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Musk v. Marxism


Intro: The Elon Musk supremacy, the left's obsession with Elon exposes their Marxist agenda and nonstop hypocrisy. You are listening to the Last Gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh Yeah. Let's go Brandon. We are fired up this morning. Let's go everyone. Let's go for Brandon. Yeah, hello everybody and let's go Brandon.

Chad: Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. This is Chad Law, your host with the most, your binary brother, the holiest homo, and the most fascist fairy. Wake up every morning to destroy the soul of America. Very happy to be back in the gay conservative studios here in Orange County. Life is good, God is good, and we're making strides and taking our country back every single day. Quick public service announcement. This is a safe space, a no woke zone, a place for freedom and democracy loving patriots all over the globe to come together, share their truth and broadcast through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, folks, it's almost December and the politicians are doing everything but plan and the media frenzies are just as insane. It seems these politicians are more obsessed with Twitter and Elon Musk than the country, our borders and our economy.

The openly twisted priorities are just confirmations for us that something seriously needs to change in Congress. In fact, recent studies have shown some politicians have tweeted about Musk or Twitter, 10 x versus any pressing American issue. Today's left is obsessed with taking down Elon, or at least trying, even more so than fixing the country. This obsession has become a frenzy and Democrats have come out in droves to talk about Twitter, the employees, Elon, and everything else around the takeover, but haven't said much else, is this classic avoidance of reality or something more. I'm certainly not reading anything about plans, programs, and legislation politicians will roll out in January. Representative McCarthy, the probably new house majority leader, does have a commitment to America, but it's pretty much the same old talking points with no explanation on how they will execute on their commitment to us.

Democrats, on the other hand have taken the closer than expected election as a green light for all their nonsense. All in all, we're seeing a lot of whining and wasted tax dollars which leaves me, and hopefully all of you wondering what's in store for next year, is it just going to be the same Politics as usual, the lack of effort at all from the politicians should reassure all of us that they can't fix our situation, and that's because of their obsession with themselves blocking progress with their own egos, especially with their obsession with social media, which has added as a distraction for them to do their actual work. But I'll dive deeper into that when we get to the meat of the episode. I promised y'all I would not disappoint with funny stories and coincidentally had a pretty good one the other day.

A group of my friends put on a Friendsgiving dinner a couple nights ago, and I have shared, as you know, I'm not big on social events like that or any. I really try to avoid dealing with people at all costs unless it's something that excites me, like a political event or a speaking engagement. So my contribution like always was the Turkey. My friend has a smoker, so the plan was I would smoke a Turkey or two all day, and then by the time guests arrived, it would be ready. I mean, this is pretty much par for the course as I either always smoke a Turkey or deep fry, one or both, which are the only two ways I like Turkey anyways. I find oven cooked Turkey, very dry and tasteless. So that morning I head to the store only to find out no one has fresh turkeys, nowhere. I went to three stores in person, came back home, got online and searched all over the county and beyond on Vaughn's, Safeway, Albertson's, Ralph's, all the websites.

Finally, I found one fresh Turkey about 40 minutes south of where I live. So I did an online order to reserve it and headed down to pick it up. So drive all the way down there and arrive to no fresh turkeys. Apparently the website was wrong. I mean, all I could think to myself was surely people do Thanksgiving stuff all month long. I mean, coming from a divorced family, you oftentimes have to spread out the days in order to accommodate schedules or if extended families coming in, and most importantly, Friendsgiving, which is a huge trend and a huge thing people do during the month of November before Thanksgiving. But according to these grocery stores, apparently people only buy fresh the week of the holiday. Frozen wouldn't have worked because they take like a month to thaw, and I don't think I could force myself to eat a frozen Turkey. Some of those things are like 15 years old. Look, I know that's not true, but someone told me that one time and I don't know why it just haunted me ever since.

