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Indoctrination- The Left is Futureproofing Themselves

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Be advised, you are now entering a no work zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the left the liberals and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, a place where whining, crying, screaming lashing out and tantrums are prohibited and punishable by law. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host the beacon of truth. The Gay is conservative, the leader of the gay world. He may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. He's always right and never canceled. Ladies and gentleman, the last gay conservative himself, Chad law

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Yeah, hello, everybody and let's go Brandon. Yeah, how do you like that new intro people? I think it's pretty cool. Get an official here. Well, welcome to Monologue Monday. For today's episode, we're going to be talking about indoctrination. Like I always say All aboard. Next stop is the indoctrination station. The not so subtle way liberals are trying to destroy America right underneath our noses. We've all been victims of it. And now it's time to talk about what is the indoctrination? Why is it happening and how is it being done and make sure that it stops and we have made some progress in the last year or so every time we take 10 steps forward, we have to take another nine steps back because of the control that the left has over the media and so many of our institutions but Hello everyone, I'm glad you're here and again, I'm sorry that we're running a little late this week. However we are the Boeing 777 of the gay world and we can make up time as we fly by. I wish I had a good excuse for being late the sad part is is it's purely vanity related my vanity. You know when I was a kid all the way through high school I had this amazing head of hair was shiny and bouncy and vibrant color was this like perfect blonde the kind of blonde that women pay hundreds of dollars to get the Bali oz or the highlights or whatever. And unfortunately as I've gotten older and I don't know how many blondes are listening to can attest to this. But as I've gotten older the sheen and the vibrant color is kind of shifted into this dusty dirty blonde and I'm so fair I like having my hair like blonde blonde. So Monday decided to go get my hair done. I already had very proud but I already had Donald Trump hair with my big slicked back I love to my Trump hair. So anyways, I go into the salon and get my hair colored and seeing if I can just pop the blonde a little bit, you know, and what I got was Roger Stone blonde. And for those of you who don't know, Roger, his hair color is a mix of like, I would say nacho cheese and orange juice. It's not cute, brilliant man. By the way. I've been reading him for years now, but his hair is awful. Anyways, my hair is being dried. And now I'm in the mirror and I look like what I say Roger Trump, I've got the Big Bird yellow hair like Roger and the big swoop back like Trump. And apparently we didn't lighten it enough. So we have to do round two, well, there goes the yellow along with huge chunks of my hair.

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So now I'm just Roger Stone, no trump short, uneven hair with a nice light yellow hue. Few more processes later. And a haircut my hair is like this beige II orangey depending on the light, and the top is so short, I can almost spike it. So of course, I went home and hid under my pillow for several hours. And then I attempted to fix it myself. Well, that didn't go so well. And so now my only semi decent feature I had is destroyed. And on Monday and Tuesday my life was over pretty much. So I took some time to go to church and pray and meditate begging, I mean begging God to return my hair back to its original state. Now naturally, this required 48 hours off and a massive amount of soul searching. I said, God, I'm just starting this podcast and if my audience sees me, they won't take me seriously. And then all of a sudden something hit me a sign from God and it said you're on the radio, dumbass. Oh, yeah. I always said I have looks for radio and now I have the hair to match. So that's why we're late. But I will catch up to all of you and make sure that you are indoctrinated this week in gay conservative politics.

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Today's monologue is all about indoctrination. It's a word we often hear but seldomly hear the What the Why, and the how of indoctrination. You know, if the last 10 years has taught Democrats anything and the squad or really any Democrat, it's that America is not woke Americans, a huge majority of Americans, I would say more than most, they don't want to list their pronouns. They certainly don't want to feel guilt over race dragging a heavy feeling that they're responsible for racism, somehow, they don't want to be forced into some green environmental ideology that makes no sense. And they certainly don't want to redefine America American values or the American way of life because it's worked for them for many years. I mean, quite frankly, Americans don't even want to press one for English. You know, it's very clear. I mean, every poll from Rasmussen to NBC reflects the majority of Americans are pretty much common sense people on a scale from one to 10, one being the most extreme right wing as possible and 10 being the craziest liberal communist there can be most Americans sit between three and seven. And that's really what it is, is it's just blatant common sense. So how does the left skirt around common sense? Well, instead of fighting, which they do that also, but instead of losing this uphill battle with most Americans, it's easier to mold and create new generations that are programmed into alignment, which is also known as indoctrinating youth. Now indoctrination is nothing new. We know it's a religious practice. It's a common practice in business and it's rampant in the media. It's essentially how religions brands, nations and people future proof themselves, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not. And like many things in the right hands, and for the right reasons, indoctrination can be a positive thing. Like I mentioned, there is a constant form of subconscious indoctrination happening all the time, especially with our younger population. Today I'm talking about indoctrination through education and the ways American youth are being indoctrinated in a peace, indoctrination and education by Roderick Palmer, written in 1954. He states the term indoctrination has been employed with an equal variety of meanings. Usually indoctrination refers to the molding of children in somewhat the same way that propaganda refers to the molding of adults. But within this limitation, indoctrination may refer to several very different things. Sometimes it means influencing the immature sometimes it means influencing them in a particular way, as by a play on their feelings and sometimes it means dealing with them in such a manner as to hinder their freedom of thought in certain areas. solutions to the problem of relation of education to indoctrination will be varied as the matchings that can be made between the various significations given the two concepts. This by far is the best, most straightforward rundown I have yet to come across. I mean, in his breakdown, there's three meanings essentially, one he says simply influencing the immature which is automatic and harmless. In my opinion, this is like a teacher who loves music and plays music in the class constantly, subconsciously, the teachers love and constant use of music is indoctrinating the kids in a love for music just harmless, then you have number two, influencing them in a particular way by manipulating or playing with their emotions. This is the teacher who I would say lightly on their own pushes a personal agenda on their students, an anti war teacher may use the World War Two history to emphasize their own beliefs, saying things like after reading this, can we all agree that war is bad. And lastly, the most sinister of all, what we're talking about today is indoctrination which resolves in the stripping of a young ones freedom of thought, thus eliminating their ability to think critically and come to independent conclusions. This is wrong regardless of sides. I think we can all agree this type of indoctrination is done purposely and through a variety of ways, open discussion books and class materials class exercise,

