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Stupid is as Stupid Does: The Entire Biden Whitehouse.


Fri, 3/11 5:00PM • 55:10


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Stupid is as stupid does Biden campus scrambling as America begins to realize not only is Biden stupid, but his entire white houses as well. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law Let's go. Let's go friend, lead. So let's go friend in Yeah, we are fired up this morning.


Everybody hope that was dramatic enough for y'all saying hello, everybody is my favorite part of the day. Speaking of Let's go, Brandon, the other day I was walking my French Bulldog, Ron, or Ronald Reagan, Ron for short. And the way our walk works is that when you leave the neighborhood not very far around the corner is a shopping center with CBS and a Ralph's grocery store. And usually what happens is I walk in, and then if I need anything, I'll just pop into one or the other and get a bag and walk home with them. It's it's pretty much our regular routine. So Ron and I are walking and getting pretty close to CVS. And of course, out of the corner of my eye, I see a Girl Scout Cookie stand, the moms are there, the girls are there, there's a table stacked to the brim with Girl Scouts. And of course I Beeline it over there, because I'm a crazy sugar addict. And I start placing my order and everyone there around the table. It's like touching, touching, touching. Because you have to understand so many people on a daily basis come in and out of my house or my yard, depending on what's going on pool people, fountain people cleaning people, the list just goes on, it's obnoxious. And same with the office, always people coming in and out. And as a true attic, I have to bring them down to my level. So I buy everyone Girl Scout cookies. So then I don't feel bad about sitting on the couch and eating three boxes of thin mints on my out, well, I'm placing that order. And I'm ordering, you know, dosi dose for my assistant, my business partner loves the Samoas I think they're called Caramel Delites now, and I am a Thinman addict well, right when I get to place my order for the Thin Mints. The girl goes, I'm sorry, but we're out of them. And they didn't want to make her feel bad. So I said, Oh, don't worry, honey, that's fine. And I looked over at mom and I said, Are you guys out? Or do you have some in the garage that I can order because in the past, they run out at the grocery store, but you can pay for them and they'll drop them off or whatever. And she looks at me and she looks kind of like alert. And she's like, No, actually all of Girl Scouts of America are out of thin mints. And I'm like what interest? Yeah, the supply chain this year had an impact on Thin Mints. And so each troop only got a handful. And they sold out immediately because it's our most popular flavor. I lost it I look over the gas station on the corner is that $6.25 I had just paid something like $10 for a pound of ground beef. And now I can't even get Thin Mints because of this idiot in office, you can come for my gas, you can come for my paycheck, you can come for my food. But the second you start messing with my dessert is the second I go on full bore attack. And that's exactly what today's episode is about. Which incidentally was already planned before that happened. It just reinforces the point that I'm trying to make, which is reviewing the overall intelligence of our current White House. We know Joe's a mess. It's still fun to hear and watch. But everyone around him is also a mess. And without any brilliance in the White House. Like we've seen with other presidents. There's nothing there. There's no one to prop him up no one to help him and that's why we have damaging events all the time. So the title stupid is as stupid does I don't know if you remember, but it's actually a quote from Forrest Gump the movie with Tom Hanks, it essentially means that we need to judge people, not by their appearance, but by their actions, which we know in theory, but it's in reference to sales. And so when you go and you know, I'm looking online, and I found this really cool site called And basically what it says is a salesperson on the surface, they may seem clean as a whistle, but only through a detailed and painstaking due diligence process. Can a purchaser really determine whether the sellers house is in order and what risks may exist? Well, folks, I think America's due diligence is just about over and from the time we saw Biden on the campaign trail presenting himself as this mild mannered unifier politically smart. One year later, we're all realizing that regardless of what he presented on the outside, Biden and his team are stupid inside and a lot of people ask me on a regular basis, why would it take people over a year to come to the conclusion that these people are stupid and the truth is the lens in which we do Due Diligence through is generally the media and online, both of which have people constantly working hard to conceal the stupidity from us. And so it's not as simple as just realizing that someone's stupid. It's a level that we go up we go from mistakes, to blunders to gas to, oh my god, this guy is seriously challenged. My mom used to tell us you are what you do. I think it's self explanatory. Every president has their intellect put to the test by the opposing side for all politicians getting elected automatically, it triggers the opposing party to label you as stupid. But we have to understand that disagreeing on policy and decisions doesn't necessarily make someone stupid. In all seriousness, it goes back and forth along with election credibility. These are the two automatic responses to every election, intelligence and credibility. Every president's intelligence gets reamed by the other side and the losing party from every election questions the elections validity. Now, it's important that we know these questions of election validity are not nearly on the same level as 2020. And I really do hope that was just a one off. But this is the nature of the game. It's low hanging fruit. From a mere media standpoint, it's not hard to make someone look dumb with all the slicing and dicing they can do. The first president I remember getting ripped for this was George W. Bush, every TV show newspaper and magazine blew up the notion that W was an idiot. He today is still the second most impersonated president on SNL right after Bill Clinton on the left side, he was just blatantly stupid, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But on the right we heard defenses like well, he might be dumb, but he has the right people around him or everybody makes mistakes speaking in large crowds or just plain denying it and blaming it on liberal propaganda, all of which have some truth to them. I was pretty young at the time, so I didn't notice any deficit. But now that I look back, he was definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed at least from the outside looking in. He seemed to really struggle to put a thought together compared to most presidents, I guess he could be defined as stupid. Now he's an artist and the new art he's creating looks like something painted at a home for stroke patients, which also leads me to question his mental capacity. No matter what the media declares about who's running the show, in Bush's case, it was Cheney, you can't get to the top and be indeed mentally limited. Until now. Many factors can be attributed to one stupidity we're looking at genetics, birth, little diverse life experience, illness, and close to new ideas. We can't forget age, just the natural decline of our everything functioning as we approach death. I don't think anyone who makes it to the presidency can be stupid by mainstream standards. However, in this era of all things digital, there's a double edged sword. On one hand, people can see with their own eyes if someone is an idiot, but there are tricks to use false information and editing and the ability to bury those opinions, so no one ever sees them. It really all depends on how we judge intelligence and how much we assign value to it, especially when we're judging the intelligence of a president. I remember maybe 1520 years ago, a professor at Davis claimed to have it signed, I accused every president in United States history. The study was biased, flawed, highly criticized by data analysts, and he used things like academic performance writings and other tools. That's not the standard operating procedure in measuring IQ, which by the way, is still heavily debated today. Most of his top picks were Democrats big surprise, when Democrats claim it was not biased. I just say I have one word for you. Davis. According to an article in Politico, that very non partisan news outlet in the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it may not matter much beyond a certain threshold when referring to a president's intelligence the relationship between success and IQ works only up to a point he writes once someone has reached an IQ somewhere around 120. Having additional IQ points doesn't seem to translate into any measurable real world advantage. However, on the opposing side, there's a study led by Senator Gary Hart which argued it takes a pretty keen mind honed by study travel experience and exposure to competing ideas to form good judgment and to know whom to trust on complex substantial issues. And at that point, I started to think how keen of a mind does it take to know not to call someone a stupid son of a bee on TV? I do agree that IQ does have some alignment. But time has shown that Senator Hart is right on multiple factors. Those factors round out a person's ability to judge based on life experience, and it's very, very important and I would argue even more so than IQ. Sadly, this is another blow for Joe Critical Thinking experience and wide knowledge of ideas will outperform IQ all day long. Unfortunately, For us, neither of which are in the big guys tool belt. Now, Joe has claimed and still adamantly claims that he has a very high IQ and touts his accolades as a student. And I'm not sure if you're aware, but Biden ran for president or the Democratic nomination for president in 1987. And his intelligence was question barely Biden was at this event in 1987. And a reporter simply asked him, What law school did you attend? And where did you place in that class? Listen to his response, I think,


