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Moron in Oxymoron- Inflation Reduction Spending?


Intro: It seems the liberals are putting moron in oxymoron as states declare monkeypox as an emergency and the senate passes inflation reduction spending.

Chad: Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's Chad Law, your hostess with the mostest, your holy homo, binary brother, blessing everyone including the left with truth through our red, white, and blue rainbow. Well, it's another beautiful day here in Newport Beach, I can't believe, cannot believe we are approaching mid-August, then it's going to be Labor Day and we're straight into fall. I mean, we always say it, "oh man, it went by so fast." And as I get older, it really does go by faster and faster. It's an odd feeling. However, it does push me and keep me in a state of gratitude more so.

But today's episode is going to focus on the mob's biggest power grab yet. Fake legislation, emergency health declarations. It's just become so obvious that the Blue State liberals are really missing the emergency power they had during Covid 19. And Monkeypox is the new conduit to get their authoritarian anti-democracy, anti-citizen, anti-voting and anti-spending oversight power back. What better way, how else are you going to put stuff through that your constituents don't want? And then the United States Senate passed what they're calling the Inflation Reduction Act. I can't even say it with a straight face.

And sadly, millions of Americans have been tricked into thinking that that's what this bill is and actually does. It's legislation to fight inflation, which is so sad because so many of us are desperate for inflation to come down just for our basic living needs. You may know that this bill does nothing of the sort and is arguably the most radical left legislation ever to come out of Congress. On another note, Biden just recovered from two weeks or so of testing positive for Covid. The big guys had more vaccines than my dog being jabbed a total of four times as of last week. What do you know? He got covid still after four vaccines.

What are we supposed to think? You would think people would wake up and go, okay, these vaccines must not work as well as they should. Maybe we don't need more boosters or shots for two to six year olds, and even vaccinations for the elderly. However, the liberals can't help themselves and have doubled down on pushing boosters, elderly shots and baby vaccination. The president of the United States just showed the entire world that you can still get covid for over two weeks, even with having every shot possible. But we're not asking how or why, and most importantly, how good these vaccines we were all guilted into taking are protecting us.

No, see, liberals would rather convince you that even though the boosted still get covid, it's mild and nothing like the deadly covid we saw before. The guy tested positive for over two weeks, and you can tell he was really sick. The hard sell continues, but with each day it becomes more obvious that we still have no idea whether these shots will actually work. And we also know that herd immunity has been much more effective. I'm not going to go down a covid rabbit hole here. I just wanted to put that out there after I had a very heated discussion with a liberal colleague and he was trying to convince me that Biden's case should act as motivation for shots, not the opposite, interesting take.

Regardless of the efficacy, we should all be boosted, right? No, but before we jump into the meat of the episode, I wanted to share a quick story with you all. You probably notice I rarely talk about my dating or relationship life with you all because partially I never want to cross that line of vulgarity, but more so there's not been much to discuss or report. Over the weekend, my friend and I, we had dinner at Houston's. I love Houston's. Anything Hillstone group I love. My friends teased me because it's a chain and I'm like, it's not like it's Red Lobster, it's beautiful inside. The service is always perfect and the food is just superb.

I've never had a bad meal or experience at anything Hillstone Group. And here in Newport, we have three, maybe four Hillstone restaurants. So I have a tendency to frequent them often. We're chatting and I casually mentioned to her that maybe I'm ready to start dating again but the gay pool in Orange County or Newport is very small. So if you haven't dated before, someone you know has dated that person before. And I told her, I'm just not having much luck online. My Bumble keeps popping up with guys I've already talked to and my hinge is filled with bottom feeders. And the challenge is that I do have a couple of disadvantages being both Christian and conservative.

You know, 9 out of 10 gay dating profiles, say atheist, agnostic or spiritual, and 9.9 out of 10 say liberal under politics. But I always just put it out there, my beliefs, the podcast, everything. I even say if you identify as woke, swipe left. So my friend says to me that she's had much better luck using Bumble BFF instead of the dating side. I've never even thought about that before. I mean, first in gay, BF and BFF are very similar as boundaries aren't exactly a strong part of gay life. And second people online looking for friends, isn't that a bit desperate? I always meet friends. Well, what the heck, I decided to give it a shot.

So I hop on checking things out and I start getting these matches and messages, all straight guys telling me they're looking for new gay guy friends, which was odd to me. Now, I might be a little old school, but I have three straight brothers, none of which would have any issue being friends with a gay guy, but I don't think they would. No, they would never advertise a desire for a gay friend online. I mean, I do kind of get it only because so many movies and articles like in GQ and Esquire and TV shows talk about how every straight guy needs a gay friend. You know me, none of that matters because again, making gay the number one reason for anything is so lame.

But all my male friends here are straight. So I figured what's the harm in chatting? One guy was actually really cool, also conservative, good golfer, loved football and fantasy football, just like me, it seemed like we had a lot in common. I didn't feel any weirdness. There was nothing awkward. So he invited me to play golf with him and then grab a drink or dinner with some friends afterwards. I needed to get out on the course anyways people. And when he invited me, I realized he was inviting me to a very exclusive club in town. Even I can't get into, I played a great round. Of course, I mopped the floor with him and his straight golfing skills, with my bad back and my inability to practice normally.

