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Indoctrination- The Left is Futureproofing Themselves

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Be advised, you are now entering a no work zone, a place where facts always trump fiction. And truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the left the liberals and the Democrats at home, online and in political office, a place where whining, crying, screaming lashing out and tantrums are prohibited and punishable by law. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Here's your host the beacon of truth. The Gay is conservative, the leader of the gay world. He may not be straight, but he's straight to the point. He's always right and never canceled. Ladies and gentleman, the last gay conservative himself, Chad law

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Yeah, hello, everybody and let's go Brandon. Yeah, how do you like that new intro people? I think it's pretty cool. Get an official here. Well, welcome to Monologue Monday. For today's episode, we're going to be talking about indoctrination. Like I always say All aboard. Next stop is the indoctrination station. The not so subtle way liberals are trying to destroy America right underneath our noses. We've all been victims of it. And now it's time to talk about what is the indoctrination? Why is it happening and how is it being done and make sure that it stops and we have made some progress in the last year or so every time we take 10 steps forward, we have to take another nine steps back because of the control that the left has over the media and so many of our institutions but Hello everyone, I'm glad you're here and again, I'm sorry that we're running a little late this week. However we are the Boeing 777 of the gay world and we can make up time as we fly by. I wish I had a good excuse for being late the sad part is is it's purely vanity related my vanity. You know when I was a kid all the way through high school I had this amazing head of hair was shiny and bouncy and vibrant color was this like perfect blonde the kind of blonde that women pay hundreds of dollars to get the Bali oz or the highlights or whatever. And unfortunately as I've gotten older and I don't know how many blondes are listening to can attest to this. But as I've gotten older the sheen and the vibrant color is kind of shifted into this dusty dirty blonde and I'm so fair I like having my hair like blonde blonde. So Monday decided to go get my hair done. I already had very proud but I already had Donald Trump hair with my big slicked back I love to my Trump hair. So anyways, I go into the salon and get my hair colored and seeing if I can just pop the blonde a little bit, you know, and what I got was Roger Stone blonde. And for those of you who don't know, Roger, his hair color is a mix of like, I would say nacho cheese and orange juice. It's not cute, brilliant man. By the way. I've been reading him for years now, but his hair is awful. Anyways, my hair is being dried. And now I'm in the mirror and I look like what I say Roger Trump, I've got the Big Bird yellow hair like Roger and the big swoop back like Trump. And apparently we didn't lighten it enough. So we have to do round two, well, there goes the yellow along with huge chunks of my hair.

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So now I'm just Roger Stone, no trump short, uneven hair with a nice light yellow hue. Few more processes later. And a haircut my hair is like this beige II orangey depending on the light, and the top is so short, I can almost spike it. So of course, I went home and hid under my pillow for several hours. And then I attempted to fix it myself. Well, that didn't go so well. And so now my only semi decent feature I had is destroyed. And on Monday and Tuesday my life was over pretty much. So I took some time to go to church and pray and meditate begging, I mean begging God to return my hair back to its original state. Now naturally, this required 48 hours off and a massive amount of soul searching. I said, God, I'm just starting this podcast and if my audience sees me, they won't take me seriously. And then all of a sudden something hit me a sign from God and it said you're on the radio, dumbass. Oh, yeah. I always said I have looks for radio and now I have the hair to match. So that's why we're late. But I will catch up to all of you and make sure that you are indoctrinated this week in gay conservative politics.

