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Got him by the balls pt. 1- Putin's leverage over Biden makes Ukraine invasion easy.

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Got him by the balls. Part One Russia's true motive for invading Ukraine and how leverage over Biden made it all possible. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law

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Brandon, yeah. Let's go, Brandon. Oh, yeah, yeah. And it's that time for Hello, everybody.

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And let's go, Brandon, welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative. It's me, Chad law, you just heard your host tapping away. So glad to be here for another episode. We've got so much stuff to cover today that I don't want to get too far off track. But I do want to thank each and every one of you who have reached out to us recently to say, hey, where have you been the last couple of weeks. The truth is, is that we had some studio logistic issues, we are ramping up to film I don't know how many of you who listen know this. But these first 20 episodes are part of a beta test for a much larger more national level launch of this sort of game media scope that myself and my business partner and a few select others from our previous business have been working on for a couple years now. And so we have phases and one of the most recent phases was we were going to do 10 episodes and then switch to filming. And so we started retrofitting the studio that we're leasing doing all the stuff putting up cameras, lighting, you know, investing quite a bit of money quite a bit of time and our landlord at the studio decided that there were to be no filming or film equipment because a couple studios down there's a D list. Is there a Z list z like zebra list? Singer celebrity who doesn't want to be filmed? That's okay. She's bizarre so Isee Good riddance. The studio we wanted originally is available in the middle of April. And so we moved everything here to where I am my house, which we might do some in office webcaming If you will not that I don't know why people keep asking me to go on YouTube. I have they seen me like just go and look at my headshot. Okay, I look like Shrek Long story short, thank you for checking in. We're all good. It was just a unplanned part of the growing in media and with media, growing pains or really any business that I've started from scratch. So we will continue to delight and tickle those of you who like to learn about the truth. So there's so much truth to this episode, we had to make it a two parter. We've got Part One. Today, we're going to talk about Russia. What is Putin really doing in Ukraine? What's really going on there? How is Hunter and Joe and Putin and Zelinsky? How is this all working together? Because just like you for me, it's still nearly impossible to make sense of it, because I hear one thing on the news, but then I see another thing on the on a video of the news that doesn't match what the news is saying. And then someone else says something different. And I see what's happening as far as the Russian news is concerned, and then the Ukrainian news and there's just something wrong here. There are a lot of holes in this eastern European saga. And I can tell you one thing, you're not going to hear any of what we're talking about today on the mainstream media, there's no conspiracies here, folks, just well researched information and history, which truthfully, all the conspiracies are being found truthful every day, I feel like there's a new one. So not that it matters, but it's pretty deep stuff here. Feel free to break the episode up into parts if you need to, you know, I generally like to lay out facts in a lighter way so you can hit people with it. And you know, always sound like the smartest person at the parties and cut a liberal off at their knees if you need to. But every once in a while there's an issue so large that you can't It's heavy. It's just heavy in nature. And that's what this is and most international relations as it pertains to military are heavy in general. Just as I thought they couldn't get any worse. I noticed that Old Joe had a spineless call with President G. Zhang Peng a few days ago, that's not going to go anywhere or end well for us. This is Russia, Ukraine. Deja vu then today, just this morning, I found out that Iran deals going to be signed any day now. White House is just trying to squeeze that by us without sharing any of the real details according to what the White House is saying online now that the super predator Joe laid out strict boundaries with China regarding its aid to Russia and remained firm on Taiwan. Kinda like he remained firm on Ukraine with Russia. Of course, China with all the leverage economically and personally just shrugged their shoulders and walked away. The Associated Press is saying the White House and President Biden warned Chinese president Jing ping on Friday of the consequences should China provide material support to Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine while maintaining that its US policy toward Taiwan has not changed. So what was Biden's big threat to China sanctions? Are you freaking kidding me? sanctions. Didn't we just try that and fail? I swear, I don't know if it's his old age or his rotting brain, the big guy has such a terrible habit of representing failed past tactics as threats. He's used everything in the playbook that he has to just repeat it. But the problem is, is that he has no successes, no wins as a senator, Vice President, certainly not a president, for him to go back on and say, Look, you saw me I use this on so and so I'm going to do the same thing to you. If he does that. They go, Oh, bring it on. So and So one, so and so got billions of dollars. It's almost everything he touches, the other team wins. What are you gonna sanction in China, Joe, all the American goods being produced there that we rely on all of our pharmaceuticals, electronics, auto parts, lumber, steel, all the things that as a senator of vice president, and now even as president, you've handed to the Chinese on a silver platter you gave us away to China, along with your buddies, Clinton, Bush and Obama, it's time for you to lay in the bed you made Joe and regardless of his family and personal involvement with China, he was always one of the most friendly China lawmakers in Congress, he constantly voted to borrow more, give more and eventually handover our entire country. To them. This call is just a repeat of the Putin calls we saw before his invasion into Ukraine will be in the exact situation in Taiwan prior to his term ending. We know how seriously Putin took those calls old big guy telling them what to do. Remember when he came out of those Putin calls? I mean, he looked like he just consummated his marriage. He was very stern with them, he said on the invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, literally, as he's talking to us, in his press conference, the entire Russian military surrounded the country, they knew Biden would do nothing. And it was like 175,000 troops. See they keep it from us purposely. But what we don't realize is that when you've been high ranking in US government for this long, you have a history you have a pattern our adversaries not just Putin, but our adversaries know everything about Biden, and every senator and every long term congressman, anyone who who is or could potentially be in a large decision making role our adversaries study up and down and spy on and pull all the information because that's what they do. We do it. They do it. These people know everything there is to know about Biden, they don't judge these huge national decisions based on one call or event or threat of sanction. They they love these lifer politicians like Biden, because they know everything about them who nobody knew what he was gonna deal with the sanctions. He already knew. He already knew where his weaknesses were politically and personally and now it's become abundantly clear. And I'm sure Joe has to know that he's created an entire new red block of very powerful communist countries together. So we've got a new block China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, I'm sure there's more coming. People are running from the United States like crazy, our number one ally in the world, the Saudis of Saudi Arabia, they're figuring out a way how they can accept Chinese currency and no longer use the US dollar. People are running from us because they see the writing on the wall. This is where the chickens come home to roost because of all those years as a senator and as a VP, you owe people a lot of access. You owe people a lot of favors. And I'm not just saying it because it's Joe Biden. I'm saying it because he's a lifer, politician in Washington, you owe a lot of people and you're pushing 80. So the chickens are coming home to roost right now. That's for sure. Putin, China, Libya, Saudis. They're all cash in their chips, and we have to be the victims of it of his fraud and constant corruption. Biden has had no choice now but to offer Iran a sweet, sweet deal attempting to keep them at bay and still a piece Russia who is part of the Iran deal negotiations, when you look at just the blueprint of Biden's deal, it looks like Iran Contra compared to Hillary's original deal. It's 10 times worse, just when we think it couldn't get worse. Essentially, he wants to get billions of your tax dollars removed sanctions on their oil sales and production. And in return, they would simply slow down not stop their nucular progress, and they would no longer have to have any inspections or reviews. But the weirdest part and the cherry on top of this whole thing that truly truly tells us that there's something wrong here is that when the deal is signed, not us, not the US but Russia will receive all the uranium in Iran. And these are just a few top line bullet points from the blueprint. Russia who's not even a part of the deal wins more in the deal than we do. Just listen to this the

