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The Left Spits on Parents: Pushing for WOKE education and LGBTQ bias in schools.

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In a whole new world, the mob doubles down on their attacks against parents with support from woke corporations. Meanwhile, Disney scrambles to relaunch Snow White and the Seven genders fan Geisha and the little Merman. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law. Yeah. Oh, yeah, baby. Let's go, Brandon. Let's go. Let's go, Brandon. Yeah. And it's that time for Hello, everybody. And let's go, Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative, super excited to be here. Interestingly enough, this is our Easter Sunday episode where we're focusing and getting right into the thick of the LGBTQ XYZ underscore community as again, they've managed to take us the gay community a step back a step back towards just being everyday citizens that are law abiding, and taxpaying, but instead know we have to create big, massive drama in order to feel special, and that we're seeking equality. Meanwhile, I just read an article today and this you know, you guys know that I've been very critical of Biden's sanctions and some of the worthless nonsense that we've been doing in order to quote unquote, fix Russia's unwarranted aggression to Ukraine that we created in the first place. Well, they've been keeping track of all the yachts, condos and assets that they've seized from Russia and oligarchy, during these sanctions, we'll come to find out. First of all, it's illegal for them to just sell the assets off. But they also legally have to maintain the assets as if they were when they seize them. So it's costing America $3.2 billion a month additional spending, which is adding to inflation 100%, adding to inflation, because that is additional spending that we weren't spending before that we're adding to now. And every time we add additional spending, we're adding to inflation, which as we know, is now at 8.5%. So when you're looking at the sanctions and looking at some of the Foreign Affairs that Biden so diplomatically handled, remember, there's always a consequence towards decisions. And in this case, we're dumping money into the maintenance of these assets. I don't care whether they're trying to sell them or not, it's additional spending, and it will be additional spending to try to sell them and then give that money to Ukraine, these sanctions are so worthless, and it's actually costing us more money than in my opinion impacting these oligarchs, and Putin's decision whether or not to keep this war going. Nonetheless, today, I really want to focus on this whole LGBTQ XYZ underscore community. Like I said, they've managed again to take us as the gay community steps backward in our journey to just be a regular part of society, folks, I am so tired of being used the fact that we're in 2022. With the access we have the information the gay community still thinks the left is really championing for them. It's ridiculous. It's insane. You're being used for political rhetoric and talking points my fellow gays, tell me one thing the left has done for you. I'm listening. Speak up tell me why as gay people were better off because of a left sponsored law policy or program and don't say gay marriage that was a Supreme Court ruling and had various levels of support across the board. It also could be easily argued that marriage didn't necessarily better us as a community. It was just an extra I don't even like to say right, privilege, if you will, just when I thought they were done using us as the gay community and moving right into trans here we are back again, folks. These antics driven by the less incessant need to be the champion of the people, the great defenders, the voice for those silenced, which is all good on the surface. Everyone wants that everyone deserves a voice. We can all agree that's what America is founded on. But here's the issue with that. And I've talked about this repeatedly, the mob creates the circumstance in which they must save people from it's the Democrats specialty made things bad intentionally to go back and make it good. It's great logic. It's either a calculated move to show themselves in a different light or the result of their stupidity, like in the case of this parents rights bill, or anti grooming bill would have never come about had liberals not blatantly spit on parents over COVID regulations. I call it liberal lifeguarding throw people into the pool just so you can save them. Just listen to the CEO of GLAAD promoting a victim mentality and fear.

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This is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist and This is a politician who is creating division within a school that doesn't need to be created families or kids like mine who have two moms now, when they say, draw us a picture of your family, they cannot draw a picture of their family. This is about ostracizing shaming LGBTQ kids and their families.

