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Jussie Smollett: found guilty and sentenced to jail time, but remains the poster child for the left.

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Don't drop the soap Jesse Smollett is found guilty and sentenced to jail time but remains the poster child for the left despite lying and exploiting multiple protected classes. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law

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Oh, yeah. Let's go Brandon, maybe? L Yeah. F JB. Hello, everybody. I gotta say, I'm pissed off this morning. I just got to be open with y'all. People can be such a holes. You know, do any of you remember that Milo Yan INNOPOLIS. He was the very conservative, very provocative and very gay writer and editor for Breitbart that sort of failed, outright borderline conspiracy news outlet Well, one of my quote unquote fans let many people know online that I was just a copycat of him, and it is one of the biggest insults that I've ever received. First off, the guy was an editor for Breitbart, and made some of the most disgusting and inappropriate comments I've ever heard. This guy wasn't conservative or right. He was just nuts. He probably thought JFK Jr. was alive at Trump rallies with all his Q anon buddies. Everything this guy did was for him, not for our movement, not for our country, and not for one second that I think he was real. He got canceled, rightly so because he made a comment about a 13 year old having sex with an older man saying it could be life affirming. He made some seriously racist comments about that black actress in the new Ghostbusters and said Harry Potter was his rape fantasy. Don't get me wrong. I love to provoke but not for the sake of reaction. Everybody knows kids rape and disparaging racial slurs are off limits. Not to mention, I would never say those things off limits are not it's just mean it damages our movement, and it doesn't help or do anything for anyone. He actually damaged us and didn't help anything. Even the most Republican conservative people I know thought he was scum. And I agreed because of his lack of substance and having to get raunchier all the time with every comment and he was fired and he lost everything. And as for you, Mr. Chad is a want to be my low you should know the freak has identified as ex gay and sodomy free. He claims he was gay to antagonize his mother. And he's in conversion therapy and it's working. He claims he is a changed man with no gay feelings left at all. He's now on a mission to revive conversion therapy, which we all know doesn't work. And it's been affirmed by every medical professional in the world. But here we are. He's on another press grab. The irony is he became sodomy free in the Catholic Church. Look, folks, I'll take comparisons all day long. And I do however, not just because I'm gay and conservative and to a pedophile supporting racist to use this shock for attention to feed his own narcissism. To me, this is the equivalent of comparing a college football player that's black to OJ if you're going to put stuff out there, make sure you get it right. And make sure it matters. On that note, I know I say this every episode intro but man, it's a crazy world out there. If someone told you five years ago that we'd have a president with dementia and entire White House staff hired based on race, gender and sexual orientation, blatant censorship in the news and social media without any question, protestors getting life in prison for storming the Capitol and a black gay guy who sets up anti black and gay crimes to get ahead in his acting career. You think I was a lunatic? Well, they say truth is stranger than fiction. And today that could not be truer for those of you who followed the Jesse Smollett case really understand where I'm coming from. I can honestly say that I've never heard or seen anything like this in my entire life. It is so far from reality. And every time we get more information about it, it seems to get more bizarre.

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There is a fifth dimension, beyond that, which is non demand. It is a dimension as vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow between science and superstition. And it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

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He totally reminds me of that Dave Chappelle skit with Clayton Bigsby. It was out in 2003. Back when TV was good and humor wasn't censored in the name of safety and offending people but Clayton Bigsby the character that Dave Chappelle plays is a blind man who's a leader in the KKK. He has no idea he's black, and he's celebrated all over by white power groups. I got to play a snip of this free all but I can't do too much because there's a lot of language and a lot of n words, which I don't support. However, I do think in this context, it's pretty funny. I'll post the link on The website so you can go on YouTube and watch the entire skit we're looking

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for Clayton Bigsby look no further failing you find them. Clayton Bigsby the author like you don't find them books just because I'm bland don't mean them down. How could this have happened? A black white supremacist African Americans? What exactly is your problem? How much time you got, buddy? Well, when I start well, first of all, they're lazy. Good for nothing tricksters can understand you go back to your country.

