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Musk v. Marxism


Intro: The Elon Musk supremacy, the left's obsession with Elon exposes their Marxist agenda and nonstop hypocrisy. You are listening to the Last Gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh Yeah. Let's go Brandon. We are fired up this morning. Let's go everyone. Let's go for Brandon. Yeah, hello everybody and let's go Brandon.

Chad: Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. This is Chad Law, your host with the most, your binary brother, the holiest homo, and the most fascist fairy. Wake up every morning to destroy the soul of America. Very happy to be back in the gay conservative studios here in Orange County. Life is good, God is good, and we're making strides and taking our country back every single day. Quick public service announcement. This is a safe space, a no woke zone, a place for freedom and democracy loving patriots all over the globe to come together, share their truth and broadcast through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, folks, it's almost December and the politicians are doing everything but plan and the media frenzies are just as insane. It seems these politicians are more obsessed with Twitter and Elon Musk than the country, our borders and our economy.

The openly twisted priorities are just confirmations for us that something seriously needs to change in Congress. In fact, recent studies have shown some politicians have tweeted about Musk or Twitter, 10 x versus any pressing American issue. Today's left is obsessed with taking down Elon, or at least trying, even more so than fixing the country. This obsession has become a frenzy and Democrats have come out in droves to talk about Twitter, the employees, Elon, and everything else around the takeover, but haven't said much else, is this classic avoidance of reality or something more. I'm certainly not reading anything about plans, programs, and legislation politicians will roll out in January. Representative McCarthy, the probably new house majority leader, does have a commitment to America, but it's pretty much the same old talking points with no explanation on how they will execute on their commitment to us.

Democrats, on the other hand have taken the closer than expected election as a green light for all their nonsense. All in all, we're seeing a lot of whining and wasted tax dollars which leaves me, and hopefully all of you wondering what's in store for next year, is it just going to be the same Politics as usual, the lack of effort at all from the politicians should reassure all of us that they can't fix our situation, and that's because of their obsession with themselves blocking progress with their own egos, especially with their obsession with social media, which has added as a distraction for them to do their actual work. But I'll dive deeper into that when we get to the meat of the episode. I promised y'all I would not disappoint with funny stories and coincidentally had a pretty good one the other day.

A group of my friends put on a Friendsgiving dinner a couple nights ago, and I have shared, as you know, I'm not big on social events like that or any. I really try to avoid dealing with people at all costs unless it's something that excites me, like a political event or a speaking engagement. So my contribution like always was the Turkey. My friend has a smoker, so the plan was I would smoke a Turkey or two all day, and then by the time guests arrived, it would be ready. I mean, this is pretty much par for the course as I either always smoke a Turkey or deep fry, one or both, which are the only two ways I like Turkey anyways. I find oven cooked Turkey, very dry and tasteless. So that morning I head to the store only to find out no one has fresh turkeys, nowhere. I went to three stores in person, came back home, got online and searched all over the county and beyond on Vaughn's, Safeway, Albertson's, Ralph's, all the websites.

Finally, I found one fresh Turkey about 40 minutes south of where I live. So I did an online order to reserve it and headed down to pick it up. So drive all the way down there and arrive to no fresh turkeys. Apparently the website was wrong. I mean, all I could think to myself was surely people do Thanksgiving stuff all month long. I mean, coming from a divorced family, you oftentimes have to spread out the days in order to accommodate schedules or if extended families coming in, and most importantly, Friendsgiving, which is a huge trend and a huge thing people do during the month of November before Thanksgiving. But according to these grocery stores, apparently people only buy fresh the week of the holiday. Frozen wouldn't have worked because they take like a month to thaw, and I don't think I could force myself to eat a frozen Turkey. Some of those things are like 15 years old. Look, I know that's not true, but someone told me that one time and I don't know why it just haunted me ever since.

I guess we all have our irrational beliefs. Long story short, I ended up having to go to Honey Baked Ham and getting one of their Turkey breasts that are covered in honey and brown sugar, they're so good. But to me it's more like dessert than Turkey. Almost everyone in the group has dogs, so everyone brings their dogs while we catch up. Let the dogs play. I was so frustrated with the Turkey situation that I started drinking immediately. Well, one of our friends in the group is a vegan, which she's a tolerable one, but still very much vegan. She brought her veggies and some other items to add to the dinner. Actually, everyone brought really good stuff. Put my lame honey baked ham, Turkey to shame, and I was embarrassed because I usually put on a big cooking show and I'm usually the star of the show, not just this one, but anywhere I cook as well.

Stardom just follows me everywhere I go, people. I'm kidding. As the night went on, of course, politics come up because I can't be anywhere without them coming up. But luckily, pretty much everyone in the group are listeners and align with our conservative movement. But I'm pretty buzzed at this point and start sharing some of the alarming things happening in the world of politics. Things that I'm actually scared of, which I talk about on the show all the time. Now, the vegan friend skews a little more left, not obnoxiously. She just grew up in Northern California and was just hammered with liberal BS her whole life. Her boyfriend aligns with us, so he's chipping away at her slowly but surely. Her and I both a little bit drunk, she decided that she was going to start to speak up a bit and engaged me in some warm debate.

Not heated, just a little warm, but we're both drunk and going on and on. So the host, my friend, grabs a tray of cookies and brings them in to sort of diffuse the situation, passing the tray around and everyone else is going, Hmm yum. I was like, these yums are pretty fake. I don't know what's going on here. So I grab one, pop it in my mouth, and I immediately go, gross. I spit it out on my napkin and maybe a little bit dramatically say, Ew, this is disgusting. Who made these? Of course, everyone is super uncomfortable at this point. That's one thing you have to know about me, folks, when I drink any small filter I have goes right out the window. So naturally I spit it out, make a huge scene, and I grabbed another one to make a point, broke a piece off and tried giving it to all the dogs and they ran away.

Stuff was nasty. So of course my drama sort of interrupted our discussion. So after it was all out of my mouth and I took another shot of Casamigos, I tried to reinitiate the conversation with her. I looked around, people are still stunned. The girl I engaged with was sad, looked like someone punched her in the gut. I look at my friend, the host and say, what did I miss? Did I do something? Did so