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Intro: It's the night after the election and I called it huge wins for the establishment, the media and the biggest winners of all the swamp Rinos in Washington. You are listening to the last Gay conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Oh yes, let's go Brandon. Yeah. Hello everybody and let's go Brandon, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law, the binary brother of your dreams, the beacon of truth, the holiest homo, and the gayest conservative of all time. This episode, like all other episodes, will be broadcasting through the airwaves on our red, white and blue rainbow. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We're here at the Gay Conservative studios in Newport Beach, California. We're so excited to have our new video studio and production team in place and I appreciate all of you being so patient with me as we've ramped up for this.

Although you're listening to the audio version now, the video version is also available on our YouTube channel. This is a no woke zone. This is a safe place for all truth and freedom-seeking citizens all over the world. It's the day after the election and most of us are pretty disappointed. I'm also disappointed but not surprised. For those of you who have been listening to me for a while now, understand that I essentially called everything that happened last night. Now before I go tooting my own horn, which is my favorite pastime, I will say myself like no one else had any idea of the size of the loss.

And to be clear, it's not a wash yet. Like everything there are good and there are bad parts to these election results. I will get into that in the meat of the episode. Funny enough, Ron and I were in Best Buy today picking up a few things for the studio. Some of you may know, some of you may not know. I've been on TV a few times and had some big press and the local newspaper here and I've done some events so I'm apparently getting more recognizable, which has nothing to do with anything other than the way I look.

I mean I've never really been able to blend into a crowd. So naturally people can tell who it is. They think, hey, that's the last gay conservative or is it Shrek? I can't tell. So Ron and I are in Best Buy this group of maybe three or four more than likely gay Latino young adults come up to me and ask me if I'm the gay conservative guy that they saw on television and I said, yeah, that's me. And I'm thinking, I'm going to just receive a tongue lashing. And one of them immediately says, I love your show. I just saw you. I've only done an episode because I was introduced to it recently, but I really like it. The rest of the group nodded in agreement.

I could tell this main kid that was talking to me had a serious interest in politics. And when you're that age and you begin to research politics with an open mind, all signs point right.

Always because it's just logical. Especially this kid. We talked a little bit more, his parents were apolitical, had no influence on him and he had a great civics teacher that I guess just inspired him to go down his own road. And although he doesn't consider himself a staunch conservative, he appreciates what I bring to the table and he's still trying to figure out sort of where he falls as a gay teen in the political spectrum, which I respect so much. So of course I said, well once you hear more of my episodes you'll get a better idea of sort of where I stand.

And he looks at me with big eyes and he says, "Weren’t you shocked about last night? Can you believe how bad that was? It's obviously fraud." And so I said, again, go back, listen to my last five episodes that will tell you why I'm not surprised. I knew this would happen, why it would happen and how it would happen and here we are. Instead of going through an entire episode with them and walking him through my take on everything I told them to just tune in tonight where I will break down the results. Now I have purposely not watched or listened to anyone in this realm because I don't want any influence on my own opinion based on some of my much bigger colleagues, whatever they're saying or claiming.

But I also know what it's not. This is not a Trump issue. It's not Americans wanting us to come together. It's not Americans rejecting MAGA and it's certainly not because people are happy with Joe Biden and the economy, that mainstream media wants to tell you. So what were my predictions if you remember? Well, first I've said maybe a hundred times, there will never be a wave again, red or blue. I couldn't believe how many of my colleagues referred to this red wave, red tsunami, red tide. It's ridiculous because regardless of anything happening, we have a divide in this country on fundamental pieces of what people believe America needs or what people believe America means.

These things are irrelevant to the economy or abortion and the bigger picture, future casted issues. There will never be a blue or red wave for a very long time. Elections will become even closer with division and polarization. The next issue I pointed out the day after the ruling was that abortion would hurt us terribly in the midterms and it did. It totally changed the landscape of the electorate and it was in the top five issues in exit polling above major crime. More people cared abortion than they did about crime based on exit polling throughout multiple polls.

You also may remember me speaking about how the DNC, utilizing what they learned from the Bernie Hillary split led to the election of Donald Trump. And I said it, and I will say it again, they have been working to divide our party all along. They know better than anyone, a divided party is a losing party. That's us, that's Republicans. I talked about how Rinos in Congress were dominating the news cycle and still had support of old Bush style Republicans. The more we engaged with that side, the more votes we lost to true conservatives. They were over it. I called that Oz would lose. He was not a good Pennsylvania candidate, period. He's too polished and frankly too smart.

