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Got him by the balls Pt. 2: Biden's history in Ukraine is forcing us into war.

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Got him by the balls. Part Two Ukraine's holding its own against Russia with billions of American dollars and military support. But leverage over Biden is keeping us involved and putting us at risk for nuclear level cyber attacks. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law Hello, everybody,

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and welcome to another episode of The Last gay conservative super excited to be here. I know we've been a little scattered with the drops. And I appreciate all of you being super patient with us as we move studios and get in the mix here a little bit better as far as video is concerned. I'm very excited. By the next episode, we should be on our YouTube channel and you can see this hideous face talking to you about the truth. But if you don't mind, I'm going to indulge in some foreign tooting. For those of you been listening since the beginning. I'm sure you remember the episode trans is the New Black today. It is our second most popular episode and was ahead of a lot of what you're hearing currently, we're about 90 days ahead of the of the curve. So today a huge press story hit the news, Palm Springs the gay elephant graveyard, I always said Palm Springs is where all the gays go to die. You know, elephants take a long journey to where they go to a graveyard and will pass well that's Palm Springs for gays. They start in West Hollywood, and they slowly but surely head east as they age until they reach Palm Springs and eventually die. But I digress. news outlets all over the country are reporting the Palm Springs has just passed a pilot program to offer non binary aka trans people a universal income. Well, I called it folks and the sad part is that the small communities like the black community, the Hispanic community, and now the trans community, they will be test tube babies for radical policy. So mark my word in the next few years, they will propose universal income for the transgender community. And they will propose it because they will tell us how bad they've had it and they can't work. I even said as you heard Mark my words, these people are so predictable. And they're only torching their own village because the taxpayers in Palm Springs are not going to want to support universal income, which time and time again in history. And we're talking a long history, universal income has shown and proven to be a horrible, horrible program and policy for democratic countries. Well, we're here with part two. Thanks for letting me indulge myself. I was just very proud of that. But get back on track. We're here with part two of this episode focusing on the eastern European saga, or what I call the Biden triangle of destruction. Ukraine, Russia and the Biden prime family. You thought the Clintons were bad? Well, they are but it is criminal enterprise around access and favors internationally is just as bad if not worse, mainly because Biden has been able to do this since the 70s and keep a low profile. Unlike the Clintons who just blatantly break the law right in front of our faces. I'm here to share the truth about what's really happening and demonstrate why Biden's personal history has made this all possible personally and politically. In the second part of this episode, we will focus on our relationship with Ukraine as a follow up to our Russia focus in part one, but before we jump in, let's recap, shall we in part one, in our focus on Russia, we revealed Putin's true motives for Ukraine, their nuclear arsenal leftover from the Soviets, Ukraine has hundreds of unaccounted for nukes according to the IAEA, as well as over 100,000 tons of enriched uranium. We also concluded that despite all the warnings I didn't surrender Nord Stream to to the Russians opening the door to a Ukraine invasion, Putin has been able to afford his military efforts due to the limited supply and production of oil driving the barrel close to record highs, which we and most NATO countries are continuing to buy. Biden has admitted that his sanctions won't and were never meant to deter Putin that's doing nothing in real time to save the civilians from Russian aggression in Ukraine. We know that Biden's passivity towards Russia is due to his leverage around the Iran deal and Hunter Biden's illegal dealings with Russian businesswoman Elena Baturina Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and oligarchy with multibillion dollar plastics company sent Hunter $3.5 million. She is not and has not been sanctioned, along with almost every other oligarchy based on what we can only assume is protection from Brighton as either repayment or special treatment folks. That in a nutshell is why Biden has allowed Putin to invade Ukraine and refuse to take any military action to block Russian aggression and responded with weak and ineffective sanctions now on the other side as Biden placates Russia carves them into our Iran deal and essentially allows them to take Ukraine by storm. He is also supplying billions of dollars in aid and military supplies to the Ukrainians. The question now becomes why what is forcing him to play both sides? It seems so counterintuitive. We're Ukraine's endless military supplier. We're keeping Putin pockets lined with oil money and giving the Lenski F Everything he's asking for already has a long history with Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union, just like with Putin, Biden is leveraged by Ukraine in three ways. Number one, Biden received millions of dollars from the Ukrainian president while he was BP. Number two, Biden used his authority and popularity and Ukraine to influence the 2016 election and number three, under Biden was employed by an oligarchy owned gas company in which he received a paid board seat and millions and millions of dollars for access to the big guy. Like I shared in the last episode. Biden has had an unexplainable obsession with the Soviet Union since the 70s. My assumption is with his constant need to be the Savior. Like most liberals, he thought that if he was able to get a successful treaty sign or stabilize us Russian relations, it would be a feather in his cap, and he would forever be exalted. After the fall of the USSR, his obsession expanded to the new independent countries. As a result of the fall. This obsession became the den catalyst for additional tensions with Russia again, without any intention of serving the US than his need to be a saver Biden began to push radical sweeping Western agendas along the Russian border, instead of letting each of these countries figure out how they'd like to govern. Biden initiated a conversion plan. Essentially, it