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Nelk Boys: Hope for America's Future!

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Pull send America's future how a group of YouTube pranksters is influencing young Americans the right way through authentic content and meaningful interviews. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law I hate I hate Brandon. I hate. I hate Brandon. Yeah. Hello, everybody. Let's rock this morning. Well, hey, folks. So excited to be here. We're changing up the regular format of the show today to do a little profile on some guys that I think are just phenomenal. But before we do that, I just wanted to touch on something that happened to me this morning was very odd. You ever have those times where you get in the car, and you're driving to your destination, and you go deep into thought, and by the time you get to where you're going, you have no idea how you got there. You're just so deep in thought you don't remember making a left making a right. So this morning, that was me. I was deep in thought regarding what's happening right now in the world. And I don't know why. But I realized that without looking at anything just popped in my head that it's been 10 years since Obama and Hillary allowed Benghazi to happen. It's been eight years and a couple weeks since Obama allowed Putin to invade Ukraine and annex Crimea. It's been seven months since Biden left 13 American soldiers to die and hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan. And now it's been a few weeks since Biden allowed Putin to invade Ukraine. Does anyone else see the pattern here? It's just incredible how much blood the Clinton Obama and Biden clans have on their hands. And please don't let all this United NATO and everyone donating to Ukraine etc. fool you. Putin has Biden by those saggy old balls at his knees and he has had them for years. It's a great distraction for Biden to use, so we don't press him on the reality here. It's it's just an awesome replacement excuse now they've moved on from COVID. And war is a great unifier and Putin is the new COVID Everything they blamed on COVID. From the economy to gas prices to their inability to do anything now is all Putin sitting back and watching these things happen based on pure mismanagement, ego and stupidity in comparison to Trump, who gets most of our troops out of Syria, another bad Obama move, and we had no military invasions or war, the entire focus of his presidency was about getting everyone and everything back to where it belongs here in the United States. The closest thing we had to war was a trade war in order to fix the massive deficits and close those gaps we had with essentially every country, especially Europe and China, it's just hard to be surrounded by people who don't see the pattern of these life or politicians and a news media that refuses to remind them, but they can't argue with true history, folks, I guess that's why liberals are always trying to change it. Well, I hope you all got to see the great UFC fights last weekend. It was a great handful of Back to Back fights. Of course. I'm a huge Kobe Cummington fan. He's a great Trump supporter. But that's not why I like him. It definitely helps. But that's not why I like him like him, you'll start to see a pattern with me as you listen more. I tend to really celebrate authenticity, because it's such a rarity these days, people who are just real because I work very hard and strive to be my most authentic self every day. And Kobe is one of those people. He's unapologetically him. He's the real deal. He's a real athlete, a real fighter. And most importantly, he's a real American. So congrats Colby great fight, even though I wish you knocked him out versus winning by decision because you know, my entertainment is more important than your fighting. I appreciate everything that he said in the post press conference and in the ring after winning to Joe Rogan. He's a great patriot, and I wish him the best in his career. I think he has a huge future not only in the ring, but with sponsorships and partnerships and maybe even politics. But that's a great segue in today's episode is we're talking about some of the most authentic people I've ever witnessed. And we're going to go off our regular show format today to do a profile on a group of YouTubers that's gained so much of my respect that I had to do a whole show on them I do want to give you a courtesy heads up there will be more language on this episode than normal. So if you're offended by the F word or some of the others you may want to skip this episode or listen when the kids are asleep. One thing you'll learn is that my respect and approval do not come easy so for me to dedicate an entire show on a group of people is a big deal and we're talking about the milk boys one of the biggest groups on YouTube and they're known for their funny prank videos. Perhaps you've heard this so no meat

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in here at all. Can I just grab a cup of water for now then and all Okay, perfect. Oh the Quavis whoa, whoa Gabby but there was no VT. There's nothing on the menu. That's kind of racist. No,

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it has nothing to do a bit. Relax. Yeah, that's what we saw the chicken on the menu wasn't like real

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Isn't that kind of sexist

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though? It's not sexy Jewish finish and real quick America because you don't want to offend other people. Isn't that kind of against the LGBT community though? Like by kicking us out?