He wasn't able to get down with the average Pennsylvanian. I don't even know if McCormick was the answer, but what I can tell you is that the reason why Federman won is because he aligns with the massives of blue collars in Western Pennsylvania. And the other reason is that Pennsylvania has done a great job changing voter laws to make it almost impossible for Republicans to win in that state. We will be hard pressed to see Republican wins in the three states in question, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona. These three states had the most proven election fraud in 2020 and I think even more so in 2022 in these midterms.

I thought Kari Lake would destroy Katie Hobbs. I thought Herschel would have a narrow victory, not a runoff. I was wrong with those two. However, is it fair for the Secretary of State who manages elections to run for governor? I'm not so sure. Katie Hobbs had an insight as Secretary of State of how things worked and she purposely avoided the public eye because she was not electable, but because of the combination of the voting laws, the bias in Maricopa County and her hiding in the shadows away from Kari Lake, it was a big loss for us. I actually said in the other episode, if Katie Hobbs beats Kari Lake who had double digit leads over her, there's fraud in Arizona.

And I believe that, and you all know I'm not a big conspiracy fraud guy, where I think things are happening out there where the machines and this and that. I don't think it's that. I don't think it's hackers. I just think it's the Democrats have learned how to manipulate the system to make it easier for them to win. How do they do that? Mail-In ballots, early voting, all these things that add up. And you'll see most of the states that had upsets are the states that have the best liberal voting laws without ID requirements, without these four week early voting, mail-in voting or Dropbox voting, windows. I'm sure four weeks is an exaggeration, but you understand what I'm saying. All in all the results come down to three main things.

Party division, we've taken the liberal bait, Rinos stronghold, the McConnells, the Graham Nasties, the establishment. We've taken that bait and run with it. Instead of supporting each other and meeting each other in the middle, we've turned on each other. There's a huge part of that results in a loss. One of the things that a lot of people missed in the Biden Trump election in 2020 was one of the strategies of the Democratic party perpetuated by the media, was that every minute of every day they would cover negative things about Donald Trump, fights, tweets, whatever it was. It was constant noise, constant what I would say, drama.

And by the end of his four year term, regardless of how great he did, a significant portion of Americans were just over the drama. They didn't want to get up anymore and hear about all this craziness that wasn't actually Trump. It was completely created by a combination of the D and C in the media and some of these establishment Republicans. Looking at that and you see a party divide where Trump supported candidates are not supported by the mainstream RNC or the Rino candidates that already exist in Washington DC swimming in the swamp, you'll notice that's when Americans and voters start to back off and to pull back because they don't want that craziness anymore.

Instead, we go and take the bait. And it's really, really sad to see how stupid the Republican party is when it comes to these things. I mean literally just gobbled up the democratic bait. The establishment support of other candidates has hurt the true conservative candidates. And in the states where true conservatives won in primaries and not the traditional Republicans, a lot like Oz and McCormick for Pennsylvania, you'll notice that the establishment of the Republican Party or the establishment of Republicans in Congress hold way back their support.

They said it, but actions speak louder than words. Perfect example, masters in Arizona completely undermined and cut under by McConnell. And lastly, the other two things that are so key is that we made major missteps when it came to abortion. I sat there and told you guys, I have an episode saying, will women abort the midterms? And they did. And the demographic that we so need, these moms in the middle of America, in the east coast, in the west coast who are college educated or semi college educated with children, came out and took a stand against the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Why? Because we didn't educate them on what it meant. We did not take the time to come out and say, this is what's going to happen. This is a state and community issue. This is not a woman's health issue. And so we allowed the Democrats, again because we're big chumps to run with the whole choice women's health restricting women. And we didn't counteract it with any logic. Instead we went and aligned ourselves with pro-life fundamentalists. Fundamentalist Christians that are slowly declining in population in this country. They're a group that's not seen as a very welcoming or friendly group, fundamentalist Christians.

For me, it's fine, but I'm talking logically about the electorate here. And so the concept of just ignoring it and saying, hey, okay, and letting the pro-lifers run with this, letting all the fighting happening. Trump knew that this ruling was going to be significant and have a significant negative impact on this midterm. He knew it. He called it. What did he not do based on fear of the fundamentalist support. He didn't stand up and say, hey Republican women, we're not trying to take rights away. We're trying to give rights back to the places where the majority wants to see X, Y, Z. But no, we focused on pro-life, pro-life, pro-life.

