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Santos, Porter, and Education Results


Intro: The drive-by media tries to excuse Joe Biden's lies in the wake of the George Santos investigation. Katie Porter is in serious hot water over her alleged treatment of staffers and education may be the key to our conservative salvation. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Hello and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, America's binary brother, the holiest homo, and the gayest conservative of all time. As always, we're broadcasting here from our gay conservative studios in Newport Beach, California, sending out truth through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. And folks, before we dive in, I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't play this quick message about my favorite meal service.

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And we're back. It's our last episode of 2022 and what a year it's been. We started in February with handful of people and our show continues to go viral around the world. Actually, I'm looking at a report here from one of my team members saying that we have listeners all over Europe, eastern and western, Australia, Singapore, and South America. Looks like our American base. Wow. We have a lot of listeners in deep blue states. And most importantly, we have a lot of gay, trans and other sort of LGBTQ plus whatever minorities coming out daily and saying, thank you so much for being our voice representing us, which funny enough, I never anticipated the show to be a gay show, if you will catering solely to the gay community. God knows I could, there's enough content for me to talk about trans and gay issues all day long, but that's not the point of the show.

However, there are so many more gay community members with high morals and family values and conservative politics than I could have ever imagined. I mean, we've just brought them out of the woodwork and they're rebuilding the community doing everything that I sought out to do when I started this podcast. We are however, going to change the show up a bit in 2023, we're going to introduce a new co-host spot. Here's the kicker. We've interviewed a few people, but I want one of you, I want someone from the audience. There are no better people than you all. And if you think you have what it takes to banter with me a little bit and discuss some of these issues, please submit your information to the podcast email, podcast at I'm still back and forth. I never wanted to have a co-host because again, I'm such a control freak, I like to make sure that what's being said is right on target with what I believe.

But we've been doing a lot of psycho demo data collection, some of my friends that do that for a living. And one listener in a focus group says he really needs his version of Robin. If you're familiar with the Howard Stern Show, she's his sort of co-host. She does the news as well and their relationship and the way they banter works perfectly. So that is exactly what I am looking for. Please reach out, don't need a resume or audio samples or anything like that. The team will pre-screen you a little bit and then hopefully you and I can get on one-on-one. Awesome. Alright, so just a few stories I want to cover today. First being this representative elect George Santos, which seems to be the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats, but they must be forgetting their fearless leader did the exact same thing.

Folks, the similarities are brightening, to the point where I wonder if George Santos took pages right out of the Biden playbook. He probably did. We'll talk a little bit about that. Of course, I have to talk about the ultimate troll person, Katie Porter. She's finally getting exposed for who she is. Complete degenerate, lying, mean, abusive sack of crap. I mean, just look at her folks. She is the ultimate Karen and just gives off such a nasty vibe. She constantly looks like she just smelled a fart, and now her true personality is being exposed. It's great. And on a positive note, to close out 2022, we've seen some massive gains in education elections. And it seems it's the one thing across our party that everyone is firm on. No more wokeness in schools. And luckily for us, we've been ahead of that message for years, and it's starting to show across the country.

Parents, especially moms, are a must have demographic to win elections. And if we can get them refocused on education, we will win every time. I think one of the most unique parts of the show is that I look at everything through a political lens, but I also look at everything through a business or entrepreneurial lens. And I've been pretty successful at business myself, as you all know. I sit on a few different boards of various companies, and part of what I do often is I'm asked to consult on hiring marketing talent. I can remember the first time I was tasked with hiring my own team. I think at the time they were letting me hire two people, maybe three. But the way we were trained at the time was we went through the resume point per point with a fine tooth comb every year, every month, education skills, and so on but it never worked.

We either ended up with a very skilled person that didn't match the culture, or someone who looked great on paper and matched the culture, but had no skills. So now we're trained to hire the person, not the resume. And most leaders today look past hard skills and look deeper into soft skills, because resumes show and tell so little and many hard skills can be trained. Soft skills are something that takes time to develop and mature. So as part of my job, I've been sifting through resumes the last couple weeks, and it's been funny to see all the little blips. My absolute favorite is when people say they've been digital marketing for 20 years. Where were you digitally marketing in 2002? Myspace. I mean, give me me a break people. And my other favorite is the growth.