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No, this makes me cry and cry laugh every time guys one. I love meat and don't really love most vegans, especially the ones that are like preachy Colt like the other part I love is the use of racist, sexist and the LGBTQ community. The second he says, oh, that's kind of anti LGBTQ community to kick us out, guys like, oh, no, no, no, I'm not kicking you out. And it just shows how afraid people are in today's society to cross that line, which is ridiculous. A business owner can't kick someone out. I highly encourage you go on YouTube and watch them on video because the audio doesn't do it justice. I'll post links on the actual show on the resource page, so you guys can all watch in full and enjoy. Now. I know what you're thinking a middle aged fat gay conservative into the milk boys. Shouldn't you be home sipping tea watching the History Channel or bidding on antique salt shakers on eBay and your right to question on the surface. We're total opposites. On one hand, you have this kind of snobby spoiled gay guy that's half redneck and half Miranda Priestly. And on the other hand, you've got a group of guys in their 20s, wearing baggy jeans and tank tops, and vans, that down Coronas and party like crazy point being although I do love their humor style, it's not likely our paths would normally cross. Well, folks, thank God they did, because these guys have totally made me feel hopeful. For the next generation. My outlook has done a complete 180 And these guys are the real deal real authentic, real original, and have so much to offer their generations. By the way, this episode took us three times longer to produce because the team and I would just start looking for videos and cry, laugh on most of them, put them up on the big screen. And then of course, I would get sucked into rewatching the full set of podcasts and we made very little progress if not any on some days, but I can honestly say it was one of the funniest times we've had in the office and in studio. Let me tell you a little bit about these guys. Currently, there's four members of the group and each of them bring their own style of funny and personality. The four guys are Kyle for guard, which I'm probably saying wrong. Jesse Sebastiani. Steve will do it and Saleem the dream. NELC is actually an acronym for the original four members, Nick, Elliot, Lucas and Kyle but much like a rock band coming into their fame, the end and the he didn't stick around. I'm sure whether it's formal or organic. Kyle leads the pack as an original member. And although Lucas is not all in, he's still part of the team in different ways. Surprisingly, the crew grew up together in Canada. I know. I know. We'll touch on that later. They've been around for a while now. They started in 2010 as freshmen in high school, so they've grown for 12 years straight. I can tell you my business and hundreds of corporations that I've worked with would kill for 12 years of straight growth. And we know it didn't come easy. These guys shot and produced content non stop, which is incidentally the key to success as content creators just like everything in life, you grind until it hurts then one day it happens and milk is the epitome of that which is part of my new found super Fandom of them. It's easy to get caught up in the videos and think these guys just screw around and pray and can party on the surface. That may be what it seems but nelq is a well oiled business machine in 2014 the revenues from YouTube and the creator program where you get paid based on the advertising on your channel was around $5,000 But it was up from $500 in the first couple years. 2015 is when they really went viral with this bit give me a second. Okay, tell you in a second. Okay, yeah. Your buddy back here. Okay. I don't know. Yeah, he's fine. You're fine. Yes, Nicola. I can't do this. I can't do this. Man.

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I have a bunch of coke in the back. I'm sorry, dude. Dude, it's not a big deal. It's not ours though. We're just bringing it to a friend I swear. Swear just bring it to a friend. We don't want any trouble. Get up I didn't know you couldn't sell it like that though.

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Even illegal though I don't get it. Just because they can't tax it. Just because they can't tax both. Okay, I don't have any other. Stand right there next year.

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This video has had 44 million views and really solidified the NELC style. Needless to say their channel started bringing in some serious cash from YouTube in 2020. They promoted a college party and citing risks to public health YouTube, who I call the Ted Bundy of free speech and democracy D monetize their channel, which means they weren't getting paid on ad revenue at all. The only reason they don't censor is because they don't want to lose the money they're making off the advertising. They just don't want the guys to make money also But when I read Kyle's reaction is when I knew these guys were freaking awesome. All he said was who cares? ads aren't a big part of our livelihood. To this day, they must navigate through the swamp and Kancil culture and censorship the left has so nicely created for us. We'll get into that a little bit later. But let me give you a few stats about these guys in the meantime, so on YouTube in 2017, their views went from an average of 1 million views and jumped to an average of 15 to 20 million views per video. They currently have around 8 million subscribers and it's awesome. They also own and operate the full send clothing brand, the clothing is sold in these one time like kind of supreme style drops, where each style of clothing has limited availability and is only available once once the entire drop is sold out. No full sun clothing can be purchased until the next drop when the new styles become available. Actually, as I'm recording this, I'm wearing my Biden as a half sennder t shirt. My good buddy Nick waited by the phone for the drop and got me one before they ran out in two minutes. And it's one of the best gifts I've received in a very long time. I absolutely love it. They also own a hard seltzer brand called Happy dad. And I will say I was so burnt out on white claw and truly and all the other ones. This is completely different. It tastes so good. And our friends from Vegas that came out the other day, were able to get a few cases and they brought them and I'm saving them in the fridge and having them a little bit at a time because it's impossible to get in California. That is a great example of how they can organically advertise on their videos. And instead of using rhona's are Coronas in their party videos, they can switch out to happy dad's since the release in early 2021. It's impossible to find rabid fans are just lining up outside liquor stores for a chance to score some and the stock online is always out to the full sun crew has also been expanding their business empire into the realm of NF T's even going as far as bashing other content creators who are promoting what they call scam coins. Jake Paul being the biggest scammer of the mall. My personal favorite venture of theirs is of course the full cent podcast. Their podcast full cent average is 2 million views per video. Their total views are about 14 million on the Slim 20 episodes they've done so far. Imagine what's going to happen in the next 20 interviews. They've already had guests like Dana White, Mike Tyson, Antonio Brown and Donald Trump Jr. Recently they interviewed Candace Owens, that daily wire who's amazing. This, in my opinion, is the real showcase of the milk boys evolution. They're authentic and sincere and ask real questions that you would never normally hear in traditional interview formats. It's a great mix of funny education, genuine interest and that trademark milkboy edge that pushes the boundaries a bit as someone who's been in politics since I was a kid. I've seen so many interviews that's all I do all day in everyday to prep for this podcast. I listened to a dozen podcasts a week probably I have box CNN Newsmax and MSNBC split on my screens in the office and the only way for me to explain the difference of the style is for you to hear it take a listen to them with Candice Owens.

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What is the whole feminism movement?

Unknown Speaker 13:03

It just it's so fake Come on. Feminism is it's the biggest joke in the entire world. It nothing first off nothing that feminism aspires to Today, modern feminism makes women happy. I don't even understand anymore. Like a guy opens a door and you're like, Oh yeah, why are you holding a door for me? I can do it myself. That's what it is like, what's the definition of like feminism today? Well, it's a shifting definition. There's been different waves of feminism. But today they pretend it's about equality with medicine, not they actually hate men. And usually the people that are at the forefront of the feminist movement are the basis of equality that hate men.

