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Guilty by Association- Take the T from LGBTQ!


Intro: The midterms are close, the polls are closer, and most have no idea what's really at stake. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Oh yeah. Let's go Brandon. Let's go Brandon. Yeah, this just fires me up every time. Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host with the most, the holier than thou homo, the binary brother of your dreams and the true leader of the gay world. Today's episode is all about the upcoming midterms and going through what is really at stake, because I think it's getting lost in the messaging. We talk about the liberal mob agenda all the time, but very few know exactly 100% what will happen if Democrats win some of these key races. I also want to give you an update on the candidates that I'm watching closely.

The stakes are very high, and this race is going to be very close. This concept of the red or blue wave or tide or avalanche is completely moot. Anyone who's still selling this whole sweep across the nation is sadly mistaken because the country is too polarized and the stakes are too high for both sides to have a massive overhaul. Now, I'm not saying Republicans can't win and have red ding, ding, ding, ding, ding across the board. What I'm saying is they're not going to be winning by 3, 5, 6, 10 points. They're going to be winning by a point or two. So that's why it's tight. That's why it's a little bit more of a nail biter, if you will, this election. But I just really don't see these big waves ever happening again across the country.

It's going to be a close elections for the foreseeable future unless something crazy happens. And not that it's not already crazy happening, but even more crazy than this new normal that's been beaten down our throats. But we'll go through all of that in the meat of the episode. But I do think it's absolutely imperative that we, in our movement, all of you gay conservative listeners, all of you conservatives, start sharing what is really at stake. And it's not as hard to believe as one would think, but it's pretty scary. I can tell you folks, it is so good to be back in the studio. This is my safe place, my happy place, my woke free zone talking to you is what I love.

You all keep me going. And if it wasn't for you, I would probably be playing croquet or lawn bowling or is it croquet? Is it croquet or croquet? Hmm, I don't know. But I'd be lawn bowling or playing bridge or bonko with all the other old retirees in town. So that is actually my idea of retirement. But I love this as well. Golf is the most physical activity I'm going to do when I retire at 96 years old. I can't not work. It's a sickness that I have, which is why I don't have kids and try to stay single because the best husband I could ever ask for is work. He doesn't talk back and gives me all the money I want. But I don't understand these people who retire and decide to take up some crazy gnarly sport.

I mean, my mother, for example, she retires. What does she do? So she decides to surf hardcore in the waves and hike for miles and her and my dad bike and my opinion, they're just wasting away their golden years with physical exertion. I'm like what time is days of our lives on and where are my bond bonds? Because that is going to be my existence when I'm done working at 96 years old. But speaking of exercise I am so sore today folks. I can barely sit or get up without my legs literally crying for help. I have a new trainer, his name is Jose. Let me tell you folks, it's very hard to train with him and not get a little distracted.

He's absolutely gorgeous. He has a "girlfriend" who lives in some other place, but I know I'll find him on Grinder one of these days, not that I'm even on there but I do live by one motto, which is everybody has a price. I'm teasing now, but in all seriousness, he's an amazing trainer. He's my third serious trainer that I've had and I'm really happy so far. But no, in all honesty, I work out at the Equinox Sports Club here in Irvine. It's absolutely the best. Quick, funny story before I get into the episode. I worked out with Jose on Wednesday morning, and I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I have a pretty bad knee injury on my left knee. So I'm that fat guy that takes the elevator at the gym who everyone looks at like, look at that fat boy, he can't do the stairs.

Well anyways, I've got what they call an executive membership, which is fluff, but it's nice to have, as you all know, I don't really love the general public, so I always laugh because the executive locker room is like a private area and then there's the main member of locker room and I always say that's Jen Pop, like, oh yeah, no, I don't do Jen Pop, but it's so worth the extra money. It's definitely the best gym out here for sure. I think the way they handled Covid was horrible, but the company is based in New York, so they have quite a liberal executive team, but again, what companies don't anymore? Alright, so back to my story. I'm heading to my appointment to meet Jose and I get into the elevator and right before the doors close, this little guy rushes in with his arm to prop open the elevator door.

Of course I can't help but roll my eyes and think like, who is this guy trying to hold up my elevator? Because normally I'm the one pressing the close button while everyone is waiting to get in. And I'm like, I'm sorry, I don't know what's happening. I'm trying to open it when really I'm closing it as fast as I can. Well, guess who the guy was Kyle from Nelk boys. Him and I know each other kind of-ish more of each other, but we don't have like a relationship or anything. He's massive in our industry and I admire him and those guys so much, so much so that I actually did a podcast on them early on. How much hope they give me. They've done incredible interviews including Donald Trump and are just stellar. I think Kyle is really coming to his own as a great interviewer.

And I even said he's the next Howard Stern and I do believe that if he keeps going on this more professional podcast interview journalism track that he's on. So we make eye contact and I'm like, oh hey, what's up Kyle? I'm not sure if you remember me, but we've met here, there and I list off some of the media events we've been to and he goes, oh yeah, you do that Gay Conservative Podcast. And I said, yeah, so that alone was flattering enough. I said, yeah, and I did a show about you and the Nelk Boys, about how you give conservatives hope for the next generation. And he looks at me very puzzled and he goes, "you did?" And I said, "yeah, I think you guys are a great example of the next generation and not being PC and woke, etcetera, especially because you're Canadian and everyone up there is woke."