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The president of GLAAD is completely lying straight out of her mouth. I can't stop laughing about it because what's the appropriate response? It's so out there. First of all, let me start by saying there is nothing no bill no law, no piece of paper, literally nothing called Don't say gay it is a 100% made up catchphrase in order to cause mania I guess the HB one two to seven, also known as parents rights in education isn't as racy for the headlines. So what does the bill actually say? Here's what I took and lifted directly from the legislation cover your ears, folks, it's very, very evil. Schools must notify parents changes in any health or well being of their children. They're not supposed to encourage kids from withholding talking to their parents allow full access to children's student records, let parents refuse health care services and require parental permission for health screenings. Schools must respond to parents concerns within a week and find a solution within one month. If that's not possible, parents may escalate it to the state or they can issue a lawsuit. Here's the one and only paragraph that's killing kids classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in K through three classrooms or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards. Oh, I can't handle it, folks. I'm melting down. This is like Nazi Germany. I think Hitler himself would have written this one. It's Jim Crow for gays. What are we going to do? I mean, all joking aside, How is this even controversial? You mean to tell me because I can't formally teach kids that are five, six and seven that they can pick and choose their PPS and we always I'm being forced to kill them. I mean, according to Ed, a purely nonpartisan educational periodical they wrote quote, despite the term don't say gay, coined by critics of the bill, it does not mention the term gay or the LGBTQ plus community by name, nor does it prohibit students at any grade level from talking about their LGBTQ plus family members or themselves or acknowledging the existence of gay people, as some critics of the bill have claimed, guys, these people just make this stuff up. And these journalists who interview them who allow them to spew lies and don't challenge them at all are completely unethical. Don't say gay, just hearing that alone gives me heartburn. He makes up a name for state legislation. I mean, being from marketing and advertising, that is 100% textbook definition of false advertising and in the private sector would result in major fines and maybe even class action lawsuits. But of course, then we have to have the celebrities weighing in using their platform again to just blatantly lie a tweet from Mark Ruffalo says gay gay gay Of course, he's saying gay multiple times supposedly the new chant for equality despite it not even existing in the bill. Ariana Grande wrote really disgusting sharing equality Florida's totally false article perpetuating this craziness. Kerry Washington never doesn't have an opinion horrified about what's happening in Florida. children deserve to be who they are to be their selves, their true selves. Where does it say they can't be. Then there's Billy Eichner, who we all know is nuts. Well, is everyone aware of what's happening in Florida with this Don't say gay bill that acknowledging the existence of the LGBTQ XYZ underscore community could get teachers and students sued. I mean, what the hell is happening? People believe this crap because for whatever reason, they trust these celebrities. And as we know, Hollywood is just one big incestuous hellhole where they say, tweet, scream, whatever they can to boost their public image and reinvigorate their dying industry. Nowhere does it say students or teachers could be sued. It says the school can be sued for not responding over concerns of violating the bill, which is aimed at curriculum or ghost curriculum, as I like to call it where personal beliefs and opinions are inappropriately being shared in schools injected by teachers and woke principals and board members. I mean, as a gay man myself, I can see exactly what's going on here. We're back at the exploitation station. As Democrats continue to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks at this point. They're in desperate need of a sob story that will reinforce their route full agenda and create hate towards successful conservative states like Florida. You see, Florida is one of the top performing states in the US with a governor that has approval ratings we haven't seen since Reagan in California. Isn't this just a great distraction from that so people cannot compare what matters like education, the economy, supply chain, police and fire COVID policies, etc. Let's say in comparison to California or Washington State, listen to MSNBC Amund telling Americans how evil conservatives are,

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are you a victim of the GOP gaslighting machine? If you have listened to any of the B list, and Anita Bryan's on Fox over the last week, there's a good chance you have been conservatives have launched a coordinated effort to demonize opposition to Florida's bigoted don't say gay law. Any critic raises concerns about the lies smeared as a quote unquote groomer, someone seeking to manipulate and sexually abused children. It is a horrific lie, of course rooted in 70s era homophobic fear mongering and it is part of Republicans playbook that we're seeing used more and more often in the run up to the 2022 midterms.

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My favorite is him saying you need a brian is a B Lister on Fox. Let's not compare rating shall we? Because you'll lose for decades liberals have associated conservatives with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and all the others. This is an attempt solely to pull up the heartstrings of Americans who do actually care about others in order to garner support around radical policies under the guise of saving these victims. You know it I know it and oftentimes we as conservatives feel shame for thinking otherwise, especially in the last six years. I don't know about you. I have certainly caught myself wondering if I was a racist or hateful. That's what psychotic people do. They make you think you're the crazy one, we all have that x. And unfortunately, we're stuck with this one. That's the Single white female version. Hide your bunnies people. The Liberals are coming 100 years of history shows us Democrats have voted more racist, sexist, homophobic pro life and so on. Hey, that's all in the past right? Funny how the past only matters in certain aspects to the left. According to Kamala, the Cackler, we're all the white devils who killed and spread disease to all the natives. They forget the ones who fought for slavery and voted against civil rights Democrats. The hypocrisy is astonishing, but I'm getting off track. It just gets me so fired up. I've talked to you about this before the left's game is and always will be to slide or sneak in their agenda through victimization. They don't care about kids or gays, or blacks or immigrants or trans people. They care about staying in power and pushing democratic socialism on us and it's becoming blatantly obvious every day. It's all noise and distraction, because they know Americans on the other side, don't agree with them. I mean, we saw this with Youngin. In Virginia, it goes something like this people of America, Florida is a bunch of racist homophobes. They are creating dangerous environments for our children, literally killing kids with this new law states cannot be trusted anymore to manage their education. We must federalize education in order to protect our children from states like Florida, then all of a sudden, you're gonna see bumper stickers, save America's children and nationalize education posters, call your congressmen campaigns and so on. We've seen it so many times. This is not a dramatization, people. They are literally claiming this bill will kill kids, your kids, listen to our transportation, secretary's wife, your I mean husband,

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and our next guest says it will kill kids. Joining us now is author and educator, chaste and Buttigieg. He is married to Pete Buttigieg, the Biden ministration. Secretary of Transportation, I really appreciate you being with us this morning. You say this bill will kill kids.

