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Pelosi says FU to Xi


Chad: Los Angeles District Attorney George Gaskin, house of murders hits again. Meanwhile, Kim Fox is caught with major egg on her face in Chicago, while Pelosi flips off the Chinese and it may just be the straw to break the camel's back.

Intro: Yeah. Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. This is Chad Law, the last gay conservative himself. I'm still standing as I break up the mob one by one. No one can fight the holiest Homo, the true leader of the gay world, all-knowing always right, never canceled, sending truth through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, it's a beautiful day, folks. I'm sure that you've noticed that we've swapped out the video version for this audio only version because the video didn't work out to my perfect standards and it really was atrocious. The audio didn't sound great. The transitions, the lighting was okay.

I need a better makeup person. No offense, but we're getting there. I promise. We recorded it, we launched it. A lot of people saw it, but I took it back down because I wasn't happy. You'll notice as you get to know me more, that's the kind of person that I am. I am very meticulous about how things look. Obviously, except for my own body. Alright, promise, we'll get onto the video. I'm not going to give a timeline anymore because I just want it to be perfect for you guys.

Today's episode, we're going to dive into the complete mishandling of this whole China and Pelosi going to Taiwan. Mr. And Mrs. Diplomacy and international peace chose to just spit right on President Z and press forward on Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, letting her land. Even though they told all of us for days that she wasn't, we knew she was going to. Even till the very end as things continued to escalate, they weren't backing down and there was a huge mix of opinions out there on how it should be handled. All I know is regardless of how you feel, whatever has happened and whatever is happening is wrong and the speaker of the house and the president are putting the entire southeastern part of the world at risk by doing what they're doing.

Tough guy Biden and his little shuffle throughout the White House with Pelosi's $200 million attitude are clearly intimidating to the Chinese. These people think they're untouchable and they don't care how many people they have to ruin or kill to get what they want. As always, before we jump in, I wanted to share a little story with you. My really good friend brought her son and his girlfriend over for dinner a couple nights ago. I still had some fresh halibut that my buddy caught in Alaska and sent down to me, so I decided to invite them over. My friend lives here in Orange County now, but she's from Seattle. Her family lives up there. She doesn't get to see them a lot, so him coming down with the newish girlfriend was sort of a big deal and I wanted to make sure that I contributed to making sure they felt welcome.

I also wanted an excuse to try and sove the halibut and boy it was good. Halibut, bronzino, arctic char, seabass, yellow tail. I love light, airy, fresh, must be fresh fish. Hmm, so good. But I've never really been that great at cooking it, to be honest. When people eat one of my steaks or any of my barbecue, they get this look in their eyes, kind of like a dog who knows, they're about to be fed and I know it's really good, but I've never been able to achieve that look with fish. So a friend of mine recommended I use the sove and I did. And let me tell you folks, there is no other way for me to cook fish now, but as you can see, I'm off track. You just get me started going about food and barbecue and cooking and there I go.

So of course I got the house already during the day. I'm vacuum sealing the fish to put it into the sove and she arrives with her family. I had my friend Josh's German Shepherd, Sam at the house. Ron basically raised Sam. So they're best friends. Ron falls asleep with his entire head in Sam's mouth. They're a very odd couple, but it seems to work for them, so I don't push it. So they come in and you know how it is when people first walk in the door when you have dogs, all the excitement, the barking, the wagging tails, everyone meeting everyone. It's a big exciting thing for a dog. Well, Ron got a little bit more excited than he should have and decided that he would start humping Sam.

Now keep in mind she's four times his size and a German shepherd, and I've never seen that happen. He's done it to other people a few times, but not Sam. My hands are all covered in food. I'm yelling Ron, get off of her, Ron! Of course, to no avail. So the girlfriend of my friend's son decided she would just pick Ron up off of Sam. Actually, before I do that, let me go back by saying this. I was banned from talking politics. I was asked sternly not to talk politics. I was also asked to take down my let's go Brandon flag. And of course, I never want anyone feeling uncomfortable as a guest in my house, I oblige. Being a welcome host is way before politics for me. Everyone should feel good in your home. So I realized that the two of these things are going hand in hand as things are starting to unfold.

So the girl, the girlfriend, she's white as a ghost, you can see her veins. She's got pink and green and all kinds of weird colors in her hair, which was in a crew cut and on top of it she's not wearing a bra and things were showing. At that point is when it really all started coming together for me. I'm like, okay, all the eggs shell walking was for her. So back to Ron humping Sam. She goes over there and she's being lovely and she picks Ron up and not even a minute, probably 30 seconds in, I swear to God, he just starts peeing all over her. I mean listen, I can tell you I have never seen him do that. He's a weird little dude sometimes, but never has he peed on a human. I am watching this happen in slow motion. My jaw must have been on the floor. My eyes must have been popping out of my head like wine corks.