And then lastly, voter turnout. Now, this was the largest voter turnout for a midterm in history, but there were certain demographics that turned out an enormous numbers that helped push Democrats to a very, very close loss or win that would've never been expected. I had the opportunity to speak to many people over the weekend and this week and the excuses for not voting here so sad. I mean the biggest one I hear in California is that liberals always win. So there's no point. Well, California has a history of Republican leadership in Sacramento.

Remember Ronald Reagan is from California. Governor Wilson was a great governor. And furthermore, in places like Orange County that need to hold onto their conservative foundation in order to keep the county thriving, every vote does matter. See from the very bottom to the very top, there are opportunities to install conservatives. I don't care if it's a school board, I don't care if it's a county supervisor, I don't care if it's the water district board. We have an opportunity to install conservatives. If anything, just to try to push back on some of this psycho liberal commi agenda stuff here in Orange County.

I'm represented by a crazy disgusting woke liberal congresswoman named Katie Porter. How the hell did she get elected in Orange County, not even Irvine here, people, she's a socialist and a degenerate who looks like Rosie O'Donnell's uglier twin sister, but truthfully folks, she is destroying her district, which is my district, and it's sick. Her victories have all fallen within the margin of error and had a few more conservatives shown up we could have gotten her out. This red dot in a blue sea excuse for not voting is what makes the sea bluer. It creates a continual liberal power hold with little competition.

Trust me, the double digit leads, Democrats win over Republicans up and down the state of California are a reflection of voter turnout. And why do people not turnout? Because they've bought into the idea that it's impossible. Well, guess what? States like Oregon and New York, all historically deep blue had conservative gubernatorial candidates inching closer, even if there was losses that's still a win. Just like I said about Jack Ciarelli in New Jersey. Just because there's a loss, there's still a win. Keep in mind, we have been dug and entrenched in a deep hole. Remember in 2020 when Trump lost, Sean Hannity sat on TV and said, I don't know if we're ever. Republicans are ever going to be able to win an election again.

And he was right. He was right. But we expect in two years just to come back from it with a big red wave. Look at Youngin in Virginia. Huge win. I can expand further into the world. Look at the new Prime Minister of Italy or the very close election in France with a conservative candidate. My point here folks, is that the defeatist mindset is the wrong mindset. I remember just two years ago when Biden won, just like I said, we assumed he would step on in, take all the credit and ride on Trump's success, vaccines, economy, gas prices, and we would never be able to win another election again because he would inherit Trump's success.

Well, as we all know here sitting now, he didn't. Defeatism, laziness and inflated confidence are what causes waves. So here we are the night after a historical election where more people than ever demonstrated how much they care about their country and their community. And honestly, big deal, really guys, big effing deal. Regardless of the specific results, it's all irrelevant because there's a very good chance Republicans will do exactly what the left has done since Biden won, especially in the House of Representatives. What I'm saying is even with a red wave, Republicans need to remember there are big rocks in the water and the surfboard can only hold you up forever.

At this point there is no surfboard and there are a lot of rocks, all signs pointed to yes. And we did have some nice wins like JD Vance for example. Massive win for us. He's going to be massive in our party. But however, regardless of wins and the majority we have today is today, and the rest of the year is the rest of the year. The changing of the guard, so to speak doesn't happen until January, just like our presidential elections. So the real importance is 2023, 2024, and then 2025. The odd numbers are the more important numbers. This is hardly a wave in my opinion. It actually isn't a wave.

But historically, why do elections have these massive shifts? Well, it's because the current party in power hasn't delivered on their promises. I believe the last two years as a prime example, the Democrats had it so easy coming off Covid, walking into a strong economy with a blank check to send money to everyone around the country. They came into a totally divided country. They could have mended by stopping their continued flaming of the fire and working across the aisle.

Most importantly by listening to their constituents in this new country post Covid, it's a truly different environment out here people. Totally new perceptions and needs after the pandemic. They could have shored up tons of support instead they did the exact opposite. They eliminated anything Trump did solely because he did it. That's bad governing. They flamed division by calling Republicans domestic terrorists. They went against the average American by pushing critical race theory, trans issues and morality over policy. I've spoken about this time and time again, there is truth to homefield confidence and overzealous victory.

It's self-assurance, but it's false. The Democrats, they had this in the bag, everyone would support them because everyone hated Trump. The election results with huge numbers indicated they had undying support. In their minds it was wide open spaces for them to do and say whatever they wanted because they did the one and only thing they had focused on, taking out the big orange man, no folks, not me, Donald Trump, this shortsighted zero policy politicking landed them in the boat they are today. Scratching their heads going, what happened? Even if the results weren't as great for us, it still stings because we have control of the house.