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How? Yeah, I mean, that's a staggering number. So the tweet I put out, mentioned a survey by the Trevor Project, in which 42% of LGBTQ kids kids who are safe or comfortable enough to take the survey said that they've seriously considered taking their own life. And we should be approaching that number with with urgency and with compassion and care, wondering what we're doing, what kind of country we're building aren't in Florida. What kind of state are you building, where you're essentially pushing kids back into the closet, you're saying we can't talk about you? We can't even talk about your families. And you know, as a kid who grew up for for 18 years being told you don't belong something about you is wrong. Sometimes you take that trauma to heart and unfortunately, there are a lot of kids in this country who do the worst because we tell them something about you is twisted and you don't belong here.

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I mean, does it get any crazier than that? I mean, he has a book called I have something to tell you, we'll chat and I have something to tell you first off your oppress hungry liar using clickbait tweets and headlines to get yourself out of your even more delusional husband shadow. Second, your stats do not pertain to this bill at all LGBTQ youth does not mean K through three. Let's hear the stats on kindergarteners who think about suicide over their sexuality to how many non LGBTQ youth have thought about suicide. And lastly, how many LGBTQ young people attribute their suicidal thoughts to what they learned in K through three classrooms? Wouldn't it happen to be things like their parents not accepting them or mental illness like depression? Come on chastity, you're better than that? You know the truth. According to the UCLA law school, there are 42 million young people in the United States of which 2 million identify as LGBTQ his claim is, according to the Trevor Project, which is not bias at all, and identified 42% of the LGBTQ youth community has had suicidal thoughts. This can be attributed to many things, but it's not much different than the non LGBT XYZ underscore community. Let's just break it down. Because I'm not hearing the real numbers anywhere. 17% of the 40 million non LGBTQ XYZ underscore community is about 16.8 Young people who have had suicidal thoughts, then 42% of the LGBTQ young people's 2 million population is about 840,000. The reason you can't compare 42 to 17, as an argument is that we're talking about attributions of education to these thoughts. So the education is equal across the board straight gay, regardless, they're using the same curriculum, right? Or is this just in general? In other words, there's eight times the number of straight kids who have thought about suicide than LGBTQ XYZ underscore kids. And the reason why it's equal is because we're attributing it to education. Most importantly, facts aside, common sense would tell us not learning about sex, sexuality and gender as a six year old would protect them from feeling bad or like an outcast. It sounds great to say we start early to develop them into accepting and loving kids of everyone, so there's no homophobia and later ages, but how is that possible? If kids can't mentally conceptualize what sex or sexuality is, listen to this? People are dancing in a Home Depot or flashmob? It's like an awesome flashmob. Like my cue dance thing. present his family

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Why is the boy Dale and why are they dancing? I should be in that video his reaction he's just like oh my god

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second Okay, so there's a guy getting proposed to so does have a nice suit I have to say that it's already proposes to me that's what I want to happen how did they get home depot to approve this is a businessman Okay, so

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they're good because you love him? Good friends. Is he gonna propose more than anything? A guy I really do think gay marriage even a boy man and boy this is crazy. Guy Mary John says okay.

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Those are cute and it doesn't matter if like they're gay or anything that was just so cute. I