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Man was that a long time ago? 20 years almost. And sadly, thicket never produced that today. But Clayton and Jesse have a lot in common. They're both very confused about who they are. And they're both in extreme denial. At the end of the clip, the journalist the one who's playing the journalist says Clayton immediately divorced his wife after finding out he was in fact black. When asked why he would do such a thing after 20 years of marriage, he replied, because she likes black guys. Obviously, it's more vulgar, but hysterical nonetheless. That's Jesse. Hey, Jesse. Why did you stage fake hate crimes against blacks and gays? Do you know you're black and gay? I was high away. I'm bipolar. Oh, I never did that. The real criminals are getting in the closet and don't want to admit it. Also, I'm Jewish. Aren't these good enough to excuse me? Hmm. So you used fake hate crimes and caused more hate to get a pay raise? Don't you have an agent? Do you work with an entertainment lawyer? No. What you have is a fat contract that you signed and suddenly felt you were entitled to more and the only way to do it was to elicit sympathy through a big press story if his agent or lawyer helped with this, as they so often do their total failures. Can somebody called Ray Donovan, it makes no sense. It's either self hatred, he acted out subconsciously or he's just off his freakin rocker. This type of thing is not new folks. I think it's one of the reasons why I was so blown away by this because it's a first in the Encyclopedia of PR stunts. Again, being very loosely connected to the entertainment industry. I have to keep reminding myself that I've never seen everything. This is the oldest game in the Hollywood playbook. If you need or want some leverage or exposure, you use stunts for press coverage. You leak a sex tape like Colin Farrell adopted save a child like Angelina go lead a massive BLM march with tons of cameras around the show a massive fan base like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner who needed a real boost. At least start dating someone much more high profile than you like Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. I think Machine Gun Kelly or Pete Davidson will be available soon when their PR relationships are up. Jesse look at Orlando Bloom his visibility took a dip a couple years ago and what do you know next thing he's naked on a paddleboard, like fully naked front and back rolling Katy Perry who was closed. And guess what, several months later, he's cast in a major streaming production. Just as a reminder, this is no longer alleged folks, I'm not speculating here. There are no assumptions. He was found guilty by 12 of his peers in the eyes of the law. He did these things. Just the other day I was out at Starbucks speaking with a good friend who I promised I would not mention by name, but he's very close to this matter. Just a few minutes into our conversation about what was really happening. A woman interrupted us and said you don't know he did it. What happened to the innocent before proven guilty? Well, first, I had to tell her how rude she was for barging in, but I also couldn't resist giving her an old fashioned gay conservative schooling. I let her know first off innocence before guilt is pretty much a dead notion. Thanks to our corrupt media. Look at Kyle Rittenhouse. Secondly, he was found guilty by a jury and as being sentence She shook her head insisted he was innocent and just walked away like usual. I was surprised that she and other people have such an emotional connection to this case. And Jessie it became an is such a circus justice MILLETTE flip the script on his own narrative as if he didn't realize who or what he is. How do you use a stunt that includes hate of your own race, gender, and sexual orientation to bolster your career on a show that the only reason you're on is because of your race, gender and sexual orientation? let that marinate for a second is that not the most ass backwards thing you've ever heard? It did take me some time to really understand it because it's just so far out there. It's almost unbelievable. The most disgusting part of this is that hate crimes are a real thing and rising. The Press use these fake attacks to report hate crimes and use MILLETTE as the poster child to monger more fear in just four days after the attack in a piece by the Washington Post. They quickly link Jesse with national hate crime stats. Listen to what they said the attack on Jesse Smollett this week is an ugly reminder of risks facing those who are black and queer in America. The star of the show Empire was hospitalized after being attacked in Chicago Tuesday by two people who yelled racial and homophobic slurs beat him poured a chemical substance on him and wrapped a rope around his neck according to police who are investigating the attack as a possible hate crime. In November, the FBI released hate crime statistics for 2017 that showed a 5% increase in reporting of hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation bias and a 16% increase in anti black hate crimes. It's disgusting the media was dying for a poster child to represent all the victims of crimes which they portray are from Trump supporters and Jesse just served it to them on a silver platter. We do have to consider that this happened in Chicago big surprise. I'm so curious to know if he did all this in Chicago