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If you won't censor, we will- Biden responds to Musk's twitter purchase with information watch dogs.


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If you won't censor it, we will Biden in the DNC install a new disinformation czar in response to Ilan Twitter purchase and American call for free speech. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law


Yeah, hello everybody. How's everyone doing? Welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. It's me Chad law, your host. I don't know about y'all. But I have been waking up every day in dismay. Just like what the eff is going on. Recently an American just died in Ukraine, you know that we're we're not actively engaged in an American soldier on the frontlines with Ukrainians for Ukrainians not okay with me. Meanwhile, inflation is just ballooning out of control, the stock market plummets down to 2008 levels, and our tech companies are reporting record losses. What is our White House focus on you know, how to add more socialism to the government and continue his pattern of government overreach over extension and sliding themselves into our personal lives? You know, we've been saying this about socialism for years, I mean, years and years and years in regards to the Democratic Party, and most people in the left and in the middle, just roll their eyes and say it's GOP gaslighting, fear mongering and conspiracy theories. Well, the more access to information that we're getting, the more we realize a lot of these conspiracy theories are not conspiracies after all. They're actually true. The Biden administration just announced that the DHS also known as the Department of Homeland spying, big bureaucratic rat's nest in Washington will now have a quote, disinformation governance board the Department of Homeland Security, which is another one of George W. Bush's relics that continue to haunt us has been tasked by the Biden administration in determining what is fact and what is fiction, of course, and true socialist form under the blanket of combating human trafficking and border misinformation. We're all supposed to cheer and be excited that someone's finally taking on this issue, the biggest threat to democracy disinformation, listen to Gen. Lackey, defend the new disinformation board. What's important to note here is what the board is doing, which is continuing what is important disinformation related work that began under the former administration, the fact sheet that they put out what they noted yesterday, what they noted in there is that this is meant to one the first bullet was about protecting privacy, civil rights and civil liberties and the First Amendment. They said the primary mission is to establish best practices to to ensure that efforts to understand and respond to disinformation are done in ways that protect privacy, civil rights and civil liberties. I'd also note that the first example they gave about what they're going to do is, is support the Department of Homeland Security's work ongoing work back to the former administration, on to address how and understand how misinformation spread by human smugglers that prey on vulnerable populations attempting to migrate to the United States. Very important to note that the one sheet that she pulls out and talks about says they're protecting us and they're going after human smugglers, sort of like the one sheet the DOJ put out about community policing being the be all end all and police reform. And then at the very bottom saying, well, it doesn't lower crime rates. I have to say the marketing team behind all of this in Washington is very good at their job. The Putin price hike was another awesome catchphrase right up there with got milk or where's the beef? How about got communism? Or where's my ice cream cone? Interesting timing of all this. Ilan purchases Twitter to encourage free speech and government watchdogs are put into place immediately to monitor information even when he stated enemies, allies, and anyone else is welcome. And I hope you stay on to experience free speech yourself. He went on by stating by free speech, I mean, that which matches the law, I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws in that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people again, if you don't like it work the democratic system like everyone else, you can't spit on democracy because it doesn't give you what you want. Right now. The craziest part of that is that he's clearly saying people in this country influence and determine legislation laws, therefore, that is the will of the people on the flip side of that they also people in the US want free speech and less censorship. So essentially, what Elon is saying is he just wants to perpetuate or support what America and American people have already laid down in the democratic process. You know, it's it's just insane. It's like all these same regulators around the don't say gay bill and tenters laptop have come out to say that Elon is opening the gate for terrorism and revenge porn harassment and more. Well, I don't know about you, but the last time I checked, all of those things are illegal making removing them within the confines of the law. like Elon said, that is not censorship. Twitter has notorious terrorists, evil world leaders and horrendous anti Israel and anti Jew accounts that call for mass killings. Why is now the time to worry. On the other side, the New York Post reports on hunters laptop and gets banned. The National Enquirer reports that Michelle Obama is pregnant with an alien baby. And that's allowed. Anytime the government begins to regulate content information or media we begin to walk a fine line of censorship. Now, we've already seen extreme censorship within social media, like I just mentioned, but those are private businesses. Even though these businesses have massive amounts of control of the information the population consumes legally, they are private and not required to uphold the First Amendment. It may suck. It does suck, but that's the price we pay for our capitalist democracy, which is not necessarily a bad thing, because when they go against the grain, and they make it blatantly obvious, guess what happens? Someone like Elon Musk comes in and purchases a company to compete and kind of cater to the other side, if you will. However, our government is bound by the Constitution and not their interpretation of it. We must understand that our system isn't perfect democracy, capitalism, Freedom all come at a price. But if history shows us anything, it's that the price of the alternatives is much higher. Look at Russia, North Korea, China, Iran, Venezuela, California freedom can bring out the worst in people we know this we see hate speech lies, rumors, bullying, and false information, all things that freedom of speech allows. However, for every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction. Love, Truth, support and facts are also a beautiful result of free speech. And we know that always prevails, just look at the numbers. For every crazy Neo Nazis spewing nonsense online about how there was no Holocaust. There's a video of a kitten and a coyote snuggling and playing together that gets 5 million times the engagement, but by removing one, you're removing the other there is no such thing as censored or controlled, free speech. It's one or the other information, truth, facts and fiction are all subjective. Here's an example. My truth is that Christ is the Son of God. Can science prove that in traditional terms? No, but it's my truth is that in misinformation another example One study shows hydrochloric acid is effective in lowering the COVID fatality rate. Another study finds the opposite which one is true both with equally strong data and research and clout is one more truthful than the other. Again, there's a small population online that denies the Holocaust happened. Is that true? No. But should these people be barred from saying it as awful as it sounds? No to every horrific act in history always starts with a seemingly harmless rule or law. The Japanese internment camps here started with the harmless believed that we needed to find the very few spies in our mitts and then resulted in rounding up 1000s of Japanese Americans and putting them in camps. But wait, it's for your own safety, it's for your own good, trust us we know best. Meanwhile, your Japanese neighbor is getting thrown into a boxcar and taken away to the middle of nowhere. It's not about how and where it starts, in this case, regulating human trafficking and terrorism or whatever they're saying. It's about how it ends. And it's never good, even if the intention which we know it's not is to combat human traffickers. What then stops them from claiming someone's a human trafficker? Someone isn't see what I'm trying to say here. See, democracy gives power to the people and we know that the power comes with great responsibility. It's our responsibility to self govern, to separate fact from fiction to practice, constraint and control when communicating and to challenge the status quo. Do you see the pattern here? Everything I talk about always comes back to the same theme you are too stupid to determine what is truth and what isn't. This government knows better than you sit down, shut up and let them handle it. And the craziest part is all the recent disinformation claims perpetuated by the left for the last six years have been proven as information you know, we're back at the smoking mom yelling at their kids not to smoke. It's up for this time. Our smoking mom is a fame hungry tick tock star with zero qualifications and a history of spreading misinformation. This Nina Janet COVID Let's learn about this Nina who's in charge of enforcing the First Amendment. Well Janowitz attended Bryn Mawr College and we've talked about Bryn Mawr before. It's that all women's school that allows men in if they identify as women are neither sex after she graduated she went on for a semester at here's in State University in Russia in 2010. Graduated in 2011 and 2017. She was a Fulbright fellow and Kiv. Working with the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. She has also served as the disinformation Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, a big liberal cesspool, and a supervisor of the Russia and Belarus programs at the National Democratic Institute. Oh, man, she's good. She is the author of two books, one how to lose the information war and two how to be a woman online and as contributed to the Washington Post and The New York Times. Wow. Now, those are some qualifications, right? No Constitutional Studies, no roots in American history. She spent more time studying Russia and Ukraine than the very country she's supposed to be protecting. She was the first disinformation czar no pun intended at the Woodrow Wilson Center. She continues to propagate the Russian campaign meddling of 2016 She can't substantiate an actual definition of misinformation. This is the closest thing she gets to a real definition.


