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Rant Alert- Kanye, Milo, Marjorie, and Fuentes are phony 'shock jocks.'


Intro: It's Wednesday and I'm ranting, Kanye, Milo, Marjorie, all phony shock jocks looking to ruin our conservative movement and it must stop now. You are listening to the Last Gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yes, let's go Brandon, come on, let's get fired up today. Let's go Brandon, everybody. Yeah.

Chad: Hello everybody and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, here to wow and delight you with the one and only last gay conservative agenda. I am the holiest homo, your binary brother here for the truth and to share all of my insight with you. So hopefully you can take on your own version of the mob at home. As always, we're broadcasting from our gay conservative studios here in Newport Beach, California sending this episode and all others into the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, folks, it's another gorgeous day. I said goodbye to a friend this morning and dropped her off at the airport. She's off to New York City where it's supposed to be dumping snow this week or next week. I can't remember. Man, I do not miss traveling back east with all the weather issues on the East coast.

It's terrible. Don't get me wrong. I love New York, but only for a few days now to shop and do Central Park and eat some of the best food in the world. I mean the best cuisine and the best shopping is in Manhattan. I guess the really sad part as I think about it right now is that the city has essentially gone back to pre-Giuliani crime levels. I mean that was when people never felt safe in the city. Women were being mugged left and right. Getting held up at an ATM was a daily occurrence and Times Square was a scary place. It was an entirely different city. I mean, Giuliani came in and crushed it all, got rid of the criminals, cleaned up the city. He did everything he could to make it the beautiful magical place that it was.

Unfortunately, every mayor since then has made it a little worse and a little worse, and now I think it's beyond fixing and I don't feel bad because these idiots there keep voting these libtard in, you know, you voted for Hutzel and Adams and then you get pushed in front of a subway. Good, idiot. These liberals are so sad. I see them on MSNBC talking about crime in the city and the fears around it, but they vote for the same people over and over again. Listen, New Yorker, New York City, residents of New York City, you either live in a liberal hellscape or you don't. The choice is yours, no one else's. And the worst part though is that the New York City woke politics bleed over to smart people who might be middle or right, but have to commute to the city every day for work.

I mean, they might not and probably don't support the liberal nightmare in town, but they still have to deal with it when they go into work on the subways, on the buses and the cabs, the crime and the problems are everywhere and I feel very bad for those people. Hopefully they get to work from home in response for how bad the city is right now. Anyways, my rant was not supposed to be about New York, but it was on top of mine because I dropped my friend off at the airport. But today I do want to talk about this alarming trend of conservatives, but they're more like shock jock types. What I mean by shock jock is doing saying or acting in any way for the purpose of shock and awe giving you more attention. Nothing to do with real policy legislation just spouting off in a way that may sound ultra-conservative, but oftentimes is far from conservative when you boil it down.

This whole Kanye thing has been very entertaining, but it's starting to cross the line. He is a perfect example of one of these degenerates who's a shock jock type that will say and do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight. Kanye doesn't care if the press is good or bad as long as he's in it. And one of the reasons why he sticks out so much more than let's say Milo or Marjorie Taylor or Nick Fuentes is because Kanye's a different formula. I mean, you take an obsessive need for attention, add that with shock jock methods and then multiply that with severe manic depressant disorder and you're sure to stand out. So today I want to walk through some of these headline grabbers, break down some of their wild claims or actions and explain yet another group attempting to split up our party and pin Trump supporters against establishment Republicans and so much more.

I listened to a handful of conservative attention grabbers and the five that are so clearly not conservative and in it for themselves are Milo Yiannopoulos, Kanye West, Alex Jones, and Marjorie Taylor Green. Oh, don't forget Nick Fuentes. These people are supported by anti-Trump and anti-conservative groups who are using their alignment or past alignments with Trump to wreak havoc on Trump's new campaign. You all know, my vote is for anyone that's not Biden and that is best for the country. I don't play these games like between Matt Gates and McCarthy or whatever. I hope Trump is nominated because personally I believe his policies and advantageous style is what made things so much better even during a pandemic. However, that's purely my opinion and it's way too soon to tell.