I guess we all have our irrational beliefs. Long story short, I ended up having to go to Honey Baked Ham and getting one of their Turkey breasts that are covered in honey and brown sugar, they're so good. But to me it's more like dessert than Turkey. Almost everyone in the group has dogs, so everyone brings their dogs while we catch up. Let the dogs play. I was so frustrated with the Turkey situation that I started drinking immediately. Well, one of our friends in the group is a vegan, which she's a tolerable one, but still very much vegan. She brought her veggies and some other items to add to the dinner. Actually, everyone brought really good stuff. Put my lame honey baked ham, Turkey to shame, and I was embarrassed because I usually put on a big cooking show and I'm usually the star of the show, not just this one, but anywhere I cook as well.

Stardom just follows me everywhere I go, people. I'm kidding. As the night went on, of course, politics come up because I can't be anywhere without them coming up. But luckily, pretty much everyone in the group are listeners and align with our conservative movement. But I'm pretty buzzed at this point and start sharing some of the alarming things happening in the world of politics. Things that I'm actually scared of, which I talk about on the show all the time. Now, the vegan friend skews a little more left, not obnoxiously. She just grew up in Northern California and was just hammered with liberal BS her whole life. Her boyfriend aligns with us, so he's chipping away at her slowly but surely. Her and I both a little bit drunk, she decided that she was going to start to speak up a bit and engaged me in some warm debate.

Not heated, just a little warm, but we're both drunk and going on and on. So the host, my friend, grabs a tray of cookies and brings them in to sort of diffuse the situation, passing the tray around and everyone else is going, Hmm yum. I was like, these yums are pretty fake. I don't know what's going on here. So I grab one, pop it in my mouth, and I immediately go, gross. I spit it out on my napkin and maybe a little bit dramatically say, Ew, this is disgusting. Who made these? Of course, everyone is super uncomfortable at this point. That's one thing you have to know about me, folks, when I drink any small filter I have goes right out the window. So naturally I spit it out, make a huge scene, and I grabbed another one to make a point, broke a piece off and tried giving it to all the dogs and they ran away.

Stuff was nasty. So of course my drama sort of interrupted our discussion. So after it was all out of my mouth and I took another shot of Casamigos, I tried to reinitiate the conversation with her. I looked around, people are still stunned. The girl I engaged with was sad, looked like someone punched her in the gut. I look at my friend, the host and say, what did I miss? Did I do something? Did someone die? She looks at me and says, Emily, which is a fake name, baked those cookies and they're vegan. So she tried to make them taste really good. So of course my heart sinks into my stomach and I said, oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. I shouldn't have made such a big scene, but they were really bad better luck next time. Well, after that, everyone naturally scattered to get out of the uncomfortable situation.

The UFC fight was on, so some went to watch that. Others stayed chatting with me, others started packing up to go home. Shortly after I hit a wall, decide to leave, and Ron and I went home. Next day, wake up, ready to go. My best friend who was the host, and I usually do the dog park in the morning, so I'm ringing her and ringing her and getting no answer, which is very odd. Now, I should also mention there was a group text regarding all the details and apparently where she shared about her cookies, etcetera. Well, I abore group texts, they give me constant anxiety and my phone blows up constantly already so my friends know not to put me on group text messages. Well, apparently what I missed on the group chat is that everyone from the party was sick.

My friend started sending me the screenshots. They started by assuming it was a hangover, but then I mentioned that I drank three times more than all of them, and I felt fine. One of the guys says, this is not a hangover. It's food poisoning. I was the only one out of the 12 to 15 people who was not sick. These guys were deathly ill coming out both ends type of situation, miserable, crying in pain on the bathroom floor. In the meantime, I go to the gym, I walk Ron, get my car washed, etcetera, and it took them a few hours to figure it all out, but I was the only one who did not swallow one of those poisoned vegan cookies. The vegan cookies came back to haunt all of them. I knew they were nasty in every way. Ugh. I'm telling you folks, any of this replacement stuff for gluten or meat or dairy is disgusting.