because he assumed the corruption anti police rhetoric and outspoken black politicians would make it easier for him to get away with the crime but I'm not so sure. It may have just been a time in a place thing. What do you all think? I know I'm repeating myself here again, but he just doesn't seem smart enough to be that calculated. But who knows what this lunatic. Furthermore, the State's Attorney Kim Fox, real piece of work had to recuse herself based on communications between Smollett sister, and clearly showing favoritism and leniency based on those communications. She says out of an abundance of caution she's recused herself and assigned a special investigator to the case. I say it was an abundance of bullshit he knew or came to know all the right players in Chicago. If this level of fraud and abuse of police resources is going to happen. It would be in Chicago, we're talking about the city of fraud, racial tear and hate every year Chicago breaks records with murders, sexual assaults and theft. Crime rates keep going up as the city government defends the police and calls for light are no sentences for black criminals. And I'm not being dramatic. Lightfoot has repeatedly called for separate law and order for people of color. She is just as crazy as Jessie and I'm just waiting for her eyes to just pop right out of her head like wine corks. One of the dead giveaways in the story here was the guy's saying this is mega country. When you're in Chicago, you could not be further from Magga country in that cesspool of a city. Even the most Die Hard, racist, gay hating, quote unquote Trump supporter, which is a made up stereotype by the mob wouldn't say that in Chicago, it just doesn't happen. A fun fact is that the Windy City The tagline for Chicago, the origins of that tagline are debated between two different theories split right down the middle. Some think of it as a reference to the weather, the freezing cold wind chill off the lake. And it makes sense because if you've ever been there that cold is indescribable when the wind is blowing. The second opinion claims the phrases that jab at Chicago politicians who at the time were referred to as wind bags, and were said to be notorious for blowing hot air towards New York City. When fighting for the World's Fair. The phrase was coined in 1890. And if the political theory is true, Chicago has had bad politicians corruption, greed and fraud for over 100 years well enough about Chicago. But I do feel it's important to understand the level of true corruption and crime the city brings on itself to understand the timeline of events in the Smollett case. In the US we have a long list of what we call protected classes. These classes cannot be the basis for hiring, firing discrimination, renting homes, it is serious stuff. And although the list has grown over time, it stems from the Civil Rights Act protecting discrimination against blacks from businesses and government buildings, etc. These classes do need protecting the true members of these classes have been historically discriminated against and it's very sad. However, like everything else, people abuse the system unfortunately, and use the protected classes to sue their employers or scummy lawyers to threaten small businesses over little gray areas. But the list includes race color, national origin, religion, sex, including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions disability, age 40 and over citizenship status, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, aid slash HIV positive status, medical conditions, political affiliations or the status as a victim of domestic violence or stalking. Now, Smollett played as many cards as he could, he pulled the race card, the sexual orientation card, the color card, victim of domestic violence, or stalking card, political affiliation, card and medical conditions. It's interesting. Each class he exploited in his crimes and during the trial are things he's claimed to fight for in his life. He used everything in the kitchen sink to elicit sympathy from the community in the jury. All of these are baseless and created himself and I'm still in a bit of shock. I mean, granted, the left has been exploiting protected classes for their personal gain for years, but not like this one guy single handedly flipping our entire country over a lie of a hate crime. He's made a mockery of each one of those protected classes by using them to stage a crime to make more money and garner more fame. He spits on protection and the needs of the people who really need it. And he claims to understand as a social justice warrior, what they need. He is supposedly a philanthropist and has been rallying for causes like aids since he was a kid. There are photos of him and sibling rallies at young ages but we all know mommy child star had them out there for press based on this he should be stripped of every award or any recognition he's received around his work around race or sexuality or mental health. Now there's one thing I don't think he's lying about his medical condition for psychosis. There's no way this guy is not clinically crazy. He used bipolar disorder as an excuse to one of his bizarre behaviors. But it's got to be much worse than that. I've known a lot of manic depressive and bipolar people and the symptoms just don't add up with just his behavior. If I had to guess he has dissociative disorder or d A, D. Doesn't this sound familiar?

