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Mass Shootings: the cause, the symptoms, and prevention.

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Be advised, you are now entering a no work zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the left the liberals and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, a place where whining, crying, screaming, lashing out and tantrums are prohibited and punishable by law. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host the beacon of truth, the gays conservative, the leader of the gay world, he may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. He's always right and never canceled. Ladies and gentleman, the last gay conservative themselves Chad.

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Hello, everybody, and let's go Brandon. Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative who by the way is me Chad law as you heard, I'm here for you all today, your binary brother, the ultimate messenger of truth, the true leader of the gay world, your holy homo freed from the liberal shackles of victimhood and stereotypes. Very excited to be recording from Las Vegas, Nevada today. I haven't been able to get any time away in the last month. So it's freeing to have some me time. We are here having some pretty secret and important meetings for the podcast. So make sure you stay tuned. Say that every week, but we're growing like crazy every week. I've been super sick the last couple of weeks. Thank you for being patient. I think you heard on my last episode how under the weather I was well it turned into bronchitis than pneumonia and I always have been deathly ill if you will. Today's the first day I feel better. So here we are. Thankfully in Vegas, we were able to secure a temporary gay conservative headquarters to be more messaged through the airwaves on our red white and blue rainbow for all your listeners, aka our suite at the hotel. But I do I love Las Vegas. I love the weather. I love the people in the community. Spent a lot of time here and most people don't realize there's an entire community outside of the strip of amazing people. There's a lot of political differences here but it's pretty much no nonsense across the board. Even though California transplants have come in and tried to terrorize Nevada politicians and colonizing this place

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however they've done it the politicians here have managed to keep the tax rates low income tax at zero. I mean, talk about baking your cake and eating it too. It's this Californians need to get a grip if you're going to leave the People's Republic don't bring it with you not to mention great gun laws you can pretty much get everything you want here maybe even a grenade launcher seriously quick funny story for those of you who know and have listened for a while I am a concealed very proud concealed carry permit holder. And I carry just about everywhere I go. And only twice in my life have I had an issue.

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self created issue I should say. First in California I had my handgun in a bag I always wear like a man bag and an emergency came up while I was eating and I left my bag and had to grab this phone call that was very important. The second similar situation was here in Vegas. I'm not too sure how it happened but my bag very similar fell out of my car or something. It was very strange. When this happened in California, two officers come to my house shake me down, try to admit to do criminal wrongdoing. They confiscated my weapon which was a Beretta PX four storm nine millimeter. And right now currently, I'm still going through the Department of Justice to get it back. Insane. Yesterday after spending an hour or two searching for my bag in the parking lot and all over the place. Every place that I had been before. I went to the nearest Vegas police station to report a stolen firearm, took my little number and sat down. Someone came out immediately and said, Are you Chad? Like

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not the best thing to hear in a police station? Normal? And they said yeah, and she said Oh, someone just turned in your bag with your firearm. Here you go. Great. She goes yeah, we ran the number it's all good. Like okay, look at that treating a gun owner with respect instead of a criminal. Very, very interesting to see the difference between the two states but moving on a dear friend of mine. sister had a big birthday party last week and it was a really gorgeous dinner with the best crowd I took a lot of meds and forced myself to go

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and her parents flew in and surprised her. It really was a great time. Mostly it was her friends and attendance. But her brother and I knew most of them. So it was great to catch up.

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One of our good friends, that guy had his friends in town. So they also joined us as well. All very good looking and nice young men. Just we are all drinking, having fun and tell the how do you know who questions came up at the table? And what do you do questions and it might sound ridiculous. But when I'm a guest at someone's party or house, where I'm not control of the guests list, like, I try not to make a big deal about what I do in case there's some psycho psycho liberal which there always is in the mix, who wants to debate me or more realistically fight me. So as you can imagine going around the table when my friends amount flavor podcast, you know, we've we've gotten some amazing coverage and shout outs recently, hundreds and 1000s of downloads. So my friends love to brag about me to anyone who will listening, it's so it's great. And that's truly how I've talked about all of them as well. We're just very supportive of each other. And I do I love it, I appreciate it. But at the same time, I also hate it because I don't like attention in that way. Don't get me wrong, I love attention, as you know. But being called out in the middle of a group or an event, it's a little bit more challenging. So I started talking to this guy and his girlfriend, I learned, you know, his entire life story. And the boyfriend got a little bit more comfortable for me, you know, talking to him and all of a sudden, like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, here's liberal. And here we go. I'm like, Please don't go here. Not to mention, he just got telling me his entire life story. So I'm already way ahead of the game. So in front of everyone at the table, he goes drunkenly telling me I don't know, your Tige or I me don't know what I'm talking about. And he's going on and on and on. I let them talk and finally when he stopped I asked now can I say something? And I looked around and said guys, none of this matters. It's all fracturing of the total picture which is this is your life better since Joe Biden took over? You don't need to be anything or any party to know that life was a lot better I think for most Americans prior and there you have it mic drop boom, silence proceeds and the little man shuts up. No one is better off right now. Presidents don't get 30% approval ratings for nothing. Especially after winning the suppose the biggest election of all time. That's the only argument here folks how worse off are we? No And the funny thing is that the kid came from a conservative family who worked hard so he didn't have to free ride to college free ride to law school and all the sudden these these the woke light in law school Go figure. You know these are the up and coming liberals folks never had to do or pay for anything yet understand what everyone needs. ludicrous. And the big fancy schools take advantage of this and know these silver platter kids will just eat up anything they say.