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Today's monologue is all about indoctrination. It's a word we often hear but seldomly hear the What the Why, and the how of indoctrination. You know, if the last 10 years has taught Democrats anything and the squad or really any Democrat, it's that America is not woke Americans, a huge majority of Americans, I would say more than most, they don't want to list their pronouns. They certainly don't want to feel guilt over race dragging a heavy feeling that they're responsible for racism, somehow, they don't want to be forced into some green environmental ideology that makes no sense. And they certainly don't want to redefine America American values or the American way of life because it's worked for them for many years. I mean, quite frankly, Americans don't even want to press one for English. You know, it's very clear. I mean, every poll from Rasmussen to NBC reflects the majority of Americans are pretty much common sense people on a scale from one to 10, one being the most extreme right wing as possible and 10 being the craziest liberal communist there can be most Americans sit between three and seven. And that's really what it is, is it's just blatant common sense. So how does the left skirt around common sense? Well, instead of fighting, which they do that also, but instead of losing this uphill battle with most Americans, it's easier to mold and create new generations that are programmed into alignment, which is also known as indoctrinating youth. Now indoctrination is nothing new. We know it's a religious practice. It's a common practice in business and it's rampant in the media. It's essentially how religions brands, nations and people future proof themselves, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not. And like many things in the right hands, and for the right reasons, indoctrination can be a positive thing. Like I mentioned, there is a constant form of subconscious indoctrination happening all the time, especially with our younger population. Today I'm talking about indoctrination through education and the ways American youth are being indoctrinated in a peace, indoctrination and education by Roderick Palmer, written in 1954. He states the term indoctrination has been employed with an equal variety of meanings. Usually indoctrination refers to the molding of children in somewhat the same way that propaganda refers to the molding of adults. But within this limitation, indoctrination may refer to several very different things. Sometimes it means influencing the immature sometimes it means influencing them in a particular way, as by a play on their feelings and sometimes it means dealing with them in such a manner as to hinder their freedom of thought in certain areas. solutions to the problem of relation of education to indoctrination will be varied as the matchings that can be made between the various significations given the two concepts. This by far is the best, most straightforward rundown I have yet to come across. I mean, in his breakdown, there's three meanings essentially, one he says simply influencing the immature which is automatic and harmless. In my opinion, this is like a teacher who loves music and plays music in the class constantly, subconsciously, the teachers love and constant use of music is indoctrinating the kids in a love for music just harmless, then you have number two, influencing them in a particular way by manipulating or playing with their emotions. This is the teacher who I would say lightly on their own pushes a personal agenda on their students, an anti war teacher may use the World War Two history to emphasize their own beliefs, saying things like after reading this, can we all agree that war is bad. And lastly, the most sinister of all, what we're talking about today is indoctrination which resolves in the stripping of a young ones freedom of thought, thus eliminating their ability to think critically and come to independent conclusions. This is wrong regardless of sides. I think we can all agree this type of indoctrination is done purposely and through a variety of ways, open discussion books and class materials class exercise,

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very clearly, that listen to that George University

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will not lose their rights when they cross through the schoolhouse gate, that schools may not censor students speech. They explained very clearly, that inside the classroom, there should be what lawyers call a marketplace of ideas. And first amendment rights have two parts. The one we tend to think about the most is to speak to express ourselves. And there's also a right to receive information

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I love her statement, a marketplace of ideas. It's so American, the screwed up part is the liberal marketplace of ideas are all the same, just packaged differently. All their ideas lead in the same direction. A marketplace for ideas for liberals is dangerous, very dangerous. So they shut down things that may get the wheels turning, you would think something like in elementary school for Thanksgiving, for example, during a pilgrim and Native American exercise would be a nice juxtaposition to the current early settlers are all devils who killed everyone in their way. But no, that's not part of the liberal marketplace. That's called cultural appropriation. Same with teaching history around the Bible. You and I would both think that Christian Judeo stories or beliefs, values, whatever you want to call it would enter the free marketplace of ideas, especially next to all the ancient Chinese history and the theological literature of historic China in the east. Nope, no place for the Bible. So what we hear now, the left's kind of go to argument, if you will, is indoctrination happens all the time, naturally, you can't argue with it or debate it, it's human nature, it's inevitable. And Roger Palmer so brilliantly replies to that and says it's common by those who identify indoctrination with the exertion of an influence that since indoctrination in this sense is inevitable, we ought to recognize this fact and cease opposition to indoctrination in schools. A moment's consideration, however, will show that this conclusion is hardly an inevitable one for we don't argue this way in other areas, from the fact that we may never be able to completely stamp out smallpox or malaria or yellow fever, it doesn't follow that we should not do anything to control them. The key phrase there is control them to his point, the human nature or inevitable argument cannot be used to just sweep conversations under the rug and leave it up to schools, God parents, teachers, and who knows, in my opinion, this is kind of where Americans or us have gotten a little too co