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Dissociative disorders are a group of disorders that can cause impaired awareness of one's own actions, thoughts, physical sensations, and even identity, which is a sense of who you are. Dissociative disorders tend to stem from trauma, usually early childhood abuse or neglect, and are thought to be a way of adapting to negative feelings and experiences.

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All of this forces us to ask the question, if you're so innocent, why do you need to use all these protected classes to excuse your behavior? It seems counterproductive if the crime was real and not staged, there would be no strange behavior. You wouldn't need to use it. Jesse is an interesting character. And it's hard to tell if he's the victim of his upbringing or just a mentally ill sociopath run of the mill. If I had to guess right now it would be both he was born a narcissistic sociopath, but his upbringing brought it to life. He was born in California, his dad is an Ashkenazi Jew and his mom is black. He clearly embraced his mother's side of the family. He acts as if he's the poster child for black justice. It doesn't make sense as his father was absent from his life for most of his childhood. And Jesse said before that his father would quote kill you if you call them white. He grew up one of six all with Jay names in their own little version of the Jackson Five but instead of music, it was acting. They were Vagabond types moving from west coast to East Coast constantly like a ping pong ball. Normally, in between LA and New York City mom push them all to create as the siblings have put in interviews for years, according to a piece titled the untold truth about justice MILLETTE on Nikki swift comm quote, Janet Smollett brought her children up watching Classic Hollywood films and encouraged them to express themselves creatively from a young age. Jesse said in an interview with The New York Times, quote, you put on shows we had a whole damn production because we had all of these kids journeys. MILLETTE has said creating was something that we were just expected to do. As I read these stories, it makes me think that she sounds like Kris Jenner, including the use of the same first letter on each of their names. According to The New York Times, Janet saw a bright future in her kids in the entertainment industry. And according to journey, they were all on board with that plan from the get go. She said, I don't remember a time not wanting to do that each sibling out of six went into acting, which can only lead me to believe that the parents were just like the Jacksons. They would stop at nothing for fame and fortune. I'm from a family of six kids. I can't imagine and think it would be very odd if we all went into the exact same profession. It doesn't work that way in a traditional household folks, whether it's blood step, half siblings, it doesn't matter. parents encourage and celebrate their kids unique paths, not forcibly pushed them in the same direction. How else would six out of six kids all grow up to become actors are now failed actors a couple are out of the industry. And why else were they moving back and forth from New York to LA auditions something wasn't right there. On top of that Jessie was a child star and appeared on the television screen from age five we all know the impact of child start them can have on kids look at Macaulay Culkin and Amanda Bynes child sexual assaults and abuse run rampant in Hollywood and there's a good chance he was a victim multiple personalities are da dee is often attributed to sexual abuse. His sister journey is recently spoken out about her offset inappropriate sexual encounters in Hollywood. But all you really have to do is look at Michael Jackson to get your answer. It's clear this guy was messed up in the head from a very young age. I'm not one to follow Hollywood gossip and rumors however this guy is known for being a few tacos short of the combo plate and very challenging to work with my sources are credible and worked on the Empire set for a few seasons. The guy flies in and out of rage and tears and threats and then treats the assistants and help like shit you can kind of see that in the accounts of his testimony from calm to angry to sad to irritated my friend. Also my source told me that some days they had to beg him to just come start filming because he didn't want to leave his trailer. If you look at his works on IMDb, the truth of the matter is Jessie has never been given great roles. Empire was certainly his most notable role. But up until then, it was here in there and almost every part he played was small alongside a serious actor. He was in Mighty Ducks and he worked directly alongside Emilio esta vez and Joshua Jackson. I found this part of the movie telling. We're gonna keep we're gonna make those balls look real Come on, relax, take your size cut this guy we can achieve. I love the quote we can't even when when we cheat was that the beginning of the end for Jessie maybe he learned it there he was also when Queen with Halle Berry and north with Elijah Wood and Scarlett Johansen. There's a few others but not notable. His only awards for acting are from the NAACP Image Awards, which is an ironic title. This played a huge part in his self definition of a black man from hardship that became his identity. It was the only thing he was ever recognized for. We just listened to him accept this award and into

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the NAACP. My mother raised us on y'all. You were I love you all. Thank you to the NAACP, we're in one of the hardest times in the world right now. And the NAACP, as we just saw is continuing to step up, edify and I'm standing with you all and I love you so much. I love being black.

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His mom raised them on NAACP that is obviously where he learned to use his race to get what he wanted or more of what he had, especially as he closes with. I love being black. I'm sure you do Jessie, you can use it to get yourself a pay raise. I can only imagine given the fact his parents pushed them all to be stars in his entire career where roles in the ensemble are with minimal lines and minimal camera time. He spent a large majority of his life trying to figure out how to get famous when talent wasn't enough. And he does have plenty of talent. He had to turn to other tactics like many child stars whose careers fade and being told how amazing they are starts to go quiet. Just he had to take any part he could get his hands on and it's a good thing he did because he was merely inches away from being hung up on the wall alongside Leif Garrett and the Olsen twins. He's also not new to lying or evading the law. I mean, just According to the Los Angeles City's Attorney's Office, Smollett pleaded not guilty to providing false information to law enforcement in 2007. It was a misdemeanor case resulting from a DUI stops well let gave police a false name and signed his brother's name on the summons promising to appear in court smell it also pleaded no contest to driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit and driving without a valid driver's license. And he was sentenced to a fine and two years of probation by the grace of God he landed Empire again, I'm not a gossip columnist, but it is widely speculated and known in certain Hollywood circles that he landed the part by sleeping with one of the producers again It's speculated not definite, I lived in LA for a long time and I have tons of friends in the entertainment business and when I'm told this stuff, it usually is credible but certainly don't take my word for it. Whatever makes sense to you prior to Empire he played a game medical student Magnus How ironic maybe that's what they'll call him in prison for a movie called The skinny which could also be a good prison bitch name yo skinny Magnus at shower time. This was his breakout role playing a homosexual and the gay community went crazy for him. So when the Empire roll of a gay young man of color abused by his father, who struggles with his sexuality, Jessie was a perfect fit. Now you should know that the writers and show producers built Jesse's character into the show as part of a push for inclusivity and representing blacks in the LGBTQ community, which is the obvious reason why they cast Jessie he is the character he's essentially playing himself black and gay on screen and black and gay actor as well. I think they got two gold stars from the progressive left for that one Empire aired in 2015. And not far into the show Jesse's character Jamal comes out of the closet through a song at the White Party. It is the gayest thing you'll ever see. Just coming out isn't good enough anymore. The only way to make it more gear would have been to have Liza Minnelli singing alongside of him coming out by song at a party. I just can't people I'm just waiting for gender reveal parties to turn into gender identity parties. What color would you use for all 30 genders and then coming out parties will be a part of our culture. What do you do for Pan sexuals whatever that means, but I digress. After Season One aired, the ratings performed well. But it was no Grey's Anatomy, or this is us. They were in the low double digits. The first episode within the ages 18 to 49 received a rating of 3.8 out of 11 the highest in season one being 6.9 out of 21. Now keep in mind, these aren't terrible for Fox who isn't known for its primetime TV like NBC or ABC Season One wraps up at the end of December and the show is renewed with the understanding that ratings need to jump and jump fast as streaming services were still rocketing the studios were desperate for hit shows with big ratings and they scheduled Season Two to launch on March 30. How convenient. Jessie goes on Ellen on March 9, right before the season to drop and comes out as gay.