Oh, we grew from $1 to 1 billion in six months. Just ridiculous stuff. But I don't toss them because who knows, they might have something to offer. So I bring this up because I'm on the couch the other night. I'm half asleep. You guys know, I fall asleep on the couch to Fox News or whatever every night with my laptop on my chest. And the show mom came on. It was pretty late. I had caught episodes one-offs, but I've never really watched the show. It's actually pretty funny though. It's about a mother and daughter who live together, and they're both in the Wealth step AA program. On this particular episode, the mom needs a job fast. So she creates a, a bunch of different resumes for all these big positions, and it's absolutely hysterical. Just have a listen.

Voice: Wow. Very impressive resume.

Mom: Thank you. Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was trade stocks. I used to have a kitten named Nasdaq.

Voice: Cute. I started young too, sitting on my dad's lap reading the Wall Street Journal.

Mom: Oh my God. Did we grow up in the same house?

Voice: I think we did.

Mom: I don't know about you, but I had no interest in dolls or boys. All I cared about was IPOs, currency spreads, mergers and acquisitions. Papa used to say, every time a closing bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

Chad: The next one is super funny as well. She looks at the interviewer at one point for a marketing position and says, you remember the phrase, got milk? Yes, that was me. I created that. This makes me laugh. So anyways, when this George Santos story broke, I was intrigued, but not surprised. But because it just goes hand in hand with that episode that I recently saw, which is so silly that these politicians do that because nowadays voters really don't care that much about their resume as they do their principles and policies and meeting them and getting that vibe for them face-to-face. All you have to do is look across the country to see that. I mean, when these politicians lie, it's based on their own inferiority complexes. It's not for voters. And if they say it is, they're lying. More surprisingly though, in business there are human resources, right?

We have human resources. They do reference checks, they do basic confirmations of information, whatever. Each company is a little different. Where was the party leadership, human resources when it came to choosing, funneling money towards this candidate? I mean, aren't you supposed to ensure that they're clean before you run their campaigns? I mean, from my perspective, the RNC, election leadership in New York kind of just flew blind here. Big mistake. Big mistake. And you know why it's such a massive mistake in this situation? Because whenever a Republican wins in a liberal mafia, so blue, almost purple state like California or New York, you are going to be under the most intense scrutiny you have ever experienced. I mean, they will turn every page of every book going 10 generations back because they're so possessive over these territories.

And I could get off track and talk about why and where the population difference versus geography. But bottom line is that they're very possessive over these territories. And so when any new candidate comes and encroaches on any of that, they go nuts and they do everything they can to expose them for who they are. In this case, they hit the jackpot, both sides do it. But in this case, the Democrats employed, if you will, the New York Times. I mean, how nice it must have been to have a national news research team on your slide. I mean, they have all the resources and tools that they need to find anything that they want. So they stick the New York Times on the guy, which fine, again, if you're going to run in that area, those areas be prepared to be under scrutiny. That's the way of the game. So this, George Santos, he's a representative-elect. He just won his seat in New York.

He's kind of represented a very odd little district north part of Queens and a piece of Long Island. This was his second run for Congress. It looks like he ran in 2019 as well. I mean, I'm pretty shocked to see what's come out. I mean, can you folks believe this guy? I mean, how did he get so far? There are more holes in his story than Swiss cheese people. Every time I think about it, I'm like, man, the whole time he must have just been like, yeah, I'm fooling them. Maybe he didn't, I don't know and I need to be really clear, I'm joking about it or whatever, but the guy needs to go, he has no business in public office representing people on false pretenses. He plays it off like an embellished resume, which to be fair, that does happen everywhere. We all know that. But this is so far beyond that, folks.

It's not an embellished resume. But we could have just laughed this off and shoot him away. But of course, the New York Times and all the Democrats in the house everywhere have to make this a Republican thing. Oh, Republicans this, Republicans that. He's a liar. He's just like Trump, blah, blah, blah. And so when I read this story and I heard how political they were making this, I'm like, this sounds just like Joe Biden almost identical. I mean, if you go down the list, the lies are so similar in nature. And the difference is that liberals get advanced through their career and conservatives get hung out to dry and all kinds of FBI investigations. What a double standard. They cry for this guy's resignation and then cheer for Biden.

It's truly astonishing. This is double digit IQ behavior, folks. I have no words to describe the level of stupidity because the more they bring it up, the worse it's going to get for them. I mean, when this came out a couple weeks ago, I placed it in the going nowhere file. I mean, I literally just said, forget it. I figured he's just going to resign and disgrace. Everyone would move on. And unfortunately, the lies just keep coming out. And it's like I said, the gift that keeps on giving the drive-by media, and honestly that's what the drive-by media should have done in the first place. Just crucify the guy and move on. But they're choosing to drag this out as a Republican issue. So, of course, what do we say? Wait, your president lied about all of the same stuff.