Luring is really quite ferocious. It's when a hawks to take some lies make some sounds because I've seen so little Congress or just informations origins are slightly less atrocious. It's a lie. It's a lie. It's a lie when Rudy Giuliani said that intel from Ukraine or when tic tock influences it COVID kempowski,


Mary Poppins sing along wasn't enough. Here's her tips on how to spot and deal with fake news.


First of all, I like to say we all need to be practicing informational distancing. Right now, in addition to social distancing, understanding that disinformation manipulates your emotions, if you feel yourself getting really worked up about something, the best thing you can do is to close your device or put it down and walk away for a little while. And if you still find something gnawing at you, then you can start to do a little bit of due diligence. So if you're on a weird website you've never seen before, does it have contact information, not just a contact us form? Does it have a masthead for its editorial staff? Has that author ever written anything before? And is it of the same caliber? Is it also that manipulative emotional stuff, if it has interesting visual content, and by interesting I mean, your spidey senses start to tingle, often, disinformation will miss appropriate images. So we see the Russians, for example, using images from the Balkan conflicts in the 1990s as images of Ukraine today, this is a great way to spot false information. And finally, just thinking before you share under understanding that, again, they're playing on your emotions and hoping for that organic engagement. That's what makes this stuff blow up. And then finally, if you're going to engage with a friend or family member and tell them, you know, this is actually wrong. Here's the Snopes link. Psychologists, people who actually have studied these interactions on a massive scale, have shown that it's actually better to do that in a personal format. So whether that's a direct message, picking up the phone, sending a text message or having a conversation, and rather than just sending the fact check immediately, because most of the people who have been taken in by this stuff don't want to be told they're wrong.


I have people I feel myself heated right now. Does that indicate misinformation? Has she ever written before? Yes, but there was times where she hadn't. The best part is she refers to Snopes which has been caught doctoring facts hundreds of times over but remember her therapist says if you want to share that something that is in fact disinformation, do it in person misinformation, disinformation, etcetera is just a made up term by Democrats to squash free speech and justify censorship. We never heard of it before get this woman is an expert in the field. What field the field of disinformation that's not a thing. She is literally the Make your own major of the DHS. I did not think it was possible to add more stupidity to the Biden White House, but there you have it, folks. It's the administration that just keeps on giving. They are the Christmas fruitcake of stupidity. She goes on to talk about how the privatization of social media pushes the bad actors and misinformation underground then says Facebook doesn't need to adhere by the First Amendment encouraging removal of information then talks about January 6, as something that needed to be controlled as a public safety risk. Wow. Once again, an extremely political person put in a position that has should have no politics involved. Next thing you know they'll hire at the Fed cybersecurity experts are literally screaming that we are ill prepared to defend ourselves against Russia. cyber attacks yet my door casts is focused on misinformation and disinformation over election security. And that's my orcas. You didn't get my funny oddly enough losing a midterm is on the horizon for Democrats Ilan again, we know but Twitter and hunters under federal investigation coincidence? Absolutely not. The craziest part is it in the recent months, several pieces of disinformation propagated by the left have been proven either totally false, or issues that have been totally rewritten for their benefit. These people have so much egg on their face, you could make a Denver omelet and still have some leftover you think they'd want to lay low on the misinformation bullshit, because it's not working for them. But they're a mob. They've got to double down and create an entire department so they can continue their fraud. That is exactly what I want to do. today. We're going to get into the top 10 pieces of disinformation misinformation reported in the last six years and we will determine what is fact and what is fiction. They're not in any specific order. Just kind of what was more important to me to be honest Lie Number One. Kyle Rittenhouse is a domestic terrorist. What the right is saying about Kyle Rittenhouse is that well, the government didn't do its job. So it took a 17 year old kid to come in and do what was right. That's vigilantism. That's not what people are not supposed to be vigilantes, that acting job of