This is how we felt when Obama took office after Bush. When truth be told, it wasn't any wonder Obama was able to flip so many previously red counties. Bush had eight years and consistently did a terrible job with things like war, the economy, immigration and more. It is was essentially a Democrat. Even when Republicans had control of Congress, they believed enough Americans hated Obama and the division he created that alone would take them to victory. Now, we know Trump won of course, but over one of the most unelectable candidates to ever run for president crooked Hillary.

Don't get me wrong here folks, I'm not dismissing Trump's victory. More so I'm pointing out to all the other Republican candidates who lost to him in the primary and those in Congress who truly believe that Obama himself would drive people back to the right.

Clearly that wasn't the case. However, it did drive people away, but from traditional political norms, and that's how Donald Trump won. Americans decided that what had been done under the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama era was not working. These political dynasties and lifer politicians were no longer a good representation of the people and their old tired policies were no longer working in a modern economy.

America took a risk on Trump. That is when radical change occurred. Last night isn't the biggest deal of all time in the end of the Trump era, as the media would expect you to believe. 23 through 24 and 25 are the biggest deals of all time. Keep in mind, we're coming up against the biggest resistance from a minority party of all time, and they will do everything they can to continue to divide us and continue the narrative of the MAGA domestic terrorists. We've taken the bait and we cannot continue. Americans all over the country are taking a chance on the conservative movement to fix things that are terrible.

They've taken their cars to the friendly local mechanic, then the dealer, all of which would say they could fix it and didn't, and now they need a specialist. They're hoping there is one. We have the greatest opportunity here to seal our fate and have an incredible future, but it's also a chance for us to repeat history and screw it up. Remember, using the failures of others to promote yourself is an easy way to win. When an opponent has so many holes and faults and they've done so much wrong, winning should not be so tough. These conservative candidates need to remember that they aren't the typical R checkbox that so many Americans are used to punching with party loyalty, their risks.

Americans, little by little are willing to take the risk because they represent the opposite of the failing system. JD Vance is a prime example of this. This election was not about all the great candidates and what they had to offer. It was a hundred percent about how bad the incumbents have been, especially the new ones on the scene. Voters are taking a risk on you and you better humbly accept and prove that you're more than a talking head that highlights what's wrong with the other guy. One of the biggest reasons why Democrats lost the house is because they've had no plan, no platform, and no policies to address fix and prevent some of these horrible things that have happened today.

They are reactionary. Roe v. Wade, they react. It's all reactionary. There's no long-term planning. They had every opportunity in the last two years to show America what they could do for us and they failed. But now it's our turn. So what is it going to be? Conservatives come January, will you rest on your laurels and convince yourself that the big terrible Biden has driven all these voters your way and it's smooth sailing from here on out? I sure hope not, and I can hear you guys yelling at your radios going, of course not Chad. They wouldn't do that. Well, they will. People, regardless of what side, MAGA, non maga, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal folks, these are politicians.

We've seen this repeatedly and any reason politicians have to do nothing while giving themselves raises, they will regardless of what side they're on. Therefore, the only way we really win and set this country up for a bountiful future and maintain American values is by using the next two years to implement actual change. No talk, just action. This is a much more complex task than you would imagine. Why? Well, first of all, there is old stale blood in both houses that are going to slow down the conservative movement, the Gramnasties and the McConnells of the world. Conservatives need to call them out. Conservatives need to work to paint a picture of the rinos in the same way they've painted us as extreme.

If you're trying to get something through for the conservative movement and they are in the way, you better let the world know, keyword pressure, keep it on, pressure, pressure, pressure, and trust me, they're all wondering what's going to happen when their term is up. Even the ones that have the strongest holds in their state or district. We may not have the seats we thought we would. That shouldn't stop us from pushing through conservative initiatives and getting stuff done in the house, especially impeaching Joe Biden, Washington is the epitome of this is how it's been done and this is how it's done.

Well folks, these conservatives better buck that system and avoid falling into the trap. We saw it here in California when we elected Arnold the Governator. He was strong with great conservative views. We elect him and the second he gets to Sacramento, he goes soft and becomes essentially a liberal. We have to avoid this at all costs. However, before we do, we have to analyze how we got here. Like I mentioned, voter turnout. More young people turned out this midterm than any other in history, which again, actually hurt us because young people, four to one vote Democrat. Not that we haven't had some decent young voter turnout before as Republicans, but it's twofold.