She lets out a scream like I've never heard before, murderous, if you will, and drops Ron to the floor instead of lapping it off like a normal person maybe asking for a towel. She continues to scream at the top of her lungs, runs as fast as she can through my french drawers and jumps into my pond that has two big waterfalls on each side. She's trying to clean herself with her dress on with the pond water like some kind of mountain person bathing in a stream. I'm in the kitchen crying, laughing. My friend is going, no Ron, bad boy. And the son is asking me for a towel for her and all I can keep doing is just laugh and pour wine. That's it.

I'm telling you folks, Ron can sense a liberal from a mile away. I'm not sure if it was her unshaved deodorant free armpits or the stench of her self righteous wokeness, but Ron caught it and he handled it. I guess we don't give our dogs enough credit. I mean in between sunbathing on top of the jacuzzi, going to the dog park, walking to Starbucks for his pup cups and eating his fresh delivered raw food, he taught himself how to sniff out a liberal in the room. I made him a bowl of leftover fish, rice and veggies so big he could barely finish it. I was so proud of him.

Now, if only I could get a pit bull or something that would go beyond peeing, that would be very satisfying. I'm just kidding. But I knew you all would like that one. As I was nearly peeing myself laughing at her in my pond, all I could think about was, oh my God, my listeners are going to love this. But that's all for story hour. Let's jump into a few news items I wanted to cover today.

Folks, there is so much going on, it's nonstop. Even I'm having trouble keeping up and this is my job. George Gaskin is sleeping like a baby tonight while the father of Brianna Kupfer the 24 year old that was stabbed to death by a dull kitchen knife in Los Angeles is outraged by her autopsy report being leaked to the press by someone in the district attorney's office. A 34 page autopsy report detailing the horrific specifics of the murder was leaked out of the DA's office for all to see. Remember now, Brianna was killed in January. She worked at a very high end furniture store in Los Angeles and another one of George's criminal friends that should have been in jail should have never been out of jail, walked into the store and stabbed her to death for fun.

I mean, the guy had been committing crime since his youth all over the country. At the time of the murder he had an active warrant for assaulting a police officer and now he's being evaluated for mental fitness, to see if he can even stand trial for murder. How convenient. I'm sure Gaskin is hoping he is not mentally fit so he can let him go again. This would've never happened. This 24 year old girl student at UCLA would've never ever been murdered had they executed on this warrant for his police brutality. I mean, police assault is another crime these Soros DAs are avoiding to prosecute. In Los Angeles alone those crimes are up 300% from the time gaskin started. Murder 35% and rising. Again had they executed the warrant on police assault, we would not be having this conversation.

I feel so bad for this family. It's sickening. Look how much horror the families of these horrific crimes because the DA must suffer through. All because George Gaskin doesn't care about victims. He cares about pleasing Soros and BLM. I can't wait to see what hotshot BLM criminal attorney hires for this crazy murderer. The dad said basically better than I could ever say, he says, "you have people who don't really care about humanity and for whatever selfish gain or for whatever reason, they act without authority and without a conscience. That is George Gaskin. He's a callous and sick bastard who single handedly is responsible for several murders just like this one. The lack of regard for human life and the families is the culture Gaskin as created in his office. Morality has been taken off the table along with the rule of law and it's been replaced by the cultural ideals of one man. This culture in the Los Angeles criminal justice system has opened the door for people who leak documents, commit fraud, and do all sorts of other things because the Gaskin culture is an open door for criminals in and out of his office.

You may all be tired of me talking about this guy, but the anger that I feel when I hear about all these cases just makes me want to shout from the rooftop. Think about it like this. A typical district attorney may have one case in their career, where a career criminal wrongly out of jail commits brutal crimes like murder or sexual assault. This guy is in double digits, just in Los Angeles, not his previous record, and that's unheard of even in a big city. He never apologizes. He never shows any remorse. He doesn't pray for the families. From the outside looking in I wonder if this guy has a soul. I mean, if you want my opinion, he's an empty vessel, which is the perfect kind of person to be easily controlled by people like Soros. If you are in Los Angeles, make sure you vote to recall him.

How many more Brianna's have to die? How many more children need to be raped in public bathrooms? How many more cops must be brutally attacked on patrol? And how many criminals who should be in jail need to roam the streets committing more crime against you and your families before we get rid of this guy? The crazy thing is there are still droves of people defending him out there. It's insane. These woke Angelenos and BLM leaders who still support this guy either have no conscience or live under a rock, keep an eye on Los Angeles guys in the criminal justice system because it is the precursor for the rest of the nation, should liberals have their way.