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you may not be able to tell in their voices, but the kids are five through 13 and age and we're being shown a dramatic YouTube video of a guy proposing to another guy in Home Depot. Let me walk you through who they are. We have Lucas who's age five had no clue what was going on or what same sex marriage same with Maxim age seven. Samira age seven no clue what's happening questioning dash age nine sort of starting to grasp but not really. Michelle age nine didn't get it at all. jQa age 10 was accepting but a little unsure. Then you have everyone from 1112 and 13. Totally cool with it. No questions. No judgment, no problem. One of the kids who was 13 said okay, they're gay. And that's okay. I do want to point out that this was done by a group called react media whose content is heavily skewed to the left. So I don't know how much coaching These kids have had, however, look at the line, every single kid in the age group the parents rights bill applies to has no clue what any of this even means. As you can see every kid within the K through three age group and a couple above that reacted to the content uncomfortably, not because they hate gays, but because it's not comprehensible at their developmental stage. Furthermore, the left always uses a state or a group of state happenings in order to push for more federal overreach, painting them as going against the federal agenda and the progress of America. Well, that's the point. That's why we have states we don't want to be in lockstep with the federal agenda. It doesn't represent us. And that's why we live in a democracy. This Democrat inspired political framework is a four step process that I broken down for you. And now that you're going to learn about it, you're going to watch and see it happen every time. So first, they have to create an emotional distraction, exploiting the American desire to help others aka kids struggling with their sexuality and gender questions or curiosities, painting the sad story, so we can't not feel bad. The problem is, the story is always either totally made up or a massive dramatization of something minor, like this bill, then they victimize and vilify specific groups. In this case, it's the LGBTQ community being attacked and abused and stripped of their rights by conservatives. This will be nationwide, but they use Florida's bill just as a start, then they recruit well known woke companies and the media to add credibility to their story eliminate any questions splitting the trust Americans have into these longtime staples in our lives, like Disney or Coca Cola, then they introduce radical legislation, policies or programs through the federal government hiding behind the smoke of this is the only way to save them. Meanwhile, they fill the laws or bills or executive orders with socialists nonsense that takes away the rights of every one of us. Now, if it seems this particular issue is larger than usual, you're right. And why is that they're in full desperation mode. As we get closer to the midterms and need something anything that will boost their approval, who better to exploit than America's children to paint their delusional champions of the people rhetoric. In all seriousness, these people must sit around a table a big socialist Think Tank and say maybe if we save the world from COVID, wrong, we're through it already. Maybe if we open the borders to victims of poverty and oppression wrong, Americans would rather feel safe over open borders, maybe if we lower gas prices wrong, even releasing barrels did not do anything to the prices and won't. And then they hit the winner. Maybe if we show undying support for an innocent country being attacked because of Russia in the first place wrong. It's actually bipartisan, so no party is getting the credit. It's just all of Washington, they thought they could pit Republicans against Ukraine and pro Putin but it backfired totally on them, then maybe if we save kids, and we're the heroes, excuse me, I mean, now they're just scraping at the bottom of the barrel. You notice I have not said gay kids or trans kids. First, the bill says nothing about the sexuality of the kids or gender. It's not about the kids at all. It protects the kids but more about limiting the power of educators and students over parents. It's kind of the point of the bill allowing kids to be kids without taking on the burden of this stuff. Second, I don't care what anyone says you cannot mentally comprehend and understand you are gay at those young ages. It does not happen unless it's being pushed psychology tells us early childhood is highly impacted by circumstances. Listen to this quick educational video from 2017 and nothing to do with quote unquote, gay the first

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years of our lives actually affect the physical architecture of the developing brain. This means that brains aren't just born. They're also built over time based on our experiences. Just as a house needs a sturdy foundation to support the walls and roof. A brain needs a good base to support all future development. positive interactions between young children and their caregivers literally build the architecture of the developing brain. Building a sturdy foundation in the earliest years provides a good base for a lifetime of good mental function and better overall health.