This isn't a Republican Democrat thing. This is a lying politician thing, first of all. And second of all, if he has no business being in office, then how is our president in office? And so John Goldberg, who I really like, he works for dispatch. He tweeted I think Santos was a total embarrassment and has no place in public life, but a lot of folks on this site dinging him, seemed to have forgotten how much both the current president and his predecessors embellished about their accomplishments. Then of course, Chris Hayes, the degenerate journalist from MSLSD as my buddy Mark Levin likes to call it, I have a hard time pronouncing it as fast as he does. But MSNBC, he says, well, and this is in response, I think there's a line between normal politicians BSing and conman, serial lying. And he's got infractions on either side of that line. I mean, it would've been a pretty big deal if it turned out Joe Biden didn't actually have a law degree.

I mean, this guy, like the true moron that he is, has the audacity to say this would be like finding out Joe Biden doesn't actually have a law degree. Really, that's the last straw you're hanging onto Chris because everything else is a lie. One thing, he has a law degree, which he lied about all of the contents around the law degree, everything that happened during, before and after law school were all lies. But man, he's got that piece of paper, is ridiculous. So this guy, George Santos, I mean, the first thing he's really getting crucified on, and this was a big mistake, is that he's been claiming for years that he's a proud American Jew.

His story is, is that his ancestors were Ukrainian on his mother's side, and they fled from Ukraine to Belgium to escape Jewish persecution. And then they fled from Belgium to South America in World War II. And so he's all over the place, pro-Israel. I'm a proud American Jew. I'm a proud American Jew Israel this, Israel that. And then come to find out, his grandparents were born in Brazil way before the rise of the Nazis. Actually, he has no tie to Europe in his ancestry, none. The guy is Latino. Again, all of this is speeding his own insecurities. It's not because he is a Republican, it's because he is an idiot. I mean, the voters in that district have gone back and forth. They'll elect a Jew or a Christian. It's not in an area where it's very important, let's say like Brooklyn, for example, where being Jewish is a big priority for voters. But this little district, they don't care either way.

And it would've played no part in his electability. And you've gotta be high if you think that this guy is some representation of Republicans around the country, he just lies to lie. I mean, Joe Biden sat and told us all through the eighties, his whole life basically has said that he comes from a family of coal miners in Scranton, Pennsylvania. And remember, his father was a coal miner. He was the first one to attend college. No, his grandfather was an engineer who went to college. That was really the straw that took him out of the presidential primaries in 1988. But none of it surfaced since, and he's grown his career, vice president, president, I mean, Santos also apparently created an entire education for himself.

He campaigned on having an economics degree from BCUNY Baruch College in 2010, well that didn't happen. Said he went to some private swanky school in the Bronx too, didn't happen. But on the flip side of that, guess what? Joe Biden told us he graduated from the University of Delaware, top of his class with three degrees, and he was some kind of, what kind of scholar did he say he was? Will you look that up for me? I want to say Road Scholar, although he definitely wasn't road scholar, what was it that he said he was, will you look that up for me? I mean, but incidentally, as we all know, Biden had one degree. He graduated with below average grades with no special recognitions or awards. He also claimed to be the recipient of a full academic scholarship to law school where he was also on top of his class.

Nope, another lie. He was at the bottom of his class. No academic scholarship whatsoever. But where are the state and federal investigations about this? I mean, all I can think is that maybe Biden got saved at that time because it was 1988 and the information documentation was much more difficult to find. And sometimes the sensation of a story had already passed before the facts came out. So it kind of got lost. I'm not sure. And this guy, this psycho, George Santos is under investigation being told he needs to resign, which I don't think he will. But did Biden, no? I mean, there's no excuse for either, but one is president who got there on a steaming pile of serious lies, and the other one is under federal investigation. I mean, my absolute favorite one is the work history. So I guess he his big claim to fame is that he's a seasoned Wall Street financier and investor, and claimed he worked at Goldman Sachs and City Group.