I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do. I suspect. I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my, in my class, I'd have a full academic scholarship. And the first year in law school, I decided I didn't want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom two thirds of my class and then decided I wanted to stay went back to law school, and in fact, ended up in the top half of my class, I won the international moot court competition. I was the outstanding student in the political science department. At the end of my year, I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school 165 credits, only 123 credits, and I'd be delighted to sit down and compare my cue to yours if you'd like.


This highly emotional outburst was the catalyst for that then journalists fact checkers, if you will, they weren't called that then to dig into his past. And as far as the press is concerned, they had a lot more integrity then than they do now. Of course, not surprisingly, none of what he said was true on the campaign trail, and they found excessive amounts of plagiarism in his past and even up to that point. Now, if your IQ is at a genius level, do you really need to plagiarize from his claims the journalists found Biden did not go to Syracuse Law School on a full academic scholarship. It was a half scholarship based on financial need. He also didn't finish in the top half of his class, he was 76 out of 85. Well, that's sheer genius. My dad used to tell us second place is merely the first loser. I wonder what 76 out of 85 Is he most likely went to the copier and made himself a 76 place award for himself. And you'd come to think of that he probably made a first place award. And then he used the same copier to make Obama's birth certificate. He did not win the award given to the outstanding political science student at his undergraduate college, the University of Delaware. It's also important to note that the University of Delaware and this is my opinion, University of Delaware is basically high school with cigarettes, you might as well just go to City College, and I'm not bashing City College. I don't subscribe to any of the traditional education norms, especially with all these woke revolutions happening on campus. But for a senator, that's not a great school on the resume, especially when Penn is right down the road. Could he not get in? Why wouldn't he go there. He also didn't graduate Delaware with three degrees. He had one single BA in Political Science and a minor in history. He was also caught plagiarizing speeches from JFK and Neil Kinnock on the campaign trail.


But this standard is not a measure of how we can evaluate the condition of our society. It cannot measure the health of our children, the quality of our education, the joy of their play,


that the gross national product does not allow the health of our children, the quality of their education, for the joy of their play.


Let us pledge that our generation of Americans will pay any price, bear any burden, accept any challenge and meet any hardship, to secure the blessings of prosperity and the promise of opportunity for our children. We shall pay any price. There any burden. me any hardship. Why is it the Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to


go to a university? Why am I


the first connect in 1000 generations to be able to get the university?


Why is the My wife is sitting out there in the audience? is the first in her family to ever go to college?


Why is this the first woman in her family in 1000 generations to be able to get the university?