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Iran nuke deal. It's hard to believe that we're actually going to go through with this but the word is a deal is about to be signed. The Iranians will get a lot of money and be allowed to sell more oil in return. They would agree to all that slow walk towards a bomb without any snap inspections of Iranian nuclear sites and get this. The Russians under this deal would take Iran's enriched uranium.

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Obviously, it's a terrible deal. It's a Biden deal. We knew it would be terrible no matter what nobody wanted the Iran deal. But I don't think any of us could have imagined that he would give away all the uranium in Iran. Why would Putin get anything? Aren't they sanctioned? Isn't he the devil? No, because big guy Joe, like always right in the middle. He's playing both sides to hold this position because he sees his party, his family and his legacy are starting to unravel. And he's got to do everything he can to keep it together. He's used to governing in a zero accountability fashion. And that's what's so ft about American politics in Washington, there is truly zero accountability doesn't matter what party doesn't matter what department just zero as a senator expecially zero. And as vice president pretty much zero because the President gets blamed for it. Anyways, he didn't think that any of this would ever come out. He didn't even think he was going to be president. It's on whoever dug him up out of the grave, if you will, or his basement. All of this is coming home based on what he did in 50 plus years in Washington. And so long as Joe is our President, our country has zero power against any of the superpower communist countries in the world, who by the way, have massive controls over our trade, our natural resources, petroleum products, electronics, medicine, and more, all of which we handed to them. Surely Joe or Pelosi could have seen the writing on the wall 40 years ago, no, maybe they did what they accused Republicans of doing all the time, not caring, because it doesn't affect us now and not thinking about generations ahead. But just so we're clear to get back on track, he threatened China to stop aiding Russia with sanctions, which they saw didn't work as he ever negotiated. You don't challenge someone to a fight after they just watched you get your ass kicked, as my dad would say you don't bring a knife to a gunfight. And in this case, Joe's carrying around a 40 year old dole swiss army knife. I'm not a politician. But I am a brilliant negotiator. And I am very confident in my ability to negotiate. And even I know the most simplified way to talk to China saying this. Look, you're all going to kill me. But the reason why I say look is because if you watch Joe Biden respond to any questions nine times out of 10, he starts with Look, maybe I'm ahead of myself, or he always says look to start. So the conversation with China's this President Gee look, being that Russia borders Europe, and I had to play nice with NATO, I had to go easy on the sanctions and military involvement because the Europeans depend way too much on Russia for oil and trade. But you guys, China, you're a different story. Listen, I can have the manufacturing of American goods moved to India and Mexico in less than a month's time. We have a bigger and better military, we have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, your economy is totally dependent on us. And not to mention, I've already shored up the support of NATO to immediately back my military action before you'll even be able to start your own fighter jets cut off Russia now or there will be strong military action against you and Russia. And then you say so stick that in your ping and smoke it. But I'm telling you folks, we're getting very close to a point of no return here a point where we have zero offense only defense and that is not a good place to be when it comes to military. No one in their right mind would go up against that even though it's clearly a dramatization that conversation needs to happen. Reagan always said peace through strength, but instead we're on our knees begging and making voter driven decisions instead of what's best for our country. This tough guy Joe, we saw coming out of the situation room on his call with China as a joke, the only thing Joe cares about is Joe, then he hands Iran everything they want with nothing in return for us other than allowing an increase in oil production, which essentially is giving away the farm in a far fetched attempt to try to get gas prices down. We would still have to buy it and those dollars would still fund terrorism and significantly raised the threat level against Israel. We have money and trade. They have oil and we must buy it. Why wouldn't the trade agreement call for oils at pennies on the dollar or free for allowing us trade in Iran which will boost their economy significantly? The only thing we have left to play internationally is our military and thank God Trump rebuilt the decimated military that Obama just cut, cut, cut cut with every budget every year, but the problem is is we have a Ferrari being driven by a two year old Lloyd Austin is our Secretary of Defense guy is such a freakin moron. He cares more about his multimillion dollar board seat at Raytheon and making sure the LGBTQ community is heard in the DoD than he does keeping us safe. And I don't think that disastrous pull out in Afghanistan is as big of a factor for Putin as it's been out to be military operations go bad all the time. This was a joke, but a real leader like Putin wouldn't use this too. decide whether or not to invade. He's been working on this for a long time. They know our military powers here that it was just a one off. If we look at Putin's history, he's ex KGB. He's calculated, he pays close attention to our politics and our national political climate. The true tale for Putin was when Lloyd Miley and McKenzie threw Biden under the bus during congressional hearings. After Biden's interview on ABC, when the President told all of us his military representatives never told them that there were any other ways to do the Afghan pull out. It was always going to be that way. And they all turned around and testified that they told the President not to do it. He's got the audacity to tell us Yes, we all decided the chaos was always factored in. You go in blind knowing chaos would ensue, risking 1000s of American lives and soldiers and the people of Afghanistan that are not involved in this at all. And they just hands the keys to the country back over to the Taliban, who by the way, rape young boys forced them to dance and be raped by men regularly. There's a Marine who actually got court martialed by Obummer because he kicked some Taliban guys as well. He got caught him raping a little kid, and it broke Obama's rules of engagement because raping boys was not considered a humanitarian crisis. But I'm getting off track of fractured government, between military leadership and President. That's the stuff that gets Putin's rocks off, not just Putin, but all of our adversaries, they can all see how disjointed our leadership is and how stupid they are. Like I pointed out a few episodes ago, it's so obvious. That's the message we send and are sending. There can be many factors that affect a military intervention gone wrong, and why everyone even on my side is so obsessed with pointing to that horrendous pull out of Afghanistan, as Putin's big driving force is bizarre, because to Putin, there's nothing better than a long term divided leadership, not a failed one off all of this just adds to what I've been saying about impeachment. It's not far fetched. We're in serious trouble here, folks, if the chickens are roosting as much as I think we've got a lot of challenges to overcome in the next three, four years. So these Republicans better step up after the midterms, issue articles of impeachment and primary, every frickin Republican who supported Biden's legislation Enough is enough. When are we going to see it? When is the RNC going to step up and do their job and represent us as a people, Biden will do whatever it takes to preserve His Name and position and it includes making terrible anti American decisions and getting people killed. His behaviors have demonstrated this through the years but have been buried by the press. And there's only one reason why the United States of America wouldn't puff our chest back to any of these countries, your hands are tied, anyone who has the basic knowledge of where we're out militarily, internationally, economically, just basic sixth grade level, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that in a game of chicken between US and Russia, or China, or Iran, or all three, we would win. There's obviously something going on here, folks, I know for certain Trump would have puffed his chest back and they would have all back down here are my favorite negotiating ships for Joe Biden said if you're gonna