was a but for getting off communism, not alcohol. Now, at this point, you may be asking yourselves chat, how would Biden have so much pool and power to affect foreign policy, he didn't become vice president until 2008. We must remember that Biden served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for most of his tenure, and in 1997. He was the ranking minority member, and then he chaired the committee from 2001 to 2003. This is one of the most powerful committees and positions in the country. On a side note, if you look at Biden's career, you'll notice that he spent more time helping or being involved in foreign issues than anything here in the US Biden's focus on the Slavic and Balkan countries was the initial provocation of Russian leadership. Russia, already unhappy with the fall of the Soviet Union lost several territories and countries to independence then watches as the US sweeps in, pushes Western views and denounces communism. However, as we know, with provocation comes resentment and anger which can only be withstood for a limited amount of time before it boils over. We all suffer from it, someone who continues to push your buttons, and eventually you'll practice that was Biden with Russia implementing Western democratic policies in previous Soviet territories. 2008 is when the Russians exploded repeatedly the Kremlin made it very clear that NATO expansion into the border countries and previous Soviet nations would be seen as a threat and was a line in the sand America better not cross again. Eager in his selfish ways. Biden at the forefront pushes for NATO to accept Ukraine and Georgia and NATO announces that both countries would become part of NATO. There was a fantastic piece in The New Yorker recently that included a lengthy interview with John Mearsheimer one of my favorite political scientists, when asked about the West's attempt to turn Ukraine into a pro American democracy and the threat posed to Russia. He said, If Ukraine becomes a pro American liberal democracy and a member of NATO and a member of the EU, the Russians will consider that categorically unacceptable if there were no NATO expansion and no EU expansion and Ukraine just became a liberal democracy and was friendly with the United States and the West more generally, it could probably get away with that what he's saying is what should have happened all along leave it be our selfish desire to push everyone into our ways is what gets us into trouble every time Ron Paul, not Rand Paul, but Ron Paul his father has talked about this for years MEARSHEIMER continues to stay with Ukraine, it's very important to understand that up until 2014, we did not envision NATO expansion and EU expansion as a policy that was aimed at containing Russia, nobody seriously thought that Russia was a threat before February 22 2014. NATO expansion EU expansion and turning the Ukraine and Georgia and other countries into liberal democracies were all about creating a giant zone of peace that spread all over Europe and included Eastern Europe and western Europe. It was not aimed at containing Russia. What happened is that this major crisis broke out and we had to assign blame. And of course, we were never going to blame ourselves. We were going to blame the Russians. So we invented this story that Russia was bent on aggression in Eastern Europe. Putin is interested in creating a greater Russia or maybe even recreating the soviet union man, he is brilliant. Couple things I want to point out one note the date 2014 Biden was Obama's Eastern European and Russian liaison as vice president again pushing for western expansion irresponsibly without working diplomatically with Putin. Second note that he confirms that this student reviving the USSR was a made up narrative in order to deflect from the fact that we basically gave Russia the finger I mentioned this in the last episode. Also, we need to keep in mind that Ukraine's nuclear arsenal was up for grabs and the very pro Western President Zelinsky triggered Putin to invade when Russia invaded the Ukraine in February Biden on Almost immediately began to send weapons and money to Ukraine. Solinsky pled to all the western countries to send military aid so they could defend themselves against the Russians. Recently, he asked for 1% of NATO's military hardware, and goes on to ask quote, who is in charge of the Euro Atlantic community wondering why they're not being fully supported? Well, we know the answer to that Putin is in charge, and we're not fully engaged because of that. He's got Biden by the balls. President Biden, during his time as Vice President visited Ukraine six times, which is significant in comparison to other international relation visits. Ukraine saw this as a sign of American support and a sign that America wanted to help them become more of a liberal democracy. Biden very quickly began to micromanage the country claiming to be a hero and a champion for Ukraine using the International Monetary Fund's loans as leverage to oust corrupt leaders that would block his personal agenda and Ukraine Biden became very close to the Ukrainian president at the time, Viktor Yanukovych, a notoriously corrupt criminal who was ousted during the Euro Maidan revolution in a book by Sarah Hey, jackal chicks called Ukraine what everyone needs to know. He discusses the revolution and the round of damning evidence against Biden the breaking point in the Euro echo check wrote the breaking point in the Euro Maidan revolution came unexpectedly for President Viktor Yanukovych and his party of regions, the president only had time to pack most of his valuable possessions before escaping from his residence outside Kyiv. On the evening of February 21 2014, there was no time to get rid of any potentially compromising paperwork. So seriously incriminating evidence was found including a large handwritten ledger called the farmer's barn books. Again, folks, you're never going to hear this in the mainstream media, but it is the God's honest truth in this ledger contain $2 billion in payments and funding of illegal activity and the names of the recipients and intermediaries, judges, members of parliament, ministers, journalists and politicians all on the list. Biden was in the ledger having received millions from the corrupt Ukrainian government. However, because of his involvement in democratizing Ukraine and heavily supporting financial aid, it was kept a secret on top of that Biden set up Paul Manafort to take the blame and the focus off of him. This was used to influence the 2016 election, which Ukraine desperately wanted Hillary to win. Unsure of Trump's true intentions with Ukraine pertaining to Russia, mostly due to the mainstream media's constant reports on Trump's undying love for Putin and Russia. Just listen here

