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Liberal State of Emergency


Intro: Be advised, you are now entering a woke free zone. A place where facts always trump fiction and truth always prevails. Here we destroy the liberals, the left and the Democrats at home, online and in political office. Whining, screaming, lashing out or tantrums will not be tolerated. Welcome to the Last Gay conservative podcast. Here's your host, the beacon of truth, your binary brother, the holiest homo, the leader of the gay world. He may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. Ladies and gentlemen, your host Chad Law.

Chad: Yeah, hello everybody and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host still standing chest puffed and ready to take on the woke mob, sending even them the truth through the airwaves on our red, white and blue rainbow. Well folks, today's show is going to be tons of fun. Every time I think talking about Biden's complete lack of everything gets old. He does it again. It's kind of like what Britney would say. Oops, Biden did it again. Britney knows, she always knows and at this point I think she might be a better president.

So today we're covering how Biden is again going to circumvent checks and balances, our constitution and us the American people, to placate his progressive friends in Congress. He's been riding high on the covid state of emergency and has gotten away with it for far too long and now he's under immense pressure by liberals in Congress like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie to continue his abuse of power and declare two additional national emergencies.

Ironically, as he was mulling over using his national emergency power for climate and abortion, he got covid and now he has a great explanation as to why he's extended the covid state of emergency for the ninth time. Why do we have a constitution folks? Why do we have a supreme Court? Why do we have two parties? If the goal of our current government is to work around and dismiss our system, why don't we just let Pelosi, AOC, Bernie, Biden and Ron Klain run the country? Even worse, where are the Republicans trying to stop it? There's not enough of them. Before anything else I do need to toot my own horn. You guys know it's my favorite thing.

And my very first episode when I talk about how Biden has manipulated the energy market, I destroyed liberals who are pushing electric cars that plug them in to an energy grid that's still powered by fossil fuels. The more you plug in, the more you add to the power grid, the more petroleum and gas is used. Here's what I said. "That group of eco-terrorists are literally the mom who smokes and tells their kids not to smoke, demanding us as Americans drive around in golf carts because we know most of us can't afford a Tesla or a Rivian while they fly around in private jets, get transported in suburbans, own stock and petroleum companies and the list goes on." The funny thing is that this push on electric vehicles actually might hurt us or keep us the same than it is going to make any sort of positive difference with the environment.

Listen to this, this is just last week updated. According to the EPA, the top factors of contributing to climate change are transportation is 29% and under that is about 50%. So 50% of the 29% transportation is cars. Electricity, 25%. Industry 23%. Agriculture 10%. Commercial 7%. Residential 6%. So you've got 29% of the entire climate change, global warming, which we used to call it global warming and then it started to get really, really cold and all of a sudden we called it climate change because apparently the globe isn't warming anymore, it's just changing. That's a whole different conversation. Another topic that Americans really don't care about.

But 29% of the entire global climate change is transportation. Of that 29%, 50% of that is cars. Now, of all of that, there's also 25% electricity. And we're pushing for electric cars. Why is electricity contributing to climate change? Because in the US and many, many, many other first world countries, the electricity is produced by natural gas and petroleum. So just get this straight. 29% of climate change is attributed to transportation. 50% of that is cars. The rest is plane, travel, semi treads, etcetera. Another 25% is electricity, which is because we get our electricity from fossil fuels. So how is attacking half of 29% better than attacking the 25% of electricity?

As we plug more in, aren't we using more electricity? Aren't we adding to climate change versus taking away from climate change? Don't you think a smart person, that's a joke in government, but don't you think a smart person would think this through and say, hmm, if my goal is to eliminate a dependency on petroleum or fossil fuels, we should probably get the biggest chunk done before we encourage people to add to that grid and use more petroleum and natural gas. You can imagine how excited I was when Tucker essentially said the same thing the other night, have a listen.

"Electric vehicles." So what is an electric vehicle? What do those little electric cars have to do with climate change? That's a good question. It turns that there is a connection. Electric cars promote climate change. Oh, did you know that? Did you know that you can't charge an electric car with a wind farm? How do you charge them? We charge them with fossil fuels? That's also how you build them with fossil fuels. It's pretty funny. Last month the GM spokesperson along with an executive from a Michigan utility kind to let the secret out watch this.

Female: "Battery in this particular design is a T shape right down the center and across the backseat area because everybody thought we killed the electric vehicle. No we didn't."

Interviewer: So what's charging the batteries right now? What's the source?

Female: Well here, it's coming from the building.

