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Got him by the balls pt. 1- Putin's leverage over Biden makes Ukraine invasion easy.

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Got him by the balls. Part One Russia's true motive for invading Ukraine and how leverage over Biden made it all possible. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law

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Brandon, yeah. Let's go, Brandon. Oh, yeah, yeah. And it's that time for Hello, everybody.

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And let's go, Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. It's me, Chad law, you just heard your host tapping away. So glad to be here for another episode. We've got so much stuff to cover today that I don't want to get too far off track. But I do want to thank each and every one of you who have reached out to us recently to say, hey, where have you been the last couple of weeks. The truth is, is that we had some studio logistic issues, we are ramping up to film I don't know how many of you who listen know this. But these first 20 episodes are part of a beta test for a much larger more national level launch of this sort of game media scope that myself and my business partner and a few select others from our previous business have been working on for a couple years now. And so we have phases and one of the most recent phases was we were going to do 10 episodes and then switch to filming. And so we started retrofitting the studio that we're leasing doing all the stuff putting up cameras, lighting, you know, investing quite a bit of money quite a bit of time and our landlord at the studio decided that there were to be no filming or film equipment because a couple studios down there's a D list. Is there a Z list z like zebra list? Singer celebrity who doesn't want to be filmed? That's okay. She's bizarre so Isee Good riddance. The studio we wanted originally is available in the middle of April. And so we moved everything here to where I am my house, which we might do some in office webcaming If you will not that I don't know why people keep asking me to go on YouTube. I have they seen me like just go and look at my headshot. Okay, I look like Shrek Long story short, thank you for checking in. We're all good. It was just a unplanned part of the growing in media and with media, growing pains or really any business that I've started from scratch. So we will continue to delight and tickle those of you who like to learn about the truth. So there's so much truth to this episode, we had to make it a two parter. We've got Part One. Today, we're going to talk about Russia. What is Putin really doing in Ukraine? What's really going on there? How is Hunter and Joe and Putin and Zelinsky? How is this all working together? Because just like you for me, it's still nearly impossible to make sense of it, because I hear one thing on the news, but then I see another thing on the on a video of the news that doesn't match what the news is saying. And then someone else says something different. And I see what's happening as far as the Russian news is concerned, and then the Ukrainian news and there's just something wrong here. There are a lot of holes in this eastern European saga. And I can tell you one thing, you're not going to hear any of what we're talking about today on the mainstream media, there's no conspiracies here, folks, just well researched information and history, which truthfully, all the conspiracies are being found truthful every day, I feel like there's a new one. So not that it matters, but it's pretty deep stuff here. Feel free to break the episode up into parts if you need to, you know, I generally like to lay out facts in a lighter way so you can hit people with it. And you know, always sound like the smartest person at the parties and cut a liberal off at their knees if you need to. But every once in a while there's an issue so large that you can't It's heavy. It's just heavy in nature. And that's what this is and most international relations as it pertains to military are heavy in general. Just as I thought they couldn't get any worse. I noticed that Old Joe had a spineless call with President G. Zhang Peng a few days ago, that's not going to go anywhere or end well for us. This is Russia, Ukraine. Deja vu then today, just this morning, I found out that Iran deals going to be signed any day now. White House is just trying to squeeze that by us without sharing any of the real details according to what the White House is saying online now that the super predator Joe laid out strict boundaries with China regarding its aid to Russia and remained firm on Taiwan. Kinda like he remained firm on Ukraine with Russia. Of course, China with all the leverage economically and personally just shrugged their shoulders and walked away. The Associated Press is saying the White House and President Biden warned Chinese president Jing ping on Friday of the consequences should China provide material support to Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine while maintaining that its US policy toward Taiwan has not changed. So what was Biden's big threat to China sanctions? Are you freaking kidding me? sanctions. Didn't we just try that and fail? I swear, I don't know if it's his old age or his rotting brain, the big guy has such a terrible habit of representing failed past tactics as threats. He's used everything in the playbook that he has to just repeat it. But the problem is, is that he has no successes, no wins as a senator, Vice President, certainly not a president, for him to go back on and say, Look, you saw me I use this on so and so I'm going to do the same thing to you. If he does that. They go, Oh, bring it on. So and So one, so and so got billions of dollars. It's almost everything he touches, the other team wins. What are you gonna sanction in China, Joe, all the American goods being produced there that we rely on all of our pharmaceuticals, electronics, auto parts, lumber, steel, all the things that as a senator of vice president, and now even as president, you've handed to the Chinese on a silver platter you gave us away to China, along with your buddies, Clinton, Bush and Obama, it's time for you to lay in the bed you made Joe and regardless of his family and personal involvement with China, he was always one of the most friendly China lawmakers in Congress, he constantly voted to borrow more, give more and eventually handover our entire country. To them. This call is just a repeat of the Putin calls we saw before his invasion into Ukraine will be in the exact situation in Taiwan prior to his term ending. We know how seriously Putin took those calls old big guy telling them what to do. Remember when he came out of those Putin calls? I mean, he looked like he just consummated his marriage. He was very stern with them, he said on the invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, literally, as he's talking to us, in his press conference, the entire Russian military surrounded the country, they knew Biden would do nothing. And it was like 175,000 troops. See they keep it from us purposely. But what we don't realize is that when you've been high ranking in US government for this long, you have a history you have a pattern our adversaries not just Putin, but our adversaries know everything about Biden, and every senator and every long term congressman, anyone who who is or could potentially be in a large decision making role our adversaries study up and down and spy on and pull all the information because that's what they do. We do it. They do it. These people know everything there is to know about Biden, they don't judge these huge national decisions based on one call or event or threat of sanction. They they love these lifer politicians like Biden, because they know everything about them who nobody knew what he was gonna deal with the sanctions. He already knew. He already knew where his weaknesses were politically and personally and now it's become abundantly clear. And I'm sure Joe has to know that he's created an entire new red block of very powerful communist countries together. So we've got a new block China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, I'm sure there's more coming. People are running from the United States like crazy, our number one ally in the world, the Saudis of Saudi Arabia, they're figuring out a way how they can accept Chinese currency and no longer use the US dollar. People are running from us because they see the writing on the wall. This is where the chickens come home to roost because of all those years as a senator and as a VP, you owe people a lot of access. You owe people a lot of favors. And I'm not just saying it because it's Joe Biden. I'm saying it because he's a lifer, politician in Washington, you owe a lot of people and you're pushing 80. So the chickens are coming home to roost right now. That's for sure. Putin, China, Libya, Saudis. They're all cash in their chips, and we have to be the victims of it of his fraud and constant corruption. Biden has had no choice now but to offer Iran a sweet, sweet deal attempting to keep them at bay and still a piece Russia who is part of the Iran deal negotiations, when you look at just the blueprint of Biden's deal, it looks like Iran Contra compared to Hillary's original deal. It's 10 times worse, just when we think it couldn't get worse. Essentially, he wants to get billions of your tax dollars removed sanctions on their oil sales and production. And in return, they would simply slow down not stop their nucular progress, and they would no longer have to have any inspections or reviews. But the weirdest part and the cherry on top of this whole thing that truly truly tells us that there's something wrong here is that when the deal is signed, not us, not the US but Russia will receive all the uranium in Iran. And these are just a few top line bullet points from the blueprint. Russia who's not even a part of the deal wins more in the deal than we do. Just listen to this the