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this morning, Ukrainian lawmakers revealed more details about what they say are millions of dollars of undisclosed cash payments in Paul Manafort name. The items are listed in a handwritten ledger that investigators believe was discovered after disgrace President Victor Yannick COVID, was overthrown in 2014. The entries were made between 2007 and 2012. Some are for computers or exit polling, but the biggest entry simply state Manafort payments or contracts. While Manafort signature doesn't appear in the ledger, a former party member Vitaly call yuzhny signed nine times for Manafort items. We should point out Scott that started handler Shenko and his anti corruption team have every reason to want to see Donald Trump defeated this election because of his support for Russia, which is currently at war with Ukraine.

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I don't understand how these journalists sleep at night that wasn't a pundit like me or Tucker or Ben Shapiro, this was a suppose a news piece, supposedly true journalism with a joke knowing that Biden received millions from the then pro Russian government and this ledger still exists. The Ukrainian government owns them. They know the details of the Paul Manafort interference in 2016 was a sham and essentially a switching of a name. The only thing they can verify is that the payments hit a lobbying firm in DC there is nothing that ties Manafort directly to those payments. Nothing you heard in the news clips Ukraine desperately wanted Hillary to win. It has also said that millions of dollars were funneled through a nonprofit to the Clinton Foundation very little about this exists in our censored internet, but I don't doubt it. Ukraine has a deep history of corruption. In fact, in the same book by Sarah Yakko vich he calls the developed Ukraine by the early 2000s, a kleptocracy with nearly every government official involved in embezzlement schemes. According to Yakko vich. This was the reason the US had to work in unorthodox ways to support the democracy that was Biden's window. This guy knows how to spot an opportunity and then send his crackhead son to get her done. The corruption is endless listen to this piece which highlights unreported corruption.

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In November of 2010, a longtime family friend named Kevin justice shows up at the White House to meet with Biden's office three weeks later, Joe Biden's brother is appointed the executive vice president of his new construction company, they get a contract to build more than 100,000 homes in Iraq. It's a $1.5 billion construction contract

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and Biden's son in law Howard, whose company's StartUp Health was featured at conferences run by Health and Human Services. Is and to this day features Joe Biden as a prominent speaker.