One, is what I talk about, the talk of the red wave left many young voters unmotivated to go because they knew we were going to "win." The assumption was it's going to be a landslide. Where on the left it was the fight of their lives. The left engaged their young voters essentially by telling them if they didn't vote, the world would end. We continually spoke of this fake red wave and the young people still in line with our movement felt it was all good. You guys got it. We also must see the dramatic shift in the electorate as young voters become more political.

Remember Barack Hussein Obama is the king of indoctrination in schools. Was it happening before him? Yes. It's happened since the beginning of time, but he created a indoctrination program and a racial division more than any other president in history. He openly shut down nonprofits based on conservative values and funded liberal madness. Schools K through twelves and universities amped up their liberal bias by a hundred percent. We're going to watch the younger Democrats grow further and further to the left as they exit high school and start college and begin voting. Therefore 2023 is so much more important than today, and the only way we're really going to win is by putting our money where our mouth is.

What do we have to do to truly win? We must implement change immediately and fix the deficiencies that drove people to vote for you, but also that drove people to vote against you. Why people voted for you and why people voted against you. You have to tackle both things and I'll tell you what for most of the conservative movement, Herschel Walker, for example, people didn't vote against him because of his policies. They voted against him because of his personality. That's pretty much how it goes along the line. Where the people who voted for someone like a Herschel Walker, they voted for his policies and his promise to fix what has happened in this country. But if we're gonna win, we're gonna have to stay united as conservatives and force the rinos to flip or flop.

Avoid taking the image bait, fix the economy, close the borders, address crime with actions, not words. Restore the international relations we had before and avoid pro-life extremes. We need to handle the pro-life issue with [29:37 inaudible] gloves, walks off. I'm sure most of you saw Trump at his rally the other day, and before I go on, I do want to applaud him for not announcing his presidential bid until the midterms passed. Although there was a lot of hinting, there was also a lot of talk of other candidates and I think it helped the never Trump Republicans get to the polls. It seems he's listening to Kellyann Conway and as long as he does that, he will prevail. She's an absolute political genius who understands the voter and the consumer like no one else I've ever seen.

However, one of the things Trump did, he started attacking Ron DeSantis. Absolutely disgusting. You guys all know I love Donald Trump. I've been to Mar-a-Lago, I've met him. I've spent time with the guy. Not a lot of time, but some time. I believe his policies will go down as one of the best presidential policies we've ever had. However, now is not the time to be engaged in petty primary style bashing. It makes us look weak. He should be applauding Ron DeSantis for what he's done for our movement, especially because as much impact Trump has had on voters voting for his candidates, Ron DeSantis through his progress in Florida is an example that every single Republican has drawn from as an example of how conservatism works.

I know folks, it's Trump being Trump, but it angered me truly, it made me feel like the next 12 months will force further division within the Republican party rather than bringing us together. We cannot have the Rino versus Trumper behavior going on in DC come January. The stakes are too high and too many Americans are just praying and hoping for a reprieve from the Biden bomb that's taken away their livelihood. It's no laughing matter and it's not time to play a childish inner party politics. Just like how McConnell controlled candidate funding for masters and kept it for his buddies and no other RNC Senate contenders. On the flip side, get rid of these never Trumpers. You can choose to not like Trump.

You can be a never Trumper in your head, but when the stakes are so high and you're building websites and clubs and groups on Facebook that are never Trumper Republicans, you have extremely misguided energy. How about never Biden? Never Pelosi. Stop focusing on people within the party whether you like it or not. See AOC hates Biden. Schumer hates AOC. Pelosi loves Biden, but she hates the progressive caucus. There's so much division in the Democratic Party, they just don't show it. They don't air their dirty laundry like we do. They have control of their candidates. AOC has been gagged and told to keep her mouth shut if she wants to win elections.

Same with Bernie Sanders. The only never in our party should be never again. The other obsession all politicians have is their self-image. Guess what? Americans don't care about you personally anymore. They want to see what you do, not who you are. I know on top issues like crime, the economy, borders, Republicans win hands down. But what about the millions of Americans who don't really pay attention to major issues politically but vote based on personality traits of the candidate? The prime example is the huge number of Republicans who dislike Trump because of his personality, not because of his record. Believe it or not, folks, there is a huge number of Americans who vote based on who they like, not what they like, which is why the lefts spend so much time and effort attacking personalities, not policy.