In other DA related news, you all remember me talking about Kim Fox who like Gaskin. Gaskin is the murder king. Kim Fox is the murder queen. She has more murders in one day ever recorded in history on her watch and she is Soros's number one baby receiving 2 million for her campaign from him. After the last episode I did on Crime and Soros and his backed district attorneys, a lot of the listeners around the country wrote us and asked us, but Chad, why don't any of the ADs speak up if it's so bad?

Why don't they just walk out? Two awesome questions. The answer is twofold basically. The first obvious answer is several ADAs in these districts have publicly criticized their DAs. However, us hearing about it would require the media to cover it, which is why this story coming is even more surprising. The other point is that there may not be formal walkouts, but the turnover in these districts has been massive since these DAs have been elected. So you do remember that the ADAs are hired positioned, they're employees. The DAs are elected politicians, so these ADAs are used to having new bosses all the time, so they can usually wait them out through the next election.

I don't think anyone in any of the prosecutor's offices first saw how bad these Soros DAs would be, nor how long they would last. That being said, there was quite an explosive resignation this week when a top and very well known, very well respected district attorney walked off the job leaving behind a letter that has us all wondering what the hell is going on with Kim Fox in Chicago. Assistant County state's attorney, that's an ADA or ASA, they call them state's attorneys in some states. But this assistant state's attorney Jim Murphy, he was overseeing grand jury matters and felony bail hearings in and around Chicago until Friday when he tendered his resignation in an office-wide email panning the "political narratives and agendas of Kim Fox and her camp."

This was my dream job, Murphy explained in the letter obtained by CWB Chicago, but while he allowed the hard work of many who worked alongside him, his experience as an ADA had begun to sour with the passage of the Safety Act, the Criminal Reform Act that was signed by the governor in 2021. Basically what the laws did was began the elimination of cash bail within two years and it created a new hotline for citizens to make anonymous complaints against police officers. Great. His email was interesting. It said, "I wish I could stay. I would love to continue to fight for the victims of crime, especially in the face of the overwhelming crime that is crippling our communities. However, I can no longer work for this administration. I have zero confidence in their leadership."

Now, he did express a favorable attitude towards certain policies like the end of cash bail. His biggest gripe appeared to be Fox's overall leniency towards violent offenders and her larger concern about her own image. That's all she cares about. We saw that in the Jussie Smollett fraud that she had. Murphy cited a specific incident where a woman was gunned down in gang crossfire while walking to the store and the local paper had a headline that read, "man won't face murder charge under Safety Act. Well, there you have it folks. Even a clearly liberal ADA can't even take the death and destruction in Kim Fox's wake. He says he is pro no cash bail but then goes on to state that it doesn't matter either way because the criminals are not being prosecuted or in many cases even arrested.

It's really starting to boil over. These letters and departures are going to keep coming. Thank God this guy got it all into the press, forcing them to cover it or else it would've ended up in the drive-by media's inconvenience story file. I keep repeating myself every episode. These Soros DAs want to gut our criminal justice system from the inside out and they don't care how many innocent lives it will take. Kids, babies, families, parents, sisters, brothers, they don't care. It's dangerous for all of us. Me and mine aren't going to Chicago or New York City anytime soon and I would encourage you all to do the same.

Alright, enough about crime and district attorneys. Let's get into today's episode. I know that you all probably know if you've been listening for a while that I am a huge international relations buff. Not only am I a big fan of the history and cultural differences that impact a country's relationship with the rest of the world, I am also a very passionate critic on our country's policy of international policing and pushing democracy.

Since Biden took office internationally, we've given the Taliban hundreds of millions of dollars in military supplies and empowered them to rule the nation once again after many years. We created, or actually I should say Biden created the Ukraine Russian conflict by turning the North Stream two pipeline over to Putin and ignoring 10 years of threats around Ukraine, joining NATO and the EU, and now it looks like we're headed in the exact same direction with China. Many of you I'm sure have seen these stories around the Chinese press or the CCC propaganda arm, like they say. If Pelosi has fighter jets, shoot them down. This and that. You've heard it all. It is a threat that seems to be taken a little too lightly in Washington.

And when I say I don't mean we should meet their threats with more threats, I think we should have canceled her trip. I mean, Biden and the DNC and the Republicans all talk about China like we have some power over the actions of the Chinese government. It's a joke. We have no leg to stand on with the Chinese and I can't see a time when we will in the near future. And by the way, that's our fault, which we'll get into. We have no leverage over them. Yes, their economy is heavily reliant on our demand for goods, but we're not the only customer. Remember, China supplies goods in manufacturing for the entire world.

On the flip side, we depend hugely on China and only China for 75% of our essential imported goods. Things we cannot live without. We can contain the growth through the spending power of ours and our allies, but all sides of the world are going to feel the pain. In other words, a split between the US and China would put us on the losing side.