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Now these guys are in the headlines. Huge right now because their last guest was the one and only President Donald J. Trump. Huge deal. I mean, huge deal. How a group of 20 somes lands an interview with Donald Trump is beyond me. Now. Keep in mind, this wasn't the first time they've been with Trump. It was those interactions with him. Originally, that got me to really dig into these guys. Of course, I followed all the Trump election coverage in 2020. And Trump was doing a rally in Arizona and I love watching the rallies because it reminds me of a college football game, the energy and the excitement is awesome and just infectious. It makes me excited even from the TV. No one can say Trump doesn't know how to pump up a crowd. All the sudden the camera pans over to Trump and there's these young guys doing the YMCA on stage with him. Of course, my first thought is Oh, wow, these guys are super handsome. I mean, I might be gay, but I'm still a man, folks. Just because you're chained to the fence doesn't mean you can't bark at the cars. But I'll stop there regardless gay, straight, whatever. They are a very good looking group of young men. Second, I was dying to know who these guys were. It's not every day a group of young guys get to get on stage with Trump. I have met the president at an event or two and he's cool to talk to and there's zero like celebrity awkwardness. He just kills all of that. You feel like you're talking to a friend of a friend or someone that is extraordinary, but not untouchable. But I'm not 24 And I could never do the YMCA And I would love to ask the guys who was who was Kyle, the Indian was Steve, the cop we may never know. Then a few days later, I get a notification that a video had dropped of them in Air Force One with President Trump. And the President looks at them and says, This could be you guys someday you're doing so well. One of you may be the President of the United States. Just listen and see if you had the same reaction. I did. It's great

Unknown Speaker 15:23

to have you all in Air Force One. It's a very special place your friend have a good friend of mine, that guy right there. Dana White. Right. And you really have a great future Someday you may be one of you may be flying on it as President of the United States, right, the way you're doing. So good luck. Good luck.

Unknown Speaker 15:41

Thank you. It's amazing. Okay, fellas, thank you. Thank you. fucking crazy man.

Unknown Speaker 15:47

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 45th President of the United States Donald J.

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I tear up and cry a little bit. Every time I watch that I just I miss Trump so much. Our country is being destroyed purposely. And I can't believe it's been one year only since Trump was in office. And all this has happened. It just makes me so sad. It breaks my heart and these guys who worked so hard to develop their brand, and he just says you're doing great. You could be president and it's true, but we no Biden or Kamala AOC. Schumer, Pelosi, the Socialist poster children would never do that. Never. That's the difference right there. Folks, we have to take over Congress in 2022. We have to get rid of this guy in 2024. Please, God, this isn't Al Gore and Bush anymore. We're fighting for our actual lives, our livelihood, our kids, and the country that has given these guys and me and everyone else the opportunity to be great. I'm sorry, I get so emotional. But I'm not just some podcaster that spouts off. I love this country so much. And it kills me every day to watch it being destroyed. But if you didn't get at least goosebumps from that video, I don't think you're human. Now I do want to point out which you might have already caught on to the way I saw the footage and the way it happened wasn't the same. So it was actually two different events. They did the YMCA first at one rally then that Trump in Air Force One at another. So many people like to claim these guys are Jackass copycats, or Tom Green or silly kids that is so far from the truth. These are serious businessmen, regardless of what you see on the screen. Not one person can say these guys aren't brilliant. Knowing Trump. I wasn't surprised when he agreed to do the podcast, one he can always use more young voters to he really respects entrepreneurs. And three, they had Don Jr. on their podcasts. And I'm sure he pushed his dad to do it as well. Listen to some of the clips I pulled from the interview.

Unknown Speaker 17:52

I expected you to be rolling in here with no suit on coming off the golf course. I was expecting. Yeah, you always rockin

Unknown Speaker 17:59

I'm a worker. I work hard. I work long hours. I work hard. I see what's going on with our country right now. It's never been in a position like this. Now we're going to get oil here from Venezuela and Iran. What do

Unknown Speaker 18:10

you see happening next, then? Because it seems like the tensions are high. What how does this all end? Is this going to be like a long term thing? How do you see

Unknown Speaker 18:16

it would have never happened? And we did talk about it. I mean, he definitely wanted Ukraine loved Ukraine would never have happened.

Unknown Speaker 18:23

They these things because of big tech like censoring you and stuff like that. How much does that bother a kid?

Unknown Speaker 18:28

Great question. They the press in our country, the media is very corrupt, unbelievably corrupt. If we talk about election fraud, they will not cover it. They banned the President of the United States. Yeah, I went from hundreds of millions of people. You have a lot. But I had more

Unknown Speaker 18:43

questions. Donna, you come in? I mean, I don't mean to ask it. So yeah, you've hinted at it, you come back and get a run for president knighted states when you know,

Unknown Speaker 18:50

the campaign finance laws don't really allow you to discuss that unless you're going to literally go through a different process. So I think a lot of people are going to be really happy

Unknown Speaker 19:01

in my mind, right? I'm always like, hey, could this thing ever lead to a nuclear fallout? Could this ever be nuclear war? What is your take on on that? Is it just a scared US citizen right now? Yeah, that's watching. You should be scared.

Unknown Speaker 19:12

What's that first call like Mr. Mr. Trump with when you try to get a hold of Kim Jong Hoon?

Unknown Speaker 19:18

A meeting was set up in Singapore. And then in Vietnam, we had two meetings, but we didn't have the problem that the Democrats would have had they would have had a nuclear war with North Korea. I have no doubt about it. Who's coughing back? Are you okay? Is that your crew? That's that's media will say Trump's golfing there must be something wrong with him.