No, it's not because they weren't as smart. It's not because they didn't work is hard. It's because they didn't have a platform upon which to stay and


that they didn't get what we had because they didn't have the talent or the strength or the endurance or the commitment. Of course, it was because there was no platform upon which they would stand


history truly repeats itself. The ad from the opposing party after this came out was Biden not suited then not suited now. And that's the truth up to this very day. As you can see, Biden's continuous media blunders aren't new to him. The ability to tell a lie or say a mistake and dodge or react hoping to move on is learned behavior from 100 years of bureaucracy and fraud. Basically, the only difference now is that Biden has this bonding me idea to manipulate who won't do him any injustice or harm today, I don't think anyone would fact check anything about his law school just in 2004. Biden admitted in a very joking way how he intentionally lied on the campaign trail.


Now, if it weren't for the fact that I said my I had an uncle who was a coal miner turned out anybody in the coal mines, you know, I mean, really, I tried that crap, you know. From Scranton, Pennsylvania figured out how to be a coal miner somewhere and nothing we call it was an engineer. I


mean, and even on the campaign trail for Hillary, he sounds stupid, while he's calling Trump's stupid,


what an indictment of who we are. What an indictment of our capability. What an indictment of our military sending a message that fires into what Putin is doing in Russia saying America is weak, they're crippled, they cannot move forward. Folks. Those of you who travel a lot know the world listens to everything we say. Because so much of what we do they have to depend on for their freedom and security. And what does this guy say? This guy says the only reason why they did it meaning Can you imagine this guy becoming commander in chief and getting one ounce of respect from a single solitary military man or woman because he plays into the hands of our enemies so uniquely, it's either he is so stupid,


talk about the mirror, talk about projection. He has the audacity to bring up Putin and playing in the hands of our enemies. Talk about manifesting your own destiny, everything he said about Trump, that was bad he did. After I saw that video, I remembered a quote by one of my favorite idols. Judge Judy, one of her books is called Beauty fades, but dumb is forever. Ain't that the truth? Let's go back to Malcolm Gladwell and Senator Hart's opinions on what it takes to be an intelligent president. Further down in both of their findings. They mentioned the importance of the people around the president creating a blended or collective IQ or intelligence George W. Bush's presidency is when I first heard the phrase, he may be stupid, but surrounded himself by the smartest people. And that was certainly true. We must always look at the cabinet and the Cabinet choices when measuring a president's performance and the team's collective IQ. Like Biden's very similar to board members of corporations. The presidential cabinet has a definite impact on the President's decisions which can impact national opinions of the President's intelligence and performance. Let's take a look at the last 20 years before Biden and their presidential cabinets. Bill Clinton, Janet Reno was his Attorney General Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State outdoors a VP who's questionable and Didi Meier's for press. She was impressive George W. Bush, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State Don Rumsfeld and Robert Gates for defense and Dana Perino for media. Obama is kind of like the girl who's a six but surrounds herself with fours. So she looks like an eight it was his show and no one was going to interfere. However, Denis McDonough Loretta Lynch, they both had intelligent qualities they just weren't used for the right things. And I think that Obama's presidency did demonstrate some intelligence Trump also had many staffing challenges. He admittedly demands high performance with much stress attached to it. I don't know if I could even handle it. But I do think Jeff Rosen and Bill Barr were great. Agee's Mike Pompeo was a great Secretary of State. I have to mention Ben Carson. The guy is brilliant. Kellyanne Conway was essential to getting him elected. And of course, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who's looking more and more likely to be the governor of Arkansas and maybe even the next president. Overall, all of these people are remarkable. Most of them I can't stand as politicians and I hate everything they stand for on policy, but they are smart serial killers have been tested at highly genius IQs. If you look at it, Condoleezza and column Powell are some of the most amazing people in US history. Madeleine Albright and Janet Reno say what you want but they are smart. DD Myers was a great press secretary and Dana Perino is still awesome. One of my idols My point is, is in the last 20 years, we've seen brilliant people prop up their boss approval ratings of Cabinet members have had a direct impact on the President's approval rating. And in the past, it helped today, not so much. I am not nor should you be so caught up in one sided politics to not be able to admit someone as smart. There are plenty of geniuses who make stupid decisions every day. I always compare it to a straight guy acknowledging another guy is good looking. There's no sexual attraction. He doesn't want to sleep with him, but he's also not so uncomfortable with himself to not admit when someone else is handsome. It's the same thing. Don't be stupid. Keep an open mind and understand intelligence and decisions and policy are different. When I was growing up. I think my family was like most families back then we had neighbors employees, great friends of the family, who actually did subscribe to the liberal crap out there. And we didn't hate one another. We just focused on the things we had in common versus fighting over the things we didn't regardless of sides, we can and still should find something to respect about people on the other side. Sadly, the Obama administration influenced the radicalization of the Democratic Party fanned the flames of racial tensions and pushed divisiveness causing mass hatred and anger to take over the country's ability to not talk politics with friends on the other side. Maybe I'm old school, I don't know. But it's just how I was raised. As I think about it. Now, I don't necessarily want to engage with liberals either talking about politics or not, but they've truly become a different class of people than they were in the 90s and early 2000s. I look back nostalgically at those times and I remember fondly the George W. Bush cabinet. It wasn't about the times or the politics, but being able to listen to Donald Rumsfeld or Condoleezza Rice from someone who was referred to as born political. It was captivating. I loved it. So at this point, you should probably be asking yourself the million dollar question How the hell did we get here? Do Biden and his cabinet all jump into tiny cars with clown noses and fake flowers that shoot water in between kids birthday parties figuring out what next to ruin in America we've gone backwards the clown car is stuck in reverse with no breaks down a steep hill the Biden cabinet is so sad very sad. None of them help in Biden's attempt to change the public perception of him and his intelligence mainly because they're stupid to stupid is as stupid does old super predator is surrounded himself with some of the dumbest people I have ever seen. I'm talking text book definition of stupid. There's a publication called the five basic laws of human stupidity. And when we compare it to where we're at politically, they all line up always in inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation. Well, we know that there's 80 million of them apparently that voted for Biden, the probability that a certain person is stupid is independent of any other characteristics of that person just talking about that. It doesn't matter what it matters why and how a stupid person is one who causes losses to another person or a group of people while they gain nothing or even suffer losses themselves. That's all of America. I like the point being made here though. Smart people can cause significant damage, but a smart person gains a stupid person loses along with them. Biden's entire camp is the epitome of that non stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals in particular, non stupid people constantly forget that in any time and place and circumstance dealing with and hanging out with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake. Well, we have to hang out with these people every day and the damage I don't think I even have to say it people are dead because of this presidency. Stupidity goes on to say stupid people are the most dangerous type of people. That's self explanatory. Folks. This is the Walmart of presidential cabinets. You've got Kamala Harris, VP, idiot Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State stupid Lloyd Austin defense weak and stupid Ron Klain, Chief of Staff he's Psycho and teetering on challenged and then you've got Jen saqi, aka Jen lackey, who's clueless and totally moronic. These are just at the top of my list, but there are more Pete Buttigieg Xavier Bacara Merrick Garland all terrible hacks not only at their job, but just plain stupid action speak for themselves. Each one of these people has been touted as geniuses, but their records and their decisions say otherwise. You must be a complete idiot to stage a video shoot riding your bike to the White House when you hopped out for the last 50 feet after being driven in a convoy of Suburbans Mayor Pete is an embarrassment to all gays and fundamentally stupid the only reason he got voted as mayor and given this job is because he's gay paternity leave he's on give me a break man up and do something for America. He's made zero contributions as secretary and this is what happens when you hire with no consideration of merit. People's obsession with being part of making history is something I never understood women who voted for Hillary simply because she's a woman and it would make history so bizarre. Well, congratulations to all of them. Because now they're part of history every day. The first time gas has ever been this high in history. Inflation just passing the highest in history. basic supplies have never been so scarce or expensive in history. And in an attempt to represent America's diverse landscape. We historically elected the first president with dementia to represent the mentally incapacitated, there's not enough time to go over the full list. These Cabinet members are self obsessed, dishonest and stupid and have caused serious damage to Biden's presidency. But even more so our country also not one of these people were hired based on merit. They were chosen as part of Joe's diversity plan based on just that diversity, aka how you look on the outside. Comala takes the cake on that one, we can, without a doubt confirmed she was only tapped because of her looks. And even that can't stop the world from seeing that she's stupid. And no, it's not because I'm sexist and racist. I would argue the people who hire based on race, gender or sexual orientation or the ISTS of the world, we just sit in shock as we watch the damage.