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very clearly, that listen to that George University

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will not lose their rights when they cross through the schoolhouse gate, that schools may not censor students speech. They explained very clearly, that inside the classroom, there should be what lawyers call a marketplace of ideas. And first amendment rights have two parts. The one we tend to think about the most is to speak to express ourselves. And there's also a right to receive information

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I love her statement, a marketplace of ideas. It's so American, the screwed up part is the liberal marketplace of ideas are all the same, just packaged differently. All their ideas lead in the same direction. A marketplace for ideas for liberals is dangerous, very dangerous. So they shut down things that may get the wheels turning, you would think something like in elementary school for Thanksgiving, for example, during a pilgrim and Native American exercise would be a nice juxtaposition to the current early settlers are all devils who killed everyone in their way. But no, that's not part of the liberal marketplace. That's called cultural appropriation. Same with teaching history around the Bible. You and I would both think that Christian Judeo stories or beliefs, values, whatever you want to call it would enter the free marketplace of ideas, especially next to all the ancient Chinese history and the theological literature of historic China in the east. Nope, no place for the Bible. So what we hear now, the left's kind of go to argument, if you will, is indoctrination happens all the time, naturally, you can't argue with it or debate it, it's human nature, it's inevitable. And Roger Palmer so brilliantly replies to that and says it's common by those who identify indoctrination with the exertion of an influence that since indoctrination in this sense is inevitable, we ought to recognize this fact and cease opposition to indoctrination in schools. A moment's consideration, however, will show that this conclusion is hardly an inevitable one for we don't argue this way in other areas, from the fact that we may never be able to completely stamp out smallpox or malaria or yellow fever, it doesn't follow that we should not do anything to control them. The key phrase there is control them to his point, the human nature or inevitable argument cannot be used to just sweep conversations under the rug and leave it up to schools, God parents, teachers, and who knows, in my opinion, this is kind of where Americans or us have gotten a little too comfortable. In the past, we've put too much faith in our education system, assuming that our education system was infallible and a totally positive thing. The focus rightfully so has been more focused on larger and less subtle things like bullying, making sure teachers are vetted strict pickup and drop off systems to keep kids safe. But up until recently, we haven't heavily scrutinized the curriculum itself. I mean, today, you can't turn on the news without hearing something about parents and schools battling it out. And in my opinion, this is a direct result of the pandemic, all the school closures, forced kids to do school from home, of course, forcing parents to manage it. And for the first time in a long time, parents got a deeper look into what's being taught. Of course, depending on where you live, and the schools around you, the argument of indoctrination is becoming more serious. The left will argue that current history around the Civil War or World War Two creates racism against blacks and Jews. On the right, they will see things like LGBTQ history or education about gender identity is indoctrination. What I can tell you is the 9010 rule applies in this case, as 90% of the indoctrination to strip kids of their right to critical thinking comes from the left. Well, how do I know this? It's pretty simple. I mean, if you think about it, the left controls and runs the education system from top to bottom in this country. You can also come to this conclusion simply by looking at how far left the Democratic platform has gone and their need to indoctrinate upcoming generations to avoid rejection as they've seen from Americans today. That is the ultimate move control thoughts young to make thoughtless adults. The interesting thing is how the indoctrination is slid into curriculum and classroom activities. I wouldn't say it's subtle, but kind of have to be aware and know where to look. Teachers everywhere are coming out and saying it's happening. It's real. Here's the proof. I mean, just last month, the OC register published a story by a public school teacher, Kelly Fontan Lina, and the details of her experience with indoctrination in the high school she taught in the story says quoting Fanta Lena, last year, I left my job as a public school high school teacher in Salinas, California. After five years, I love helping students realize their best potential. But it became clear to me that school officials were obsessed with left wing indoctrination, and that dissenting voices like my own were not welcome. She goes on to talk about how a large majority of her ESL or English as a second language students were failing a class called Ethnic Studies. So she went on to the centralized part of the the school where all the information is and she was able to download the course materials for this ethnic studies and she said, children were learning about the so called for eyes of a

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oppression institutional internalized ideological and intrapersonal. The Course Syllabus said students would use colored strings to rank their different identities to create intersectional rainbows. And the class even included a privilege quiz instructing kids to determine how marginalized or privileged they were. Then she rightfully states parents have a right to know what their children are learning. Thankfully, a parent advocate was able to obtain the ethnic studies curriculum, helping to shine a light on what was really happening in the class. But ironically, the words critical race theory had all been scrubbed. I took action and wrote a letter to the school board protesting the curriculum. That letter was read out loud at a school board meeting. But by the next time the next meeting rolled out, anti critical race theory, comments have been banned from all school board meetings. That's another argument you'll hear from the left constantly critical race theory has never been taught in K through 12 classrooms. And I've talked about this in depth before. They just don't call it critical race theory. But that's what it is. I mean, just because it's not called critical race theory to try to hide it from parents and students doesn't mean it's not critical race theory. And that's just one of hundreds of examples. All you have to do is watch some of the clips from libs of Tic Toc, where teachers blatantly touching gender bias in your speech here in preschool,