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However, apparently there is one thing these liberal freeride kids can't get which is hot girlfriends. His girlfriend oh my god poor thing was wearing a maxi dress was soccer shoes not real soccer shoes with cleats but like the OG Adidas look like soccer shoes. Poor thing was beat. I just wanted to give her a lesson on how to put her foundation on. Why are liberal women always so homely looking? I mean, just look at it on TV. Here on Fox. We have Dana Perino who is absolutely stunning versus Casey hunt on MSNBC who is frightening and then let's go primetime host against primetime hosted got Laurie Ingram versus Rachel mad cow. I mean, then you look at the ladies on the view they tell a pretty nice perfect story of what the average liberal woman looks like now or what they will look like. They carry all that guilt and weight around it definitely affects their age Whoopi looks like a California raise them and let's be honest, gravity has not been kind to joy Bihar. Anyways, point being the easiest way to shut down a big liberal meltdown today is to ask that question. The only people who are better off are either welfare recipients or Democrat politicians. These spoiled kids with the bank of mommy and daddy have it the same. As I always say, Sure, we can't blame the president for one offs, like if it was just gas prices, but this is systematic and purposeful. The consequence of huge irresponsible executive orders made within Joe Biden's first month with the only purpose of undoing whatever Trump did evil bastard. There has never been such a

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responsible governing in my life. I think Biden has actually surpassed Jimmy Carter on the worst president ever scale. But we have a lot to talk about today, I'm gonna give you my take on mass shootings and mass shooters, you know, it's a very upbeat and fun issue to talk about, as you can imagine.

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No, but you know, as a podcaster, these are never fun things to cover. And normally, I wouldn't think about doing such a heavy piece. Well, you're already being inundated with the same coverage all the time, at least you were. But I think having been sick, everyone sort of already forgot about Uvalde, and the epidemic of our gun violence and mass shootings that we see on TV every day. But I still think it's important that we look at it from every angle. There's a lot of missing pieces to this discussion. And I feel it's imperative that I share all of this with you. It seems to me, we are all on all sides in defense and the right questions are not being asked so we can start being offensive. We're stuck in the defense always, what is the ultimate root cause here? I want you to change your way you think and approach mass shootings. Mass shootings are not a singular thing. Mass shootings are not linear. In fact, there are very few connectors or similarities between mass shooters themselves. Is there such a thing as a profile? We put that question to a psychology professor, Executive Director of the Alert Center and the FBI, there is no profile, there really isn't there really isn't a profile in the sense that that many in the public want each individual. There's no profile, very little is known about mass shootings. And most importantly, we constantly react like maniacs over events, rather than try to understand I was watching some of the congressional coverage on gun control and just hit me, this gun control mass hysteria right now. I mean, come on people we know is the exact way we responded and handled COVID. In fact, like COVID mass shootings could be called an epidemic in this country as the liberal so like to throw around, they take countless innocent lives, they mold and morph with time. I would also say it's similar to cancer, just like cancer, there are many different types, many treatments and different patients. I do have to make one disclaimer before I go on, I am not a doctor, I do not have any medical training. Everything medically discussed on the show today is merely metaphorical, and not to be used as a diagnosis or cure. Gotta love that. I have to say that because someone at home will sue everyone they can. Because of it.

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Unfortunately, as wrong as our approaches to COVID, we're we're handling this Uvalde response and the buffalo shootings as well in hysteria, and we're doing even worse than we did with COVID. When you're approaching something like mass shootings, or cancer, there are three basic factors we must look at in order to understand the full story. And this is what we're not doing. We're not looking at the three factors. It's the same in the case of mass shootings, just like cancer, just like COVID. One, what are the symptoms? What are you doing or experiencing that is leading you or others to believe you have this illness? To prevention? What offensive measures can you take to protect your family from illness? Or mass shootings? Three causes? What is the root cause of the illness? Where does it come from? And why does it happen? Although they are equally important, in this case, the big difference between COVID or cancer, any illness, really, and mass shootings is that we actually know the cause of mass shootings and why it's happening. It's been clear for many years, it's just inconvenient for all of us to focus on and learn. It's systematic. The issue is the mob and all their wisdom constantly loves to focus on the symptoms, with a little bit of prevention here and there. And it's the wrong approach. Let's say one day, you become terribly sick and cannot stop throwing up. You have terrible stomach cramps, and all sorts of other GI issues. You go to your doctor and he says, Here's a pill for nausea, one for diarrhea and one for pain. That'll do it take two and call me in the morning. No, that's actually a terrible Doctor approaching everything linearly and not looking at the entire picture not taking all the symptoms into account and running tests to see if there's one cause. In that case, maybe a few months later you feel worse. You finally get into see a good doctor who informs you that had you caught it earlier, your stomach cancer would have been treatable and gave you a few more months. It's a terrible thought but that is what keeps happening here. Mass shootings evolve. There are