So Ukraine is a country in Europe, it exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country, Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically, that's wrong.


Anyone have any popcorn, but here we are, folks, we're in the world of complete stupidity. Listen to the people on the very top of our country advising our president is this the result of non merit based hiring


this cabinet based on race color, based on gender that's ever existed in the United States of America,


Kamala Harris picked because she's a woman of color. Biden continually refers to her as breaking history, but nothing about her accomplishments which he would be hard pressed to find many anyways, I think even Old Joe is regretting the decision to bring her on. I don't have to tell you she's definitely in the top five stupidest people to ever be in the White House. Those


explores ushered in a wave of devastation for tribal nations perpetrating violence, stealing land and spreading disease. We must not shy away from this shameful past it will live in a rural communities who don't there's no Kinkos there's no OfficeMax near them. Do you plan to visit the border?


Not today.


Not you haven't been to the border. And I haven't been to Europe.


Anthony Blinken picked because he worked for Obama before and has worked with or around Biden for many years under Obama as a state or international advisor. He allowed Crimea to happen. He pushed for Syria. He supported coalition war on Yemen by the Saudis and was around as the senior adviser during Benghazi. He's soft on China and Russia. And now his Cabinet position was another green light for Putin to go into the Ukraine. It's almost like he looks at it and says, Oh, wow, the old spineless PAC is back together.


What would you tell the people in a caravan coming toward America? I would say do not do not come. Yeah, asylum seekers have been staying in Mexico under the Trump administration.