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topic, user, gender, and genitals came up. I'm a fourth grade teacher, I had a Pfannenstiel, I'm a racist, I'm a product of the white dominant structure I was raised in, try to talk to your teacher about it and explain to them that this is what non binary people are doing in the language, you too can achieve the American dream if only you work hard enough to conform to society's norms. For fighting, I mean, white supremacy, let me tell you a little bit about the population of my school. 51% of my students are Latina X, and many of them are undocumented and many more have parents are undocumented. So when they come into my classroom and see signs that say no human is illegal,

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they don't need to know who I voted for. I don't need to tell them. When my black students come into my classroom and see my black lives mattered posters.

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I'm sure you're not surprised by any of this, or you already know that gender bias and critical race theory is being taught in classrooms around the country. But there's a lot more to this, and a lot more on how it's being done. I feel like a broken record, sometimes saying this, but this is just another tactic to destroy democracy. The only reason I keep saying this is because right now we're getting hit from all sides. I mean, between us, we thank you for joining us live to silence. Introduction.

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saying there are dangerous people, teaching your children who you're talking about? Well, increasingly, and this is normally the case in the universities, people are being taught by ideologues, not by educators, and ideologues have a very simple way of looking at the world, they reduce it to a few principles like inequality and unfairness and power. Those would be the fundamental principles at the moment that are operating on the radical left, and they're on an ideological campaign. And that's increasingly the case, in elementary Junior High in high schools as well, mostly because the faculties of education are full of people who are radical.

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It's nonstop. So we have established what indoctrination is, and that threefold definition. We know why it's happening, especially why it's so heavily happening today. Because the left the Democrats, they're not getting anywhere with the current generation of adults. So they had to focus on kids with laser like precision. And the how they're doing it gets a little bit more complicated. Well, maybe not more complicated, but what I mean is these liberal mobs, they're not stupid. They hit us from every direction in certain ways. So there's no plugging one leaky hole, the boat is sinking. Regardless, what's happening in schools right now is scary, because unlike racism, for example, as the left so loves to throw around, the indoctrination system we're talking about is the actual epidemic and systemic problem that's pulsing through the veins of education today, not racism. The other thing to keep in mind as well, which I'll touch on later, but is sadly, the poor and the vulnerable are the ones that are most impacted by this. I mean, much like pedophiles like Michael Jackson, who target kids who are desperate with families who cannot fight back child indoctrination.

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graze on these populations as well. Parents who might be too busy working multiple jobs to really dive into schoolwork or maybe parents whose first language isn't English. Sadly, these people have no choice but to blindly put their faith in schools. And we know the Democrats love this because it's keeping the population down begging for help so they can control them and look sympathetic. The disenfranchised are the left's bread and butter, not for the votes, but for the poster children they use for sympathy votes around the country. This is where we see the most obvious indoctrination. All you have to do is go talk to kids who are graduating Compton High School are saying Marcus in San Diego near the border, you'd be hard pressed to find a kid who isn't completely drenched in Liberal propaganda. In contrast, affluent white families are volunteering in classrooms, they participate in PTA due to maybe more schedule flexibility, more parents that stay at home and just a general concern about children's long term future they play an active role in schools, not to say they're not victims as well. It's just way more blatant in poor communities. So how is the indoctrination happening today? Well, a big one that people don't realize is the teachers themselves not even using their own words, but in their classroom decor dress and materials laying around is one huge way of indoctrination. I always think you guys know this, that stereotypical first grade teacher, you know, the one who wears the ugly Christmas sweater every day, a little older and homely looking but sweet. They love the kids. And they kind of have this grandma or aunt like presents to them or to their students. Now take that image in your imagination and put a blowtorch to it. It doesn't exist anymore, it's dead. They've either all been forced out to early retirement or pushed out of work because their lack of interest in pushing politics. And I'm not just saying people who are extreme on the right, that disagree with the schooling, I'm talking about people who just don't want to get involved and just want to come do their job, they're pushed out to the teachers are protected by some of the largest mafia organizations in America, the unions, once you've done your two years or tenure, I know in California, it's two years, but I don't know where it is in other states. But just for example, once you've done your two years in California, you get jumped into the teachers union, like a blood or a crypt. And I will say to be fair, the union isn't necessarily a terrible thing for other reasons. I mean, personally, I believe teachers are probably one of the most disregarded disrespected and underpaid people in America. And with that, there needs to be some hard boundaries around how administrators and school boards treat the teachers. And I think that unions come in positively in that regard. But But I want to get back to indoctrination. So one of the Union stipulations for teachers is that they are allowed under the First Amendment to wear political garb, if you will. Now, some districts in particular may have other rules, but in general, teachers are free to wear buttons, bracelets and whatever to show political support. I think it comes from when teachers a long time ago, were threatening, striking or there was some proposition here in California and they all put on, you know, vote yes, on prop 55, to save teachers or whatever. And when it was fought, the unions won their stance and First Amendment. What evidence do you have that children are being indoctrinated in the schools now? Well, a couple of reasons. Number one is the way they have the materials that the teachers read. They haven't read books that are very critical race theory, critical race theory authors. There's a ton of LGBT gender indoctrination, what they're doing is that they're changing the culture of the schools and changing the way children think about race themselves, America the values. So you sent me this image, we have Karl Marx, we have to park we have a meme. What's indoctrinating about this in a classroom? Well, it's the idea that teachers activist teachers will take it upon themselves to put up things like glorifying Marxism, critical race theory as a Marxist ideology. Is that not just history, though, because he is a famous figure in history. Ironically, they don't put pictures of anybody else that was pro America. They're changing the values and the morals of children to hate the country. So with their infinite wisdom, teachers influence children through that power. I mean, during the Black Lives Matter riots, there was 1000s of reports of teachers and school staff wearing BLM button's Doug Blair, who I absolutely love. He's a podcaster for the Daily Signal and a teacher wrote, quote, The Black Lives Matter organization is a prime example of this. Many of my colleagues wore black lives matter pins and apparel to school in blatant violation of school rules, forbidding political statements on clothing. When I asked for a justification of the behavior, I was told it wasn't political support. It was a matter of human rights. The children would see these pins and clothes and connect right