But after that, we grabbed a beer at the 19th hole and showered, dressed in the locker room, which was like a spa. This club is unreal. And I think I heard them say the enrollment fee is about 300 grand. All in all, so far so good. So then I followed him to the restaurant in Newport. I knew some people there actually and saw a few of his friends and got all the funny gay questions and commentary out of the way. And we just all started talking. But honestly wasn't a big fan of the friends, but I was having a good time walking around and talking. I was excited to have met him and found a nice new friend, but middle aged men trying to stay in their twenties is rough for me.

Shortly after, wife arrives, all gorgeous Newport women dripping in designer, too much plastic surgery and extensions that are way too long, but gorgeous, nonetheless. I chatted with them for a while. As you know, we all got more intoxicated, something about middle aged blondes with Turkey necks and tight faces just makes me want to get plastered. Apparently every time I'm in that situation, I do, but like I said, I'm having a good time chatting with everyone in the bar, the restaurant. I get super social when I drink, so I'm like all over the place.

I stopped to talk to my new friend and his wife and I go to thank them for the golf game and the drinks, etcetera. And they abruptly asked me if I would be interested in being in a relationship with both of them together. You could probably hear my wheels screaming as I floored it out of the parking lot. This is what happens people when I let my guard down, freak magnet, no more Bumble BFF for me. And honestly, I think I'm just off online dating forever. That was my weekend and I hope you all had less awkward and more fun than I had. Of course, playing that golf course for free was worth it though. After I got home, I really sat and thought about it again, like, God, would it be so bad to be in a trupple if I could get onto that golf course every day? Totally kidding. Not for a million dollars.

But anyways, hope you all liked that one. Let's move on to a couple of news items I wanted to touch on. Mayor Adams, our BFF from New York City lost his mind with the second bus of illegal immigrants arriving in the big apple as part of Governor Abbott of Texas's new policy to transport the thousands of asylum seekers in Texas to metropolitan areas who have welcomed illegals with open arms. Adams in particular comparing the flood of illegals to Ellis Island and asserting that America is built on immigrants. Well, apparently they're only welcome to New York with federal dollars, like they don't get enough in New York anyways, and more information from Texas authorities.

He left that part out of his political rhetoric on TV. But according to Adams, they are welcome, but now only if certain things happen first. American Wire News reported that he also called for federal help with the dealings in arrivals themselves, a number that pales in comparison to the thousands of illegal streaming into Texas. The mayor also turned down an invitation from Abbott for him and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to come to see the situation at the southern border in person. He says, "we need help and we're reaching out to the federal government to tell them we need help." Adam said, "We're going to get through this." See, it was difficult for me to determine if Adams was more upset about the delivery, that all but 14 immigrants arrived in New York City, most of them citing fear of crime and violence, making it an undesirable location even for asylum seekers.

The mayor reportedly noted that more were expected to disembark on Sunday, but perhaps a "fear of the city" affected that number. The New York Post reported, "we were led to believe about 40 people should have been on that bus, only 14 got off" Adam said at the early morning press conference. Suggesting it was because "the fear that something was going to happen to them if they came to this location. People got off earlier." Well, that's a realistic fear. Sunday's busload followed a previous arrival where about 50 migrants had come into New York City on Friday as a result of Abbott's attempt to make a point and bring attention to the influx of migrants illegally streaming across the Texas border.

Well, now Adam shows a stark change in tone from last year while critics of Biden's border policies were shut down by blue cities and state politicians who claimed all are welcome in their cities and streets. Additionally, in this story, since April, charter buses have been transporting migrants from Texas to both New York and Washington DC as Abbott who's been begging the Biden administration to fix this crisis plaguing the nation's border states. He says, "because of Biden's continued refusal to acknowledge the crisis caused by his open border policies, the state of Texas has had to take unprecedented action to keep our community safe." The governor said in a statement. He said, "in addition to Washington, DC, New York City is the ideal destination for these migrants who can receive the abundance of city services and housing that mayor Eric Adams has boasted about his city."

Keep in mind that Mayor Adams calls his city a sanctuary city for illegals. Abbott says, "I hope he follows through on his promise of all welcoming, all open for all migrants so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find some relief." I mean, good for the governor of Texas. He's doing exactly what is necessary and at the same time calling these liberal pieces of crap on their crap. Because as you can see, all they do everything they say, it's all just conjecture. And it's a very sad situation. I don't like the idea of people being used either, but we have to take into consideration that most of the asylum seekers don't even come close to qualifying for asylum as it should be used in this country.

It's a quick way to get in the door and vanish into the American system. On top of that, the true user of these immigrants comes from within the Biden administration, who sees this as a voter drive, packing in as many illegals as possible than passing sweeping amnesty, putting them all on a path to be d and c voters. What's more disgusting that or busting them into different parts of the country?

Next up in the news, another favorite one of my topics, Soros backed DAs. Ron DeSantis, one of my heroes now last week took an unprecedented step and suspended one of the state's attorneys in Florida. His name is Andrew Warren. And Warren is a hundred percent Soros backed DA that has been pushing ideologies over law and order for the past year. Now remember, Florida's rolled out a number of laws around education, transgender rights, LBGTQ issues, abortion limitations that have all been catalysts for similar legislation all over the country, Ohio, Michigan, Montana, et cetera. The theme is that as the federal government takes more of a state's rights to govern and manage its own communities, they'll roll out more legislation to counteract those measures by the federal government. Makes sense?

