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Nelk Boys: Hope for America's Future!

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Pull send America's future how a group of YouTube pranksters is influencing young Americans the right way through authentic content and meaningful interviews. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law I hate I hate Brandon. I hate. I hate Brandon. Yeah. Hello, everybody. Let's rock this morning. Well, hey, folks. So excited to be here. We're changing up the regular format of the show today to do a little profile on some guys that I think are just phenomenal. But before we do that, I just wanted to touch on something that happened to me this morning was very odd. You ever have those times where you get in the car, and you're driving to your destination, and you go deep into thought, and by the time you get to where you're going, you have no idea how you got there. You're just so deep in thought you don't remember making a left making a right. So this morning, that was me. I was deep in thought regarding what's happening right now in the world. And I don't know why. But I realized that without looking at anything just popped in my head that it's been 10 years since Obama and Hillary allowed Benghazi to happen. It's been eight years and a couple weeks since Obama allowed Putin to invade Ukraine and annex Crimea. It's been seven months since Biden left 13 American soldiers to die and hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan. And now it's been a few weeks since Biden allowed Putin to invade Ukraine. Does anyone else see the pattern here? It's just incredible how much blood the Clinton Obama and Biden clans have on their hands. And please don't let all this United NATO and everyone donating to Ukraine etc. fool you. Putin has Biden by those saggy old balls at his knees and he has had them for years. It's a great distraction for Biden to use, so we don't press him on the reality here. It's it's just an awesome replacement excuse now they've moved on from COVID. And war is a great unifier and Putin is the new COVID Everything they blamed on COVID. From the economy to gas prices to their inability to do anything now is all Putin sitting back and watching these things happen based on pure mismanagement, ego and stupidity in comparison to Trump, who gets most of our troops out of Syria, another bad Obama move, and we had no military invasions or war, the entire focus of his presidency was about getting everyone and everything back to where it belongs here in the United States. The closest thing we had to war was a trade war in order to fix the massive deficits and close those gaps we had with essentially every country, especially Europe and China, it's just hard to be surrounded by people who don't see the pattern of these life or politicians and a news media that refuses to remind them, but they can't argue with true history, folks, I guess that's why liberals are always trying to change it. Well, I hope you all got to see the great UFC fights last weekend. It was a great handful of Back to Back fights. Of course. I'm a huge Kobe Cummington fan. He's a great Trump supporter. But that's not why I like him. It definitely helps. But that's not why I like him like him, you'll start to see a pattern with me as you listen more. I tend to really celebrate authenticity, because it's such a rarity these days, people who are just real because I work very hard and strive to be my most authentic self every day. And Kobe is one of those people. He's unapologetically him. He's the real deal. He's a real athlete, a real fighter. And most importantly, he's a real American. So congrats Colby great fight, even though I wish you knocked him out versus winning by decision because you know, my entertainment is more important than your fighting. I appreciate everything that he said in the post press conference and in the ring after winning to Joe Rogan. He's a great patriot, and I wish him the best in his career. I think he has a huge future not only in the ring, but with sponsorships and partnerships and maybe even politics. But that's a great segue in today's episode is we're talking about some of the most authentic people I've ever witnessed. And we're going to go off our regular show format today to do a profile on a group of YouTubers that's gained so much of my respect that I had to do a whole show on them I do want to give you a courtesy heads up there will be more language on this episode than normal. So if you're offended by the F word or some of the others you may want to skip this episode or listen when the kids are asleep. One thing you'll learn is that my respect and approval do not come easy so for me to dedicate an entire show on a group of people is a big deal and we're talking about the milk boys one of the biggest groups on YouTube and they're known for their funny prank videos. Perhaps you've heard this so no meat

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in here at all. Can I just grab a cup of water for now then and all Okay, perfect. Oh the Quavis whoa, whoa Gabby but there was no VT. There's nothing on the menu. That's kind of racist. No,

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it has nothing to do a bit. Relax. Yeah, that's what we saw the chicken on the menu wasn't like real

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Isn't that kind of sexist

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though? It's not sexy Jewish finish and real quick America because you don't want to offend other people. Isn't that kind of against the LGBT community though? Like by kicking us out?

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No, this makes me cry and cry laugh every time guys one. I love meat and don't really love most vegans, especially the ones that are like preachy Colt like the other part I love is the use of racist, sexist and the LGBTQ community. The second he says, oh, that's kind of anti LGBTQ community to kick us out, guys like, oh, no, no, no, I'm not kicking you out. And it just shows how afraid people are in today's society to cross that line, which is ridiculous. A business owner can't kick someone out. I highly encourage you go on YouTube and watch them on video because the audio doesn't do it justice. I'll post links on the actual show on the resource page, so you guys can all watch in full and enjoy. Now. I know what you're thinking a middle aged fat gay conservative into the milk boys. Shouldn't you be home sipping tea watching the History Channel or bidding on antique salt shakers on eBay and your right to question on the surface. We're total opposites. On one hand, you have this kind of snobby spoiled gay guy that's half redneck and half Miranda Priestly. And on the other hand, you've got a group of guys in their 20s, wearing baggy jeans and tank tops, and vans, that down Coronas and party like crazy point being although I do love their humor style, it's not likely our paths would normally cross. Well, folks, thank God they did, because these guys have totally made me feel hopeful. For the next generation. My outlook has done a complete 180 And these guys are the real deal real authentic, real original, and have so much to offer their generations. By the way, this episode took us three times longer to produce because the team and I would just start looking for videos and cry, laugh on most of them, put them up on the big screen. And then of course, I would get sucked into rewatching the full set of podcasts and we made very little progress if not any on some days, but I can honestly say it was one of the funniest times we've had in the office and in studio. Let me tell you a little bit about these guys. Currently, there's four members of the group and each of them bring their own style of funny and personality. The four guys are Kyle for guard, which I'm probably saying wrong. Jesse Sebastiani. Steve will do it and Saleem the dream. NELC is actually an acronym for the original four members, Nick, Elliot, Lucas and Kyle but much like a rock band coming into their fame, the end and the he didn't stick around. I'm sure whether it's formal or organic. Kyle leads the pack as an original member. And although Lucas is not all in, he's still part of the team in different ways. Surprisingly, the crew grew up together in Canada. I know. I know. We'll touch on that later. They've been around for a while now. They started in 2010 as freshmen in high school, so they've grown for 12 years straight. I can tell you my business and hundreds of corporations that I've worked with would kill for 12 years of straight growth. And we know it didn't come easy. These guys shot and produced content non stop, which is incidentally the key to success as content creators just like everything in life, you grind until it hurts then one day it happens and milk is the epitome of that which is part of my new found super Fandom of them. It's easy to get caught up in the videos and think these guys just screw around and pray and can party on the surface. That may be what it seems but nelq is a well oiled business machine in 2014 the revenues from YouTube and the creator program where you get paid based on the advertising on your channel was around $5,000 But it was up from $500 in the first couple years. 2015 is when they really went viral with this bit give me a second. Okay, tell you in a second. Okay, yeah. Your buddy back here. Okay. I don't know. Yeah, he's fine. You're fine. Yes, Nicola. I can't do this. I can't do this. Man.

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I have a bunch of coke in the back. I'm sorry, dude. Dude, it's not a big deal. It's not ours though. We're just bringing it to a friend I swear. Swear just bring it to a friend. We don't want any trouble. Get up I didn't know you couldn't sell it like that though.

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