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Polls, Pelosi, LGBTQ Insanity


Intro: The polls are closing in. Pelosi's damage spreads far and wide, and LGBTQ radicals attack kids and grandmas. You're listening to The Last Gay Conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law q the intro.

Chad: Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of The Last Gay Conservative. I'm Chad Law, your holy homo, binary brother. Always right, never canceled, sending the truth through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Happy weekend everyone. It's another gorgeous day here in Newport Beach in my safe space, our woke free zone. It is truly the most amazing place on earth here, and I wish California wasn't so awful as a state because Orange County is so special. It's just a very special place.

For today's episode we're going to do things a little differently. I pulled some of the most pertinent stories from the past few days and I wanted to review them with you, give you my take and my opinion mainly because we have a lot to catch up on and because I think I want to start doing some multiple story podcasts for you versus one main issue, just to give you a little bit of variety. Please let me know your thoughts so we can continue or discontinue depending on what you like.

With so much happening these days, I thought it might be nice for you guys to get my highlights on top of stories and happenings. Of course, I'm always happy to monologue. I love the sound of my own voice and instead of a personal story today, I do want to hit a few quick things that are news related before we dive into the meat of the episode because again, way, way too much going on this week to keep track. First things first, big congratulations are in order for Kari Lake of Arizona, after an extremely gruesome run for governor in the GOP primary, she won by the hairs on her chinny chin chin. The abuse, attacks and hate she endured during this campaign was brutal, but she proved herself to be a tough cookie and I cannot wait to see her big run for governor. Great job Kari, you're a true patriot, and I cannot wait to follow your political career. You have many, many good years to come.

Next. I've been avoiding this story like the plague. Not only am I completely burnt out on it, but the story is absolutely ridiculous. You know this WNBA player, Britney Griner, another outspoken athlete making millions of dollars on the American system, but hates America and continually talks about our racist and oppressive system along with other athletes like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick. She's also made several pro socialism remarks and was very aggressive in her Anti-America rants during press time. Well, ironically now she's incarcerated in a socialist prison in Russia for the next 9 years, and the reason why I'm bringing this up is because I need to make something very clear from my own personal experience.

Those of you might know I have been to Russia, from the time you check in at the ticket counter to getting on the plane. Then in the plane prior to landing the airport and the airline staff remind you of Russia's strict drug laws. I think they told me if I had anything even remotely drug related marijuana or certain pills, even certain vitamins, we would be arrested immediately. I think they told me maybe eight times or more, they were very clear. I mean, even when you apply for your visa to enter Russia, there's a warning. There's no other way to say this, but she's an idiot. She thought she was above the law. I mean, I wouldn't wish Russian prison on my worst enemy, but if there was a time that I felt some justification, this would be it. I can tell you she was warned multiple times, 100%, you disrespect America while you rake in cash, then you disrespect Russian law as you visit their country and now you're crying about it. Well, sorry Brittany, but you did this to yourself.

Another quick mention. I'm sure you all saw the Super Predator, big guy spouting off about his awesome economy and the media backing his claim that the 22 million jobs lost during the pandemic have all been recovered. Yeah. Not, the employment numbers are so manipulable, it's not even funny, and both sides do it, not just liberals. The unemployment number is based on the number of people receiving unemployment benefits, so when people run out of their benefits, they're miraculously off the tee and working according to these numbers. However, a large number of those people just move over to welfare from unemployment. Furthermore, jobs, they're not counted per person. They're counted based on the employment taxes that businesses pay to the government. Hundreds of thousands Americans are now working two jobs. Reports around the country are indicating record number of retirees coming back into the workforce.

On top of that, news studies have found that more people today work two jobs since 2008. This is exactly what happened before the 2008 recession. This also explains why although the job numbers are so high and unemployment is so low, yet according to many recent polls, an average of about 67% of small businesses are still saying it's impossible or merely impossible to find workers for their businesses. Alright, let's get onto the big story today. We've got several polls coming in that are showing the elections in November, the GOPs losing steam and the DNC is catching up. You know, I don't put much weight into the polls, but these results do make sense.

The American Wire news reported as of Friday morning, both parties boasted a 44.2% according to averages maintained by 538. On the other hand, real clear politics had Republicans up by 0.3 percentage points down from their huge lead of almost five percentage points back in April. These numbers put a pit in my stomach. How can so many not feel this pain? How can people think two more years of this would be good? The country is unrecognizable at this point. Now we know these poles always lean heavy to the left, especially these two. So the three to five points they had us up in April were more like eight points. However, now that they're showing a tie, our realistic three to five point lead that translate to us is just a bit too close for comfort. Record gas prices, inflation, international conflict and war. On top of a president on the decline mentally, led us to believe the midterms would be an easy feat for Republicans.