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radical leftist groups with basic human dignity. How dare you question Black Lives Matter? I was taught this is a matter of human rights. Isn't that an eerie example? How the conversation would go down as harmless as seeing a teacher with a vote yes, on whatever button you can be damn sure it. This is just a left mirror way of starting a conversation about politics with students in the classroom. See Johnny Biden, good. Trump bad. Now I want you to choose in the next exercise. Would you rather vote for Biden and get this big bucket of candy? Or would you rather vote for Trump and get this rusty bucket of nails and that's literally how it goes. The next way, indoctrination is happening. Instead of discussing and pushing a political agenda. They simply censor it and rewrite history. I mean, no one can question that they completely tear down every Western ideology and replace it with hidden messages. In the same article, Doug Blair shares a personal example as a teacher, he says I was hoping one of my elementary school students with a homework assignment about listing famous Britons or British through history, she already had some of the more obvious ones Shakespeare Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth. Well, how about Winston Churchill? I recommended Oh, no, not him. She replied. He was a racist and didn't think women should have rights. He was not a good guy. I was floored it clearly wasn't something she came up with on her own. She was regurgitating propaganda. Her teacher had taught her all sense of nuance and critical thinking about a man who saved Europe from the Nazis was gone. Churchill committed quote, unquote, wrong think. So in the trash Benny goes, that is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. So instead of teaching history, they teach woke history, and the script gets flipped on historical figures from traditionally I would say 80% of the curriculum would focus on the historic actions and achievements. And then the other 20% would be personal life information about the historical figure learning about Thomas Jefferson, for example, would include a great deal of information about everything he accomplished, you know, little things like being the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, facilitating the Louisiana Purchase, which nearly doubled the size of our country. He abolished the slave trade and founded the University of Virginia. Oh, and did I mentioned he was president from 1801 to 1809. And then traditionally, we discussed his home on the hill, Monticello and his wife of 10 years and his personal beliefs and American democracy. One of my favorites Jefferson wrote was, I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves. Sounds good to me, but not to the mob. Oh no. This is how Jefferson lessons are taught in woek history. Along with his land, Jefferson inherited slaves from his father and even more slaves from his father in law, John Wales. He also bought and sold enslaved people. In a typical year he owned about 200, almost half of them under the age of 16. About 80 of these enslaved individuals lived at Monticello, but the others live on his adjacent farms and on his popular forest estate in Bedford County, Virginia. Over the course of his life, he owned over 600 enslaved people, these men, women and children were integral to the running of his farms and building and maintaining his home at Monticello. Some were given training and various trades, others works the fields and some worked inside the main house, folks, I took this right out of a history lesson on a Kids Learning website. Like what I understand that that is part of history also. And I agree, it may open up the door to talk about slavery and the normalcy of it in that time, maybe even emphasizing why it was bad and Jefferson's true beliefs on it. But the problem is, is that when you frame someone as an evil slave leader, first, all the other facts and contributions lose value, if not everything, in this case, tearing down one of the most substantial parts of the American Foundation. Here's another example.

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This is what Thomas Jefferson saw from Monticello, the view is perfect as his high ideals. Well, I'd like to welcome you to our slavery at Monticello tour. But at Monticello today, it is the imperfect Jefferson we see, Monticello was a plantation and must judge for ourselves. Jefferson professed to hate slavery called under abominable crime, but he held on to his slaves. He freed only seven, the author of the Declaration of Independence, who wrote that all men are created equal owned 600 slaves over his lifetime, and in addition to his legitimate children are

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Almost certainly fathered at least six other children with his slave Sally Hemings. Now, on the contrary, here's the truth no one likes to hear. One of the early battles that was lost was Jefferson's first draft of the Declaration of Independence, which criticized King George the Third for having enslaved Africans and for overriding colonial Virginia's attempt to ban slavery. The Continental Congress removed that phrase under pressure from representatives from the south. When Jefferson drafted a state constitution for Virginia and 1776. His draft included a clause prohibiting any more importation of slaves. And in 1783, Jefferson included in a new draft of a Virginia constitution, a proposal for gradual emancipation of slaves, he was defeated. In both these efforts on the national scene, Jefferson returned to the battle once again in 1784, proposing a law declaring slavery illegal in all western territories of the country as it existed at that time, such a ban would have kept slavery out of Alabama and Mississippi, the bill lost by one vote, that of a legislator too sick to come and vote. And all of this is merely just Thomas Jefferson. Can you imagine Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, George Washington and so on? I mean, it's no wonder graduates of modern education are so unquestionably quick to tear down statues and light flags on fire because it's all part of this plan. Unfortunately for liberals, there are some things to be taught in classrooms that are pretty much impossible to doctor to look bad. I mean, maybe things like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon or Reagan's tearing down of the Berlin Wall and stabilizing US and Russian relations during the Cold War, maybe the beach at Normandy, also known as D Day. I mean, one could try and twist these examples, but I think it would sound crazy even for the mob. I mean, how would you even go Neil Armstrong was an evil White man who only got the privilege on the moon because he's white Reagan only tore down the wall to metal and undermine the USSR D Day is merely pro war propaganda.