Well, in his New York post interview, he says, well I never worked with them directly with either of the financial institutions. But he said he was working his way through the financial sector. Well, come to find out, the closest thing he was to the financial sector was maybe the ATM on the corner from his house, because the guy was a dish network call center customer service rep in Queens. So pretty far from Wall Street there in Queens answering phones for Dish Network. Ma'am, have you tried restarting the box? It just kills me. Goldman Sachs. Hey, this guy. It is just so funny. And again AOC from the same state was a bartender. He could have ran on a story about being a customer service rep. And didn't have to lie, he still could have gotten elected. AOC bartender. People don't care as much anymore, but he believes his own lies. And that's the issue. He says he went to fancy schools, never did. And the argument on the Democrat side that I heard, which almost gave me a heart attack, says, if he gets sworn in, it sends a message that everyone can lie and get ahead in their political careers.

That's been the message since the beginning of time. The way politicians get ahead in their careers is lying. But they stand up and they say this behind a microphone on national television. I mean, everyone looks at that and says, oh, he must be stupid. And they cheer for a man who lied about his education, lied about his family, lied about insane things like helicopters and being shot at in Iraq. He even lies about his son saying, Bo was killed in the war. A hundred percent lies. He had cancer. He didn't die in the line of duty. Each and every one of them, a lie, all never happened. And the guy is president. Just the other day talking about their hurricane in Puerto Rico. He claimed to have grown up in an all Puerto Rican part of Wilmington, Delaware. The guy can't help himself. And it's the same as this new congressman. I mean, Santos want to seat in the house, big whoop. It's like the equivalent of high school ASB. But should the guy be able to join Congress?

No. But should Republicans and him be vilified by Democrats? Probably not. Because this is what the Democrats do so well, they latch onto something, they make such a big deal out of it. But what happens is it unearths things that they didn't want to see unearthed in the first place. So they're making this whole political thing, and then they're turning around, and then they don't want to answer any questions about Biden. Just ridiculous. So what's going to happen is because they're insisting on making this a Republican versus Democrat issue, more and more lies, we're going to play throw the lie across the aisle, sling mud. And the thing is that there's really no laws or regulations in place from the campaign trail that would force you to be disqualified or resigned in the case of lying. Because what's legal and illegal as it pretends to lying on the campaign trail or embellishing resumes on the campaign trial, there's no real set standard.

I mean, I guess they could say, because he is misrepresenting himself, it's fraud. But they would have to prove that he intended to commit fraud by misrepresenting himself to the voters. I don't know. But either way, if anything should come out of this, it's how to stop it from happening again, not back and forth BS, especially when we have a president who has literally lied about everything he's ever said about his past. What is that? Oh, yeah. Another funny one I guess he was tweeting at some point about how he has 13 apartment buildings he owns and how he has tenants that have never paid him rent in a year and blah, blah, blah. Well, anyways, thumbs out. The guy does not have a single asset in his name, and he lives with his sister. I mean, you can't pay for this level of entertainment people and shame on the Republican party in New York for not properly vetting a candidate.

I mean, they just look so stupid. And this whole thing is just kind of a joke, but it's just another case of the Democrat double standard and how it's perpetuated by their friends in the media and the liberal New York clients. It's disgusting. Anyways, with that being said, let's take a quick break and I'll be right back. If you're trying to get healthy for the New Year, don't forget to include your pets. Folks, I know you love your pets as much as I do. You hear me talk about Ron all the time. The first thing anyone says when they meet Ron is, wow. His coat is so soft, he's all muscle, which is all true. And unlike most Frenchies, Ron is solid muscle, no fat, has no skin problems, no allergies. His immune system is strong. And as far as Frenchies go, he's in the top 1% of health. Every vet he's ever seen ask me how I keep him so healthy. He's five years old. And other than his regular shots, he's been to the vet twice in his life in five years. Why is he so healthy? Honestly, it's because he is never had kibble in his whole life. I started Ron as a puppy on fresh cooked food around two years old. On the recommendation of a friend I transitioned him to Darwin's raw pet food.

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Man. Does Ron love his Darwin's. Alright, so did y'all see all the Katie Porter stuff? I love it. I mean, I know firsthand that the woman is evil. I've been around her. I've seen her yell and berate people backstage at events. I watched her go off on the mayor of Irvine, which I can't stand either. She's equally as troll like, but still, it was so inappropriate. I couldn't believe my eyes. So there's a Twitter account about working on the hill, and apparently she's been the focus of it for a while now. What's really weird to me is I want to know who's monitoring this account from afar, even though the posts are anonymous and looking into these accusations. I mean, it's pretty sad if the employees of Congress have no one to go to. They have to tweet anonymously because they're in fear of being banished or attacked by evil women or evil Congress people like Katie Porter, several of Porter staffers have sent direct messages to this Twitter account. It's called Dear White Staffers.