the tribe. I can't even look at it. Well, this is


actually God. He committed a murder or two murders and attempted to murder someone else. What kind of idiot 17 year old, gets a giant gun and goes to a riot. He has no license. He has no training. He thinks he's going to scrub graffiti off with his ar 15. I mean, the stupidity of this


when Rittenhouse got emotional, it may have come across to the jury as a genuine expression of remorse. Or on the other hand, maybe it was crocodile tears designed to elicit sympathy. This is white privilege on steroids. This is one of the most blatant examples of misinformation in recent history. The origins of this racist murderous vigilante story is unknown. Apparently the fact checkers misinformation leaders and so called journalists forgot to confer or separate fact from fiction. The liberal information spread included a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse dressed in kk k robes as a child holding an AR 15 100% false the photo included a caption quote Kyle Rittenhouse wanted to murder you since he wore his first plan outfit he was supported by Wisconsin PD and kk k Christian churches his entire life they raised him for this evil moment I'll post a picture for you on the website. If you're curious. The picture was one of several from a 2008 article about a woman who actually sewed hoods for the KK Hey, this photo is a favorite of liberals mainstream media outlets all over ran the story using the same photo to claim Sarah Huckabee Sanders dressed up as a clan's woman for Halloween. Where were the fact checkers Snoke does report it fake but there's always something to add in order to plant that fake news seat in order to keep it going amongst the fact obsessed less. So in the picture. There's three pictures in total. One is the fake plan picture. The other one is a photograph of actual video footage from the night in question or the night that he was almost killed was actually him. And then underneath it is a young child holding a gun. And here's what Snopes wrote and I'm quoting, it should be noted that the other two photos in this meme both appear to be real. The bottom right comes from videos of the deadly night in Kenosha in August 2020. The photo of the top right was reportedly posted by Rittenhouse mother on Facebook, we have not been able to independently verify this photograph, but it has been shared by credible reporters. This photo has also been posted by written houses defenders and critics. Okay, so instead of just leaving it at that and saying we've been unable to verify period, they got to slide in their bias. And this is exactly what misinformation is. It's not these blatantly stupid pictures that anyone can figure are fake. No, it's little pieces of information at the end or throughout an article or a video first how or not what is evil about a kid holding again. I mean, we all had BB guns, right, which today, the airsoft and all the other stuff represents regular weapons. Big whoop. I saw one that looked like an Uzi a few months ago. I mean, it's just whatever next when they say it has been shared by credible reporters. It's a link so you can click it and go and see who those reporters are. So I click it. I expect you know, CNN, NBC other news. What networks to come up. Oh, no. Who's Snopes credible journalist? His name is Mike sington. Who's he? Well, according to his Twitter, he's a retired senior executive from NBC. He is Hollywood's ultimate in sider and an entertainment pop culture and lifestyle expert man look out Woodward and Bernstein Mike sington is coming for you. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a Pulitzer by now. This is classic disinformation sharing a picture that is unable to be verified just yesterday on April 30. He shared a picture just scrolling through his Twitter he tweets his intent was to be cruel Trump sections of border wall which are 15 feet higher have led to a five fold increase in quote trauma related incidents due to falls and deaths spiked from zero to 16. quote a San Diego doctor says quote it's a public health crisis again and false illegal immigrant injury rates that have nothing to do with the wall or its height. The five fold increase directly relates to the almost seven fold increase in illegals attempting to come across this example is because the leader in fact checking Snopes pointed its readers to a credible journalist. He's a gossip columnist with zero credibility should he be shut down? by very definition? According to Nina janky, which it's disinformation at the end Snopes says this photo has been used by supporters and critics what bearing does that have on any fact? Essentially, what they're spewing is that there are people out there who support Rittenhouse using a kk k photo and there's people out there that don't Okay, but they have to slide in that there's people that support the kk k outfit you see that subliminal messaging being snuck into a supposedly non biased factcheck that is misinformation. It is hiding behind the facts meanwhile doing just enough to make people doubt the truth that they broke down in the same article Nina Genki which wants you to think misinformation? Is this emotionally charged in your face sweeping articles and doctored pictures now that's called crap. And if you think Americans can't tell the difference, you are undermining this country and its population greatly, even after 12 of his peers unanimously decided he was innocent celebrities chime in with misinformation. LeVar Burton says Tell me again, there are not two kinds of justice in America. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay shared a message for the parents of Anthony Huber, one of the men who was killed writing quote, the verdict sends the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town incite violence and then use the danger they have created to justify shooting people in the street. Anna Navarro a pundit who's a frequent contributor on the view shared a reminder of the inequalities in pass shooting cases involving white and black men, while actress Yvette Nicole Brown use sarcasm to get her point across.


The good news is that white men and boys can still kill whoever they want, and do no jail time. Isn't that fun?