Interviewer: I mean what makes the power?

Female: Oh, actually Lansing feeds the building.

Interviewer: What's that?

Female: Lansing feeds power to the building, so I don't know. I bet you they're a bit of pull. They're heavy on natural gas, aren't they?

Interviewer: Right now the car's charging off of your grid?

Male: It would be charging off our grid, which is about 95% coal.

Chad: Someday let's hope historians find that tape and then just savor it. Get a whole six pack and watch it again and again and again, the spokes chick from the car company is asked, impressed by your battery, but how do you charge it? She goes, wait from the building? Do you think he listens to my show? One of his researchers maybe. I love these constant affirmations and I love Tucker so there's no one better to affirm back that the last gay conservative is always right.

Like always I want to start with a quick story. My friend who is about 12 years younger than me and I know what you're thinking, get your head out of the gutter. I do like them younger, but he's basically engaged to a woman who's also a dear friend of ours. I know him through my best friend's younger sister. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but sometimes I have bouts of insomnia. So the other night I was wide awake at 2:00 AM and I get a text message from him again, I know what you're thinking, not that type of text. Actually he was a little upset.

He had just gotten his paycheck and his check was like 40% less after taxes. I mean I'd be up writing as well. He works for a very well known company and makes decent money. I said to him, send me a picture of your pay stub. So he worked a little bit on it and we figured his dependent numbers were a bit off, but I was looking and I still saw a huge chunk pulled out. I couldn't figure out where it was and then I realized his job is in sales. So a lot of his earnings are commission and bonuses. Every dime he made in California as performance pay was taxed around 35%. The current federal rate is 22% and California is 10%.

Then you add on the regular wage taxes and he's effed with regular taxes, effed on commission and ed on performance pay, AKA bonuses which are taxed the same way as commission. So he is working for a Fortune 100 company. They treat him well and it's a good work environment. Naturally he wants to work and perform and after we walked through the taxes a bit more, I just said like, man, what an incentive to work hard and build wealth only for over a third of it to be taken away. He does, he makes a nice salary and I'm looking at this going, you're almost better not getting any bonuses or commission just having your salary.

Unfortunately his job depends on sales but still 35%. It's so disheartening. Out of college, work your ass off to land a great job, you get a great job, then you start working your ass off even more to make money and then you get your check and that $10,000 commission or bonus check is now $6,000. And it would be one thing if he saw any benefit from his taxes, but he lives in Santa Monica and literally has to hurdle jump over homeless people on his morning run by the beach. I mean what do you say when you're jumping over someone?

Usually it's on your left, maybe it's overhead. I'm not sure. I can't even imagine the whiff of smells he gets on his run and sadly there's nowhere within a 10 mile radius he can go without having to do the same thing. The crazy thing about these performance pay taxes is that liberals and democrats in California and I guess around the country think it's fair, they believe what they call supplemental income should be taxed heavy because commission based earners need to pay their fair share and like I always said, their goal is always 100% of the time to create a new normal. And this is a perfect example. We've all gotten used to our paychecks getting raped by the left and naturally don't complain about it anymore because it's been years and I could name a hundred more examples of this.

California had a 75 billion surplus because of the surge and product sales and tech companies and Newsom wants to send out $400 gas checks. You have $75 billion, why not reward work as Biden so loves to say, work not wealth. Biden put your money where your dentures are. It's all lies, lies and more lies. How is taxing a reward? So instead of encouraging performance pay, you steal it and then wonder why young people who are making six figures in California still have to drive for Uber on nights and weekends. This stuff gets me so furious, rewarding work, F off. The only thing he's rewarded is welfare recipients and his friends over in Eastern Europe, but people actually cheer for the Democrat champions of the worker, the poor, the middle class. Hold on guys, I got to drink some Elaselsor or my esophagus gets eaten.

Taking from people for working hard, 22% and 10% and it's going to keep going up. Newsom should give the performance pay back instead of gas checks. Do you know how much money that would be pumped into the economy? I mean in this example my friend, he'd have a few thousand bucks to go waste on strippers and drugs, which coincidentally are the only two thriving industries in Biden's economy. Where do these people even come from? You don't have to be an economist to know, by taking away performance based pay, you also take away performance. Makes me sick. So I'm going to start a GoFundMe page for performance pay, tax subsidies, make sure you go to www.gofundme/

Couple news items I want to cover today before we dive in today's episode, it's a beautiful summer day. What's even more beautiful is I filled up this morning for 505 instead of 585. Thank you Biden and friends. I'm not sure if you all heard the very articulate, very educated and very knowledgeable press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. I honestly didn't think it could get worse than Ginger Jen, but always the Biden administration managed to out dumb itself over and over again. Yeah, I swear it's opposite day in the White House every day. So Jen the ginger is gone, let's get someone worse. Just make sure they're either black trans or gay. I don't care about anything else as long as they're black, trans or gay.