And they go on to describe her behavior. I mean, this one says widely known across the party slash consultants that Katie Porter is abusive. Unable to cope with basic demands of being a member. So she takes it out on staff, says rude slash racist things, anti-black especially, and tries to mask it as edgy humor, think she knows better and talk shit about the other members, leadership, staffers, local elected officials, etcetera, at full volume in public. And literally anyone who will listen. The other one says she's completely disinterested in repping Orange County and just waiting to go statewide or national. From what I've seen, only people that survive are super fans that participate in or overlook the abuse, has gone through staff rosters several times over, give it time and will rank among the most legendary toxic office.

One more here says, I worked on Katie's campaign. I had multiple panic attacks. She was always screaming at her staffers over the phone, during her fundraising calls, and in the office, her consultants aren't any better because you have to be just as insane as Katie to work for her. I love her, but I've never hated my life more than when I worked for her. I've worked for many representatives and her campaign has more turnover, more burnt out, 22 to 25 year olds than I've ever seen, including myself. Just message after message after message, which none of it has ever surprised me because of my experience with this woman, I still cannot believe I wake up every morning pinching myself, hoping that it was a nightmare that she was elected in this area.

I mean, she is just as progressive as AOC, it's so scary. And she oversees a truly family-oriented, positive, moral Christian community that I have no idea how she got elected. I mean, the bottom line is that the people that they've run against her have been total jokes. They need a very, very, very strong and dynamic candidate to go against her. And apparently now she's messed with the wrong staffer because now it's coming out, not anonymously through Twitter, but in the open. This poor woman, Sasha George Aides worked for Katie for almost two years as part of the Wounded Warriors Fellowship. She's a US Navy Veteran with an impeccable service record. So I saw her on Fox News and she dropped some serious information around Katie Porter's true personality that I know for sure.

I mean, she personally witnessed Porter make fun of people whose parents died from Covid, ridiculed women for complaining about sexual harassment. And she's misses, the only single mom on Capitol Hill, the champion of hardworking women, I guess, unless you've been sexually harassed and it doesn't count. He's constantly rude, racist, and shows disrespect towards her staffers. Again, this is nothing new. The most liberal people are always the most racist people, just like we saw of the LA city counselor who was back saying the n-word about someone's kid. The woke people are racist. Representative government doesn't stop and start with lawmaking. There's an expectation of superb leadership from their personal homes all the way to Capitol Hill.

You're supposed to be representing a community and the community doesn't want to be represented by someone who's nasty, mean and racist. I mean, where are all the hearings after this has come out? Could you imagine if this was Matt Gates or Michelle Steele, they would have a 40-person Democrat committee set up in no time. Biden would be tweeting and commenting about it. It would be absolutely disgusting, and there's no one saying a thing. My favorite story is that this Navy vet shared, I guess she was going to do a Facebook Live and her communications director set up an iPad with a ring light, and it sounds like it was some sort of makeshift studio for her live. And this communications director had set everything up, and then the troll queen came storming in and started yelling about the iPad and the lights being set up wrong.

And according to the girl from the Wounded Warriors Project, she says Katie was pissed because it wasn't set up to make her look good, come on. Can you believe that, Katie Porter has to be smart enough to realize that there aren't enough lights, makeup, and cameras on Capitol Hill to make her look good? I mean, she's the ultimate Karen, she's hideous from the outside and inside and I mean she's made a name of herself by creating these bombastic scenes in hearings when questioning CEOs. And the problem is they're all for show. They lack any real substance. I mean, one of her big claim to fame was she had the CEO of Equifax in front of her after they had their big data breach, and people's information was leaked all over. And her question was, would you like to share your personal social security number with us because that's what happened to Americans?

How does that advance any real conversation about data protection? Because it's all made to make her look good, like she's this rebel rouser champion. And it's not, it's impossible. So according to George Aids this again, the US Navy veteran, she said everything came to a head when she tested positive for Covid, according to George Aids, she woke up feeling sore the same way she does after a hard workout. So she goes to work and she works out all the time. So she goes to work and feels like garbage the next morning, takes the tests and tests positive for Covid. Now for one minute, forget the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of false positives reported from these stupid tests. Also, forget the fact that the Katie Porter office protocol is ridiculous. I mean, even if you sneeze once, you have to leave immediately and go get a covid test. It's crazy.