I have issues with that program. Senator. I think that we need to make sure that we are approaching or talk about a lack of worldly experience and diplomatic intelligence. This guy does a great job of talking but has never seemingly walked the walk or gotten anything right now we have to talk about Lloyd Austin. This guy is a real piece of work. I honestly believe he will go down as the worst and unintelligent Secretaries of Defense we've ever seen to go from Donald Rumsfeld and General Mattis to this guy. And I know everyone will be all up in arms for this, but he was picked because he's black just going to call a spade a spade here, folks, much higher qualified candidates were available and wanted the job. And this guy is known for being spineless. He's an order taker. He's known for his time in combat, but not in leadership, not in the political side of things like running our massive beast, the entire military. He's never had to make decisions on this level, or even slightly below it in an article for Slate Magazine by Fred Kaplan, who's far from conservative but very, very data driven. I actually liked him as an author, quote, he did not pick Austin solely because he's black, though the fact seems to have played some role in his decision. A Biden advisor told me two weeks ago that transition officials were figuring out the right balance between race and gender per Secretary of Defense and Attorney General seriously, they have to balance gender and race instead of merit. This is why things are happening that are happening and then on the radio weather. The other day, I heard one of the disc jockeys on this radio station 95 Three he says in mid March of this year, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the Department of Defense will prioritize Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and intersex people in his decision making processes. He posed the question to the listeners. Does this bring fear to the enemies of the United States? Of course not again, textbook stupid you have rising tensions with China and Russia and they're so real but your priority is the LBGT Que immersion into the DOD. I've never heard of anything more absurd. It's not your job to support inclusivity. And and as a woke Secretary of Defense, your job is to protect this country and totally dismissing what our enemies are saying that's a sign of stupidity dismissing important details because your ego doesn't allow you to


so you're not too perturbed about, about Vladimir Putin or the Chinese leadership. Let them say what they want. Doesn't sound like it worries you what they say


I will not lose one minute of sleep about what the Chinese leadership is saying are what Vladimir Putin is saying.


Furthermore, he makes everything about race and victimizes himself for being black. Just listen to


this. There's not a day in my life, David, when I didn't wake up and think about the fact that I was a black man,


this now that's just stupid. There's not a day that goes by that I wake up in the morning, not realizing I'm a black man. Hello, da. There's not a day that goes by that I don't realize that I'm fat, tired and old. It's life. Get over it. The Reagan Institute recently published a confidence in military survey for 2021. And there's a massive dip in America's competence in the military in 2018 70% of those surveyed were competent compared to 2021 only 45% Were confident in our military that is a direct reflection on his stupidity side note, just because it's called Reagan does not impact the bipartisan and integrity of the surveys. It's really good stuff approved by top analysts. Let's move on to Ron Klain, shall we? Do I even need to say anything quotes or stats the guy's name is Master of disaster. He spends all day on Twitter and he says the most bizarre things and demonstrates his stupidity daily. I mean, the first point is that he was the Senior Advisor for Biden when he ran for president in 1987 88. Biden had to withdrawal and shame because he didn't give credit to anyone and plagiarized and lied claim was a part of all of that he constantly engages in worthless fights via Twitter all signs point to stupid in a piece from the New York Post titled Earth to White House idiotic Ron Klain claims press is tougher on Biden than Trump quote, in a sign of just how detached from reality this White House has become presidential chief of staff Ron Klain urges you to consider the idea that press is being tougher on President Joe Biden than on his predecessors claim tweeted for your consideration with a link to Dana Milbank latest Washington Post column, which warns the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy by writing critically about Biden's performance. The media establishment was in the tank for Biden all 2020 long and suppressed stories of Hunter Biden from the New York Post bottom line here, folks, even the media can't get away from having to report a little truth. This is the stupidity of the clown show in the office. Recently, he wrote on Twitter, go eat at a Chinese restaurant, go to Chinatown. There's not one individual or group responsible for this virus. We need to stop the discrimination and the Chinese Americans are having it hard then as if that's not stupid enough. He retweets himself and he says if you don't understand the difference between Chinatown and China, I'm not sure what I can do to help you so condescending such an ass. Also keep in mind, Ron Klain was the former White House Ebola Response Coordinator him and Fauci handled that so terribly, almost as bad as Fauci handled HIV and AIDS. He's always the first one to praise and cheer about COVID measures and heavy mandates, but on the other hand, it admits he has zero experience. I also want to say that, as you mentioned, in 2014, I took over as the Ebola response coordinator, I


had no scientific background, no medical background, no expertise in the field, least expert, least credentialed, least well experienced person.


