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Free for All Fridays- Listener Q&A

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It's free for all Friday, and today I'll be answering all your questions, concerns and comments that we've received since starting the show. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law

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Hello, everybody, and let's go Brandon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the no woke zone where facts always beats fiction and truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the liberals, the Democrats and the left at home, online and in political office. We're always right and never canceled. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Oh, Brian O'Brien. Hello, everybody. How are we doing? Well, it's a Friday today. And it looks like we're in June Gloom early here in Southern California. So it was real great today. And so I'm happy to be warm in the studio. Today's a special day because it's our first Friday free for all, where I've brought in Alyssa and our assistant producer, if you will slash my assistant assistant, she has collected all of the Instagram, DMS, Twitter comments and emails or however people are communicating with us. I purposely don't look at them, because I want them to be able to ask me and tell me these things on the spot. So that's what we're doing today. We're going to go straight into this new format for q&a. And I will be on the spot answering all your questions, comments and concerns. Obviously not all of them she pulled the most relevant but we'll get right into that. As always, I want to go through a few news items that pertain to previous episodes, I did mention that Biden's approval rating was dropping. And I mentioned that it was that 39% According to an NBC poll, well, just when we thought it couldn't get any worse. The Associated Press Center for Public research shows 39% of adults in the United States approve of Biden's performance as president. So basically, only about two and 10 adults say the US is heading in the right direction or the economy is good both down from three and 10 A month ago and the drops are significantly focused on Democrats with just 33% within the president's party saying the country is headed in the right direction down from 49%. In April, as a Democrat president who received you know, what did he say he received 135% of the vote or whatever to be president. 5 trillion ballots were cast but as a Democrat president to have from one month to another go down that drastically. It is not good at all. And again, this is associated press which they're notoriously liberal. So if they're reporting 39% approval, I could almost bet that it's below 35%. I mean, again, 33% within the president's party saying the country is headed in the right direction, down from 49% in April, I mean, it's just crazy. Now, the same poll also says that among the Democrats that they surveyed, 73% of them still approve of Biden, but last month, it was 82%. It looks like Democrats are also losing faith in their fearless leader as he so feebly tries to manage the country and avoid actually doing anything that would suggest long term success or maybe even feeding our babies. On top of that Democrats and Republicans brought witnesses in to the House Judiciary Committee for their abortion hearing the democratic witnesses were batshit crazy. One of the witnesses who supported abortion during the hearing said that she believes a person can choose what gender they identify as and that therefore men can also get pregnant and have abortions. She was asked like so many people are being asked these days and the fact that we even have to ask people disgusts me. But Dan Bishop, who's a Republican from North Carolina, asked, what does she believe the definition of a woman is?

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What do you say a woman is? I believe that everyone can identify for themselves. Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?

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Yes. All she said was yes, it is full on insanity. Listen to some of the responses coming from this Democrat witness. I'm just sad. So you give me an example of a woman you say that you are a woman? Can you tell me otherwise? Can

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you tell me what a woman is? Yes, I'm telling you, I'm a woman. Is that as is as comprehensive a definition as you can give me that's as comprehensive as the definitions I will give you today. And of

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course, it wouldn't be a democratic spa. uncertain hearing if we didn't talk about Jim Crow. This one's interesting because this is a professor actually from UCI right down the street from my house. Her name is Katherine Glen Foster. She's a professor of law Go figure. And she mentioned that if Roe was overturned, poor woman would be affected the most. And I quote for poor women, particularly women of color, the loss will be deadly. She said, this is the coming of the new Jim Crow, but she calls it Jane Crow don't don't. Oh, yeah, did you? I mean, again, where are these brilliant marketing teams that help these people come up with this stuff? I guess we're just boring on the right. We don't have the Putin price hike and Jane Crow and everything else. Well, we I think we did do Ministry of Truth, which was hilarious. But these terms are hysterical. And if they think that people take them seriously, they they've got another thing coming. On the flip side, one of the Republican witnesses was very interesting. She was questioned. Well, just listen to her response, you tell me is candidly and openly calling for a nationwide ban on all abortions, with no exceptions for rape, or incest. And if I've got that wrong, I would invite Miss Foster to correct me. Do I have a wrong yes or no?

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If we added raping incest exceptions, would you vote for it?

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Okay, I reclaim my time if you can't beat that. She's so open and honest. And the guy can't even answer her when she asked him if she would vote for it anyways, doesn't matter. And that's their point. They use rape and incest as an excuse, because most of these programs are already built in anyways, or within the they have within the timeframe to abort when they know that it's raping incest in the first place. So it's a null and void issue that the Democrats always want to bring up to make us look like we are forcing women who have been through trauma to have babies when in realistic terms, it's just the excuse, and she just blast them right out of the water with that one. In other news, the judge in Arizona just ruled that title 42 will remain quoting the crisis at the border being too vulnerable right now to stop doing expulsions, which is basically when they return the migrants right back over to the port of entry. And they go back to Mexico and they're barred from coming back to the United States, the CDC who has openly suggested that that's no longer necessary, because COVID is under control, which is a total change of pace from Bouchy. Recently, just saying it's not going away, and it's going to come back and fear monger fear monger. I don't know which way is right. But what I do know is that title 42 was a very kind of bubble gum and shoelace program put together being able to use emergency around COVID to help empower the Border Patrol and kind of kept down on some of the immigration surges that we were seeing. So it was a great program. It is a great program. This is great news that they stalled the expiration of the program. However, you know, as well as I do Biden, Kamala Pelosi, they don't believe in democracy. They don't they don't care about court rulings, all they care about is their agenda, which is to get as many people across the border, grant them citizenship and change the voter base for themselves. Everyone knows that it's common sense. However, in the case of title 42, this judge ruling could actually in my opinion, have a little bit of a backfire, because I'm sure that they're just going to figure out backdoor ways to stop the explosion anyways, they're going to send orders down or they're going to just continue with these planes that fly in overnight, fill with the illegal immigrants and take them and drop them in different cities around the country. So it's something that we really need to watch. We can't celebrate and just say, oh, yeah, we still have title 42. Because title 42 was has been in place all month. And we've already seen over 250,000 illegal immigrants detained in April, which is the highest it's ever been. And it's only going higher the charts going in one direction, which is up another big news, which was really cool to see. I think this is a very exciting is that one of Hillary Clinton's former managers came out Robby Mook and he said this morning actually that they didn't trust the FBI in 2016. He testified some of the most damaging days of the campaign were caused by former FBI Director James Comey, not Trump. He was on the stand during Michael assessments defense Friday and asked whether he or any Clinton campaign officials authorize the defendant to bring information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia Alpha bank to the FBI, and he said no, just no nothing else. The defense asked me look if the campaign would have, quote, wanted to engage with the FBI in September of 2016. And he said that this was alarming information. If vetted. We would want to get the information to the public but going to the FBI does not feel like the best way to communicate what the public looks at with respect to the FBI. As I am sure there are patriotic people, we did not trust them. Two or three of the most damaging days of the campaign were caused by Comey, not Trump. Well, there you have it, folks. Of course, it won't be covered on any of the mainstream media. But essentially, her top campaign manager in 2016, has come out and said Trump didn't cause any of this. This is a result of James Comey, which used the FBI for political gain, because I'm sure he was promised some sort of job or some sort of future. And that's the news as it pertains to previous episodes. So now that that is done, and we're going to get into free for all Fridays, and I'll have Alyssa come in, and she's got her little list, I think and we will go from there. Alright, she is Alyssa. She's my go to I wouldn't be able to live my life without her. So alright, Alyssa, hit me with it. What'