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airy few similarities between shooter's symptoms change depending on the environment. That's what's happening here we have a congress who wants to take the symptoms and treat them linearly, without acknowledging what needs to happen for preventative measures are trying to find the root cause. See, the Congress has a list of feel better boxes, they check around symptoms, and absolutely nothing addressing the cause. I mean, our Congress is motivated by media clips and what they think people want to hear, which is exactly why this keeps happening over and over again. Sadly, in the case of stomach cancer, in this example, that root cause is still unknown. The Hysteria in which Washington managed COVID was the same all these individual treatments of symptoms along with preventative measures that did nothing without looking at the root cause. In fact, anyone who did look at the root cause was labeled as a conspiracy theorist or a spreader of misinformation. So we get a vaccine, which only works against a few strains and requires 78,000 boosters. That may because why there's too many unknowns around the virus. I believe that vaccines were a needed measure, but we're still not looking at the true cause. And similar things will keep coming back we'll have more COVID More COVID More COVID I believe it's gain of function research happening, and it's not controlled, and it should be shut down. But who knows? There could be other reasons we don't know. That's the problem. Now, mass shootings are the same. We can lock doors, trained police increased mental health and pass all the gun control in the world, all symptoms, not causes. We have gotten so far away from common sense that it's almost unimaginable. For the most part, the same Congress making these reactionary laws without factor reason, is the same Congress that put us through utter hell for three years. And why are we trusting them after that?

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Everyone is already forgetting that we had to Wipe our asses with stale tortillas when we were out of toilet paper locked in our homes. It is a fact that treating symptoms does not treat the cause. And treating the cause does not always take away the symptoms yet always we focus on the symptoms, because they make for great sound bites for election commercials. You may remember the COVID symptoms, you may have shortness of breath, you may get diarrhea, headaches, your bones may hurt, you might lose your sense of smell and taste. Absolutely no rhyme or reason. And in trying to help the symptoms, we did nothing to impact the cause. inhalers Zofran for nausea, flu medication help for a day or so but the virus was still there. See, in the case of mass shootings, we've been treating the symptoms for years, even before we called the mass shootings. So if my theory is correct, and mass shootings are a disease, the symptoms will be apparent in the mass shooter. But like COVID, the symptoms don't always align. What doesn't change is the worthless symptoms or profiles the left uses to justify their lack of research and understanding you don't sad and frustrating about America is that after every mass shooting, lawmakers want to identify the one thing that causes all mass shootings. And if they can't agree on what that thing is, nothing gets done. But there's one thing that every mass shooting has in common. Whatever motivated it has to be combined with a dot c for years, they talk about three main symptoms when it comes to mass shootings, or the disease of mass shooting symptom number one is guns. Every shooter must have a gun in order to commit the shooting. Therefore, we should remove them from everyone. Number two symptom number two mental illness shooters must be crazy because we don't have enough counseling and mental health welfare programs and resources in the community. We need to expand those things for everyone to the tune of billions of dollars someday. Number three, another one they love to beat their drum is about medication. Also in line with mental illness, the left clings to a false narrative. That huge majorities of shooters were on antipsychotic drugs, ADHD meds or antidepressants. This gives them a way to start regulating doctors more and inserting themselves into your medical decisions and rights. Just like COVID You can't treat a population based on the symptoms or illnesses of a small group of people and that's what we're doing here. There's no mass shooter vaccine. Those naturally feed into their versions of preventative measures, then no guns, more counseling and more medical oversight of doctors diagnosing, treating and prescribing anything from mild depression to schizophrenia. Already the left is proposing measures that were required release or

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furnishing of medical documents to prove you are medically able to own a weapon. Fortunately for them, this is a high emotion, low intelligence area which the left really thrives in. It's their sweet spot, sort of, unfortunately, the facts don't support any of it. So the first and primary symptom of mass shootings, they focus on his gun control. It's the favorite topic it makes for great media talking points and huge amounts of attention. common sense gun legislation, common sense policy about guns, common sense gun reforms, we have to act. We can't wait. Take the firearms first and then go for it. I don't need to wait another minute to take common sense steps. Before mass shootings were such an issue. The left has wanted to disarm us for years. Don't be fooled. This isn't about school shootings, or AR fifteens, which most of you probably already know, I think people forget the sweeping gun control we've already had in response to the epidemic of gang violence. Bill Clinton went on a major gun control campaign. At the time, just like today, their focus was assault rifles. In 1986, there was already a ban on automatic weapons. These are heavy duty guns that spray hundreds of bullets a second with one trigger pole. You know, you might have heard of an Uzi or a Mac 10. That's basically what they are in the wrong hands. Automatic weapons are actual death machines. Unlike a semi automatic today, you have to pull the trigger per shot, and it requires some accuracy. Unlike today's Congress at that time, instead of immediately voting, Congress asked the Attorney General to study the impact on a ban on assault rifles wanted to know how did it pertain to murder rates and what sort of impact a ban would make? It's pretty heavy stuff. Like I said, most people were on board of this ban. Gun Rights activists at the time said what most of us are saying Now sure, take auto take semi automatic weapons, take automatic weapon, whatever you're doing, they're just opening the door, drawing more lines in the sand pushing us further back and back. I mean, you just have to look at today we have a president that's already talking about banning nine millimeter ammo, it's probably the number one ammo in the United States. He wants to ban it. Actually, crime is down. Gun violence and murder rates are up guns. I'm the only guy that ever got passed legislation. When I was a senator, to make sure we eliminated the assault weapons. The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 2030 4050 120 shots from that weapon, whether it's a whether it's a nine millimeter pistol or whether it's a rifle is ridiculous. I'm continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things. Bizarre also, like today the argument was made that under the Second Amendment citizens should have access to the same weapons the military does, should we have to protect ourselves against it, which is becoming more and more of a reality. So in 1994, these laws were passed. It was called the Crime Control Act. And the ACT banned the manufacture transfer possession of certain semiotic firearms designated as assault weapons and large capacity magazines. However, the legislation required the Attorney General to deliver to Congress within 30 months an evaluation of the effects of the band to meet this requirement, the National Institute of Justice and ij funded research from 1995 to 1996. To evaluate the impact of the law, the findings were clear and they still exist on the Congressional Record. The author's using a variety of national and local data sources examined market trends, prices, production and thefts for the banned weapons and close substitutes before estimating the potential ban effects and their consequences. Their research shows that the ban triggered speculative price increases and ramped up production of the banned firearms prior to the laws implementation, followed by substantial post ban drop in prices to levels of previous years. criminal use of banned guns declined temporarily after the law went into went into effect, which suggests that the legal stock of pre ban assault weapons was at least for the short term largely in the hands of collectors and dealers. Now when they say temporary, we're talking about nine months okay, it slowed down for about nine months, while the gangs and violent offenders were trying to figure out a new stream in which to get these guns and took them about nine months and then they useless went right back up. The band forced 1000s of people to buy up stock before the ban went into effect and production slowed. They were hard for these criminals to get just for a bit. The band has failed to reduce the average number of victims per gun murder incident or multiple gunshot wound victims. Why is that?