I can't even smell it. It's ugh, I got a good kick out of that because it was complete redemption after I was made to feel bad about talking about the poisonous cookies, and of course, our little vegan friend had nothing to say. Anyhow, sorry I drag that one out a little long, but that was funny for me. They all got sick except for the one who did not touch the nasty vegan dessert. Alright, let's touch on a couple news items today, shall we? I am sure you all saw that Donald Trump has been welcomed back to Twitter. Many out there said, Elon Musk allows Trump back on, which is false. Now, at the direction of Elon Musk, Twitter pulled their users and asked one simple question, should Donald Trump be reinstated onto Twitter? When it was announced that a poll would take place, I actually immediately lost hope.

Twitter is a global cesspool for the media political elite politicians, I figure voting is not going to do any good. I was wrong, boy was I wrong. Funny enough, the polls represented the current voting landscape here in the US almost dead on. Trump won with 51.8% for reinstatement and 48.2% against. Over 15 million Twitter users participated in the poll. That's massive. Elon Musk responded with the perfect phrase, Vox Populi Vox Day for all of you other Catholic school alumni, and we know what that means, bu the English translation is the voice of the people is the voice of God. That's all you need to know when it comes to democracy. That is absolutely the truth. During the poll and throughout all the speculation, Trump has made it very clear that his plans for rejoining Twitter were not concrete, and his first form of communication will remain truth social.

Now, I think that decision is a poor one, and I understand where it comes from, but I understand that truth social is his baby and important, but it's made up of mostly conservatives and Trump supporters. It's great if you need to double-check that you're right about something or just feel better being right about something, but Twitter represents a melding pot of all shapes and sizes. It has an audience that even in this divisive time may include a handful of voters that needed to hear more from Trump in order to vote. I also believe it's great as an education tool versus the constant food fight. I've said the theme for the next two years should be to take a step back and educate people on the movement and the facts versus blinging, the food. Take a note from the election results, if you will.

During the announcement, there was some pretty hysterical meltdowns that happened, but the best one was CBS. A massive billion dollar American news network announced they would be leaving Twitter out of an abundance of caution. 48 hours later, they're back on. Apparently it wasn't that serious. The last thing I should mention is now that his account is reinstated, you can see his last handful of posts that explicitly say, protestors please be careful at the Capitol. We are the party of law and order respect the boys in blue. Sure, sounds like an insurrectionist to me, but we'll get back on the Musk obsession a little bit later.

In other news, uncle Festerman's excuse for a wife, Morticia is throwing a temper tantrum because people are pointing out the obvious. She's his puppet master. You all heard me talk about a couple days ago on live TV, we all watched her sneak a cell phone onto his podium while he was giving his acceptance speech. Wonder what it had on it. Can you blame anyone for thinking that? The guy can barely function. He's one more head injury away from being a full-on vegetable. There is no way he's going through this challenging time without guidance from someone. Boy does she not like that one bit. The right-wing hates women. They especially hate strong women, and I think that's what you're seeing she said. The fact that a spouse of a senator elect has been attacked nonstop for the past 24 hours and everyone's okay with it and thinks it's normal, it's not normal she says.

She went on to say, since entering the capitol for training, my inbox has been completely filled with threats and horrible things, and that's because I've been a nonstop loop on Fox News. Well, my first question is what the hell are you training for? And I'm hoping that you shock callers. Second of all, the right hates women. That's the argument you want to make the right hates strong women. That's the unity uncle Fester promised everyone? You know what we really hate on the right, disgusting little troll people who try to get sympathy and blame everyone else instead of owning up to why the entire world thinks you're calling the shots, there's a reason for it. Talk about it. Don't blame. The best part of it for me is that after running his cool man in his hoodie, he's in a suit. Tell me that's not a sellout right there.