Trump is an interesting package and because of that he's had much success as a candidate and in office and it works for him, but it doesn't work for anyone else. So these want to be conservatives who are the scum of the earth thinking that they can pull off what Trump has by stirring the pot much like he does. The problem is, it's never going to work for them. It's a skill and it's very much a Trump skill. So let's dive into that whack pack a little later in the episode. I do have a cute story and some news to cover. I spent the weekend up in the mountains for my friend's birthday. It was awesome. Her dad has about 1200 acres up in the mountains, kind of above Palm Springs and he recently took it over. It was an abandoned youth juvenile detention center and there were all sorts of cool outbuildings and just oddball stuff all over the property. I packed a really big chunk of my arsenal. I left the bear at 50 [06:37 inaudible] at home.

We weren't doing sniper training, but I wanted everyone to shoot and try different stuff. So I brought a car full, especially the girls who are showing interest and starting to carry. Ron got to be a ranch dog for the weekend and he loved it. He's so funny. He's just like me, a complete dichotomy of what we're supposed to be. So Frenchy, little prestige dog or whatever you want to say, loves the dirt and cow poop and tall weeds and it was so fun to watch, he goes from little city dog to farm dog and doesn't even bat an eye, I never even expected. But again, he's just like his dad. I'm a gay man who listens to country music, shoots guns and then goes out to disco texts and wears Gucci. We are what we are. Well of course I got in a little late, like usual, I parked and loaded up to go straight to the gun range.

Now there were some others around that weren't part of the party because he lets different groups and different people use the property. They come in, they cover weather for the news or the sheriffs do all their SWAT training and it's just stuff like that. A lot of people coming in and out. So as we show up, there's another event, press event going on. And again, you guys know me, I don't go around telling people about the show, especially in groups like that because I don't ever want anyone to feel uncomfortable. So the local Fox News station was there with some of the sheriffs to cover some fire safety and after they were done shooting their segment, they came up and said hello. And my friend says to the reporter right away, hey, you might know this guy, he's the last gay conservative. At this point I've already had quite a few beers and we're all having a great time.

So this anchor who will go unnamed, I'm going to respectfully keep his name out of my mouth, but I should definitely call him out started to ask me all these questions, mostly about the show, not my personal views of course, until he says, okay, let me ask you this, "what are your honest opinions about Joe Biden?" And I said, he's the worst President ever. Him and Jimmy Carter are the two worst Presidents we've ever had. I mean clearly this guy is liberal, he works in the media. And it was funny when I was having this conversation with my friend's dad, he said, oh well it's just local media. And I'm like, no, local media can be even worse because they're a cess pool of these little mini liberals trying to show off, hoping to get picked up by the drive-by media. Being a local news anchor is not a good job.

The goal is for them to go to a national position, but in order to do that, they have to garner some attention. The way they garner attention is by one upping each other in liberal land. So we're talking, he's not responding, but asking a ton of questions. I'm starting to get exhausted. So I finally kind of joked and said, hey, if you want an interview, here's my publicist's number. And I gave him the card. He took it, kind of looked at it and said, God, do you really think Joe Biden is the worst President? And I said, yeah, the worst. And I'm judging on the basis of constitutionality or the Constitution, American values, policy, economy. It's terrible. And I said, I kind of feel bad because I know he didn't want to run. They forced him to run, handed him the election, handed him the keys to the car.

The problem is, is his license should have been revoked. He's mentally gone. Well that apparently struck a cord and he starts defending the guy, listing all these things. I was ready to just die. Here I am celebrating one of my best friend's birthdays with all my other best friends in the most beautiful place with the best guns, the coolest group of cowboys. And this guy wants to make a political scene, just shoot me. Now, it was partially my friend's fault because she did tell the reporter who I was. But I'm sitting there trying my hardest not to engage, which is always a challenge with morons like this. Being a local reporter, he thought he was a very big deal and eventually admitted to me that he was gay and Latino. So he took my views a little personally, he said.

So my friend's dad who is a tried and true cowboy rancher, hears things getting a little more intense. And he walks over, spits his tobacco, looks at the guy and says, what's the issue here? The reporter starts going on and on about Biden and this and that and he gives the guy one look and he says, this is a friend of my daughters. He's our guest. We don't need you making people uncomfortable here. And the guy starts bumbling apologizing and my friend's dad goes, you better go now. I don't think your boss, he said the name, would like to know you're here debating politics with one of my guests. Guy starts packing up and I swear it's just like a western movie. As we walk away, my friend's dad turns around and says, oh, by the way, Joe Biden is the only person I know who can hide his own Easter eggs.

