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Jussie Smollett: found guilty and sentenced to jail time, but remains the poster child for the left.

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Don't drop the soap Jesse Smollett is found guilty and sentenced to jail time but remains the poster child for the left despite lying and exploiting multiple protected classes. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law

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Oh, yeah. Let's go Brandon, maybe? L Yeah. F JB. Hello, everybody. I gotta say, I'm pissed off this morning. I just got to be open with y'all. People can be such a holes. You know, do any of you remember that Milo Yan INNOPOLIS. He was the very conservative, very provocative and very gay writer and editor for Breitbart that sort of failed, outright borderline conspiracy news outlet Well, one of my quote unquote fans let many people know online that I was just a copycat of him, and it is one of the biggest insults that I've ever received. First off, the guy was an editor for Breitbart, and made some of the most disgusting and inappropriate comments I've ever heard. This guy wasn't conservative or right. He was just nuts. He probably thought JFK Jr. was alive at Trump rallies with all his Q anon buddies. Everything this guy did was for him, not for our movement, not for our country, and not for one second that I think he was real. He got canceled, rightly so because he made a comment about a 13 year old having sex with an older man saying it could be life affirming. He made some seriously racist comments about that black actress in the new Ghostbusters and said Harry Potter was his rape fantasy. Don't get me wrong. I love to provoke but not for the sake of reaction. Everybody knows kids rape and disparaging racial slurs are off limits. Not to mention, I would never say those things off limits are not it's just mean it damages our movement, and it doesn't help or do anything for anyone. He actually damaged us and didn't help anything. Even the most Republican conservative people I know thought he was scum. And I agreed because of his lack of substance and having to get raunchier all the time with every comment and he was fired and he lost everything. And as for you, Mr. Chad is a want to be my low you should know the freak has identified as ex gay and sodomy free. He claims he was gay to antagonize his mother. And he's in conversion therapy and it's working. He claims he is a changed man with no gay feelings left at all. He's now on a mission to revive conversion therapy, which we all know doesn't work. And it's been affirmed by every medical professional in the world. But here we are. He's on another press grab. The irony is he became sodomy free in the Catholic Church. Look, folks, I'll take comparisons all day long. And I do however, not just because I'm gay and conservative and to a pedophile supporting racist to use this shock for attention to feed his own narcissism. To me, this is the equivalent of comparing a college football player that's black to OJ if you're going to put stuff out there, make sure you get it right. And make sure it matters. On that note, I know I say this every episode intro but man, it's a crazy world out there. If someone told you five years ago that we'd have a president with dementia and entire White House staff hired based on race, gender and sexual orientation, blatant censorship in the news and social media without any question, protestors getting life in prison for storming the Capitol and a black gay guy who sets up anti black and gay crimes to get ahead in his acting career. You think I was a lunatic? Well, they say truth is stranger than fiction. And today that could not be truer for those of you who followed the Jesse Smollett case really understand where I'm coming from. I can honestly say that I've never heard or seen anything like this in my entire life. It is so far from reality. And every time we get more information about it, it seems to get more bizarre.

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There is a fifth dimension, beyond that, which is non demand. It is a dimension as vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow between science and superstition. And it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

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He totally reminds me of that Dave Chappelle skit with Clayton Bigsby. It was out in 2003. Back when TV was good and humor wasn't censored in the name of safety and offending people but Clayton Bigsby the character that Dave Chappelle plays is a blind man who's a leader in the KKK. He has no idea he's black, and he's celebrated all over by white power groups. I got to play a snip of this free all but I can't do too much because there's a lot of language and a lot of n words, which I don't support. However, I do think in this context, it's pretty funny. I'll post the link on The website so you can go on YouTube and watch the entire skit we're looking

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for Clayton Bigsby look no further failing you find them. Clayton Bigsby the author like you don't find them books just because I'm bland don't mean them down. How could this have happened? A black white supremacist African Americans? What exactly is your problem? How much time you got, buddy? Well, when I start well, first of all, they're lazy. Good for nothing tricksters can understand you go back to your country.

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Man was that a long time ago? 20 years almost. And sadly, thicket never produced that today. But Clayton and Jesse have a lot in common. They're both very confused about who they are. And they're both in extreme denial. At the end of the clip, the journalist the one who's playing the journalist says Clayton immediately divorced his wife after finding out he was in fact black. When asked why he would do such a thing after 20 years of marriage, he replied, because she likes black guys. Obviously, it's more vulgar, but hysterical nonetheless. That's Jesse. Hey, Jesse. Why did you stage fake hate crimes against blacks and gays? Do you know you're black and gay? I was high away. I'm bipolar. Oh, I never did that. The real criminals are getting in the closet and don't want to admit it. Also, I'm Jewish. Aren't these good enough to excuse me? Hmm. So you used fake hate crimes and caused more hate to get a pay raise? Don't you have an agent? Do you work with an entertainment lawyer? No. What you have is a fat contract that you signed and suddenly felt you were entitled to more and the only way to do it was to elicit sympathy through a big press story if his agent or lawyer helped with this, as they so often do their total failures. Can somebody called Ray Donovan, it makes no sense. It's either self hatred, he acted out subconsciously or he's just off his freakin rocker. This type of thing is not new folks. I think it's one of the reasons why I was so blown away by this because it's a first in the Encyclopedia of PR stunts. Again, being very loosely connected to the entertainment industry. I have to keep reminding myself that I've never seen everything. This is the oldest game in the Hollywood playbook. If you need or want some leverage or exposure, you use stunts for press coverage. You leak a sex tape like Colin Farrell adopted save a child like Angelina go lead a massive BLM march with tons of cameras around the show a massive fan base like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner who needed a real boost. At least start dating someone much more high profile than you like Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. I think Machine Gun Kelly or Pete Davidson will be available soon when their PR relationships are up. Jesse look at Orlando Bloom his visibility took a dip a couple years ago and what do you know next thing he's naked on a paddleboard, like fully naked front and back rolling Katy Perry who was closed. And guess what, several months later, he's cast in a major streaming production. Just as a reminder, this is no longer alleged folks, I'm not speculating here. There are no assumptions. He was found guilty by 12 of his peers in the eyes of the law. He did these things. Just the other day I was out at Starbucks speaking with a good friend who I promised I would not mention by name, but he's very close to this matter. Just a few minutes into our conversation about what was really happening. A woman interrupted us and said you don't know he did it. What happened to the innocent before proven guilty? Well, first, I had to tell her how rude she was for barging in, but I also couldn't resist giving her an old fashioned gay conservative schooling. I let her know first off innocence before guilt is pretty much a dead notion. Thanks to our corrupt media. Look at Kyle Rittenhouse. Secondly, he was found guilty by a jury and as being sentence She shook her head insisted he was innocent and just walked away like usual. I was surprised that she and other people have such an emotional connection to this case. And Jessie it became an is such a circus justice MILLETTE flip the script on his own narrative as if he didn't realize who or what he is. How do you use a stunt that includes hate of your own race, gender, and sexual orientation to bolster your career on a show that the only reason you're on is because of your race, gender and sexual orientation? let that marinate for a second is that not the most ass backwards thing y