If you listen to any of these people, especially Kareem, it seems like they've already busted out the ice cream and the Costco sheet cake in the Oval Office to celebrate their big feet gas price reduction. If this isn't a ninth place trophy, I don't know what is. Aren't you supposed to celebrate when you get things past a record or at least where it was? I mean last time I checked Olympians don't cheer and pat themselves on the back for getting a little better and not even beating a record. It's Biden's calling card, lost 6,000 jobs but brought back 3000. Let's celebrate and those are just ancillary numbers folks.

Single handedly forced gas prices up higher than they've ever been, dropped them less than a dollar. Let's celebrate. Meanwhile, they're still sky high compared to pre-Biden along with everything else he undid with his irresponsible governing. When are they going to realize that Americans won't, at least 70% of us see through this crap. No matter what they say or do. It's been two years and all we've heard from this White House is talk, no action and especially no results. The other part of this is when anyone from the Biden administration talks to us eight out of 10 times, it's a lie and they keep trying to lie their way out of previous lies.

I mean who can keep it straight? Even some of my liberal acquaintances have told me they can't even keep up with the lies anymore and they feel like he's done nothing for their side. On the other hand, I feel like he's done everything for their side, which is why they're ruining our country. But regardless of sides, everyone sees that he's a liar and everyone in his camp is a liar. Again, he was too busy undoing everything Trump did he forgot to look at the bigger picture. He's like a college rapist of politics except he rapes America every day. I think he really does subscribe to the old saying, how does it go? No means yes and yes means I'll let you finish that one.

On a lighter note, last Friday, Ron DeSantis was speaking in Tampa and he did a great job hitting the pieces of successful Republican wins by contrasting his accomplishments in Florida with President Joe Biden's performance in Washington. Focusing on inflation, energy and immigration failures. However, there was one point where I lost it. Belly laughed hysterical. This was a Ronald Reagan moment through and through. So towards the end of his talk, DeSantis goes quote, "now I must say he did test positive for Covid and I want to on behalf of the state of Florida, wish President Biden a speedy recovery from covid and I also want to wish the United States of America a speedy recovery from Joe Biden."

If you don't think that's hilarious, I'm not sure you have a sense of humor. It reminds me of Reagan's famous quote when he came out and said "A recession is when your neighbors lose their job. A depression is when you lose yours and a recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his." It takes a really special quality to be able to throw blows in a cool collected way that's still funny, not overly offensive, but punches hard in the gut. Reagan was the master of this. Like you all know, he is my personal hero. In my opinion this is definitely something Trump could stand to work on. I understand because I'm a bulldozer myself just like Trump, but sometimes you have to restrain yourself, sit back and jab versus taking full swings.

DeSantis is the Lennox Lewis of politics, one of the only people who's been able to knock someone out with a jab. Although I'm still on the Trump train for 2024. I like Ron DeSantis a lot. People are talking about a Ron and Don ticket. No way is that a good idea. Ron is way too good to be a VP, which we all know the VP position is kind of a joke and they're too similar to be working together in the same room. I think it could be disastrous. Again, this is purely my speculation here folks, in my personal opinion, in six years Ron will be ready to roll. Things may change and you don't ever know and I never play guest the winner because it never works out. Learned that in 2016. Everyone said Hillary was going to win. Not me, but everyone else said it, even Fox News.

Like I mentioned in the last episode, the house has rolled out and approved their respect for Marriage Act Bill. The Democrats really have their priorities straight As we head into 2008 level recession, abortion, gay marriage and trans rights. The bill is on its way to the Senate floor and it will be interesting, 47 Republicans, or should I say rhinos, voted yay in the house. I told you true colors always come out once things are on congressional record. Let me make something very clear here. A nay vote is not a vote against gay marriage. It's a vote to respect the Supreme Court and the Constitution. If these rhinos put this through, they're waving their middle fingers at the Constitution.

The Supreme Court and Justice Alito who said in his ruling specifically they're not interested in revisiting gay marriage or contraceptives. One justice, Justice Thomas wrote a wacky response. In my opinion it was wacky. However, he's a smart cat and I've never known him to do anything off the cuff. I wonder if he was intentionally poking the bear. I know he's pissed about having to have extra security detail and all the harassment around his house and the bullying of the Supreme Court so he could be doing this as retribution. Again, the DNC is torching their own village, pushing people to the other side with their extreme radical agenda and then blaming them.