Unknown Speaker 19:33

We were going around. This kind

Unknown Speaker 19:36

of laid back.

Unknown Speaker 19:37

Donald stop switching topics here. You seen what happened to Joe Rogan right? So hard second, being called a racist and everything like that. I wonder what's your reaction to when someone calls you a racist? Like, what's your like initial reaction? Well, it

Unknown Speaker 19:51

used to be a terrible reaction, but now it's everybody's called a racist. And

Unknown Speaker 19:55

if we did something with Biden, our family with so many differences,

Unknown Speaker 19:59

they wouldn't try and destroy

Unknown Speaker 20:01

you worst case scenario I

Unknown Speaker 20:02

used to carry a golf club can I carry five? So I'd love to you could be my caddy anytime sure I call anytime. You know it gets him rocking why YMCA

Unknown Speaker 20:12

YMCA is a track. It's underrated track.

Unknown Speaker 20:15

Do you know? Is it an underrated?

Unknown Speaker 20:16

I think so? Well, it

Unknown Speaker 20:17

gets a lot of years I can say but YMCA, the gay national anthem. Did you ever hear that? They call it the gay national anthem. Let's see what happens when Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and all of them. Take it down. And let's see what happens when they threaten you and all that.

Unknown Speaker 20:33

I don't think YouTube would take it down. There's no way

Unknown Speaker 20:37

we can't control I guess when you get to work calculate. We know what's going on when

Unknown Speaker 20:41

you get threatened with your careers and neighbors worse, but when you get threatened. Remember this we have more people out there than they do we do. If

Unknown Speaker 20:49

you notice, one of the things Trump says in my little montage is this actual interview will get pulled down. Let's see what you guys do and how you handle getting pulled down. Not even 24 hours later, the pieces of crap at Google and all their glory censored it there is nothing remotely wrong with what was said nothing. They're just so worried about his running again, because he doesn't buy into their bullshit and let these massive social media platforms control him. They do everything in their power to keep him down. Listen to this,

Unknown Speaker 21:20

you know, boys that I was asked to do that by a tremendous guy named Dana White, you know, Dana White of UFC, and he said, Would you agree with interview with him? And they're hot as a pistol and they have like, I guess the top show or something. And so I did it. And it was we had a lot of fun. It was a half hour. So we had a very good conversation for young guys. Great people. Great. And you know, hot show, Dana White only knows about hot. And this was the best show they've done I guess in terms of used by many times. And they actually took it down. And really what it is shown is they've taken away the voice of the people and I don't think that people will stand for it anymore.

Unknown Speaker 21:59

Congress is always in need of nonpartisan initiatives. How about drafting some legislation around censorship, no one is more sensitive to private enterprise functioning without government involvement than I am. But these companies control all the information we see there is no difference between state sponsored news and China and Google censored information online, especially when these huge donors make serious political donations and lobby constantly to ensure their protection. They either need to be broken up because they have a monopoly on search engines and video hosting business listings and directories or they need specific legislation written around censorship because they control everything. As much as I hate meta, aka Facebook, some competition does exist in the social media world, and censorship has been around forever. Even in this country. However, I never thought I would see the day where it was just so blatant, and public. Besides all of that these guys are brilliant. And they give me massive amounts of hope for our future. Thankfully, I'm not at that age where griping about those youngsters, young kids pointing the finger and talking about in my day, I am very much at the age of shock and awe the differences between then and now some of the things I see and hear about what's happening now could never happen when I was that age. That's pretty much my state of mind most days. That's just the part of every older generation, displaying disapproval of the youths and having a grim outlook on the future of the country. It's the natural progression of life and culture. Ironically, we worry the most about the future as we get old and our future gets shorter and shorter. But I should say those are the standards of yesterday. Today, we're not talking about manners, tone of voice, sagging pants, or rap music. We're talking about an entire generation of people who truly truly truly three truly believe they deserve a life of their choosing without having to do anything for it. Unlike past generations. It truly is different today, unlike generations in the past, my grandparents worried about those obvious things. But today, those of us who were born before millennials and Gen Z are living a top of fiery hell that could only once exist in our minds the things we have seen by the young Americans today I could have never imagined sadly, it's not all their fault. These poor young people have been destroyed by ninth place trophies and an education system that focuses on group identity and not individuality. This liberal desire to have everyone in small group boxes, like I talked about all the time is just a way to control and keep people separate so they can get votes easier. The way my grandparents worried for America is natural today. It's sheer panic. The country is living in the last two minutes of the movie Philadelphia on a loop. The hardest part is that this is not a select few. This is the majority here. It's the rule, not the exception in a recent 2021 survey for the hill. 61% of men and women between 18 and 35. Identify as well, maybe this will convey my point. Donald J.

Unknown Speaker 24:50

Trump is now President of the United States.

Unknown Speaker 24:59

First time Ever anywhere the force of the United

Unknown Speaker 25:06

sorry, my world I am so sorry to my world. This

Unknown Speaker 25:11

is not what we want.

Unknown Speaker 25:13

He greeted me. That was nice. I did find the item that I wanted and the next thing he said was that racist, racist. Yeah, sorry. I'm not racist. He's wearing he's wearing some Trump got some racist votes.

Unknown Speaker 25:39

already. I'm not serving anyone that has to do with that. He's a freezing.

Unknown Speaker 25:45

This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet, you will come to us young people for hope. How dare you. You have stolen my dreams in my childhood with your empty words. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?

Unknown Speaker 26:37

Have you heard of the term microaggression?

Unknown Speaker 26:39

Yeah, that's a big thing on campus.

Unknown Speaker 26:40

I'm asking an Asian American. Where were you born?