Unfortunately, like so many teams with home field advantage confidence, we've almost blown it. Luckily, we have the entire fourth quarter to make some moves and hopefully we do. All we had to do was sit back and allow the left to continue their quest to burn the American foundation to the ground. All we had to do was let Americans sit and watch them attempt to start over with their socialist utopia, and all we had to do was block legislation in the Senate. That's it. That would've been a home run, but of course, that's not enough for politicians. We have made three massive mistakes that I've been talking about for a year, and no one seemed to be listening.

We seriously messed up hard with the preparation and response to the Roe v Wade decision. We've also allowed rhinos to take over the news cycle and the GOP leadership talk does not align with their actions on Capitol Hill. First, like I keep saying, we've done a horrible job of educating the college educated mom who lives in the suburbs, what the Roe overturn would have meant to them, and now highlighting what it does mean, but instead we double down on the pro-life narrative that this key demographic does not align with.

During the entire Roe fiasco, I continued to say, oh, this one's going to hurt, and all my colleagues laughed. I understand the importance of a fight for life, but isn't it a lot easier when you have a GOP Senate in Congress? Could we have not waited a bit to take over before we push? The case was put up to the courts. We knew there was going to be a ruling one way or another. We just didn't do enough to prepare and then educate what it meant or what it would mean at the time. In almost every poll, a majority of women wanted Roe to stay in place. They also said in the same polls, they wanted to see restrictions on abortion availability and a 12 to 15 week window for receiving an abortion.

That alone shows there was a clear lack of understanding. All the polls pointed to that. What the GOP often fails to realize, which they could learn from Trump, is that moral issues can supersede any political or economic issue if you let it, which is exactly why he was saying this ruling would hurt our movement like I was saying. In this case, this moral issue is very important to a demographic that can be the deciding factor for many different elections, including the president. This demographic helped Trump win, then helped Trump lose. Our strategy should have been and still can be to focus on the constitutionality, education and importance of the power of the states, linking it back to other important issues for this demographic like education. Explaining that the Roe overturn doesn't mean an end to abortion, nor will it impact a woman's access to healthcare.

We needed to focus on nailing these fear mongering talking points from the left. I highly suggest the GOP start walking back the aggressive pro-life and fundamentalist Christian alignments that lead the average news watcher to assume that we're one and the same as a party and as a group, as you know, I identify as a Christian, I'm not a fundamentalist, but this issue can't pit Christians in our base against these suburban moms. We can't let it happen, especially when many of us conservatives are much less concerned with moral issues like abortion and more concerned about, you know, the dollar, wars, oil, taxes. You see in past times, pre-Trump, abortion could be the biggest issue for an election, and sadly we've gone back to that and we're allowing it to repeat itself.

The old GOP, George w Bush's GOP, abortion and other morals always took precedent over everything else. The same GOP that couldn't elect someone who's been divorced, literally. Giuliani tried running in the primaries, but we deemed him as unelectable because of his marriage history. That is exactly why so many of us were enamored with Trump because he defied all the traditional GOP standards and went straight for big issues versus engaging in a battle of the morals. Clearly there's a lack of alignment between how we've handled Roe and its overturn and how our most important demographic would like to see how we handle it. We need to get ahead of this, especially before it snowballs further out of control, which I don't expect to see unless some conservative leaders stand up and beat the point home.

And that's the big mistake number one. Many people are contributing the polls solely to the Roe issue. The other issues impacting the polls are that we've allowed the inferiority complexes of our Rhino Republicans and name only friends in Congress on the news bashing conservatives, true conservatives and supporting DNC agendas and candidates and no, I'm not just talking about Liz Crazy Cheney. We have candidates on either side that continue to undermine conservative candidates, both existing and one's campaigning because we scare the crap out of them. But when Liz Cheney is getting more media time than Ted Cruz or Matt Gates, there's a big problem.

See, we know the media wants status quo. Washington wants status quo. Political elites want status quo, and most Americans don't understand the difference, which they don't need to. That's our job. We're not fighting at the bottom of all of this. We're just not fighting. Instead of sitting back, we shake everything up and then go back to sitting back again. Doesn't work that way. We need to understand that most Americans don't take the time to understand the political landscape and what's really happening. They listen to CNN or local news in the background where you have someone like Liz Cheney with a very familiar Republican last name bashing other conservative candidates, people like Matt Gates and Ted Cruz.

The average person hears that and goes, oh wow, a Republican, Liz Cheney, A Cheney, thinks this person is bad. Maybe they're not as good of a Republican as I thought, and I am serious people. That is a little bit of a dramatization, but I'm telling you folks, these rhinos and those perceived as center democrats have a lot more influence than we give them credit for. We shrug off the crazy people like Mansion and Cheney because we know it's all a big power game and power grab, but most don't have that insight. Mansion, although not a Rhino got tons of GOP attention and significant praise for not voting for build back better. We spent weeks in the news cycle singing his praises and giving him media clips all over the place.