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Well, no it was very very important to me that as my first performance and and talk show that it was with you. You've been such an inspiration to so many but also to me what you've done With with in the LGBT community is very much in my opinion. What kind of like what Michael Jackson did with the black communities. There's never been a closet that I've been in. I don't own a closet. I have a dresser there is without a doubt. No closet that have ever been in.

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Yeah. I think a lot of people are still questioning and when we finished the show, they're like, Well, you know is he isn't he is is in no way. Yeah. Deny. Yeah. Right. Who

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God made me. Yes. You know, my Mama knows. Yeah, my mama likes me a lot. Yeah. So And yes, I take her to the sound of music sing along every single year.

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You heard it right there. I don't know what's more disgusting. The claim that Michael Jackson for the black community is Ellyn for the gay community. That's two strikes for me. One Michael Jackson is not a good representation of the black community. And it's degrading even to say that and to as a gay man, Ellen could not be further from what I want to represent me she's fake and rude and nasty and has nothing positive to say about or for the LGBTQ community see the pattern here. He uses whatever he can for whatever he wants, he used his homosexuality to boost ratings and ensure his position on the show then, and he was able to ride that wave for a pretty long time, but the guy is nuts. In one interview, he says he comes out at 19. And then with Allen he says there is no closet only his dresser. My eyes could not roll any harder when I saw that clip, but everyone started to deem him as so brave and courageous is telling the world that you're attracted to the same sex as brave. Why is that even a big deal? Who cares? But Justice MILLETTE like all liberals believe that his race, gender, sexual orientation, and so on, make him special. He thinks he's owed something and that each box that he checks means he's entitled to more. So there was no surprise when he was in court and used race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, medical conditions, and whatever excuse he could use to declare his innocence and excuse his bizarre behavior that led to authorities to believe he staged this entire thing in the first place. We will probably never know the entire truth. But one thing is for certain this guy is lying. He has made so many claims reversals and then reversals of those reversals. It's difficult to keep track of what's been confirmed, which is not a lot and what's been denied, which is a hell of a lot. But I want to give you a quick rundown on my take on what may have really happened or why it happened. Like most criminals Smollett dipped his toe into the pool before jumping in he sent himself a letter with crushed aspirin which at the time was an unidentified white powder using racial and homosexual slurs. Yes, Jesse was such an important person someone sent him anthrax through the mail. Give me a break. I'm sorry, is the Unabomber back magazine letters cut out? Of course no one took it seriously. As far as actual crimes are concerned. It's nothing and as the case came out, I had several red flags. First of all, he went to get a late night meal at Subway at midnight who goes to Subway at midnight you're well off actor you don't use Uber Eats or Postmates what was his order there? Can I get a $5 footlong with extra racism and a side of gay bashing Red flag number one then at least two hours passed before his manager calls the cops claiming he was reluctant about calling because he was a public figure what you want to hide from crimes that you've been supposedly fighting your whole life common sense should tell us that he would want to expose those horrible things happening in this country Red flag number two, when the cops arrived, he was still two hours later wearing the quote unquote noose as if it had some DNA on it later. It was described as this tiny thin rope. Basically, it was a shoelace he was trying to preserve evidence he said but in almost every assault case that includes an outside object like rope, cuffs, gags, etc. The first thing the victim does is take them off when they can yet he walks around with a shoelace around his neck like it's bling bling for two hours Red flag number three then he claimed the yellow This is Magga country. You're in downtown Chicago Mars is more maggot country then we're your ad dude Red flag number four smaller than refuses to turn over his phone to the police and I think this must be the moment the table start to turn. What do you have to hide dude, he claimed he was protecting personal pictures, celebrity phone numbers and even in the tiniest chance that they got leaked from the Chicago PD is that worse than proving your innocence? Apparently no one else saw these red flags because after this investigation ensued, all the typical suspects to come out and support my favorite is Kamala Harris. She's just astonishing. I also think it's important to note that a big majority of the press stated the men were white and then just the switch to the word pale as if he was trying to be sensitive to the attackers race just listen to this just smell