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play the game, but you got to learn to play, right? You got to know when to fold.

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Know when to walk away? No, the run. Even Kenny Rogers knows the basics. And of course, our current Congress will continue to hand them a blank check for these conflicts that he's brought on himself so he can play victim and Savior all at once. He just got $13.6 billion dollars for Ukrainian aid that's within the $1.5 trillion budget passed just to keep our budget open. This is no conspiracy folks. These are facts confirmed by many pulled through freedom of information requests copied from hunters, laptops and years of recorded history of Biden failing in Russia and providing Putin free leverage you should all know by now. I don't do conspiracy theories guys. I'm not into Q anon. And all these loons that were doing, I don't know what it was about Trump's presidency and the conspiracy theories, but they all came out and get me wrong. It was good entertainment. But these people were just Looney Tunes. I guess there's someone out there for everyone. Just remember Russia and Ukraine and China and Taiwan are essentially the same thing. Large communist countries or should should we say like Kamala, China is a country in Asia and next to China is a country a smaller country in Asia called Taiwan. The motives are different for why the larger want these smaller democracies, but the tactics are the same and the timing is the same for a reason. So you can go ahead and toss the full narrative that Biden sold us the motivation of Russia or China is because they're seeking global expansion of their once Imperial territories, kingdoms, if you will. It's a great story, but it's so far from reality. I hear Everett, CNN, Fox, MSNBC all spewing speculative nonsense about what Putin misses. About the USSR and the Soviet era before the fall, and it's like, Are you his friend? Did you guys just have lunch yesterday? No, it's just they're perpetuating the conspiracy. That's the conspiracy. Not that you can trust anything that you hear, but you can't trust anything that you hear on CNN or MSNBC here anyways, so it's just about as credible as Russia state sponsored news, and he's on state sponsored news on cameras saying we see and foresaw, one might say speculation on this topic on the topic that Russia is going to restore the Empire within the Imperial borders. Putin said while he was talking with the Azerbaijani President, he goes on to say this is absolutely not true. What we need to remember is that Putin insists that Russia respects the other Soviet republics, like Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and that the Kremlin recognized the breakaway regions of Georgia and Crimea and Moldova as independent. So I don't think we can trust Putin regarding truly recognized independent states, quote, unquote, as their pro Russian installed leaders, but it's not the Empire. If you wanted the Empire, he would have already started doing that and somebody wanted the Empire again, is stupid, you move forward and you compete, you don't go backwards. He knows that his goal isn't the Soviet Union. His goal is to have a network capable of competing with the European Union next door. Think about it. For one second, Putin is tanking his economy, decimating his military essentially becoming a pariah from almost every country in the world and most importantly, putting his entire government his government at risk from cool as Russians get hit hard in the wallet all for a turn of the century, sell land grab doesn't add up, folks. In that case, the risk is so much higher than the reward and Putin nor GE are that stupid. They are smart and calculated. They've been able to maintain their positions and leadership for years with some very strong approval. Mere land means nothing when there's no value, it would be like Trudeau invading Alaska tomorrow, because they felt it was theirs, and they wanted to reconnect the Canadian empire. No, that could be a story he could sell that the mainstream media would probably pick up. But in this hypothetical situation, he would want Alaska for the oil, even though Canada has tons of oil. You see what I'm saying? It's clear this White House and the mainstream media supported the old narrative about Putin's nostalgic feelings of the USSR, which are driving his invasion is bull again, folks, you don't lead Russia with a majority of support for this long this highly supported as an idiot. Believe it or not, I spent three weeks in Moscow Five years ago in January and 90% of the people I spoke to highly regarded Putin. Now I'm not saying that I was doing data while I was there. But they all said the guy's kind of a dick. But he created a great economy and trade and tourism. He's a true patriot. And he's not a good person. But he has a lot of support, which you'll never hear here. The most surprising thing I think, for me, especially as someone as traveled as I am, it was really not the communist Eastern Bloc. hellscape. It's said to be and no, that's not because I didn't go into those parts. Yes, I was in the suburbs. I was in the rural communities. I was all over Western Russia. And I can tell you what was not much different than being in the middle of the United States. But again, that is not why he wants to go to Ukraine. It has nothing to do with building up Russia or the Soviet Union. Same goes with the Afghanistan story. It was horrible. And we looked like weak, horribly, unorganized novices. And I'm sure it didn't help but why the right is cleaning onto it as the main reason Putin felt in Bolden is beyond me. It's our inability to look like a strong united front. That's more Putin style. He's into undermining everything. Putin already knew how weak Biden was from Georgia, Crimea and 40 years of spineless begging for treaties. He didn't need to see Afghanistan. That was just fun. That was just as funsies just listen to this.