I thought I'd heard every Joe Biden joke in the book that was new. Super funny. I was dying laughing, just so funny. But the reason why I tell you this and I love this story is because it's exactly like us, you and me. When we have each other's back and approach things with a tough, stable, and smart attitude, we always win. I knew you would love that. Hide his own Easter eggs. Alright, let's talk news, shall we? Looks like Brittney, I hate America Griner is getting released. The White House is so excited to announce they struck a deal with the Russians to swap prisoners. In return for Brittney, President Biden is sending back and free an international arms dealer known on the streets as the merchant of death. This is yet another picture painted by the Biden administration that shows their true agenda and value for America.

Brittney Griner is a degenerate, disgusting hack of a basketball player that has done nothing but cry about our unfair and unjust racist country. Then she goes and ignores all signs, instructions, and laws because she thought she was too good for Russia. She gets locked up and liberals start melting down. But what no one even realized is that we actually have a US Marine in custody in Russia as well on trumped up charges. I know the story's everywhere and it's been a couple days, so I'm not going to repeat everything you've already been hearing, but make sure you look at this as a sign of what liberals and Biden actually value. He leaves a marine behind. Apparently even though he leads the US military, he has failed to remember our motto, no man left behind. It's disgusting. The craziest part is they're trying to concoct a story about how Russia would only give us Brittney or some nonsense.

No, that's not true because as they talk more, they're openly admitting that they worked on the Brittney deal and didn't even try to include our soldier in the trade. When the White House has spoken about the trade, not only are they wrongfully cocky, but the reasons also they list for bringing her back. She's a champion of the black community. She's a role model for young female athletes and of course a leader in the LGBTQ community. So essentially we've gone from hiring people for race and gender and sexual orientation to putting those things above service to this country. This is how Biden feels about our military. He doesn't care how many men and women serve live or die as long as his woke buddies get taken care of. The other part that makes me so sick is that he gave Putin exactly what he wanted and came across as weak and pathetic, which is going to reinvigorate Putin's thirst for blood.

This is just bad governing all over the board and the cheers coming from the left are sending a message to everyone in this country that a black lesbian just okay athlete from the WNBA is more important than a US Marine. Then they sit and wonder why recruitment efforts for the military are failing left and right. Why would anyone want to join the service when our government saves woke over work? And to be clear, when I say saving a black lesbian, it's not meant to be degrading. It's exactly what all the talking heads from the White House have used for justification. The White House continually uses her race, gender, and sexual orientation for reasoning as to why they prioritized her return. And the other big problem with this entire situation is that we've now set the precedent that we will pick celebrities over servicemen and women making them even worse targets when they travel abroad. Let me say something. If this merchant of death is tied to one additional war crime, it's on Biden and Brittney's hands.

Alright, what else do we have here? Oh, Sam Brinton, my favorite Biden's non-binary clown. He's been charged with stealing more luggage. Surprise, surprise. Who called it? What did I tell you folks? It's Kleptomania. I knew this guy had some serious Winona writer syndrome. Well, he's now wanted in Clark County, Nevada for stealing additional luggage from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. The Biz Pack actually reported Sam Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition for the Department of Energy's nuclear office is now wanted on felony charges of grand larceny after allegedly stealing baggage from an individual at Harry Reid International Airport. Brinton was hired in February as the first gender fluid person in federal leadership and the grand larceny charge carries a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

These liberals are so easy to see. Again, folks, it's not an opinion or even beliefs. This is how they live and breathe. If they want it, they deserve it. Funny enough, had this clown not gone on Instagram showing off his lipstick and dresses and bragging about being the first gender fluid person, showcasing his wildlife of drag to his new audience of Washington political spectators, the Department of Energy and the White House could have probably made all of this go away without any of us knowing. I mean, why do liberals always insist on making things worse for themselves? That's why they're always so miserable, from abortion, to gay marriage, to education. They can't handle it if things don't go their way 100%. So they bring all kinds of attention to the issue. Maybe even take it to court like they did in Mississippi and then lose and blame radical conservatives.