Biden, while in the Senate created this mess with his other Democrat buddies who sold us out to China with every possible vote. I mean Bill Clinton was right there cheering them on. They only have themselves to blame, just like the Russian Ukraine conflict caused by us. For the past several months, Pelosi had been planning a trip to Asia. The first question we need to ask ourself is why is our speaker of the house in one of the most challenging times in American history going to Asia?

What could be so much more important than her home country? What could justify the hundreds of millions of dollars in security spending, travel, guard, stay everything during a time of record inflation for her to go to Asia? Where do we need to build new allegiances or new policy in Asia? I mean, to me it just looks like a taxpayer paid vacation for Pelosi.

I've yet to hear any decent reasoning about this trip. Have you? I mean, I think that's a good question that should be asked beyond the whole Taiwan issue. I know if my business was failing and on hard times, the last thing I would do is go on vacation, business related or not you stay where it's hurting and you fix it until it stops.

Her agenda was published over a month ago with a stop in Taiwan and immediately the Chinese rose concerns to the White House. Before press, before threats, before anything, officials from Beijing reached out to officials in the White House in the State Department and asked them to reconsider her trip to Taiwan. It was explained, and from what I understand from my source, very professionally that the Chinese Taiwan situation was extremely tense and a high profile American politician going to Taiwan would send a message to Taiwan and the Chinese people that Taiwan is a sovereign nation aside from China.

Listen, I agree. You agree. We can all agree that Taiwan is a sovereign nation. I support Taiwan, I love Taiwan. I've actually been in Taipei a few times. It's beautiful. I love it. However, this is not our fight and it's certainly not the time for us to be ruffling any more feathers around the world. God knows we've done enough of that already. So like everything else, the request from Beijing fell on deaf ears. No one from the White House acknowledged it or even open to dialogue, nothing. So naturally this didn't go well with the CCP.

As we continued to pack Pelosi's bags and wish her well. The Chinese leadership got furious as they should have been, and that's when the threats started to fly a couple weeks before she left, and no, not the shoot down her plane threats in the papers. I'm just talking about your typical communist leader threats. The exact same threats we received from Putin prior to the Ukraine conflict. Just like Putin, president Z said he views Pelosi's stop in Taiwan as an existential threat to China and may constitute it as an invasion. Sound familiar? Putin over and over told us no Ukraine and NATO or EU. We doubled down. We pushed, we pushed, we pushed billions later with hundreds of sanctions. Nothing has been able to stop Russia.

Like I said, everyone has a different view, but some are more outrageous than others. I was really surprised when I turned on Fox the other night and they had Mike Waltz from Florida, the congressman from Florida. For the most part I agree with him and he's a good guy and seems to be a good lawmaker. I respect his service to this country. I mean he was a Green Beret, the guy's, no joke, but he really missed the mark with his commentary.

Waltz came out swinging and essentially said, regardless of your politics, Pelosi is still speaker of the house and any threats made against or should be seen as acts of aggression, military aggression.

He went on to implore President Biden to hit China hard back and declare any harm done to the speaker would be seen as an act of war. Well, duh, does that need to be said? That's if anything's being done to her, which hasn't. He goes on later and says that no matter what conservatives think of the left wing, Democrat party leaders politics, when an official, the US government is threatened by an adversarial power, all sides must be united. That is true and obvious. No one's sitting here rooting for her plane to get shot down except for maybe the Chinese, but this is where he really missed the mark and this is what makes my skin crawl.

He said on Fox that Pelosi backing down or the White House convincing her to stay home would amount to a propaganda victory for Xi, A silent but obvious diplomatic overture to Indo-Pacific US allies like the Republic of Korea, Australia and Japan. The US may not have their back if they too are threatened by Xi. What I wanted to see from Biden was a clear statement, a policy shift. He slipped in this regard when he was in Japan where he said, we will absolutely defend Taiwan. Then his staff walked it back. He said, look, okay Mike, I get it. Your whole thing here and you need to look tough and say something buzzwordy for the cameras. But the international world doesn't operate on perceptions, narratives and blips on Fox.

You're talking about our closest peer competitor, our number one economic rival, the producer of 75% of our imported goods, including pharmaceuticals, and you think the move is to come out and declare acts of war and aggression and push our stance on Taiwan further and alienate the Chinese even more than we already have since Biden's been here. Sure. Canceling her trip due to safety concerns may give Xi great propaganda talking points and that's what we should have done. She went, and guess what? There's still spewing propaganda all day. It doesn't change whether she's there or not or we're here or there. It doesn't matter.

The screwed up part is that we just asked President Xi to stay out of the Russia, Ukraine conflict, threatened him with sanctions and wanted him out of the mix completely. He turns around and asks us the same of Taiwan and what do we say? F U. The DNC's too good. Pelosi's too good. She doesn't care how many people get killed. Biden doesn't care how many people get killed as long as we stick it to the Chinese. There we go. Should have thought about it before you sold us off to the Chinese all through the nineties you old dogs.