Unknown Speaker 26:43


Unknown Speaker 26:44

That's not a microaggression. That's just asking window poor

Unknown Speaker 26:47

telling a black student that he or she is very articulate. That is yeah, yes. I'm colorblind. I don't see race. Possibly. I believe the most qualified person should get the job

Unknown Speaker 26:59

qualifications aren't really the only the only thing you should consider when hiring someone. If you're saying that the most qualified person is someone who is not a minority. You're not a religion. You believe in that? Yes, that'd be a

Unknown Speaker 27:09

microaggression saying God bless you after somebody sneezes

Unknown Speaker 27:12

Oh, that would be a microaggression because of different religions. Yeah, it could be a microaggression to someone who doesn't believe in God

Unknown Speaker 27:18

Republic College, a cancellation of student debt, and a $15 an hour minimum wage for people who work on the campus who's gonna pay for all this stuff that you want, if they leave? Oh, I mean, there's always gonna be a 1% in the US no drugs.

Unknown Speaker 27:38

In comparison to the Vietnam protests in the late 60s and early 70s until the war ended in 1975. Many have compared those protests at the time to what we're experiencing now in the argument that quote, not much has changed. Well, I call bullshit. Here are some examples using the largest protest during that time. They said

Unknown Speaker 27:57

nothing you young kids would do would have any effect on here. When I suggest to the President of the United States if he want to know how much effect you youngsters can have on the president. He should make one long distance phone call to the LBJ ran in a fat boy I'm much effect you can ask

Unknown Speaker 28:15

for a mass protest. For the most part orderly minor scuffles did occur between the demonstrators and hecklers three hour parade takes the demonstrators across the Potomac on their way to the Pentagon. It is at the Pentagon where the first test of strength cut federal marshals arrest several who attempt to break through the protective line break into a pentagon side door, but I quickly apprehended in the day long disturbing. The next day, campfires are delighted to hold off the autumn chill, Pentagon protest was less violent in its second day of sitting in.

Unknown Speaker 28:45

Ask yourself how different this was from what you heard earlier from modern young protesters and activists. Now don't get me wrong. During the nationwide protests. There were many arrests for misconduct and even a few got killed for being violent to the police. Still nothing like today. However, as you heard fires were lit for warm, not destruction. For the most part. They all supported the soldiers but not the war. It's repeated over and over in their message, especially seeing that a lot of the soldiers in Vietnam were not there voluntarily. Oh, and by the way, as you heard a few stormed the Pentagon, but were arrested and let out with minor charges no congressional hearings and life sentences in a time where it was much more serious. Keep in mind these were huge demonstrations of hundreds of 1000s of people they were well organized with clear concise plans clear goals and demands and messages to speakers, for the most part were articulate and had decent messages. The calls for violence work just whispers barely heard under the mass peaceful protesters by a few people looking for trouble. This also overlapped with the civil rights marches. And it was very much the same for civil rights. Overall, it was peaceful but in that case, it was the National Garden police that were the non peaceful ones. Both movements had profound impacts and created real change and notice that neither of them had major calls For killing or destruction or Abolishment these anti war and anti LBJ protesters did not get on their knees and cry and scream or demand a safe space. Unlike the soft crap we hear about today, LBJ had 1000s of Americans coming home in body bags unlike anything Trump ever did, or could say in comparison, and this was the youth my grandparents deemed the death of America. This pales in comparison today where the fire is not used for warmth, but to torch government buildings, random groups of domestic terrorists popping up to wreak havoc looting, victimization, and zero organization or articulate leaders. Listen to this one example.

Unknown Speaker 30:38

I am so glad that years ago Dr. Martin Luther King, the

Unknown Speaker 30:42

first black man ended slavery because every day

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Gen Z and millennials are the generations of safe spaces entitlements, snowflakes, offended, unsafe and woke. And there is not a doubt in my mind that most of both generations would check at least one of those boxes. The whole unsafe thing really leaves me dumbfounded like the Spotify employees about Joe Rogan claiming his stance on trans or COVID made them feel unsafe people. Did I miss something here? Did he have a gun? did he pull the fire alarm? How could the opinions of someone else on a platform you do not have to listen to make you feel unsafe? I actually think that's a slap in the face to people who actually feel unsafe people who have to walk home in the inner cities or girls walking in the dark on college campuses, I can't unsafe. It's just ridiculous. All that aside. And as ridiculous as those things are, they really shouldn't be the cause of our worry. The real danger is the combination of lack of knowledge, the entitlement to commit violence, hatred towards races and genders and constant efforts to undermine the Constitution. It's the perfect combination for creating long term domestic terrorists who have one goal in mind destruction. What we have now is a group of millions of young people who are essentially the first wave to come out of modernized education. You know, the Obama reform that included Common Core, yeah, that one the new education that aimed at creating classes for kids that encourage them to go out and take what they want and reject structure and social norms. The people who marched with Dr. King or the anti Vietnam protesters made those decisions on their own. It was not embedded in them since five or six years old, and pounded into their brains for the next 1315 years. They were profound to offer their own individuality into a large collective, the group identity is where the danger lies. These young people never stood a chance that critical thinking and coming up with their own opinions, while teaching them to reject the status quo. Educators created to entire generations of people who didn't belong they had and still have nowhere to fit in the status quo is where we find our groups within society and develop as people within acceptable boundaries of society. It's a good thing without a status quo, there is no standards or boundaries, the same standards and boundaries that help us find out how we will be individual within a functioning society. By rejecting it. They reject being part of the greater good, the greater society and they just float around in space with very limited factual knowledge of history, math, or English. In other words, a comprehensive education without the mental ability to use experience and time to mold who they are. Because comprehensive education has not been the focuses of education, and a need to feel like you belong and belong to something progressive, and not normal is dangerous when education becomes so focused on group identity, either little encouragement of individuality, which may have its place, but when that supersedes teaching basic life skills, you get a flock of cuckoos, so they join a radical group and throw individualism out the window like tiny drones repeating what they hear instead of thinking on their own. Funny enough, this is the same way extreme Islamize raised their little soldiers listen to Jordan Peterson explain this