For many years in this country, presidential traits and personality slash demeanor were standards and a huge factor in choosing a candidate, both in primaries and in general elections. Had Trump run any sooner than he did. He would have lost before he started. Bill Clinton, for example, was well spoken, put together, seemingly down to earth compared to his opposition Bush Senior. And Ross Perot. Ross Perot was a very smart businessman who criticized globalism and in particular NAFTA. However the US wasn't ready for someone who did not move up the political ranks or sound or act the way presidents were supposed to act. Ross Perot at the time was a Trump-like figure, but like I said, the American people weren't ready to break from traditional political norms and he didn't have either of the major parties backing his campaign.

My point here is that personality attacks have been liberal bread and butter for years. When you lack substance, you must create chaos, and that is what liberal Democrats do best. Often in the past it worked, which is why it's continuing, but it's getting watered down. These strategies were very effective pre-internet because there was no way to fact-check or see for yourself. People trusted what their party told them and what they saw on TV. Unfortunately for the Democrats, technology has empowered people to find the truth, but their personal insult tactics have remained the same. Beyond individual candidates, Democrats have also attacked conservatives and for issues so far beyond reality, it's starting to look like a major grasp for a handful of non-existent straws.

Let me be clear. The party's success, our party's success is based on our platform and strengths for the most part. But I also think a big factor is that we have to overcome the personal attacks on individuals and groups within our movement. Let it go. Let them attack, let them attack. Don't take the bait. So what has happened? It's the boy who cried wolf and Americans are waking up. Let's look at it like this. As the attacks have ramped up, they've become more extreme, and as they've become more extreme, they've gone further from reality to the point where people can't even pretend to agree.

The truth of the matter is whether by choice or circumstance, we all know someone on the opposite side of where we sit on the political spectrum. Liberals similarly all know someone that's conservative. The reality is a stark contrast to the evil picture painted by liberals. The narrative that MAGA are domestic terrorists and Americans are starting to realize that their Republican neighbors, friends and in-laws aren't women-hating fascists who want to destroy democracy and push for insurrection. Prior to social media and Google, we were all trained to take the news media as gospel. This is no longer the standard. However, Republican politicians take the bait all the time. They respond and try to convince people they're not what they are being told they are by Democrats.

People say, oh, well for example, JD Vance, he's a racist. He's a racist to beat his son and he was a sexual predator or all this stuff that they gain. And the worst thing is to come out and say, I'm none of those things. These Democrats are crazy. Now the best thing you do is you come out and you say, I don't know what the DNC is saying, but I'm here working to get your taxes down and inflation down. So if you'd rather hear the DNC talk about my past, talk about whether I'm racist or not, talk about my personality or my morals, that's fine. I'm gonna keep working for the American people. That is how we win. If we continually take the liberal bait and switch game of personal attacks and using huge sweeping generalizations and automatically look as though we care.

If we show that we care about things Americans don't care about, we look silly. Don't get me wrong, folks, defending yourself is great and can be important. How you defend yourself is more important. Dragging things out with data or point by point responses to crazy liberal accusations is just silly. All data has made it clear that people all over the country understand the cheap political tactics that Democrats have used recently mean absolutely nothing. Take the word racist. When I was in high school, if you deemed someone a racist, it was a serious term. It was almost like using the N word. I mean it was a serious offense. Nowadays, everyone says it. There is absolutely no meaning to the word racist.

It's completely watered down and calling people racist on the campaign trail does not affect the electorate. It doesn't affect whether or not you're getting elected again. It just doesn't. So don't go there and you won't have an issue. Now we must remember the top issues coming out of the exit polls on both sides, the economy, the border and international issues. Depending on the way they voted the voter, that's who they felt could fix the issues faster. Again, Republicans and Democrats alike saw the economy as a big problem. Democrats felt that someone like John Federman other than Oz could help the economy. Republicans thought Dr. Oz could help the economy over John Federman. You all get what I'm trying to say?

Depending on what it is, a lot of this can be fixed with or without Senate Majority. The power of the purse truly exists in the house. Funding and defunding must pass the house. Therefore, we need to turn off the tap and redirect the water. You're not gonna have a lot of power when it comes to the economy and we know Biden has the Fed in his hand. However, if Republicans in the house put out true economic stimulus for businesses and push to eliminate the billion dollar company tax and the green waste spending, we could be okay, but we have to keep in mind that there are two ways to legislate.