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This just emphasizes even besides Ukraine, Joe has been using his position for years for personal gain. It is important to reiterate so there are no questions about the corruption in Ukraine. So now it's important we dive into Ukraine's political history a bit to understand how this is able to happen. Ukraine, as it is has not been around very long, requiring full independence just in 1991. It's been a long road to truly free and clean democracy from 91 to 2004. Ukraine was still essentially a small Russia state run everything riddled with corruption in 2004 is when the Orange Revolution happened where protests forced the government to overturn a rigged election and hold a new internationally monitored election. And at that point, they elected Victor Yushchenko in 2006 due to his internal struggles and wobbles as they say, Victor Jana COVID, made a comeback and was elected prime minister now not President and Ukraine. There's a president and a prime minister, but only a year later he was dethroned by this Yulia Tymoshenko fast forward to 2010 Viktor Yanukovych was elected president and yet again gained control over Ukraine's government. Biden and Jana COVID. Had a great relationship in 2011, they launched what was referred to as, quote The common agenda in March of 2011. Biden and Jana COVID, had a love fest where essentially Biden thanked him up and down for everything impossible to find anything duty Google censorship, I had to turn to some international news, the Kuwait News Agency still had an article up from 2011, which simply stated, well, Biden thanked Jana COVID, for Ukraine's assistance in responding to the situation in Libya. And then Biden went on to thank him again for continued cooperation on Non Proliferation issues, and underscored our commitment to see through our promises to each other's removal of all Ukrainian highly enriched uranium by next year's Nuclear Security Summit. The nukes are real people, I'm telling you, but I don't have to tell you guys, but I'm telling the world. The nukes are there and they're real. Their uranium is there and it's real. And it's always nice to find affirmations of my team's painstaking work moving on. A few days ago, it's been reported that Russia's pick for Ukraine's new president is in fact, Jana COVID. Isn't that interesting? This is a pattern with the super predator just like oligarchs, revolutions and government overthrowing things are the perfect opportunity to get on the ground floor and extort the new leaders with us power Jana COVID. She is one of the most corrupt politicians of all times. He is guilty of jailing opponents embezzlement and most importantly using his position to bolster close friends and family No wonder they got along so well in Ukraine is tight not group that benefited was referred to as quote the family he accumulated wealth, upwards of $133 million personally and spent upwards of 1.5 billion during his presidency, he lived a lifestyle like no other all while paying off Biden who never once spoke out against him. Here's a little snippet of what I'm talking about.

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Everyone wants to see the humble home of their legitimate leader, a humble little golf course. 140 hectares of land, manmade lakes, fountains, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a golf course a zoo, greenhouses, farms, the buildings are full of expensive porcelain, gold plated spoons, forks, expensive candlesticks, clocks, chandeliers, and for some reason, a golden loaf of bread.

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The point of this is if Joe Biden was the virtuous pro democracy leader as he claimed he would never had cozied up to a blatant criminal. This whole concept of circling the justice system by using legislation and programs to aid your friends and then being kicked back secretly is the Joe Biden specialty. He wrote the book on it. This was his buddy and generous benefactor. So naturally once he was ousted by didn't have to snuggle up with the new President Poroshenko Poroshenko was the president during crackhead gate where a pro Russian oligarch hired Hunter as a paid board member of Burisma gas company hunters received close to $1 million in lobbying fees despite his lack of experience. The only experience I can see is from his 10 years at various rehabs around the country. He is absolutely a degenerate and a direct reflection on his criminal father. Now despite the cover ups and the Bs we're hearing now the hole Biden held up a billion dollars to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into Burisma as illegal activity is true, but it's just an easy grab for the press. The True Story is Biden was involved in protecting Burisma for long before his publicized and admitted bribery. The evidence here is pretty damning. Folks. It came from an investigation led by the Ukrainian parliament in an effort to clean up international corruption. Rudy Giuliani, who we all know and love discovered this early on just listen

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much publicized documents which he said described the mechanism for getting money by Biden senior this was a transfer of funds for lobbying activities as investigators believe to Joe Biden through a lobbying company funds in the amount of $900,000 which transferred to the US based company Rosemont Seneca, the payment reference was for consultative services and then it goes on to describe another 16 points for $5 million payment apparently laundered payment involving both Devon Archer and Hunter using political and economical levers of power influencing Ukrainian authorities and manipulating the issue of providing financial aid. Joe Biden actively assisted closing criminal cases into the activity of former Ukrainian ecology Minister Nicola is low. Shecky was the founder and owner of Burisma group, this is what they call evidence, not lies, evidence,

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you remember this? Right? I didn't. It's huge. Like Giuliani says, this is evidence, not lies. Evidence again, if you listen to what he said, Biden, his son and his brother had a 30 year long scam to make money millions of dollars selling his public office. This is what the mob the media and the left to do. They use one story with some holes to hide from the bigger picture. Like I said earlier, 30 year old scam. This isn't new. This isn't Donald Trump this. This is like everything else. We've spoken about lifelong fraud. It's right there. There's no denying it right. In a report from the Ukrainian parliament. This is the equivalent to a Senate investigation. How do people still not know this stuff? How do we have a news media that covers it up? As we see now the hot topic is that Hunter's laptop is real Oh, who knew? I'm not going to focus too much on it. Because if you're like me, you're tired of it. And it's getting stale and old. But I do want to point out a few key details we are not being told regarding the hunter scandal. First of all, there are leaked tapes of Biden holding the billion dollars hostage from Ukraine listen.

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Government and a new Prosecutor General, I am prepared to do a public signing of the commitment for the billion dollars.

