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Pelosi says FU to Xi


Chad: Los Angeles District Attorney George Gaskin, house of murders hits again. Meanwhile, Kim Fox is caught with major egg on her face in Chicago, while Pelosi flips off the Chinese and it may just be the straw to break the camel's back.

Intro: Yeah. Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. This is Chad Law, the last gay conservative himself. I'm still standing as I break up the mob one by one. No one can fight the holiest Homo, the true leader of the gay world, all-knowing always right, never canceled, sending truth through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, it's a beautiful day, folks. I'm sure that you've noticed that we've swapped out the video version for this audio only version because the video didn't work out to my perfect standards and it really was atrocious. The audio didn't sound great. The transitions, the lighting was okay.

I need a better makeup person. No offense, but we're getting there. I promise. We recorded it, we launched it. A lot of people saw it, but I took it back down because I wasn't happy. You'll notice as you get to know me more, that's the kind of person that I am. I am very meticulous about how things look. Obviously, except for my own body. Alright, promise, we'll get onto the video. I'm not going to give a timeline anymore because I just want it to be perfect for you guys.

Today's episode, we're going to dive into the complete mishandling of this whole China and Pelosi going to Taiwan. Mr. And Mrs. Diplomacy and international peace chose to just spit right on President Z and press forward on Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, letting her land. Even though they told all of us for days that she wasn't, we knew she was going to. Even till the very end as things continued to escalate, they weren't backing down and there was a huge mix of opinions out there on how it should be handled. All I know is regardless of how you feel, whatever has happened and whatever is happening is wrong and the speaker of the house and the president are putting the entire southeastern part of the world at risk by doing what they're doing.

Tough guy Biden and his little shuffle throughout the White House with Pelosi's $200 million attitude are clearly intimidating to the Chinese. These people think they're untouchable and they don't care how many people they have to ruin or kill to get what they want. As always, before we jump in, I wanted to share a little story with you. My really good friend brought her son and his girlfriend over for dinner a couple nights ago. I still had some fresh halibut that my buddy caught in Alaska and sent down to me, so I decided to invite them over. My friend lives here in Orange County now, but she's from Seattle. Her family lives up there. She doesn't get to see them a lot, so him coming down with the newish girlfriend was sort of a big deal and I wanted to make sure that I contributed to making sure they felt welcome.

I also wanted an excuse to try and sove the halibut and boy it was good. Halibut, bronzino, arctic char, seabass, yellow tail. I love light, airy, fresh, must be fresh fish. Hmm, so good. But I've never really been that great at cooking it, to be honest. When people eat one of my steaks or any of my barbecue, they get this look in their eyes, kind of like a dog who knows, they're about to be fed and I know it's really good, but I've never been able to achieve that look with fish. So a friend of mine recommended I use the sove and I did. And let me tell you folks, there is no other way for me to cook fish now, but as you can see, I'm off track. You just get me started going about food and barbecue and cooking and there I go.

So of course I got the house already during the day. I'm vacuum sealing the fish to put it into the sove and she arrives with her family. I had my friend Josh's German Shepherd, Sam at the house. Ron basically raised Sam. So they're best friends. Ron falls asleep with his entire head in Sam's mouth. They're a very odd couple, but it seems to work for them, so I don't push it. So they come in and you know how it is when people first walk in the door when you have dogs, all the excitement, the barking, the wagging tails, everyone meeting everyone. It's a big exciting thing for a dog. Well, Ron got a little bit more excited than he should have and decided that he would start humping Sam.

Now keep in mind she's four times his size and a German shepherd, and I've never seen that happen. He's done it to other people a few times, but not Sam. My hands are all covered in food. I'm yelling Ron, get off of her, Ron! Of course, to no avail. So the girlfriend of my friend's son decided she would just pick Ron up off of Sam. Actually, before I do that, let me go back by saying this. I was banned from talking politics. I was asked sternly not to talk politics. I was also asked to take down my let's go Brandon flag. And of course, I never want anyone feeling uncomfortable as a guest in my house, I oblige. Being a welcome host is way before politics for me. Everyone should feel good in your home. So I realized that the two of these things are going hand in hand as things are starting to unfold.

So the girl, the girlfriend, she's white as a ghost, you can see her veins. She's got pink and green and all kinds of weird colors in her hair, which was in a crew cut and on top of it she's not wearing a bra and things were showing. At that point is when it really all started coming together for me. I'm like, okay, all the eggs shell walking was for her. So back to Ron humping Sam. She goes over there and she's being lovely and she picks Ron up and not even a minute, probably 30 seconds in, I swear to God, he just starts peeing all over her. I mean listen, I can tell you I have never seen him do that. He's a weird little dude sometimes, but never has he peed on a human. I am watching this happen in slow motion. My jaw must have been on the floor. My eyes must have been popping out of my head like wine corks.

She lets out a scream like I've never heard before, murderous, if you will, and drops Ron to the floor instead of lapping it off like a normal person maybe asking for a towel. She continues to scream at the top of her lungs, runs as fast as she can through my french drawers and jumps into my pond that has two big waterfalls on each side. She's trying to clean herself with her dress on with the pond water like some kind of mountain person bathing in a stream. I'm in the kitchen crying, laughing. My friend is going, no Ron, bad boy. And the son is asking me for a towel for her and all I can keep doing is just laugh and pour wine. That's it.

I'm telling you folks, Ron can sense a liberal from a mile away. I'm not sure if it was her unshaved deodorant free armpits or the stench of her self righteous wokeness, but Ron caught it and he handled it. I guess we don't give our dogs enough credit. I mean in between sunbathing on top of the jacuzzi, going to the dog park, walking to Starbucks for his pup cups and eating his fresh delivered raw food, he taught himself how to sniff out a liberal in the room. I made him a bowl of leftover fish, rice and veggies so big he could barely finish it. I was so proud of him.

Now, if only I could get a pit bull or something that would go beyond peeing, that would be very satisfying. I'm just kidding. But I knew you all would like that one. As I was nearly peeing myself laughing at her in my pond, all I could think about was, oh my God, my listeners are going to love this. But that's all for story hour. Let's jump into a few news items I wanted to cover today.

Folks, there is so much going on, it's nonstop. Even I'm having trouble keeping up and this is my job. George Gaskin is sleeping like a baby tonight while the father of Brianna Kupfer the 24 year old that was stabbed to death by a dull kitchen knife in Los Angeles is outraged by her autopsy report being leaked to the press by someone in the district attorney's office. A 34 page autopsy report detailing the horrific specifics of the murder was leaked out of the DA's office for all to see. Remember now, Brianna was killed in January. She worked at a very high end furniture store in Los Angeles and another one of George's criminal friends that should have been in jail should have never been out of jail, walked into the store and stabbed her to death for fun.