We can follow the process, but in this case, things will probably just get kicked back from our dead heat in the Senate if that's what happens or a presidential veto. However, if these things are impossible to put through, Republicans need to use the media to their advantage. Go figure not simply attacking the opposition. Get on mainstream media and talk about the roadmap to prosperity or the contract with America. Newt's famous promise as speaker. Put a website together where people have easy access to read the bills and the breakdown. If we don't start taking the gas off the fighting pedal and taking a consumer-centric approach to policy, it won't work.

We should be caravaning all over the country, not for a specific candidate, but for our movement and what we're being blocked from doing. Engage local politicians with reach and get to work. Legislation will either be dead in the water or circling the bowl and we can't get stuff done in the swamp, take it to the people. Can you imagine buses all over the country doing experiential marketing events where people could really learn all of those and those of you saying, well, America is divided, it won't sway the voters. You can tell that to the red counties that flipped blue for Biden. Americans are ready to understand the reality in Washington. Point it out. Be clear, and without taking the Democrats approach, just educate.

I see this every day with the Convention of State's action that I work with. Although the base of the movement runs on the red side, it's a nonpartisan movement. They go to the capitols and lobby and meet with democratic lawmakers who would normally shut a meeting down and they say he and they say, hey, here's what we're trying to do and here's why it will help every American and your constituents. Once understood 9 out of 10 politicians agree. 9 out of 10 people agree because it's common sense. The most liberal person I know who is a friend. More a friend of a friend came over with a group of friends that have a glass of wine with me a few nights ago and she was asking about the convention of states, she's political on the other side.

The second I started talking about the constitution, she shut down and I ended up basically begging her to just let me walk her through it for five minutes. Lo and behold, by the end of it, she says, oh, I don't think anyone would disagree with that. See, why do town halls exist during campaign years only and not year round? The RNC doesn't need politicians to do round tables within communities all year round. There are dozens of dynamic people in the party organization itself that can do a great job representing us. I don't wanna blab on about strategy here, but the point I'm trying to make is that if we aren't agile enough to educate and explain the simplicity and potential results of what the house is creating, the better.

I don't wanna blab on about strategy, but the point I'm trying to make here is that if we aren't agile enough to educate and explain the simplicity and potential positive results of what we're creating, we will lose. Furthermore, articles of impeachment for Joe Biden should be issued immediately in January. He has lied to the public about his true cognitive health, which puts us in a very vulnerable position domestically and internationally. Now, why did I say this? Didn't I just say that we're gonna stop the attacks? I did, but this is different. The way he's handled Ukraine, China, Afghanistan has taken a major toll on this country. Selling our strategic petroleum reserves to China and India while we're paying $6 at the pump.

Only someone seriously challenged could screw up that bad. Lying about your health and the ability to make decisions without guidance is an impeachable offense and the entire country sees it. Just like the libtard in Washington are gung-ho on exposing Trump's tax returns. We should use equal or more force to see Biden's medical records. He refuses to take a cognitive test and the guy can't even put a sentence together. Anyways, folks, even though I called Federman winning, it's pretty sad. On a little side note, I don't wanna get too far off track, but did any of you see DeSantis giving his victory speech with his wife and kids? I'm sorry, but your family and your kids is a direct reflection of you. Desantis wife is so gorgeous and put together and she just looked so glamorous. Very Vanna White.

His kids were all dressed appropriately and presented themselves so well. They just looked like a well-adjusted American family. Federmen's on the other hand, represented family, but in a more war torn sort of way, Trump's family, Biden's family, no-brainer. I mean it makes sense. Federman, he who was the spitting image of Uncle Fester, was blabbering away his victory speech when his family got on the stage. First of all, the first thing I saw was the wife snuck him a note or something on a cell phone she slightly put on the podium if you didn't catch it, probably a big giant font, teleprompter reading and telling him what to say. But on top of that, and I know this is mean, but oh my God, that family, first of all, Federman is a spitting image of Uncle Fester.

What I didn't know until election night last night was that his wife is a spitting image of Morticia Adams. I cannot believe how that family presented themselves. The whole tats and sweatshirt thing. It's just such an act. It's a total act, but it worked. And when someone brings their family out on stage after winning a Senate seat in nasty basketball shorts and Crocs, the kids and the wife who needs to find a flatiron and a plastic surgeon very fast, I wonder to myself, how can you run a country if you can't even keep your own house in order? Another big thing the Republican House can now do is refrain from passing any additional funding for Ukraine. It's a direct cause of inflation and our military here is suffering from budget cuts and forced movement of money from the Pentagon, from defense to experimental initiatives like wind-powered aircraft carriers. I don't know.