So of course, Porter makes it all about her, which again, is against every labor law in America. But laws don't matter on Capitol Hill, not for Katie Porter. She's the only single mom on Capitol Hill. She's above everyone. So she texts this poor girl and says, why did you not follow office protocol on testing? It's really disappointing and then she responds and says, back to the girl again. Well, you gave me Covid in 25 months. It took you not following the rules to get me sick. My children have no one to care for them. I mean, the hypocrisy of all this folks, is that she's supposedly a victim of emotional and physical abuse from her ex-husband. She's got a restraining order on the guy, and he can only see his kids four times a year supervised.

So clearly he's not the only abusive one in that situation. I mean, this behavior doesn't just pop up immediately. I'm going to speculate that if all these accusations are true, which we know they are, I'm sure she played a hand in the verbal abuse at home. I mean, if someone talked to me like that, I'd be pretty upset. And I'm not trying to make it about her divorce, but what I'm saying is that she's so quick to call out everybody else, but she's also so quick to abuse everybody around her. Could you imagine her being your mother? Oh my God, these poor kids at home, I feel so bad for them. Mean report after report of extreme unprofessionalism, racism, angry rants, verbal abuse. I mean and nothing is being done. This is really starting to feel very Bill Cosby-ish. It's like on Woman number 74.

Are you going to believe that it's true or is it going to be woman 110 before you believe that it's true? It's like how many more reports need to come out before the d DNC disciplines her. Get her off the hill. And again, this is a wounded warrior fellow Navy veteran with a perfect record. She stood by and never complained for almost two years. And because she got Katie sick, Katie banished her to work from home and basically cut her off early from when her time was going to expire as a fellow. In the private sector, of course, which I don't even know why I bring it up, it's pointless. But I will say this, Katie Porter would've been fired for this behavior. But in Washington DC she's a tough champion of women and the poor and all the disenfranchised. And she's made it all about her sex being a female. She's basically said, if she acted this way as a man, there would be no issue. But because we're all sexist and expect women to act a certain way, she's the victim. No, she is the ultimate troll Karen and self-promoting nasty pig. And on that note, let's take a quick break.

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Alright, I want to, I know we're running out of time here a little bit, folks, but I do want to talk about this article that got me very excited. And I don't know about you guys, but since this kind of week showing weak had on the midterms and the passage of the spending bill, I've been feeling pretty defeated. It seems that we've just had a blockade from every direction, which on one hand is a great thing because if they're not blockading you, then they're not scared of you. But on the other hand, it gets really old, taking 10 steps forward and nine and three quarter steps back all the time. But the Daily caller had an article that highlighted all these wins we've had in school board elections across the country.

Now we can't put all of our weight into local elections, but oftentimes they are key performance indicators, that show us things that need to either be built on or addressed and changed. But apparently we crushed in education, which the most successful campaigns have been ones that have focused on education. I mean, the biggest one being Youngen in Virginia. School boards, administrators and teachers all over the country are saying, f you parents and the chickens are coming home to roost big time. Take it for me. I came from an education family. My mom was a teacher and administrator superintendent. There are a lot of evil people that try to take the good educators that just want to be there for kids and warp their mind around this other stuff. It's a constant battle. And there are really great teachers and administrators out there that don't buy into this stuff. But it often goes all the way up to the state superintendent level. I know it does in California, and there's only so much you can do to sidestep some of this woke curriculum.

But anyways, so during 2022, conservatives and parent rights activists in education flipped several school boards throughout the country. School boards immediately took action, banning critical race theory from the classroom, modifying gender identity policies and removing administration for past policies. Lots of superintendents got voted out and bye-bye. One quote from the article says 2022 was the year of the grassroots parental movement in this country. In 2023 we're hoping to achieve the same or better results as local parent groups stay involved and rally their communities in off year cycles. And that was from Aiden Buzzetti, head of Coalitions and candidate recruitment for the 1776 Project Pack was very excited to share some of these examples.