I mean, you could not have a worse couple or family in Washington. They are degenerate to the point where it doesn't matter who's calling the shots, they're all worthless. Just from the way they present themselves to the policies they represent it affirms that Marxists come in all shapes and sizes, not just college professors, but white trash from Pennsylvania. A reporter even asked about his hoodie where he just looked glassy-eyed and kept shuffling along. His longtime advisor and friend responded saying, there are two things we need to get out of the way. First, John Federman has a suit and will wear it to the capitol. Second, he's still recovering from a stroke and has lingering auditory processing challenges the way Hill reporters are used to yelling questions that Senators will not work here. What a joke.

Can you all tell how much I like this guy. He represents something very scary to me. Like I said, he's a socialist in the clothes of a blue collar tatted up American. People see him as someone they want to go have beers with and talk sports when in actuality he's no different than a trans agenda pedalling socialist ideologue that we see in our school system. He's a sorry excuse for a person, an even bigger excuse for a politician, and we should all be embarrassed that he sits on Capitol Hill. Lastly, I do want to touch on the FTX crash real quick. The crypto billionaire, Sam Bankman Freed, took complete advantage of his investors while funneling millions of dollars to the Democratic Party in a clear game of politics over people SBF, also known as Sam Bankman Freed was the second largest donor to the DNC coming in right below George Soros.

Using investor funds to support politicians. Meanwhile, the company's hemorrhaging cash and has a looming bankruptcy, Freed left everything to his democratic friends, keeping them really rich while his investors and early supporters have lost everything. Apparently though his DNC buddies can't save them because he's hole up in The Bahamas with a fat stack of cash next to him. I wonder where Merrick Garland is over this one. I understand, folks, this has been all over the news for a while now, but I did want to touch on something that I didn't see a lot of people catch. Now we've already exposed that FTX was a massive money laundering scheme for Democrats. This is par for the course right up there with the Clinton Foundation. We know the Biden blank check hasn't stopped for Ukraine as we fund a war of attrition with no winners or losers, currently.

As the media announces more Ukraine gains, Russians start to get more aggressive. This is not a conspiracy, this is a follow the money story and Jesse Waters already did an awesome job doing so. I mean, I even talk about this slightly on my two-part episode on Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt non democracies in the world. It's the center of money laundering. All the major servers that host child pornography exist in the Ukraine. The worst people in the world from dictators to terrorists use Ukraine as their personal holdings company. Now, shortly after the FTX crash and all these inconsistencies were revealed, the Ukraine allegedly launched a missile right into Poland.

It seems strange because it got very little coverage. While Ukraine blamed Russia, all the other countries, nato, etcetera, first world countries have come out and said their investigations have confirmed that the missile came from Ukraine. Biden then came out and confirmed that Ukraine did in fact launch the missile and things have now changed on our end. Now, if he wanted to, he could have protected Ukraine and just blamed Russia, which is what any leader would probably do. However, it was very odd that he chose to publicly shame Ukraine. So FTX crashed. Sam Beltman Freed is the second largest donor to the DNC. Ukraine is one of the biggest investors into FTX, which makes no sense because why would a country with such a small GDP take high risk crypto investments? Hmm, completely irresponsible especially to the taxpayers of Ukraine, and so it goes full circle.

Biden sends billions on billions to Ukraine. Ukraine buys billions worth of STX. Then FTX dollars line big DNC pockets. It's not that hard to follow folks, but the weird thing is that the Ukraine supposedly hits Poland with a missile and Biden is now reassessing the Ukraine's support. Now, this is only a theory of mine, but I would not be surprised if it comes out later that the missile was done purposely to pull us out of the conflict or cut the funding way down now that the DNC revenue stream is all dried up. Some things are just a little too coincidental for my liking. I mean, the way we handle things moving forward will be the actual tell of what really happened there. This is typical Biden behavior, Mr. Tough guy, that's not tough, and remember, he has to defend Ukraine with everything he's got or else he's in big hot water with that Farmer's Almanac.

It's just like the Saudi prince that Biden campaigned on bringing to justice, now is miraculously immune. Yet people actually think Biden is a good leader. Does anyone want to guess why the Saudi prince is suddenly immune? Let me give you a hint. It starts with O and ends with il, oil. But needless to say, that's enough ranting for me and there are hundreds of more stories I wanted to touch on, but we'll have to get into the episode today.