Fast forward to today, he just voted for this ridiculous inflation reduction bill and now what are we doing? We're vilifying him. This type of move makes us look very weak. Why would McConnell ever put faith and trust in a Democrat, especially one as radical as mansion? What you see on TV is not what his record demonstrates. He is by far a radical left mob member, not middle of the road, but the negative impact of this confusing messaging is massive. It's another way to lose an election. These elections have actually convoluted our messaging even more because we have old school rhinos and then conservatives saying different things, but to the average voter, it's all 1R. We've begun to birth a third party, which is not good. These faux conservatives are very angry.

If they're going down, they're taking the entire party with them, which is exactly what they're doing, which is what's being reflected in the polls. The Arizona primary last week really demonstrated how people still feel torn between a traditional old school Republican and an America first conservative. Kari Lake, who was declared the winner as the GOP gubernatorial candidate in last week's primary had a hell of a time getting elected in what should have been a massive landslide. I'm not going to get into the Arizona elections quite yet because it was a bit of a mess and a little frightening, but the point I'm trying to make to you now is that politicians that are being squeezed out are using the other side to confuse voters.

We've created a divide and we all know what that means. It's the dysfunctional third party system that takes votes from one and goes to another. When a middle of the road Republican, that more traditional bush Republican, which there are still millions of boomers that identify that way, and when they see or hear the conflict, they'll ultimately side with what's comfortable. That's human nature and they'll vote for a traditional Republican, which in turn is the same as voting for a Democrat. It's understandable based on the news they hear. Would you want to be associated with things like fascism, Alex Jones, conspiracy theories, radical racist and homophobic and transphobic bills [18:15 qanon] and now insurrectionists? I mean that is what the mainstream media is playing, giving a lot of attention to rhinos who are bashing the conservative movement in order to stay in power.

The media eats it up because they know it's having a negative impact on the conservative side who they hate. We must get on message and the GOP has to make a decision which way they're throwing their weight and they need to do this before the election. Another great example of this is coming into 2020 after Biden was elected, the GOP made big moves against spending. That was our big platform, fiscal responsibility. Then all of a sudden they vote past the American rescue plan and yes, huge numbers from GOP Senators and Congress voted. Infrastructure bill, same thing, then a $1 trillion budget just to keep the government open.

We're sending a message that we are not doing what we're saying that we're going to do. That doesn't sit well with voters, including me. I sit at night and I watch Fox and I listen to people like McConnell and I just scream, what are you doing here? You are playing right into the mob's hand. The GOP champions of fiscal responsibility with an American first agenda passes infrastructure, a $1 trillion budget with billions to Ukraine, and now they're about to pass the unnecessary and unconstitutional respect for marriage act with the help of additional rhinos like Ron Johnson and Susan Collins.

See, the degradation of our strong united front is because of the election, but it's also what will force our party to lose elections. If we want to see the polls bend back in our favor, force out the rose, speak from any media we can, get a clear, concise message, either traditional Republican or America first conservatives because we can't have both and win and most importantly, get these rhinos out of the media that undermine our candidates, especially the candidates that are new and up and coming, not just incumbents. We also need to see more known conservative leaders, not just Trump, but we need people endorsing and speaking at conservative campaign events. People like Newt Gingrich, Giuliani, Rand Paul, there are plenty to choose from. There's no clear strategy and for the first time in history, we don't even need one.

The only strategy we've ever needed was sit back, watch it burn, get elected, and come save it. But apparently that wasn't good enough for the brilliant GOP politicians in Congress. It doesn't give them enough attention on television. Meanwhile, the Republicans on TV are rhinos attempting to smear conservatives in our conservative movement. It's a bit of a mess and we need to fix it, but I don't want to keep railing on the GOP. I just want to make sure that they hear this loud and clear because we're facing immense election challenges already just in the States with primaries, so we need to be on point from now until the big one happens in November. Like I said, if Arizona is any indicator for November, we have a challenge ahead, but speaking of terrible messaging and communication, let's move on and talk about my favorite subject, Pelosi and her unnecessary trip to Asia.

I said in my last episode, "I don't think this is going to cause a massive international incident, but I do believe it's the straw that will break the camel's back when it comes to Chinese cooperation and participation in the global arena. Well, what do you know? You guys know the answer. I was right again, they don't call me the last gay conservative for nothing. However, I think I might have downplayed it a little too much because this tsunami from that earthquake of her visit in Taiwan is gaining speed fast in Asia. Now, on a scale from one to 10, one being 100% peace and 10 being 100% war, I think I originally put us at a five when it's looking more realistically like a seven.

Several extremely scary things have happened since the wicked witch of the West graced Southeast Asia with her presence. Before she even arrived in Taiwan, the Chinese started live fire military drills all around the Taiwanese peninsula. Keep in mind that China does military exercises all the time in the Taiwan straight and around, but live fire is pretty unprecedented. Once she arrived, of course she let no time pass before she was throwing blows at the CCP President Xi Jinping. Her lack of global awareness and diplomacy is scary, which is why she should have never been allowed to go and she should have never been able to use taxpayer funds to go.

