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The Left Spits on Parents: Pushing for WOKE education and LGBTQ bias in schools.

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In a whole new world, the mob doubles down on their attacks against parents with support from woke corporations. Meanwhile, Disney scrambles to relaunch Snow White and the Seven genders fan Geisha and the little Merman. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law. Yeah. Oh, yeah, baby. Let's go, Brandon. Let's go. Let's go, Brandon. Yeah. And it's that time for Hello, everybody. And let's go, Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative, super excited to be here. Interestingly enough, this is our Easter Sunday episode where we're focusing and getting right into the thick of the LGBTQ XYZ underscore community as again, they've managed to take us the gay community a step back a step back towards just being everyday citizens that are law abiding, and taxpaying, but instead know we have to create big, massive drama in order to feel special, and that we're seeking equality. Meanwhile, I just read an article today and this you know, you guys know that I've been very critical of Biden's sanctions and some of the worthless nonsense that we've been doing in order to quote unquote, fix Russia's unwarranted aggression to Ukraine that we created in the first place. Well, they've been keeping track of all the yachts, condos and assets that they've seized from Russia and oligarchy, during these sanctions, we'll come to find out. First of all, it's illegal for them to just sell the assets off. But they also legally have to maintain the assets as if they were when they seize them. So it's costing America $3.2 billion a month additional spending, which is adding to inflation 100%, adding to inflation, because that is additional spending that we weren't spending before that we're adding to now. And every time we add additional spending, we're adding to inflation, which as we know, is now at 8.5%. So when you're looking at the sanctions and looking at some of the Foreign Affairs that Biden so diplomatically handled, remember, there's always a consequence towards decisions. And in this case, we're dumping money into the maintenance of these assets. I don't care whether they're trying to sell them or not, it's additional spending, and it will be additional spending to try to sell them and then give that money to Ukraine, these sanctions are so worthless, and it's actually costing us more money than in my opinion impacting these oligarchs, and Putin's decision whether or not to keep this war going. Nonetheless, today, I really want to focus on this whole LGBTQ XYZ underscore community. Like I said, they've managed again to take us as the gay community steps backward in our journey to just be a regular part of society, folks, I am so tired of being used the fact that we're in 2022. With the access we have the information the gay community still thinks the left is really championing for them. It's ridiculous. It's insane. You're being used for political rhetoric and talking points my fellow gays, tell me one thing the left has done for you. I'm listening. Speak up tell me why as gay people were better off because of a left sponsored law policy or program and don't say gay marriage that was a Supreme Court ruling and had various levels of support across the board. It also could be easily argued that marriage didn't necessarily better us as a community. It was just an extra I don't even like to say right, privilege, if you will, just when I thought they were done using us as the gay community and moving right into trans here we are back again, folks. These antics driven by the less incessant need to be the champion of the people, the great defenders, the voice for those silenced, which is all good on the surface. Everyone wants that everyone deserves a voice. We can all agree that's what America is founded on. But here's the issue with that. And I've talked about this repeatedly, the mob creates the circumstance in which they must save people from it's the Democrats specialty made things bad intentionally to go back and make it good. It's great logic. It's either a calculated move to show themselves in a different light or the result of their stupidity, like in the case of this parents rights bill, or anti grooming bill would have never come about had liberals not blatantly spit on parents over COVID regulations. I call it liberal lifeguarding throw people into the pool just so you can save them. Just listen to the CEO of GLAAD promoting a victim mentality and fear.

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This is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist and This is a politician who is creating division within a school that doesn't need to be created families or kids like mine who have two moms now, when they say, draw us a picture of your family, they cannot draw a picture of their family. This is about ostracizing shaming LGBTQ kids and their families.