It all brings light to the fact that Biden has an inability to work with these states and the other side on compromises that would give the states the power they need in order to take care of their residents. And according to the constitution, these equals sweeping countermeasures that force the Fed from forcing ideals on people in areas that just don't align. Just like Disney, liberal public schools and abortion activists learned that going up against Ron DeSantis will never end well, especially over an issue that the people in Florida support. Like all liberals, they just never learned. And apparently this Andrew Warren has not been paying attention. DeSantis came out, suspended Warren and said, when you flagrantly violate your oath of office, when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty.

On Sunday, Warren, who was elected twice to his post in Hillsborough County, he posted a video on Facebook and Twitter slamming the governor for his suspension. Go figure. He says, I'm not going down without a fight. I refuse to let this man trample on your freedoms, to speak your mind, to make your own health decisions and have your vote count. He went on to say, "Ron DeSantis is trying to overthrow democracy in Florida. His plot to suspend me blatantly violates the most fundamental basis of our democracy. Your vote." Of course, Warren uses the typical liberal response, DeSantis and Trump and conservatives are taking away your democracy. He claims to be defending the Constitution.

We're not buying it you big dummy. Guy is such a freaking moron. According to Warren, moron, refusing not to prosecute those who violate the state's 15 week abortion ban, giving low level first time offenders a path and promising to look the other way while providers break the law and surgically reassign the genders of minors is upholding the constitution. He really believes he's upholding the constitution. I'm not really sure how that works, buddy. I mean, sure you're elected, but as a DA, people aren't your only boss. The law is also your boss. And when you ignore it, you have to be checked. And that is exactly what happened.

So when people elect you, they elect you for a position and the duty that comes with that position. When you're elected DA, that doesn't mean your district elected you to do whatever you want. They elected you to be a DA. They have the recourse to recall, but so does the state as the keeper of the law. Now, if he thought he would receive some standing ovation for his continued defiance, Warren was, and for quite of a shock on Twitter, users really nailed him about this video. These tweets are hysterical. Listen to these. "Nothing smacks of radical leftist quite like stating you won't do your job. Losing said job then begging for money because your the victim," said editor JD Rucker. Another tweet says, "your job is to enforce the law, including laws you may not like or feel are poorly written," countered another user.

"You refuse to do it. And Governor DeSantis held you accountable. He didn't abuse his power. You did." Another comment which I thought was so funny, says, "you swore to uphold the laws and prosecute violations. You don't choose what laws you dislike and choose not to enforce. And she goes on to say, that is malfeasance and it was proper to remove you." But there was another user who really gave him quite the reality check. He says, "you need to change your Twitter handle sport. You ain't state attorney anymore. Grifter might be more appropriate." That's so funny. I love Twitter sometimes. I need to be on Twitter more. Actually, I need to find someone to do my Twitter correctly, but that's a whole other story.

So let's jump into the meat of our episode and talk about the biggest sham since snake oil, monkey pox. Now before I go further, yes, I do believe monkey pox exists. I can't imagine it's not comfortable for those who contract the virus. And I also know that with any virus we have to keep an eye on things just in case it gets beyond our control. Just stating the obvious for the fact checkers out there. Sadly, I have to put that out there because people will start telling me that I think Monkey Pox is a hoax and I'm a crazy [21:17 qanon] person. So just to put a point on it, I believe Monkey Pox is real. I don't believe the response nor the coverage has been appropriate. I mean, how can we take something with such a ridiculous name seriously, monkey Pox? Why can't they do a H6MY virus? Every time I hear the word monkey pox, I just picture Curious George with the chicken pox.

Monkey pox in any other time or place would just be a blip on the radar, like herpes or how we handle chicken poxs today. However, the reason we're talking about it is because it's being used to reestablish the authoritarian powers we saw during Covid, several deep, deep blue states, California, New York and Illinois in particular have declared states of emergency. And the federal government just declared an emergency health threat due to pressure from those states, of course. But all around this idea of monkey pox or monkey croc of crap. The state of emergency that all states enacted during the pandemic gave our most power hungry socialists and authoritarian governors free rein for everything essentially.

I mean, there are some limits, but not as much as you would think. As we saw during covid, a state of emergency opens up all sorts of powers to the governor that would normally require checks and balances, votes and oversight. However, during the Covid emergency order, for example, in California, Newsom controlled what we had to wear, where we could go, what private sector businesses could stay open or close. And funny enough, the ones he owned all stayed open. On top of that, he has full budgetary control to move funds wherever he wants. In this case it's welfare and social programs, but the biggest power of all is the ability to award no-bid contracts to anyone they want. And Newsom was able to award billions of dollars and no-bid contracts to several of his top political donors. I bet you didn't know that.

State of emergency orders in blue states is just the jumping-off point for additional corruption and fraud. He also has full control over delivery of food, supplies, medication, and more. It's strictly an authoritarian government. In place for really times of war and should only last about 60 days according to California law. Newsom however, is extending and pushing this emergency order as long as possible against the law I should add. And it's really obvious, Newsom is having a hard time readjusting to democracy. See, the law requires the state of emergency to be lifted at the soonest possible sign of a more limited threat. 800 days in however, it's still an effect. Now there's a big difference between now and then. Now he's got people suing him and lawmakers pushing back, disallowing him from making big, sweeping changes. And the more educated as a country of people, politicians become around covid, the more power he loses by way of voter and lawmaker.