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Come on, that would be crazy to anyone, even them. So what's the next best option for the liberal way of thinking? Well, you know, my bumper sticker if you can't beat them, censor them. indoctrination also comes in the form of omission just the other day blatantly supports omission and history reform to take the focus off of white men. Listen to this, quote, history curricula is one place to take initiative on racial justice. Studies of history and education in the United States makes for dismal reading James loions classic lies my teacher told me everything your American history textbook got wrong lays out how textbooks provide a highly distorted image of American past. The history taught in high school, long dominated by great white men, emphasizes relentless progress for all and avoids nuanced discussion of race, class or gender almost every year new studies, some of them controversial expose Americans poor history awareness. The traditional approach has failed. historians who disliked the politicization of their subject and conservative politicians and pundits who prefer a narrative of American exceptionalism exceptionalist embrace the idea that American is inherently superior to other nations and so normal rules of history do not apply here. They depict America as a land of opportunity for all praise capitalism downplay imperialism and characterize protests as misguided, dangerous or deranged. I can't even go on It's so insane and if you notice the Liberals are called historians but us on the right we're merely politicians and pundits. Such a joke Oh, and by the way, the name of this piece how teachers should embrace the rewrite history movement embrace it. There you have it a periodical for teachers and education information tells them as an expert they should get on board or move over. The worst part is, is that this is framed to make anyone who questions these things guilty or too ashamed to ask. they deem everything around positive change. Here's how the conversation goes right? I'm the parent, Mrs. Smith. I'm a little uncomfortable with my kid playing the gender bread exercise. What are you transphobic you don't want your kid to turn out transphobic or homophobic? Do you? This is a fight against hate. Well, no. I think people can change their gender that's their right However, I'm not so sure I want my kid learning how to switch his genitals in second grade. Well then, I guess you hate gays, lesbians. Blacks, browns trannies drag queens and anyone else who isn't a white oppressor. I mean, at that point Who can argue with that? And that's not a dramatization. That's literally how these conversations are going. They're I mean, they're on tape. Parents are putting their phones in their person or people are recording them and you see it all the time and

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Like I said, Who can argue with that. And unfortunately, this is the hole that we've gotten ourselves into. We've allowed ourselves to be shamed into ignorance, because we'd rather bury our heads in the sand than have these terrible conversations. I mean, here it is in full force listen. And part of what we're witnessing on the right is not just a push to sort of deputize parents to be expert educators, even when they haven't gone to school and trained to do that, but also to systematically under educate the public because if you make people ignorant, then it becomes much easier to control them much easier to implement these forms of autocracy. So because we've buried our heads in the sand, coincidentally, it makes it 100 times harder to fight, you know, it's a lot easier to block than it is to reverse. So what else is being censored in today's classroom? Well, before we jump into this one, it's important to know that liberals blame overly concerned parents for censorship. Can you believe it? The parents get involved in voicing opinions, so they are the reason for censorship. The blame game is nonstop. What exactly do these overzealous parents want? Listen to this article written in everyday health, which is a very popular website that focuses on health issues. It's kind of like the Apple of WebMD less clinical and more user focused. So in this article about censorship and the impact it has on our children, the author starts out by saying, instead of the government however, our censorship often comes in the form of concerned parents who don't want their children exposed to a worldview other than their own. Learning about Darwin might be constructed as offensive because of the possible conflict with religious beliefs of the parents. sexual education is watered down until it practically worthless because parents might be offended at sexual references in school. And classical books, like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are being banned in some areas because they have racial references that might offend people. Now, let me just stop you right there and say we're not the ones that are worried about offending people. Okay. So to tie that loosely, to concerned parents who are inferred to or it's insinuated that these concerned parents are Christian that don't want Darwinism or heavily sexualized education in the classroom. You know, it's your fault not wanting your child to learn Darwin's theory of evolution going against your personal belief of creationism. It's your fault for not wanting your son or daughter over sexualized, too young and the Huck Finn thing is odd because the only people who would want that removed are psycho mob liberals. But nonetheless, it's your fault as parents by the way, it's your fault. This article is nearly four pages of dribble about how parents, not teachers, but parents are responsible for book bannings and leaving intentional gaps in a child's worldview. The article goes on to say while parents may be tempted to shelter their children from issues they find unfavorable or offensive, they may be restricting their child's ability to grow and learn at the same time. These restrictive worldviews are the seeds of bigotry, with the implication of being that anyone who believes differently from you must be foolish or misinformed. And then at the very bottom, of course, it goes on to state an important distinction to make the difference between selection and censorship. A teacher who crosses a book offer a reading list is not committing censorship, unless she's doing it out of a sense of hostility towards the context of the book, teachers have to make choices as to the books and other materials that will most enhance the education of their students. And not every book can make the cut. There's simply not enough time to read everything. When bias and personal feelings get in the way of the selection process. Censorship gets a foothold in our school classrooms. Oh, yes. Because you know, these woke teachers just innocently cross a book off their list, because there's not enough time to read everything. Yes, because that's why they're removing books from their list. And just like it says, When bias and personal feelings get in the way, I'd love when these liberal publications use an argument against us or against the right that actually is the argument that shuts them down, saying bias and personal feelings impacting impacting teachers decisions allows for censorship to spread in schools. Well, yeah, you're the one with the bias and personal feelings that are impacting actual historical curriculum, not sex ed or Darwin's theory of evolution. And by the way, the article has no author. It is filed under kids health with a big banner on top that reads medically reviewed when you click on medically reviewed here's what it says our stories are medically reviewed and medically fact checked by board certified specialists to ensure that all factual statements about medical conditions symptoms, treatments, procedures and test standards of care and typical protocols are accurate and reflect current guidelines.