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Despite the fact that we didn't have any corruption charges don't have any information about the site he doing something special I asked him not to take for instance, I specially asked him to resign,

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congratulations, installing the new prosecutor general is going to be critical for him to work quickly to repair the damage choking good. man of my word, I found that now that new prosecutor general's in place, we're ready to move forward to the signing that new $1 billion loan guarantee,

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as you heard, the President of Ukraine says there was no corruption there was no evidence of corruption. However, he had to ask him to resign and unsaid but assumed because of the money, I understand we've always influenced elections installed and removed leaders based on their American agenda and thrown our weight around international circles. That doesn't mean it's right. It's truly horrible. Because it doesn't allow for governments to find the best fit for them. It doesn't allow the people to decide. We know Democrats don't want people deciding they want to decide for us and use money and leverage to force us into what they want. This is just a prime example. You cannot take power from the people. That's what results in civil unrest and violence. We're experiencing that here. Now your neighbors don't come over and discipline your kids. Chances are if they do, they'd never come back. In my case, it would be my dogs. And if anyone tried to discipline them, they would feel angry chap. He doesn't come out often. But when he does standby even if none of the hunter and Biden corruption was true, which we can confirm without a shadow of a doubt it is but hypothetically, even if it's false, the mere act of leveraging or bribing a foreign leader with money to install or remove someone is a crime or should be this blatant meddling is exactly why we're here in the first place. People like Joe Clinton, both Bush's and Obama created a foreign policy of overreach and influence that is way more corrupt than any Russian election involvement. Not to mention this is the reason we have such poor Russian relations and created this Putin war machine. Whatever happened to letting sleeping dogs lie by doing what Joe is doing is no different than Putin installing his own pro Russia leaders and surrounding nations Mearsheimer, I believe sums it up best have a list of

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conventional wisdom in the United States and in the West more generally, is that the Russians are responsible for this. And in particular, Vladimir Putin is responsible, in my opinion, the West bears primary responsibility for what is happening today. First of all, let me start with US policy, US policy is to double down. So we're gonna do this is what we did after 2014 Instead of reevaluating, and saying maybe NATO expansion is not such a good idea. We went the opposite direction. This is why I'm telling you that by 2021, the Russians understood that we were turning Ukraine into a de facto member of NATO. What we're going to do now and what we're doing now is doubling down. We're encouraging the Ukrainians to resist and do get out with the Russian. It seems to me that a lot of people in the West think that if the Ukrainians provide enough resistance, that the Russians will roll over and play dead or maybe Vladimir Putin will throw his hands up he'll surrender. He'll say this was all a bad idea. I regret doing it. Or maybe it'll be a coup in Moscow, he'll be overthrown. And they'll bring in leaders who will work out a deal with us and Ukraine will live happily ever after we will live happily ever after, and the Russians will be chastened. Now you're talking about a situation where you defeat the Russians in Ukraine. This is a much worse outcome for the Russians, and the Russians are not going to roll over and play dead. If we start winning, and the Russians start losing. You want to understand that what we're talking about doing here is backing a nuclear armed great power that sees what's happening as an existential threat into a corner. This is really dangerous.

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But let's go back to my points about the hunter scandal that you've probably not heard. The numbers we're hearing are all wrong. The only thing people are reporting is this $50,000 A month board seat salary, okay, even if Brusa just wanted him for clout and not access and there was no quid pro quo. $50,000 a month isn't too high for a top board position, if only that was it, but along with his monthly salary, it's been proven absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that Hunter received $900,000 in lobbying fees paid directly to Rosemont Seneca his company, again separate from his salary, then he was paid 1/3 of the recorded $16.5 million payout to the former Polish president Devon Archer and the crackhead so we've got 50k a month for the board seat 900k in lobbying fees and 5.5 million for what's said to be investment funds into hunters company. Now that's the real story, not 50k a month on a board seat. Not Biden's one time bribe. No, this is long with standing as you heard Biden has been actively shutting down investigations for years. Lastly, as it pertains to Biden's compromised state the Lensky and other top Ukrainian officials know everything which we can confirm from intelligence community experts, they know about the ledger and multimillion dollar payments from his corrupt BFF they know about Paul Manafort and is using this false story to get Hillary elected and they know all about Hunter, they've got it all. How could they not fast forward to Trump's presidency when he simply requested Zelinsky open an investigation into the alleged bribery, corruption and fraud. This was politically motivated. Of course, Trump himself would even admit that but on the flip side of that, if that's fraudulent, according to Congress, what do you call a holding a billion dollars in order to get a pro Biden family prosecutor installed? This was the call that led to his impeachment. During those investigations. You may have noticed the Lensky stayed quiet. He offered little to no testimony and certainly did not disparage the Biden's in any way. Well, there's Biden's newest favor. Solinsky stays quiet and Ukraine gets support. So how does all of this pertain to what's currently happening? Well, why else would we be handing billions of dollars sophisticated military equipment and undying support for Ukraine? Ultimately, I hate to say this, but Ukraine is no democracy, folks. And they are certainly not innocent little children, they have played both sides for years and throw us under the bus at any opportunity while doing the same with Russia to us. I think Tucker Carlson explains it best here.