According to Nina janky, which isn't this misinformation? It's false. Oh, but it gets worse. The news went on to run with a picture of Kyle's parents. This photo shows two people wearing various firearms on their person looking like some sort of militia. The Twitter user Miki takes photos posted it in something totally unrelated to Rittenhouse. So of course we have to consult Snopes. Hey, Snopes, are these piles parents false. It says however, it doesn't stop there. Here's what Snopes had to say in August 2020. We encountered several rumors about Kyle Rittenhouse the 17 year old accused of shooting and killing two people and injuring a third during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin related to the police shooting of a black man named Jacob Blake. For instance, social media users claim that Rittenhouse once attended a rally for US President Donald Trump, which is true and that he assaulted a woman on video which is likely but unproven. Again, I'm quoting here guys, on September 1, we came across another rumor involving a mean that supposedly showed written houses parents, so again, instead of just saying false, it's not his parents, it must point out that Kyle attended a Trump rally and he probably assaulted a woman on video which by the way, there was no video but I mean it literally just put that in what does that have anything to do with his parents or the picture of his parents, which is fake and Nina, our new misinformation czar the janky, which refers to Snopes, dozens of times and interviews as a go to place in order to disseminate disinformation. Now, I want to ask her how do you handle misinformation when it comes from the president in a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper and other journalists with the utmost integrity and champion for the LGBTQ community? Well, look, who is this look? Look, I don't know enough to know whether that 17 year old kid exactly what he did, but allegedly he's part of a militia coming out of the state of Illinois. Have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacist? Have you ever heard it or he's referring to Trump at the time after the presidential debate when Chris Wallace Ask Trump. Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups? A totally fishing question further perpetuating that Trump is a racist even though he said sure, of course, he said again, sure. But he made it very clear he was short and Curt about his answer, not because he was trying to support those people, but because he was trying to just move past this nonsense. And guess what, almost immediately after the debate, Biden tweets a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse with the caption there's no other way to put it the President of the United States refused to disavow white supremacist on the debate stage last night Lie Lie Lie Lie the photo taken from a video of the night in question he also doctor to have bold white print across it that said, as we saw in Kenosha, yet we need disinformation czars to control what you I mean, even if Kyle Rittenhouse did go directly into a riot to kill black people as the left claims. Does that make him a white supremacist? Not by definition, white supremacy doesn't mean you want to shoot black people or that you even hate them. White supremacy refers to the belief that white people are superior to all other races. The hatred could be geared towards one group or all groups. What if it was about revenge again, totally hypothetical, just totally hypothetical. And Kyle's family owned a store that was blown up in a riot and he went down there to seek revenge because he lost everything that's not white supremacy. So again, false information. You can't stamp someone without facts. Kyle Rittenhouse did not have one iota of racism around him the prosecution and the police confiscated all of his electronics for forensic review. They go through everything Guess how many racist tweets they found? None. Guess how many white supremacy groups you belong to on Facebook and Reddit. None get so many emails or texts he sent to people with racist comments or heavily racially charged overtones Zero has Twitter removed any of the tweets or users who spilled the crap against him and post these pictures that are fake? Have any of these credible journalists come out and said there is no evidence indicating he is racist? Or even saying something like, quote, although we believe his actions that night were racially charged. There's no physical evidence available at this time. Investigators are still working on it. Are you glad we have a misinformation czar in place to tackle Russian disinformation and rumors around the border? And I need to clarify something because the more we review these I need you to know do I think these users who are spreading this misinformation be banned? No. I think the information should not be taken down. No, even though they go against everything I stand for. It's free speech within the confines of the law. You're allowed to Doctor a picture and post it. That's every meme out there on both sides. And do you know why I believe this because I believe as Americans were smart enough to decipher it for themselves. Big Lie Number two, a huge example of misinformation. The Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a racist. Remember, I've never heard of a guy who's a one time rapist. I've never heard of the guy who's one time sexual assault or I grew up with guys like this. He's from around this area, right? He's the fifth guy in a gang rape. Okay, he's the guy who comes in after he's drunk as everybody else encourages me to get away with and he's been pretty much covered his entire life. But it is amazed me that we have an administration that out of the millions of people who are qualified in this country of all races and genders, they consistently find men who beat abuse and sexually assault women. That was a fun one. Again, fact or disinformation. We can be very black and white about this because it's pretty simple. An accusation is not a verdict. An accusation without any factual backing is not a fact. An accusation and a letter perpetuated by a senile lifer, Senator is not quote unquote, information. Its opinion. So where do we draw the line? If a senator the media and even the public believes something, but cannot prove it? Is this fact or is it fiction?


What became clear is that he should be impeached. The house absolutely has the ability to impeach him.


And do you believe then that he is essentially a sexual predator or that he was at some point?