We can talk about the sovereignty of Taiwan all day long, but so far that's all it's been is talk. There's been no military intervention. There's been no economic sanctions or moves to injure the Taiwanese economy. China has not advanced his position to eliminate Taiwan sovereignty. Nothing. No instigation, nothing. We have absolutely no reason to be involved at this point. These politicians talk about China like a bug we can squash or something that can be handled. That's how the Chinese talk about us, but neither is true. Any military conflict with China would activate the worst world economic cult we've ever seen. The whole world would suffer immensely if the United States and China were engaged in war. I mean the times of the Cold War are over. We have to start accepting that there are communist nations in the world and more importantly, we must find ways to respect them. Had Biden said, you know what President Xi, I don't want to interfere with your Taiwan relations today.

I'll pull the stop in Taiwan out of respect, guess what? We would be in such a much better spot to talk about other issues that matter other than some old hags trip to Taiwan. I mean, on top of all this other tough guy nonsense, Mike Waltz was spewing. He also went on to say, this is a perfect example of why that one China policy is outdated and should be reexamined. Again, a serious no-no in international relations, we created one China, we signed one China. We must abide by one China unless it's been broken by China, it has not been. I mean, look how we just walked away from the Budapest memorandum for 20 years, sending a message to the Russians we are weak and to the Ukrainians that we don't have their back, but just so we're all on the same page.

One, China is an agreement between the US and China, recognizing this was in 1979. We went in and we recognized the PRC, the People Republics of China as the sole governing entity of China and we de-recognize the ROC, the Republic of China and so in that treaty, the United States government stated the People's Republic of China was the sole legal government of China. Sole meaning the PRC was and is the only China with no consideration of the ROC as a separate sovereign entity. To this day, the US won China position stance. The United States does recognize the PRC as the sole legal government of China, but only acknowledges the Chinese position that Taiwan is part of China.

Thus the United States maintains formal relations with the PRC and has Unformal relations with Taiwan. Just to drive this home, the one China policy has been subsequently reaffirmed by every new president since 1979. Not one president has said to re-look at it, not one. I agree with waltz. One China should be re revisited, but not now, and now is certainly not the time to be talking about that. Any excuse China can use, they will use and breaking of a treaty or an agreement, an international agreement that would not bode well. Guys, you know, I'm conservative as they come, but the consequences that come along with embarrassing President Xi, who's just about to be reelected in China are far worse than working with him diplomatically.

This highlights that Biden, Lincoln and Pelosi really have no pulse on what's happening around the world, like zero clue. They don't respond with diplomacy, they don't respond militarily, they don't respond economically, nothing. Lincoln and Biden just sit around scratching their heads. I mean, regardless of who caused what, this was a big mess we're in and we've perpetuated it by allowing Pelosi to stop and now the mess is even bigger. Why aren't we airing on the side of caution? And that doesn't mean more money for her security. That means diplomatically working with our peer equal that we've created. I mean, doesn't anyone in Washington know that Sometimes you have to give up a little to gain a lot. Am I the only one seeing this? I see so many people on the right saying, yeah, stick it to them, stick it. It's like no, look, there's a time and a place to stick it to people and we're not in one right now.

You know, of course as I look through this, you know, John Mearsheimer is my hero and teacher and mentor and you know, I just love him, but not just him. Most of the major political scientists and China relations experts agree with what I'm saying. Of course they do because I'm smart, they're smart and I'm always right. But there's a gentleman named Steve Sang, who is the director of SOAS China, the Institute at the University of London. He's been very public in saying, by increasing that kind of rhetoric, they're putting themselves in a situation that when Pelosi visits Taiwan, the Chinese military may have to take some action, which will require Americans to respond and that puts it on an escalatory path that nobody wants.

It's not in anyone's interest he said, and that's true, and that actually, he came out and said that before Pelosi had landed, but then after she landed, he came out swinging even harder and said she should have never planned to visit Taiwan. The trip does little or nothing for US Taiwanese relations. So everyone around the world is wondering why she would risk so much for so little, and we have to ask ourselves, how the hell did we even get here all the sudden? Well, it isn't so sudden. China has been the faux boogeyman in this country since the eighties, all while we're sending them everything we could and growing their economy left and right. The history of China is very interesting and it's not taught, and I don't think people realize how we have gotten to the point that we're at with China.

During the height of the Cold War, the very late seventies and in through the eighties, president Nixon and Henry Kissinger flew to China to enter not exactly diplomatic alliance, but sort of a quasi informal alliance, as the US we needed China's support against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was very necessary. We needed support in a big geographical area on that side of the world, keeping in mind that China and Russia share a border. So of course, what I usually do is I ask myself questions that I don't have answers to or that I think I have answers to and that I need affirming, and then I pull out the books, the Mearsheimer books that I have and all those papers and everything, and I try to find the answers.