Obviously as a gay guy, I think same sex marriage is okay. I never understood the hysteria around it. Why do we need the government to give us a little piece of paper to validate our relationships? I'm not sure. This protection act is so pointless, it's just a waste of taxpayer dollars. Of course, has one Republican senator come out and said, this isn't a marriage issue folks, it's the Dems trying to look strong to their base by showing they will fight the Supreme Court. It's like good luck with that. If the last gay conservative tells you this has nothing to do with marriage, it doesn't. Sadly this is going to end really bad for liberals because this law is not constitutional. It will go to the courts, it'll get overturned and it'll end gay marriage and send them back to states exactly like Roe v. Wade.

They're making it worse and they made it worse with Dobbs and they're going to make it worse with this. Why can't they ever focus on what matters? 70% of Americans say the country is headed the wrong way, but they just keep on trucking. The Freedom Caucus issued a nice explanation. In a desperate effort to distract from their creation of galloping inflation, record breaking border crisis and skyrocketing gas prices. House Democrats have resorted to fear mongering over the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs versus Jackson Women's Health Center. The House Freedom Caucus announced the following official position against HR 8404, the Respect for Marriage Act.

Again, they came out and said, we don't approve of this and the Freedom Caucus is pretty good. They can be a little bit extreme for me sometimes with some of these right, more moral issues, but they're right. It's just fear mongering, to distract from the destruction of the country in the last two years. I mean, that's it. Same sex marriage is already federal law. I've never seen such disrespect for the Supreme Court and it's sure to backfire. Do you think these people who call us white supremacists, transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, ever sit around the table and say, man, the country's going two ways.

One way conservative and one way progressive. When people are given a choice, they fall back on conservative values they're used to, how they were raised as an American and stay that way. 70% of us do in fact. The more progressive and woke their agenda gets, the more Americans they push onto the other side. All you have to do is look up their locked up demographics that are jumping ship, heading to our side like blacks and Latinos. If the DNC did their job and took advantage of their two years of power and worked on initiatives that mattered, we wouldn't be talking about any of this moral BS. Here's your answer, to anyone who wants to talk about gay marriage. Also, keep in mind this is a fear tactic around the made up story that our rights are being stripped from us. One, it's already federally protected.

Two, the Supreme Court, all but one Justice have said it'll never be raised. Three, the law in Congress will get quashed in the courts because it's non-constitutional. Can't overturn or work around Supreme Court rulings. We just can't. God, I thought we were done with all this crap hate crap, this is such liberal lifeguarding in its purest form. Throw the gaze into the pool and for no reason, try to save them. Alright, those are my news items of the day.

Let's get into today's episode. I have mentioned this a few times on the show, but to be truthful, I never imagined President Biden would use his state of emergency power on top of is already ridiculous 9th Covid extension, each extension costs us 18 billion per year just in additional welfare costs. And then we wonder why we have such bad inflation. Not only did his American rescue plan print money like no tomorrow, but he also had to pile on his own emergency spending and print money for that as well. Biden was essentially forced to keep the Covid emergency protocol because it was easier than getting his policies through the correct way, drafting legislation, putting it to Congress to review and accept or reject.

The bills he did push and he complains that Republicans blocked him were just stuffed with junk and pork. Before we dive into the specifics, I want to be sure we're all on the same page on what in fact is a national emergency. So in May there was a woman named Elizabeth Goitin who runs the Brennan Center for Justice and she's also a tenured law professor at NYU. She went before the House Judiciary Committee and the subcommittee on the Constitution, which that's another joke we can talk about in another episode. But keep in mind the Brennan Center is very liberal and credits due were credits deserved. She did a great job in front of the judiciary committee and so she did a presentation called Examining Potential Reforms of Emergency Power and she opens with this, the powers triggered by a national emergency declaration include authorities that are highly susceptible to abuse and could be misused to undermine our democracy.

These powers must be subject to meaningful checks against abuse and overreach. In its current form, the NEA National Emergency Act makes it far too easy for presidents to declare national emergencies and keep them in place indefinitely and far too difficult for Congress to terminate them. Congress should amend the NEA to provide the presidential emergency declarations will terminate after 30 days or a similarly short period unless approved by Congress and to require congressional approval for any subsequent renewals of the declaration. There are several bills pending in Congress that would implement this basic reform. Then she goes on to say the laws that hold sway in ordinary times might not be sufficient to respond to an unforeseen crisis and amending the law to provide greater powers might take too long or do damage to principles held untouchable in ordinary times.