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ever since Marx, of course, that the world is composed of those who are victimized, and those who are the oppressors, and everyone successful is no oppressor. And everyone else is a moral victim, like I'm a morally acting victim. And it's a very, very dangerous narrative. And it's certainly one that's unbelievably widespread on university campuses, to look at the world that way to look at the world through a group identity lens is removed, puts us back in a tribal situation and will produce conflict it has throughout the 20th century. It's an unbelievably pernicious ideology. And the universities are to blame for distributing it in large part. It's really appalling and dangerous. Yeah, well, I mean, the the right wingers, the conservative types like Candace have to tell a better story than the Democrats in the stories got to be on this goes for centrist liberals to the story has to be that, you know, there's obviously racial differences and ethnic differences, gender differences and all of that, and, and some of that manifests itself in terms of prejudice, but the fundamental issue is that we've already always regarded the individual as the measure in the west and that's the best idea the world's ever had. And if we lose that, and it's going to be catastrophic, so everyone should be pushing against that whether they're on the right or the left if they have any sense,

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it's a deadly combination, because the most influential groups today are centered around crime and destruction groups like Antifa, vandalize, steal, hate, commit violence, and terrorized communities. It is the textbook definition of domestic terrorism. But it's hidden under the guise of social, racial and gender justice. These kids have no idea what they're fighting for. And they have no idea why they're even able to fight as they call to destroy it. I'm talking about our First Amendment, I could go on forever. And this is what scares me shitless about the future of this country as I age, maybe it is just like every other generation before but I sure can't find anything at this level. For the record. If you can't tell that I'm scared and worried. It's just the Botox and filler that conceals it very well. Like everything in life, you can be a blip on everyone's screen as you try to ride the trend trains or you can grow mold and evolve with your audience. That is exactly what NELC has done. I call it the Howard Stern method. He went from fart man flying around the Grammys, or VMAs, to a very well respected comedian and radio host with the highest rated and most listened to show in the world. I don't agree with him politically anymore. He's gone a bit soft, but he's smart. And by evolving, he's maintained a successful career for 40 years 20 of which at the number one spot just like Howard the NELC boys evolution to who they are today is no accident. They understand their audience, the content they want, and how they want to exert their influence. That is what 98% of people don't have. I'd like to think in a different way. I've had a similar evolution. I just don't make 70 million a year yet. And I spent too many of my early years making others the 70 million a year but there's still time for me know folks, I'm I'm so blessed and the tools God gave me I'm so thankful for and spoiler alert there it's not looks here I am going on and on about my new heroes and how wonderful they are and how they use their platform to share the truth about politics and so much more. However, there is one downside they're Canadian never thought I would say that they're from the land of Trudeau, but I have a feeling they're pretty embarrassed about that. You gotta wonder how the most non confrontational people on earth and I'm not kidding, Canadians are known for being very nice, polite and passive people. You know how the old joke goes, how do you get 100 Canadians out of a pool? You just have to ask them I love It's so stupid, but it's so true, but it's even more incredible. The guys are from Canada and are clearly different because almost all of their videos have some form of confrontation. They like Trump and clearly the US they live right down the street for me in Irvine. It's a true testament to the power of meeting so many people traveling around the world coupled with growing success and how your outlook and opinions can develop or change. It's so funny to hear people who use the NELC name or content to build on their own channel. Logan Paul from impulsive recently talked about punching Kyle in the face. Logan is a total liberal He just tries to hide it in order to not alienate his base but it's so obvious to me not to mention he's a failed actor that came to LA just to get famous just typical white trash that moves to LA and figures out in each he knows the LA rule to stay as neutral as you can but a leopard can't hide it spots. It's the LA thing the celebrities that he hangs out with everyone he's surrounded with they're all liberals listen to this video. How long is Steve last December you haven't

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we? I was having this conversation with someone random the other day talking about how long Steve will do it. Boy fitness TV they I think they want to see the brand out and say I have to ask though. A full they can't own the trademark on full set. They're bound to get fucked. I think they're about to get fucked. I am coming from someone who got blocked. Like if you don't own the trademark a full sandwich by the way, if you don't think I looked at it when I was doing my branding, along with savage along with like,

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apparently Logan is an intellectual property attorney and thinks a Google search is the way to find out if someone owns a trademark. Well, someone should inform him maybe his own lawyer that there are multiple ways to use a trademark and copyright and multiple contracts and agreements that you can share with the actual owners however, he is incorrect. They do own full send from start to finish. He's an idiot. That was about

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the Logan Paul is ready to fight the milk boys. So as you get the juices flowing, well, not all of them. But in a recent episode of the impulsive podcast, he sat down with all of her tree on which one he would want to fight the most. Would you fight Logan Paul,

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if you could fight anyone tough in the note.