People argue with me all the time and say, well, Newt Gingrich went when he was a speaker. Yeah, you're right. However, Newt's visit included major deals and alliances, diplomatic reassurances. He was hardly just shaking hands and kissing babies. Pelosi did no such thing. In fact, it seems the entire purpose of her trip now was just to agitate the Chinese, which I believe could have been an intentional move, creating distractions and distress overseas to distract from the upcoming election. Not to mention potentially setting Biden up to be a democracy hero like he was in the Ukraine. To be clear, that's just my current inkling. You know me, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but some of the things that have transpired since her trip make me scratch my head a bit.

Not to mention. Biden and friends constantly use tricks like this to secretly create circumstances that they can fix. A tough stance in military aggression with China may abode well for Biden because most Americans have been told and sold on the idea or notion that we're stronger, better, and richer than China. And yes, that is technically true, but not by enough to not be seriously injured at the same time. See, most Americans see China as this evil communist state that should be blown out of the water. Go ahead and bomb it, attack it, who cares? Again, true, but it's not that simple, and doing so will cause a financial pain none of us have ever felt, no one around the world.

And I'm not sure what the end game is here, but the responses to our trip have not been great. The first thing that may be the most important thing is under the guise of military training, China is intentionally blocking and disrupting shipments, mostly American coming through the Taiwan Strait. Now, keep in mind the Taiwan Strait is one of maybe the biggest pass through for large container ships on their way to the various ports around the world. According to the daily caller, China launched its largest ever military drills around Taiwan on Thursday in and around some of the world's most vital shipping routes used to transport semiconductors, natural gas, and other critical goods.

France 24 reported almost half of the world's container ships travel through the Taiwan Strait on an annual basis, including 90% of the world's largest ships by tonnage according to the Wall Street Journal. Now, what did I tell you about President Xi? Do you still think he's a stupid moron, communist dictator? Well, the latter may be true, but he's not stupid and he is not a moron. This is an intentional move to disrupt the supply chain, even if it's for a few days, but thus putting additional very unneeded pressure on our economy here in the States, which in turn hurts who the most big guy Joe in the DNC.

As much as it sounds great from our side, we don't need to be pushed further into a recession, nor do we need prices of essential goods to shoot up more due to a lack of supply globally. Given that much of the world's container fleet passes through that waterway, there will be inevitably big disruptions to global supply chains due to the rerouting. James Char, an associate fellow at Singapore's, I'm not even going to try to pronounce it, but Singapore's College of International Studies and he was talking to France 24. On top of that, Taiwan is the number one manufacturer of semiconductors, which is a huge concern and our supply of semiconductors is low, but since 90% of the world's cutting edge chip capacity comes from Taiwan, according to the Financial Times, these chips are used for virtually all of the electronic devices that power the modern economy, including smartphones, radios, who uses radio anymore? TV, computers, video games, advanced medical equipment, and a lot more like vehicles, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.

It goes on to say, in the event of a disaster that actually shut down Taiwan for a period of time, really I don't know how the global supply chain for the tech industry could even survive that. Now, on the other hand, I saw that some of the Wall Street Journal analysts tried to play it down as much as possible. The Biz pack review reported that analysts surveyed by the Wall Street Journal discounted the prospect of continued disruptions. According to the chief analyst of maritime data provider Zinita Peter Sand says any major disruption will affect the Chinese merchant fleet as well. Really? Do you think the Chinese care about their merchant fleet? I mean, okay, they care, but it's not urgent like it is to the US.

The Chinese are used to short supply outages, anything that we barely can bare they're used to. They bare far better than we do, and it's a hit Xi will take to hit us even harder a little for a lot. Leave it up to the American media to play this down. It's a huge deal. The bulk of this report originated in France on the France 24 network, which is why we're seeing the reality versus what the Wall Street Journal is reporting. It's essentially truth versus fluff. These are the things that brilliant Democrat led White House and Congress politicians don't even think about. I always talk about it's never just about the main point, in this case war. There are always subsequent fallouts. There's not just tackling one thing, so they're hitting our supply chain because of Pelosi. What else?

Like I said, they're pulling way back on the international community. All talks are off the table. The first move they made was to cancel a planned meeting between the foreign ministers of China and Japan. That's a huge deal because the Japan China relations are less than ideal right now. Extremely bad actually, because the G7 must always ride our coattails. They also had to share their concerns over China's threats around the wicked witch of the West. Japan is very threatened by China and they're at a striking distance with essentially no military and like us also depends on China for much of its imports and manufacturing.