Ridiculous. One thing I do want to mention too for more of the LGBQ community here is on a side note, Sam Brinton is also a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which I have to give credit where credit is due. They've done a lot of good for charity. A lot of good charity work. Now I think they're freaks and I don't agree with the way they present themselves, but they are a charity organization and have done some good work. I'm hoping stealing is not a value of the sisters and they remove him as a member immediately because it is not a good representation of what they're doing.

Alright, going on here next. Okay, now this is interesting. It looks like the TSA is pressing the gas on expanding its current facial recognition pilot program, currently at 16 airports across the US. The software is said to speed up the security processes by having facial recognition compare travel documents with the traveler. Although it's being pitched as a convenience versus a security measure, there are a lot of questions that need answering. American Wire News reported the screenings dubbed credit authentication technology with camera, now known as CAT-2, were rolled out by the Department of Homeland Security in 2017 as part of a pilot program and involves scanning flyers faces at the TSA checkpoints and comparing the images to the traveler's documents such as driver's licenses, passports, et cetera.

The Washington Post interviewed Jason Lim who runs the TSA facial recognition program after hearing from readers who encountered face scans while traveling. Lim told the newspaper that the agency hopes it would expand this program across the United States as soon as next year. He said the system would be optional and insisted that the TSA would not store live photos. But it's debatable how reassuring that is. Given the trustworthiness of our federal agencies these days, people say, well, what's the big deal? Well, there's a handful of problems that stem from both sides actually. First, you have the concern of privacy. The legal use of the software itself. The software is the same software that the Chinese facial recognition software is used to constantly monitor their citizens.

On the other side, many social justice advocates, liberals on the other side have denounced the use of facial recognition as it's been shown to be very inaccurate and has led to false arrests and mass incarceration. In fact, the use of this technology is illegal in some of our very major cities, including San Francisco. The TSA scanning system could be a big step towards a Chinese-style social credit system that could restrict travel by people the government doesn't like. James Boulevard wrote in a New York Post column, actually TSA has already been doing it. In 2018, the New York Times exposed a secret watch list for anyone TSA labels as publicly notorious.

The article goes on to say that there's been talk about artificial intelligence tools being able to determine a person's sexual orientation on a photograph. Perhaps science does matter and it's not a stretch to think that these same algorithms could be deployed to predict political ideology, IQ, propensity for criminal behavior, and all of the above. JD [19:46 inaudible] an online repository of free legal information, broke it down, citing Stanford University professor and researcher Michael Kosinski. It's this scary stuff folks, and I'm not sure what's more frightening, the fact that it's become a natural progression in our already unconstitutional spying measures in the unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security or the fact that most don't even bat an eye. I mean it's never the thing itself with our government. Remember that, an optional and unstore facial recognition program sounds harmless.

After 9/11, the new scanners and privacy violations that came as extra layers of security from terrorism have only grown and become more invasive. By selling people on the better safe than sorry argument. It's easy to get people on board, but often it has irreparable consequences. I mean, how does the pro-abortion argument base everything on the right to privacy for medical termination of a fetus? Yet we don't need privacy with programs like this. Clearly privacy is not the real issue here. The real issue here is about information, tracking and sharing data with people that we have no idea who will be receiving it.

Alright folks, let's dive into the meat of the episode and talk about this new trend we're seeing within the Republican party In conservative circles, I call it the shock jock movement, things that may seem like the rantings of crazy people like Milo or Kanye, but they're starting to seem even odd to me. I couldn't quite put a finger on it after the last debacle with Trump having Kanye and Nick Fuentes for dinner at Mar-a-Lago, but I knew there was a lot more to the story. I have spoken about the split within the Republican party a million times, where Trump supporters are being blamed for everything and Rinos are being presented as the only way to save the party and get reelected. In fact, there's an internal coup getting stronger and stronger to get Trump out of the picture, and it goes so much further and deeper than any of us could ever imagine.

Again, you all know I'm going to support whoever's nominated. I'm backing Trump now, but we have a long way to go. I also know that Rino is running Congress right now will do anything it takes to keep Trump on the sidelines. Let me say this and say it clearly. There's no MAGA without Trump. I had this argument the other day with a very well-known colleague. He's a writer for a big conservative publication and he says that we can still have MAGA without Trump and DeSantis may be the answer. What many people don't realize and we talk about it, but they don't really realize the grand nature of Trump. Trump literally pulled the rug out from Congress when he was elected. He flipped the entire rig system on its head. He was the only one strong enough to do it, and boy did he make some serious enemies.