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It's just purely how the brain works. I should also mention that that clip is from NS NSPCC, the largest anti child abuse group in the UK. Take me for example, I would say fourth grade I knew I was different, not on the outside, but inside. I just didn't have that same chemistry or whatever it was that the boys had with the girls. There's nothing sexual just A natural connection. I don't know the right term. So I think you'd get what I'm trying to say the issue was in fourth grade, I didn't really know what sex was maybe in theory, but it was weirder. And each year there was nothing physical. So again, I knew I was different but I could not conceptualize or understand in how or what way mainly it's because it's called Sexual Orientation sexuality that word sex should tell everyone that unless you fully understand the concept of sex, what is pleasurable what isn't? What is your quote unquote, type or attraction? You can't understand your sexual orientation period. I didn't know I was truly attracted to other guys until about eighth grade and even then I pursued girls God I wouldn't I wouldn't give to watch my parents now with me with girls. God bless them. I'm sure they went to bed laughing several times. But needless to say the deal got sealed for me when I attempted to sleep with a girl nothing like female parts for a gay guy to run right out of the closet. But my mom and dad were cool about it along with my brothers and sisters. Keep in mind my dad is a straight white true and true Southerner from Tennessee and very conservative socially and economically you would think by stereotype he would have a major issue but he didn't have a care in the world. It was literally nothing. There was no coming out party. My mom didn't go join a support group for parents of LGBT to youths. We didn't all go pick it and wear tacky shirts with press on Rainbow decals. You know why? Because like true conservatives. My family believed your bedroom is your business. Not in a Don't Ask Don't Tell away. If I wanted to talk I had the opportunity to talk I knew the door was always open, but in the sense that okay, so you're attracted to the same sex you're attracted to guys. And do you still like to play golf? Yes. Do you still like cars? Yes. Do you still like watching USC football games? Yes. Do you still want to go to college? Yes. Do you still love your family? Yes, you still want to live life of prosperity and integrity? Yes. Those are the things that are important. That's what defines you talk about living your own beliefs Christian and conservatives. Those devils right now Christian conservatives are accepting and open to all like Christ and not worried about someone's personal freedoms or choices because it's their right so many gay guys have those horrible coming out stories which I do feel bad about. I have sympathy for them. I understand how fortunate I am. I truly do. However, I don't know if it's social media or TV or just a stigma. But the LGBTQ community has this incredibly sad habit totally defining themselves by their sexuality, gender, etc. Instead of what really matters. Just like my parents, okay? You like the same sex? Are you hard working? Are you a contributor to society? That's what matters. Okay? You want to cut your hair and do a crew cut and wear flannel and date girls as a lesbian? And do you forgive and love others? Yes, that's what matters. Okay? You have a penis and you want a vagina? Do you treat others with respect and help people good? That's what matters. Now, that doesn't work on the left, because that creates an equal standard for everyone. How can you get special treatment? If you're judged not only on your sexuality, but on who you are inside? There's no unfair advantage there. So it doesn't fit the narrative. It always comes down to are you born this way? Or is it a choice and both are irrelevant choice or not? You must live within the means God gave you are what you've chosen. If you choose to change genders are were born with the wrong parts, regardless of the argument. And regardless of your belief, it's reality. It just is being born a certain way doesn't entitle you to something extra. And any choice you make impacts your life. What about people who are born with no legs or an underdeveloped brain? Should they be expected to compete against people with legs because they're born without legs, they of course want to be equal, but unfortunately, they must live within the confines of their circumstances. It's just a fact of life being born or choosing has no bearing on anything. Everyone must play the cards they're dealt and not expect something different. Well, I'll just got to hear my gay story. And my take on being gay went a little off the rails there. So I apologize, but I hope it gives you some ammo when people start spouting off about homophobia and transphobia. Let's get back to Florida. So the entire problem with the Democrats pushing this narrative is their agenda changes based on how you think or based on how they think excuse me can get votes. Do you really want your lawmaker guessing that is not a representation of you or anyone because it's not rooted in anything just how to grab boats if you take the grim if you take the Democrats stance on abortion, for example, these lifer liberals in Congress were almost all pro life until they changed over four votes crime reform Democrats It's all supported extremely racist criminal crime reform until they didn't gay marriage all anti until they weren't Democrats know that their radical agenda is not working red states are thriving blue states are dying. The numbers don't lie. The reality is we all just took an 8.5% pay cut, we can't afford to fill up our tanks. And we're in the middle of another seemingly endless war, we can't find food or products due to nationwide shortages. And now that we've moved past COVID, it's becoming very clear to Americans that COVID was not the culprit here. Here's the challenge they are having as Republicans, we've gotten much better at undermining the press using social media and distributing facts which Americans generally align with. The other issue they have is Americans could care less about a bill in Florida that regardless of whether it's good or bad, doesn't address the real issues a ban on curriculum around sexuality and gender to five, six and seven, how it's being pitched is not a priority. For most Americans. There is no reporting on the real issue because it would decimate the liberal agenda, but Americans are starting to suffer like they were in 2008. So what's the truth? What's the real deal with this parents rights bill? Why is it even an issue, it all comes down to the nucular level reaction of these three issues, the LGBTQ and liberal agenda and what they really want the education slash educator agenda and parents naturally, you would think that these three groups would work together, the LGBTQ community could offer consulting and educational suggestions within the schools creating an open dialogue and progress counties, schools, districts, magnet schools, whatever, and teachers would teach the curriculum without inserting their personal agenda. And lastly, parents would work with educators and administrators to ensure cohesive communication and partnership. Is that insane to you? Does that sound ridiculous or crazy? That's the way I think. And that's the way I think it's supposed to work. That's the issue with the mob. They can't compromise. They can't work together with other stakeholders on an issue. It's their way or the highway and they have the media and the big corporations behind them. But as we know, this bill has absolutely nothing to do with being gay or the LGBTQ community. This bill in my opinion, is completely a result of the true colors we saw from educators and schools and school boards during COVID. Utterly waving their middle fingers at parents. Now Funny enough, this isn't the first time Florida parents have gone up against the schools in 2008. A case Fraser Fraser be when brought to the 11th circuit court regarding a parent's rights to allow or withhold their child's participation in the Pledge of Allegiance. Again, it's not about a kid saying it or not, it's about whether teachers have the power over parents to enforce or waive a child's participation. Florida already had a statute in place protecting parents decisions over their children's participation, but it was challenged and ended up in this 11th circuit appeals court the court upheld Florida Statute requiring parental permission is constitutional. The decision and I quote said this, although we accept that the government ordinarily may not compel students to participate in the pledge, eg Barnett we also recognize that a parent's right to interfere with the wishes of its child is stronger than a public school officials right to interfere on behalf of the school's own interests. The decision went on to say, well, most important, the statute ultimately leaves it to the parent whether or not a child will participate in the pledge. Is this not precedent? Of course, it's the difference between parents rights to choose whether their kid does the pledge or not. But in theory, would that make the case for parental rights and power as it pertains to education? So in the liberal framework, we have established that they're using the idea that young kids K through three struggle with their sexuality and need somewhere in someone to turn to well lays it out clearly here as they say sexual orientation is often realized in middle school, just like I said about me, quote by middle school as they enter adolescence, many gay teens already recognize their sexual orientation whether they have revealed it to anyone or not those who didn't realize they were gay at first often say that they always felt different from their peers but didn't know exactly why. Again, me becoming aware of and coming to terms with one sexual orientation take some time thinking sexually about both the same sex and the opposite sex is quite calm. Men as teens sort through their emerging sexual feelings, folks, again, this is not about being gay. This is not about limiting or vilifying same sex families. This is not about trying to limit the number of people, kids coming out of the closet. This is about liberals getting caught with their hand in the gender jar with programs like gender bread men or women exercise where children can choose what parts they have on Gingerbread cookies. It's disgusting. This is about liberals pushing inappropriate off books, education, about issues parents should be discussing with their kids, not teachers. This is about teachers and school administrators placing kids on a gender transition program without notifying parents. Ultimately, it boils down to they know better for your kid than you do. I grew up during the AD D craze. It wasn't even ADHD at the time. And teachers everywhere decided they were doctors and nurses. It happened even to me, they sit parents down, diagnose the kid and tell parents to go get them on Ritalin. It's called educator overreach. And it's a big issue because teachers unions and left wing school boards push the narrative to the teachers that they are their parents during the day and they know better that horrible things happen in the home. And it's their responsibility to inject their views into their classroom regardless of curriculum. So now, the gay teachers are coming out and telling us that this bill will disallow them for being able to talk about their family. Again, not true, it can be organically discussed. Listen to this teacher explain why he is so upset over the bill.

