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Rant Alert- Kanye, Milo, Marjorie, and Fuentes are phony 'shock jocks.'


Intro: It's Wednesday and I'm ranting, Kanye, Milo, Marjorie, all phony shock jocks looking to ruin our conservative movement and it must stop now. You are listening to the Last Gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yes, let's go Brandon, come on, let's get fired up today. Let's go Brandon, everybody. Yeah.

Chad: Hello everybody and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host, here to wow and delight you with the one and only last gay conservative agenda. I am the holiest homo, your binary brother here for the truth and to share all of my insight with you. So hopefully you can take on your own version of the mob at home. As always, we're broadcasting from our gay conservative studios here in Newport Beach, California sending this episode and all others into the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, folks, it's another gorgeous day. I said goodbye to a friend this morning and dropped her off at the airport. She's off to New York City where it's supposed to be dumping snow this week or next week. I can't remember. Man, I do not miss traveling back east with all the weather issues on the East coast.

It's terrible. Don't get me wrong. I love New York, but only for a few days now to shop and do Central Park and eat some of the best food in the world. I mean the best cuisine and the best shopping is in Manhattan. I guess the really sad part as I think about it right now is that the city has essentially gone back to pre-Giuliani crime levels. I mean that was when people never felt safe in the city. Women were being mugged left and right. Getting held up at an ATM was a daily occurrence and Times Square was a scary place. It was an entirely different city. I mean, Giuliani came in and crushed it all, got rid of the criminals, cleaned up the city. He did everything he could to make it the beautiful magical place that it was.

Unfortunately, every mayor since then has made it a little worse and a little worse, and now I think it's beyond fixing and I don't feel bad because these idiots there keep voting these libtard in, you know, you voted for Hutzel and Adams and then you get pushed in front of a subway. Good, idiot. These liberals are so sad. I see them on MSNBC talking about crime in the city and the fears around it, but they vote for the same people over and over again. Listen, New Yorker, New York City, residents of New York City, you either live in a liberal hellscape or you don't. The choice is yours, no one else's. And the worst part though is that the New York City woke politics bleed over to smart people who might be middle or right, but have to commute to the city every day for work.

I mean, they might not and probably don't support the liberal nightmare in town, but they still have to deal with it when they go into work on the subways, on the buses and the cabs, the crime and the problems are everywhere and I feel very bad for those people. Hopefully they get to work from home in response for how bad the city is right now. Anyways, my rant was not supposed to be about New York, but it was on top of mine because I dropped my friend off at the airport. But today I do want to talk about this alarming trend of conservatives, but they're more like shock jock types. What I mean by shock jock is doing saying or acting in any way for the purpose of shock and awe giving you more attention. Nothing to do with real policy legislation just spouting off in a way that may sound ultra-conservative, but oftentimes is far from conservative when you boil it down.

This whole Kanye thing has been very entertaining, but it's starting to cross the line. He is a perfect example of one of these degenerates who's a shock jock type that will say and do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight. Kanye doesn't care if the press is good or bad as long as he's in it. And one of the reasons why he sticks out so much more than let's say Milo or Marjorie Taylor or Nick Fuentes is because Kanye's a different formula. I mean, you take an obsessive need for attention, add that with shock jock methods and then multiply that with severe manic depressant disorder and you're sure to stand out. So today I want to walk through some of these headline grabbers, break down some of their wild claims or actions and explain yet another group attempting to split up our party and pin Trump supporters against establishment Republicans and so much more.

I listened to a handful of conservative attention grabbers and the five that are so clearly not conservative and in it for themselves are Milo Yiannopoulos, Kanye West, Alex Jones, and Marjorie Taylor Green. Oh, don't forget Nick Fuentes. These people are supported by anti-Trump and anti-conservative groups who are using their alignment or past alignments with Trump to wreak havoc on Trump's new campaign. You all know, my vote is for anyone that's not Biden and that is best for the country. I don't play these games like between Matt Gates and McCarthy or whatever. I hope Trump is nominated because personally I believe his policies and advantageous style is what made things so much better even during a pandemic. However, that's purely my opinion and it's way too soon to tell.

Trump is an interesting package and because of that he's had much success as a candidate and in office and it works for him, but it doesn't work for anyone else. So these want to be conservatives who are the scum of the earth thinking that they can pull off what Trump has by stirring the pot much like he does. The problem is, it's never going to work for them. It's a skill and it's very much a Trump skill. So let's dive into that whack pack a little later in the episode. I do have a cute story and some news to cover. I spent the weekend up in the mountains for my friend's birthday. It was awesome. Her dad has about 1200 acres up in the mountains, kind of above Palm Springs and he recently took it over. It was an abandoned youth juvenile detention center and there were all sorts of cool outbuildings and just oddball stuff all over the property. I packed a really big chunk of my arsenal. I left the bear at 50 [06:37 inaudible] at home.

We weren't doing sniper training, but I wanted everyone to shoot and try different stuff. So I brought a car full, especially the girls who are showing interest and starting to carry. Ron got to be a ranch dog for the weekend and he loved it. He's so funny. He's just like me, a complete dichotomy of what we're supposed to be. So Frenchy, little prestige dog or whatever you want to say, loves the dirt and cow poop and tall weeds and it was so fun to watch, he goes from little city dog to farm dog and doesn't even bat an eye, I never even expected. But again, he's just like his dad. I'm a gay man who listens to country music, shoots guns and then goes out to disco texts and wears Gucci. We are what we are. Well of course I got in a little late, like usual, I parked and loaded up to go straight to the gun range.

Now there were some others around that weren't part of the party because he lets different groups and different people use the property. They come in, they cover weather for the news or the sheriffs do all their SWAT training and it's just stuff like that. A lot of