And by this time he's laughing and the door's open and I'm getting out, I pull up my phone and show him the episode and he goes, "oh shit, someone showed me this a couple months ago. I didn't listen, but that's how I know it's you for sure." So pretty cool. I'm not sure if he'll listen or not, but it was nice to chat with him. Just a great guy. And the other guys also. I am a big fan, the podcast with the interviews, just so much better than that degenerate Logan Paul and his mentally retarded brother. Oh god, those two look and sound so inbred it's not even funny. And now they have started their whole boxing career because their listener and viewership is dropping like crazy. So if you haven't watched Kyle and Nelk Boys on their podcast, do it. They've interviewed Candace Owens, Trump, Caitlin Jenner, which was actually hysterical.

Check them out when you have some time. Just make sure you're all caught off with the last gay conservative. I always come first, right? But anyways, keep it coming Kyle, great job. And just so impressed with the fact that our little tiny show that we did to spread this conservative movement amongst people who have been sort of trapped and pushed into the liberal corners of sweeping generalizations and discrimination got some recognition for someone who has hundreds of millions of followers. So just again, couldn't do it without all of you listeners. So thank you so much.

Moving on from there, I don't know if I've mentioned before my work with the Convention of State's Action. Any of you looking to get involved in a grassroots political movement, this is it. Not only are just the group, the people involved are the most loving, warm, family-oriented and supportive family of people. The cause is just and very, very important to what we do. Essentially the convention of state's action is the only thing that's going to fix most of the issues that I talk about on the show. And just to give you some Cliff notes, the Convention of States action it launched 10, 12 years ago. Mark Levin is a huge supporter and was part of the launch and that's how I heard of it, along with dozens of other big conservative personalities like me.

When we say convention of states, we're actually referring to Article five in the Constitution. And what Article five covers was essentially the founding father's prediction that the federal government will get too large and eventually take the governing by and for the people away. That's exactly what's happening now. And the only way to make permanent constitutional changes is through a convention of states because we know Congress isn't going to do anything to cap themselves. So Article 5 of the Constitution gives states the power to call what they call a convention of states to propose amendments. It takes 34 states to call the convention and 38 states to ratify any amendments that are proposed.

So our convention would only allow the states to discuss amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints and place term limits on federal officials. So we've got like 18 or 19 states locked in with 15 or more going through legislation, passing legislation. It's happening fast and more and more people are involved because it is truly the only way to fix this mess of the political elite in Washington. It's the only way. So I'm a volunteer staff writer and post on the blog all the time. Make sure you check it out. You can sign up as a volunteer in your state on the website. You can screenshot and send me or send the team so we can make sure you're accepted and contacted. I don't make any money. This is not sponsored. I'm just encouraging you to get involved.

I had a great conversation with a listener and someone who's starting to get involved in local politics up in Oregon last week. And that was one of the questions the gentleman asked me was how do I get more involved? How do I meet more people that are like-minded, etcetera? And I sent him directly to Convention of States action because it is absolutely a way to get with people that are like-minded. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do any of the field volunteering where they actually go out and they door knock and they meet with legislators and they go to the capitals of different states and lobby. As exciting as that is, I have zero time to do that.

So because of that, I am in the sort of creative space, which is writing, social media, etcetera. But it's rewarding work and there's not a better group of volunteers on the planet, I promise you that. If you don't want to volunteer, go on the website and watch some of the videos by top professors going through in-depth constitutional truths versus the liberal made-up version. The president of Hillsdale College is featured quite a bit as well, and he's got a great story about Hillsdale College and why they're so rooted in the constitution of the United States. So big, big push for you guys to do that today.

Alright, so I just have a couple of news items I want to cover today. It wouldn't be a great day without hearing gibberish from my favorite California raisin. You know who it is. It looks like Flavor Flave had a sex change, gained 250 pounds and put on some white robes. Good old, irrelevant Whoopi. Whoopi is right. Whoopi doo on one of our daily rants on the view, Whoopi declared, "there ain't nothing wrong with Joe Bide." He said "Republicans need to learn American values." When I saw the clip, my jaw was just on the floor. How was Whoopi Goldberg teaching us about American values? I mean, first of all, this is a woman whose entire career was founded on playing "the Black lady in movies" while she claims our system is racist and oppressive, so she cashes in on it as the black nun, if you will, playing that, ringing that cultural difference to the screen as an African American or a black woman, yet complains about our racist system as she's cashing in on it.

It's just another multi-millionaire who made it off of our system but blames our system at the same time. She says, well, this is how I feel. There ain't nothing wrong with Joe Biden. He has done what nobody else has been able to do. And so, you know, I feel like if you've done a good job, I want you to continue to do that. I don't want to reeducate another person of what the values of this country are. I just don't want to do it. She said, she went on to go on and say, "if Trump is not in prison, Gavin Newsom has a chance." She said, "Gavin Newsom and Stacy Abrams, what a ticket that would be." Meanwhile, I'm vomiting. So she goes on pedaling this garbage about Trump being a criminal, right? Again, it's a total lie. There's supposed to be a form of a news outlet, should be illegal.