Today's episode is all about the liberal obsession with Elon Musk and Twitter and the negative impact it's having on presenting any plan or how they plan on getting anything done next year. Apparently the dealings of a private company, which by the way has been their excuse for allowing big tech to censor and ban others, has superseded an importance than inflation crime and national security. Like I said, they are going to use this close race as affirmation to greenlight these insane policies, but they're not even doing that yet. They've gone from flinging everything they've got at Donald Trump to vilifying Elon Musk. The priorities are so twisted. This is just Washington. Liberals should love Elon. He pioneered their electric car market and they all drive Teslas. Also, Teslas unlike any other American auto, not GM, not Ford, not Chrysler. There are 95% USA made and USA parts in the cars.

Elon has created tens of thousands of jobs, sponsored hundreds of immigrants to become legal American residents based on the skillset they bring to the table. Musk has been one of the largest economic stimuluses to our country between PayPal, Tesla and now Twitter. Not to mention he really cultivated and created this workplace culture that combined high-performance expectations, but coupled with individual expression and merit-based career paths that have inspired hundreds of other companies to follow suit. And from a personal note, you might not know this, but Musk suffers from Asperger's, which is a mild condition on the spectrum of autism.

The man is the American dream. An immigrant who used his disability to work for him, slept on the floor of his office day and night and eventually made millions. Love his personality or not, no one can take away his accomplishments and or his investments into the US economy, but you see none of that matters to liberals. They can talk about immigrants and dreamers all day, but if you don't agree with them exactly, it's all out war. He represents everything they say they want to support and protect, disabled immigrant, creating real American jobs, using real American parts, real American manufacturing and paying fair wages and benefits. The guy could have outsourced all of Tesla to China and India by now without a dip in sales, but he chose to keep everything here.

On a personal note for me, I don't really like the guy, I mean honestly, he's funny and smart, but he's not someone that I'd be friends with or want to drink with. I don't really like Tesla's at all. All that aside, I can't disparage him. The guy has revolutionized more than two industries, not companies, industries. So why am I telling you all this? Well, one, I want you guys to know I'm not some big Elon fan who's trying to die on my high horse, and two, it's so important that we showcase the obvious double standard with liberals the second you do or say anything out of line, but more than that sparked this episode. Let me ask you, what do you think you get when you pair a Washington Post reporter with a Democrat senator from Massachusetts? A bunch of bullshit. In a move that could only be described as gotcha journalism?

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts colluded with the Washington Post to make a fake profile and sign up for a blue check mark. The American Wire News broke the story and said a current US senator colluded with a Washington Post reporter to intentionally defraud Twitter's verification system and now is throwing an online tantrum. Massachusetts Senator Ed Marky collaborated with the Washington Post reporter Jeffrey Fowler to create a fake account of the senator that went on to get verified by the social media company per their new processes. After giving Fowler permission in the account got its blue check mark, Senator Marky wrote a letter to Twitter owner, Elon Musk complaining that this was allowed to happen. In his complaint, Markey conveniently left out that the fake account had his permission to do so. Those who run Twitter's verification process of course couldn't have known that information, but it certainly makes his claims less egregious.

Then the senator, of course starts the nonsense, so he starts tweeting and he claimed that Musk is putting profits over people and his debt over stopping disinformation and demanded an explanation from the tech company's top brass on what they're doing to prevent this sort of problem. We should note it's the problem that Senator Markey and Fowler intentionally created. What the hell place does a US Senator have colluding with a journalist to try to catch someone running their business in the way they want to run it? It is private enterprise, not Washington's property. People like this think they own everything but in perfect form, Elon says, one, you gave permission to the newspaper to impersonate, so I don't know what you want me to do there. And two, he also stated that his regular profile looks like a parody and he is right to joke. It is a total joke.