That doesn't work for any of these governors, especially Chairman Newsom. Even while vaccines were ready in California, covid numbers plummeted and information about the efficacy of the vaccine and mass came out, he still extended. This is the same for Illinois and New York. These politicians relied on the unknowns around covid, and once we learned a lot more, we refused to stand down, not working for them. All three of these governors have extended the covid state of emergency for two years, and they're facing immense pressure and a lot of oversight that's tied their hands. So naturally, what's the solution for these criminals? Find another illness, declare an emergency, take advantage of the public's lack of information, and start ruling with an iron fist again. So we know why the deep blue communists have used monkey pox as an emergency, a power grab and restore their once unchecked power during the pandemic.

But my title calls it an oxymoron. Why is monkey pox emergency an oxymoron? First of all, by all standards, it's not an emergency. Second of all, it's treatable. And third of all, it can totally be prevented. Everything covid wasn't. The death and hospitalization numbers led us to believe covid was an emergency. And some could still argue it was. There was no treatment prior to the vaccine and it was unpreventable even with the insane draconian measures that our NIH cult dictator recommended. I think most people, including me are still or were very confused about Monkeypox. I'm confused still and how it came about and what it actually does. Well, let me break it down for you because it kind of appeared out of thin air. The first thing to realize is that MONKEYPOX has been around since 1970.

It is not some new pandemic the media has reported and previously almost all monkeypox cases in people outside of Africa were linked to international travelers who went to Africa. Also, the disease can occur through imported animals as well out of Africa. But these cases occurred on multiple continents and nothing happened. It's very mild and the case numbers are limited. The first new outbreak was detected in May of 2022, and as of end of July, there have been 14,000 cases with five deaths around the world in about three months. As of today, according to the CDC, Covid's average daily cases are still 105,000 just in the United States daily. Monkey pox, 14,000 cases worldwide total with five deaths. Covid 105,000 cases per day with 475 deaths in the US. I think it's clear what is an emergency and what isn't.

The states that have declared a state of emergency have a total combined case count of around 1600 in three states in four months. Does this sound like a state or national emergency? Five deaths around the world total. The fatality rate of this virus is not even close to 1%. In fact, it's 0.03%, the death rate. I mean, this is enough to give all controls over again to the governor for these dictators to have what they want. It's when we have liberals convinced that it's essentially another Covid and we're all at risk. On top of that, even without a vaccine it's pretty treatable. Monkey prox can spread to anyone through close, personal, often skin to skin contact. Things like direct skin contact with monkey posh rashes, scabs or body fluids from a person who already has it touching objects, fabrics, clothing, bedding or towels and surfaces that may have been used by someone with monkey pox.

And you can also contract it with respiratory secretions. The direct contact can happen during really mostly intimate contact including oral, anal or vaginal sex or touching the genitals, penis, testicles, labia and vagina, anus or butthole of a person with monkey pox. Hugging, massage and kissing, prolonged face-to-face contact. In other words, making out. Touching fabrics and objects during sex that were used by a person with monkey pox and that has not been disinfected, such as bedding towels, fetish gear, and sex toys. So here's the gist people, that's from the CDC, don't have sex, make out or sleep with someone looking especially scabby that day, disinfect your fetish gear. We don't want 50 shades of scabs and we don't need the government to intervene. Something so simple. Wash your stuff. Don't have sex with someone with scabs. The CDC also says a pregnant person can spread the virus to their fetus through the placenta.

It's also possible for people to get monkey pox from infected animals, either being scratched or bitten by the animal or by preparing or eating meat using products from an infected animal. The animals are rare, the infections are very rare. A person with monkeypox can spread it to others from the time symptoms start until the rashes fully healed and has a fresh layer of skin has formed. The illness typically lasts for about two to four weeks, and the CDC recommends this for prevention. Avoid close skin to skin contact with people who have a rash that looks like monkey pox. Don't touch the rash or scabs of a person with monkey pox. Do not hug, kiss, cuddle, or have sex with someone with monkey pox. Avoid contact with objects and materials that a person with monkey pox has used. Don't share eating utensils or cups a person with monkey pox has used.

Don't handle or touch the bedding, towels or clothing of a person with monkey pox and always wash your hands thorough and often. They go on to say, wash your hands with soap and water 20 seconds. Use alcohol based sanitizer. It's all sounding familiar. Don't touch your face. I mean, it's all the same except for this, we actually know what it's going to do and how to treat it. It's almost as if we can come to the conclusion about how to prevent it just by reading how it spreads. But those are the official CDC statements. This virus is 100% preventable. Naturally, even without any vaccine. However, if you're scared or feel like you're in a high risk environment, there is a vaccine. It's no operation warp speed. We don't need it. It's been around forever and it's not MRNA and has no long term side effects.