Yeah, I believe I believe that he engaged in the conduct that was described,


and given the fact that it appears as though Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath, which is a crime. I think that he has disqualified himself for service on the Supreme Court and he should step down or he should be impeached. Our beliefs, opinions and narratives. disinformation. How come when Trump says that he believes the January 6 insurrection attempt is overblown and not a direct reflection on anything he's said or done is removed. He believes he's not saying it's back. He's sharing his opinion. How come when we're now and world doctors was studies in the hand backed by science question COVID vaccines get deleted and banned, but when someone smears rape allegations all over the news and internet, it's okay. The point is when you begin to decipher facts from fiction false from truth and whether information is genuine. You're essentially claiming that you know, that the government knows and they should decide what's good or what's bad anyway, maybe I'm beating a dead horse here, but let me break down this Cavanaugh thing because it's really interesting. So Trump nominates Cavanaugh and all of a sudden this letter from Dr. Ford psychopath circulates vague with no facts accuses Kavanaugh of raping her at a high school party in the 80s, not 88 or 81 or just 1980s. So she thought her story changes about 30 times. Meanwhile, the media continues to spread disinformation and spit on due process. This was clearly an attempt to distract the public from his near perfect record and integrity as a judge. Haven't you seen the T shirts if you can't beat him? accuse them of rape racism or white supremacy? Now how is this any different from a Russian bot telling us that Michelle Obama is a man seriously no evidence opinion? I mean, I don't know she's got an Adam's apple. But that's a different episode. Today. There's been no physical or circumstantial evidence to support any of Ford's claims. During the confirmation hearings. There was an FBI investigation and immediately cleared him of the accusations and during some very quirky odd things came out about her during the investigation. Well, who am I kidding? She's an absolute freakin loon. She needed two front doors on her house. I mean, read about I'm not gonna go into it. But one of three. Every one of her long term friends and her serious ex boyfriend question her honesty, special victims, prosecutors and detectives weighed in that it was highly unlikely for a woman to wait for decades purposely after the statute of limitations is that it's out of character really, for any rape victim. It also came up that rape reporting statistics that were used to justify her waiting worked actually taken from South and Central America where there's almost no female presence in the justice systems. So they don't want to go and deal with men. But here there's tons of females in the justice system. It's all fake evidence. Anyone report on it? No. Instead, they brought in two other accusers and interviewed them and reported them and touted as confirmation that Ford's accusations were true and both investigations ensued, and they were both totally discredited. One even under pressure admitted she made it all up listen to this woman who accused justice Brett Kavanaugh of rape has admitted she made it all up when investigators confronted left wing activist Judy Monroe Layton. She admitted it was all just deployed to stop the nomination. It nearly ruined a man and his family. Chuck Grassley is referred this creep for a criminal prosecution as well as Julie sweat Nick, you remember her and her horrible lawyer Michael Avenatti. For also making false claims to investigators. Greg Gutfeld calls them like he sees them. I love that guy. Then here comes the New York Times correction the hill reported on it. The New York Times on Monday added a correction to a report accusing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. The correction notes that Friends of the woman allegedly involved in the incident with Kavanaugh during college says she does not recall it. The Times in the story published Saturday reported a former classmate of Kavanaugh was named Max Steyer said he witnessed the now justice expose himself and force a female classmate to touch his penis at a dorm party. The time said it corroborated the story with two other officials who had heard the same report from Steyer. However, the woman involved in the alleged incident didn't even speak to the times. According to the correction. Her friend says that she doesn't even recall that it happened. So here we are New York Times the gold standard of journalism, falsely quoting witnesses and then doing redactions when they're caught. What happened to the story founded on this alleged witness, it's still up, it's still misinformation, and no one has taken it down. Again, Democrats have now said, well, the FBI was influenced by Trump, the friends and x are just bitter. The psychologists are Shams and the media is factual. The best part Democrats all over criticize the FBI for their poor job and caving to Trump's pressure. But do you remember when Trump was critical of the FBI, they were up in arms that he was undermining our justice system and democracy? So again, if we're looking at misinformation specifically, which is it? Is the FBI weak and corrupt or are they essential part of our democracy? The double standard is astonishing. And you just can't argue with this stuff. Big Lie Number three, Donald Trump won in 2016. Only because he colluded with the Kremlin. Here is some disinformation that's been proven time and time again to be disinformation. But yet the facts are still out there. They're still published. They're still on Twitter pages, and they're still in newspapers. The entire media falsely reported on this completely unfounded fact I should mention that Nina Genki witch still today believes Russian interference in the 2016 election led to Hillary's defeat even after we've seen it's totally untrue, but we're supposed to trust her to determine what is correct. This whole thing was a joke. They come out and claim treason say there's evidence of collusion that Trump must be leveraged by the Russians. But Wait, when did Putin go into Ukraine who gave who North Stream to whose son has received millions from a Russian billionaire oligarchy who, by the way, is one of maybe two oligarchs that have not been sanctioned by Bytom years went by where the left quoted, circulated and published a fake dossier? How was that not misinformation? Listen to Russell Brand, talk about it.


It seems like years ago that we were hearing that Trump was colluding with Russia, they wouldn't have won the election without Russia that his whole presidency was a kind of Putin plot. Or there's now serious evidence that it was the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton acolytes that were directly involved in the generation of what has proven to be a conspiracy and true think about how much media you watched me a person who I would think broadly speaking is from the left a liberal certainly not a Trump support in Republican with respect to those of you that are, I find myself in all gobsmacked, flabbergasted and startled by these revelations that Russia gate was a democratic conspiracy.


Here's someone totally on the other side of me for years, and I really didn't like them for the longest time. But like Bill Maher they've grown on me because I have respect for anyone in the public. That's just honest, whether I agree with them or not that sad, just looking for one flick of honesty in the media makes you like someone I mean, at least for me, because it's so not natural anymore. This 2016 nonsense is unfolding before our eyes, folks, Durham is continuing forward and finding all sorts of stuff that shows not only did Trump not collude, but the left was distributing false information that was either made up or purchased specifically by the Clintons assessment got his hands on information he wasn't entitled to. But rather than burglarized the information or break into the to get the information. The nightwatchman let him in, I mean, the keepers of this check information, gave that information to them when we weren't or assessment was not entitled to that information. Then he kind of turned it on, turn it, turn it on its head, cast it in a very different light in a false light, and then pass it on to to intelligence agencies, the FBI and the CIA. So this was information that was was basically they were not entitled to, and they provided false information. They doctored up the information and pumped it into the FBI. The Mueller investigation showed no signs of Trump having any connection or collusion with the Russians. He thought it they pointed out a few bogus accusations in order to appease the left and his entirely democratic team, which were the basis for impeachment, but not Russia, not collusion. The media also spewed nonsense that Michael Cohen in his newfound hatred against Trump had all the answers to the collusion and the fraud and the corruption around Donald Trump. Listen to this.


But Clancy's reporting right now this special counsel Robert Muller has evidence that Trump's personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen secretly made a late summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign. According to two sources, familiar with the matter confirmation, the trip with different firm, our firm part of the steel dossier.


We have been to Prague, I've never been to Prague. Right? I've never been to the Czech Republic to possibility very real possibility that President Putin holds damaging information over President Trump.


What do the Russians have on Donald Trump?


Are you aware of anything that the President has done at home or abroad that they have subjected him to or may subject him to extortion or blackmail? I am not know. Are you aware of any videotapes that may be the subject of extortion or blackmail?


I've heard about these tapes for a long time.


I've had many people contact me over the years. I have no reason to believe that that tape exists.