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So Ukraine, to be technical is not a democracy. Democracies Don't arrest political opponents. And they don't shut down opposition media, both of which Ukraine has done and by the way, Ukraine is a pure client state of the United States State Department. Again, that's fine. We're not mad about that. Go ahead and run Ukraine. If you want to think you can do a better job than Ukrainians. Just don't tell us it's democracy. But as long as the core goal of American foreign policy is to defend democracy, and oppose anyone who's not running a democracy, you got to kind of wonder and this may be occurring to these countries. What about our friends in Jordan, and Qatar, and Saudi Arabia? What about at least 50 countries in Africa, none of which is a democracy. Hey, are they in trouble too? are we sending advanced weapon systems from Raytheon to topple those non democracies? Just on principle, are those the values we're defending? Who's gonna

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argue with that we all want democracy for everyone. The only problem is the catch that comes along with all of it. Biden's leverage on both sides is the reason we're essentially at war. And we will continue to put our own country's interests at risk in order to protect the 50 year fraud of a politician. So now Ukraine is holding its own thanks to us, which I am glad about, of course, but we're not in or out. And as we approach two months, we're on the verge of a long war of attrition, where we will be forever involved in supplying Ukraine with what it needs to survive. Keep in mind, countries are supposed to pay us for their military protection like South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia. In this case, we're paying them to be able to protect them, but just far enough, so Putin doesn't spill the beans on Biden's past. Nobody wants more especially to nuclear powers. But are we really prepared for another Afghanistan 20 years of supporting a failed attempt to create democracy in a culture of Marxism, you can always tell when something is fishy when Have sweeping support zero opposition and the vilification of anyone who asked questions. Remember, I racked everyone, including Biden voted for that war. And God forbid anyone said anything that would be anti patriotic. I don't need to tell you the result. It didn't end well for anyone and it did way more harm than good. That is what happens when a mob mentality rah rah culture happens around foreign relations and unknowns. According to Pew Research, Americans are very mixed about this Ukraine issue 47% of Americans approve of Biden's handling of the Russian invasion and 39% disapprove, a third of Americans agree that we're providing the right amount of support. However, 42% say we should be doing more, most Americans 62% of them say they would oppose the US taking military action, even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia. About a third of Americans say they would favor military action in this scenario, comparable shares in both parties. 36% of Republicans 35% of Democrats say they would favor military action. So you have people who are in favor of military action that may result in nuclear conflict, then you have people who are in favor of not doing military action that could also result in nuclear conflict. As you can see, no one knows what the hell is going on. In today's totally split Democrat Republican population. It is very uncommon to see such scattered numbers. It just doesn't add up to anyone. And it's unprecedented. So here we are stuck in the middle again, being led by someone who has spent his whole life using favors and kickbacks and pay to play to benefit himself and his family. It's extremely dangerous. Next step, China. The funny part of all of this is the entire notion that Putin wanted Trump to win, which is such bull. As you can see from these two episodes, both Ukraine and Russia wanted Biden in office, look at how it all went down and how it's going down. Now, Biden was a leveraged asset for both countries, and I can only assume they don't know about his conflicting interests. So what's next saying that Biden won't move forward with any military intervention because students got on by the balls and NATO is a bunch of bankers, Ukraine only has one choice cyber attacks. Both Ukraine and Russia have spent years and millions of dollars on cyber war capabilities. In February during the invasion, Ukrainian government made a plea for volunteer hackers to join a cyber force aimed at defending against Russia and launching counter strikes against them. Now keep in mind this is not American controlled or influenced. This is purely Ukraine probably not the best situation to have US military supporting troops on the ground from afar. While the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense cyber unit goes wild against Russia just a few days ago, on April 1, Ukraine hackers were successful in breaching Russian owned energy giant Gazprom. Jeff Carr, who is renowned as probably one of the top cybersecurity advisors and consultants we did on the matter thermo, which is the acronym for the Ukrainian cyber defense unit. Cyber operators take the gloves off, and it leads to cyber attacks against Gazprom systems that control the pressure of its pipelines. As a result of the breach. They were able to engineer a hack of the pipelines pressurization controls that would cause a pipeline to rupture resulting in a fire listen to L Joe from cyber news. Break it down. He goes on to state that Russian state sponsored news is blaming the attack on Ukrainian helicopters flying into Russian AirSpace at low altitudes. Now, if you've watched any of the war reports, or footage on the ground, Ukraine is barely hanging on. There's no way they're flying into Russian AirSpace at low altitudes to blow up gas depots. A month ago, the very powerful hacker group Anonymous sent a message to Vladimir Putin. Now although they're sadly mistaken about Putin's reasoning and continue to perpetuate the story of his expansion of the USSR. They're not a group to mess with. They are notoriously liberal and walk the fine line of social justice warriors. However, when it comes to cyber stuff, they are it they literally declared cyber war against Russia and Vladimir Putin. And as exciting as that sounds private and anonymous interference in an international crisis can expose some major threats