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Joining me now is Cory Bernardi, a kindergarten teacher at Barbara a Harvey Elementary and Parrish Florida. He's openly gay and has spoken about how this new law is going to impact his classroom. Cory, thank you so much for joining us this morning. We appreciate it, too. The Florida Governor signing this into law.

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Yeah, you know, it's twofold. It really hits hard, in my heart professionally and personally, both professionally, it truly makes me feel like I am not trusted as a professional. Does it have anything about teaching sexual orientation or sexual identity? So for them to say that, that that's happening, that you know, it's kind of crazy. But we should be able to have discussions and that's what we're encouraged to do in kindergarten and then personally, because, you know, my kids do have questions. They want to know who my partner is in pictures outside of my classroom, and I should be able to speak to that. That's what we do. As educators, we build relationships with our kids. And in order to build relationships, you talk about your home life, you talk about what you do on the weekends, that building community. i It scares me to death that I am not going to be able to have these conversations with my children, because they're going to ask me what I did on the weekend. I didn't want to have to hide that my partner and I went paddleboarding this weekend. I'm also worried for my kids. I have a little girl this year who has two moms and the kids are curious about her two moms. They want to know about her two moms. You know if they come to if they go to her and ask her about her two moms, and she doesn't know what to say they're going to come to me and ask me and then, you know, so what do I do? Are you joking?

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First of all, regardless of this bill, it's not appropriate for you to be talking about your home life to your students. No kindergartener should know you went paddleboarding on the weekend, regardless of who it was with their kindergarteners. There's nothing in that bill that would hint at him not being able to say those things, but it's still inappropriate. And there's nothing in the bill that says a girl cannot ask about another girl's two mommies. Most importantly, they are His children, not his students if you notice, so they have the media convinced this is a kid killer. They have students and teachers everywhere convinced that conservatives are coming for them and they have the gay community convinced that this is to limit and shame the number of gays coming out they have celebrities convinced that this is homophobic politicians trying to hate gay kids. Now they have businesses that Americans trust convinced that the bill is bad for them their family and society Disney is synonymous with childhood delighting children with magic through imagination and wonder we all experienced it growing up movies like The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo and Toy Story just like Coca Cola, or Apple or Kleenex. Disney is trusted by most to produce safe and pure content for kids. Unfortunately, just like Netflix and Google and Spotify, the inmates are running the asylum. This new phenomenon that employees get to dictate the beliefs, opinions and actions of a company is very dangerous and quite frankly disgusting. Whenever you have a group of people in a mob mentality, repeating what they hear on the news or seeing old clips holding their employer hostage to act can be very damning, just like the Spotify employees Walking out on the job or the immature dweebs at Netflix storming out because of Dave Chappelle, these employees are sending messages that they know better than the leadership and executives of those companies. Oftentimes though it forces the executives to make decisions that have irrevocable consequences to those employees, most of which happens to be laying people off. I mean, had Joe Rogan been terminated from Spotify as one of if not the reason for people to sign up and bring in revenue would have resulted in many people losing their job. It's funny what happens when you don't think things through, go, go protest protest protests don't realize that you're protesting is going to lead to layoffs. Disney did it twofold. They had their cry baby walk out demanding the CEO say or do something about this bill in the state their largest theme park is and where they received huge tax breaks and incentives for doing business there and employing those very people just listen.