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as well as the latest research, isn't that interesting? What else can you say to that? It's just pure insanity, trying to emphasize that this is some sort of scientific or medical diagnosis about bias and discrimination in classrooms, when really all it is is about indoctrination. I mean, maybe in the past, when things like the pledge of allegiance or sexual education, or Darwin's theory, were the hot topics, maybe you could say parents played an active role in determining what and how things were taught. But today, are you joking? Honestly, are you joking? parents aren't asking for censorship. They just want teachers to focus on the curriculum that matters and following age appropriate schedule. Why is this so hard to understand? Not to mention Darwin and sex ed being or not being in the classroom doesn't poison a pool of students into hating America? So what is the average school censoring these days? Truthfully, it's very hard to see specifics, the lack of transparency and education convolute some of the facts legislation has been introduced federally and in various states to require schools and teachers to post their lectures, class topics and curriculum online for parents, all of which coincidentally had been shut down by teachers unions, and why what is their response to that? They say teachers are already overworked and underpaid, we cannot add more work onto their plates in which I always say, then pay them more cut some of the useless BS we're throwing billions of dollars away and adjust the teachers pay scale to reflect this new quote unquote, work. And then I also say, look, I grew up with a teacher as a mother, all her friends were teachers. By your second, third maximum fourth year in the job teachers have their curriculum down pat usually passed down from other teachers of that subject or class, most teachers have their school year plan down to the hour, which is then used year after year with subtle adjustments to account for state curriculum changes, or whatever it is, it really shouldn't be too hard to upload them. I always put a disclaimer, I'm sorry, Mom, I'm sure she's gonna hear from it later. We're from a pretty small town that's half woke and half rednecks. And if she doesn't hear it on the podcast, someone will certainly text her. Did you hear what your son said about teachers, we followed the same curriculum as we're lazy. No, I said, pay teachers more for adding more work. And then I pointed out it wouldn't be that tough to make their lessons more transparent to parents, thank God, she's retired and a little older right now, because 10 years ago, me talking about education on the podcast in the small town that she lives in and is sort of a pillar of the community would have erupted into World War Three. But at this point in her life, which is the best part about being an adult in your 30s and 40s, is that your parents are young enough to be great friends and supporters, but they're old enough to not give F. That's my mom, she doesn't care at all anymore, which I love when she was so concerned about education and what people in the school district would think anyways, it's a stark contrast between what we on the right would like removed and what the left is removing. Almost everything we in a conservative movement asked to be removed from schools is centered around a moral issue issues that I call dinner table talks, not classroom talks. And the left on the other hand wants pieces of literature from American history because they may be found with racial content or overtones of white oppression. I mean, you may remember a couple of months ago premier Newsom here in California posted a tweet with him sitting reading with a caption saying something like I'm paraphrasing, doing some reading of these banned books to see what the other states are so afraid of. In the picture. He's sitting there with his legs crossed like a little pansy that he is and right next to him is the book To Kill a Mockingbird hysterically his education department van To Kill a Mockingbird two years ago because of the overly racial tones. What a freaking moron and because as adults, we're out of school. I mean, at least it is for me. I don't want to speak for everyone, but it's difficult to remember what was taught or everything we read. I mean, I remember To Kill a Mockingbird, but I can't tell you what grade I was in or what the discussion was like. So having it banned under the cloak of Democrat darkness wouldn't make me think anything of it because I simply wouldn't know or remember if my kid didn't read To Kill a Mockingbird. That is the liberal agenda itself. What can we sneak away when no one is watching and they've been sneaking for many years and we haven't been watching? But one of the positive things that came out of the pandemic is this we're watching now and it's not going to happen anymore. I am Rosa Parks is one of the books included on that list. Can you imagine any school district that doesn't want to learn about Rosa Parks Brad? That's exactly right, Brian, and when I saw this, you know my wife was she was so angry.