By ending any type of diplomatic conversations, no matter how phony they are, it's sending a clear message to the G7, Japan and the rest of the world that China doesn't need any of it and they don't care, which is basically true. On top of the severed diplomatic ties, the Chinese are now shooting ballistic missiles right into Japanese waters just like fireworks on the 4th of July. More importantly, these meetings hold much more value for countries like Japan, Korea, or the US. See, they need China to change, not the other way around. I mean, do I need to play Kenny Rogers again? Where are the negotiation skills? What is the strategy? What are the tactics? I mean, just this afternoon, China announced it was severing all ties with Washington in every way possible.

Biz Pack also reported on this saying, following the speakers trip abroad, China has taken the opportunity to further malign the United States on the world stage while treating the delegation as a provocation on the part of the US government. In addition, closing all discussions with the US on things like military issues, climate change policy, and the severe concerns we have regarding Fentanyl that seems to be originating in China. The Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hua Jinying likened his nation to George Floyd and the US in this scenario to a violent cop, it's just so funny. On Twitter, the assistant minister wrote, we cannot allow the US to take itself as world policemen and treat other countries as George Floyd, whom it can bully and strangle at will.

Is that not the best thing you've ever heard George Floyd reference international relations tweet? It kills me. Of course, we can always count on Karine Jean Pierre for answers when the press asked her about Pelosi's trip and the fallout. Here's what we got. "So I'll, well, and you've heard us say this before, but the speaker had every right, every right." She says literally like that. She goes on to say, "it is her right to have gone to Taiwan. Members ah, of Congress make those decisions. We don't tell them what they can or cannot do, or where they can or cannot travel." She continued seemingly backing up Pelosi's travel decisions while distancing President Joe Biden from the fallout.

"We have said this ma-an-ny times before, we will provide a thorough briefing when they do travel." "And so again, there was no reason to have this escalation that we're seeing from, you know, China. It's fundamentally irresponsible what they are doing. And ah, um, continue our efforts to keep open lines of communication with Beijing defending our interests and values in the re ah, ah, eh, region." She added. Jean Pierre tried to get the reporters to drop the subject also stating, "and so ah, we're, we're not, we're not going to, you know, give any, any more than that on the speaker's travel." But apparently the matter was too serious for even corporate media to accept the White House's talking points. I mean, at every briefing I feel like I'm watching the first 20 minutes of the King's speech.

Even the Taiwanese people are pissed Pelosi came because it was a short trip for Pelosi, but Taiwan will have to deal with the consequences of her visit for a long time to come. China has warned against Pelosi's visit and said very clearly that this should not go ahead. It has announced military exercises that are almost unprecedented in a way that they will be carried out, and that's the editor of the Taiwan Plus News. Just to recap, Pelosi lands her Chevy Volt broomstick in Taiwan, speaks directly against Xi, goes to Japan, does it even more and worse, and now all regional peace talks are diplomatic meetings with China, canceled. Missile tests and drills all over Taiwan, disrupting the supply chain in the Taiwan Strait.

On top of that, the Chinese will no longer talk military with the US, but the killer, which must be like a dagger to the heart, is they're saying F U to climate change. Oh my gosh. Biden's entire platform rests on climate change and all these numbers that he has as goals, and China is one of the top contributors to climate change with India. China's going to be polluting up a storm and we'll probably offset any strides we make if we ever do, knowing we haven't made any, they've also canceled any talks around the fentanyl crisis, which is mainly originating in China. We're so effed. I really hope riding around Asia on her hybrid broomstick was worth it. Please email us if you hear or see anything positive that's come out of her trip anyways.

Alright, enough about that old hog. I did think it was important to update you after I predicted a fallout and the fast things that happened right after she left. I told you we need them more than they need us, and apparently Nancy forgot. I want to move on to some insane LGBTQ news that I couldn't help but talk about, further alienating Americans. And of course, instead of showcasing positive examples of what the gay family unit and success, they show people getting crazier and crazier. At this point, I'm convinced it's just for shock and awe value. Think about it. How is any of this trans, gay, drag queen, grooming stuff really a part of the true LGBTQ platform? It gets the most coverage, which is what people see and in turns puts gays back in the freak tank like we were in the sixties and seventies.

I'm not sure if you all saw the libs of TikTok, it's the video with the shirtless hairdresser teaching pole dancing to a Kid. Biz Pack reported on the story and they wrote, "a shirtless gay hairdresser was videoed teaching a young boy to pole dance at the Pennsylvania Pride Fest and defended it as an avenue for fitness, creativity, artistry, and expression." Give me break. The hairdresser's name is Mike Bentz. He was video teaching a young boy, by the way, the young boy was wearing a rainbow tutu and he was being taught to pole dance. The clip was sent out by Libs of TikTok and proceeded to go viral. I love Libs of TikTok. They're so funny and they do nothing but post videos. The footage was taken at the Pride Festival of Central Pennsylvania, which was held on July 30th in Harrisburg.