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You know, I

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was at the State Department. The President was the Vice President, the last time Russia invaded Ukraine. This is a pattern of horror from this president from President Putin and from the cronies around him.

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So again, we have to take all of this at face value, because there's so much fluff in everything. Then in order to dive down, we just have to think about what actually makes sense. So first thing Biden gets elected literally the day he steps into office, Putin almost immediately started building military camps and loading up Bella roofs with troops about 100,000 troops in preparation for invasion. Biden had two calls with Putin and a lot of sanction threats over the media guy didn't even blink. Biden also essentially just told everyone what he was going to do to Putin, which gave him an immense amount of time and opportunity to go to China and Iran and other sympathizers. So find workarounds to these sanctions, and we blink and Russian troops are now in full force and Ukraine met by nothing but a couple slaps on the wrist this painted picture of how bad the Russians have it right now, because of the sanctions is about a 10th of reality.

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Let's get something straight. Do you remember if you covered me from the very beginning and I did not say that, in fact, the sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never TR, you keep talking about that. Sanctions never deter the main use of sanctions, the maintenance of sanctions, the increasing the pain. And the demonstration why I asked for this NATO meeting today is to be sure that after a month, we will sustain what we're doing not just next month, the following month, but for the remainder of this entire year. That's what will stop

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Biden supposedly unites NATO and gets everyone on agreeing on more sanctions. Putin still doesn't care the first round and the second round, they might as well have not even been sanctions. The crazy thing is you heard Biden say right there, the sanctions aren't expected to stop anything. They're long term crippling sanctions. So what does that have to do with the price of tea in China that hurt? How is that helping the Ukrainian people right then and there? The funny thing is, is that Biden could easily double the impact of his sanctions by working with the Saudis and OPEC allies to increase fuel production, considerably decreasing the value of Russia's lifeline while also giving us better prices. But no see, the idiots at top have failed to see that any time Putin has done any sort of military aggression has been when we've had record high oil barrel prices, which right now they're hovering above $100, because of Joe Biden. So keep in mind that Putin's war machine is funded by oil and natural gas that's purchased by US and Western Europe more way more so Western Europe, but our whole eastern seaboard is pretty much powered by Russian oil. That being said, he can't do anything. When the price of the barrel is low, like $30 we start removing more supply by removing our dependency on Russian oil prices go up and he's not affected because he's still charging and making as much as he would either way around. I mean, had Trump been reelected he was seriously setting us up to dominate the exports marketplace, which would have been a win for us and our allies. It's obvious the US needs to work with Europe and find energy sources beyond Russia's borders like we do here half here in the States and in Canada and all through the Middle East. But like always this note all talk no action. We know the sanctions are stupid, all of us, all of us every country that sanctioned Russia based on this Ukraine invasion all carved out specific exemptions for oil and gas. Basically, we're gonna do everything we can on the surface level, but we still need your gas. So we're still gonna pay you to invade Ukraine while on the backside. We pay Ukraine to fight you back. But crazy talk, they see that sanctions aren't working. So of course, the most sympathetic countries are the Eastern European countries that are part of the EU now like Poland, Lithuania that are previous Soviet states. And so Poland says, Hey, we've got these old Soviet jets, the Ukrainians can fly them, let's establish the no fly zone. We'll give these to the Ukrainians and back them up and immediately, you know, Cackler Comala. The calcular gets sent to Poland and rejects the proposal, they quickly quashed the no fly zone and insists we're not going into direct contact with Russia because they're a nuclear power.

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I've said it many times, I will say it again. The United States commitment to Article Five is ironclad. The United States is prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory the United States take seriously, then an attack against one is an attack against all. We are here today, to restate that commitment, but also to do what we must do to reinforce our support of Poland and our allies through the EU and NATO Alliance.

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This whole thing could have been over in a few flicks of a drone remote, but we're so scared of Putin's nuclear power. We hear it every day from the super predator that can you like not be a super predator on women's hair and our wallets and maybe be a super predator against our adversaries overseas. Everything is so asked backwards. Like sometimes I just have to look around like where am I living? Am I living in the same place I've lived for the last 35 years. But then next, after we've blocked everything that we could do for Russia to stop them slowly but surely, we began funneling weapons, supplies and money into Ukraine, then more and more and more and more. And now we're the backdoor military supplier for Ukraine. To be clear beyond all the words, if you look at any other military sanctions or responses in previous wars or battles, fightin went totally light on Putin and his sanctions did nothing. He didn't even agree to ban the Swift banking system for over a week only After the EU did it nothing he didn't even want to do that. He thought a handful of oligarchs and you know, vodka and caviar sanctions would be fine. When Poland and the others in the East were ready to establish that no fly zone, which they would have been the ones at the highest amount of risk, and they wanted to do it and fighter pilots, he immediately said no. So it's insane how on one side, he's handing Ukraine billions and war supplies, but from a far enough distance to not piss off Putin, and then on the other side, allow Putin to do what he needs to do in Ukraine, enough to not piss off Ukraine or to not think that there's anything going on with Ukraine. And then on top of that, is working to boost their economy in Moscow using the Iran deal, and this is all using your tax dollars, by the way, and how were all those tax dollars going if we if we needed 1.5 trillion just to keep the government open? Oh, yeah, we do what the Democrats do best print more money, more money in circulation creates more inflation, which is why pretty much every economist now predicts it's going to be years before we'll see it settled in normal levels. The International

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Monetary Fund says the war could have a severe impact on the global economy. It expects to cut its growth forecast globally, the IMF has also reduced its estimated global growth rate for 2022 to 4.4% in January, that's down from 4.9%. Last year, the most serious threat to the world economy is soaring inflation, which is already at levels that haven't been seen in decades. If this isn't