Emergency powers thus give the government, usually the head of state a temporary boost in power until the crisis passes or there is time to change the law through the normal legislative process. Here's the problem. Broader claims that the president has inherent constitutional power to do whatever he considers necessary in emergency have been soundly rejected by the Supreme Court. The government advanced aver of this theory during President Truman's seizure of US still mills during the Korean War, the Supreme Court invalidated the president's action and Justice Jackson and his famous concurrence observed "the Constitution did not contemplate that the commander in chief of the Army and Navy will constitute him also commander in chief of the country and its industries and its inhabitants." It's very straightforward folks. I mean that is so powerful.

He is the commander in chief of the Army and navy, according to the Constitution, not the commander in chief of the country, its industries and its inhabitants. It's straightforward. The president is the commander in chief of the military. That's it, not us, not industry, that works in a democratic process. Of course, the Supreme Court ruling screw it, didn't stop them. And before I continue, let me make something very clear here. This is a Washington issue. It's not a Democrat or Republican issue. Over time, and I talk about this all the time, we've given the office of the President way too much power. Had we followed the Constitution, maybe gas prices would've stayed low because then legally Biden would not have the right to that executive order, just like Trump did not have the right to use state of emergency to continue his border wall.

Now the argument could be made that the border wall is a humanitarian crisis, an emergency, but it's up to Congress, not the president. No matter if you support the wall and Trump's immigration policies, it was done unconstitutionally. I supported the action, not the emergency. On the flip side of that, at least Trump used his power on something dire. The border, which we could see now is not working at all under Biden. However, Biden thinks climate change and abortion access is more important than national security. Unbalanced power equals Americans getting screwed regardless of sides, every single time. All presidents have pushed the power given to them during declared emergency times.

In fact, for the last 50 years, presidents have redefined what emergency orders are in order to continue their own agendas. It evolves with every president, which indicates it's not regulated or enough. Anything that a president can come in and change like that, that affects everyone in the country should not be legal. The Supreme Court rulings on presidential power in multiple Supreme Courts with various justices all say it's unconstitutional, period, yet it's been ignored. They can't pass any resolutions to this because both sides want the president to have these powers in order to get stuff done that they can't get done in Congress. Like a trick up their sleeve, if you will.

So our representatives in Congress pass any legislation that controls emergency action because they want to keep that last ditch tool they can use for their own agendas. They can't just grow up and do what's best for the country. The power grab continues. Hence Biden extending the state of emergency powers for covid again a couple weeks ago. As of people we have no control already. Add on a state of emergency, we're totally powerless. One of the things I kept saying during Covid in California when Newsom was having a blast up there playing Chairman Mao, why aren't we voting on this stuff? Shouldn't procedures that impact everyone be voted on? We have special elections all the time. We can throw together an election in a matter of days, but no, no, no, they know best.

Here's the problem. Biden has three emergency orders now and he's deciding which way to go and I think he's going to have all three, continue Covid, abortion access and climate change. Just as bad as his Democrat buddies in Congress Biden is looking to circumvent both the Supreme Court and Congress. He's so quick to blame house Republicans for shutting down his proposed bills, but he ran on the concept of being a great unifier and if you read these bills, there's not one piece of unifying verbiage. In other words, why can't he submit bills with compromise? Maybe ratchet down some of the environmental restrictions that'll be detrimental to energy producing states. He won't. He can't. And his handler, Ron Klain won't let him. The guy was in Congress for 10,000 years. Where's the wit? As president, you work with your party congressional leadership and get votes. You don't write it, plop it on the floor and pray it works.

Furthermore, in the democratic process, if you want representatives to vote on something, you have to get the support of the public to pressure them. Unfortunately, he has an inability to motivate and get the public on board. I mean, as a matter of fact, the public hates him and Congress is totally steering clear of him because he is a liability for reelection and his progressive handlers like Ron Klain won't let him meet Senate Republicans in the middle. It's like you can't be in the middle, you can't meet the other side. You're either as extreme left as possible or right. I mean, didn't he take a page from Bill Clinton's book? I mean, Clinton had a Republican controlled Congress and was still able to get tons passed. He spent time in Congress getting support, working across the aisle and compromising.