I mean, literally this show is an infomercial for liberals and woke people. The fact that they have one or even two daily viewers is so beyond me. I mean, forget Republican or Democrat. This is just extreme lies and just too much. It's not entertainment, it's not politics and it's not sex. It's literally watching a bunch of senior citizens talk about trans, politics, congress, and policy. And it is scary. None of them on the show are intelligent. Not one has one iota of intelligence. Even that new half Republican one, idiot as well. I'm surprised they don't have Liz Cheney as their right wing co-host, which mark my words. Liz will get some sort of media thing and that's why she's on TV all the time. She'll get some sort of contract. The stupidity and the way they deliver information is just astonishing. I mean, I hate Rachel Maddow because she represents everything wrong with the left.

However, the view represents everything that's wrong with America. I mean, Joy Behar labeled the Republican Party a destructive force. And in response to Griffin's list, Goldberg said, if you find a Republican who we don't have to reeducate about the values of America and the promise, then it's discussable. But the folks that you mentioned, because they hung on every word, you know, who said they don't qualify. I mean, I just never know how to react to this stuff. Part of me wants to crack up laughing at the stupidity, and the other part of me wants to reach through the screen and start screaming and hitting in a tantrum form. I just can't people, these women are atrocities and degenerates and I don't know how they're still on television, but they are.

So according to Whoopi and Joy, Trump's going to jail. Gavin Newsom's winning and all Republicans are destructive. Just very, very non-biased media there. So since Biden's Red Square speech, as you can imagine, the political tensions in the country have been at an all time high. As I mentioned, he armed liberals with excuses and insults to hit Republicans with and pushed the right even further right? So none of us were surprised when a left wing extremist decided to slam his car into a child, he deemed a Trump supporter. Surprised, no. Absolutely disgusted and heartbroken, of course. However, we are the violent ones living in darkness, remember?

Again, folks, this wasn't some situation where a total loony tune shoots up a school. This was a completely sane individual who took what our president said and took it upon himself to kill who he felt was destroying America based on the President's words. I mean, Biz Pack, of course, did a great job reporting the story. Over the weekend, 41 year old Shannon Brat took an argument with 18 year old Kaila Ellingson to extremes following an argument at a street dance facing him down the streets of the city of McHenry and using his SUV as a murder weapon in what's being described as a politically motivated killing. While the details of what led to the murderous act by Brant, who was allegedly drunk haven't been fully flushed out by authorities, the terrified victim did call his mother on his cell phone, pleading with her to come and rescue him minutes before he was chased into an alley at approximately 2:30 AM on Sunday morning.

Ellingson would not get out of the alley alive. And that's again, according to Biz Pack review. They go on to say, "according to court papers, Brant called 911 dispatchers that he had hit Ellingson because the teenager was part of a Republican extremist group, a label put on tens of millions Americans by Joe Biden during his Soul of the Nation's speech, one in which he effectively declared voters of the opposition party as enemies of the state in an eerie setting with blood red lighting that some likened to an address by a classic fascist dictator." Absolutely true. So apparently this guy had no idea how serious the nature of his crimes were because hey, he was killing a bad guy. I mean, he is charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident. And guess what? He got held on $50,000 cash bail, which the alleged murderer objected to saying he was not a flight risk.

50 grand, that's it? How is that possible? It's crazy. The kid called his mom, called 911, was hysterical. The killer had no marks on him. So the idea that he was protecting himself, which is what his lawyer will pull out, or insanity, which is both bull, the guy's a killer, a cold stone killer. And the odd part is he walks around like he did nothing wrong. Like it was no big deal. I mean, this judge should be criminally prosecuted, 50 grand bail. I mean, okay, he's not a flight risk, but he's a risk to others. Who is to say he won't kill another extreme MAGA Republican? He shows no remorse. He didn't say I was out of my mind. I don't know what happened. Nothing just, yep, I killed him. I mean, if you have heard the story, it's because you have an actual news site or sites that you read because the drive-bys aren't covering it at all.

Now, if the tables were turned and this was was a black kid and a white Republican, oh Lord Don Lemon would be blaming Trump for all of this. This is a hate crime. This has nothing to do with politics other than the killer using it at his reason and excuse. And apparently that reason an excuse is suitable for the judge to let him walk around free before trial. He is a disgusting old man who argued with, stalked, chased, and murdered a 17 year old over his political beliefs. His claim is that the kid threatened him and was calling people to come attack him, yet he was in the car. You drove down the alley, you chased him. If you thought he was calling people to come get you, drive away, don't kill him. After seeing the bail hearing it's going to be really interesting.