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because again, it's semi automatic, you do have to have some accuracy here. I think you can see where I'm going with all these facts after this ban and regulation of semi automatic weapons and all the other laws, did gun violence go up or down? Went up? How about the use of semi automatic weapons and gangs went up, about gun ownership went up. Liberals love to point to some of the points here like the drop in criminal usage and slowdown of production, both temporary and the production slows where because the ability to buy was totally limited. You know the answer. Everything that was supposed to happen because of this response to all the killing on the street did nothing. I mean, here's just some quick facts from the Institute for legislative action one over the past three decades 1991 that she doesn't maintain violent crime rates have dropped by more than half. But the number of privately owned firearms in the United States doubled within the same period. They also want to say the number of people carrying a firearm for protection outside of the home has risen to all time highs as violent crime dropped. mass murders have repeatedly been deterred or stopped by citizens carrying lawfully concealed firearms. And concealed carry laws help reduce the number of rapes and robberies overall, it makes sense that criminals would be far less likely to commit a crime if they believe their victim might be armed. Right. In fact, a major study of 2000 felons in state and federal prisons across the United States showed that criminals fear armed citizens more than they fear the police while they should citizens are stopping criminals every day. studies consistently show that Americans use their firearms in defense of themselves, or others between 500,000 and 2 million times a year. As a matter of fact, none of these laws have done and won't do anything to stop gun violence and no amount of additional regulation. Well, even a complete ban on all guns. There are many more historical events in which disarming a group or population led to death and destruction than the other way around. Disarming has killed millions more than having armed citizens ever did. Another fact that we forget. There may be a few examples of countries that have banned guns after school shootings or gun violence and the numbers quote, unquote, have dropped. In most cases, illegal gun ownership and sales soar through the roof and gun violence gets channeled in other ways by would be shooters. The Case for the Second Amendment in its full and absolute form is pretty easy in every attempt to redefine it and add more regulations, nothing good has really happened. That is the persistent theme throughout history and the liberal agenda, changing the constitution or an attempt to fails every time we always get slapped back in the face. It is so straightforward. The Case for gun control is irrelevant. It just sounds good. How do you keep a kid from biting his nails, you put gloves on them or that nasty spray? You paint their nails with clear coat but at the end of the day, if they want to bite and chew their nails, they will nothing you can do will stop them. In fact, it's so irrelevant. The states with the most gun control have the most violence. I mean, here in the People's Republic of California, we currently have the most restrictive gun laws on the books. We are also number one in gun related incidents and violence. I'm telling you folks, you can not prove that laws to regulate control or ban guns help with gun violence at all doesn't exist doesn't exist, especially with mass shootings, where most of the shooters break 10 to 40 gun laws before during and even after their crime. You know, that'll just not it's kind of like speed limits have impacted car wreck rates and road fatalities. Banning indoor smoking really made people quit as well as the Surgeon General warnings on the carton. These are all examples of treating the symptoms and not the cause. The most effective laws on the books today are generally criminal laws that relate to jail time. The real possibility of going to jail does deter people from committing certain crimes. However, sweeping irrelevant BS legislation doesn't fix anything. I mean, are you glad they put the calories next to the meals that McDonald's? Doesn't that stop you from ordering 12 Cheeseburgers fries and a milkshake? Oh, don't forget your diet coke. That's where you save your calories. These are what I call politician guilt free cards. So they can sleep at night knowing they did the best they could by informing you of the calories or limiting your speed. If you die of diabetes or a high speed wreck. They did everything they could. Must be nice. We should never look at why Americans lie

