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If you won't censor, we will- Biden responds to Musk's twitter purchase with information watch dogs.


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If you won't censor it, we will Biden in the DNC install a new disinformation czar in response to Ilan Twitter purchase and American call for free speech. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law


Yeah, hello everybody. How's everyone doing? Welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. It's me Chad law, your host. I don't know about y'all. But I have been waking up every day in dismay. Just like what the eff is going on. Recently an American just died in Ukraine, you know that we're we're not actively engaged in an American soldier on the frontlines with Ukrainians for Ukrainians not okay with me. Meanwhile, inflation is just ballooning out of control, the stock market plummets down to 2008 levels, and our tech companies are reporting record losses. What is our White House focus on you know, how to add more socialism to the government and continue his pattern of government overreach over extension and sliding themselves into our personal lives? You know, we've been saying this about socialism for years, I mean, years and years and years in regards to the Democratic Party, and most people in the left and in the middle, just roll their eyes and say it's GOP gaslighting, fear mongering and conspiracy theories. Well, the more access to information that we're getting, the more we realize a lot of these conspiracy theories are not conspiracies after all. They're actually true. The Biden administration just announced that the DHS also known as the Department of Homeland spying, big bureaucratic rat's nest in Washington will now have a quote, disinformation governance board the Department of Homeland Security, which is another one of George W. Bush's relics that continue to haunt us has been tasked by the Biden administration in determining what is fact and what is fiction, of course, and true socialist form under the blanket of combating human trafficking and border misinformation. We're all supposed to cheer and be excited that someone's finally taking on this issue, the biggest threat to democracy disinformation, listen to Gen. Lackey, defend the new disinformation board. What's important to note here is what the board is doing, which is continuing what is important disinformation related work that began under the former administration, the fact sheet that they put out what they noted yesterday, what they noted in there is that this is meant to one the first bullet was about protecting privacy, civil rights and civil liberties and the First Amendment. They said the primary mission is to establish best practices to to ensure that efforts to understand and respond to disinformation are done in ways that protect privacy, civil rights and civil liberties. I'd also note that the first example they gave about what they're going to do is, is support the Department of Homeland Security's work ongoing work back to the former administration, on to address how and understand how misinformation spread by human smugglers that prey on vulnerable populations attempting to migrate to the United States. Very important to note that the one sheet that she pulls out and talks about says they're protecting us and they're going after human smugglers, sort of like the one sheet the DOJ put out about community policing being the be all end all and police reform. And then at the very bottom saying, well, it doesn't lower crime rates. I have to say the marketing team behind all of this in Washington is very good at their job. The Putin price hike was another awesome catchphrase right up there with got milk or where's the beef? How about got communism? Or where's my ice cream cone? Interesting timing of all this. Ilan purchases Twitter to encourage free speech and government watchdogs are put into place immediately to monitor information even when he stated enemies, allies, and anyone else is welcome. And I hope you stay on to experience free speech yourself. He went on by stating by free speech, I mean, that which matches the law, I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws in that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people again, if you don't like it work the democratic system like everyone else, you can't spit on democracy because it doesn't give you what you want. Right now. The craziest part of that is that he's clearly saying people in this country influence and determine legislation laws, therefore, that is the will of the people on the flip side of that they also people in the US want free speech and less censorship. So essentially, what Elon is saying is he just wants to perpetuate or support what America and American people have already laid down in the democratic process. You know, it's it's just insane. It's like all these same regulators around the don't say gay bill and tenters laptop have come out to say that Elon is opening the gate for terrorism and revenge porn harassment and more. Well, I don't know about you, but the last time I checked, all of those things are illegal making removing them within the confines of the law. like Elon said, that is not censorship. Twitter has notorious terrorists, evil world leaders and horrendous anti Israel and anti Jew accounts that call for mass killings. Why is now the time to worry. On the other side, the New York Post reports on hunters laptop and gets banned. The National Enquirer reports that Michelle Obama