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let admitted that he changed his story first telling investigators his attackers were white, but in later interviews said they were pale skinned,

Unknown Speaker 29:44

according to the court records he smelled that was very clear with police on the night of the attack that his attackers were white. He said they had masks on and gloves but he saw their eyes that he saw the skin surrounding their eyes. Was that a false statement? He did tell police that he from what he he saw he thought it was pale skin or white or pale skin. Why did he say that? He could have said I don't know he could have but this again he's gonna do some gyro brothers what are the chances that that's the case that he saw somebody with light skin while you know I mean I think there's obviously you can disguise that you could put makeup on you know I was looking at the brothers and one of the first videos that showed up actually was one of their brothers in white face

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What a hypocrite using his race but then trying not to offend the attacker yet another small let slip up immediately Hollywood came out to play they had to be sure everyone was aware where they stood. The self righteousness just blows me away even if everything was true. Send your sympathies but you don't need to use it as a political platform. I mean, just listen to these tweets, Shonda Rhimes tweeted, we all have a responsibility to rise up against the ignorance and hate out there if you know who did this. report them to the police Kerry Washington tweeted Dear God, prayers and justice for Jussie Smollett. Zendaya, who's becoming huge right now tweeted, this is heartbreaking and terrifying. Please pay attention to what's happening here. And then this guy DeRay, who's a big woke activist he's got over a million followers on Twitter says I don't believe for two seconds that two Magga were randomly in ski masks and had bleach readily available at Subway at 2am. In sub zero temperatures in Chicago. They plan to hurt Jessie. Did he not hear himself writing this Jesse had just come off a plane went to a new apartment randomly went out on a search for food How the hell would anyone know that and premeditate this crime his assumption is correct. However, his theory is wrong. Of course, super predator Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had to come out with bleeding heart tweets to this day, the tweets remain up totally undermining our legal system and supporting a convicted criminal. I guess they don't realize his actions go up against everything they're supposedly fighting for. Kamala had the audacity to say it's a modern day lynching. I just can't with her. It's another blatant example of her rushing to judgment and using languages such for attention on her again, just a disgrace to those who have family or those who were actually lynched. Even if Jesse was telling the truth. It's still wildly inappropriate to make that comparison. Of course, Al Sharpton must chime in for his brother saying the guilty must face the maximum. Do you still feel that way now that the guilty are allegedly two black brothers, the news media couldn't help themselves either. Brooke Baldwin declared this is America in 2019 and called the alleged attack absolutely despicable. Of course, then it became Trump's fault, many stating if he had not been in office, this would have never happened. One activist said we must not forget regardless of Jessie small that hate crimes have jumped 5% since Trump took office. I wonder why? Because idiots like you defunded the police then came his media circuit, of course, his first interview, and he could have had anyone he wanted but was for essence, just another way to exploit the black community in a desperate attempt for brotherly love. This, of course, sparked additional racial tensions. He said in the interview, quote, let me start by saying that I'm okay. My body is strong, but my soul is stronger. More importantly, I want to say thank you. The outpouring of love and support from my village has meant more than I will ever be able to truly put into words. Okay, listen to his account here.

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I heard I was crossing the intersection. I heard empire. I don't answer to empire, an empire. And I didn't answer. I kept walking and then I heard the Empire. So I turned around and I said, did you just say to me, I see the attacker masked he said, This maggot country punches me right in the face poster that's back then he just stopped and they ran off and I saw where they ran and the phone was in my pocket but it fallen out and then I looked down and I see that there's a rope around my neck.