Unknown Speaker 31:31

a classic conflict of interest. I don't know what is how do you play both sides of a war and why by looking at it simply anyone can surmise that Biden is appeasing both sides, little to no pressure on Putin while providing significant aid and weapons to the Ukrainians, we must conclude he is leveraged. We are just just now cutting ties with Russian oil, which powers most of the eastern seaboard just now think of that now. It's been 30 days just now and none of the other European countries have barely followed just with their little timelines. It's a day late and $1. Short, Joe should have been ready to close that Valve before he even went into Ukraine. But we were funding his war by buying his oil. Keep in mind, Joe was also the Nord Stream one champion huge funding for Russia. And because of what Joe has done to manipulate the market here and the oil production here and increase the demand, the barrel prices are hovering over $100 a barrel, a sweet spot for Putin to be able to go to war and knowing that the war will cause it to increase which has gives him the ability to predict that he'll be able to afford the war for longer. I mean, the EU the spineless bastards they are they pledged to be Russian oil and natural gas free by a whopping five years, which will more likely be 10. And the plan is very vague. It says five years to having a plan to reduce or eliminate, nothing's gonna change, nothing's gonna happen and our specialty, let's put out our plans to the world if these are real plans, and they're not just sort of media decoys, but if these are real plans, why would you give away your timeline and your plans? If you're really trying to enact the most intense economic punishment against a superpower that you don't agree with? Why would you tell him when, where and why they're going to get rid of his number one resource? Why? Because that gives him plenty of time to go find other partners to supply or to diversify to supplement that cost. I mean, it sounds too crazy to be true. But these are the facts. Why else would something so unexplainable be happening? I just read this piece in the Jerusalem times the author Judah waxen bomb rights, President Biden should heat his own words and put his foot down Putin has always only done what he believes he can get away with too many times has Biden said this to him he is serious for another red line just to be crossed. I am by no means saying boots on the ground is the answer. But a containment strategy means Ukraine fence for itself while we watch in horror. Yeah, exactly. campaign donations are not hunter or not money or not some way somehow the guy is seriously leveraged here with Russia. So what does Putin really want in Ukraine? Surely geography is a small part. But there is much more to this story. No one wants nuclear weapons, uranium and a strategic buffer from the West Sea. We have to go back in time a little bit to understand Joe's long history with the Soviet Union slash Russia Joe Biden since his election to the Senate in 1973. God he's old he unofficially served as the arms reductions are in attempts to get several treaties signed. It was like his big focus his entire time and senate was working to get treaties signed with Russia. He wasn't even in Senate for a year before he took his first trip over to the USSR and he was acting as a go between the US Senate that needed to be the last to sign off on an Arms Reduction Treaty and the USSR in 1975. Jimmy Carter his BFF makes this a top priority for Biden. He says you get this done, the treaty was approved signed just waited a very unsure Senate but Biden assured everyone he would get the votes. See, he was a huge believer in the treaty referred to assault to at the time because philosophically he wanted to reduce weapons big and small all over the world nuclear and non nuclear the treaty slowly awaited Senate approval. So he was the whip if you will to get the votes in place. He was weak. Then a news week now spinelessness is a lifetime trait folks, it's it's proven it's in the Bible. However, before he could even bask in the glory of being the Tsar. He goes back and forth, back and forth, thinks he's getting somewhere with at the time USSR. And what do they do? Well, they're so gracious for him, they go ahead and invade Afghanistan, causing the entire treaty to crumble. See, this is the pattern in Joe's International Relations politics, especially with Russia, he has lost every attempt to reset or stabilize the US Russian relationship and without fail results in some sort of conflict. From junior senator to VP to now president, the fact that seemingly few know this and the media will not share Biden's long past with failing in USSR slash Russia is insanity. We're allowing someone who's been failing with Russia for 40 plus years to lead those efforts. Now we have a drunk teaching sobriety classes at the Betty Ford Center. It's almost as crazy as allowing a biological man to win the NCAA Women's Swimming Championship. The other not so surprising piece of his 40 year relationship forging these treaties and deals with Russia and negotiating is if you read each one of them were on the losing side. Of course, he can't negotiate from a place of strength he has the gall to have on on the website he wrote in 2021 and is still up to this day we President of the United States of America, Joseph our Biden and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin note, the United States and Russia have demonstrated that even in periods of tension, they're able to make progress of our shared goals of ensuring predictability in the strategic sphere and reducing risk of armed conflicts and the threat of nuclear war. The recent extension of the New START Treaty exemplifies our commitment to nuclear arms control. Today we reaffirm the principle that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought consistent with these goals. The United States and Russia will embark together on an integrated bilateral strategic stability dialogue in the near future that will be deliberate and robust. Through this dialogue, we seek to lay groundwork for future arms control and risk reduction measures. Really. He's just stuck on this Russia treaties. I mean, listen this when he came into the Senate that there was an intermediary intermediary treaty called salt one, it was done pre Biden and it was intermediary, which is why when Biden came in, he needed to make salt two, which was merely a concrete version of salt one a real deal. He was very involved in the handling of it, he convinced everyone he could get the Senate votes, but before he could, after he supposedly garnered the respect of the Soviets, they went and invaded Afghanistan, then there start one, two and three, which is what he's referring to in his little note there. This was Reagan's three phase plan at Arms Reduction, the treaty Bardot signatories from deploying more than 6000 nuclear warheads and a total of 1600 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Biden was the intermediary as well here despite Reagan's lack of trust, actually, when after Reagan died, they found his diary, there was a post in there about how he didn't seem so sure about Biden start failed in negotiations, under Biden inf was was the most successful by far requires the United States and the Soviet Union to eliminate and permanently forswear all their nuclear and conventional ground launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges of 500 to 5500 kilometers. That's been the one to this day, that's been the strongest and surprisingly, Biden wasn't involved in 2014. While Biden was vice president, military intelligence told us that Russia was in violation then in 2015, then in 2016, Biden did nothing. So finally in 2017, once Trump was settled in office, he went to Putin and said, Here's a new strategy, we understand that you broke if that's okay, here's the new strategy, take it or leave it or we'll just terminate the entire thing. Well, of course, they didn't want the new strategy. They didn't want the new treaty. So he said terminate it, which is great. It gave us a good amount of time for Trump to rebuild those items that we would have not been able to build in that treaty. That's why our nuclear arsenal is looking so healthy as it is today sort is Biden's real baby SRT just worthless sort limits nuclear weapons but with no numbers essentially allowing each country to build a reduce what were they want Biden was a huge cheerleader him and W worked on this non stop this did sort as no interim reduction levels or sub limits the treaty never regulated or constrained how deployed warheads are fielded. The actual treaty says quote, each party shall determine for itself the composition and structure of its strategic offensive arms. Well, in effect, basically what it's saying is the United States and Russia can continue deploying multiple warheads on a single intercontinental ballistic missile a configuration banned by the 1993 start to accord but was never enforced. Another blow for Jo M and W worked on that one, huh? The Dream Team there Tweedledee and Tweedledum are Biden once touted on stage how Debbie patted him on the back and said You finally got your treaty there? Well, before you even walk off stage, they were invading an annexing Georgia yet another stern speech by a spineless leader. Do you see that we as a country, the idiots that we've elected their international relations, policies, strategies have forced Russia this way, we have created this monster ourselves. We're not 100% of blame. But we are a big part of why what's happening is happening then Joe is the VP with Obama and they vowed to reset things with Russia. They called it the big Russian reset, but a disgrace. Of course, he leads all kinds of negotiations represents Obama and talks. They're so excited to do the reset yet oh, wait a couple years later, for anything could get solidified. There's Russia and Crimea with no pushback. Obama and Biden allowed him to have it so did the EU pretty much just signed off on it? It's almost as if every time Joe makes a deal or treaty with Russia, they go invade or take more of what they want without pushback. And it's because we're negotiating from weakness, and we expose too much handing Putin the keys to the castle, ignoring every warning, just listen here.