I'm not singing his praises because most of what he passed I don't agree with. However, there's no excuse for a president not getting stuff done. Clinton worked those halls of Congress all day every day until he could get legislation through. No, instead, Biden just calls us super maga, radical, extremist, homophobe, etcetera. Now we know all this and we know there's still one hope left for Biden, a declared emergency. This is where it gets scary and his hands are not tied. Biden and his team are trying to figure out the best way to sign another state of emergency. Coincidentally, just 10 days after he re extended the covid state of emergency, he got Covid, one is the obvious. You've seen the coverage of the BA5 or whatever it's called, variant.

Biden being double boosted still got covid and for us and most Americans, we go, okay, whatever, let's just keep trucking. However, now that he's been diagnosed and his shots did not protect him, I am very nervous about what's to come. How convenient. Now the extended state of emergency for Covid is completely explainable because covid is still there. I didn't even got it. That conversation goes something like this. Look, I got the new variant. It's not good. We need to reenact covid regulations like mail-in voting, dropboxes, closures, mass and vaccine requirements for travel. The timing of this is just all too convenient.

The New York Post had a great piece on this, saying as the Kaiser Family Foundation reports, is that public and private covid healthcare coverage will continue to be more expensive as taxpayers and consumers shell out billions of dollars for covid related treatments under emergency mandates that make these treatments free to patients but not to taxpayers or private employers. It will also fuel healthcare inflation while continued liability immunity for pharmacists and other vaccine providers will make medical malpractice harder to root out. They go on to say, this is so funny.

Perhaps even more important lesson comes from Aesop's Tale about the shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking the town's flock. When an actual wolf arrives, the boy cries out. The villagers believe it's another false alarm. The wolf dines on the helpless flock. Covid and other diseases should be taken seriously, especially if a more lethal covid strain reappears. But right now the word emergency has lost its meaning under Biden and it's very hard to take him seriously. Democrats want more power and they're going to keep extending this emergency declaration until Americans stand up and say, okay, this is enough. So folks, there you have it. If you don't have enough power, declare an emergency. This is the rule of power hungry, non diplomatic and a radical executive branch on both sides.

So we understand he's going to continue the covid state of emergency until he shuffles out of the White House and he will pump as much money as possible expanding our welfare state with his emergency fund blank check. We sadly don't have much control over that one. It would be very hard to reverse or even shut down. On top of that, he's truly enjoyed the power. So the big guy wants more. How convenient that the Supreme Court rulings recently were big upsets for the socialist agenda. As we know Congress is busy making fake laws around abortion and gay marriage that'll never hold up in court. Biden is devastated that the EPA was slapped back from interfering in state's affairs and policing them like the Gestapo 15,000 employees they have.

He's equally devastated that the Supreme Court has stripped women of their birthright to get an abortion. I didn't realize that was a birthright. Naturally. In true Biden fashion, he wants a state of emergency around the climate and women's health access. Again, according to the Brennan Center, this is not a smart move. They say our country is beset by crisis. You can really tell they're liberal in this piece. Our country is beset by crisis. The Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization did not nearly abolish a constitutional right women have enjoyed for half a century. Women have enjoyed getting abortions for half a century? They go on to say it placed the lives of women in particular women of color in immediate and ongoing peril.

I've mentioned to you all this before, the new trend of adding people of color to everything bad to victimize the black communities into supporting their junk legislation. At the same time, she says climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet with extreme weather, creating mounting death, tolls and financial costs. Despite broad popular support for abortion rights and for action on climate change, Congress refuses to pass the legislation that would be needed and address these crises. Popular support. I'm not sure where she's going with this. Facing these grim realities. Some Democrats are pressuring President Biden to issue emergency declarations to address both the fallout from Dobbs and climate change.

The desires for such action is understandable if only because it would underscore the urgency of these problems. But when it's the wrong solution, emergency powers are a poor fit for these crises and invoking them could do more harm than good. On top of that, the Wall Street Journal reported a couple days ago that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday that both actions, a public health emergency on abortion and national emergency on climate were under consideration and that each type of emergency declaration would unlock a different set of authorities and funding. Both steps are opposed by Republicans. Yeah, we'll see.

Mr. Biden said recently he was prepared to use every power he has as president to deal with global warming. Already he has invoked emergency powers to wave tariffs on solar imports and to use the defense production Act to boost US manufacturing of solar panel components, electric heat pumps, and other clean energy technology. On the issue of abortion, the Wall Street Journal says the White House has said that declaring a public health emergency to deal with the Roe ruling is still on the table, but AIDS have argued that the legal authority and resources that would unlock would be very limited. The bulk of the government's existing funding for public health emergencies has already gone towards tackling the COVID 19 pandemic.