I mean, this is North Dakota and you've got judges like this. Get rid of this guy, get him off the bench. There is something wrong with any adult who would engage with a 17 year old on politics, period. You all know I'm accosted daily for my politics and I'm human sometimes, I get upset and respond or engage, but you don't go further. But when I was 17, hell yes, I would be up in someone's face because you're a 17 year old kid, it's his responsibility to be the adult. I don't care how much the threat, I don't care how much the kid threatened him. I don't care if he said he was going to come and kill him in his sleep and his kids too. You don't chase someone down an alley and kill them because you feel threatened and there's no weapon, nothing. And this guy should be shot immediately. I mean, and this is no different than the black guy who was out on no cash bail in Wisconsin and plowed his Ford Explorer through a group of families watching a holiday parade.

He also made left wing political affiliations and the media refused to report on his extreme leftist views, nor that he was black or a previous criminal. They actually never even referred to him or a human. They referred to it as the SUV that drove into those people because apparently SUVs can drive themselves. These are kids, families, taxpayers, hard workers. I don't care if they're liberal or conservative. These people are the backbone of America and they get nothing. Then a white cop kills a black drug dealer with a gun and it's okay to loot and burn and destroy and the media eats it all up. The double standard here is just astonishing. If you're white and conservative, you are guilty before innocent. However, if you're on the left and or black, you're presumed innocent in this new double-sided justice system. Thanks to George Soros.

Please keep your prayers going for this family. God has plans for this gentleman. He's not even a gentleman, he's an a-hole, prick. And although it feels unjust and horrible right now, I have to remain in solitude knowing that justice always happens in the end. There in North Dakota, there are a lot of militia groups up there, a lot of Second Amendment supporters. I have a weird inkling without someone telling me that I'm inciting violence or whatever I'm doing. I have a weird inkling and it's just literally my feeling. But I have a feeling this guy's going to get taken care of outside of the courts, and I hope that's the case. I really do. On the flip side of that, it looks like our friend Matt Gates, the US Congressman from Florida is being vindicated. Don't know if you all remember, but for the last couple years, the left is trying to smear him as a sex trafficker, children, as if your accusations couldn't get any worse.

I see the left constantly, oh, you know, he's having an affair. He has a kid out of wedlock or whatever. But now they're getting so aggressive, they're calling people sex traffickers and pedophiles. So in another one of those situations that you think is fake, but so much is presented that you start to question the left and these politicians, assertions that the guy was a sex trafficker are finally being quashed. So the Washington Post, which is basically a Chinese sponsored news outlet, communist news, just reported that the prosecutors have told the DOJ that a conviction is very unlikely citing the credibility of the witnesses that the left put up, the ones they planned on presenting. Here's the quote from Washington Post. "Senior department officials have not made a final decision on whether to charge Gates, but it is rare for such advice to be rejected." These people told the Washington Post speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the deliberations. They added, that is always possible. Additional evidence emerges and that could alter a prosecutor's understanding of the case.

Again, Washington Post says it, so gotta be true. And Biz Pack covers it and says the other witnesses are Joel Greenberg, who's a former tax collector for Seminole County, Florida. He has major credibility issues. He pleaded guilty last year, two sex trafficking a minor and other crimes and plea deals with authorities. So again, you've got their main star witness is a sex trafficker. This is how crazy these people are. It kills me, it gives me heartburn to think that the New York Times, the Washington Post, the gold standard of journalism are smearing their front pages with accusations over a civil servant that he's a sex trafficker in lines with Jeffrey Epstein is how they're trying to paint this guy.

I mean, this guy Greenberg, their star witness pleaded guilty to six criminal charges, including sex trafficking of a child, aggravated identity theft and wire fraud after he was charged in 2020 with fabricating allegations and evidence to smear a political opponent. In exchange for pleading guilty, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the other 27 counts he faced and to recommend sentencing breaks. He is scheduled to be sentenced later this year. Now what they've done is, is they've tried to tie Greenberg, the star witness to Matt Gates over sex trafficking, but it hasn't worked. A lot of people believe the investigation was cooked up because Gates is an ardent supporter of President Trump. Those on the left want him thrown in jail regardless of the lack of evidence according to Biz Pack and that is true.

But isn't it so disgusting that these people have no obligation or any sort of ethical standards in journalism or just in life being a human? You don't go around accusing someone as a sex trafficker. That is horrible. I mean, the New York Times literally had this fake story on the front page for weeks everywhere, Matt Gates is a sex trafficking minor abuser. Those are some serious accusations, folks, crazy. Where's the evidence? They've been looking since 2020, still nothing but too bad witnesses. That's it, that the left trumped up. The same paper who refuses to report on actual stories with evidence like this terrible tragedy in North Dakota, Hunter's laptop and actual fraud in the Ukraine and Russia with facts?

Oh no, because none of those people are conservative politicians who win. Like Ron DeSantis, Gates is a constitutional conservative who cuts through the crap. He's very popular in his district, which is where Florida, one of the states, the left has dumped billions of dollars to try and flip from red to blue and it's gotten closer and the left is attacking it. And the most popular right politicians in the state with their best frick, which is leveraging the media, to make up serious scandals. And even if nothing comes from this and they don't prosecute Matt Gates, there will always be doubt cast on him. Always. Keep an eye on the story. And when the case has dropped, watch how these media outlets that reported him as a sex trafficker just go away and move on to the next person that they can slander. He's got a really good lawsuit on his hands.