In Brandy Wine, Michigan, the school board flipped to a conservative majority after the 1776 project PAC candidates won their elections. Similarly, Carroll County School Board in Maryland flipped to a conservative majority following their successful campaigns endorsed by 1776 project. In Florida 5 school board candidates endorsed by the 1776 project won their elections in November. Of the 270 school board candidates endorsed by Moms for Liberty in 15 states, 140 won their elections. This is the first time ever that conservative candidates won 74% of all the available seats in school boards. And in Florida it was 80%. After taking office the school board candidates quickly took two huge things under their wing in Florida.

Sarasota County School Board and Reverend School Board parted ways with their superintendents who oversaw the implementation and enforcement of mask mandates in 2021. In their first meeting in South Carolina, they banned critical race theory and set up processes to eliminate sexually explicit books. The board also voted along party lines to fire the school district's superintendent and the district's lawyer. In Kansas, the Lansing School Board, which again was funded by the 1776 Project pack, flipped conservative in 2021. Recently, they removed a social justice unit from the school's district's English composition and English literature courses because after they reviewed the unit, the school board found that critical race theory was embedded.

That is the big thing. All this stuff is embedded within layers and layers. Temecula, California, pastor Tim Thompson. Founder of the Inland Empire Family Pack, very similar to moms of Liberty and some of the other parental rights packs were able to flip the Temecula School Board. I heard him on the news recently saying, if Temecula can do it anywhere, can do it. Well I appreciate the enthusiasm, but Temecula is not some big liberal place that was hard to flip. It's a very conservative area. Now, if you can do that on any of the Los Angeles County boards like Santa Monica or Beverly Hills or Studio City, then you can do it anywhere. But Temecula very, very happy about the result. Don't buy into the fact that this is going to be some viral movement in California.

In Washington very excited. Two school boards voted to ban critical race theory from their classrooms. The policy adopted by both school districts required that students learn factual US history in all disciplines. Louisiana adopted a resolution prohibit critical race theory in any race-based training. And the other really cool stuff that's coming is all around gender identity. In Wisconsin, they passed a policy requiring students to have parent permission in order to change what pronouns and name they use at school. Another school board in Texas adopted a policy that requires students to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on their biological sex versus gender identity. And I've said this before and I'll say it again. The exposure of indoctrinations of schools was one of the very few positives to come out of Covid.

People agree with me or they don't agree with me. A lot of people even in this movement don't necessarily agree with me because God forbid parents admit that they were too trusting of schools. But again, this came out of Covid. Prior to Covid, parents were much more trusting and dropped their kids off at school blindly. We always knew that there was a liberal push in education, but I don't think anyone knew how bad it got. However, kids got sent home, parents were exposed to the curriculum and that's why all hell broke loose. I say this all the time, you don't mess with a lioness and her cubs. Don't mess with people's kids, period. I mean, it doesn't help that kids are graduating pretty much illiterate.

There's a story just the other day about a graduate from Irvine High School here in California, one of the wealthiest places in the US, a great school district. And I think he was pulled over or something, but it was exposed that he was a recent graduate and he was not able to read period. But hey, swapping pepes and wewes are much more important than things like reading and math and civics, US history, right? I mean, it's great news because as conservatives we've been so far ahead of this education game and it's one of the only things we've been consistent on. We've stood for, no gender studies, no sexual orientation studies, no CRT and especially no rewriting American history. I think this could be a big winning piece and we could use this to take the attention off wouldbe angry mothers over Roe v Wade and focus on what's happening to their kids in the education system and how we can help.

Grassroots indicators like education elections and mayors and city councils can help us gauge the direction of voters. And this is really exciting stuff, especially when you see the voters are naturally aligning with one of our strongest agenda items. Starts with school boards and hopefully then we'll start seeing it with more mayors and city councils. Before Trump won in 2016, the local elections indicated a strong conservative turnout. And it was one of the reasons why I didn't hop on the Hillary train and just say, oh, there's no way Trump could win because I saw Pryor leading up to the election what was happening locally. And all signs pointed to yes, it's a little bit premature, but I'm very happy to see that parents, which is a demographic that we desperately need, are aligning with our already very, very strong education agenda.

We've got some big elections coming, not just the president. I think we have 13 seats up for grabs in the house that could enhance our majority. And that's if we can get our shit together in the house. Geez, this whole McCarthy thing, I'm not even going to go there. We don't have time, but it's a good thing, education is a great place to start with restructuring or rebring back American values. And I think we should end on a good note, knowing that our stance in education is resonating with voters all over the country. This is Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said, no government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth. Words that could not be truer. God bless you President Reagan and may God save America.

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