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Iran nuke deal. It's hard to believe that we're actually going to go through with this but the word is a deal is about to be signed. The Iranians will get a lot of money and be allowed to sell more oil in return. They would agree to all that slow walk towards a bomb without any snap inspections of Iranian nuclear sites and get this. The Russians under this deal would take Iran's enriched uranium.

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Obviously, it's a terrible deal. It's a Biden deal. We knew it would be terrible no matter what nobody wanted the Iran deal. But I don't think any of us could have imagined that he would give away all the uranium in Iran. Why would Putin get anything? Aren't they sanctioned? Isn't he the devil? No, because big guy Joe, like always right in the middle. He's playing both sides to hold this position because he sees his party, his family and his legacy are starting to unravel. And he's got to do everything he can to keep it together. He's used to governing in a zero accountability fashion. And that's what's so ft about American politics in Washington, there is truly zero accountability doesn't matter what party doesn't matter what department just zero as a senator expecially zero. And as vice president pretty much zero because the President gets blamed for it. Anyways, he didn't think that any of this would ever come out. He didn't even think he was going to be president. It's on whoever dug him up out of the grave, if you will, or his basement. All of this is coming home based on what he did in 50 plus years in Washington. And so long as Joe is our President, our country has zero power against any of the superpower communist countries in the world, who by the way, have massive controls over our trade, our natural resources, petroleum products, electronics, medicine, and more, all of which we handed to them. Surely Joe or Pelosi could have seen the writing on the wall 40 years ago, no, maybe they did what they accused Republicans of doing all the time, not caring, because it doesn't affect us now and not thinking about generations ahead. But just so we're clear to get back on track, he threatened China to stop aiding Russia with sanctions, which they saw didn't work as he ever negotiated. You don't challenge someone to a fight af