The governor promoted a pride event, which featured stripper poles for kids. Libs of TikTok tweeted including a letter from the governor, "the governor of Pennsylvania put out a letter in support of this pride event. Now that you see children stripping, you still condone these actions Governor Wolfe, boys and Rainbow tutus, stripper poles, half naked pole dancing instructors." I mean, it sounds like a traveling freak show. You know, the ones like they had in the turn of the century, like the show up on Little House in the Prairie. I'm just not sure that Paul, Laura and the Boy Engels could even handle this one. Step right up folks, a three eyed man, the world's fattest twins and a bearded lady. And for an extra nickel you can watch a half naked hairdresser teach a five year old how to pole dance.

Yeah, I don't know about you. I'm taking the bearded lady all day long. This stuff is beyond sick. Pole dancing isn't some mainstream form of expression. If that's the case teach them hip hop. Pole dancing, whether you like it or not, is tightly linked with stripping, sex work. Now, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe they were teaching pole dancing to these kids as a career skill. I mean, at one point I thought, man, these guys are geniuses. These kids are all going to have to strip with the way this country and the economy's going anyways, so good on them for teaching them a skill. I just don't understand why as a gay community, we must push the envelope this far. Why does it need to be this sick and radical? I mean, it gives me heartburn.

I mean, I'm as gay as they come and I can't imagine taking one of my nieces, our nephews, which coincidentally are around the same age as that kid to pole dance at a pride event. Why would I bring my child to a pride event? It's the same as bringing your child to a bar or a club. Why? They're for adults. Pride festivals are not a place for kids. I could share with you some of the things I've seen at Pride Festivals, you wouldn't eat for a week. Wish that was my problem. There's a lot of physical stuff, a lot of nudity, a lot of inappropriate language and innuendos and you think that's bad. Then another story breaks out that a Christian school in Manhattan held a secret drag show. San's parent consent in their chapel. The post-millennial broke this story and what they said was, students at Manhattan's Grace Church High School claim they were pressured into participating in a mandatory pride drag show held in the school's chapel last spring.

Every other Wednesday students are required to attend chapel. I went to Catholic school, I know how that goes. The post-millennial reported when they arrived on April 27th, church services were substituted with the show starring drag queen Brita Filter. You've probably seen her on RuPaul's Drag race, probably not. But she's famous from RuPaul's Drag Race and she's been around for a long time. The event sponsored by Spectrum, the school's LGBTQ support club marked the school's six annual Pride Chapel and students alleged they were forced to have "a good time whether they wanted to or not." "There was tons of social pressure to dance along and pretend like it was normal for sure." Said A student who wished to remain anonymous. Yeah, no shit. Well, whether it be people tapping on shoulders and telling them to stand up or just a collective staring contest at whoever wasn't totally participating.

Now according to the post, pride stickers were handed out to the students along with a piece of advice. "Take one or your homophobic." My favorite is the drag queen Brita Filter talking about the event on TikTok. She says, "I literally went to church to teach the children today and a Catholic high school here in NYC invited me to their pride Chapel, visibility matters and I'm so honored to have had the chance to talk to you about my work as an LGBTQ plus drag queen activist." okay Brita filter, Mrs. RuPaul's Drag Race. I mean, I think it was a great show and a perfect place for drag on TV, where people can seek entertainment and choose whether or not they want to watch it. I watched the first couple seasons, it was very entertaining.

Now they're all the same and the drag queens, I mean they all start to look the same, but can someone tell me what the hell a drag queen activist is? This drag queen push is so odd. Drag has nothing to do with real LGBTQ life. It's a part of gay culture in entertainment, but drag queens don't represent our community. It's so extreme. It is the most extreme end of gay culture. Really, in the picture of actual gay life drag queens are like at the bottom. Everyone knows you don't put your most extreme part of your movement first. It would be like having the really, really, really fat sister from a thousand pound sister be the face of a body positivity group.

Literally, she has to lay on her back in a minivan to get anywhere. I mean, no, you use someone like Rebel Wilson or Adele. How about instead of drag, we teach young adults what a man is, what a woman is, what a gay man is, and what a gay woman is, etcetera. Also, from a true activist standpoint, don't you think men in clown makeup in costumes to advocate for the LGBTQ community makes a mockery of the movement? That's how you really want to create acceptance and awareness. Now, one would assume acceptance would come from showcasing there is no difference between gay people or gay families and straight people and straight families. Showcasing that it's really not that big of a deal. Instead, they've created a complete cluster F. These things do nothing to create more acceptance.

The events certainly don't show the gay community in the right light and most importantly, the extremism pushes would be totally accepting people and families as far away as possible. Now remember, as the true leader of the gay world, I am fed up. Where's the positivity? Where are the families? Where are the successes? Drag is nothing but entertainment and it adds zero value to anything. A lot of other gay guys argued with me about this whole, my drag opinion and said that drag is a way for these guys to express themselves without shame and they use it as an escape. Well, first of all, that's what Rum Bower Chardonnay is for. Okay, escape with a bottle of wine like I do. No, but in all seriousness, that's good. Express yourself, escape, do whatever you need to do. But you can't use drag as a way to advocate for an entire community attempting to get awareness and acceptance.