And how many times does CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post have to lose millions of dollars in defamation, slander, lawsuits, misreporting? I mean, how much money do they just want to hemorrhage until they just start reporting the news correctly? Speaking of terrible journalism Tucker Carlson I love, he got a kick out of Don Lemon's speechlessness after his guest really took him to school. I don't know if you guys saw this clip, but I always love when these left-wing idiot media personalities try to lure and entrap their guests and taunt them and use this really just nasty stupid behavior. And the guests turns around and puts them on their toes well that's just what happened. The holier than now whitewashed Don Lemon brought a British commentator to the show trying to embarrass her and the British and create a fake story that British royals have so much wealth and they owe a debt to descendants of slavery.

I mean, Don Lemon is almost as whitewashed as Trevor Noah. I mean, the two of them truly think they are representatives of the black community. They think they can represent the disenfranchised. It cracks me up. I mean, Don Lemon with his bespoke suits telling the British that reparations are owed during the death of the most beloved queen and monarch and history. This is the typical liberal today, folk. This is critical race theory to a T. Don't focus on the fact that she shattered the glass ceiling for women hundreds of times over. Worked with Winston Churchill to end World War II and a potential Nazi invasion of the UK. And the list of her accomplishments is about as long as the Bible. I mean, the contributions Elizabeth has made to modern society are endless and she was known as the people's queen.

And she was never afraid to get down and dirty. However, we can't miss an opportunity to make it about race. Can't cheer for the progress and the good thing, have to tear it down and push the sins of the great, great, great, great grandfathers on Western countries all over the world. So on Tucker Carlson's show, Tucker says, so Don Lemon had a royal commentator called Hilary Fordwich, who is British onto his show, talking about the royal funeral and everything else. He decided to go deeper, which was probably a mistake Carlson said. He asked the question, why isn't the royal family paying "reparations for colonialism" as Lemon put it. "Some people want to be paid back. Members of the public are wondering why we're suffering while you have vast wealth. Those are legitimate concerns." And so the guest says, well, we need to go to the beginning of that supply chain.

Where was the beginning of the supply chain? That was in Africa. So in Great Britain, they abolished slavery. 2000 naval men died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. Why? Because the African kings were rounding up their own people, had them in cages waiting on beaches. She said, adding that the families of the sailors who died also deserved reparations. Lemon noted. It was "interesting" in his response. Tucker called it a fact Tsunami, which of course is a brilliant description. I mean, this is why black people are leaving the DNC in drones. They are tired of hearing all of it and seeing nothing. Don Lemon is a perfect example. Reparations, colonialism, our racist system that oppress blacks. Meanwhile, the people sitting in urban areas are scratching their heads going, we don't care. We want jobs. We want education. We want to be able to earn and giving us welfare and state housing just keeps us down, invigorate our community.

Don't just talk about the past. There has to be a point in time and I think we're finally there where blacks realize they've been played and promised by these racist Democrats because they think they can get their vote. Same with gays and trans and Latinos. Remember guys, the Democrats, this is the party of the KKK people. You don't just flip the script and not be racist anymore. It's in their blood. The champion of the blacks and browns. In reality, it's called a wolf in sheep's clothing. They want to keep us down, especially the disenfranchised and it's becoming abundantly clear. The Democratic party was not designed during the internet era with access to information. They've been lying, hiding, convincing minorities for years that they care. But now that people can Google it in 10 minutes, it's easy to find that it's all been talk and no action.

They don't like the internet. Look at Joe Biden. He's used to being able to stand up and say and do what he wants and hide. Not in these days, and that's why it's falling apart around them. It's only getting worse for these people. And I don't just mean Democrats, I mean people in the limelight who are pushing dishonest, fraudulent agendas. Right, left, middle, doesn't matter. Anyhow, I just get so worked up about this kind of stuff because you know these people, all they want to do is lure people into talking about race, talking about gun control. They can't just report, they can't just get someone's opinion and say, thank you for your opinion. Now it has to be a debate and we do it to Fox News and whatever, but it's part of the program. That's what it's made to do. We don't present ourselves as, oh, Tucker Carlson is this great journalist.

Everyone knows he's there as a political commentator and it's entertainment. It also is rooted in fact, but it's not the news. Don Lemon thinks he is a actual journalist when he is an actual hack. That's all he is. So get's me really fired up. Alright folks, let's get into the meat of the episode. I want to dive into the stakes coming into November. We often talk about the liberal agenda and the mob narrative and it's insane and we know it's insane. I mean, you can't make this stuff up. However, they do have some opposition today and we are barely hanging on to the Senate. But do any of you really know what's on the table here? I think most of you, as my listeners probably know, but things that aren't big sweeping liberal items, but the details of what will change and change fast if they push forward.

It's a scary thought, but you all need to hear it so you can share it with people who are voting Democrat over abortion or Trump and you understand that's all they're running on. Their only platform is how bad Donald Trump is and Roe v. Wade, however, the polls are showing the belt tightening and we need to understand what's going to happen. Really, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal published a great piece on this very subject. What's really going to happen, they opened the piece by saying the Democratic election strategy is a new version of their 2020 campaign Bait and switch. Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress won by making the election a referendum on Trump and Covid 19. But once in office, they pivoted to advance a far left labor agenda and enact the biggest expansion of government in modern history.