They have to show Americans that they're keeping their money here. It's becoming a nonpartisan issue and the data is showing people are sick of funding Ukraine's war, especially because the more we fund, the more progress Ukraine makes against Russia, which in turn puts the blame on us and Putin comes here next. Funding Ukraine continually, the blank check is the quickest way to cause Russian aggression against the US. One of the challenges is that many of the Biden boondoggles have been passed prior to the changeover in this last Congress. So programs are cleared for funding and won't be stopped without house and Senate passage, which we know more than likely will not happen. I'm not so confident in this senate, these senate races.

And lastly, if we're going to win, we need new Republican leadership. Mccarthy is a great house leader. Mcconnell needs to go, let some fresh blood take over. Mcconnell is literally becoming the Nancy Pelosi of the Republican party and we need to make this change as soon as possible. I actually think the RNC leadership votes will be more interesting than this election itself. It will be truly interesting. The most important piece here is that we show up, we do our job and we educate the public. That's all we have to do. We cannot make the mistake the Democrats just made the last two years, which they spent two years focusing on how bad conservatives are and little on policy, very little on policy.

If they end up, God forbid with a Senate majority, we are just going to have to take another route like I talked about through the media, through caravaning, town halls and all of the other things we have to offer. Because the Democrats won a lot more than everyone thought they were they're also gonna green light their progressive agenda even more. I say let them, let them. Don't vote for it, but let them pass it through. Let them get through CRT stuff, trans rights, green everything. All the things that Americans disagree on, all the issues that didn't even come up in the exit poll, that the liberals still prioritize over things like the economy, crime and border. Allow them to do that. Continue it, just like we should have the last two years. We should have just let them burn everything to the ground, then they would've never been elected again.

We just can't help ourselves but meddle. Sometimes sitting back is a better strategy than bulldozing forward. I'm not there in Washington. I will trust the RNC leadership to decide which strategy they want to take. However, so far it has not worked, which is why I believe we need fresh blood. Allow me to leave you with this. This was not a loss. It was a win. And I know you're all sitting there with your jaw on the floor. Chad, how the hell was this a win. Again, let's go back to 2020. Trump lost. Republicans lost and Democrats prevailed. The four years during Trump's presidency was attack, attack, attack. And the media ran with it.

The 2020 election pushed us so far and so deep into a hole, a hole many of us thought we would never be able to climb out of. But now we're almost on top. Again, the conservative movement, the MAGA movement, these things don't happen overnight. These are political risks in the eyes of the American people. We are risks. We need to prove that we're not. Liz Cheney, McConnell and Graham are safe like an old shoe you can slip on and go and like I've said before, there are still millions of Bush Republicans left and there are still millions of Clinton Democrats left. All of these from back in the days when there was little to no difference between the two. AOC is a perfect example of this on the other side. She's not electable in 99% of the country, she's a big risk.

Ted Cruz, same thing. A true conservative. AOC being a true progressive liberal. They both were risks and their constituents seem to be happy with the decision. Folks, the fight for this country is very real and these crusty old rinos don't have it in them to fight. They're just there collecting a check. And how do I know? Because they've had years to make change and come out as advocates for American values, the American dream, and most importantly the American constitution. Most of these people in Washington today, these are the people who have come up the ranks during the most watered-down political spectacle in Washington.

After Reagan, the parties truly started to blend together. Joe Biden and George W. Bush were great friends. Clinton and Bush Senior also great friends, great friends in Washington does not make a great country. It's just one constant circle jerk where Americans get screwed. Coming from the private sector. I know how do businesses get to be great through capitalism, also known as competition. Going against a competitor and proving yourself to the consumer is how Washington should be. And right now we're getting a taste of true capitalism and politics and political Darwinism where the spineless are getting eaten up by the sharks.

Yes, for right now it seems chaotic and non-presidential or non-political or whatever we want to call it, but this is how real progress is made. Just ask Trump. Meeting in the middle is for the weak. We should never split the difference and we should keep on pushing the old rinos out and bringing in new aggressive politicians, Republicans who want to see this country's foundations protected and dismissing everything else. We're at the lip of the hole here folks, but we're still David up against five Goliaths. Rinos, the establishment, the drive by media, fraudulent election laws and the young progressives. Where are the young conservatives? I know they're out there. I meet them every week.

Well, forget about the young conservatives. We just need the conservatives. I believe we still can. And the worst thing any of us can do is give up now. I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. If we ever forget, we are one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under. God bless you President Reagan. Wish you were here and make God save America.

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