So it comes across as a little interview, if you will. But so I took the time, I pulled out a couple books by John Mearsheimer, who you know is the leading international policy relations expert in the world worldwide, undoubtedly, and I wanted to know what he would say about Nixon's visit and the initial China relations. And he was quoted one time saying that trip Kissinger and Nixon's trip made eminently good sense and Nixon was correct to help the Chinese economy grow for the more powerful China became, the more effective it was as a deterrent partner against the Soviet Union. However, once the Cold War ended in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the US no longer needed China to help contain the Soviet Union.

He then said in another piece, what we foolishly did was pursue a policy of an engagement which was explicitly designed to help China grow more powerful economically. Of course, as China grew economically, it translated that economic might into military might and the US because of this foolish policy of engagement helped create a peer competitor. He reaffirmed this. My bottom line is that the Nixon Kissinger policy from the early 1970s up until the late eighties made imminently good sense. But after that engagement was a colossal strategic blunder. So then I wanted to know why did we want to grow China so bad? Were we borrowing money? Was it a land thing? I didn't really know. This is what's interesting, he says like everything else we believed we could grow them out of communism economically.

Well, that didn't happen, and we ended up creating our own monster with the help of Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and South Korea. You said very clearly. Our zeal of spreading democracy using economic growth created this monster. And who was around during these times voting on all of this Pelosi and Biden and all the other DNC dinosaurs over at the Jurassic Park or Capitol Hill, they created this entire situation. Mearsheimer also talks about the stupidity of this engagement policy and how he can't believe that it stayed the same until Trump. Something Trump has not received any credit for. I mean, recently in an interview, Mearsheimer said, well, listen guys, it's very clear that from 1990 up until President Donald Trump entered the White House, that the US pursued a policy of engagement, which as you know was designed to make China wealthier.

Then Trump came into the White House and he basically abandoned engagement and said, we're going to pursue a fundamentally different policy, containment. Now, apparently Biden has said that he's following in Trump's footsteps. Like Trump, Biden is pursuing a containment policy. There's no questioning that the US and Japan aren't hell bent on containing China. But what I want to know is what Mearsheimer thought of the containment policy and can we do it? And he said, yeah, we definitely can do it. And this is how he explained it. Trump entered the White House with the understanding that the policy of engagement would continue to grow Chinese economic power.

Trump moved to a policy of containment. In other words, acknowledging that there was no way to completely cap the Chinese growth, but we could do our best to contain it so they can't continue to build their war machine. See, what many people don't understand, like I mentioned earlier, is the Chinese are in no hurry to take Taiwan. I mean up and down. Officials, up and down the ranks and the CCP have said many times that with Taiwan time is on their side. They want to sit back, watch more countries grow and produce through them, then manufacture through them, watch their economy grow. As their economy grows, they'll grow their military at a larger size and in 10, 20, 30 years they'll be big enough that for us military engagement for Taiwan won't really pose a major challenge for them, which if you look at a head-to-head projection at the same rate we're moving today, they're right.

They will have all the power economically and militarily they need to take Taiwan without a scratch. Mearsheimer later in other papers I found, did talk about the probability of war and nuclear war with China. Very, very interesting. He says, "for the foreseeable future there's going to be an intense security competition between China and the US that looks a lot like the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. Whether that turns into hot war is another issue, but I believe it is more likely to turn into a hot war then was the case with the Cold War between Moscow and Washington. The reason I worry more about war now is largely because of geography. The first Cold War was centered on Europe. The central front was the principle point of conflict, the US, its allies and the Soviets and its allies had. Deterrents in central Europe was very robust and that was because the likelihood of war was remarkably low because the cost would've been enormously high.

If you look at the present situation in East Asia involving US and its allies against China, you can imagine limited wars over the South China Sea, over Taiwan and over the East China Sea. The mere fact that you can imagine a limited war, which is very different from the kind of war we imagined on the central front during the Cold War means that today or tomorrow you could have war between US and China. The fact that the US-China War would be a limited war, unlike the war on the central front makes it more likely. Then he goes on to talk about nuclear war and he says, because of the geography, you can imagine the Chinese, if they were losing a fight over Taiwan using a few nuclear weapons in the water, or if the US were losing a war with China over Taiwan, you could imagine it using a few nuclear weapons to rescue the situation.

He is very, very clear here and states, I'm not saying that a nuclear war is likely, but I'm saying it's much easier. I'm choosing my words carefully here. It's much easier to imagine nuclear weapons being used between the US and China in a fight over the South China Sea than it is in a fight over the central front between the US and its NATO allies and the Soviet Union and its Warsaw packed allies. Folks, the reason why I bring this up and even point out what Mearsheimer has to say is to showcase the severity of the situation and why even Nancy Pelosi landing into Taiwan could trigger something larger. War, nuclear war and Cold War are not out of our grasp. See, we created the monster China and now there are equal. There's no one harder to fight than your twin.