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cyber operators at the main direct rate of intelligence at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In short, termo have been conducting computer network operations against Gazprom. As a result of the breach, they were able to engineer a hack of the pipelines pressurization controls that would cause a pipeline to rupture, resulting in a fire. To date, two pipelines have experienced rupture events that were directly the result of a computer network attack. These are the first publicly known examples of a computer network attack against an operational technology system, resulting in a kinetic effect during wartime operations.

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So far, they've gained access into over 100 databases, erasing files changing file names to stop this war Putin in one of the databases they were able to obtain 270,000 names and emails of people in Russia is associated with Putin. Anonymous also hacked into multiple media outlets, including taking over TV service for 12 minutes yet the most significant hack today was the access to being able to text Russians This is phone's through a website that was created for people to go on and submit messages to Russian citizens about the lies and the truth about the war. Now that's where it gets scary. You can mess with Putin's military and him you can sanction all the richest people in Russia, but when you interfere with his people who keep them in power, it's a big problem like any leader, communist or not, Putin wants to remain in power. To put it lightly. There can be serious consequences to these cyber attacks, especially those directed at influencing the Russian people against Putin. It's all fun and games until it escalates to major damages like power grids, banks and defense systems mean just a couple of years ago, the Kremlin cyber defense team was able to shut down power to about 300,000 people in Ukraine in the middle of winter, leaving them without light or heat for hours. The more we roll out these worthless sanctions, the more we push Putin into a foreigner and interfere with his people in time, not right now, because it does take a while for a country to feel the impact of sanctions, but in time, Putin may just have nothing to lose his actions tell us he doesn't really care about civilian harm or death. And I can assure you this is going to escalate fast cybersecurity experts are already warning us that we're not ready to withstand this level of attack and there is a high chance of cyber warfare spilling into hot war, the corrupt news media fails to connect hot war and cyber war leading people to believe they're separate and cyber attacks are just nerdy hackers playing around on the internet dumbing down the opinions of the true experts that say this is probably more serious than actual warfare. Ukraine is poking the bear Anonymous is poking the bear and Russia views all of this as United States aggression, yet another Biden camp failure, there's no strategy here, folks, it's a bunch of chickens running around the White House headless the cyber attacks and hackings are no different than drone attacks. By allowing these attacks to escalate digitally and all these groups to interfere in this war. We're actively engaging in war. Just because there are no US troops on the ground doesn't mean we're not engaged in war limb. gerstel, who was a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the former general counsel to the National Security Agency affirmed this in an interview with The Guardian, he says, I do not see Russia turning off the lights in the United States. For several reasons. Many people in the US have taken the position that a cyber attack with the real world destructive effects is the same as a missile attack or bomb and therefore would be viewed as an act of war. Now, I disagree with him about Putin's fear or hesitation to turn off the lights in the United States or launch a severe cyber attack because he's afraid of retaliation. However, he does reaffirm the position bombs and missile attacks are equivalent to cyber attacks. When asked about our preparedness, he stated, We are prepared to respond in the sense that our military has an extraordinary offensive capability to respond on a cyber level. But we are not ready to defend as a country, the private sector is not prepared for attacks, it's relied on buggy software to protect itself and cyber threats are growing faster than our ability to adapt them we need to impose some kind of mandatory solution because the pure market solution isn't viable. The US has been reactive and sidestepped cyber responsibility by simply grafting it onto existing government agencies making each agency responsible for its own area. Everything from hospitals, to bridges to roads and tunnels are relevant to national security. So we need government action to address it with a centralized solution. Our national well being depends on it. So here we go. This isn't a great position for us to be in guys. And once again, we're a day late and $1 Short and why? Well, this is only my personal opinion. But I think it's because we're too focused on every other country and meddling in every other country instead of taking care of ourselves. We may have the largest military in the world. But cyberspace is another story. It all comes back to our president because Biden is leveraged. He has not and will not tell the Ukrainian government to cool it on these hacks because it will escalate to a level nobody wants happen. Half out. It doesn't