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But I was heartbroken. I was heartbroken because there are all these little kids now that aren't going to hear the story of Rosa Parks. And you know, we wrote these books to give our kids these lessons of empathy and perseverance. Critics of the supporters of critical race theory say, well, those people just don't want to talk about race. That's not true. This underlines all the critics that think critical race theory is trying to avoid the race issue. On top of that they indoctrinate using replacement books that will cure us from racism and fat phobia. Unfortunately, research has indicated that it doesn't work. We Newsweek recently published a piece of about book banning in schools and cited this study, Princeton University's Elizabeth levy Pollock and Columbia University's Donald P. Green, evaluated close to 1000. Studies of prejudice reduction, including field experiments focused on literature read by children and young adults, as they put it, quote, psychologists are a long way from demonstrating the most effective ways to reduce prejudice due to weakness in the internal and external validity of existing research. The literature does not reveal whether when and why interventions reduce prejudice in the world. That's a soft leftist way of saying we couldn't make any conclusions. And then they blame it on the fact that they don't have enough research. But they're looking at 1000 studies, not 1000 Students 1000 studies in classes, and they can't find any common denominator between eliminating prejudice, bigotry and racism, and using woke books doesn't happen. And we know liberals can't play nice with others. They're the first ones to pick up their toys and stormed out of the sandbox. So naturally, when dialogues occur between both sides that goes nowhere. Now, if we look at some of these overarching big picture issues, gender, race, sexuality and history, we understand that these forms of indoctrination are indirect. In other words, if you teach a kid all genders are perfect, all 27 of them, or whatever it is now, or you teach them that all whites are oppressors, you know, indirectly they will veer left as adults. But nowadays, it's also just direct political and history. Lessons all over the country are now emerging as direct negativity against conservatives and positivity to prop up liberals. And I'm not saying conservative values and liberal values. I'm saying conservatives, people, US and liberals, people cuckoos. These teachers might as well work the democratic polls. I mean, listen to this. The mother of a seventh grader is outraged after she says her daughter got a classroom assignment, she says exposes how the school favors the left. Here's part of what that assignment said. Kevin is an optimist a liberal and believes government can help people help themselves while a most is pessimistic, a conservative and believes government support makes people lazy. You live in Charlotte, North Carolina, your daughter goes to Carmel Middle School. She said mom and dad, we had an assignment today I want to bring to your attention. It made me feel really bad. And I want you to see this. Wow. So we read it and we were both shocked at what we read. This is a blame voter drive for the left. So they smother kids with their personal beliefs on transgender sexuality, racism, feminism, all through elementary and middle school and ways that they can relate back to those issues. Let them eat cakes and Marie Antoinette naturally, we should then talk about fat shaming to further the indoctrination they flipped the script on history to undermine Americans true history, remove any progress or accomplishments and vilify our founding fathers. As the kids get a little older and start learning about our two party system and how our government works voting checks and balances. They get great examples of liberalism and horrible examples of Republicans or conservatives. And lastly, they shame and guilt anyone for any privilege they had or have constantly comparing one student to another and labeling someone as bad if their privilege and made to feel responsible for their classmates who aren't. I mean, we saw this last year when the call when College Board recommended a quote unquote privilege test or hardship score addition to the SATs for college admissions. Here's an example of an actual quiz kids in Wisconsin are given to assess their privilege if in fact, you answer yes to any of these then you are privileged Question number one, I am white. I have never tried to hide my sexuality. That's the second question on the on the list. I feel comfortable and the gender I was born in. If you do then you are privileged. I never doubted my parents acceptance of bisexuality. My parents are heterosexual. That means you're privileged my family can afford a therapist. I have never been called a terrorist. That means your privilege. Can you believe it? Well, you might be able to

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Leave it in theory, but can you actually believe this stuff is real? Many of you probably are already experiencing at home, but I'm not apparent and seeing what is happening. I'm not sure I want to be. I mean, just the other day I accused the dog walker of being woke and trying to make a statement about gender norms and sexuality because she walked my dog Ron with a pink leash. I told her I don't even know woke dog. Unfortunately, I made her cry and she she teared up and was very apologetic and said, it was the only one she had on her car. Poor thing. She got pretty upset. And as she was wiping the tears away and going to sniffling, she said, Mr. Law, I voted for Trump. Of course, I gave her a big hug and had to tell her was coming out of a podcast situation where I was kind of pushed to my breaking point. And surprisingly, she hasn't been back to walk wrong. So I think Professor Robert George from Princeton summed it up nicely when he said there's a big difference between education and indoctrination. Listen to him here. She writes, quote, the most important consequence of the woke ideology isn't a lesser English curriculum is that the ideology has changed children's self conception, she said, children learn how the new rules of the woke work, the idea of lying in order to please a teacher seems like a phenomenon from the Soviet Union. But the high schoolers I spoke with said that they do versions of this including parroting views, they don't believe in assignments, so that their grades don't suffer. Professor, is this something we see? It's something we see. And it's something we should be deeply, deeply concerned about. There is all the difference in the world between education and indoctrination. Indeed, indoctrination is the very antithesis of education. So how do we fight back? And that part is the most simple and I probably mentioned it on every show, stop being the silent majority, you know, the other conservative parents don't leave them hanging out to dry power is a numbers talk and don't stop talking until it's safe. Make it known. These are your kids, not the teachers, not the schools and certainly not the nation's or community as cackling Comala puts it and when I say community I mean this fake community that they address not the your home community. That's actually a good thing. The only argument is this one use yourself. You probably went to public school not to continually bring up my mom but my mom was a military brat and went to many schools around the country at that time school was what it's called school just like you listeners. She made it okay, you made it okay. Right, the teachings of Martin Luther King and the lesson that we're progressing every year as a nation as it pertains to racial and justices didn't that make you a black hating K K K member? How about when the black girl Jessica sitting next to you in class was just Jessica now you're oppressed marginalized, black poverty stricken, underprivileged and underrepresented girl? How does that help anything? If we look back at education in the last 50 to 60 years, there is absolutely no zero 0% evidence that graduates of the American K through 12 public system have graduated more or less racist due to curriculum, not one shred of data or evidence that can tie one to another. It's a sham. It's a sham justification for inserting this book BS into schools. Because no one wants to argue with the fact that their goal is eliminating racism, eliminating homophobia, eliminating transphobia eliminating bigotry sounds good. But where's the data? And that's where liberals always fall short. Because when there is data, it doesn't support them. When it goes to court or laws, there's no precedent and that doesn't support them, as we just saw with abortion in the Supreme Court. So the only way they get anything done is through these cloud and Stein BS under the radar methods, because they can't win anywhere else. And this is why we have to wake up everyone. When are these people going to wake up and realize that this isn't about the welfare of kids. This is about the elitist belief that these brainwashed teachers know your child better and can do a better job at raising them than you. Your values are old and washed up. You're rooted in racism and you have sexist overtones. That is wrong. It's very, very wrong to make you feel that way. And a lot of people do feel wrong. They feel like they are racist, because they've been told that over and over again, the teachers also these preschool teachers tell you your kids need to know what non binary is, which by the way, I'm part of the LGBTQ XYZ underscore community and I still don't freaking know what it means. We should be telling kids that doctors assign your gender at the hospital at random and your real gender is inside of you. We should be telling kids that they are responsible for the sins of their father and should be guilty and feel indebted to the oppressed like slaves and immigrants. It's disgusting and it throws me right back into the old I haven't heard come up really