And the only way that we can aggressively contain their economy is to aggressively grow our economy. Well, how's that looking right now? These Biden blunders have put us in the worst place internationally we've been since the Vietnam War. We are sitting ducks. I can just imagine Biden blinking and Lloyd Austin with Nerf guns trying to protect the White House. If anyone including China were to make a move, now would be the time. We are depleted financially. Americans are hurting. Millions in our military weapons have gone to Ukraine and our oil reserves are being tapped at a rate we've never before seen. See, when I talk about the dangers of a recession and a weakening economy, this is a huge part of it.

See, generally we focus on what hits hard at home in our wallets with our families, price of food, price of gas, that many don't realize that poor economic policies that lead us to recession and economic weakness opens us to attacks and aggression. Now is not the time for egos. You know I'm a firm believer in puffing our chest back and staring down the Chinese, but not right now and not over a stupid visit for an old hag in Taiwan. What could she possibly have to offer these countries when she can't do anything good here? And the lack of anything substantive coming out of the White House is just another signal of weakness. I think Biden would've gained so much more respect and bargaining power by stopping her from going to Taiwan, amid safety concerns, that then he could turn around and use for things that actually matter, not the last trip around the world for a dying congresswoman.

The only way for a containment strategy to work is to be in a strong economic position because containment will also hurt our economy. By containing China that means we have to limit or find other places to manufacture or to import goods from, which probably will be more expensive. The prices of things will go up, our economy will be slightly hurt, but if we have a strong enough economy, we can contain them and choke them out slightly. John Mearsheimer always talks about international relations in policy, finding the sweet spot between hurting their economy the most and ours the least. We're going to protect Taiwan. There's no questions on that. It's a perfect geographical location for our military, the Japanese military. It's something that we've promised repeatedly.

So by not doing anything to protect them doesn't mean that we're sending our allies a message that we can't be dependent on for security. It just means that we're watching and waiting. You know where I sit? I don't think we should be involved at all, but I understand that my views might not be that realistic in this particular case. We will live and die by Taiwan regardless of the president or the party, period. Here's the difference, in Trump's containment policy, it forces us to take a step back and slowly squeeze off the lifeline that would empower them to take or attack Taiwan because you would think you would learn from the Biden created Russia, Ukraine conflict, that you can't continue to buy their lifeline, AKA oil and battle them at the same time.

We were literally paying for them to go to war and then trying to fight their war at the same time. Only an idiot on the left in America could be that brilliant. Paying for war as we're fighting war. So this containment policy doesn't do that. It means, we know what's coming, let's get ahead of it so their hands are tied. We know they're waiting. Take advantage of it. Pelosi and Biden would much rather flip off the CCP and embarrass President Xi before any of our containment efforts even had any impact. And they haven't really been realized because Trump wasn't reelected. And although Biden says he is containing China, he's loosening and removing tariffs on all sorts of booming green products, like solar panels, which just bolsters their economy and increases production.

Another favorite book of mine is The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and he says The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Victorious warriors win first, then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. All this propaganda are doing a better job than we are. Flying into a territory against the wishes of our peer equal in all things is a form of fighting. It's a form of fighting and we would feel the same way if President Xi went to Russia to have economic talks about the future. I think the reason why so many people on both sides are in hysterics about all of this is because we just don't have a leader. No one is stepping up to the plate and saying one thing or another, like say something, she's going to go, we don't care. She's not going to go. Whatever it is.

There was no preparation and then she went and there was no statement about the security or the threats or anything. I mean, dude, Biden, your approval ratings are abysmal. There's nothing you can do or say to make them worse at this point, so just govern the way you want and speak openly. It might help you. Mearsheimer also points out something very interesting about Taiwan and he talks about the US intention to defend Taiwan and he says, I believe the US is going to defend Taiwan if China tax it period. I believe the American foreign policy elites who must make the decision, will not care about public opinion. They will decide whether it makes good strategic sense for the US to defend Taiwan.

We're not going to vote on whether to defend Taiwan if Taiwan is under threat. The leaders in the White House State Department and Pentagon will make that decision. So interesting, he says the foreign policy elites and the federal government will act regardless of public opinion. It's not surprising because most of the citizen in this country are leaning towards my view of international relations, which is stay out of it. More and more people are anti world police and anti conflict. I believe many Americans would disapprove of any more military action, especially after this nonsense in Ukraine and 10 billions of dollars being wasted on endless nothing. The Biden administration refuses to give us any information regarding the rest of the trip, what's happened, what's happening, what's the goal? Are there any additional threats? Peter Ducey goes and asks Jean Pierre, Karine Jean Pierre, most inept person I've ever seen, heard.