Again, it's been around for a very long time. The vaccines are pretty straightforward and they're only two on the market currently. The preferred vaccine to prevent monkeypox is called Jynneos which is a two dose vaccine and it takes a few days to get its full maximum protection, immune protection after the second dose. Then ACAM 2000, another vaccine that's an alternative to the Jynneos. It's a single dose vaccine and it takes four weeks after vaccination for immune protection to reach its maximum potential. However, this vaccine, they do say has the potential for more side effects and adverse reactions than the Jynneos vaccine. It's not recommended that people take the second vaccine who have weakened immune systems or several other conditions.

People should take precautions to reduce their exposure to monkeypox until immune protection from vaccines has reached its maximum, just like any other vaccination. Now, the vaccine companies say consult your healthcare provider to see if you should get a vaccine against Monkeypox and if you should receive the ACAM 2000 instead of the Jynneos like everything else, well, apparently not for Covid. This is your choice. I mean, for me personally, for example, I can prevent myself from getting it by taking very basic prevention steps.

You have less than a 0.03% chance of dying. If you have not gotten it yet and you're concerned, just go right in and get a vaccine. You can lower your chances of contradiction by just avoiding high risk activities and making sure you avoid anyone or anything that potentially has or had active monkey pox. It's very simple and it's not much different than getting chicken pox. As a kid, I had it. It wasn't that bad. I was out of school for a few weeks. I can't remember exactly, but I know oven MITs and ducttapes seem to work well. It makes me think of the friends episode. Did you ever see that one where Phoebe gets chicken pox? That's so funny. She says, I got the pox and her man that she wants to hang out with Charlie Sheen goes chicken or small? Now you have to add monkey to that chicken, monkey or small?

But the guise of these emergency declaration was to open up funds for more vaccines in healthcare. First of all, the number of vaccines they're talking about purchasing and having on hand is completely overkill, to the point we're going to decimate the supply of the rest of the world. Even the vaccine manufacturers are suggesting we split vaccines and the doses in half to double the batches, but inject less vaccine material in the body. I mean, the WHO hasn't approved it yet. It is probably a good practice in my opinion. We know we're all over vaccinated, but if it can't kill you and it's a scabby rash for two to four weeks and it's only through contact, why would anyone even want the vaccine?

Unless there's something more medically necessary that I haven't read. It seems very odd. Monkey pox is silly. It's not an emergency and it certainly doesn't require the degrees of power these governors are looking for. However, mark my words here people, money from the emergency declarations will be shifted to welfare and Medicaid under the guise of healthcare for people who can't afford to fight monkey pox. Money will be redirected to climate change initiatives with claims that monkey pox is spreading as a result of climate change and the global climate crisis. And most importantly, we're going to see contracts given out like candies on Halloween to the big donors of these various political campaigns. You watch. Monkeypox Emergency? I don't think so. It's just one big power grab from Blue State Governors that can't stand any lack of power.

They got a taste. They're not letting it go. These emergency health declarations are not only illegal, but they go against everything a democracy should be. I never, ever anticipated the destruction caused on these blue states over covid could get any worse. Congress on the other hand, has to use legislation for power. They don't have an emergency power card to pull. Thank God. The oxymoron number two in this story is the Inflation reduction Act, or as I say, inflation reduction spending bill. Here's a hint on the oxymoron. It is mathematically impossible to reduce inflation by spending, or in this case, printing more cash. Adding cash into circulation during inflation increases inflation. That's what inflation is. Too much cash. That's why where we're suffering from the American rescue plan. Too much cash, it lowers the value of the dollar while prices increase. That's inflation.

So naturally the left thinks printing more money can fix this. Am I the only one who's read and studied about how inflation was truly conquered under President Reagan? I mean, I'm still in shock in all that this bill was passed. It's a radical all over the place spendathon by the left. Granted, we're not going to feel its effects for a little bit of time, but this bill is going to hurt. This is the reason I am conservative and vote Republican. The exact reason. This is what I cannot stand about the left. Their priorities never align with the people of this country. Never. And the phrase out of touch is an understatement. It's more like they don't give a crap.

Their legislation never actually lowers taxes or the financial burdens on Americans. It all points to growing an extreme left socialist money wasting agenda, all add to inflation immediately. Depress household incomes massively and produce huge deficits, which we're already in. So let's look at this fancy bill than inflation reduction by printing more cash boondoggle. So the CBO, which is the Congressional Budget office or congressional budgetary office, just released its score of the Inflation Reduction Act IRA, which would use fiscal year 2022 reconciliation instructions to raise revenue, lower prescription drug costs, fund new energy, climate and healthcare provisions, and reduce budget deficits. So the way they break the bill down is in four categories. Two are spending and two are revenue generators supposedly.

So now I want you to remember the name Inflation Reduction Act. Okay, inflation Reduction Act. First category of spending, energy and climate, nothing to do with inflation, and it's a big one, almost $400 billion. It includes, clean electricity, tax credits, air pollution, hazmat, transport and infrastructure, individual clean energy incentives, clean fuel and vehicle tax credits, conservation for rural development and the forest, building efficiency, electrification, transmission, department of energy grants and loans. Then there's just the line for other. And then the other spending is on healthcare, which extends Obama Care credits and vaccine coverage and it's around a hundred billion in spending.