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Recently, educational voucher conversation. This was one thing about George W. Bush's presidency that I truly appreciated him and Laura supporting during his eight years, because quite frankly, I think the only way to fix this mess is to give parents more autonomy over their children's education. And if their kids are not receiving what they pay for through their taxes, like here in California to their property taxes, then you should be able to shift those funds to pay for private school or homeschooling, it has to go back to the parents, when parents are involved in a way that reflects the community and reflects what's best for their kids better things happen. That is the issue. The only time you wouldn't want parents involved is if you have something to hide when your husband won't give you his passcode to his phone unless he's a CIA agent or some spy. But generally speaking, when your husband won't give you the passcode to his phone, and you're curious, he's got something to hide these schools have something to hide. I'm not some crazy conspiracy theorist that is saying that this indoctrination is happening because I want to write wash, if you will, the education system know anyone can draw this conclusion with common sense because they're fighting transparency, and parental involvement. And the only reason you would fight that is because you have something to hide. Allow me to leave you with this. You heard these psycho preschool teachers with the gender bread and the tea parties. These are young 20 Somethings, imagine when they're 40 and have actual classrooms of fifth graders or eighth graders. And the worst part is most of us would have never have known this stuff is happening had these people not been absolutely stupid enough to post about it on social media. Horrible things always happen when we're not paying attention. And this is a prime example. Our trust and faith in the institution of education has led to children and young adults being taught and indoctrinated in pure lunacy, we'd like to think regardless of what they're teaching in schools, that at home, we provide a strong enough home life to empower our kids to think for themselves and understand what is right from batshit crazy, but it's not that simple. These people willed massive amounts of control over your kids eight hours a day, you heard the parent in North Carolina somewhere, I would have never thought I would hear such a thing, had her daughter not come home and said I don't like the way this makes me feel mom would have never known it happened. And I'm not saying kids will purposely hide from you. But kids are kids they forget or they don't assign value to it to bring it home. So if these things are happening in places like Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, can you imagine the level of this stuff happening here in the People's Republic of California, or up in the Washington Federation in the Pacific Northwest? I don't think most of you understand the severity of this, folks, we're in dark times. And if we don't take a stand for common sense and speak up, we're going to feel it in places that you don't want to feel for many years. It's not a good feeling. Take it for me. The good news is like everything, there are hidden gems during the chaos. Occasionally, if you look and listen hard enough, you will find a conservative teacher or two who don't subscribe to the BS, support them. Give them rave reviews, inundate them with holiday gifts. So others notice volunteer in their classrooms, whatever it takes by but stand by them and use your support to send a message to the rest. Funny enough, one of my listeners is my sixth grade elementary school teacher, I will never forget class with her straightforward education that everyone could grasp at a fair speed that was just consistent. Now come to find out 25 years later, she's a conservative. I mean, I should have known or should I have I don't know the fact that I just remember her as great, fair and supportive, should tell you all you need to know just education that works for everyone. No indoctrination, not conservative, not liberal, just education that works for everyone. I can't tell you whether or not that was something that she was taught. But I would venture to think that she took the crap that was given to her and molded it into something that was fair, balanced and consistent for her students. Because let me tell you, the other teachers I had at the same school did not give us that that same privilege. The few teachers I did have while I was in public school that I love came out later as conservative. However, in many cases, they were shamed and made to feel unwelcomed I had this history teacher Tim Decker, I hope he's listening. And other than my dad, he's probably the most influential person in my life in politics, but I watched as the woke mob ran him out of town faster than you could say critical race theory. I mean, in retrospect, I should have had my dad or my mom or parents of other students fight for him as it was a huge loss. Whether you're a parent or not, do whatever you can to block the left from its indoctrination.

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censorship shaming and sexualizing our next generation. If you don't have kids like me, you have nieces and nephews, get involved. Make sure you look at their textbooks if you know your sister or brother maybe hasn't talked to them about homeschool. These schools are funded based on numbers of attendance. The more we pull, the less money they get, the less resources they have to push this crap on people again, folks, power in numbers, get together, celebrate conservative teachers, celebrate other conservative parents, insert yourself into the madness. And I can tell you, good things will happen and good things will happen quickly because when somebody stands up a million others will follow. Remember what Trump always says there are more of us than there are of them find each other and fight.

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This is Chad law, reminding you what Reagan once said, Freedom is the right to question and change the established ways of doing things. It is the continuous revolution of that marketplace. It is the understanding that allows us to recognize shortcomings and seek solutions. folks remember that and don't ever allow the Liberals to take that away from our children again. God bless you President Reagan and may God say.

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