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Now you can take the guys out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the guys. If we compare stats and know Logan's channel is a podcast. It's just filmed and it has very little variety as far as content is concerned. He's had some good guests and it is very successful give him that but he's so jealous of no boys, it could not be more obvious. And if he wasn't just trying to be famous and lived and breathed the original content, maybe he'd have the same success. Logan has 3.7 million subscribers compared to next 8 million subscribers on YouTube. Logan Paul has an average of 1.5 million views per episode. sewed out of his 313 episodes compared to notes podcast with 30 episodes under a year old with an average of 2 million views per episode. Now let's compare top guests shall we? The closest thing to any of the knelt guests on impulsive are Tony Robbins Antonio Brown, who was also on the milk podcast and Lana Rhodes the pornstar. Look at the knelt guests Donald Trump, the President of the United States, Dana White. Basically the person who owns and runs UFC Candace Owens, one of the largest political commentators bases of conservative movement in America very well known Antonio Brown, and the list goes on. Look in 30 episodes, they shit on Paul in every metric don't get me started on his brother Jake, who has just written his brother's coattails for years, and now claims to be the next Muhammad Ali, which even if he was close to him, talent wise, it's an insult to the great Ali so shameful, so thoughtless. The main reason I disliked Logan is not personal, or the fact that he's a liberal and too pussy to come out and say it. I think his opinions lack substance. And he has really very little knowledge or smarts aside from that I hate when people use someone else's content to gain their own fame. And that's what he's done for all 300 episodes. Nothing is an original thought it's all a guest or someone or his co host talking, but never true originality. Just kind of reviewing, if you will. This writing of content and originality has happened to me my whole life because people don't have original thoughts anymore. When I used to speak around the country, there was always a few anchors using the crowds I drew to sell or promote their stuff while attempting to tear me down not to mention Logan's co host whatever he is Mike completely upstages him every time they bring up nope boys, Mike's talking and has mostly good things to say. And Logan Paul, just like the head injury patient he is keeps his head down glued to the computer. You can tell he's so jealous and doesn't add to anything positive. Him and his brother have zero class and could never interview the president. So of course Jake in his desperate need for fame goes and hires the NELC same manager. How pathetic I understand haters are awesome. I love mine. However, using original content for your own clickbait or publicity boost is so lame. Get an original thought research and present your opinion as your own without using others. I'll go up against anyone who has some small level of respectability. I haven't will debate liberals who have some substance or facts. However, don't take one of my videos or books and use it merely for your own personal game. That is exactly what the Paul brothers do all the time. It's their strategy. It's slimy and it borders on plagiarism. Such a liberal move, and that's one of the main reasons why I know they're liberal. Hey, they were smart enough to see their viewership is down year over year 37%. So in order to bolster that they started boxing getting into the media, from trailer to podcast to ring to back to trailer, I just get infuriated when stupid people use someone else's work to prop themselves up anyways, back to NELC. From my conservative view, I think they're great because their politics come from their authentic selves. They're businessmen who want to align with leaders who incentivize entrepreneurship, and young business people. The authenticity they bring to the table is what I believe truly engages their audience. They're not some pundit or figurehead spouting off facts and figures like me. It's a group of young guys who form many conclusions on their own and share them but not in the direct in your face kind of way. Let's say like Colby Covington, his style is straight up in your face. I'm straight up in your face in a gay way. But the full sun podcast and note boys leaves space for you to draw your own conclusion, which is an important thing for young people today. They've learned and formed opinions based on their travels, meeting people understanding the culture and witnessing the country change. I imagine this is just my assumption that they weren't born conservative. They're Canadian. I know I can't get over the Canadian thing. And this phenomenon of realization we see daily by people who gain success and start to understand common sense and common sense politics. Unfortunately, we see this very little by millennial or Gen Z generations for a couple of Canadians, you know, the bleeding heart nonconfrontational people to come to the States based on their experience as they blow up to learn that conservative politics just makes common sense. They're sort of unicorns or white whales, people earn more money and get penalized more by the left, the more they make, and these days get vilified with no incentive to make more so they quickly move right because they don't want their hard earned money going towards social programs that don't affect them or the country positively. More importantly, they want autonomy for what they do with it. Now, all of that is my assumption based on watching interviews and hours of their videos. However, it seems pretty obvious to me now like everything, there's one part of the podcast I could seriously live without this guy, Bob, Bob memory, he interrupts he's not well educated or worldly. So his questions come off as condescending or dense. I understand why he's there. Apparently, he's one of the only ones with traditional media training, but that's not what milk is, in my opinion. The fact that he sat there and called Trump Dawn and told him that he expected him not to be in a suit rolling off the golf course is so disrespectful to the 45th President of the United States that I don't understand how he can continue to interview people. He is not a good interviewer. Kyle is the star interviewer. I know at some point, Kyle talked about firing him and I'm pretty disappointed he didn't I really hope he brings extreme value for the guy's because if there was an approval rating, he'd be right around Joe Biden's numbers from what I understand he gets the guests or is involved somehow behind the scenes, but any producer with two IQ points using the audience as big as an outcast to pitch guests, it would be so easy to book them, I will give credit to the fact that he's mellowed a bit. But for someone with media experience, he needs to learn how to interview and focus on the listener that's listening and the guests not himself. I don't want to shit on him too hard. But I do think that they could do much better finding an actual host or producer or media partner. On the other hand, Kyle shows up sits down and just ask them let them speak the most respectable part about Kyle and in the case of Candace Owens interview is that they ask questions that are real to their audience. He knows his audience and he knows they don't know certain things and he goes there without a care if he sound stupid or not. I love when Kyle says what is feminism? Why is it so bad and allows candidates to really explain any mainstream media interview would never do