He actually went on NBC in an interview and he says COVID vaccine mandates are the same as OSHA regulating wearing a hard hat and the handling of chemicals. Well, he's the expert on disease. Shouldn't he know the difference? Talk about damage from stupidity, if you're going to use a simile make sure it's accurate. It was overruled by the Supreme Court. Of course, apparently, he really knows his constitution. And by the way, OSHA regulations do not supersede HIPAA, he missed that one. Also pure stupidity. And as much as I love demonstrating the stupidity surrounding Joe Biden, Joe and Jen themselves are at a tirely different level of stupid you can only hide your stupidity for so long. In this case, I think the media caught on pretty quick. How could you not the whole point of highlighting the level of intelligence is to show that unlike his predecessors, there is no silver lining here folks, the entire team has done up and down the chain since w was such a terrible speaker to strategy became to rely heavily on Dana Perino and the other cabinet members. It worked and he was reelected Biden doesn't Have that every time one person opens their mouth more stupidity is vomited out than the person before one person never matches what the other person says. Because of their stupidity and focus on their own personal camera time and brand, if you will, they've completely thrown their civil service out the window. They don't work well with others or each other. And that also demonstrates a lack of intelligence leading a team getting everyone together is clearly not the big guys strength. So the question now becomes, how do you handle or manage it? And I'm not sure they know folks, I'm from the beauty business. And let me tell you, there ain't enough lipstick in the world to put on this pig. We look at all these faults and textbook definition of stupid around Biden in his camp. However, we only one smart person could shape a plan around the media and Joe's decisions, making sure to hide a lot of the stupidity and maybe make this presidency seem a little bit more legitimate. Even Sarah Sanders, who was in a constant uphill battle with the press made many strides in showing the true progress of the White House. Despite the media's constant push for dirt we have to ask again. What is the strategy here? Have we ever seen a presidency in one year go so terribly wrong? No. So I coined the media strategy. Don't Ask Don't Tell because him and John Lackey have been doing exactly that for months, and it's becoming more obvious by the second the only way they could possibly cover up this level of stupidity is to discourage asking and not answering the calling of Fox News's reporter Peter Doocy, a stupid son of a bee merely cracked, the door open to Biden's closet stuffed with fraud lies and mostly his true personality


was a superstar.


And unfortunately, the comment that he made distracted from the beginning, if you notice that before he makes the remark he's very snippy and nasty with the press for asking questions not related to why he called the meeting, God forbid someone asks about a pressing issue for Americans, that is the slightest bit off script. You can't turn on a dime. Joe, you're our President Biden is literally the gay soldier of the press, just like a gay soldier might conceal his true sexuality and combat for fear of judgment. Biden is desperately trying to hide his true identity an entitled elitist prick who believes he shouldn't have to say or do anything that he doesn't want to that is another huge sign of stupidity. What about this one?


Even cheating myself. But as time goes on the voter who is just trying to figure out as I said, how to take care of their family put three squares on the table has is becoming much more informed on the the motives of some of the political players and some of the and I don't think is I've never seen a time when


I die laughing every time I hear this, he's so frustrated trying to hold back. But what's really crazy is a little computer noise keeps you from being able to think or speak you are the president of the United States, suck it up and talk. I have even been through worse noises and just carried on with my presentation. I really do hope that someone was just trolling and making those noises because that's something that elk boys would do, or I would do. But in order to make sense of all this crazy, we have to look back and as vice president under Obama, he got nothing thrown at him. He was Obama's shadow and just a token old white man lifer politician that many Americans still expected seeing in the office. He was merely a bridge gap between the young hip new fresh Democrat Barack Obama and the older middle of the road Democrats who were all too comfortable with white old moderate Democrats in office. To be fair, the job of every VP is to round out the faults or perceived faults of the President Pence with Trump is a perfect example. Trump had no experience governing and Pence was a lifetime politician. For Joe, this was the easiest job in the world. Sit back, go read books to kids shake hands, kiss babies. Well, in his case, creepily smell hair, but I digress. All while he takes credit for the perceived White House accomplishments. Sometimes I wish I could live in the fantasy world these people live in and you think with the poll numbers as of late he would want to get behind the podium and show some excitement and demonstrate to people that he isn't fumbling around the White House. He doesn't have ice cream cones and he's not being fed snow peas and soup in the Oval Office. Oh no, he's gone full bore the other direction. More rambling, more dodging and more anger. Ron Klain and lackey reassured us that the State of the Union address would reinvigorate America. Wrong Does this reinvigorate you


couldn't may circle Kiev with tanks, but I'll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people forgetting Russia's central bank from defending the Russia rule rebel pound of Ukrainian people the proud proud people pound for pound is time to see the the what used to be called Rust Belt become this the home of a significant resurgence of manufacturing, increasing the productive capacity of our economy, our economy. I call it Building a Better America.


Sources deep in the DNC have already confirmed what we already know he was tapped as the only electable candidate and he didn't want to run Joe was happy in his basement working with Hunter on backdoor business dealings and making millions off that VP title as a politician is concerned he had a good run and made lots of money but they needed him all you have to do is look at the others in the primary Mayor Pete Kamala focus Pontus Sanders Need I say more it's clear his handlers have lost all control and Jen lackey is melting down listen to him here lackey is barely holding on. Just recently I heard her say if you're angry, tired, stressed, feel those emotions, go to a kickboxing class and have a margarita come back Monday and we'll start fighting again. Really This was in response to the voter bill the Senate shot down thank God but this failed attempt at being cute and trying to lead her troops the press other Democrats and other White House staffers showed an even larger disconnect between this administration and Americans. We know what she's really saying. I'm frustrated, disappointed stressed. I want to punch my boss the super predator in the face and blackout drunk to forget my own misery for a second. Hey, we've all been there no judgment. For me. It's usually a date that gun range and lots of vodka. Unfortunately, due to my genetic makeup and size, blacking out is not the easiest thing. She's got to be so miserable. Could you imagine working for the big guy Joe Biden, actually, as I think about it, she was working at CNN which is the super predator Mecca. So maybe old incompetent creeps who smell hair pale in comparison to her previous posts. Her lack of global awareness and emotional intelligence is shocking, coupled that with a lack of general intelligence, and you have someone who like the mall can talk but cannot walk even with a walker or the broken crutches Biden has given her someone in one of the highest positions in government is so out of touch that even she the press secretary can't relate to her boss's constituents who does she think she is just like Joe trying daily to hide that she's an uptight, angry elitist who thinks she's better than everyone else, including her own press corps to the point that she thinks the people of this country who can't fill their tanks are paying 40% More for groceries and must drop off their kids at school looking like Dexter are going to grab a skinny Marg and take kickboxing. And then over and over she just bold faced lies to the entire country. And by the way, Americans aren't stupid, especially about their gas prices. Sounds like you guys are blaming Putin for the increase in gas prices recently. But weren't gas prices going up anyway?