This letter to him went out on US Senate letterhead as if it was official senate business, which is a clear violation of the oath he took when he came into office. This is not serving his constituents or the public. This is him serving himself and trying to get himself on TV with gotcha journalism. Sure, he wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of this same type of reporting. However, there's a massive problem that eats away at me in this exchange of how the Senator responded that makes me sick. This is the stuff I lose sleepover folks. His tweet back to Musk says, one of your companies is under an FTC content decree, auto safety watchdog N H T S A is investigating another for killing people, and you're spending your time picking fights online. Fix your companies or Congress will for you. I mean, wow, that is a clear threat of using political power to interfere with private business.

Essentially what he's saying is you better do what I say or I'm going to use the power of my position as a lawmaker to tank your companies. This is one of the most unethical portrayals of abuse power I have ever witnessed. Imagine a US Senator, one of the most powerful people in the world, 1 of 50 people in the world telling someone who has contributed to the wealth of our nation directly helping this senator have his bills paid, telling them that he will use his power to fix his companies. That is scary, but where was the media on this? Nowhere to be found. Could you imagine if Mitch McConnell or Senator Hawley got up and said to Disney, stop airing woke content about trans people or Congress will, there would already be a committee and a special prosecutor put in place? The largest question is why does the senator care so much about Elon and Twitter?

Why waste time with the journalist to create some trap or whatever you were thinking? Is that the most pressing issue in your state right now, Elon? It really comes down to one thing, folks, and this is again why I lose sleep. It's just he's proving, Elon is proving that capitalism can also create positive change in the world. He's showing how one can take money from a venture to another to another and make sure that all of those ventures support varying causes, and ironically, most of them are causes the left claims to care about. I mean, in contrast, they idolize someone like Bernie Sanders who spent his entire life talking about changing everything, changing the economy, changing the government, but hasn't put a penny of his own money or an ounce of his own sweat into actually doing any of his ideas. He has a legion of dedicated acolytes that are willing to talk your ear off or physically fight you to defend their guy.

He's a leach. It's easy to talk about how to change things, fix things when you have no accountability and you're leeching off of other people's pay, and I have respect for Bernie. I respect someone that's so true to their ideals. I really do. I think he's an absolute crackpot, but I have a lot of respect for people who are true to their convictions and he has been. However, he's not someone that can fix the economy or the environment or anything because he doesn't have the skillset to do so. He's a "public servant." AOC is one of those dedicated legion members of Sanders, and funny enough, recent data just came out showing that AOC has tweeted more anti Elon type posts 10 to one for every tweet regarding actual American policy. She is literally using what she hates about Elon and his platform to get bigger on the same platform.

Really smart thinking, and she's a bartender from New York who believes in equality unless you are equal in any other way than she's outlined. The founder of the Green New Deal recently has taken to Twitter to denounce Musk. However, the pre-Elon developed user driven fact checking program on Twitter has not been her friend. Recently she tweeted "Idk man, last time he was here, this platform was used to incite an insurrection, multiple people died. The vice president of the United States was nearly assassinated and hundreds were injured. But I guess that's not enough for you to answer the question." Twitter poll it is. So she's using violence as a reason to denounce democracy. Doesn't that seem to be counterintuitive as you would want people to choose? So that tweet as we're talking about reading between the lines, that tweet is essentially saying someone's guilty before proven innocent.

We should have the right to take people away based on whatever perceptions they have and that violence should be a reason to end democracy. In another nod to her purely Marxist belief, she called out Elon for being a billionaire and selling free speech for $8 a month. Well, what is that all about? Again, if you read between the lines, she's saying he's a billionaire, he should pay for everyone. It's just another obvious underhanded cheer for wealth distribution. They're trying to create billionaire synonymous with evil or hated. Not one thing she has launched against Musk has been remotely American. He shouldn't be able to fire people for not meeting the company work culture. He shouldn't be able to charge for something. He shouldn't be able to say things or allow people on his own platform.