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When Joe Biden became president, he came in bound and determined to surrender the Nord Stream two pipeline to Russia and Putin, notwithstanding the enormous risks that came from it. When President Biden surrender to Putin on Nord Stream to waive the sanctions that had been passed by Congress. At that time. Ukraine told us if you do this, Russia will invade Ukraine. At that time, Poland told us if you do this, Russia will invade Ukraine at that time, I told the administration and others on this committee told the administration if you do this, Russia will invade Ukraine, we will see tanks in the streets of Kiev.

Unknown Speaker 42:05

Furthermore, Putin has watched Biden attempt and fail at least five other times trying to create a treaty, even ones that were better for Russia. So now that we're essentially at war, it's a complete joke. The mainstream media has forgotten Biden's 40 plus years attempting to appease and play well with Russia each time failing miserably, probably not the best person to have up against Putin, right. But again, why is Putin even in the Ukraine? Well, like I said, you want their nuclear arsenal and military infrastructure and a little bit of padding between the EU and Russia. See, Crimea was his first test to inspect and take several high quality nuclear enabled military bases that were left over from the Soviet Union in that region to prove his point that they still existed. The he was testing the US and NATO response, how many red lines can Biden draw to only pull them back further and further, at this point, he's drawing the red lines with blood dripping off of his own hands. So this is where we understand what's going on when you created was part of the USSR it held 1/3 of the Russian weapons arsenal, both nuclear and non there were dozens of silos around the country, there were nuclear enabled military bases scattered throughout Ukraine and the now called Ukraine that was part of Soviet Union. That geographical area was a huge strategic military zone for the Soviet Union. Now, their weapons arsenal increased rapidly during the arms race that we were having, between the USSR and the United States in the 80s and early 90s. Also, geographically, the fact that it bordered the West, it was a strategic location for the USSR to build and store more weapons. So in 91, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and Ukraine became independent by default, it had 1/3 of then Russia's nuclear weapons. See, it's not widely reported. But at that time, Ukraine was the third largest holder of nuclear weapons in the world, just under US and Russia. They had somewhere around 2000 nuclear warheads, they had the largest number of silos and bases that were nuclear enabled out of all three countries and a lot of intercontinental ballistic missiles and so on. Unfortunately, their economy was so unstable. When the Soviet Union collapsed. Ukraine didn't have a choice but to play nice with the West. And so in 1994, Ukraine joined a denuclearization program through the IAEA or the International Atomic Energy Agency, which forced them to return the weapons to Russia for destruction or to the IAEA for dismantling the IAEA was tasked with overseeing Ukraine's nuclear weapon reduction, and it did for well over a decade in 2009. However, the IAEA published their final report with no specifics solely stating Ukraine had removed quote, a large portion of their nuclear weapons see in past reports of other things Countries numbers were always listed. This was very vague. It sent up a lot of red flags, but it got ultimately ignored. Now during that same time and part of that denuclearization in 1994, Ukraine, Russia, UK and US the USA signed what we call the Budapest Memorandum. All of those countries agreed to acknowledge Ukraine as a sovereign leader and to never use force against them essentially was a security guarantee as payment for Ukraine becoming nuke free. Well, Putin threw that out the window when he went after Crimea and Obama and Biden did nothing to enforce the Budapest Memorandum. It actually states in the memorandum that if any of the four countries signing took steps towards military action at Ukraine, the UN Security Council would immediately intervene. Where was everyone? The Brooking Institute speaking about the Budapest Memorandum states quote, US officials did assure their Ukrainian counterparts however, that there would be a response the United States should continue to provide reform and military assistance to Ukraine. It should continue sanctions on Russia, it should continue to demand that Moscow end its aggression against Ukraine and it should continue to urge its European partners to assist Kiev and keep the sanctions pressure on the Kremlin. Washington should do this because it said it would act if Russia violated the Budapest Memorandum that was part of the price it paid in return for drastic reduction in the nuclear threat to America. The United States needs to keep us word that was in 2019 while Russian troops were still in Crimea. I mean, it became so obvious in the Crimean invasion that the Budapest Memorandum was being ignored. None of the countries would step up so now Ukraine feeling like they're up shit creek without a paddle. They have no nukes or armed nukes and they have no security or protection. So they gave away both of their protections. So they started to lobby the UN and NATO to either become part of NATO or become nuclear armed again, make sense, right? No protections. The only thing Putin is gonna respect next door is nuclear arms play him at his own game. Of course, nobody wants to enable nuclear arms in the Ukraine, but they don't want to offer anything else in return over the 10 years plus that the IAEA was tasked with assisting Ukraine in dismantling and destroying their weapons. Again, they issued a final report and a significant chunk of the weapons were unaccounted for. It's right in the report for anyone to read no conspiracy. So does Putin want these military bases, nuclear reserves