I also never see any drag kings where the lesbians dress up like dudes. Apparently kids don't become accepting with women with buzz cuts and cargo pants. Only drag queens, no drag kings. I would love to see a head-to-head study where one school does these shows and another one doesn't and see if either have more accepting graduates. I can tell you right now, not. First off, they have never been able to show the positive impacts on young people and in school from these exercises and radical curriculum and how it molds a child's outlook on sexuality, race, gender, et cetera. I mean, think about your time in school sometimes we had assemblies and different speakers. I'm sure you guys had assemblies, different speakers, presenters if you will, and they'd come in. I mean, I can remember one where they brought in a car and demonstrated the jaws of life to teach us about drunk driving.

Maybe you guys had something similar. Now did that keep me from driving and drinking? No, Uber wasn't a thing, so we all drove drunk from time to time. I still do, kidding, but same concept. Drag queen comes to do an assembly. Do the students leave any different from when they sat down? No. Which is why I don't understand why these schools push this stuff. There is no proof that it actually works and moreover, I think it freaks more people out than it does encourage inclusivity. I mean, I just don't get it. How about little Johnny's dad's volunteer in the classroom? What about Susie's mom or Susie's mom's running the bake sale? Why is it so difficult? Why can't we just show some normalcy, insanity? More importantly, why can't we tell the truth? Being gay is not that big of a deal.

But in my last little bit of LGBTQ exclamation @ sign #news, a sweet little 80 year old woman up in the Washington Federation, another communist society has been banned from the YMCA just because she expressed some discomfort around showering with women who have their dogs out. I mean, God, you can't make this stuff up folks. Here's the story on American Wire. An 80 year old woman in Washington state was permanently banned from her local YMCA facility after she complained about a biological male who apparently identifies as a woman in the woman's shower area. The woman's name is Julie Jamon. She's lived in Port Townsend for about 40 years and has been swimming at the Mountain View pool for almost as long, around 40 years.

According to the Port Townsend free press, while she was taking a shower at the city's facility that operated in partnership with the Olympic Peninsula, YMCA, she reportedly heard a definite low male voice and noticed what she said was a man in a woman's bathing suit. Could you imagine 80 years old, been going to the same place for 40 years only to turn around with a big dude behind you? I mean, what a closed minded bigot she is. I mean unfortunately God rests their souls. My grandmas have both passed, but I can't imagine them saying they would be okay walking around a locker room with a bunch of chicks with dicks, especially in a YMCA, "the woman had to stand naked in the presence of the male, a YMCA employee despite her plea and demands that he needed to leave." She was also very concerned that this male was watching little girls as they peeled off their swimsuits.

The newspaper reported that this employee was later identified as Clementine Adams, speaking of drag queens, she went on to state, "there were gaps in the curtain and I was there naked with soap and water on me and this guy right there, very close to me, I asked, do you have a penis? And he immediately responded, that's none of your business. That's when I told him, get out of here right now. Seeing the Wise aquatic manager, Rowan Deluna nearby, Yamen or Jamin, whatever her last name is, called out to her and said, get him out of here. Of course that wasn't all. She says, you're discriminating and you can't use the pool anymore, and I'm calling the police. The police, the aquatics manager told her, this 80 year old woman.

So then they told her to leave and then they locked the doors and prohibited her from exiting the building. She figured out a way to leave anyways and called the police and talked about the incident or whatever. She goes on to say, "they said, you can't say those things. You're being a bigot" Jamin told the Reddicks of the Y staff, "they told me males can be women." I said, "well, I don't agree with your ideology. I told them that in all my 80 years I had never run into this." On top of that, Wendy Bart, the CEO of the Olympic Peninsula, YMCA, stood by the actions of her staff. Of course, of course, including the permanent ban on the 80 year old woman that's been going to her facility for 40 years and the free press reported that Bart said a staff member told her that Jamin said to the male in the women's swimsuit, "you're going to stick your effing penis in those little girls."

Of course, the old lady denied the allegation. She says, "I'm an 80 year old woman. I don't speak that way." I mean guys, this is by far one of the most outrageous stories I have ever heard. The YMCA did issue a statement about their no tolerance policy. Of course, the irony is that the sweet little lady is being discriminated against by the tranny the rest of the staff. I don't know if I speak for most guys, but I go to the gym and thank God I don't have curtains anymore. I can afford a nicer gym now so I have the doors that shut. They're fully walk in showers, but as a guy, as a male and we're in the same boat and let's try to keep the obvious sexual piece out of this example. I know what guys will say, but you're showering, ruba dub dub and you see out of the crack of the curtains looking around a fully naked woman, not hot for this example because all the guys will say, well, she's hot, I don't care.