I mean, since 2016, most Republicans in Washington, all democrats, all media intelligence agencies and bureaucracies have been playing CYA, cover your ass. After the Impeachments, lost election and thousands of credibility attacks, they finally succeeded to get him out of Washington and the assumption was that they could keep him in check and down and eventually he would fade away. Silly because we know he didn't. Now he's running again and has a great chance of winning. However these people want Masa, not Maga, make America the same again, the place where there are no real parties in Washington, everyone's just slimy politician and they can get away with whatever they want behind closed doors. To deter him from launching a 2024 campaign they stick the DOJ on it. Well, that worked about as well as blocking a truck with a motorcycle.

However, the tone has really changed since Kanye announced his presidential run in 2024 with his new campaign manager, Milo Yiannopoulos. To me, Kanye's motives are extremely suspect and his new campaign manager is even more so. It took a really different turn where it seems a handful of attention-hungry narcissistic has been delisters are attempting to disrupt Trump's 2024 campaign. Starting with the dinner last week with Kanye and Nick Fuentes. Followed immediately by Milo, that piece of crap, claiming he was responsible for the meeting. After that Marjorie Taylor Green tweeting adamantly denying any involvement. All seems very weird. Trump is the original shock jock politically. The difference is that's who he is. It's not a character. It's not for shock and awe. You can watch he has decades long history of speaking out and fighting back and it works for him.

From the mayors in New York City Union leaders, Trump's been a battering ram since his college days. So it makes sense that people who have previously tried and failed to take the Trump approach are now trying to use that against him through the media. I mean, hopefully you can see the framework I'm trying to build here, and I know it sounds borderline conspiracy, but if you look at the whole picture and timing, it's not too far off base. I mean, let's go over this dinner and then look at each one of these shock jocks. I can't stand any of them. Folks, I wholeheartedly believe within the RNC leadership especially people like Mitch McConnell are working with some of these people who have aligned themselves with MAGA, are seen as [24:56 inaudible] with outlandish views in order to paint a picture of a Trump inner circle being racist and anti-Semitic.

Honestly, wouldn't this be the next natural step after all the other attempts don't work? The funny part is that people think this is a Republican and Democrat issue and it's not. It's Washington versus Donald Trump because Trump threatens everything. Everything they've worked so hard for, power, money and millions on millions in political donations. Now, I will say some of this Trump made way too easy. Let's start with Kanye. Unfortunately, Trump attempted to get into bed with Kanye thinking it would help him get some black votes while in office. Apparently no one told him that black people hate Kanye and just like the Kardashians, Kanye's going to glum onto anything he can leach off of. I mean, don't you remember when he was going broke tweeting Mark Zuckerberg for a loan. While Trump was still in office, of course Kanye came in, does a song and dance of support.

I think most of us could see that this was just Kanye saying or doing anything he can to get on camera and stay relevant without the Kardashians. However, Trump took the bait because of his weird push to align himself with celebrities and pop culture and the black community. He, oddly enough seems to still have a desire to involve celebrities. The funny part is that during the election and before 2020, Lil Wayne came out and said Trump's plans would help black people more than any other Democrat or any other presidential plan he's seen. Then Trump turns around and hitches his cart to Kanye's wagon who's demonstrated time and time again to be unstable, clinically unstable. Very bad call on Trump's part. However, after Trump launched, Kanye sort of fizzled out but remained a pro-Trump staple. But that's what hurt the most. Kanye is not someone Trump should have let within a 10 foot pole distance, however he did, and it was okay until the alliance was over and didn't keep Kanye in the news cycle.

So then we fast forward to the last 30 days or so. The first major piece here is that Kanye legitimately thinks he's running for president in 2024, and I know his legal name is Ye, but I refuse to call him that. Okay, his name's Kanye. He announced his campaign and his informal campaign manager, Milo Yiannopoulos, and continues to demonstrate his psychotic views of the world while assuring Americans that his run is real. He went as far as publicly asking Trump to be his running mate. And the situation seemed to go downhill fast for all sides, which isn't surprising because loss seems to follow Milo anywhere he goes or anything he touches. Prior to joining the Kanye campaign, Milo was coincidentally working for Marjorie Taylor Green, another fake conservative who puts herself in getting on camera first before anything else. Right after his congressional internship ended with Marjorie, he jumped over to the Kanye camp immediately. Seems fishy.

