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Guilty by Association- Take the T from LGBTQ!


Intro: The midterms are close, the polls are closer, and most have no idea what's really at stake. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law.

Chad: Oh yeah. Let's go Brandon. Let's go Brandon. Yeah, this just fires me up every time. Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your host with the most, the holier than thou homo, the binary brother of your dreams and the true leader of the gay world. Today's episode is all about the upcoming midterms and going through what is really at stake, because I think it's getting lost in the messaging. We talk about the liberal mob agenda all the time, but very few know exactly 100% what will happen if Democrats win some of these key races. I also want to give you an update on the candidates that I'm watching closely.

The stakes are very high, and this race is going to be very close. This concept of the red or blue wave or tide or avalanche is completely moot. Anyone who's still selling this whole sweep across the nation is sadly mistaken because the country is too polarized and the stakes are too high for both sides to have a massive overhaul. Now, I'm not saying Republicans can't win and have red ding, ding, ding, ding, ding across the board. What I'm saying is they're not going to be winning by 3, 5, 6, 10 points. They're going to be winning by a point or two. So that's why it's tight. That's why it's a little bit more of a nail biter, if you will, this election. But I just really don't see these big waves ever happening again across the country.

It's going to be a close elections for the foreseeable future unless something crazy happens. And not that it's not already crazy happening, but even more crazy than this new normal that's been beaten down our throats. But we'll go through all of that in the meat of the episode. But I do think it's absolutely imperative that we, in our movement, all of you gay conservative listeners, all of you conservatives, start sharing what is really at stake. And it's not as hard to believe as one would think, but it's pretty scary. I can tell you folks, it is so good to be back in the studio. This is my safe place, my happy place, my woke free zone talking to you is what I love.

You all keep me going. And if it wasn't for you, I would probably be playing croquet or lawn bowling or is it croquet? Is it croquet or croquet? Hmm, I don't know. But I'd be lawn bowling or playing bridge or bonko with all the other old retirees in town. So that is actually my idea of retirement. But I love this as well. Golf is the most physical activity I'm going to do when I retire at 96 years old. I can't not work. It's a sickness that I have, which is why I don't have kids and try to stay single because the best husband I could ever ask for is work. He doesn't talk back and gives me all the money I want. But I don't understand these people who retire and decide to take up some crazy gnarly sport.

I mean, my mother, for example, she retires. What does she do? So she decides to surf hardcore in the waves and hike for miles and her and my dad bike and my opinion, they're just wasting away their golden years with physical exertion. I'm like what time is days of our lives on and where are my bond bonds? Because that is going to be my existence when I'm done working at 96 years old. But speaking of exercise I am so sore today folks. I can barely sit or get up without my legs literally crying for help. I have a new trainer, his name is Jose. Let me tell you folks, it's very hard to train with him and not get a little distracted.

He's absolutely gorgeous. He has a "girlfriend" who lives in some other place, but I know I'll find him on Grinder one of these days, not that I'm even on there but I do live by one motto, which is everybody has a price. I'm teasing now, but in all seriousness, he's an amazing trainer. He's my third serious trainer that I've had and I'm really happy so far. But no, in all honesty, I work out at the Equinox Sports Club here in Irvine. It's absolutely the best. Quick, funny story before I get into the episode. I worked out with Jose on Wednesday morning, and I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I have a pretty bad knee injury on my left knee. So I'm that fat guy that takes the elevator at the gym who everyone looks at like, look at that fat boy, he can't do the stairs.

Well anyways, I've got what they call an executive membership, which is fluff, but it's nice to have, as you all know, I don't really love the general public, so I always laugh because the executive locker room is like a private area and then there's the main member of locker room and I always say that's Jen Pop, like, oh yeah, no, I don't do Jen Pop, but it's so worth the extra money. It's definitely the best gym out here for sure. I think the way they handled Covid was horrible, but the company is based in New York, so they have quite a liberal executive team, but again, what companies don't anymore? Alright, so back to my story. I'm heading to my appointment to meet Jose and I get into the elevator and right before the doors close, this little guy rushes in with his arm to prop open the elevator door.

Of course I can't help but roll my eyes and think like, who is this guy trying to hold up my elevator? Because normally I'm the one pressing the close button while everyone is waiting to get in. And I'm like, I'm sorry, I don't know what's happening. I'm trying to open it when really I'm closing it as fast as I can. Well, guess who the guy was Kyle from Nelk boys. Him and I know each other kind of-ish more of each other, but we don't have like a relationship or anything. He's massive in our industry and I admire him and those guys so much, so much so that I actually did a podcast on them early on. How much hope they give me. They've done incredible interviews including Donald Trump and are just stellar. I think Kyle is really coming to his own as a great interviewer.

And I even said he's the next Howard Stern and I do believe that if he keeps going on this more professional podcast interview journalism track that he's on. So we make eye contact and I'm like, oh hey, what's up Kyle? I'm not sure if you remember me, but we've met here, there and I list off some of the media events we've been to and he goes, oh yeah, you do that Gay Conservative Podcast. And I said, yeah, so that alone was flattering enough. I said, yeah, and I did a show about you and the Nelk Boys, about how you give conservatives hope for the next generation. And he looks at me very puzzled and he goes, "you did?" And I said, "yeah, I think you guys are a great example of the next generation and not being PC and woke, etcetera, especially because you're Canadian and everyone up there is woke."

And by this time he's laughing and the door's open and I'm getting out, I pull up my phone and show him the episode and he goes, "oh shit, someone showed me this a couple months ago. I didn't listen, but that's how I know it's you for sure." So pretty cool. I'm not sure if he'll listen or not, but it was nice to chat with him. Just a great guy. And the other guys also. I am a big fan, the podcast with the interviews, just so much better than that degenerate Logan Paul and his mentally retarded brother. Oh god, those two look and sound so inbred it's not even funny. And now they have started their whole boxing career because their listener and viewership is dropping like crazy. So if you haven't watched Kyle and Nelk Boys on their podcast, do it. They've interviewed Candace Owens, Trump, Caitlin Jenner, which was actually hysterical.

Check them out when you have some time. Just make sure you're all caught off with the last gay conservative. I always come first, right? But anyways, keep it coming Kyle, great job. And just so impressed with the fact that our little tiny show that we did to spread this conservative movement amongst people who have been sort of trapped and pushed into the liberal corners of sweeping generalizations and discrimination got some recognition for someone who has hundreds of millions of followers. So just again, couldn't do it without all of you listeners. So thank you so much.

Moving on from there, I don't know if I've mentioned before my work with the Convention of State's Action. Any of you looking to get involved in a grassroots political movement, this is it. Not only are just the group, the people involved are the most loving, warm, family-oriented and supportive family of people. The cause is just and very, very important to what we do. Essentially the convention of state's action is the only thing that's going to fix most of the issues that I talk about on the show. And just to give you some Cliff