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Now that's high quality acting for a B Lister. But you had your phone no pictures right after no videos, no attempt to catch capture license plates. Honestly, Rama manuals thinks you're guilty. You're guilty. He's the most corrupt of the mall. He also had charges filed and dropped twice because Kim Fox the state attorney interfered with the investigation actively attempting to get him off. She ended up having to recuse herself but only after she knew she was up shit creek with no paddle and was caught a special prosecutor was assigned to the investigation and handling of the case by the State's Attorney's Office and in his 60 page report, he stated Cook County State Attorney Kim Fox and her top deputies repeatedly made procedural and ethical missteps as they mishandled the Jesse Smollett case and then tried to mislead the public as the office struggled to respond to outrage over the decision to dismiss charges against the Empire actor Kim Fox is a liar and she's totally complicit in the manipulation of the evidence and abusing the legal system. In order to secure the outcome of the case that fit her personal liking. She actually texted Smollett, sister, your brother should be fine as long as he stays consistent. That is blatant interference with an ongoing investigation. She's coaching his sister. So finally, after all the evidence and investigation conclude the final grand jury indictment Mullah on six charges including disorderly conduct and filing a false report later after a relatively swift trial, he was found guilty on five of six of the charges. And here come the new tweets. Maxine Waters. He's a friend. We marched in the Pride Parade together. And so I, I believed him Gayle King, Oprah's lover, a lot of questions in this case, but I know Jussie Smollett is a really, really good guy, Sara Gilbert, and the media has really cast so much doubt on his story, which I find so personally offensive than Tamra Mallory. I don't like that it's being put out there in the media that this is a possible hate crime. Robin Roberts, who actually interviewed him said he's given a detailed account and account that Chicago police have said has been consistent. He hasn't changed his story. They also said it's credible. And also, he's been very cooperative. sherilee Ralph says, I will not throw him under the bus. Now we can make up whatever we want to make up about it. But he told a lie the same way the leader of this country does every day basically excusing his behavior. Of course, DL Hughley comes in and has to make it about racism. When you use racism and bigotry and hatred and lying for your own selfish end. And you're a young black kid, you get indicted, if you do it when you're an old white guy, you become President, I have to say I really applaud the judges, the special prosecutor and all the investigators in this case for seeing it completely through and seeing it right. I mean, it only took three grand juries, a special prosecutor investigation, a state Attorney, recusal and over 600 pages of evidence stacked against the guy. It's a great testament that even a black gay star living in the crossroads of America can't get away with this kind of hoax. Sadly, there were no cameras allowed in the courtroom. So we're kind of at the mercy of the press and accounts from people that are inside and neither of them are very reliable. But fast forward to last week, Smollett was sentence after he was found guilty and five out of the six counts of disorderly conduct and lying to the police by a jury and again, celebs start weighing in at his sentencing hearing, Jesse first declined to speak, which is another indication that his lawyers knew he was crazy because most people would plead for a lighter sentence or cry to try and pull it the judges heartstrings. The judge delivered a frustrated monologue about his perjury, lies and blatant abuse of the legal system.

Unknown Speaker 37:12

There's some conjecture, you did it for the money. Frankly, I do not believe that you did it for the money. You were making the evidence showed close to $2 million a year when this happened. I don't think money motivated you at all. But the only thing I can find is that you really crave the attention, and you wanted to get the attention. And you took some scabs off some healing wounds and you rip them apart. For one reason, you want to make yourself more famous. And for a while it worked.

Unknown Speaker 37:37

And he handed down in my opinion, a relatively soft sentence, 30 months of felony probation, including 150 days in jail, and then he was ordered to pay restitution of more than $120,000 and a $25,000 fine for making a false report to the police as an okay actor. After the sentencing drops, Jesse jumps into character raises his fist in the air just like that OJ juror and it just shows he can't stop exploiting people, even at the very end has he's hauled off to prison. Jussie Smollett yells at the judge, I'm not suicidal.

Unknown Speaker 38:14

Ideas. These are stuff my fist in the fear of black Americans in this country for over 400 years and the fears of the LGBT candidate, Your Honor, I respect you and I respect the job. But I did not do this. And I am not suicidal. And if anything happens to me when I go in, I did not do it to myself. And you must all know that.

Unknown Speaker 38:34

Because apparently he thinks he's Jeffrey Epstein and they're gonna stay just suicide because he's that important. Immediately, his family and a handful of celebrities come out and claim that his sentence and verdict was due to systematic racism and him being black, I pray peace over my brother.

Unknown Speaker 38:49

I pray the peace of God over my brother and all victims of oppression and hate.

Unknown Speaker 38:55

My brother does not deserve this. I've watched my brother go from being a complete victim, which he still is he was attacked, and he is now going to jail for being attacked. I saw my brother get locked up within two weeks for being attacked. Do you know how crazy that is? They want to say in that court and say they want to say that Cory it said that he's the reason why folks aren't gonna report hate crimes. They're the reason why folks aren't gonna report hate crimes. none of y'all believes it. We have letters from the NAACP President Derek Johnson himself. We have letters from Rainbow PUSH Coalition. We have letters from the Innocence Project, all saying that he should not be in jail. And they put him in jail that Judge chastised him. He chastised my brother, he does not deserve this. He was attacked.