They succeeded on many fronts and only the opposition of Joe Mansion and Kyrsten Sinema prevented them from killing the filibuster to do much more. I mean, this could not be more true. If it wasn't for those two Democrats that happened to be in very right wing districts in Senate the filibuster would've been ended, which will be the biggest, biggest, biggest dig towards American democracy if they're able to get this filibuster taken down. And it's true. I mean we were all tricked. I mean, what they're saying could not be more true. The American people were tricked into voting for Joe Biden because of the false illegal narratives around Trump and because Biden seemed like Covid was going to create death and destruction in the streets similar to maybe the plague in Europe, I don't know.

But the article goes on to outline what I think will hurt the most, which is targeting the filibuster. The filibuster today requires a 60 vote Senate vote to pass legislation through the second house before going to the White House. The Democrats want it gone. The very first thing they will do with a majority Senate is end the filibuster and make a 51 vote rule, that is all that's needed to push through their agenda. So what immediately gets pass if Democrats take the Senate, every ridiculous legislation that the house has conjured up already this year. I mean Kamala Harris who's quoted in this journal piece says, "with just two more seats in senate, we can codify Roe v. Wade. We can put the protections of Roe and law." She says, "with two more seats in Senate, we can pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Just two more seats." This whole notion they have over a Supreme Court ruling like Roe v. Wade is so stupid. I've spoken about it a hundred times, but you notice the second thing she says, which is voting.

They are trying so hard to federalize voting. And we saw in the states that were under punishment after the Civil Rights Act that had federal oversight, how easy it was, how easy it was for the Democrats to completely meddle in those federally managed elections that are no longer there. The Supreme Court threw them out right around the time Romney was running, but we saw why they love it. And if the 2020 election was free and fair and was all good, why are they so desperate to make federal voting policies and overhaul our election system? It's a scary thing. These are the types of laws that have been put into place before any dictator. The first order of business is to create voting laws that will keep them from ever losing. That's what Putin does. That's what Xi Jinping does in China. That's what happens in Iran, Venezuela. Sure they have elections, but it's the same person that wins all the time because they rig the rules.

It's just like what they did in Pennsylvania. The left is so hell bent on these voting laws and I just can't understand why, other than something seriously wrong, sinister. Their assertions are such obvious lies they say can't have an ID requirement. Poor people don't have access to IDs. Red states refuse mail and ballots and people can't get to the polls. People don't have time. They need early voting. Red states should have to get federal approval before voting laws change. Remember folks me telling you about the states that had those limitations because of civil rights violations, they're trying to bring it back. They want to block any law that acknowledges that ballot harvesting isn't or is real. They want to make sure it's not real and they want to block all laws that pertain to it.

The HR1 voting bill creates federal rights to mail ballots and overrides state laws banning ballot harvesting. It requires same day voter registration and up to 15 days of early voting. House Democrats also passed HR4, which would require the Justice Department or the DC District Court to approve election law changes in states and localities with a punitive history of voting rights violations. Hmm, sound familiar. Plus the attorney general would have broad discretion and you can bet GOP states will be the main targets as they were under Eric Holder before the Supreme Court voided pre-clearance in Shelby County versus Holder in 2013. The Pro Act will surely make a comeback if they removed the filibuster.

Now that bill would override state right to work laws that give workers the choice of joining a union. It would impose a backdoor card check procedure that neuters secret ballot elections, impose the Obama era joint employer standard that put corporations and contractors on the hook for workers that they don't employ, but indirectly control like contractors, $10.99 contractors. I mean that's really scary. This was Obama era regulations put in place and boy did they hurt. I mean companies were forced to allow their stores and businesses to unionize. They were legally obliged to let their employees choose their employment methods and regulations. The other real crazy thing Obama went after was temp agencies and holding the companies that use temp labor to be accountable as though the laborer is their employee.

Not an independent contractor. The entire point of temporary labor is to keep liability down so you can survive economic ups and downs, particularly in manufacturing, which I have a lot of experience with. They also will immediately pass a CO2 emission enforcement mechanism that failed already this year because it violated Senate budget Reconciliation rules. Ditto. A provision originally on the Inflation Reduction Act that gave the EPA agency sweeping power to regulate CO2 emissions under the Clean Air Act. Okay folks, here we go again, using climate change for power and bureaucracies to enforce their power. The Supreme Court ruled the EPA has limited power without congressional approval. So what happens when they have enough votes for congressional approval? The EPA will wield more power than the IRS.

I mean they will enforce a 100% electric agenda before doing anything for our current energy grid. There are always talks of climate lockdowns to ration clean air, whatever that means, but it'll all be on the table people. It shows you the agenda that they refuse to speak about because it will lose them the midterms, they will immediately pass build back better. The entitlements that include free universal pre-k childcare subsidies and expanded refundable tax credits for children, paid family leave and Medicare dental and hearing benefits will reemerge from the grave. Many democrats are hanking to lower the Medicare age to 60 and as we know, build back better as a tax and another inflation boondoggle. We all know that, almost everything in build back better has been tried. It's another push for welfare keeping Americans at home, not at work.