Well, I think there's no question that as we have seen, and outside analysts have conveyed this as well. The increase that is a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine,


other countries to think about maybe pumping more oil why not just do it here?


Well, to be very clear, federal policies are not in limiting the supplies of oil and gas to the cart. Let me finish to the cart let me finish


executive order. halted new oil gas. Let me


let me give you let me give you the facts here. And I know that can be inconvenient. Hmm.


It's Putin's fault. Now for gas prices. I'm sorry. I thought they were higher. Even before Ukraine who stopped all the domestic oil production. None of us can buy your little green golf carts, Jen without any money you've seen and heard her. I mean, to be honest, I don't think she's ever had a margarita in her life. She's so uptight and elitist. I think it'd be hard pressed to find her pounding Jose Cuervo at the bar with the rest of us. Fun fact. During his presidency, Barack Obama passed Sackey twice for the job. I wonder why I mean, even if she was this stupid, then she might be more tolerable if her answers weren't so condescending and spiteful. The way she talks to people is just astonishing. Biden is literally scraping for the Obama rejects at the bottom of the barrel for his staff. And of course, in true liberal form Jen lackey cannot change yourself or take any accountability for the president or herself. Oh, no, they must blame everyone else and make them change. At least try to make them change. Any real leader who has integrity would stand up and say hi, hey, y'all times are tough right now we understand and are working day and night to make it better. Still a lie but a lot more sincere than a skinny Margarita. It would go so far. her Don't Ask Don't Tell policy allows her to deflect blame and excuse everything asked as I mentioned, instead of taking any responsibility and attempt to reason with Americans, she tries to lean on the press outlets to paint the super predator in a better light in a piece from the Daily Mail called stop being so mean to me White House holds secret meetings with news organizations to demand better publicity for Biden as Washington Post columnist claims president is being treated worse than Trump, which I mentioned earlier on December 3, which was a Friday, Dana Milbank published her the media treats Biden as badly or more than Trump, by the way, if you've ever read or listened to Dana Milbank, she's an absolute loon. I don't care what side of the aisle you're on. She's psychotic with zero grasp of reality. So of course, the column sparked questions all about Biden and whether or not he's been treated fairly, and Milbank. The following Monday from being published goes on CNN to argue that Biden was being treated unfairly the following Tuesday, not even 24 hours from the time she goes on CNN, Biden sends three people to go out to the biggest newsrooms and demand more favorable coverage using the article as proof. I don't have time to dive into the article, but it's based on a very flawed study using specific keywords online. Basically, it's Wikipedia. And we know Wikipedia says that it's true. Do you think Sarah Sanders ever did that? Do you think she could do it and get away with it? Do you remember how beat up she got it? Every press conference? The double standard is insane. When Trump demanded respect and fairness from the press corps, when they were in direct contact with him, he was supposedly trying to suppress our freedom of the press. But when Jen Lackey and Biden aren't happy, they call private meetings and assert their power to be nicer. How is that not suppression, hiding the truth? I mean, at least tampering it's a lose lose situation at this point. And Lackey and Joe know it, you give him free rein and he talks too much and shows his true colors. If he doesn't answer questions and rushes off. He's being dodgy and hiding something at this point. It's just a matter of risk management. And how do they do that? Keep his interaction at the lowest level possible, prepare the reporters with questions to ask and give Biden the answers to say he's a puppet just like Pinocchio, but less functioning in any regular camp. You wouldn't need to do any of that if the President was stupid, because your team would prop you up. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is the best way to manage the Biden relationship with the press. The Press can't ask anything that veers off course from the topic. He is so coached and his cue cards are so specific that he cannot mentally handle anything coming out of left field. You hear it in the meetings. Jen lackey also stated recently that part of her strategy was to encourage the President not to take questions from the press, he and her are always dodging Peter Doocy, which, by the way, is as smart as he is handsome, and I have a total man crush on him. But I'm going to move on when your lack of intelligence stops you from being able to perform your job, it's time to go Jen needs to resign immediately. And I've heard rumblings that it might happen sooner than later, Joe needs to hire better people to instill more confidence or just come out and show your true colors. Show them that you're mean, you're grouchy and you're fumbling might work better than what you're doing. Now. The point of all of this that I'm trying to make is I'm starting a petition because I strongly believe hiding any medical deficiency or cognitive diagnosis is an impeachable offense. You also have the 25th Amendment as well, but I think impeachment is more realistic. Whatever they've tried, hasn't worked from policy to personality, the White House still has crippling approval numbers, not only Joe, But Jen, Lloyd Ron, Pete, and so on. I understand I'm on a microphone for hours at a time we slip up. Fortunately for me, I have the luxury of a great editor, but even then I make mistakes. The President is on live TV. He's not a podcaster or YouTuber. He's the president of the United States. He's the one who decides our future. For weeks. The topic of discussion has been Ukraine, but he mixes that up with Iranians. It's it's just sad. That's not a blip or a gaffe or a blunder. It's stupidity. It's cognitive