek BS and you're constantly worried about them. It doesn't matter where you fall on the spectrum of pain I would imagine several of you including myself fall into several of those categories. I'm not sure if I've ever shared this with you. I have a small mini kind of rental business we created it to help offset the cost of our boats and create a truly luxury boating experience here in Newport. That's our point of difference the luxury we can't compete with the 1520 30 fleet businesses out there so I decided to create a niche of a luxury ride catering to engagement special days ladies high fashion brunches you know the drill. Surprisingly even when you rent the biggest yachts in Newport or around the world. Most of them are kind of plug and play bland, boring dry with no luxury. I serve Justin vineyards, wine and the local beer IPA selection organic signature cocktails from a local mixologist. We have cashmere blankets when you get cold and big cozy deep chairs for the deck you know all the stuff that would make the ride special we offer way more in the same cost as the other guys we'll fast forward to today the cost of gas for the boat is so extremely high that it's eaten away at everyone's profit. There's only so many people willing to pay and competition doesn't allow for streamline pricing. There's not like a cap or a minimum. Naturally the big guys who provide nothing bump up their prices a little bit take less profit but stay busy with high volumes because of the competitors like me who can't compete for us the luxury experience was my only way of keeping up market price wise and also profiting but with the gas prices. Now we can't offer the full luxury experience and fill up the tank at the same time or compete price wise with the giants in the harbor. I mean quite frankly without a high volume even without the luxury experience these gas prices alone make it impossible to make money and even make it worth it so my boats and their slips these are things that I think people don't realize these Financial Times sweep and touch everyone in every business however small businesses can generally compete price wise with larger businesses that can maintain a blended profit margin by losing on some and winning on others. So naturally the small business owner screwed the consumer is more screwed because you all have no choices they go by by and large companies have no incentive to provide decent service I'm sure you've all felt that pain but that's not it. Millions of people are hurting in all sorts of ways and it's just awful me show after show you hear me say t