I still can't get over him saying when he got elected, it's time to reward work, not wealth. Well, you can't get wealthy without working. You certainly can't get working at a 35 plus percent tax rate. I mean, take the Medicare age, people are living well into their nineties. They are working up to their seventies, not because they have to, because they want to. I mean, my dad's a perfect example. He doesn't want to retire. He's in great shape and he likes to work. There are tons of people the same. 70 is the new 60, there's no need to lower the Medicare age. What does that accomplish? And as he opens up more disability and welfare spending, you have less people paying into the program, but then more people getting payments for longer in their life.

It makes my head spin. Here's the worst part, the Wall Street Journal points out if the filibuster is removed. Major tax creases will be back in play. Ways and means Chairman Neil recently told a Bloomberg reporter that Democrats will raise individual and corporate tax rate if they keep power. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen said in a recent speech that the administration's goal is to return "tax rates for high earners and corporations to historical norms." So how high is historical? I mean the original proposal in 2021 raised the corporate tax to 26.5% and the individual tax rate to 39.6% from 37% and that's at $400,000 in income and 42.6% above 5 million and imposed a tax on capital gains and a death tax with two more Senators expect those rates to go up 100%.

The leftist progressive agenda will not be checked at all. They will demolish everything this country stands for, which they've already demonstrated and already started. I hate to be the ones that say it, but it will be the end of the economy as we know it. Just like the Democrats during Reagan's presidency demanded raising taxes would help them control inflation. It doesn't work. The whole system will collapse. You know I always say, everyone always laughs me. I say Joey and Jimmy, like father, like son, the two most evil, corrupt and deadly men In American politics in history, Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden. Reagan had to come and save the country from staunch Democrat driven, horrible, the worst economic situation the country has ever been in.

And Biden is following the same exact moves Carter made in the seventies pre Regan, raised taxes, take from businesses, deincentivize work or investing. You can ask anyone who lived through the Carter and Reagan days. It was not fun until Reagan took a true democratic capitalist approach and removed the power of the economy functions from the government and gave it back to the people. The left has tried to fight these assertions and claim that Reaganomics created huge levels of poverty and made the rich richer and the poor poorer. It's a total lie. The average income savings and investments went up from top to bottom, bottom to top. Personal debts shot way down in the middle and lower class populations, as people could pay it back with their extra cash.

When the government controls the economy, they control you. They control how much you make, how much you spend, how much you save, how much you invest. It's ridiculous. And the amount of power taken from Congress at that time has never returned back to those Reagan levels. But it's coming if these wacky people get their way, think seventies, think harder, that is where we will go if Democrats win this midterm. Scary, scary stuff, they'd love to say it all the time. They are democratic socialists. They work off a Marxist agenda. There's a hundred plus congressmen and women in a caucus that calls themselves the progressive caucus and they're all self-proclaimed socialists. It's disgusting.

On the flip side of that scare, it looks like we're making some really great progress with some of the big candidates in big states that we need. And here are the ones that I want you guys to take a look at. Karri Lake going against Katie Hobbs. Kari has had a rough go, not that she can't take it, but since Arizona went blue in 2020, the left has been hyper focused on keeping it that way. Arizona's traditionally Republican, well fake Republican and the McCain mafia scared wouldbe Trump voters from getting to the polls in 2020. Another example of these idiot rhinos is in Arizona who fought so hard against Trump and look where it got them, Biden. For them, it doesn't matter because they're multimillionaires, the McCain mafia, but the rest of Arizona is feeling it bad.

Perry Lake will win, but it's not going to be an easy one. And I want you to watch the opponent. It's starting to get really shady. And Katie Hobbs is a broad with many fraudulent strikes on her record. Another one you need to check out is Dr. Oz. It's a tough one for me. I think Dr. Oz has done a great job. He's a good person and I think he would be a great senator. However, I don't think he's going to win. I mean, we're talking about Pennsylvania people, no offense, but Pennsylvania is very rough. For the most part it's pretty impoverished, it's pretty uneducated. They like the federman sort of ghetto quality that he brings with his fake tattoos. This is a state when their football team makes the playoffs in the NFL, the cities and the county governments have to go around and spray Vaseline all over the utility poles because the people will climb up and kill themselves or someone else.

And I just think Oz may be a little too polished for the market. Keep an eye on Betterman though. He's a total crook and he was a very, very big part of working from 2016 to 2020 to change all the voting laws in Pennsylvania to make it impossible for Republicans to win. I'm sure you guys have all seen JD Vance in Ohio. He's been a fun one to watch. He's a little mini Trump in my opinion, which is a great thing. Ohio being such a swing state and having a voter base known for flipping, it's great to see that the Ohio Republicans have identified that the MAGA way is Ohio's way. His opponent is a radical left-wing socialist who's been in Washington as a congressman and he is pure scum. He claims to be one with the working class, but he's a devoted yogi. You know, because all those auto workers and machinists in Ohio go home and watch Guru Swami G. Ridiculous.

