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SCOTUS rulings are significant wins for the constitution

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Be advised, you are now entering a work free zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails. Here we destroy the liberals, the left and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, whining, screaming lashing out or tantrums will not be tolerated. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host, the beacon of truth, your binary brother, the holiest tomo, the leader of the gay world. He may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. Ladies and gentlemen, your host Chad.

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Yeah, hello, everybody and let's go, Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. It's me Chad law, your host, the holiest homo. They are binary brother, freed from the shackles of liberal stereotypes and discrimination. Super excited to be here today. We've got a lot to cover. As I mentioned in the last episode, I was really sick, and a lot went by. But I want to focus on some of the most important things that I actually think a lot of people aren't aware of which we had three very, very big wins for the United States Constitution. And through the Supreme Court, obviously, you guys know Roe v. Wade, which we'll talk about a little bit, but we're not going to talk about Roe v. Wade, what everyone's hysterical about, I really want to focus on the constitutionality and the legalities of this Supreme Court ruling. We have the gun law ruling from the Supreme Court against the state of New York. And they just ruled federal agencies like the EPA, and the CDC, for example, may not interfere and meddle in states business. In other words, the EPA was going after states that weren't following Biden's environmental steps that he's taking to Greenify. All of this, I call it green washing. So the states aren't following the green washing, they still have coal, they still have the fossil fuels or whatever. So they're getting dinged. And states that rely on those resources are like, wait a minute, the we're in charge here, not you, you don't get to come in as an agency, who's never been confirmed. Now doesn't have any congressional oversight, is 100% linked to the executive branch with zero inclusivity of democracy? I guarantee you I don't know the leader of the EPA, I don't know the leader of the CDC without looking it up. I don't know the leader of the NIH. Well, we know it's Fauci. But

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my point being is that we continue to allow federal overreach, which is one of the main reasons why people like me, and people in the media in the same form that I'm in, really see this socialist agenda. Because federal 100% federal control is socialism. And that is the direction that we're going. Like I say, that is the pain that we're feeling. That's what's happening. The Supreme Court had a lot to say about it. So I want to go through, I want to read the rulings, I want to give you my take on the rulings and talk a little bit about what it means for the Constitution. And the legality of it, hopefully, will be a nice change from you seeing either one extreme or the other, pro life and pro choice yelling and screaming at each other without any knowledge of what this Roe v Wade decision actually means, as it pertains to their rights, our rights, states rights, and basically the right to govern at the local or within localities or community levels. That has been systematically stripped away from us, every single year, every single moment by Democrats in order to create this federal dependency. I mean, if you can't see it by now, I don't think you're ever going to see it, but it's wide open. It's right there for all of us to see. And with the addition of more and more and more sort of executive agencies or agencies that roll up to the executive branch that don't require any congressional confirmation, any background check, any anything really, the president can just stick someone there Obama was the key of this

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And so as you see these agencies pop up more and more with everyone, the state, the community that you live in the locality, the county, whatever it is, gets more and more control stripped away. The other part of it is that those federal agencies control huge millions, if not billion dollar budgets, in which they control the distribution to the states, which they use as a control tactic to get the states to do what they want to do. It's ridiculous. It's opposite of democracy. And basically, what it's created is this little sort of board around the executive branch, I don't mean the cabinet. I mean, this sort of Board of agencies around the executive branch that has more control than our Congress in some areas. So we're gonna go through that today. I hope all of you guys have had a great week, we're still broadcasting from Las Vegas. And hopefully, we'll be able to continue to do so until some of these meetings are wrapped up. Quick, funny story, I got a text message from my dad, yesterday or the day before yesterday, just checking in saying, hey, love you miss you. When are you going to be back? You know, because I need to be back. But

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he said that, and, you know, I am very bad at responding on my phone. Anyone who knows me knows that. So 24 basically, 24 hours later, I responded, and they said, Oh, Miss you, love you too. hope everything's well. Excited to get out of here, basically. Because you know, Vegas is cool, but it's, you don't want to be here forever.

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Unless, you know, you're really established and have a beautiful home and all of that. But anyways, I digress. So I got this text message from him. Right. And

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you know, he's in his 60s.

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He might be pushing 70 By now I don't, I don't remember. But I get this text message. And he writes me back. And he's like, would love to see you with all these freakin pink heart emojis. And I'm just like, What is going on now? We know as men get older, their testosterone level drops. My dad was pretty strict and pretty intense growing up. And now he can't even watch Bridge over the River Kwai without crying. So he's gone totally soft in his old age. And and I think that's kind of what happens to most men. So I see these pink emojis. And then like, there's one of two things happening. One, he's really lost it and just has no testosterone left, like, who's the gay one, me or him? Or my mother has stolen his phone? And is texting. So I write back and I go, Are you seriously using heart emojis? Who's the gay one now? Or is this mom on your phone? And so

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all of a sudden, it just goes dead quiet. And I get a text message a little bit later. And it just says, I'm very tech savvy. Now. It's like, no busted.

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Man. Oh mighty. So funny. Having older parents now. You know, you grow up with your grandparents. And you think, Oh, God, my parents will never get that old. I'll never get this old. And then you just wake up one day and you're like, Okay, I've got parents that are older. But like I always say this is the best age for parents and kids because you have the maturity level to be good friends with your parents, without any of the added sort of stress or drama. And furthermore, you get to sort of connect on a different level, you know, and learn from them and hear stories and all of those things. I don't want to paint it like my parents are elderly, because they're so not I mean, you me, you watch Grayson, Frankie, and they're in their 70s I think Jane Fonda is in her 80s now, but I don't know about Lily Tomlin. Anyways, I'm getting off track here. So just thought I'd share a little texting information to you how I communicate with my parents is pretty, pretty funny. Heart emojis. I just it's so funny I never in my life would have ever expected and I still am not convinced that it was him. But I never in my life would have ever expected my dad texting me heart emojis. Okay.