And she just simply said, well, I'm not going to speak to hypotheticals. Well that's nice seeing that almost all politics is reacting to hypotheticals in attempts to future proof us from harm. Have you ever seen or heard someone more inept than that? I mean, as of now, we have completely flipped off China and offered no solution. I mean, the New York Times even had an editorial about how Pelosi should never go to Taiwan because it'll impact and make things worse with Russia. What? Why did she even care about Russia? She created that whole thing with Russia. She doesn't care. Pelosi cares about her and only her.

President Xi is not stupid folks, we can talk about China all day long, but this guy is coming into his third term, which is huge in China, and he's kept the country wealthy in order to stay in power. And if he's doing something, there's a reason for it. Listen, I don't think this is going to be a cause of a giant international crisis, but I do think the straw that broke the camel's back was Pelosi's plane landing in Taipei. We are going to now have much higher tension between China and the tone and trajectory of future conversations is looking weak. Meanwhile, we're here at home. Our economy is weak, our military is weaker. We have the worst defense secretary that I've ever seen, and an equally as bad Secretary of State hopping it off with the President who can't tell you if he has cancer or not and thinks monkey pox is taking over.

I mean, if there was a time to strike against us folks, now would be it. We cannot afford additional costly international issues over a trip with someone as radical or inept as Nancy Pelosi. Allow me to leave you with this. We can no longer operate on the outdated views of democracy against communism. Democracy is no longer an excuse for killing our soldiers and meddling in international issues we have no right to be in at all. Furthermore, we don't get to pick and choose who should and shouldn't be a democracy, especially they don't have to be a democracy if they make oil. The Cold War was over 30 years ago and that time have we not learned that endless international policing doesn't work for anyone.

I hate communism as much as the next guy, but I hate American kids having their one meal be their free meal at school even more. I hate that innocent young people are being murdered on the streets for no reason because of ludicrous DAs even more. I hate the millions of people in our country suffering from depression and manic depressant disorder with no access to treatment more, and most importantly, I hate Americans losing their jobs to China even more than that. America first, not Taiwan, not Ukraine, not NATO. If we don't have an America first agenda, we have no country. We become a revolving door for people to come and go use our system and move on. I mean, we sent 10 billion to Ukraine and a fraction of that for education domestically. The problem is these liberal politicians are not satisfied until they're in the headlines getting credit.

The only reason why Nancy wants to go to Taiwan, a lot of my colleagues will tell you, is that their assumption is that she's going to do some personal business there as well. I don't know if it's that sinister. I believe that she is looking for her Berlin Wall moment. Nancy wants to go to Taiwan and come back so she can act like the first woman to stand up against the Chinese. She needs that Berlin Wall moment. The problem is that tearing down the Berlin Wall was about bettering the people, taking a strong stance, leaving an American mark. She's not doing any of that. She's not taking any stance. She's just getting her picture taken. She's not leaving an American mark. All it is, is instigation. That's it. Instigating so she can have some weird title. It's the same with Biden. He doesn't care either. Neither of them obviously care about the Taiwanese people.

What if she decided to land in secret and then president Xi she just said, screw it and threw a bomb in the middle of Taipei and they all died. That could have been completely avoided had they just chilled out, but no it won't work in the media. They're obsessed with themselves. There's no big picture thinking here. And I believe a conflict with China would be on the table for Biden because generally war time presidents get better ratings, just not wars like this. In their search for their legacy and what to leave behind for the history books they forget who they represent, they forget who has footed the bill for this lifestyle and their rise to power. Most importantly, they forget about the future that they're leaving for this country. She was asked not to. She was threatened. The president was threatened and she went, anyways, how much is this trip going to cost us?

And I don't mean money, I mean in the entire international sphere. Is she even someone we want out representing our country to foreign leaders at all? Me neither. Everything folks about this story is fishy. It's all very Biden shady, Democrat esque with many unfilled holes. Just keep in mind, this is a president who single handedly caused the Ukraine conflict 100% on his own. And if you haven't heard my two part episode on Russia and Ukraine, go listen. This is the President who has decimated our economy and sent military assets to Ukraine and oil to India and China.

The same president that left hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment, advanced military equipment for the Taliban to use so they can continue their atrocious crimes against humanity, the Afghan people and children, little boys. And now he sits back and lets the Chinese make serious threats and can't take care of it diplomatically or militarily. Here we go again. All we can do is hope and pray that we're out of this mess soon and that nothing happens to the speaker or to us. And I hope the politicians in Washington stop cheering and start realizing what a serious situation or selfish stop has caused for this country.

I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. "Yes, America is still a symbol to a few, a symbol that is feared and hated, but to many, millions more, a symbol that is loved, a country that remains a shining city on top of a hill. God bless you, President Reagan and make God save America."

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