Everything we should be against. She does it in such a way that people actually think she's championing for them, but what she's doing is whining, and last time I checked, she was still driving her Tesla around DC. I mean, have you ever seen a mother try to get her kid to stop sucking their thumb? It is no easy feat and usually includes a lot of tantrums and pushback. See, for the left, because the radical leadership of Twitter since day one has given them this sort of metaphoric thumb to suck on where they were never questioned, their content got priority and their blue flag was a symbol of elitism. Well, Elon now shows up and puts Tabasco sauce all over their thumb and it's starting to sting and they don't like it. I mean, AOC has openly stated the products and services, SpaceX, Starlink and the Boring company and Tesla have provided should redistribute wealth not further concentrate it.

Saving the planet should come from government mandates and controls, not free market invention and private industry innovation. The Green New Deal is supposed to destroy capitalism and enrich those selected by government, not give the nerdy tech boys more yacht-buying money. I mean, even what seemed to be childish Twitter spats the left can't hide their socialist spots. This is why they hate Elon. He represents the real capitalism and what happens when you make more and more money and how you can help with it. Although not surprisingly, Bernie with one of his socialist rants got into it with Musk when he demanded, we must demand every extremely wealthy person, pay their fair share in taxes, pay more taxes. I'm paraphrasing, and Elon so eloquently replied, oh, I keep forgetting you're alive.

That one really, I had to laugh at because it's true and it's a nice jab to our congressional median age, which is way too high. The left exploded on Twitter telling him he was mean, but then they changed the mean comment to going on about his hair, his kids, his wealth, etcetera. When others responded logically and said, a billionaire tax is stupid, you're asking for more and more and more money from citizens who have worked without demonstrating the ability to manage the trillions they've already given them. It's sickening. The fact checker that uses other users instead of bias information from sites like Snoops is working at full capacity and the left can't stop complaining about it. Funny enough, the tool was already created and developed for Twitter with their previous executive team on board, but it was never launched. This is another classic case of back scratching.

It was easier for Twitter to squash, delete, hide, and remove information than it was to launch this program and have it checked collectively. The liberals hated the idea and so conveniently Twitter never used it. However, one of the first things Elon did was take it live. Now, you would think the champions against misinformation would love this, but they hate it. I don't know if you've seen it. I've looked at, it looks fair and concise to me from both sides. The biggest revelation I have had as it pertains to the left's obsession and constant fights with Elon Musk is that we're actually watching a debate between the representation of capitalist democracy and Marxism. Sure there are insults and other crude remarks, but when you read between the lines, it's watching the takers trash the givers. It's watching people who think everything should be paid for by everyone else, criticizing those who have propped up themselves.

It's watching freedom of speech against censorship. However, the hardest reality of it all is the left meddling in private enterprise trying to intimidate and enforce the way they want things using their government power. That power is ours, the people, not theirs to use in online fights against private companies who don't push their woke agenda. It's sad and most importantly, it's very sad to see and sadly it's just a cheeky way to promote Marxist beliefs and their crazy agenda, and it's not going to stop unless we keep it from happening by shutting them down with real information. Allow me to leave you with this. Jonathan Kraus wrote this piece and I wanted to pull some information from it. It's a great piece, and he says, ever since the days of the Apollo program, the left has decreed the amount of money the federal government allocated to NASA for space travel.

In 2002, 20 years ago, Musk founded SpaceX with the stated goal of achieving private sector space launch capabilities and travel, to reduce costs. SpaceX developed reusable first stage rockets that returned to the launch site instead of disposables that NASA has used for years. NASA has since contracted with SpaceX to provide missions to the International Space Station and to place communications and research satellites into orbit. Meaning NASA gets more done for significantly less money thanks to SpaceX. Another prime example is when Musk announced to send manned spacecraft to orbit the moon and return to earth, he didn't get a bunch of Ivy League educated engineers or Air Force Navy fighters.