Here's the thing about mentally disturbed people like Kanye West. They're very manipulating but also very manipulable. That being said, Kanye convinces himself that he can win a presidential campaign and thinks his alignment with Trump previously will help. The issue is nothing can help. He's seen as he is, a freak, but he will also be easily manipulated by people who seem to have the ability to get him to where he wants to go. I mean, marrying Kim Kardashian was a perfect example. However, in that case, I'm not sure Chris knew what she was getting yourself into because I think they got more than they bargained for with Kanye. His on and off relationship with Trump seemed to come to a head when he brought Nick Fuentes to join the president and his previous strategy advisor, Karen Jorno. The media will tell you Milo was at the dinner. That is false.

So what is actually going on here? Well, the short answer is I believe Kanye is the center of an effort to take down Trump yet again by exploiting their relationship, pushing Kanye into the dangerous hands of anti-Semitic, horrific people like Nick Fuentes. The short answer is, folks, I believe Kanye is the center of an effort to take down Trump yet again. They're going to use him and exploit the relationship while pushing Kanye into the dangerous hands of anti-Semitic and horrific people like Nick Fuentes. I mean, if Kanye was serious about running for president, why would he surround himself with the three most hated members of our movement? They're not even members of our movement. Just members of the media, Nick Fuentes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Marjorie Taylor Green. I mean, there are a few pieces at play here that we need to discuss, and before we can do that, we need to understand the players.

First, let's talk Marjorie, someone who I've been very unsure about since day one and since she's been elected, my respect has quickly diminished. Marjorie is one of those people with big aspirations. Like Kanye. I think that she thinks she could be president one day. The problem with that is that she's just not smart. She's smart enough to be in her current office, a junior congresswoman in the House of Representatives, but she doesn't have enough brains to go further. And why do I say this? Because she simply follows the popular crowd within the party in hopes of moving up the Washington Power Pole. Her outrageous conspiracies have put her in the crazy box, which essentially means anything she touches will turn to shit within the party. Who can take someone seriously, who claims lasers are being shot by Jews to create wildfires or that Satan worshipers ruled the government. She's a total crackpot.

Listen, you can't be truly conservative and dislike or disparage the Jews. Not only did the Jews essentially invent conservatism, but the Constitution calls for absolute freedom of religion. And if you're truly conservative, you don't judge in that way at all, period. If you look to Marjorie's Twitter, you can see that she's got unwavering support of certain people and is then backed down. Perfect example is with this election of McCarthy for speaker. She supported McCarthy for speaker because it was popular, especially when Matt Gates and other constitutional conservatives she's always aligned with are fighting his appointment. Many people believe she supported McCarthy in a quid pro quo moment. However, the only real thing that matters here people is that she's going to be held as an example of our true conservative movement, when really she's no more than a want to be Trump talking head whose days in Congress are numbered.

Don't be fooled folks. She speaks all the conservative talking points, but doesn't seem to understand most of them. I mean, she's brand new. She was elected in 2021. However, she's garnered quite an audience and support by being outspoken, outrageous, and off the wall. There are posts since 2018 of her ranting anti-Semitic remarks and making bizarre accusations. I always thought she was supported by Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes, and they all ran in the same circles. They all use these same shock jock methods that keep attention on them and block change from really happening. Previously, I had no way to prove she was aligned with the white power, anti-gay and anti Jew crowd until she hired Milo. Milo is all of those things. He's essentially a white supremacist who went out with a black guy for shock and awe, and now he's a hundred percent anti-gay. As he's converted and starting a conversion therapy program in Florida, Milo does one thing well, he loses, why we've all turned our backs on him.

The second she welcomed him on her campaign, I knew who Marjorie really was, just like Milo, Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, and now Kanye West. All of a sudden she's becoming slowly but surely anti-maga, ironically, even though MAGA is what got her elected in her dumpy little district in Georgia anyways. She's a wolf and TJ Max clearance clothing people. Matt Gates has denounced her as a conservative. Right wing watch has called her flip-flopping, and now she lost support of Laura Loomer. The inner party back and forth is always the precursor to something bigger. What do I mean by this? So Marjorie comes on the scene as a semi cunon conspiracy theorist with a base that seemed to like it. She pushes hardcore conservative beliefs and aligns herself with the most conservative members of Congress.

