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Mass Shootings: the cause, the symptoms, and prevention.

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Be advised, you are now entering a no work zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the left the liberals and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, a place where whining, crying, screaming, lashing out and tantrums are prohibited and punishable by law. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host the beacon of truth, the gays conservative, the leader of the gay world, he may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. He's always right and never canceled. Ladies and gentleman, the last gay conservative themselves Chad.

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Hello, everybody, and let's go Brandon. Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative who by the way is me Chad law as you heard, I'm here for you all today, your binary brother, the ultimate messenger of truth, the true leader of the gay world, your holy homo freed from the liberal shackles of victimhood and stereotypes. Very excited to be recording from Las Vegas, Nevada today. I haven't been able to get any time away in the last month. So it's freeing to have some me time. We are here having some pretty secret and important meetings for the podcast. So make sure you stay tuned. Say that every week, but we're growing like crazy every week. I've been super sick the last couple of weeks. Thank you for being patient. I think you heard on my last episode how under the weather I was well it turned into bronchitis than pneumonia and I always have been deathly ill if you will. Today's the first day I feel better. So here we are. Thankfully in Vegas, we were able to secure a temporary gay conservative headquarters to be more messaged through the airwaves on our red white and blue rainbow for all your listeners, aka our suite at the hotel. But I do I love Las Vegas. I love the weather. I love the people in the community. Spent a lot of time here and most people don't realize there's an entire community outside of the strip of amazing people. There's a lot of political differences here but it's pretty much no nonsense across the board. Even though California transplants have come in and tried to terrorize Nevada politicians and colonizing this place

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however they've done it the politicians here have managed to keep the tax rates low income tax at zero. I mean, talk about baking your cake and eating it too. It's this Californians need to get a grip if you're going to leave the People's Republic don't bring it with you not to mention great gun laws you can pretty much get everything you want here maybe even a grenade launcher seriously quick funny story for those of you who know and have listened for a while I am a concealed very proud concealed carry permit holder. And I carry just about everywhere I go. And only twice in my life have I had an issue.

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self created issue I should say. First in California I had my handgun in a bag I always wear like a man bag and an emergency came up while I was eating and I left my bag and had to grab this phone call that was very important. The second similar situation was here in Vegas. I'm not too sure how it happened but my bag very similar fell out of my car or something. It was very strange. When this happened in California, two officers come to my house shake me down, try to admit to do criminal wrongdoing. They confiscated my weapon which was a Beretta PX four storm nine millimeter. And right now currently, I'm still going through the Department of Justice to get it back. Insane. Yesterday after spending an hour or two searching for my bag in the parking lot and all over the place. Every place that I had been before. I went to the nearest Vegas police station to report a stolen firearm, took my little number and sat down. Someone came out immediately and said, Are you Chad? Like

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not the best thing to hear in a police station? Normal? And they said yeah, and she said Oh, someone just turned in your bag with your firearm. Here you go. Great. She goes yeah, we ran the number it's all good. Like okay, look at that treating a gun owner with respect instead of a criminal. Very, very interesting to see the difference between the two states but moving on a dear friend of mine. sister had a big birthday party last week and it was a really gorgeous dinner with the best crowd I took a lot of meds and forced myself to go

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and her parents flew in and surprised her. It really was a great time. Mostly it was her friends and attendance. But her brother and I knew most of them. So it was great to catch up.

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One of our good friends, that guy had his friends in town. So they also joined us as well. All very good looking and nice young men. Just we are all drinking, having fun and tell the how do you know who questions came up at the table? And what do you do questions and it might sound ridiculous. But when I'm a guest at someone's party or house, where I'm not control of the guests list, like, I try not to make a big deal about what I do in case there's some psycho psycho liberal which there always is in the mix, who wants to debate me or more realistically fight me. So as you can imagine going around the table when my friends amount flavor podcast, you know, we've we've gotten some amazing coverage and shout outs recently, hundreds and 1000s of downloads. So my friends love to brag about me to anyone who will listening, it's so it's great. And that's truly how I've talked about all of them as well. We're just very supportive of each other. And I do I love it, I appreciate it. But at the same time, I also hate it because I don't like attention in that way. Don't get me wrong, I love attention, as you know. But being called out in the middle of a group or an event, it's a little bit more challenging. So I started talking to this guy and his girlfriend, I learned, you know, his entire life story. And the boyfriend got a little bit more comfortable for me, you know, talking to him and all of a sudden, like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, here's liberal. And here we go. I'm like, Please don't go here. Not to mention, he just got telling me his entire life story. So I'm already way ahead of the game. So in front of everyone at the table, he goes drunkenly telling me I don't know, your Tige or I me don't know what I'm talking about. And he's going on and on and on. I let them talk and finally when he stopped I asked now can I say something? And I looked around and said guys, none of this matters. It's all fracturing of the total picture which is this is your life better since Joe Biden took over? You don't need to be anything or any party to know that life was a lot better I think for most Americans prior and there you have it mic drop boom, silence proceeds and the little man shuts up. No one is better off right now. Presidents don't get 30% approval ratings for nothing. Especially after winning the suppose the biggest election of all time. That's the only argument here folks how worse off are we? No And the funny thing is that the kid came from a conservative family who worked hard so he didn't have to free ride to college free ride to law school and all the sudden these these the woke light in law school Go figure. You know these are the up and coming liberals folks never had to do or pay for anything yet understand what everyone needs. ludicrous. And the big fancy schools take advantage of this and know these silver platter kids will just eat up anything they say.

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However, apparently there is one thing these liberal freeride kids can't get which is hot girlfriends. His girlfriend oh my god poor thing was wearing a maxi dress was soccer shoes not real soccer shoes with cleats but like the OG Adidas look like soccer shoes. Poor thing was beat. I just wanted to give her a lesson on how to put her foundation on. Why are liberal women always so homely looking? I mean, just look at it on TV. Here on Fox. We have Dana Perino who is absolutely stunning versus Casey hunt on MSNBC who is frightening and then let's go primetime host against primetime hosted got Laurie Ingram versus Rachel mad cow. I mean, then you look at the ladies on the view they tell a pretty nice perfect story of what the average liberal woman looks like now or what they will look like. They carry all that guilt and weight around it definitely affects their age Whoopi looks like a California raise them and let's be honest, gravity has not been kind to joy Bihar. Anyways, point being the easiest way to shut down a big liberal meltdown today is to ask that question. The only people who are better off are either welfare recipients or Democrat politicians. These spoiled kids with the bank of mommy and daddy have it the same. As I always say, Sure, we can't blame the president for one offs, like if it was just gas prices, but this is systematic and purposeful. The consequence of huge irresponsible executive orders made within Joe Biden's first month with the only purpose of undoing whatever Trump did evil bastard. There has never been such a

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responsible governing in my life. I think Biden has actually surpassed Jimmy Carter on the worst preside