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Intro: It's the night after the election and I called it huge wins for the establishment, the media and the biggest winners of all the swamp Rinos in Washington. You are listening to the last Gay conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Oh yes, let's go Brandon. Yeah. Hello everybody and let's go Brandon, and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law, the binary brother of your dreams, the beacon of truth, the holiest homo, and the gayest conservative of all time. This episode, like all other episodes, will be broadcasting through the airwaves on our red, white and blue rainbow. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We're here at the Gay Conservative studios in Newport Beach, California. We're so excited to have our new video studio and production team in place and I appreciate all of you being so patient with me as we've ramped up for this.

Although you're listening to the audio version now, the video version is also available on our YouTube channel. This is a no woke zone. This is a safe place for all truth and freedom-seeking citizens all over the world. It's the day after the election and most of us are pretty disappointed. I'm also disappointed but not surprised. For those of you who have been listening to me for a while now, understand that I essentially called everything that happened last night. Now before I go tooting my own horn, which is my favorite pastime, I will say myself like no one else had any idea of the size of the loss.

And to be clear, it's not a wash yet. Like everything there are good and there are bad parts to these election results. I will get into that in the meat of the episode. Funny enough, Ron and I were in Best Buy today picking up a few things for the studio. Some of you may know, some of you may not know. I've been on TV a few times and had some big press and the local newspaper here and I've done some events so I'm apparently getting more recognizable, which has nothing to do with anything other than the way I look.

I mean I've never really been able to blend into a crowd. So naturally people can tell who it is. They think, hey, that's the last gay conservative or is it Shrek? I can't tell. So Ron and I are in Best Buy this group of maybe three or four more than likely gay Latino young adults come up to me and ask me if I'm the gay conservative guy that they saw on television and I said, yeah, that's me. And I'm thinking, I'm going to just receive a tongue lashing. And one of them immediately says, I love your show. I just saw you. I've only done an episode because I was introduced to it recently, but I really like it. The rest of the group nodded in agreement.

I could tell this main kid that was talking to me had a serious interest in politics. And when you're that age and you begin to research politics with an open mind, all signs point right.

Always because it's just logical. Especially this kid. We talked a little bit more, his parents were apolitical, had no influence on him and he had a great civics teacher that I guess just inspired him to go down his own road. And although he doesn't consider himself a staunch conservative, he appreciates what I bring to the table and he's still trying to figure out sort of where he falls as a gay teen in the political spectrum, which I respect so much. So of course I said, well once you hear more of my episodes you'll get a better idea of sort of where I stand.

And he looks at me with big eyes and he says, "Weren’t you shocked about last night? Can you believe how bad that was? It's obviously fraud." And so I said, again, go back, listen to my last five episodes that will tell you why I'm not surprised. I knew this would happen, why it would happen and how it would happen and here we are. Instead of going through an entire episode with them and walking him through my take on everything I told them to just tune in tonight where I will break down the results. Now I have purposely not watched or listened to anyone in this realm because I don't want any influence on my own opinion based on some of my much bigger colleagues, whatever they're saying or claiming.

But I also know what it's not. This is not a Trump issue. It's not Americans wanting us to come together. It's not Americans rejecting MAGA and it's certainly not because people are happy with Joe Biden and the economy, that mainstream media wants to tell you. So what were my predictions if you remember? Well, first I've said maybe a hundred times, there will never be a wave again, red or blue. I couldn't believe how many of my colleagues referred to this red wave, red tsunami, red tide. It's ridiculous because regardless of anything happening, we have a divide in this country on fundamental pieces of what people believe America needs or what people believe America means.

These things are irrelevant to the economy or abortion and the bigger picture, future casted issues. There will never be a blue or red wave for a very long time. Elections will become even closer with division and polarization. The next issue I pointed out the day after the ruling was that abortion would hurt us terribly in the midterms and it did. It totally changed the landscape of the electorate and it was in the top five issues in exit polling above major crime. More people cared abortion than they did about crime based on exit polling throughout multiple polls.

You also may remember me speaking about how the DNC, utilizing what they learned from the Bernie Hillary split led to the election of Donald Trump. And I said it, and I will say it again, they have been working to divide our party all along. They know better than anyone, a divided party is a losing party. That's us, that's Republicans. I talked about how Rinos in Congress were dominating the news cycle and still had support of old Bush style Republicans. The more we engaged with that side, the more votes we lost to true conservatives. They were over it. I called that Oz would lose. He was not a good Pennsylvania candidate, period. He's too polished and frankly too smart.

He wasn't able to get down with the average Pennsylvanian. I don't even know if McCormick was the answer, but what I can tell you is that the reason why Federman won is because he aligns with the massives of blue collars in Western Pennsylvania. And the other reason is that Pennsylvania has done a great job changing voter laws to make it almost impossible for Republicans to win in that state. We will be hard pressed to see Republican wins in the three states in question, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona. These three states had the most proven election fraud in 2020 and I think even more so in 2022 in these midterms.

I thought Kari Lake would destroy Katie Hobbs. I thought Herschel would have a narrow victory, not a runoff. I was wrong with those two. However, is it fair for the Secretary of State who manages elections to run for governor? I'm not so sure. Katie Hobbs had an insight as Secretary of State of how things worked and she purposely avoided the public eye because she was not electable, but because of the combination of the voting laws, the bias in Maricopa County and her hiding in the shadows away from Kari Lake, it was a big loss for us. I actually said in the other episode, if Katie Hobbs beats Kari Lake who had double digit leads over her, there's fraud in Arizona.

And I believe that, and you all know I'm not a big conspiracy fraud guy, where I think things are happening out there where the machines and this and that. I don't think it's that. I don't think it's hackers. I just think it's the Democrats have learned how to manipulate the system to make it easier for them to win. How do they do that? Mail-In ballots, early voting, all these things that add up. And you'll see most of the states that had upsets are the states that have the best liberal voting laws without ID requirements, without these four week early voting, mail-in voting or Dropbox