and leftover weapons? Remember, he's ex KGB if their secrets to be known, he knows them. It's the only plausible explanation for this invasion. Now, just to seal the envelope for you. Keep in mind Ukraine's reserves of enriched uranium in the last five years have gone from 200,000 tons to 80,000 tonnes in which a lot of is unaccounted for Ukraine has claimed it's been sold to other countries, but there's no record of it in the IAEA. Remember, the IAEA is the nucular police or tracker of the world. They're the one and only source with the details for every single nuclear exchange weapon iota of anything that's been tracked since they've been around. So where could have all that uranium gone? What about the other nukes that were not included in the large portion that are unaccounted for? It's obvious the Ukraine is taking steps to restart their nuclear program, and Putin wants to cut it and keep it to add to all of this. There was a short time while Obama was in office, Putin was not in office. And at that time, Biden got the then Russian president to enter the Russian restart, which both countries agreed to limit their nuclear warheads to about 6000 Each, of course, this second, Putin came back into office, he shared his hatred for the deal, which doesn't end unfortunately for him until 2026. However, by taking up Ukraine's Arsenal through war and adding nuclear power at the Eastern European border, and being able to scatter them amongst independent states, he's gaining significant leverage to read negotiate that treaty, especially if he can claim he has more land and people to protect as well. We also can't forget how this impacts Russia economically through their number one resource oil and gas. I mean, as mentioned earlier, if you look back at history, Putin moves on his military efforts when barrel prices are extremely high. Everyone likes to say that he didn't do this under Trump because Trump is scary and a strong leader, which I understand and I agree with that being part of it. However, Trump also kept our average barrel of oil between 30 and $40, which was a no moneymaker for Putin during those years. Fast forward to 2021. It's a slightly different picture cost of oil doubles. And Russia has an amazing year. You know, we saw the gas prices and they shot up based on poorly forecasted demand and limited supply. The lack of supply was caused by Biden's cut of all land leases and new drilling here combined with its inability to get the Saudis and OPEC to ramp up production. He still can't do that. Due to the spike for most of 2021. Russia was bringing in about $500 million per day from oil and gas gas sales to Europe and US. Can you believe that and us $500 million per day selling gas to Europe and US, which is his war budget. See, that's not tax money from Russian citizens, so they have no obligation to the citizens on how it's being used. Once again, this would have been totally fixable by flooding the market, the US can spend the billions on building more reserves while making it impossible for Russia to survive. Biden again, leverage just keeping their ventilator and food to bond and knowing they're going to continue to rise with this invasion gives Putin more motivation or not even motivation, just knowledge that he can continue to move forward. He knows like we do that these countries cannot become Russian oil independent for many years, and the demand is not going to decrease. He also knows the high gas prices put a strain and a pressure on democratic voter bases and it forces politicians who care solely about votes to make irrational decisions. Hello, this is why we can't beat him at his own game and look at the people we have going up against him. Lloyd Austin is too busy waking up every morning realizing he's black. Anthony Lincoln's been around so long in the State Department. He's just known to be spineless and weak and everything he supported us failed. Biden doesn't know where he is looking for his denture adhesive half the time. And then if you look at the sanctions from Biden and NATO, they all carved out oil keeping Poons largest money machine going essentially why the sanctions did nothing sanctioning oligarchs, yachts and planes while we still buy Russian gas. It's crazy days before Russia entered Ukraine, their finance ministry announced its 51% growth in gas and oil exports in 2021. Alone, and his projections for 2022 were even better. several large oil companies Exxon Mobil BP have cut ties with Russian operations. However, it's still unknown what that true financial impact is going to be. Some have said it's plutons last chance, and he's only going to be able to sell to Russia at a very discounted price. But that's still to be determined. So we know why Putin wants Ukraine we know how he can afford the operation. But why did Biden go so lightly on the invasion? Why were his first, second and third rounds of sanctions so light? Furthermore, why is NATO in the European countries leading the sanctions charge like the Swift banking system, for example, Biden should have done that on sanction round one, but he kept it up the table until Europe announced it he had no choice but to come around. He didn't want to do it and why our sanctions is big, touting point. I mean, even according to the President of the Council on Foreign Relations, he just came out and said analysts argue that sanctions alone have historically failed to force rogue states such as Iran and North Korea to change course, sanctions are important, but no panacea. He goes on to say they can and will increase the cost to Russia of Putin's war, and they may well contribute to public disaffection in Russia. But for now, what will matter most is what happens on the ground in Ukraine. Well, first of all, we all know Biden and Obama were working backdoor deals. You remember with President Medvedev, the Russian president? Well, there was a hot mic incident where Biden says basically is hinting at the the guide that he's going to work with him on something just listen to this. My last lecture is more flexible.

