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Got him by the balls Pt. 2: Biden's history in Ukraine is forcing us into war.

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Got him by the balls. Part Two Ukraine's holding its own against Russia with billions of American dollars and military support. But leverage over Biden is keeping us involved and putting us at risk for nuclear level cyber attacks. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law Hello, everybody,

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and welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative super excited to be here. I know we've been a little scattered with the drops. And I appreciate all of you being super patient with us as we move studios and get in the mix here a little bit better as far as video is concerned. I'm very excited. By the next episode, we should be on our YouTube channel and you can see this hideous face talking to you about the truth. But if you don't mind, I'm going to indulge in some foreign tooting. For those of you been listening since the beginning. I'm sure you remember the episode trans is the New Black today. It is our second most popular episode and was ahead of a lot of what you're hearing currently, we're about 90 days ahead of the of the curve. So today a huge press story hit the news, Palm Springs the gay elephant graveyard, I always said Palm Springs is where all the gays go to die. You know, elephants take a long journey to where they go to a graveyard and will pass well that's Palm Springs for gays. They start in West Hollywood, and they slowly but surely head east as they age until they reach Palm Springs and eventually die. But I digress. news outlets all over the country are reporting the Palm Springs has just passed a pilot program to offer non binary aka trans people a universal income. Well, I called it folks and the sad part is that the small communities like the black community, the Hispanic community, and now the trans community, they will be test tube babies for radical policy. So mark my word in the next few years, they will propose universal income for the transgender community. And they will propose it because they will tell us how bad they've had it and they can't work. I even said as you heard Mark my words, these people are so predictable. And they're only torching their own village because the taxpayers in Palm Springs are not going to want to support universal income, which time and time again in history. And we're talking a long history, universal income has shown and proven to be a horrible, horrible program and policy for democratic countries. Well, we're here with part two. Thanks for letting me indulge myself. I was just very proud of that. But get back on track. We're here with part two of this episode focusing on the eastern European saga, or what I call the Biden triangle of destruction. Ukraine, Russia and the Biden prime family. You thought the Clintons were bad? Well, they are but it is criminal enterprise around access and favors internationally is just as bad if not worse, mainly because Biden has been able to do this since the 70s and keep a low profile. Unlike the Clintons who just blatantly break the law right in front of our faces. I'm here to share the truth about what's really happening and demonstrate why Biden's personal history has made this all possible personally and politically. In the second part of this episode, we will focus on our relationship with Ukraine as a follow up to our Russia focus in part one, but before we jump in, let's recap, shall we in part one, in our focus on Russia, we revealed Putin's true motives for Ukraine, their nuclear arsenal leftover from the Soviets, Ukraine has hundreds of unaccounted for nukes according to the IAEA, as well as over 100,000 tons of enriched uranium. We also concluded that despite all the warnings I didn't surrender Nord Stream to to the Russians opening the door to a Ukraine invasion, Putin has been able to afford his military efforts due to the limited supply and production of oil driving the barrel close to record highs, which we and most NATO countries are continuing to buy. Biden has admitted that his sanctions won't and were never meant to deter Putin that's doing nothing in real time to save the civilians from Russian aggression in Ukraine. We know that Biden's passivity towards Russia is due to his leverage around the Iran deal and Hunter Biden's illegal dealings with Russian businesswoman Elena Baturina Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and oligarchy with multibillion dollar plastics company sent Hunter $3.5 million. She is not and has not been sanctioned, along with almost every other oligarchy based on what we can only assume is protection from Brighton as either repayment or special treatment folks. That in a nutshell is why Biden has allowed Putin to invade Ukraine and refuse to take any military action to block Russian aggression and responded with weak and ineffective sanctions now on the other side as Biden placates Russia carves them into our Iran deal and essentially allows them to take Ukraine by storm. He is also supplying billions of dollars in aid and military supplies to the Ukrainians. The question now becomes why what is forcing him to play both sides? It seems so counterintuitive. We're Ukraine's endless military supplier. We're keeping Putin pockets lined with oil money and giving the Lenski F Everything he's asking for already has a long history with Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union, just like with Putin, Biden is leveraged by Ukraine in three ways. Number one, Biden received millions of dollars from the Ukrainian president while he was BP. Number two, Biden used his authority and popularity and Ukraine to influence the 2016 election and number three, under Biden was employed by an oligarchy owned gas company in which he received a paid board seat and millions and millions of dollars for access to the big guy. Like I shared in the last episode. Biden has had an unexplainable obsession with the Soviet Union since the 70s. My assumption is with his constant need to be the Savior. Like most liberals, he thought that if he was able to get a successful treaty sign or stabilize us Russian relations, it would be a feather in his cap, and he would forever be exalted. After the fall of the USSR, his obsession expanded to the new independent countries. As a result of the fall. This obsession became the den catalyst for additional tensions with Russia again, without any intention of serving the US than his need to be a saver Biden began to push radical sweeping Western agendas along the Russian border, instead of letting each of these countries figure out how they'd like to govern. Biden initiated a conversion plan. Essentially, it was a but for getting off communism, not alcohol. Now, at this point, you may be asking yourselves chat, how would