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like to do stuff like stuffed their faces with fast food all day every day or why people love to speed. However, we don't see a ban on fast food or speed limiters on cars. Again, stupid fluff without any accounting for what's causing the problem. The food is not the reason, driving fast is not the reason. Anyways, I feel like I'm starting to go down a metaphor, rabbit hole here. But I can almost guarantee most of you didn't see the correlation between worthless legislation and the very real zero impact results, or that it's been studied by the Justice Department since the 1980s. The next big symptom, the left and a lot on the right, even surprisingly, has touted as mental illness. Mental health is a large contributor to any type of violence or shooting violence. There's so many different factors you don't know. I mean, maybe a child is born with the you know, something mental illness, this was a sick person, the person in Dayton was a sick person, no politician is to blame for that you cannot be a white supremacist and be normal in the head. These are sick people. It is very important. We note this as a symptom. Many will try to tell you this as the cause it's not the cause. There are millions of people with diagnosed mental illness and personality disorders in the US 59 million as of 2020. In fact, even if we remove the mild and moderate mental illnesses, and only look at the numbers of severe, they still do not add up. And none of the recent shooters have fallen into that severe category. It doesn't work compared to the number of people who are committing mass shootings. Is it a symptom? Yes. Is it a cause? No, we average about 32,000 shootings a year in this country on average, over the last 1520 years. And this is everything from homicides, to suicides to assaults. And what we found was that there were a number of factors that are far more likely to be associated with shootings than our mental illness, tells. You know what, what it tells us this is that if mental illness were in fact a cause, we would have increased numbers of mass shootings along with the growth of diagnosed mental illness. According to the CDC, there has been a 13% increase in mental illness in the US since 2017. The other number to keep in mind is that just because there are supposedly more quote unquote, incidents, which the FBI calls one or more people attempting to kill within a populated area is not relevant to gun laws. Why? Because although those quote unquote incidents are up at 61 and 2021, the death tolls have plummeted. deaths by incident, according to the FBI was 143 deaths with 31 incidents in 2017. Fast forward to 2021, there were 61 incidences someone was double, but only 103 deaths 40 less. Why is this relevant? It just proves that with the increasing number of mental illness, mass shooting related deaths are down. Not to mention, the types of weapons are no different. And there's been no significant gun laws enacted between 2017. And now, that would attribute to the lessening of deaths. So I just told you, that mental health numbers and mass shooting numbers don't add up. Remember, in 2017, there were 31 incidents, and 2021. There were 61 incidents, we need more health services in school. That's the only way to stop these shootings. They say again, could not be more wrong. In 2019, Congress passed s 1642 and increasing mental health access in schools, a multi million dollar expansion of the health care access in schools. So yes, in order to go shoot up a school or a grocery store, there has to be some level of mental illness, but it's a small symptom, and absolutely no consistency within the shooter population. The numbers are pretty much identical. When it pertains to medication the left loves to blame misdiagnosed antidepressants, ADHD medication. Those numbers have grown exponentially in the last decade, and the number of deaths by mass shootings has not risen. At the same rate. A host of bloggers also promote the claim that psychiatric drugs are fueling the behavior of many or most school shooters. So are they right, a leading expert on school shootings, who has written two books on the subject and who educates countless organizations including the FBI says there's no known cause effect link. The next layer of that is well, these people aren't taking their drugs or they can't afford them, etc. However, again, to find

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Some consistent data, a much larger majority of women are taking prescription drugs for things like depression, anxiety, mood, stability, etc. Yet every mass shooter is male doesn't add up. Democrats want to ban guns dumped millions into mental health care and regulate mental and personality illness medications without any facts whatsoever. It just sounds so good. We're getting rid of the guns to protect our children. We're giving everyone free counseling and access to therapy. And we're going to limit the prescription of medications for mental illness and ensure everyone is taking them accordingly enough to check in on your app. But how is any of this even possible? What is going on here? I mean, are we going to be assigned sections and stand in line for meds every night to make sure we swallow them? This is how stuff like this gets passed high emotions and people thinking, well, whatever it takes, if all three of these symptoms or liberal reasons for mass shootings were totally removed and controlled, we would see no change. They are not causes. These are symptoms and treating them only gets us so far. We've been trying since the 1986 automatic weapons ban. How's that working for us? It's not so what can we do to prevent these devastating acts of evil? What is the COVID vaccine for mass shootings? First, it's not necessarily about adding or creating more reform. There are those things like keeping doors locked armed guards, etc. But and we should take those things seriously and follow steps like in Florida, they put into place in the wake of Parkland. Go online checkout parkland, stand with Since 2018, Florida has rolled out huge pieces of legislation around mass shootings, mainly as it pertains to schools, increased armed officers retrofitting schools with better security, a mandatory 80% of all school personnel must complete a very in depth Crisis and Emergency Training Program. These are and have been great preventative measures to add on the increasing reform, as important as it is to reform and add these defensive measures. The biggest step towards prevention is to eradicate political correctness here, when you take away political correctness, you take away the fear within young people have offending people political correctness? Well, I think it's a particular kind of ideological game. And I think the outcome is twofold. It's to make the player feel morally superior, and also to take rather serious acts swings at the foundation of society. And so the game is identify a domain of human endeavor. Note that there's a distribution of success, some people are doing comparatively better, and some people are doing comparatively worse. define those doing worse as victims define those doing better as perpetrators. Identify with the victims. Have yourself a set of enemies handy to vent your resentment on, feel good about it, even though it didn't really require any work on your part, and then endlessly repeat. And one of the very few similarities we see with mass shooters, as their colleagues and classmates said there were quote unquote, red flags. When asked why they didn't report their concerns. Almost all of them responded by saying, Well, I didn't want to judge or label. I'm not saying political correctness is the root cause. But what I'm saying is that without it, we can increase prevention tenfold. The left has systematically made people feel guilty about anything mildly offensive. Oh, wow. On someone on TV jokes about how Asians are bad drivers must be canceled. It's wrong. can't listen to it. This has been going on for well over a decade, we have allowed people to put fear over offending people over their own personal safety. I talk about this a lot when I talk about political correctness has impact on crime rates, something most people can't even comprehend. For example, since the PC revolution, women being raped by black men has grown substantially. Why? Because these victims forced their guard down in fear of being racist. What would you rather be racist or raped? You decide? We've created millions of sitting ducks more prone to attack and victimization because their guilt supersedes their instincts. I mean, a recent Department of Justice supported analysis of 51 averted school shootings found peers were more likely to discover and report plans of attack and were crucial to shutting them down. The lack of consistency between shooters has blocked law enforcement ability to put out a clear profile, what to look at, or excuse me what to look for, and what not to look for. We just don't know the whole see something say something programs work great, but they're centered around facts like website writings or school media posts. Now