Now, as you can see here, part of this is extending previous policy like an Obama policy, and this is the trick they use always to make bills look less costly on paper. They say, oh, this green initiative, it's only for five years. And then what happens is that they continually vote on it in every budget or in every session. Crap like this rarely expires and the spending continues. Then the Congressional budgetary Office breaks down these spending numbers that we know about half of the actual cost and they weigh it against the potential revenue. Wow, a law that generates revenue? Sounds great, right? Well, let's see where all this money is coming from. Hold onto your wallets, folks. It's a big one.

So the first thing they did was they blocked Trump's rebate rule for Medicare, claiming it as a savings. It's so wrong. The rebate system actually lowered the government cost of Medicare and medications and streamlined the system for more personal choices for people who are on Medicare. Then everything else in revenue is just capping drug prices, which is so weird because that didn't apply to the Covid vaccine that made so many of them rich. I mean the Pfizer board hasn't ever looked this happy. These numbers to justify healthcare spending are literally made up. Economists all over the country are saying there's no way to determine the revenue because it's based on market availability, usage, etcetera. I mean, for example, they tie revenue to cutting the cost of let's say a diabetes medication. But a year from now, a new medication comes out rendering that previous drug totally useless.

The predicted savings are no longer relevant. They go away, which in turn stops any of their supposed revenue. So where the real oxymoron comes in is their overall revenue category. It's all taxes, more taxes and more taxes on top of those taxes. It's the only knee jerk Democrats have. They react with taxes. You in debt, increase taxes, inflation, increased taxes, recession, increased taxes, print, print, print, print more cash. They added a 15% corporate tax on any company's earning over a billion dollars. It seems like the left expects these companies to just roll over and accept that, no. If we take 15% from a company's top line, they're going to find it in other ways. Those ways typically result in two things.

The first thing is layoffs, pay reductions, cutting benefit matches, etcetera, and all the other cost items that coincidentally involve people and head count. But the other option we'll see is if they don't want to cut the bottom line, they will just increase prices 15% or more in order to make up the revenue difference for what they're losing to the government. No matter what industry cost increases hit everything and everyone. Raising prices is also one of the primary factors in stagflation. This will make it worse. It's basic economics people. Milton Friedman said this for years. Have you ever been so broke you go digging for change on the couch?

Well, the Inflation Reduction Act does just that. Instead of innovating or increasing revenue, the Democrats want to militarize the IRS to go find change in the couch and then punish you for not turning it in. Hilariously, the Democrats who wrote the bill included this as revenue. I'm just so curious. How do they know how much they're going to recover from their IRS storm troopers? They literally just threw up a number in order to show that it's going to help. Again, the CBO worthless, claims that the IRS expansion will cost 80 billion, but it will make us 204 billion in 10 years. Therefore, netting positive. That's a scary one, folks. Okay. It's very, very scary. It looks like the left wants to reinstate debtor's prisons and work for tax relief programs. A huge part of this provision is ordering millions, tens of millions of dollars in weapons for the IRS.

I mean, the firearm orders are insane. This effort is not aimed at the big guys either. This is coming for you and me folks. You wrote off that work trip for 500 bucks when it was really 475, IRS officers going to come kick down your door like swat. They've never been able to explain what this new IRS force and tax fraud enforcement for 80 billion actually means day by day, clearly things are being hidden. The other revenue lies are relatively small. There's an interest loophole that they're supposedly closing, and then all these nominal fees that go directly after me, you and your boss. So how are the Democrats justifying this bill will reduce inflation? Well, they're tying it to the deficit and reducing the deficit. It doesn't work like that, just like raising interest rates doesn't work that great either or inflation comes down, but the economy stops according again to our best friends at the CBO Congressional Budget office.

This bill will reduce the deficit by 20 billion in the first year. First of all, it's too late. Just like the Fed was too late in combating inflation with interest rates and interest raises. We're in stagflation, in a point of no return unless the right steps are taken. The current deficit is 2.8 trillion. 20 billion doesn't even touch that. Not to mention the third biggest cost we have contributing to the deficit is interest on debt. The Democrats accumulated. Again, this doesn't come near it and the left wants our debt to grow short term so they can conquer it long term, huh? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Run your credit cards up because you think you'll get a raise by the time it's too late, then you're filing bankruptcy.

What's really screwed up is that this concept that inflation and the deficit are related is wrong. The debt of this country is influenced by spending both mandatory and new against the income taxpayers produce. Inflation is a result of that spending not the debt. Biden's claim to fame in his work on the deficit is combating inflation is so weird, it's just totally wrong. Even the New York Times called BS on that one. Here's what they wrote. Rather than stemming from any recent budget measures by his administration or Congress, the deficit reduction largely reflects the rise in tax receipts from strong economic growth and the winding down of pandemic, an emergency programs like expanded unemployment and Medicaid. Now they go on to say, and for many experts, that plus the reality that deficits have a complicated relationship with inflation makes the budget gap a surprising talking point.

One of their exports goes on to say it's probably not something they should be taking credit for. His name is Dan White, the director of government consulting and fiscal policy research at Moody's, probably a pretty smart guy. He goes on to say the expiration of the programs is mostly, "not making things worse," he said. The tie between budget deficits and inflation is also more complex than Mr. Biden's statements suggest. Deficits which are financed by government borrowing are not inherently inflationary. Whether they push up prices hinges on the economic environment as well as the nature of the spending or cut back in revenue that created the budget shortfall. Hello? Yeah. Economics 101.