Instead, he chose a Japanese artist who claim the trip will be used to spread a message of peace. Furthermore, climate Alarmists have claimed that all gas powered internal combustion engine vehicles need to be removed on the road and replaced by electric vehicles in 2004, again, almost 20 years ago, 18 years ago. Musk join Tesla Motors becoming the CEO two years later. Since then, the company has become the most successful electric vehicle maker in the world, producing cars that can actually outperform gas-powered vehicles and feature cutting-edge technology like self-driving and self-diagnosis of mechanical issues. He also created Solar City, which was later folded into Tesla, but it provided technology for the home using superchargers that are usually used by Tesla vehicles while using generating systems through solar panels and batteries for residential, commercial and industrial customers that live in areas that can sustain with SunPower.

I mean, liberals have also always been obsessed with transit systems to take vehicles off the road and help people of certain socioeconomic statuses have better transportation. What does Musk do? Well, in 2016, he founded the Boring Company, which creates underground closed loop transportation systems that will provide electric vehicle transport below cities and even between cities. Can you see the pattern here? They call for it. He has met them and exceeded their expectations, but they still hate him. They also have gone off for years about how the internet has to be free for everyone in rural areas and lower economic standards to create equitable growth into the future economy. So Musk launches StarLink, which placed hundreds of satellites in orbit around the planet that will not only provide broadband internet to all of America, potentially to everyone on earth.

He used Starlink to give Ukraine wifi access, internet access during the Russian War when it was cut off. They have claimed for years that cryptocurrency is the key to toppling banks and corporate greed of the economy. AOC has to eat it een crypto should be used to set people free. Tesla was one of the very first companies to accept crypto as payments for their products. Musk actively promoted Dogecoin all over social media. It's a never ending list of positive contributions made by Elon Musk's well-earned capital. Like most of my episodes, this is a micro example of what's happening in a global macro environment, where capitalism and democracy are very much threatened and no, I don't mean by the Chinese or the Russians or the Iranians. I'm talking about people who have redefined what capitalism and democracy mean, like what we see in Scandinavian countries or France or Holland.

Western European governments are not capitalist democracies. Their social democracies, which means socialists, they distribute wealth, have giant welfare states. The richest people support the poorest and the government is involved in every aspect of your life. Can't you feel and see that sentiment as liberals tweet against Musk? See, the entire world needs to realize that when democracy and capitalism are untouched, everyone benefits because it pays to innovate and risk and develop anything else just squelches growth and innovation. Capitalism is what's led to our ability to feed the world with stronger corn and wheat crops. Capitalism has led to the electric vehicle granted now with much government interference, but capitalism made them popular. Tesla, not the Chevy Volt.

Capitalism is the only reason this country is probably the last where you can turn $50 into 5 million with hard work and innovation. However, just like we saw online, that keeps the power with the people, it ensures that the future of the country, both economically and socially is in the hands of the people and not the government. Capitalism is the only thing setting us apart from countries like Mexico, France, and Germany. The point is here folks, that we don't always need to look for and attack their psycho policies if there are any anyways. The point is that we can look at the fights they pick, who they pick them with, why they pick them and what they're saying to get an absolutely crystal clear picture of what their agenda is all about.

And my hope is that all of you start going beyond the tweets and reading between the lines to see what is really meant. This isn't just for psychos on the left either. All of our Rino friends are constantly on Twitter saying things that don't align with being or voting Republican. That's how they got their name Rino. We can't keep washing our hands and just saying, oh, it's just the internet, just spats on the internet. People are just tweeting for attention. No, we must dissect the opposition from every angle and they can try and hide as American democratic socialists or however they want to dress it up, but it's just another phrase for Marxism in a cuter outfit. There is one consistent theme out of this episode. There is no pleasing the left because it's not about the actual goals and needs of their platform. It also has to be done by the people they choose and the way they choose it.

Elon Musk represent something, the mob, the left, the median, all the rest fear more than anything, we as people can get by just fine. Make the money we need to make, help the environment the way we need to help the environment, help others the way we want to help others without the government, and isn't that what America stands for? You choose. I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so. Amen. Stupid and uninformed are very different things. God bless you President Reagan and may God save America.

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