Still abortion rights groups, including Planned Parenthood and several lawmakers have continued to lobby the White House to take that step. In a letter to Mr. Biden, a group of senators said the move could further protect access to medical abortions and allow Medicaid programs to more easily accept out-of-state patients seeking abortion. Additionally, on the specific issue of abortion and an emergency declaration, Brennan Center says, some might argue that the tangible benefits of these declarations would outweigh the less tangible costs of misusing emergency powers. But precisely because emergency powers are not meant to address larger policy programs, they are generally poorly suited for that purpose.

With respect to abortion access, health law experts have questioned how effective an emergency declaration would be. Given the legal and practical limits on the authorities, it would trigger. A Georgetown law professor Larry Gostin says "the juice isn't worth the squeeze. You face a huge legal and political headwind and it gives you very little, if anything, that you couldn't do without the emergency." So what's the big deal with that? Well, couple of things. First of all, our emergency health fund is basically empty or will be soon, so it would require more funding or pulling funding from elsewhere.

Second, they are creating a website as a resource for women where they import their personal information for services. website is currently thread bear with more than basic information on contraception and abortion links to, a website maintained by abortion rights advocacy groups. So basically what they want to do with the website is they want to include information about how to order free emergency contraceptive pills known as Plan B while showing which pharmacies have the medicine in stock. And that was from Bloomberg Law. And I just have to wonder, I thought Roe was all about privacy law, but we have a website to import our personal information. It's just another sly attempt under the guise of helping people to meddle in your medical information.

Am I the only one that sees this whole emergency declaration for abortion rights is just merely using women in order to extend presidential power? I hope more women wake up and say, wait a minute, we're being used. The emotional state after the Roe ruling is being taken advantage of. The other terrible part is, should it be declared as an emergency? The Supreme Court will rule against it quickly and these women thinking that they gained more rights than they won will lose those rights in a matter of months. However, it sounds great on ABC News. Now we move on to the climate change issue. Brennan Center again is an agreement says, for climate change, a handful of emergency powers could be pressed into service, but not even the staunchest supporters of climate emergency are suggesting that they would be sufficient.

Solving the problem of climate change or simply meeting Biden's commitment to achieve a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. Ah, this is what it's about. His promise, his commitment. So it's about him and his ego, not about what's best for us. I go on to say well necessarily require legislation to provide new authorities and greatly increased resources and for either declaration we can safely assume that the next Republican president would rescind on his or her first day in office. Folks, keep in mind the climate change programs have a whole other handful of issues that come along with it. It's not merely saving the planet with batteries and solar.

And the other night, Tucker went off on Biden's consideration of declaring an emergency for climate change and how China would win big with that decision. Tucker said in a power grab as it were, Biden intends to bypass Congress to take executive action to combat global warming and encourage renewables. But there's a catch. He goes on to say, China makes 76% of the world's lithium ion batteries. China makes 75% of the world's solar panels. China makes virtually all the world's wind turbines. 7 of the world's 10 biggest wind turbines manufacturers are in China. So that means China will have control of our energy grid. If you control a country's energy grid, you control that country. Folks doesn't that make you think, our supply would be totally dependent on China? Not that it's not already in other industries, but something as serious as energy, is pure insanity.

Now we know Joe has given them buttloads of petroleum during a huge supply shortage here. Who is to say he won't let this much more serious energy hand off to China happen? I mean, quite honestly, he may not have a choice. I mean, even Elon Musk has said so many times, the US is not ready for major reduction in oil dependency because we have not built up the other side, the other side infrastructure, the green infrastructure to hand it off to, in other words, you can't throw the football if someone isn't ready to catch it. There's a reason all these solar companies keep your homes tied into the grid because they're not ready to go full solar. They have no backup. We go full solar when the battery and generator needed is gone or fixed.

It must be nice to wake up in your utopian socialist world about saving planet, but looking at no reality around the consequences or benefits of anything other than we're saving the planet. The liberal shortsightedness gets us in these messes every time. Everything sounds wonderful, but if we don't look at all the factors, there's no good or bad. And more times than not it's bad. The good news is, as of now, Biden is keeping the emergency declaration on climate change on the back burner. However, he is right on the line and he was already saying "climate change is an emergency and I will treat it as such."