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This guy makes me uncomfortable. I don't know how to explain it. But there's something within me that tells me there's something off. That's not reportable. These See Something, Say Something sites want you to screenshot, you know, a manifesto on on Twitter, which doesn't always happen. And those programs work for those actively paying attention. But today, it's normal behavior to not judge or see someone in a certain way. Most people don't even realize they're empowering the shooter by staying quiet. People today are trained to lie to avoid confrontation. They do this with their teachers to agree with them. They do this with their peers, and they do it with their parents, instead of disagreeing, just placate and agree to avoid confrontation. But what we know is that confrontation is a positive thing and it opens the door for full expression. Again, liberals love to use, we need to be able to express ourselves in the meantime, expression has been completely removed from the vocabulary. Maybe it's not about telling on or reporting someone's suspicious, maybe it's about engaging them actively in an argument where they can be heard. Sometimes people just need to be heard. You know, once we can shrug off the stigmas that come along with political correctness, we will continue to breed Yes, people that spend their time worrying about who they may or may likely be offending. Take dogs for example, dogs although our best friends have very specific instincts like herding, German Shepherds were bred to be herding dogs. But through the years of mass over breeding, most German sub lost their strong herding instinct, they were bred to protect and keep the stock safe and alive. As humans, we have instincts as well. These primal instincts come from years of needing to protect ourselves in the wild. sensing something is off paying attention reading people in situations like the German Shepherd, the instinct is being bred out of all of us. Why will for one when you can't fend for yourself, who do you rely on government. Moreover, when you have no instincts, you are in a constant state of fear. We need all the guns gone. I'm worried at school, folks, when I say political correctness is dangerous. I don't mean it figuratively. The push for non offensive PC culture is keeping people from being able to protect themselves and protect others. So here we are guys, symptoms and preventative measures. We know gun control therapy and medication have no direct correlation to the number of mass shootings, not to mention crime at all. We know we can prevent mass shootings by implementing security systems, increasing police and armed guard presence, but most importantly, ending political correctness. Political Correctness is keeping people from speaking up, speaking up in general is now frowned upon if it comes close to offending anyone. And these things are what the Liberals have systematically put into place in order to create more dependency on government and to buy into their agenda. If you're not being offended, if you're not confrontational, you're not going to be confrontational when they come in and want to take your medical rights away and understand that if you're on antidepressants, you can't own guns or whatever it may be. We're being taught to be drones. And we're using things like our feelings, caring about other people to massage us into nonconfrontational watered down genderless drones that follow the liberal leadership no matter what. So we know the symptoms, we know preventative measures, but do we know the cause? Absolutely. The cost is three things. One, the feminization of young men, to the fact that we've replaced coping skills with complaining, and three, the concept of a higher power has been completely eradicated from schools. One thing the left loves to talk about is gender. They're the gender mob, except when it doesn't backup their point. Boys and girls are the same, right? interchangeable, folks. That doesn't work here because every single mass shooter is male. Oh, you mean men are different than women? Men commit one act that women don't? Doesn't this highlight a huge difference in male and female chemistry. The fact that these shooters are men should tell us something. In the simplest form, something is going on with boys in this country, and it can take someone with the symptoms we talked about into mass violence. Psychology Today has a great article. It was written in 2014 called the stigma of masculinity. Can men still be manly without feeling ashamed? The author's name was Oculus Gordon. Gordon said in particular, many guys struggled to define their masculinity in themselves as men in a culture that increased

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Suddenly stigmatizes things like sexuality, aggressiveness and competitiveness. He goes on to share quote, in what may be described as a type of reaction formation, some have taken to redefining masculinity into something that it is decisively not. And while men and women are free to express themselves in any way they like something is clearly lost when we begin to blur the definition of a word simply to suit social expectations. See, what I know is that since the early 2000s, there's been a systematic and purposeful feminization of America and its men. This push for equality, instead of elevating other groups like women is easier to bring men down to a competitive level or whatever level that the mob thinks we should be up, you know, as feminism progress from important issues like maternity leave, voting, things like that. It shifted itself into radical man hating Lifetime movie network terrorist organizations that had an agenda just completely squash masculinity painted as a bad thing and blame men for the evils of the world. We've all seen it unlike 2030 years ago, it's just completely blatant now and there's this constant obsession with making white males out to be the bad guy. Anthropologist scientists, psychologists around the world have a consensus that men and women are different Go figure, not just from a DNA standpoint, but within development, brain function and needs and wants. There is a vast difference and each sex cannot be developed the same way. Nature evolution God regardless of what your belief, there is, in fact, a biological difference between men and women and how they should grow up the distinct needs of a man to be able to compete provide and procreate must be developed in a positive way. Furthermore, the distinct needs of a woman such as caregiving, loving unconditionally, building and managing a community and communication are just as equally important. What you want is the man who's learned to be a better man, alpha male, who can also take care of his children be with his wife be with his family, healthy testosterone levels, because it's only when men's testosterone goes down, that men become grumpy, irritable, rigid, and patient.