Now she's decided she's going to flip for McCarthy. You don't see sudden changes like that in Washington without some sort of backdoor deal going on, which by the way, I like him, is McCarthy perfectly conservative? No, but at this time it's the best we're going to get with the leadership that we have on Capitol Hill. We need some sort of middle ground as we step closer and closer to the right. So now she's flipped to the mainstream side where she's going to get something for it, which includes probably being reinstated under her committee seats, which is an embarrassment. But Marjorie represents something much scarier than a wacky lefter or an extreme neo-Nazi writer. She represents someone who can move from one side of the extreme spectrum to the other side to serve herself. I mean, perfect example. Marjorie recently denounced Fuentes despite just this year speaking at his America First political action conference in February, retweeting a post on November 21st this year asking Elon to please reinstate him to Twitter.

Disgusting, Nick Fuentes is disgusting. It's only a matter of time until she starts to push for DeSantis. Mark my words. She's been bought and is distancing herself from true conservatives. Everything she's done so far has been for shock and awe. It's all about attention. And she's sort of reached her max there without getting totally outrageous. So now she's getting attention by making these selfishly derived moves within the party. Nick Fuentes, on the other hand, is not a conservative. He's the opposite of conservative. He doesn't believe in freedom of religion if he denounces Jews. He doesn't believe that all men are created equal if he wants a white only nation. And the true key is that this nationalist government that he supports is big government, a large, big federal government that is the antithesis of our conservative movement.

So when Nick sees someone like Kanye who is easily manipulable, he sinks his claw in him as part of a desire to spread this crazy hate or whatever it is. Fuentes claims to support Donald Trump, but ultimately he's very angry with the President, as is Milo. See, they both believe and have said many times in the last six months that they believe Trump not reaching out to the Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes audience who love him most. By him not doing that, he's abandoning them. Well, here's the thing, those were never Trump's people. There are conspiracy theorists who buy into this notion that Trump is saving Washington from satanists and pedophiles. A small amount of that might be true. I'm not saying it's all false, but they're wacky.

They go beyond the reality of any situation. I mean, as conspiracies went wild under Trump, Fuentes was just stoking the fire the entire time, which is in part how he gained his base of crackpots. These people who use conservative as a way to spout nonsense about themselves are truly sick and hurt us every day. You know, in this line of work, you get to choose who you align yourself with and you take your good with your bad. For example, I respect and adore Ben Shapiro. I believe a hundred percent he's revolutionized the conservative media. However, there are things I disagree with him on. I think his beliefs around gay marriage are a bit misguided, but I also understand where he comes from. See, there's a fine line between insanity and conspiracy and Nick Fuentes is so far out there, it makes conservatives look bad everywhere.

While I'm ranting, I need to say this, Christian conservatives or conservative Christians, we come in one form with one simple line of beliefs. We believe in the Constitution. We believe that all men are created equal. We believe that your house and your property is your business, and we believe in respecting thy neighbor. If you listen, read or watch anyone who says otherwise, they're not in this movement with us, they're using our movement to self-promote and it's become sickening. Not to say someone like Tucker, for example, who doesn't bring his religious views, his personal religious views into the show isn't part of the movement. What I'm saying is that people who go against those values are not true conservatives. Anyone who disparages another race is not a true conservative.

True conservatives believe that all men are created equal, which is why I've always hated Milo. I mean, don't get me wrong, having a gay conservative in the media is and was great. However, the problem with Milo, just like Nick Fuentes is about them and their celebrity not making a difference. Milo took and poured gasoline on hate and made it even worse. You can't be conservative and also say, being in a minor adult relationship is life-affirming about an adult male and a child boy, which is why, again, we all just said forget it. He showed us his true colors. I mean, sadly, he's crawled out of his little Catholic cave, which I just think it's hysterical that he had conversion therapy through the Catholic Church. Like those priests are really going to help convert him, but he's been healed. How convenient?