Unknown Speaker 41:01

Outside Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. Today, dozens of Disney employees walked off the job in support all of our employees

Unknown Speaker 41:15

and their families. I mean, it's almost unbearable to hear that wasn't enough, though. Then high ranking Disney employees said okay, well, if we can't get something by crying, we'll just start injecting LGBTQ X, Y Z underscore into our productions. The Hollywood Reporter obtained a letter memo addressed to the CEO angrily demanding it up it's gay, lesbian trans content. Of course, the CEO caved and admitted publicly that quote, inspiring content is the answer to counter attack discrimination. That guy's a real saint isn't just he admits here, quote, because this struggle is much bigger than any one bill in any one state. I believe the best way for our company to bring about lasting change is through inspiring content. We produce the welcoming culture we create and the diverse community organizations we support. Well, that's all fine and good. But that wasn't good enough for leadership at Pixar. They want more and free reign. They said even if creating an LGBTQ i A plus content was the answer to fixing the discriminatory legislation in the world, we are being barred from creating it beyond the inspiring content that we're not even allowed to create, we require action. The unsigned letter goes on to state that despite Disney's claim that it supports inclusive content, it has in some very ways only recently begun to show support for that community. Basically a big fu to the CEO forcing him to come out and create a political work environment then a big fu to the customers who are an overwhelming majority that don't agree Disney should be using their media as a platform to push its own behalf or a pro LGBTQ bias. How many parents take their kids to see a little mermaid where Ariel gets a new penis and wants to live a non binary world and Ursula has a wife and a husband at the same time how many parents will take their kids to see Snow White and the Seven genders each dwarf represents the many genders and give Snow White gender reassignment surgery while she's asleep. Then she's kissed by a pansexual Prince fan Geisha enter the world of sexual fluidity where everyone is one gender and one sex. You can make this it's funny because it's true. This is what we're fighting. This is real. And it does not matter how it affects anyone else. Just like in the case of trans athletes dominating leagues they should not be in or minorities being favored for college admission. Does anyone ever consider the other side? Not that there even shouldn't be another side in the workplace? But what about the people at Disney that agree with the bill making them feel ostracized and creating a place where they can't speak up? What does that say about their claims of inclusivity? Be your unique self employees of Disney but only if your whoa speak up, be out and proud. Celebrate your unique self. However, if you disagree, beware even beyond disagreeing. What about the employees that just want to show up and do their jobs and go home to their families? They're being forced to make a choice or keep their head down feeling miserable at work? I'm sure could you imagine working in a place that pushes woke ideologies, and by doing so creates a hostile work environment for a huge percentage of employees that don't want to take a stand? They don't want to be involved. What about them? See, no one cares about the other side, which is what is so effed in these situations, the left is convinced many people who have had it easy, or however they like to justify it. Athletes competing against their biological opposite sex and losing 4.0 Students with perfect SATs scores and a slew of extracurriculars, who worked hard to go to an Ivy League school is not accepted because the 3.5 student with lower scores is a minority. It's unfair. It's I and equal, most importantly, it's unAmerican so naturally what is going to happen here? Well, first of all Americans are now boycotting Disney. And let's be clear, they're not boycotting because the CEO came out against the bill we're used to that the boycott are called the boycott came from the quote unquote promise, if you will, of leaders within Disney to start creating gay and trans biased influences in their productions. And we're right back where we started. It doesn't matter if you're a TV station or a classroom or a movie producer. The second you spit in the faces of parents and tell them you're going to push something regardless of their beliefs and family dynamic is the second you feel the wrath by Disney going after parents like this and attempting to brainwash kids or at least claim that people boycott boycotts impact the bottom line, stock prices, revenues dip and people get laid off. Be careful what you wish for the most recent polling numbers show that 51% of Americans support the bill while only 35% oppose and the rest are uncertain. This is the prostitute stole my wallet scenario. You know, when a prostitute steals a guy's wallet, so he calls the cops and then he gets busted for hiring a prostitute. It's the same thing. Liberals found the wrong group to mess with parents. You don't mess with a lion and her cubs. But these people can't help themselves. anyone or any group who threatens their agenda must be challenged and ultimately forced quiet. It's not happening here, folks. Now similar legislation is popping up all over the country. As more parents are empowered to take their children's education back into their own hands versus creepy woke teachers that want to sit with their kids and talk about paddleboarding with their partner. Listen to the founder of parents for liberty, who were the biggest force behind this bill explaining why the support for this bill even came about they believe that

Unknown Speaker 46:55

too many children and too many people in general are coming out and they are trying to do something to stop this.