that. It's always prepared questions that are usually focused on making the interviewer look good, not the interviewee just watch anything with Lester Holt or Stephanopoulos. You never really get a sense of who someone really is that they're interviewing. You all saw Stephanopoulos with Alec Baldwin? Do I need to say anything else, mind you, since they have become more political between the Trump video and some of their guests on the podcast, their numbers have not seen a dive as so many predicted, I would imagine their audience even if they're not in full agreement, they're engaged again, in this business that's very hard to pull off. They have an audience that either loves the show or hates the show, and it doesn't matter as long as they're watching. The great thing is is they are making an actual difference. This isn't just my opinion. I mean, according to Pew since 1994, only from 2010 to 2015. Did Republican Millennials have a one to two point lead. And since then, the Democrats have led in that demo with nearly double digit leads since 2017. The Republican numbers in the millennial demographic have ticked upward with a nice swing, still trailing the Democrats by two points. But this is the closest it's been in a decade and things are looking up going into 2021 Democrat Millennials were headed down and Republicans were headed up I attribute these small wins to groups like the nope boys, they have millions and millions of followers that can actually affect results of an election. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge that we face with this generation isn't party affiliation. It's things like gender pronouns, trans athletics, and defunding the police. They all still have an overwhelming majority of support amongst Gen Z and millennials. I don't think hope is lost Bunnell boys, guests have so far done such an amazing job of killing a lot of the falsehoods around those social issues. And if it continues, I think we can close the gap. The Trump interview puts them on the map and we'll give them a huge platform to continue to spread the truth as a superfan of Howard Stern, who is known and is in my opinion, the best interviewer in the world. I get that same vibe from Kyle. I believe truly, if he keeps going on this trajectory, he will be a real interviewer not that he's not now but I'm talking about the innate ability to get what he wants out of people when people don't take you seriously the way people have shrugged off the milk boys like that degenerate family Logan and Jake Paul. That's the venom most successful people turn into lifeblood to keep going. I know it is for me. I know when Kyle's my age, he will have a media empire. He will stand up and say y'all thought I was some dumb party prankster. Look at me now. It's humble and real. And same for Steiner and Steve, everyone associated with them truly seems to be on that level. Even though Kyle clearly leads through example. Listen, folks, I'm 35 I've been everywhere truly everywhere other than Antarctica, and I am rarely impressed. Authenticity is a thing of the past. In today's world of all these YouTubers, video creators and Instagram Tik Tok, it's just so easy to copy all day, every day people see something online and copy it and it just disgusts me because part of the recipe for the American Dream Along with hard work and having pride in being American his originality and if you don't have that you don't have anything. Now the last part I want to bring up and I haven't brought this up till now, because I didn't want everyone to roll their eyes and think oh, that's why he likes them so much. However, Kyle's assistant Gabe is gay. He seems like a great kid. Very, very sweet. And the group isn't even fazed by him being gay. There's a good amount of trolling but not any more than anyone else around them. I think it's so awesome how a group of guys that many label as douchey or party crazy truly are cool with everyone. That's the American dream or the x Canadian dream. That is real inclusivity that is true evolution and true success. I can almost assure you these guys didn't know anything about politics. 12 years ago screwing with people I can promise you they never thought they would be Loki spreading a message of truth. Uncommon Sense politically or interviewing people like Don Jr, Candace Owens and President Trump, but the guys are natural. And that's what I call full scent. I want to leave you with this. Anything you learn from personal experience, conclusions you come to on your own based on reality. And based on any experiences that shape who you are, if you can recognize those and speak to them, or apply them, and whatever it is you do, you will be successful. It's not about being a Republican, because that's how mom and dad were, it's about being a republican or democrat or anything really, based on your own experiences and learnings. That is the milkboy way don't follow the mobs push to make you a zombie who just subscribes to everything because it sounds nice. If it sounds too good to be true. It probably is free college green jobs, elimination of fossil fuels for clean air and clean water, electric cars for everyone, justice for the LGBTQ communities, and no more racism or sexism. These are all things we all want. But we have to have a concept of how to get there don't like the price of food and gas, creating those amazing programs I just mentioned makes Democrats do what they do best print more money. And too much money in circulation is what causes these disasters, high inflation and gas prices dive deep and see the impact because every program or policy has one yay, free college. But the poorest Americans can't afford food and the money for their food programs don't get raised to account for inflation. This is just what Democrats do to grab people, then they implement radical policies that you never signed up for clean air. Well, that requires you to buy a $75,000 Tesla justice for the LGBTQ community. That means that gender counselor and gender curriculum from the first grade Utopia doesn't exist, and socialism doesn't work. Don't wait until you start making your own money to figure this out. Because at some point, it's going to be too late support what will enable you to make that money however you want. And as much as you can, without penalty don't fall for the 1% scam and the billionaire bashing so easy for the Bernese and Biden's of the world because they have been living off of your tax dollars their entire life and have never once made a significant impact or contribution to our economy. They are takers, not producers. They want you to stand with your handout because they've been doing it for 100 years Congress gives themselves raises whenever possible. But whereas your raise or reduction in taxes, they want to blame and vilify billionaires because they have no one else to use to pay for all their socialist crap. It truly is common sense, folks, the free market is a beautiful jungle that evolves with time through survival of the fittest, the nope boys have survived and will be surviving for years to come. Follow their lead, make your own content using your own thoughts, grind and eventually you will blow up and evolve. I hope you all enjoyed this change of the show. And I hope you will all continue to LISTEN, FOLLOW like and subscribe. We have big things coming and I want you to be a part of them. You've just listened to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law reminding you that a recession is when a neighbor loses their job. A depression is when you lose yours. And a recovery is when Joe Biden loses his god bless you President Reagan and God bless America.

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