Again, all proven false. But still all over the media. We know the reason Cohen flipped on Trump was to boost his public image when the manuscript of a book he wrote well after these events that changed his opinion of Trump supposedly sung His praises. We also know that Cohen did represent Trump in meetings and dealings and made decisions never authorized or even known by Trump. On top of all the misinformation around Cohen's dealings for Trump and Prague and meeting with Putin in the sauna all untrue one Cohen was never in Prague, there are hundreds of online stories that still prepare should wait that when travel records indicate he's never been there. Where's Nina? Bus feeds claim that Putin has video evidence of Trump with hookers felon affirmed that didn't exist if anyone was going to know as Cohen. Let's feed them reports that Trump forced Cohen to lie to Congress again. No. In his congressional testimony. He says no wait has been fee's has BuzzFeed or other media outlets who retweeted or reposted these stories taking them down. Have they been canceled? Where's Nina? I think that's gonna be my next shirt or bumper sticker. Where's Nina? I'm going to quickly go through the rest of the 10 because I think you get where I'm going with this. But it's important that we then look at it remember Nick Sandmann, the boy from Covington Catholic High School on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He was called an entitled bigot. It's a quickie but a goodie II remember this poor kid, some students harassing an older Native American man, a Vietnam vet in the midst of a special ceremony. It does look like that young man to me, is taunting the Native American Vietnam vet this face to face confrontation igniting charges of racism. The kid Nick Sandmann doesn't seem to be afraid. But he did make a choice. And that was to make it into a standoff. That was not a good choice


because of a viral video that got 1000s upon 1000s of views from one perspective and now we know now from a longer video that there was a lot going on a lot of tension being hurled at these kids from for black men standing there who call themselves Hebrew Israelites. They started all this tension. right Covington high school student Nick Sandmann has scored illegal when after being smeared by the media. CNN has settled a $250 million defamation suit Sandmann filed. It's over a confrontation with a Native American man that made the teenager look like the aggressor.


Or son of a bee. I mean, exercising his right to protest with his classmates confronted by some creep playing a drum. He claimed he was attacked and the kid was blocking him from escaping to safety. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC all of them ran stories about this kid and his Magga hat, essentially spitting on Native Americans and being forcefully using hate speech and threats. They circulated a video clip that showed the older gentleman beating his drum in front of the student but it was cropped and zoomed in. Look at those hateful and racist kids pick on old men and their Magga hats. First of all, the creepy old man who felt unsafe walked up to him he was not trapped in the circle. There were exit points literally on either side. And behind him he claimed to not have felt safe when St men said nothing literally nothing but he was smiling making a mockery of our Native Americans what and then he listened to the kidney goes I smiled to affirm I didn't have any hate towards him. I wouldn't so allow this situation to escalate and that I would stand and listen good for him. If some weirdo got that close to me with the drama would it be their sick to run on him or beat the crap out of him with his own drum again, a perfect example of disinformation CNN reported on the story and here's their opening paragraph a crowd of teenagers surrounded a Native American elder and other activists and appeared to mock them Friday during the indigenous peoples March at the Lincoln Memorial videos of the confrontation show a smiling young man in a Make America Great Again hat standing directly in front of the man who was playing a drum and chanting they go on to say Nathan Phillips an elder with the Omaha tribe said the computation felt like hey unbridled in the moment he said he was scared for his safety and the safety for those with him. Well, the same rhetoric continues at the end. But Taya Titano a student at the University of the District of Columbia participated in indigenous peoples March earlier in the day, she said the teens were chanting things like build the wall and Trump 2020 those chants though were not audible in the videos reviewed by CNN. Well, they said it happened though, so we should report on hearsay but protect ourselves at the very end saying well, she said it but we couldn't verify in all the videos that we have another evidence of totally false information using a doctored video to ruin a kid's life thank God other videos surfaced that just crushed the story and discredited that weirdo but what if it hadn't? What if he could never get into college after that deemed as a hatred, violent racist, maybe even attacked from some of these psychos on the left? Well, that doesn't matter because we got our story and proved our point about people on Magga hats. However, guess what those additional videos surfaced and Americans cut through the crap they spewed the nonsense and showed the video and then someone found and shared the true video, someone who knew it was BS and set the record straight. That's what really happens or we make up our own minds how dangerous Lie Number Five Trump said the Neo Nazis at Charlottesville were good people another left mob meme from a liberal blog showing a picture of Charlottesville and Trump with the quote very fine people. He referenced the debate where Trump said actually said there were very fine people on both sides. And I'm not talking about the Neo Nazis and white supremacist because they should be condemned. Totally. That's the full quote, man would an evil son of a b again, in a press conference, one of CNNs little stoke fires Stoker says, Mr. President, are you putting what you're calling the ALT Left and white supremacist on the same moral plane? You cut them off immediately says Excuse me, excuse me, they didn't put themselves and you had some very very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were fine people to on both sides after further questioning from that reporter and responses from from about people who were at the Charlottesville rally to support keeping the least statue the President said quote, you're changing history, you're changing culture, and you had people I'm not talking about the Neo Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than Neo Nazis and white nationalists. And of course, we can't have Biden way in perpetually in the lie. He says, quote, with those words, the President of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with courage to stand against it. Biden says, Nina Alou Are you done singing this quote and video of Biden barfing up half a quote is entirely false. Where's the information police Trump literally never said it another lie. Last year's riots were mostly peaceful. Try and Google any crime death damage that's for BLM rallies. The first article everywhere is titled quote 93% of BLM rallies are peaceful in Time Magazine. They love headlines like that the percentages that mean nothing, you can have 93% of anything be okay. It's like saying, well, 93% of the population are not rapists. So it's not that bad. Bruce Newsom, who is a British journalist I follow and I really enjoy his writing. He says in early September, the mainstream media rush to report supposedly independent findings that 93% of BLM protests were peaceful and non destructive and that police intervened in more BLM protests than non BLM protests. CNN claim that these findings will contradict assumptions and claims made by some that protests associated with Black Lives Matter movements are spawning violence and destruction of property. But the study when you read it is extremely anti police, anti Republican and pro protest of any kind. He goes on to say the author's frame their findings to belittle the violence and blame it on counter protesters and the 93% Finding is achieved by under counting violent protests using selective sources. He goes on to state the facts in the first two weeks after the death of George Floyd protests cost one to $2 billion in insured property damage in the three calendar months. More than 30 people were killed and 14,000 people arrested in American protests alone. Yet most news media and politicians have followed the line that black lives matter protests were overwhelmingly peaceful. Towards the end of August, CNN infamously broadcast from Kenosha, Wisconsin in front of burning cars with the banner fiery but most peaceful protests after police shooting.