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Exclusive meaning we got to do this we can't look at anything else. All these are symptoms of stress in a man and stress in a man is always low testosterone. For women stress in a woman is always low oxytocin. When is one of the major oxytocin producers when a woman feels hurt when a woman feels considered when a woman feels part of a team, unfortunately, because of the elimination of gender specific needs, and the concept that children and young adults should be brought up the exact same way, has stripped boys of their inherent need to compete, provide produce and procreate. I'm not saying those needs should be, quote, unquote, allowed, but they are needs biologically downloaded into our DNA before we're even born. Our job as parents, teachers adults, is to teach both boys and girls how to positively and responsibly manage those primal needs. It's no different than training a dog. A Dog's primal instinct is to chase squirrels. But if we don't train them, otherwise, there's a huge risk of them running into the street and getting hit by a car. The primal need to procreate when not shown how to manage that desire can result in overly aggressive, sexualized boys who might have issues with that, as adults. I'm specifically talking about men here because 100% of mass killers are men. But similar detrimental effects can also happen to girls as well when their primal needs are taken away or unmanaged. Productivity winning and competing are all part of a developing boys biology without those things, we as men lose our sense of purpose. So what's happening in schools right now? Well, one I can tell you, sports and physical education have been shaved away to a bare minimum playground activities like dodgeball Capture the Flag, racing each other on the track have all been prohibited. Classroom winners and losers prohibited Everyone's a winner now. And sweeping all gender coping skills are weak and don't address the biological needs of men or women. These are just obvious examples, but it goes much further. Just these four changes that have happened in modern times totally strip young boys unknowingly of their pride, self respect and masculinity. Fortunately, most go home to a male figure, be it Dad, uncle, cousin, whatever and get mail read

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assurances and the proper coping skills at home. However, not everyone is that lucky as we now look at the shooter in this recent ivaldi shooting, it was a young boy in school were of course, he did not receive the proper skills he needed to deal with primal desires and biological needs. His parents failed him. And he had to go live with his elderly grandparents who I'm sure did very little to react or correct the failures from the classroom, like maybe a younger or, you know, parent, Mother Father team would be able to do in their younger years. This is what initiates self hate. We all experience it. We all go through a form of questioning or depression or self identity crisis. But most of us have some basic skills to deal with those feelings. I mean, I remember in elementary school, I was really, really mad one day, I could just feel I was like, shaking, I was so mad. I can't even remember why I just remember it was that a time that I felt really mad. It was in the top five maddest periods of my life, I guess I could say, and the teacher said, You know what, go do a couple of laps around the track and clear your head come back when you're level headed. Well, what do you know, it worked, I just needed to crush it out of me. It's no different than screaming into a pillow or punching a stuffed animal. those basic skills which should be different for men than for women are no longer being taught in schools, the feeling stick and circle where everyone must share and say something positive about one another. On the surface, it sounds great. But that plays into a girl's biology to work things out diplomatically through words, not physically, like men have the desire to when a girl's pissed off. Oftentimes she cries and she wants to talk. And that's okay. That's the beauty of women. They resolve conflicts and manage people and communities so much better than men do. When a guy is pissed off. He wants to quote unquote, kill somebody. Maybe not literally. But you know what I'm saying? I'm so mad. I could kill someone right now. Right? So figure speech. As men, we fall directly into conflict. When we're mad, we hid things. That's our primal nature. If we don't have the right coping skills to manage and redirect that anger, we have nothing to do but get violent, hurtful, and be in constant conflict. This feminization of American boys has totally ripped the pride, the sense of self and the strength from boys, which is in turn created a very weak male population. And I always get well, Chad, that's all true. But these all these kids don't grow up to be murderers. And you know, and they're right. Just like that everyone gets cancer. COVID is all about those who are predisposed. That's when we see active shooters. These are all boys. Doesn't that tell you everything? The gender here is key because it forces us to ask ourselves what are girls getting that boys aren't or vice versa. And I can tell you what it is. Girls are learning the coping skills that align with their biology. And with every year boys are learning less and less and letting their biological instinct and needs take over in a negative way. So you have a large population of men in in or just out of the education system. Several of them have had no male figure at home, at least one that showed them any coping skills, which then leads to them having no purpose or pride, then what happens from there, subsequently, you get angry, you have more outbursts, and you have no understanding of why these outbursts are coming, and how to manage them. So it gets worse and worse and worse, ultimately, leading to the symptoms we spoke about before. But Chad, still there aren't that many shooters, and there must be tons of kids without those skills. Yeah, you're right. They don't all become school shooters. But have you looked at teen boys suicide rates? How about teen or young adult boys committing sexual assault how many young teen and young adult boys are incarcerated for fighting? Since this feminization movement, all those figures have jumped sky high. Shooting people isn't the only way these purposes boys take out their anger. In fact, it's the last resort and the most extreme. But this is the cause. Most of the all men type crimes that are out there can be traced to a lack of coping skills to deal with biological and primal instincts, hunting, gathering, protecting and procreating. Those things unmanaged can be very, very scary. Again, the true cause of the mass shooter epidemic is the melding of genders within schools, the lack of coping skills being taught to young men. And lastly, what I want to talk about now is the non existent, quote unquote, higher power in schools. And before we get into that concept of higher power, I just want to be clear, I'm in no way