I mean, I can't say that he didn't have great concepts on conservatism and he did cover some good stories at Breitbart, but a leopard always shows their spots. So of course, he joins Kanye 2024 campaign and begins causing havoc. He has denounced Donald Trump many times now claiming he is not conservative enough for taking care of his true Trump supporters. Huon Crackpots. He proceeds to convince everyone that Kanye's campaign is real and he endorses him a hundred percent. Not that his endorsement takes anyone anywhere. Then he goes and does the worst thing ever. He adds Fuentes to Trump and Kanye's dinner, which I agree should have never happened. Kanye should not be allowed at Mar-a-Lago with or without Fuentes or in general, and then leaks it to the media.

Not one moment later, does the media go crazy and the establishment Republicans use it against Trump adding to the fake liberal narrative that he's a racist Jew hater. And this was no coincidence, especially after working for Marjorie. He stated that he pulled the stunt to make Trump's life miserable and to force Nick Fuentes and Trump together as it was much needed, even though there was no real connection, it spread like wildfire. These types of events are the reason why we can't win at the polls people. These extreme nut jobs use conservative, the term conservative to attach their insanity to that makes people question. I mean, if you truly want conservative leadership in 2024, why would you work so hard to split the party Milo? Why would you go out of your way to hurt the campaign of another 2024 candidate?

Well, there are only a few reasons in my book, one, he was trying to hurt Trump in order to boost Kanye. I don't know, that's a little. Two, he was causing the scene for another anti-Trump Republican for 2024, be it McConnell or someone else. Three, he was putting himself in the news, which he does love. And four, he was opening up the window for more anti-Semitic and white nationalism conversations to happen through Kanye, I mean immediately after the dinner, which had damaging effects on all of us. Actually, before I go on, I know I'm ranting folks. Let me say one thing to all these idiots out there, and if you watch Milo and Nick Fuentes, you need to hear this too. When Trump gets hurt, we all, rinos and all get hurt, the entire party.

The rinos can't win without Trump supporters and Trump supporters can't win without rinos. So we're going to continue to injure each other or we're going to go to campaign and let people decide in the primaries who's who and what's what. When other conservatives or Republicans, no matter where on the scale they sit, play these games, we all get screwed. Would you rather have Trump or Joe Biden in 2024, if that's what it comes down to? And I want to ask these other Republicans, McConnell, because he would rather have Biden than Trump because the inner party attacks are making it much easier for Biden and the Democrats to win. So then the two brilliant campaign managers put Kanye in media interviews, where immediately he begins with clearly Nick Fuentes inspired racist nonsense. Literal nonsense. The man cannot put a thought together. He goes on about Hitler and other such things that paint him in the worst light.

But guess who had dinner with him a few nights before, Donald Trump? It's all a continual attack on Trump because they think they can beat him at his own game. They believe in their sick little heads that they can use Kanye as a puppet to push their conspiracies and hate. And the reason I rant about this stuff is because people like Milo and Marjorie and Fuentes are the headlines all along the word conservatism or conservative. When Biden refers to extreme Maga, that is them. However, that is a very small handful compared to true MAGA conservatives like us that actually want a better nation for our children, which is why the left media runs with this stuff so the American family sitting at home can say, I'm not voting for Trump if he's associated with people like this, all of them, including dumb, dumb Marjorie. I hope I have an opportunity to debate her someday I would destroy her.

And some of you might say to me, Chad, Americans can see through this stuff. They know these people are psychos. And I say, well, tell that to the polls. Americans, as much as they're afraid of an unrecognizable country on the alt left, they are as equally afraid of an unrecognizable country on the alt right. At the end of the day, people vote with their hearts and these things are major turnoffs. I know I'm going to get emails from colleagues saying, by attacking Marjorie and Milo, you're siding with the rinos, you're becoming soft. She's a good conservative. And every time someone says that to me, I say, prove it. Show me any value she's added to our movement other than making us look foolish. I don't need a campaign slogan or voting record to tell me if someone is truly conservative. All you have to do is look at people like Glenn Youngen, Kristin Nuen, Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, JD Vance. Don't forget, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, my hero. They're all amazing conservatives with brains and dedication to what we're trying to do.

That is the conservative movement right there. Nothing else. Allow me to leave you with this short statement since all I did today was rant. Who are we going to let control the story? Real conservatives or phony shock jocks with aspirations of fame and fortune? This is Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said, Latinos are Republican, they just don't know it yet. Good call and they're starting to come over in droves. God bless you President Reagan and may God save America.

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