Oh, Jamie, we even believe this. I mean, the cops can't win. Any enforcement of the law gets reported as shockingly violent. He's the police withdraw or take a knee then the police are blamed for lawlessness vigilante step and then the police are accused of colluding with racists. Then the narrative goes all the way up to Joe Biden again who excuses BLM is violence while rallying against right wing violence is Article buried on page 10 of Google by the way, Big Lie Number Seven unarmed black men are routinely shot in huge numbers by police officers. Every day we hear about this epidemic of police violence against unarmed black men doesn't exist yet everyday pundits on CNN, MSNBC and the rest say it over and over. So what are the facts? Well, the first argument always is well, there may not be as many unarmed shootings but the shootings of armed black men is staggering and the only way they can protect themselves against the evil police is by carrying a weapon absolutely false. There is no epidemic or any evidence that would justify illegal firearms for self defense against least according to Biden's own DOJ for the last five years. The police have fatally shot about 1000 civilians annually. The vast majority were armed or otherwise dangerous. Black people accounted for 23% of those shot by police. They are about 13% of the US population as of June 22. The Washington Post's database of fatal police shootings showed 14 unarmed black victims and 25 unarmed white victims in 2019. The database does not include those killed by other means, like George Floyd. The number of unarmed black shooting victims is down 63% from 2015. When the database began, there are about 7300 Black homicide victims a year the 14 unarmed victims and phase Little police shootings would comprise point 2% of that just to put a cherry on top additional crime analysis shows cops make about 10 million arrests per year and 27 attacks against cops are happening per day in this country. So 1000 civilian shootings pales in comparison and hardly proves that there's police departments out of control and an epidemic of violence. Big Lie Number Eight the discovery of hunters laptop was a Russian plot Nina Genki which herself still believes the hunter laptop is Russian disinformation. Didn't she go to school for that? Isn't she a scholar on Russian propaganda undermining our democracy? Clearly she herself cannot determine fact from fiction because Hunter is under confirmed investigation by the DOJ there are no ties to Russia and each of the 50 intelligence experts have been totally discredited. I'm not going to go through this one in depth because it's being covered everywhere. And I think you guys already know all about it. Big line number nine COVID-19 could not be a lab leech it came from bats. This morning