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More flexibility for what the topic was missile defense systems in Europe. Clearly Obama was signaling that he would trade cave kill the deal for some reason, you decide. But does that sound like something positive Biden's simply leveraged in threefold one, he needs the Iran deal to go through for national security and to try to fix his gas prices to Hunter has received millions for access to Joe from Russia and three, he can't let it come out that Ukraine is sitting on a pile of nukes in uranium. So now Iran, maybe Venezuela are last resorts with Russia out for increased production and imports of gas and oil in Biden's first week which I go to more in depth in Episode One, he signed an executive order to stop all new drilling into cancel all land leases for drilling on government land depending on who you ask. It immediately resulted in a decline in oil production around 25%. As we all saw, not even 30 days from taking office gas prices shot up 40% While we still all had COVID mandates in place. He was just in such a hurry to undo anything Trump did and appease the radical left he made significant errors in judgment like with gas and the border and it's haunting him now his poor planning did not account for people driving more as COVID slowed down and being in the winter with the need for extra heating in the Midwest and the East Coast. This resulted in a supply shortage combined with increased demand. If he lives his moratorium, he's going to get nothing but help from his eco terrorist buddies who think that we all deserve a learning lesson with these gas prices. Meanwhile, independent experts Heck, even Elon Musk the E transport King came out and said we're not ready. We're not ready for this and it will cripple our economy and it will cripple it has crippled Biden again trapped in the middle it seems seems to be as constant. He's trying to get stuff from everyone so he puts himself in the middle constantly. While all this is happening Russia's securing support for the new red block of China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela during a war in a totally unsettled market in a desperate attempt to do whatever it takes to get approval numbers up, which seem to be a lot mostly driven by gas prices. He puts the Iran deal in full force. Surprisingly, Russia is a massive part of the Iran deal, which is one of the three points of leverage Putin has over Biden no Russia, no deal, no deal, no oil, no oil, no drop in prices, no drop in prices, no reelection. So instead, he's negotiating this deal between Iran Russia and us while he's playing the hard ass against Russia with Ukraine. He's giving them the keys to the castle this is all just smoke and mirrors books makes me dizzy. I mean, the guy Joe, he must have the largest scrotum in the world. Poons got him by the balls valencies got him by the balls. Iran's got him by the balls and it looks like China's coming in for a good old grip as well. I don't know how he does it. This is a direct result of 40 plus years in politics and in Washington just a breeding ground for fraud, embezzlement, pay to play why it's such a bad idea to elect these Capitol Hill lifers senators and congressmen the worst presidents governors always make better presidents leverage number two is the big conspiracy Hunter Biden, the prodigal son of the super predator important to note that it's been almost two years since hunters laptop was discovered in the media and the FBI and intelligence experts all claimed it was Russia disinformation, right? Well, the New York Times who was very much complicit in burying the truth here came out and even admitted it was Hunter's laptop because it was about to be on public record, no longer Russian disinformation folks no longer a conspiracy. What I will say, however, is the financial information that is trackable through taxes and banking in the laptop, I believe is very much surface level. It does not stop here, but we will just review what the current facts are to keep it at that but no, we will not get the full story until Biden's DOJ is out of the picture. What is Hunter's known relationship with Russia? Well, we can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that Hunter the crackhead has been working deals with both the Russian Ukrainian officials plus high ranking officials in China, Libya and the United Arab Emirates to name a few. We all had to sit and listen to this collusion story. Meanwhile, all laid out in his book 100 myths. He was making crack at Chateau Marmont and galavanting. All over the place on funds that he made by selling access to data the Senate released an 87 page report of findings acquired from an investigation into the relationship between Hunter and Elena but arena Elena but arena is the only female billionaire in Russia. She has a plastics company called in TECO, which received a series of Moscow Municipal contracts while her husband was mayor in 2014. This butter ballerina sent a series of 11 wires to the now defunct to be a K back USA a tech startup nine of those 11 wire transfers were first sent to Rosemont. Seneca partners, the investment firm founded by Hunter and Chris Heights was the stepson of John Kerry, who we know is not as dirty but well is as dirty as Joe Biden. So given the amount of genuinely compromising material tying Joe Biden and his son to shady dealings involving Russia, including what we know for sure is a $3.5 million payment to Hunter received from the widow of the former mayor of Moscow. This injection of cash really does explain why Joe Biden is been so passive towards Russia as Nord Stream two and why almost as soon as Biden took office, Putin sees the opportunity to put 175,000 troops on Ukraine's border. Well, how do we know this is legitimate? Even though we have the laptop Senate record witness testimony and US Treasury Department verifications Elena Terina remember the richest billionaire in Russia a true oligarch she has not and was not sanctioned Let me repeat that she has not been and is not now sanctioned every other oligarch is everyone else with her financial status in Russia is sanctioned. But her Why is she exempt? Hmm. I wonder if that doesn't prove Joe's leveraged over these Ukrainian Russia dealings. I don't know what else I can tell you listen to this press conference with Jen lackey, The New York Times

Unknown Speaker 59:26

has authenticated emails that appear to have come from a laptop abandoned by providing in Delaware. The President previously said that the New York Post story about this was a bunch of garbage and that it was a Russian plant. Does he stand by that? As

Unknown Speaker 59:39

I pointed the Department of Justice and also to Hunter Biden's representatives, he doesn't work in the government. Again, I'd point to the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden's representatives I'm a spokesperson for the United States he doesn't work for the United States.

Unknown Speaker 59:51

Well, she wore tap shoes to that press conference. Funny how she can never confirm the facts just will be swept under the rug and never mentioned again. But in a quick recap We have determined Putin is after Ukrainian USSR nuclear weapons and systems we know beyond a shadow of a doubt Putin is funding his war through oil sales, which we currently buy. Along with most of NATO. We know Biden's weak sanctions at every round have done nothing to stop Russian military aggressions. We know Biden is totally weak on Russia and has a 49 year history of failed negotiations with the USSR and Russia. We know now he's being extraordinarily weak on Russia because he desperately needs them for his Iran Contra deal millions of dollars have been funneled from Russia to the Biden family for what in return is unknown, but there's still no such thing as a free lunch. Remember, Joe could always say screw it, I'm going hard Anyways, if they release information, we can chalk it up to Russian disinformation and move past it. I don't think it's that easy. This time. I think it must be pretty damning, especially around the richest woman in Russia who isn't sanctioned. Furthermore, his weak sanctions and inability to show real strength is putting us here in a very, very vulnerable spot. It's obvious we can implement sanctions all day long to cripple Putin and his friends, but they're ruthless. We should not be funding Ukraine's defense we should be handling it. They are purposely draining out our resources in hopes to have more leverage at the ceasefire negotiation table, which by the way, is still not going to stop Russia's cyber attacks to NATO countries, especially us as they soon will have nothing to lose. Biden has gotten us into such a tangled mess. And sadly, there's no end in sight. If this continues. Keep in mind, this was just Russia, folks. There is another side here with Ukraine if you can believe it, and it's even more sinister and jaw dropping than this one. We're talking human trafficking, cyber attacks, child sex rings, big military missteps. It's incredible. Joe Biden is a 50 year government employee who has been sucking from the teat of your tax dollars to fund his Corruption, fraud and failed attempts to make a positive impact here and overseas. Please share this information, if not the podcast, just what you've learned. It's the only way we can avoid major war. Remember, there is a real reason Putin won and into the Ukraine. There is a real reason why we're not fighting back. There is a real reason why we're including Putin in the Iran deal. It doesn't add up don't believe what you see. Look at what makes sense. You've just listened to the last gay conservative I'm Chad law reminding you that peace is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with conflict by peaceful means. God bless you, President Reagan and God say America

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