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The president of GLAAD is completely lying straight out of her mouth. I can't stop laughing about it because what's the appropriate response? It's so out there. First of all, let me start by saying there is nothing no bill no law, no piece of paper, literally nothing called Don't say gay it is a 100% made up catchphrase in order to cause mania I guess the HB one two to seven, also known as parents rights in education isn't as racy for the headlines. So what does the bill actually say? Here's what I took and lifted directly from the legislation cover your ears, folks, it's very, very evil. Schools must notify parents changes in any health or well being of their children. They're not supposed to encourage kids from withholding talking to their parents allow full access to children's student records, let parents refuse health care services and require parental permission for health screenings. Schools must respond to parents concerns within a week and find a solution within one month. If that's not possible, parents may escalate it to the state or they can issue a lawsuit. Here's the one and only paragraph that's killing kids classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in K through three classrooms or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards. Oh, I can't handle it, folks. I'm melting down. This is like Nazi Germany. I think Hitler himself would have written this one. It's Jim Crow for gays. What are we going to do? I mean, all joking aside, How is this even controversial? You mean to tell me because I can't formally teach kids that are five, six and seven that they can pick and choose their PPS and we always I'm being forced to kill them. I mean, according to Ed, a purely nonpartisan educational periodical they wrote quote, despite the term don't say gay, coined by critics of the bill, it does not mention the term gay or the LGBTQ plus community by name, nor does it prohibit students at any grade level from talking about their LGBTQ plus family members or themselves or acknowledging the existence of gay people, as some critics of the bill have claimed, guys, these people just make this stuff up. And these journalists who interview them who allow them to spew lies and don't challenge them at all are completely unethical. Don't say gay, just hearing that alone gives me heartburn. He makes up a name for state legislation. I mean, being from marketing and advertising, that is 100% textbook definition of false advertising and in the private sector would result in major fines and maybe even class action lawsuits. But of course, then we have to have the celebrities weighing in using their platform again to just blatantly lie a tweet from Mark Ruffalo says gay gay gay Of course, he's saying gay multiple times supposedly the new chant for equality despite it not even existing in the bill. Ariana Grande wrote really disgusting sharing equality Florida's totally false article perpetuating this craziness. Kerry Washington never doesn't have an opinion horrified about what's happening in Florida. children deserve to be who they are to be their selves, their true selves. Where does it say they can't be. Then there's Billy Eichner, who we all know is nuts. Well, is everyone aware of what's happening in Florida with this Don't say gay bill that acknowledging the existence of the LGBTQ XYZ underscore community could get teachers and students sued. I mean, what the hell is happening? People believe this crap because for whatever reason, they trust these celebrities. And as we know, Hollywood is just one big incestuous hellhole where they say, tweet, scream, whatever they can to boost their public image and reinvigorate their dying industry. Nowhere does it say students or teachers could be sued. It says the school can be sued for not responding over concerns of violating the bill, which is aimed at curriculum or ghost curriculum, as I like to call it where personal beliefs and opinions are inappropriately being shared in schools injected by teachers and woke principals and board members. I mean, as a gay man myself, I can see exactly what's going on here. We're back at the exploitation station. As Democrats continue to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks at this point. They're in desperate need of a sob story that will reinforce their route full agenda and create hate towards successful conservative states like Florida. You see, Florida is one of the top performing states in the US with a governor that has approval ratings we haven't seen since Reagan in California. Isn't this just a great distraction from that so people cannot compare what matters like education, the economy, supply chain, police and fire COVID policies, etc. Let's say in comparison to California or Washington State, listen to MSNBC Amund telling Americans how evil conservatives are,

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are you a victim of the GOP gaslighting machine? If you have listened to any of the B list, and Anita Bryan's on Fox over the last week, there's a good chance you have been conservatives have launched a coordinated effort to demonize opposition to Florida's bigoted don't say gay law. Any critic raises concerns about the lies smeared as a quote unquote groomer, someone seeking to manipulate and sexually abused children. It is a horrific lie, of course rooted in 70s era homophobic fear mongering and it is part of Republicans playbook that we're seeing used more and more often in the run up to the 2022 midterms.

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My favorite is him saying you need a brian is a B Lister on Fox. Let's not compare rating shall we? Because you'll lose for decades liberals have associated conservatives with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and all the others. This is an attempt solely to pull up the heartstrings of Americans who do actually care about others in order to garner support around radical policies under the guise of saving these victims. You know it I know it and oftentimes we as conservatives feel shame for thinking otherwise, especially in the last six years. I don't know about you. I have certainly caught myself wondering if I was a racist or hateful. That's what psychotic people do. They make you think you're the crazy one, we all have that x. And unfortunately, we're stuck with this one. That's the Single white female version. Hide your bunnies people. The Liberals are coming 100 years of history shows us Democrats have voted more racist, sexist, homophobic pro life and so on. Hey, that's all in the past right? Funny how the past only matters in certain aspects to the left. According to Kamala, the Cackler, we're all the white devils who killed and spread disease to all the natives. They forget the ones who fought for slavery and voted against civil rights Democrats. The hypocrisy is astonishing, but I'm getting off track. It just gets me so fired up. I've talked to you about this before the left's game is and always will be to slide or sneak in their agenda through victimization. They don't care about kids or gays, or blacks or immigrants or trans people. They care about staying in power and pushing democratic socialism on us and it'