Dr. Anthony


Fauci is shooting down theories that the Coronavirus was manmade. It comes after both President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo linked the virus to a lab in Wuhan without providing evidence. Have you seen anything at this point? That gives you a high degree of confidence that the Wuhan Institute of virology was the origin of this virus? Yes. There's enormous evidence that that's where this began, I can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory and won. This was one of my favorites. Do you remember the picture of the Chinese lady eating bat soup about to take a massive bite of a whole bat? Yummy? I don't know if that's false or not. They still could be eating bad. So I'm not sure but remember when Trump hinted that maybe there was some sort of lab leak or something happened and move on Oh is a big conspiracy. Even today, the New York Times and Washington Post are trying to revive the narrative that it came from what markets but scientists from all over the world are still finding more evidence against Wuhan, Hungarian scientists, actually, just now, within the last 30 days published research that soil samples were actually sent from Wuhan to Beijing that were likely contaminated with the virus, which could have been another source of the leak. Here are the actual facts one no animal has ever been found to be infected with SARS COVID to and science shows us that if it was transmitted through the wet markets, there would be at least one animal infected. There is zero evidence of pre epidemic infections, even other pandemics. There are traces prior small traces like SARS or bird flu. Many of that the genetic makeup of the virus is oddly unique and nothing like it has ever been observed in nature. The virus unlike MERS, or SARS, one was already built for human to human transmission where the others have had to ramp up in a period of time to maximize its contagiousness. Hello, it's gaining function. Adding to that gain of function research happens in the Wuhan viral Institute all the time. And this is according to our own State Department. China won't give access to the labs or cooperate with international investigators. And we must keep in mind that lab leaks aren't uncommon. Yet, Fauci shut down the theory multiple times. If those aren't enough, we also can confirm Wuhan works alongside the Chinese military on several viral warfare operations. The State Department's flat out states that there is a possibility of the research being done on behalf of other organizations and could be shared with the Chinese military ridiculous. And then the last but not least, big line number 10. ghost guns are responsible for the American gun violence epidemic. Once again, more information from Biden's camp that is 100% false and cannot be backed by any iota of evidence. See, Biden promised his left wingers that he would ban assault rifles and implement heavy gun control, but he's realizing that this is not gonna get him reelected. See all of these big steps that he took, and that He promised what he thought were his Democratic base aren't working for him very well. So he's trying to pussyfoot around issues and do these programs or policies or legislation or whatever you want to call it, but he's got to make it bigger than it is. So what does he do? He starts to do this song and dance about his crackdown on ghost guns, which on a side note is completely unconstitutional. I mean, don't we need to vote? Isn't the legislative arm of our government supposed to make laws? How does he get to just say these are illegal the trend of using executive orders like this are really really dangerous and we're getting to the point of tyrannical and I'm not being dramatic. We really need to rein in the way that executive orders can be used without going through the legislative process. So let's fact check old super predator here huh? These killer ghost guns what are they and how many people do they kill? Are they really a criminals wet dream like he claims? Well, Kevin Williamson at the National Review broke it down quite nicely. He begins by brilliantly compare During rebuilding a classic Mustang to ghost guns and one paragraph in the article says quote, building a new Mustang from the catalog entails a lot more than ordering the parts and putting them together. There is a reason most cars are built in factories rather than in artisans, workshops, but you can do it if you really want to. He goes on to say you can build a gun from scratch too, if you have the inclination and the skills contrary to what a great many people seem to think there isn't any law against it. There never has been at least at the federal level. There are many kits you can buy to build old style black powder, muskets and Kentucky rifles a relatively easy project whose main challenges are related to more like woodworking and general mechanics. You can also build sophisticated modern rifles too. If you are a skilled machinist and have the right equipment you can build one entirely from scratch these homemade guns which do not have serial numbers and which require no background check to acquire or what is meant purposely meant anyways by the scary sounding imprecise term ghost guns the latest terror totem of the anti gun lobby he goes on to say I write purportedly because many of the firearms reported as ghost guns are not homemade firearms, but all ordinarily commercial sold firearms that have had their serial numbers removed. See, it's always something so instead of separating a ghost gun from a gun that has a filed off serial number, they just call them all ghost guns. He goes on to say to give you an idea of the situation on the ground that gun control group every town that's the name of the group conducted a review of federal ghost gun cases 114 of them over a decade a number that should tell you something and found that there were 2513 Such firearms connected to criminal activity. But as these are every town's findings, not mine is the crime associated with those 2500 firearms was illegally manufacturing or dealing in 2200 of the cases not robbery murder or assault Put another way almost all the crimes associated with so called ghost guns were in every town's review of the data the crime of simply possessing such a weapon in the first place or selling Oh my Lord I feel like a broken record and maybe I am but to me this is the most important so much so that I scrapped the episode planned for today and this one on the informations are no I'm not one to follow everything on Fox News and just keep the same stories going as all the other pundits that's what they're there for. And they do a damn good job. I tried to stay a little bit more philosophical and dive deeper into key patterns we are witnessing across the country. Well on this on Biden creating misinformation, police, it's not good at all. It's bad enough that the entire left mob and Soros sponsored loons out there tried to undermine the Constitution everyday to minorities and youth. But this is the President of the United States saying your first amendment rights don't matter because you're too stupid to be your own advocate. I'll leave you with this in closing hate speech, love speech, religious speech, scientific speech, big speech, detailed speeds, facts or fictions lies or truths. This is all speech we must understand that our system is not meant to be a hybrid or one foot in and one foot out. The reason for so much turmoil in our country right now is because the left and their pawns apply their theories to the black and white foundation on which America stands. If you murder you go to jail. Not well. He murdered but he's gay and he's been oppressed his whole life and snapped no maybe that can be used at the sentencing hearing. But there is no question of the law. Murder is a crime for which you go to jail. You cannot massage the Constitution or criminal laws. These are not pliable things. The left would like you to believe that these are old, outdated laws and amendments perpetuated by old white men looking to oppress here's the fun part of that. It's irrelevant. The women on the view could have written the Constitution what it says is sacred nothing to do with the author's itself. I always call Democrats butt heads. Why because well freedom of religion but right to bear arms but freedom of speech but Obama's classic quote, freedom of speech. You can't yell fire in a movie theater while you can. But you have consequences for it. There is no but when it comes to the American Foundation, it just is why does the Constitution and those words reigned supreme well history in the entire history of humanity there is no better example of a functioning free society. These amendments were written in response to tyranny who forced people into a religion or killed them killed people for speaking out against them. The Constitution was created to stop that at all costs and allow people the ability to live how it suits them and their families without being being harassed by the government. Personally, I think both sides are responsible for this. Republicans often use the military and national security as an excuse for breaking our right to privacy. Democrats use false crime rates as an excuse for attempting to dismantle our right to bear arms. The political elite on both sides of this country is determined to undermine and break up the constitution to benefit themselves Republicans and Democrats. I've lived by one rule in my life consistently, when things get insane when chaos ensues, when you're caught up in a whirlwind of psycho maybe it's at work, maybe it's financial, maybe it's just a bunch of shit at once. Once I'm aware of the insanity, I say to myself, Okay, Chad, let's go back to basics. And from there, I try and get to the nuts and bolts of the situation or situations 99% of the time, the pressure can be eased, the drama can be tamed, and solutions can be found at the very basic level of the problem. So what does Washington do they make it more complicated, they put their own spin on it, they grasp for more control does not work, folks, we must get back to basics. Let's take all the studies and toss them let's take all the crazy emotions and stuff them away. Let's take all the personal interpretation to benefit ourselves and burn it at the very bottom. What do we have boiled down the rights given to us by the Constitution right there in black and white free speech, bearing arms, freedom of press, freedom of religion, and so on no more? Well, you can't say fire in a movie theater. Yes, you can't no more. Well, you can't have this gun or that gun. Yes, we can no more. Well, this news outlets is fake. And this news outlet is credible. That's our choice to make no more religion. Yes, but not a religion is too extreme or racist. Doesn't matter. It's freedom of religion. Anytime you're conflicted about a law or a case or a candidate, of course pray first but then boil it down to the basics. Anything other than that is just plain wrong, bad for you. Bad for me and bad for America. You just listen to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law, reminding you what Reagan once said. I'm convinced that today the majority of Americans want what those first Americans wanted a better life for themselves and their children and a minimum of government authority. God bless you President Reagan and God save America.

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