However, in the same place, he also said he had cancer, so I'm not sure what to think. His executive orders included $2 billion to FEMA, which we are told is to help people from climate emergency disasters. However, it also states it will be to retrofit and build, but how much do you want to bet that means solar panels and green energy? The other order directed was to the Department of the Interior to build three windmill sites in the Gulf of Mexico. I mean, apparently he's never driven through Palm Springs. Anyone who's driven through Palm Springs will see why wind power is absolutely terrible. But funny enough, that's it. Seriously, those are his big climate change orders, his big executive orders for the emergency. He'll treat it as such. 2 billion wasted on FEMA and wind energy through the southeast.

This guy, he's gotta be off his rocker, man. I mean, how do you go from humanity, code red emergency to two little orders just really makes me worry about the future. And this proves my point. These people don't care about climate. If they did, they wouldn't be in motorcades, private jets and live 10 million mansions with 8 AC units and 10 additional bedrooms being cooled and heated even though no one's in them. Climate change is merely political. This is all political. The emergency declaration threat is an effort to get Americans scared green. Why? Because Americans see through the BS. None of us argue the climate doesn't change. However, every theory around a man made issue floated between 1990 and now have proven to be false.

Sadly, this is just another DNC talking distraction. As much as I fear a world where Biden, the bozo has three emergency orders simultaneously, I also love that this is three months before the primaries and this is the crap they're talking about. It's like, hello, nobody cares. So we've got abortion on the table still. Climate change is on the table, but looking less likely, especially after seeing those tiny little orders Biden made and we've got the 18 billion per year Covid extension. These Democrats have become way so much worse with time and they just continue to wave their middle finger at us and the foundation of our country. Most Americans say, sure, is abortion a concern? Yeah, but not compared to everything else. And to me, the dinner table talk goes. Is climate change an issue? Maybe, but I need food for my baby.

Covid is dead and done. Why do we need continued states of emergency? Abortion, it's a concern, but not compared to everything else. I don't think many Americans are aware of the emergency extension for covid again. The media dodges it because most would disagree. Moreover, I don't think many Americans are aware the cost implications and its impact on the inflation. I believe if a majority of Americans had this information in front of them, we would definitely see a revolt. Allow me to leave you with this. Power belongs to us, not them. Loopholes, cracks and technicalities never work. In fact, they always end up slapping us in the face.

When a criminal gets off on a technicality, what do you think happens? They get tailed, surveyed and followed, bugged by the cops, gathering everything they can to be able to arrest him without technicalities. President uses gray area to push their radical agenda on both sides, then what happens? Congress won't push anything through and the opposition will fight you harder out of spite of trying to circumvent them. Washington spends so much time, money, and energy on loopholes and workarounds to the Constitution. It either never gets done or stupidity ensues and it hits us all in the face later. Congressional actions can take years to come back and screw us over. What happened to getting votes? Working the halls of Congress, making deals and moving some issues up and some issues back.

President and lawmakers have gotten lazy. They believe they have ultimate control and should so they fight versus fix. That's why it's such a scary time because democracy itself is being ignored in Washington and the powers of each branch are going unchecked. You must work the process. Our founding fathers didn't design it to be easy. If it was easy, we would already have a socialist country with one leader. If you were a Democrat as president, if you were a Democrat and President with a Democrat controlled Congress, one or two votes away from Senate passage. That should be easy. This guy can't even work on a handful of votes in one house. He can't even work with other Democrats like Mansion who have specific needs for their constituents that aren't included in his big sweeping legislation.

But instead, he just complains about his Republican colleagues who vote no. If a six year old gets behind the wheel of a car, whose fault is it the kid or the parents who allowed it to happen? Well, in this example, we are the parents and the driver is an 80 year old man with dementia and maybe cancer. He can't help being a total idiot. He's brain damaged. It's our fault for giving him the keys to the White House. On top of that example, Joe Biden complains about lack of support, but really whose fault is that? The voter or the personal obsession with advancing his progressive agenda? One of the biggest factors in defining a good president is their ability to create, negotiate, educate, and support each party in order to move things forward.

Biden does nothing of the sort. I don't think he's mentally or physically able to do so anyways, but I'm sure there are representatives from the White House that could do it for him. If he wants climate change legislation, build back better women's health, get off your, grab your walker or your wife to hold onto and shuffle up and down the halls of Congress until you get it done. I mean, maybe now that he has announced that he has cancer, he can get some sympathy votes, work not wealth, remember, Joe? Stop complaining and start working.

This is Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said, "America's best days are yet to come. Our proudest moments are yet to be, our most glorious achievements are just ahead." I pray every day that that's true. God bless you, President Reagan and make God Save America.

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