The last time the federal government had a budget surplus was 2001. Since 1970, there have only been four years in which the US government taxed more than it spent. Over that period there have been times of both high and low inflation. There you go folks. That's the New York Times. So you can imagine the actual reality of this. We're so far out of touch. This notion that reducing the deficit will aid inflation. It's a total lie. On top of that, the budget reduction has nothing to do with any policies. In fact, the congressional budgetary office predicted the deficit by this time would be almost 20% less, but Biden has not been able to slow down his irresponsible spending enough to catch up with the CBOs expectations.

That's the bottom line. He can't stop spending. He says, I cut the deficit by a hundred billion trillion dollars. Oh, but it was supposed to be 1.7 trillion. Well, I'm still the best. So the bill not only will force cuts on people in business, but it'll also force businesses to raise prices and it will begin spending on climate change BS immediately, thus printing more cash for fake green science that never has worked in the history of the world adding to inflation. The timing of this bill is interesting because we were still knee deep in the fed's inflation plan to raise interest rates, and we've moved into stagflation officially.

We're still continuing towards a deep recession thanks to Biden and friends at the Fed, a complete mishandling of the central bank's responsibility to the dollar, the economy and the people of this country, and sadly, the politicization of the Fed is keeping it from doing what I believe is the only way to combat inflation. Now, one of Reagan's biggest accomplishments as president was his ability to correct double digit inflation. High inflation was a fact of life in the 1970s and when Reagan took office, it was still the worst thing plaguing our economy. Three years later, it was gone and the economy was booming. The first thing Reagan did was enlist experts to research the viability of bringing back the gold standard.

Sadly, Milton Friedman and Reagan's top advisors talked him out of going too far with the gold standard talks and in very rare form, Reagan caved to the pressure. However, the alternative is, program for economic recovery worked gold standard or not." Well, why? Because it focused on the private sectorm stabilizing prices, inflation and limiting government. I mean, this is the best economic recovery plan ever to be had. It was the antithesis of the traditional approach advocated by planners and the Fed and their fellow traders.

Reagan discarded the notion that policy makers could fine tune the economy. What a joke? He knew. Instead, Reagan sought to establish a stable environment conducive for private sector growth. This meant reducing inflation, cutting taxes, cutting regulation, and the size and scope of government. Wow. It meant restoring incentives for working, saving, investing, and succeeding, work not wealth, right Joe? It meant opening America further to the benefits and challenges of international trade. Reagan recognized that our economic problems were due to government trying to do too much. Folks, we are in an almost identical moment. The political elite hated Reagan's policy so much that they've blocked anything that even breathes like those policies today.

It takes away power, which is why they despise Trump as well, rather than acting simply as a referee. The government then and now was trying to direct the actions of the players. I mean, it sounds familiar. President Reagan rejected the government knows best approach to the economy, which equipped could be summed up in a few short phrases. I've said this on the show before. I'll say it again. If it moves, tax it, if it keeps moving, regulate it and if it stops moving, subsidize it. Well, history repeats itself. This Washington is the epitome of government knows best. The liberals today strive for that and want us all to accept that as gospel that the government knows best. This is why people like Trump and Reagan are so hated by the swamp because they don't agree.

Reagan summarized his approach in a declaration in like 1981 in which he said, "reducing the growth of government spending, cutting marginal tax rates, providing relief from overregulation and following a non-inflationary and predictable monetary policy are interwoven measures which will ensure that we have addressed each of the severe dislocations which threaten our economic future. God, everything he said was so brilliant. This is by far the only way to combat inflation while avoiding mass recession, of course, other than backing the dollar with gold, but that's a long way away. Currency, stabilization, deregulation and tax cuts. Simply put, none of these economic downturns and problems happen when the government is not involved.

They happen when the government's more involved. Reagan proved that to be true and how we've come so far from that is beyond me. It was a historical working tactic and we've never used it again. He rejected the idea that government spending was some sort of magic cure for economic slumps. Of course, that's what's happening now. He rejected the idea that government spending acted as a stimulus to the economy. Instead, he asked each spending program if they were actually needed by the citizens. Now again, this is a historical example of a president coming into double-digit inflation, worse than what we have now and fixed it without throwing the country into a massive recession. This would work now if our current fed and the super wallet predator focused on the currency and not interest rates and spending.

I mean, this is the biggest crock of crap. This deficit tied to inflation. First, Biden told us that the American rescue plan was a stimulus. Then he claimed that covid vaccines were employee stimuluses and now this inflation reduction act is also a stimulus. The only thing this bill stimulates are the green companies getting government contract or putting hamsters and wheels to generate wind power. The only true stimulus is tax reduction. President Reagan's most dramatic policy change was without a doubt his supply side tax cut. Again, think about this. It seemed almost inconceivable today, but just 20 years ago, a little more than 20 years ago, marginal income tax rates were as high as 70% here in the United States.

It was a little wonder why our country was an economic decline when most of its economically productive citizens could only keep like 30% share of their additional earnings and even less if you subtract state and local taxes. Telling you guys, these high tax rates not only discouraged additional work and investment at the margin, but also confiscated capital that could have been used for job creation by the private sector. When businesses can't make money, they can't hire. When they can't hire. People are unemployed. When people are unemployed, they can't stimulate the economy. Just like Trump, Reagan's critics just didn't get it. They looked at his tax cut proposal through a Kinson lens and determined wrongly that tax cuts would fuel inflation to the demand sider spending levels were all that mattered.