Unknown Speaker 39:34

They had the audacity to say if he was white, none of this would happen. How can they do this? Why would they continue to flame the fires of race in a city that is hurting so badly? I mean, I can certainly appreciate the family standing by their own. I do. However, why do they need to encourage more racism by using racism or encourage more gay hatred by using gay hatred people this has been investigated by police, prosecutors special prosecutors grand juries and more. It's been dropped twice and reinvestigated the FBI investigated the letter. What else is there to do? After all of that all of those investigations changes and charges, multiple departments and investigators and they all come to the same conclusion. You're guilty as of today the request for a release made to an Illinois appellate court while the appeal of five of the six guilty charges was pending was granted. Two out of the three appellate justices ruled to allow him a stay of sentence until his appeal is heard stating or agreeing with his attorney who said his sentence would have mostly been over or all over by the time the case was even heard in the appellate court. Appellate Court justices Thomas Hoffman, and joy Cunningham signed the order while justice Maureen Connors dissented, contrary to the statements of Jesse's legal team, this appellate court is extremely political, especially justice Joy Cunningham, who is known for her soft rulings on crime and a slew of other interesting decisions less than a week after starting his 150 Day sentence, he's let out listen to his attorneys disgracing the constitution of America

Unknown Speaker 41:04

into the appellate court. So actually having finally an intellectual conversation about the constitutionality of this case, I'm not playing

Unknown Speaker 41:12

politics, everyone understands like Mr. Allen said, the very important nature of this case and the implications for every single citizen of this state and of this county that anybody is capable of being charged with a crime and Harry,

Unknown Speaker 41:24

I've never seen that because he's been very strong in that and he said I nearly lost hope in our constitutional system. He did say that and and that was his reaction. He was shocked I think he had nearly given up put in a cage for classical filming Shane report on the constitutionality should depress the number one defenders of the Constitution. Listen, guys, I grew up in Nigeria on the military roll. It's dangerous what playing with fire

Unknown Speaker 41:51

the guy brings up his Nigerian roots in comparison to the US they bring up due process and innocence before guilty. They speak of the public opinion or the court of public opinion. His attorney also said that poor little Jessie hadn't eaten in six days only water. Well, I hope they can make it to subway in time before it closes. Folks, let me leave you with this enclosing people like Jesse Smollett are the reason our country is becoming further divided using race, religion, sexual orientation and gender to elicit sympathy and promote your own desires is truly sick. He is the hate and the hate crime. Not those brothers. What would have been the motive for those brothers to do that? What would they gain? They can't even spell Maga, let alone say it. Bleach doesn't kill you and you can't hang and die from a shoelace. I laid it all out for you. This is the result of a fame hungry family that see their children as meal tickets and retirement plans. A likely victim of sexual abuse that suffers from extreme mental disorders. A child star with a mediocre career lands a good role but sees the writing on the wall and feels he's entitled to more just he wrote them a check refused to give up his cell phone changed his story and almost got away with it. But he's one stupid criminal when the mob sits back and points the finger at you blaming you calling you racist and sexist and transphobic and all the others. Just ask yourself when's the last time you've seen any conservative use their race or gender as an excuse? Did Kyle Rittenhouse say he was protecting himself because the armed men were yelling cracker and he was attacked because he was white at a BLM rally? No, it's totally plausible. But no one with a shred of decency would pour gasoline on the already burning race fire. It's one thing to commit a crime or lie but it's another assault the wounds of every marginalized group in America because you feel you're entitled to a pay raise. This has to stop if it doesn't, the more the left uses race and other protected classes as either excuses blame or fake sympathy, the more racism there will be hate will continue to rise and none of us will win. What Jesse is doing is pure evil. He doesn't think so. Because to him, this is just another part or a stunt gone wrong. However, to all the blacks, gays, mentally ill and disabled people, he's sending the message that they are hated and that there is always someone around the corner ready to attack them for being who they are. What do you say what do you do, especially when we're told without question never to accuse someone of using one of those protected classes for personal gain. But what if they are the only reason Jesse wasn't tried on the original 16 charges is because everyone's fear around race and sexual orientation and gender tiptoeing around the actual crimes and evidence in order to do what keep racists at bay, blacks, whites everything in between. We have to eliminate it everyone including his family knows that his sentence and verdict had nothing to do with the color of his skin. It had to do with the fact that he committed a crime and did it so poorly that he got caught he turned the country upside down while he encouraged more hate more division and more fear. That's why he received jail time. It's so much more than a class four felony as his lawyer and family says it's a symbol of what the left will do for attention and they still bad Come up. The Smollett case is a perfect example of why this country can't stop obsessing over nominal traits like race and gender and sexual orientation. He added more of that constant pressure that pushes us all to the edge, we have to get back to a place where we can joke where it's okay to point out stereotypes in a fun way where radical opinions and people can be punch lines, people need that we need that I need that that is what will remove the constant pressure of fear of saying or doing anything wrong, the pressure that can eventually lead to people doing bad things. We all need to just breathe, take it less seriously and stop fearing if we don't we'll be looking at a very violent and very racist future. You've just listened to the last gay conservative. I'm Chad law reminding you that we must reject the idea that every time a laws broken society is guilty rather than the law breaker. It's time to restore the American precept that everyone is accountable for his or her own actions. God bless you President Reagan and God save America.

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