But let's say she's like a five just cruising around naked, checking you out through the cracks in the locker, hanging out where everyone is just changing. I'm sorry, but I would freak out. Gay or not it's just uncomfortable. There are times and places to be naked with the opposite sex and the locker room is not one of them. Not to mention, have some respect for your elders. Sure, maybe she doesn't get it, but she's 80 years old. What's so hard about saying, okay ma'am, let me step out while you finish getting ready. Then maybe pulling one of the staff aside and letting them know that some of the older members don't quite understand the whole trans thing. Maybe they could do a quick memo or an email to members. I don't know. Why does it have to be so blown out of proportion?

I mean that's the whole problem with all this LGBTQ and especially the trans people, is they don't know where to meet people where they are. Instead, the expectation is that everyone blindly accept or else be punished. There are no manners, there's no common decency, no thinking things through. Again what sort of impact did this reaction and behavior have on this old woman and what are the ripple effects for the community? What do you think that this old lady's going to go tell her friends and family? Think about it and think about the ripple effect of this forceful do or die culture in our community is a backlash of less acceptance. It doesn't work.

So now her grandkids hypothetically understand a trans woman verbally assaulted and took away their grandma's number one pleasure in life, swimming. How do you think the grandkids will feel about trans and the trans movement from now on? They're going to hate it more than anything. That's okay. We just need to make sure they go see a drag show at school and they'll forget all their discriminatory thoughts and accept everything in the gay world no matter how out there it is. I mean, come on, 40 year member of the same swimming club and zero respect. I'm telling you folks, these stories of the half naked pole dancing teacher for little boys, the forced drag shows in schools and the treatment of anyone like this woman who doesn't understand or agree with some of the transitions.

These people think they're making a statement, advocating for the community, creating inclusivity and acceptance. Nothing could be further from the truth. What they're doing with their responses is they're breeding a new generation of hate against us and they are forcing would be just fine Americans to hate us as well. Pushing them further and further and further. The discrimination will get worse. People are becoming more divisive as it pertains to the gay community. I mean, I guess they're future proofing themselves so they will never become irrelevant because if people don't hate them than they don't have any media talking points. This is liberalism, the close-minded tunnel vision without any thought or regard for the future or the impacts.

They want what they want now and you better get on board. If you don't, you're a bigot. The problem, people don't care if you call them or label them bigots anymore because that word like racism has lost all value thanks to the left. Not to mention, I think many people think I would rather be a bigot than have my kids exposed to this nonsense. I know I would. Who cares? Call me a bigot. I don't want my kids seeing drag queens. But at this point I get it. I hope I can act as an example of a Christian conservative gay man that lives like everyone else and contributes to society. That's one of the biggest drivers for this show, but allow me to leave you with this, although very different stories, liberalism is at the heart of each.

What is the common theme? A lack of big picture thinking, a lack of global awareness, and almost no EQ or emotional intelligence. A basketball player who brings weed into a country that is very illegal. Zero thought. What's the result? Ends up in jail for nine years in Russia. The speaker of our House of Representatives takes a trip around Asia and doesn't consider the damage she could cause. Instead, she does what she thinks is best not in the interest of any people and what's the result? Well, additional global supply shortages, diplomatic talks canceled, a huge uptick in Chinese military intimidation of Taiwan and all ties severed on some of the things we need China's cooperation on.

We have a governor who sponsors an event with instead of kiddy pools, has kiddy poles and sees a man half naked teaching a six year old how to be a stripper. Results thousands of angry parents, tons of negative news coverage. It's not good for election time. A school forces kids to watch a drag show and like it. Results, the kids hate it because whenever you force a kid to like something, they will immediately not like it. It's the typical reaction. It's don't touch that hot stove. They go touch that hot stove. This in turn creates kids that are closed off to anymore things LGBTQ related. A YMCA bans a 40 year member, 80 years old, who doesn't want to watch chicks with dicks in the shower. Result, more hate against trans people and the trans community, lowering acceptance, not increasing it.

Liberals woke Democrats, the left, the mob all suffer from limited sight. This is why they're so angry all the time. This is why they can't understand why more people don't want them to have rights and why so many people don't accept them. This is why they never make progress on anything, from climate change, to trans rights, to taxing the wealthiest Americans has never happened and won't happen. We have made zero progress on all those things that Democrats obsess about. Someone told me a long time ago, think even before college, that the reason you're not happy is because you continue to sacrifice what you want for what you want right now.

That folks is liberalism. That is why it's impossible to reason with these people and why they are so combative. There's no long term goal, just right now wants, doesn't work that way, hasn't worked that way, will never work that way. I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. It's time for us to realize that we are too great of a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. God bless you, President Reagan and may God Save America.

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