Biden have so much pool and power to affect foreign policy, he didn't become vice president until 2008. We must remember that Biden served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for most of his tenure, and in 1997. He was the ranking minority member, and then he chaired the committee from 2001 to 2003. This is one of the most powerful committees and positions in the country. On a side note, if you look at Biden's career, you'll notice that he spent more time helping or being involved in foreign issues than anything here in the US Biden's focus on the Slavic and Balkan countries was the initial provocation of Russian leadership. Russia, already unhappy with the fall of the Soviet Union lost several territories and countries to independence then watches as the US sweeps in, pushes Western views and denounces communism. However, as we know, with provocation comes resentment and anger which can only be withstood for a limited amount of time before it boils over. We all suffer from it, someone who continues to push your buttons, and eventually you'll practice that was Biden with Russia implementing Western democratic policies in previous Soviet territories. 2008 is when the Russians exploded repeatedly the Kremlin made it very clear that NATO expansion into the border countries and previous Soviet nations would be seen as a threat and was a line in the sand America better not cross again. Eager in his selfish ways. Biden at the forefront pushes for NATO to accept Ukraine and Georgia and NATO announces that both countries would become part of NATO. There was a fantastic piece in The New Yorker recently that included a lengthy interview with John Mearsheimer one of my favorite political scientists, when asked about the West's attempt to turn Ukraine into a pro American democracy and the threat posed to Russia. He said, If Ukraine becomes a pro American liberal democracy and a member of NATO and a member of the EU, the Russians will consider that categorically unacceptable if there were no NATO expansion and no EU expansion and Ukraine just became a liberal democracy and was friendly with the United States and the West more generally, it could probably get away with that what he's saying is what should have happened all along leave it be our selfish desire to push everyone into our ways is what gets us into trouble every time Ron Paul, not Rand Paul, but Ron Paul his father has talked about this for years MEARSHEIMER continues to stay with Ukraine, it's very important to understand that up until 2014, we did not envision NATO expansion and EU expansion as a policy that was aimed at containing Russia, nobody seriously thought that Russia was a threat before February 22 2014. NATO expansion EU expansion and turning the Ukraine and Georgia and other countries into liberal democracies were all about creating a giant zone of peace that spread all over Europe and included Eastern Europe and western Europe. It was not aimed at containing Russia. What happened is that this major crisis broke out and we had to assign blame. And of course, we were never going to blame ourselves. We were going to blame the Russians. So we invented this story that Russia was bent on aggression in Eastern Europe. Putin is interested in creating a greater Russia or maybe even recreating the soviet union man, he is brilliant. Couple things I want to point out one note the date 2014 Biden was Obama's Eastern European and Russian liaison as vice president again pushing for western expansion irresponsibly without working diplomatically with Putin. Second note that he confirms that this student reviving the USSR was a made up narrative in order to deflect from the fact that we basically gave Russia the finger I mentioned this in the last episode. Also, we need to keep in mind that Ukraine's nuclear arsenal was up for grabs and the very pro Western President Zelinsky triggered Putin to invade when Russia invaded the Ukraine in February Biden on Almost immediately began to send weapons and money to Ukraine. Solinsky pled to all the western countries to send military aid so they could defend themselves against the Russians. Recently, he asked for 1% of NATO's military hardware, and goes on to ask quote, who is in charge of the Euro Atlantic community wondering why they're not being fully supported? Well, we know the answer to that Putin is in charge, and we're not fully engaged because of that. He's got Biden by the balls. President Biden, during his time as Vice President visited Ukraine six times, which is significant in comparison to other international relation visits. Ukraine saw this as a sign of American support and a sign that America wanted to help them become more of a liberal democracy. Biden very quickly began to micromanage the country claiming to be a hero and a champion for Ukraine using the International Monetary Fund's loans as leverage to oust corrupt leaders that would block his personal agenda and Ukraine Biden became very close to the Ukrainian president at the time, Viktor Yanukovych, a notoriously corrupt criminal who was ousted during the Euro Maidan revolution in a book by Sarah Hey, jackal chicks called Ukraine what everyone needs to know. He discusses the revolution and the round of damning evidence against Biden the breaking point in the Euro echo check wrote the breaking point in the Euro Maidan revolution came unexpectedly for President Viktor Yanukovych and his party of regions, the president only had time to pack most of his valuable possessions before escaping from his residence outside Kyiv. On the evening of February 21 2014, there was no time to get rid of any potentially compromising paperwork. So seriously incriminating evidence was found including a large handwritten ledger called the farmer's barn books. Again, folks, you're never going to hear this in the mainstream media, but it is the God's honest truth in this ledger contain $2 billion in payments and funding of illegal activity and the names of the recipients and intermediaries, judges, members of parliament, ministers, journalists and politicians all on the list. Biden was in the ledger having received millions from the corrupt Ukrainian government. However, because of his involvement in democratizing Ukraine and heavily supporting financial aid, it was kept a secret on top of that Biden set up Paul Manafort to take the blame and the focus off of him. This was used to influence the 2016 election, which Ukraine desperately wanted Hillary to win. Unsure of Trump's true intentions with Ukraine pertaining to Russia, mostly due to the mainstream media's constant reports on Trump's undying love for Putin and Russia. Just listen here

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this morning, Ukrainian lawmakers revealed more details about what they say are millions of dollars of undisclosed cash payments in Paul Manafort name. The items are listed in a handwritten ledger