Ted bud in North Carolina. A lot of people think he's a shoe in, but it's going to be really close. I do think he's got good odds, but North Carolina is a state whose voter base has changed rapidly. Remember, this is the state where the trans bathroom issue really began and you had large trans supporting faces in Charlotte. I would've never thought that to be possible. This is a seat we absolutely need. We cannot lose this seat. The Democratic challenger is not, whoa, extreme, not a freak on the surface, but she's running on making history as being the third black woman in the Senate. I mean, is it really history at number three? I mean first one I get, wow, second one maybe proof of concept, but third, like I'm the third best gay podcaster. That's not something to brag about. I'm the 16th person that came through the finish line, but she's a Supreme Court justice and her record again is very mediocre.

But Americans, we love to be a part of history. Women vote for women because they're women. Blacks vote for blacks because they're black. And so we want to watch this race closely because people might want to say I had a heart in electing the third black female, the Senate. And lastly we couldn't have a candidate discussion unless we talk about my favorite candidate, which is Herschel Walker. George is going to be insane. Ever since Stacey Abrams have convinced Georgians that blacks are under attack, racism is everywhere and that she wants free everything for free everyone in Georgia, for people who have had a rough go, that in combination with all the big companies opening up offices or moving to Atlanta with more left wing employees that were once in big metro areas has completely changed the landscape of the state.

I mean, it was once a wonderfully managed conservative state that's now in an utter tailspin. This is a state the liberals have been working on for decades and it is paying off. However, there's a big light at the end of the tunnel, or I should say at the end of the field here, and his name is Herschel Walker. Walker has the Bobby Knight equivalent stardom in the state of Georgia, as Bobby does in Indiana. He has a very charismatic personality and wows the crowds. I think he will win. However, we have to note that his opposition is raking in private donor cash, like no one's business. There's a lot of special interests in Atlanta and keeping the outsiders out is a huge priority. Other than that, I think we have big hope in Nevada. There are quite a few elections in Nevada on the state level and on the Senate and congressional level that I think are going to go red.

Unfortunately, I think Lamen in Arizona is going to lose to Kelly just pure budgetary. But I think all in all things are looking good and I continue to stay optimistic. But the worst thing we can do is get home field confidence. Okay, the days of there hasn't been a midterm that the president kept the house or whatever are over. History can be touched on but not relied on anymore. I remember growing up and they said, well, this president or this number of people hasn't been reelected or whatever. There was all these sort of staple or benchmarks you'd go against. It's gone. Today's political landscape is the wild West. Anything can happen and there are a whole new set of rules that just eliminate all those benchmarks or standards we used to use. However, what hasn't changed is that every vote really does count.

And we have to be strong and consistent in our efforts to make sure that everyone knows, regardless of your personal feelings, we must send a message that America will never, ever, ever be woke. Even the most Democrat of Democrats can get behind that and agree that things have gotten so bad so fast that we can only blame the woke existing leadership. Allow me to leave you with this. The future of our country is the future of the world. We're seeing it all over. In Canada the woke have taken over and the people are suffering. Australia has become so politically correct, the place is almost unrecognizable. We will set the tone and activate those who have given up. In Canada there are millions of people who have thrown in the towel and said, Ugh, we can't beat Trudeau and those elites on top, it's too hard. They control everything.

Millions of Australians just gave up and got vaccinated. They didn't want to be arrested or put in a camp. They didn't want to be chastised and treated like outcasts. They regret it now, but they didn't have that fire. Keep them strong. And it's because we didn't either. And who can blame them? It's disheartening. And as their new normal becomes more and more extreme, the more it pushes away at the true normal, the God intended normal. A normal based on universal principles, like treat others the way you want to be treated. So we begin to make allowances and we say, well, we can give that up as long as we have this and it goes on like that until the one small piece you're holding onto, your last bargaining chip, the thing you won't sacrifice, it's called and you have nothing left. However, by taking the house in the Senate with primarily Trump backed supporters, we send a message to the world that in America we're not this weird woke stuff that's infected their countries and youth.

We send a message that says it's okay to ask questions and push back on this extreme new normal. You don't have to pretend like things are normal, that are not normal. A lot of what you see around the world, where they're so progressive and open that people are miserable and they go with it just so they don't cause a fuss. The places that have obliged and embraced this left socialist liberal agenda are worse off. Look at Sweden. Those people wish they didn't go as far to the socialist side as they have. They want more capitalism, they want more democracy. Canada, same thing. Australia, same thing. We cannot allow them to expand their normal so large and extreme that it pushes the God destined normal so far, so small to by the time it's left, all it takes are one or two laws to strip the very foundation away that we've all held onto as they expanded.

The line has to be drawn in the sand this November. We do not have a choice. You just heard me go on for an hour. What's going to happen if it doesn't? What will happen to education? What will happen to kids? What's going to happen to all your kids that play sports? And they're going to have to compete. Girls competing against boys that say they're girls. Competing to get into colleges. All women's schools, girls are competing to get in against boys, that say they're girls. All boys schools, boys that are competing against girls that say they're boys. These are just a few examples of what will begin to radically snowball starting in November. This is Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. Heroes might not be braver than anyone else. They're just braver five minutes longer. God bless you President Reagan and make God save America.

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