Unknown Speaker 47:01

Thank you very much. What's happening is that parents are awake. So not only are they paying attention to what's happening in Florida, but they're paying attention to what's happening around the country. And we're seeing things like the gender bread exercise where children are being told in kindergarten, that they can choose to be a boy or a girl or not a boy or a girl or a boy and a girl is not something that parents want discuss with their kindergarteners. What is happening in the classrooms in Florida is this January Little John, a parent of a 13 year old girl, her daughter was put into a gender transition program in Leon County, Florida. Without the parents consent or knowledge. Another little girl in Clay County attempted suicide at school. When the parents arrived, they found out their daughter had been put into a social gender transition program without their consent or knowledge. Todd, their daughter was being Baker Acted, they were removed from important decisions that they should be a part of their in their children's education. I can only think as a parent of a middle schooler now that you also want to be a part of those important conversations in your children's lives.

Unknown Speaker 48:02

Of course, it's like a lot of things combined. But educator overreach was the catalyst for parents to awaken to what is really happening in schools and classrooms, especially during the pandemic teachers, school boards and schools made it abundantly clear during COVID that they knew what was best for the kids, not the parents. They engaged in continual battles about masking and mandating vaccines and school closures. It was non stop. I don't think any of this that we're talking about today would have happened had schools just sat with parents made the necessary concessions while preserving the health of teachers and students. But oh no, they had to make it known that they are the boss, not us. But then as a result of that parents started to look deeper and deeper and realize that there's a lot of stuff going on that's not COVID related that we need to address. This bill in Florida is one of the first publicized times in post pandemic America, where parents won Virginia as well with critical race theory and young kid it's only for so long schools can dodge parents and continue to educate how they see fit without their knowledge, putting kids through gender counseling, teaching kids about homosexuality and bisexuality and telling them it's okay to explore their sexuality, which is just another perfect example of Democrats torching their own village. Let me leave you with this gay straight trans queer, bisexual pansexual and all the other titles or labels that have have been created so people can feel special and different. It all means nothing. Your race means nothing your gender means nothing. Your religion means nothing. They are important to you as they should be, but they should not be important to others. We must stop things like skin color and genitalia Ilya get in the way of being American being able to practice or do all of those things with your freedom. However, that doesn't mean it should matter to others and in America, we don't take from others for the benefit of ourselves. That is not who we are. That is what is happening here. All of us, the minorities, if you will, or disenfranchised have been sold a bill of goods that we deserve more a story of taking back what was taken from us, and most importantly, a narrative that constantly pushes us to put personal issues over all else, destroying communities, eliminating healthy communication and argument starting hostility and violence and dangerously pitting people against their country. When did these issues begin to overpower the real issues such as the economy, national security borders, the military, and the things that impact every one of us that incessant obsession with peering in and controlling people's private lives and bedrooms is wreaking havoc on all of us. It's distracting us from the real issues, and it's undermining the things that make this country great. We live in a representative democracy as a population, we get to choose who represents us, from our county to our president 50 states, each to represent the specific needs of their people, both locally and federally, we elect people to represent us everywhere, it's part of being American, and it is their job to put their personal belief aside and listen to what's best for their constituents. I suppose what I'm trying to say here is when you use destructive means to try and stop legislation or election results, whatever it may be, you are undermining the very process which has allowed you to do so it's totally counterintuitive. Florida's parental rights and education bill was drafted in the state government was voted on by elected officials to represent their localities based on what they know and learn about their specific communities. Just because you disagree with a candidate or a law doesn't give you the right to spit on our democratic process because your feelings are hurt when the majority rules. That's it. If something changes, and say voters start telling their elected officials, they didn't like the bill or policies that the politicians created, they can go back and in representation of their people change it or oppose it. It's not a perfect system, but it's as close as it gets. People who believe screaming the loudest calling names, flinging insults and creating stereotypes will get them what they want, sadly, are right because so many of our left politicians don't want to follow the democratic process themselves. They often cave or support things that no one ever voted on. Legislation was never written for, and courts have no legal precedent. COVID was a perfect example of this. Our elected officials could not sign executive orders fast enough. Without a word from the people. It's all a big power grab. This isn't who we are. This isn't not what makes America great. Every individual matters and has a seat at the table within the guidelines of the Constitution. Your individuality matters, but how your individuality fits in the puzzle of society matters more we've gone from a country who regardless of sides can come together and prop each other up a country where the political sign on your front lawn didn't define your relationship with your neighbors to a country of takers with the belief that it's okay to take from others as long as it benefits your individualism. The idea of individualism superseding what is best for the whole is killing this country like a cancer. Beyond that the idea that your individualism you cling to revolves around who you sleep with, what genitals you have, and what you look like continues to break down the very foundation that gives people the right to be individual and do these things while also contributing to the greater good I think JFK highlighted this concept when he said we shall pay any price bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty together as a country that's what's important. Or as James Tiberius Kirk Starship Enterprise this the needs of the many outweigh the needs are the few of the one that is true. Community is a good thing like minded community morals and boundaries offer protection of the most vulnerable and celebrate the individual, not the individual genitals or skin color, but the individual success, accomplishments and contributions to that community. You just listened to the last gay conservative, I'm your host Chad law reminding you freedom is never more than one generation. Get away from extinction God bless you President Reagan and God save America

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