challenge. Just look at him. If you look at him, there is nothing behind his eyes. He's just an empty shell of cognitive decline and hot air. Don't Ask Don't Tell media plans will work if he didn't surround himself with equally stupid people. We can't blame the guy who has dementia as he approaches 80 But I'm sorry, it doesn't matter why you're an idiot. It just matters that you are an idiot when you're president. We saw how stupid he was in 1987 and he's stupid. Now listen to him respond in some of these clips. Keep in mind the man holds strong about his cognitive fitness he unlike Trump refuses to take a cognitive test from actually took a cognitive test and had no issues there's only one reason why someone won't compete in life because they know they can't win. You know that I know that another example him and all His left wing buddies were so up in arms about the election audit in Arizona. And my question is and was if you're so confident everything was good, why are you fighting the audit? So they confirm that you're right. Is that the worst that could happen? Stupid is as stupid does his approval numbers confirm they have and we'll push forward with Don't Ask Don't Tell. He has had the far lowest media interviews and press conferences compared to any other president. In the first year. He has held nine formal news conferences, three of them joint events with foreign leaders and six on his own. When you're looking at the statistics President Ronald Reagan is the only recent president to hold fewer news conferences in the first year. Guess why he was shot he couldn't. He was recovering from a failed assassination attempt. And just in 1981, Reagan still did 59 interviews compared to Biden's 22 Fewer than all six of the Democrats immediate predecessors, people only hide and evade for one reason there's something to hide time and time again. He refuses to answer questions refers to his team as being upset with him when he doesn't follow the script and showcases even more symptoms of dementia and cognitive decline. His approval numbers are headed to the low 30s Which ironically have not been that low. Since they started tracking approval numbers for Jimmy Carter is identical president we've determined that Biden is stupid. He's surrounded by stupid and his hope of becoming more popular is to discourage the media from asking or to keep himself from telling watches this strategy gets even stronger as more people realize this isn't just cognitive decline or presidential missteps. It's just stupid. There's going to be much more avoidance much more lying and much more Blackie and Ron trying to make up for his in competencies with their own in competencies. Do you see the double standard here? Isn't it obvious that the press is duplicitous in electing this mentally unwell man. As you heard 50% of Americans don't see him as mentally fit to be in the White House. He refuses to participate in any cognitive testing. He demonstrates all the symptoms of someone with dementia coupled with pre existing stupidity, and it's starting to really show as funny as it is to see him shuffle around like the curmudgeon II is it's also a huge liability to our country. Why hasn't one Republican in Congress spoke about or issued Articles of Impeachment based on his lying around his mental health? Where is everyone? Hello isn't a president who is quite literally not here a bigger risk than some Russia conspiracy. I know. We don't have the votes right now. But it should be a Republican topic for conversation and kept at the forefront of their minds and our minds. Ted Cruz is the only one I've heard talk about impeachment. Should we take the House and Senate in the midterms, which is looking good. He mentions the borders and other unconstitutional justifications for impeachment. He ended the interview by saying that's probably the strongest grounds right now. But there may be others. Yes, Ted, there are others lying about your mental fitness is impeachable. The country thinks he's unable, we know he's unable and he needs to pay for the lies and the stupidity he's laid out on this country. People are dead because of this, because him and his team are purely stupid. We will all be waiting anxiously for the introduction of impeachment articles, and we will all hope they go through. It's the only answer to saving this country folks. In closing, I will leave you with this. Remember, Biden promised to unify us and has only divided us he promised he would help the middle class and he's done irreversible damage. He claims to have united the Western NATO countries but has only lost all respect. If it seems he was easy on Putin. If it seems like Russia in a short amount of time, was able to just cross into Ukraine and start blowing stuff up. If you're wondering how he continues to assure us we're not in war, meanwhile, asking for billions from Congress for weapons and war supplies for the Ukrainians. That's a form of war. If you hire someone to kill for you, you're just as much if not more in the wrong as the person pulling the trigger. What Biden knows and hopes we don't is war is a great unifier. It's a way to make everyone forget the destruction done at home while we were in pray to stop destruction happening elsewhere. The reason he was easy on Putin is because he needed this war as a political asset to try to get all of us to forget his political liabilities. So when you see companies like Apple and Gucci, no longer selling to Russia, along with a dozen other huge companies, when you see these big support Ukraine campaigns online and requests for donations, donate support those companies get involved in supporting Ukraine sovereignty, but whatever you do, don't let the haze of war and the unity of our people to distract you from the true evil Joe Biden is and what he's done to each of us and the people of Ukraine 1000s of lives that could have been saved, had he done what he needed to do. Instead, he was leveraged went weak and allowed Putin to go full force to keep himself and his buddies in office. You've just listened to the last gay conservative I'm Chad law reminding you Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July. Why but Democrats believe every day is April 5


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