is pregnant with an alien baby. And that's allowed. Anytime the government begins to regulate content information or media we begin to walk a fine line of censorship. Now, we've already seen extreme censorship within social media, like I just mentioned, but those are private businesses. Even though these businesses have massive amounts of control of the information the population consumes legally, they are private and not required to uphold the First Amendment. It may suck. It does suck, but that's the price we pay for our capitalist democracy, which is not necessarily a bad thing, because when they go against the grain, and they make it blatantly obvious, guess what happens? Someone like Elon Musk comes in and purchases a company to compete and kind of cater to the other side, if you will. However, our government is bound by the Constitution and not their interpretation of it. We must understand that our system isn't perfect democracy, capitalism, Freedom all come at a price. But if history shows us anything, it's that the price of the alternatives is much higher. Look at Russia, North Korea, China, Iran, Venezuela, California freedom can bring out the worst in people we know this we see hate speech lies, rumors, bullying, and false information, all things that freedom of speech allows. However, for every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction. Love, Truth, support and facts are also a beautiful result of free speech. And we know that always prevails, just look at the numbers. For every crazy Neo Nazis spewing nonsense online about how there was no Holocaust. There's a video of a kitten and a coyote snuggling and playing together that gets 5 million times the engagement, but by removing one, you're removing the other there is no such thing as censored or controlled, free speech. It's one or the other information, truth, facts and fiction are all subjective. Here's an example. My truth is that Christ is the Son of God. Can science prove that in traditional terms? No, but it's my truth is that in misinformation another example One study shows hydrochloric acid is effective in lowering the COVID fatality rate. Another study finds the opposite which one is true both with equally strong data and research and clout is one more truthful than the other. Again, there's a small population online that denies the Holocaust happened. Is that true? No. But should these people be barred from saying it as awful as it sounds? No to every horrific act in history always starts with a seemingly harmless rule or law. The Japanese internment camps here started with the harmless believed that we needed to find the very few spies in our mitts and then resulted in rounding up 1000s of Japanese Americans and putting them in camps. But wait, it's for your own safety, it's for your own good, trust us we know best. Meanwhile, your Japanese neighbor is getting thrown into a boxcar and taken away to the middle of nowhere. It's not about how and where it starts, in this case, regulating human trafficking and terrorism or whatever they're saying. It's about how it ends. And it's never good, even if the intention which we know it's not is to combat human traffickers. What then stops them from claiming someone's a human trafficker? Someone isn't see what I'm trying to say here. See, democracy gives power to the people and we know that the power comes with great responsibility. It's our responsibility to self govern, to separate fact from fiction to practice, constraint and control when communicating and to challenge the status quo. Do you see the pattern here? Everything I talk about always comes back to the same theme you are too stupid to determine what is truth and what isn't. This government knows better than you sit down, shut up and let them handle it. And the craziest part is all the recent disinformation claims perpetuated by the left for the last six years have been proven as information you know, we're back at the smoking mom yelling at their kids not to smoke. It's up for this time. Our smoking mom is a fame hungry tick tock star with zero qualifications and a history of spreading misinformation. This Nina Janet COVID Let's learn about this Nina who's in charge of enforcing the First Amendment. Well Janowitz attended Bryn Mawr College and we've talked about Bryn Mawr before. It's that all women's school that allows men in if they identify as women are neither sex after she graduated she went on for a semester at here's in State University in Russia in 2010. Graduated in 2011 and 2017. She was a Fulbright fellow and Kiv. Working with the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. She has also served as the disinformation Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, a big liberal cesspool, and a supervisor of the Russia and Belarus programs at the National Democratic Institute. Oh, man, she's good. She is the author of two books, one how to lose the information war and two how to be a woman online and as contributed to the Washington Post and The New York Times. Wow. Now, those are some qualifications, right? No Constitutional Studies, no roots in American history. She spent more time studying Russia and Ukraine than the very country she's supposed to be protecting. She was the first disinformation czar no pun intended at the Woodrow Wilson Center. She continues to propagate the Russian campaign meddling of 2016 She can't substantiate an actual definition of misinformation. This is the closest thing she gets to a real definition.


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