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shape or form suggesting we should have religious presence in schools. Although I personally believe Christianity should have some presence, I also understand how it gets complicated with kids and people with varying backgrounds etc. Unfortunately, the presence or existence of a higher power got thrown out during the big church verse state in schools debacle, which is still going on to this day, church and state church and state. It's like, okay, whatever bottom line is, in order to keep the peace in schools, then you know, placate the ACLU is of the world, we've removed. Everything possible that could even hint that something larger than ourselves exists in schools. I mean, if you look at AAA, for example, which I probably should be in, but I'm not enough. Totally kidding. But if you look at AAA, the 12 steps, oftentimes addicts come in with no purpose, life seems meaningless, many of them and I've been in Al Anon my whole life. So I can tell you, I know the stories. Many of them don't want to live anymore. They're lost and what they refer to as rock bottom. And what's the first step? Well, the first step is admitting you have a problem. That's the first thing.

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And we need to get our schools to admit that they're not producing quality people. But the second step, however, right after that says, quote, we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. That is true. Time and time again, it's been proven that with the belief in something bigger than yourself, people have more purpose, they are more driven, and often more successful. So what is life, if you're the be all end all, nothing, there's little to no point without purpose, especially if you have no loving connection with your parents, your family, this kid living with his grandparents that are probably just stuck with him. So he doesn't go into foster care. They're over there. And he raised their kids, right, and there's no higher power. There's no God, there's no Allah, there's no nothing. So there's no purpose in life. And just like it says, a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. While we're dealing with boys who are literally going insane. They have no idea how to be a man. And when they do, they're ashamed. They have no coping skills to manage and redirect their primal desires, which makes them angry all the time. And lastly, they have no purpose or plan or willingness to do better, because they have learned the buck stops with them. Christ, Allah, Buddha, the universe, energy, whatever it is, if we don't give young ones the tools, they need to access their belief in a higher power, we're going to continue to create generations of purposeless young people, who then without any sense of self, or any purpose, cling to extreme ideals. In order to find that purpose. Look at the droves of young kids flocking to Black Lives Matter, a domestic terrorist organization idealizing other mass shooters, another example of boys trying to find purpose, especially if they're not popular or within a social circle. So when we think about all of this combined, we think about all the symptoms, all the prevention and the actual cause. What it makes us look at is it makes us address all this BS that we hear from the other side. Oh, well, how come it's only an American thing? Well, because America is the only place that we would tolerate all gender education, for example, as all boys and all girls schools get pushed out, religious schools can't afford to stay open. people of faith are shamed. It's a cultural issue. It's a systematic issue. And furthermore, what it is, is it's an allowance of full control from the left, see, if you cut a tree down, and don't get all the roots out of the ground, it's going to pop back up. And that's all we've been doing. We're cutting down trees, leaving the roots in and it's coming back in. The only way to eradicate the root of this mass shooting epidemic is to teach children, young adults, even adults, how to properly manage, harness and redirect our biological instincts that are put into us for survival into a way that they can be used in modern times to make us more successful people would much rather think it's the guns because that's easy, but it's not the guns. It's not the NRA. It's not the conservatives. It's not because these people have mental health issues. It's not because they're all on medication. Those are some symptoms that are inconsistent locking doors and adding guards is great, just like the COVID vaccine in

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No, there's only so effective, so preventative. But if we go to the root in COVID, for example, the lab in Wuhan, and the gain of function research that is causing these human to human deadly viruses, we can probably control it, we can probably get rid of it, eradicate it, if we begin to eliminate some of the feminization of males in schools and get rid of some of these ideologues, that are teaching these sort of all gender, all people all one skills and learnings we, we would be able to completely turn this around, and it has grown, the numbers of these incidents has grown, the number of deaths has grown, it's just actually started to go down a little bit. But regardless, as we have more and more people exiting the education system, boys, teens and young men that have been feminized and don't have the coping skills to deal with their biological responses, competing for reducing, hunting, gathering, having sex, all of the things, like I said, been instilled in us for survival. Without management without being able to cope, we will have nothing but negative results. And that's why it's not just shootings, it's suicides. It's bar fights. It's constant anger, it's gun violence, it's rate and the other side will tell you all the time. Oh, no, it's the opposite. It's because we're promoting this all male all the time. And, uh, you can say that all you want, but what's in front of you is what's true and weak. There's not one person in the world that can argue that being more masculine, more manly, is happening today. Because it's not. Anyone can see that. It's not just not just me.

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You just listen to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law, reminding you of what Reagan once said. Our mission is to nourish and defend freedom and democracy and to communicate these ideals everywhere we can. God bless you, President Reagan and may God save America.

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