They ignored incentives faced by individuals whose decisions really make the economy go. Reagan was reversing policies by his predecessors, just like Trump did, and he was reversing policies that discouraged saving and investing. High inflation had eroded the value of savings and high taxes were confiscating the rewards from investing so people were worse off when they delayed purchases. By cutting income tax 25% across the board Reagan restored a large measure of freedom to the American taxpayer. We know this. We know this works. Not just the freedom to spend money that would've been taxed, but the freedom that results when an economic decisions are no longer influenced by high tax rates. People don't think, but tax rates first before they buy.

The opponents of the cuts were proven wrong. Hello. Inflation being a monetary and not a fiscal phenomenon collapsed. Despite the deficits interest rates declined as inflation was rung out of the economy, but the critics of President Reagan were fixated on the budget deficit and favored tax increases rather than spending restraint. Hello, but again, proven wrong. All across the board, proven wrong. Yet people are cheering for this bill, which is surprising because from what I can read, the eco-terrorists should be hugely disappointed as the climate change items are pretty weak compared to what these people want.

Next, doesn't address abortion or access to women's healthcare. It also doesn't address the EPA powers and same sex marriage, all the stuff we're afraid of, the Supreme Court. all the things liberals scream about, why are they cheering? It addresses nothing for them, and that small piece that it does for greenwashing is watered down. It's just a piece of political garbage that allows liberals to say they have worked to combat inflation. Also, if for some reason inflation shrinks even 0.01%, they will all pull out their ninth place trophies and jump up and down.

See, what they're doing is they're just throwing every noodle at the wall so they can claim something stuck when laws of nature kick in and things change. They love to take credit, like we just saw with the gas prices. Inflation reduction, spending is the biggest oxymoron you've ever heard. Monkey pox emergency is another big one. You cannot spend and reduce inflation and you cannot have monkey pox state of emergency. Does not work. It cannot work and it will never work. Allow me to leave you with this. I was watching Shit's Creek last night before bed. What a great show. I've loved Eugene Levy since Splash.

I had no idea his entire family was so talented also, then you throw in Katherine O'Hara. It's like the dream team. Her and Eugene are the best. Best in show, one of my favorite movies of all time. They work so good. Seeing them again on the screen is awesome, but I'm getting off track. So I'm watching Shit's Creek and there's an episode where John, who's Eugene Levy's character buy Stevie, the hotel partner that they're in business together, a gift for being employee of the month. Now Stevie's like semi-tomboy or just kind of carefree looking, and she was pretty shocked to open a huge case of makeup.

Something you would find at like Claire's, so ghetto.

After talking to some of the family, Stevie finds out that John is just a horrible gift giver, so she decides she will just show him how great the makeup is by wearing it. She then comes out to greet him with makeup that looks like Mimi from Third Rock from the sun, blue eyeshadow, pink blush. She was headed to prom class of 87 in Newark, New Jersey. He immediately realized how bad it is and how bad the gift was, and it was very, very funny. The reason I bring this up is because we need these stupid liberals to sit in their own shit they've created. These gifts, they've set up for humanity. Their guilt-free cards need to stare these people in the face. They need to realize and see the problems. Who's going to be Stevie with the bad makeup?

We need to be, this information is a double edged sword. On one side, these terrible programs and policies that have very negative impacts on all of us are scary. On the other hand, all this liberal activity is sneaky. It's all hidden, rushed, closed door. It's a clear sign of desperation. They are feeling pressure from somewhere. We know they don't care about their voters. Their only motivation is power on top of staying elected, having a lot of money and status when they have to hide all their stuff in these positive news talking points, we've gotten to them somehow, lying, even the names of laws are lying.

We see all over the country, small and large, radical legislation being pushed through any way and anyhow they can in anticipation of being wiped away in November. From DAs and city councils, to Congress, to the President, they know what's coming. The liberal motto, give us an inch, we take a mile. You see how their unchecked power goes. The second we let our guard down, our money's gone, our country's gone, our way of life is gone. Seeing millions of people wanting to flee in and seek asylum should be an indicator that we've done something right in this country and it doesn't need to be burned to the ground.

We sit back in horror trying to figure out what this crazy stuff and who these crazy people are. It seems so un-American and it's truly unbelievable. These radical policies that keep coming on stronger and stronger is a harsh reality. However, they know their days are numbered, especially if Trump gets reelected. Say bye bye. Hence them doing everything they can to stop them. It's all one big sign of desperation. The challenge is, desperation is being interpreted by their liberal cohorts as them aggressively standing up for democracy, the CNN, the MSNBC, and the local news people.

They know what democracy is. We all have to step up and show these freaks the true results of their limited and irresponsible thinking. We all just need to stick to common sense. Use this lesson on monkey pox and the new inflation bill to take out to the public. Tell them, teach them. Use it to empower yourself and others. The more we stay educated, the more we win. This is Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said, the American dream of human progress through freedom and equality of opportunity in competitive enterprise is still the most revolutionary idea in the world, and it also happens to be the most successful. We can't let the liberals, the left and the mob take that away from us. God bless you President Reagan and make God save America.

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