work, folks, it's causing more harm than good and will result in much greater military escalation. He claims he doesn't want world war three, but his actions sure say otherwise. If he truly believes in de escalation through diplomatic measure, that's what he would do. Instead, he passes the buck and supplies without any real support and guidance to Ukraine. His lack of strategy and totally irresponsible policy has cost Ukraine hundreds, if not 1000s of lives, irreversible damage both physically to infrastructure and economically and has made us extremely vulnerable. I can't emphasize this enough, folks, this is another result of Biden's 50 years in Washington in the thick of the swamp constantly promising favors taking money and defrauding taxpayers. In closing, I would like to leave you with this. We are at war we're at war with propaganda. We are at war with the political elite. We are at war with foreign influence. We are at war with domestic socialism. We are at war with Russia and China and our current strategy or lack thereof within cyber warfare is starting to boil over and burn us on the other hand, We are also held hostage. We're held hostage by the media. We're held hostage by social media companies were held hostage by woke corporations. Most importantly, we're being held hostage by foreign countries who are dictating our policies based on their past dealings with Biden and his cabinet. This is a deadly combination. This is an anchovy and jelly sandwich. There is no solution other than removing Biden and his baggage from office. We're in America and we're sending a clear message to the world in our next generations that you can get away with anything without consequences. Where's the DOJ against Hillary, tons of verifiable evidence shows she was spying illegally on Trump before and during the campaign she deleted 1000s of emails and destroyed government property and used a private laptop unbeknownst to secret service all provable and nothing has happened to her under Biden junkie thief and con man without a shadow of a doubt received millions from Ukraine for access to daddy Joe, nothing has happened and nothing will where's the DOJ? FBI Secret Service? Nowhere Ilan Omar married her own brother to illegally bring him into the country and currently has a seat in Congress. What are we doing here people and these are just the recent examples. If you're connected, you can do whatever you want. That is the message we are blatantly allowing corruption no different than what goes on in China and Russia right in front of our faces. Yet we're policing that around the world. What a joke politicians as they give themselves raises, take bribes from lobbyists and do whatever the hell they want. Don't have your interests in mind. That may be obvious, however, the damage being done isn't as noticeable as one would think. But man are we feeling it now. Gas prices, inflation supply chain problems, war, trade wars and international Fallout are all the results of deals happening in Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. We need to elect more outsiders and we need to enact term limits on Congress. We're at the breaking point. The only way to accomplish this is through a Convention of States article five of the Constitution gives states the power to call a Convention of States to propose amendments it takes 34 states to call the convention and 38. to ratify any amendments that are proposed. The purpose of a Convention of States would be to enact amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government impose fiscal restraints and place term limits on federal officials the Convention of States action as a group and a partner of the show and initiative I've supported since 2013. When they started, they've already secured 19 of the 34 states required each state is a huge feat because it has to move through the legislator or the legislative process of each state in order for them to approve joining the Convention of States. This is the only way we can take power back and the only feasible way to do it. Without it. Congress will never pass legislation for limitations of their own power. As I continue to mention lifer politicians are dangerous. It's not just dry stale people who don't represent their constituents correctly. No, it is dangerous. Say we had a 10 or 12 year term limit for the Senate. We wouldn't be in this mess with Biden. In the meantime, we must elect more outsiders from bottom to top support the business owners the fresh new candidates and those who are not leveraged by any of the five enemies. Just listening to this podcast shows a lot of effort on your part to save America knowing the truth is crucial to winning this fight. But we can all do more. I don't mind flipping signs on street corners or handing out pamphlets going door to door but get involved on a local level. If you're a parent join the PTA to block liberal initiatives hurting our children sign up as a precinct representative to liaise between your precinct and the politicians telling them what people really want. Show up to city hall meetings and speak out school board meetings. We can't hide any longer the silent majority isn't working anymore. We cannot be silent. The only thing that will win this fight for this country is being louder, bigger and stronger than those trying to tear it down. You just listen to the last gay conservative. I'm Chad law reminding you When you can't make them see the light and make them feel that God bless the President Reagan and God America

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