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Free for All Fridays- Listener Q&A

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It's free for all Friday, and today I'll be answering all your questions, concerns and comments that we've received since starting the show. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law

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Hello, everybody, and let's go Brandon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the no woke zone where facts always beats fiction and truth always prevails, a zone where we destroy the liberals, the Democrats and the left at home, online and in political office. We're always right and never canceled. Welcome to the last gay conservative podcast. Oh, Brian O'Brien. Hello, everybody. How are we doing? Well, it's a Friday today. And it looks like we're in June Gloom early here in Southern California. So it was real great today. And so I'm happy to be warm in the studio. Today's a special day because it's our first Friday free for all, where I've brought in Alyssa and our assistant producer, if you will slash my assistant assistant, she has collected all of the Instagram, DMS, Twitter comments and emails or however people are communicating with us. I purposely don't look at them, because I want them to be able to ask me and tell me these things on the spot. So that's what we're doing today. We're going to go straight into this new format for q&a. And I will be on the spot answering all your questions, comments and concerns. Obviously not all of them she pulled the most relevant but we'll get right into that. As always, I want to go through a few news items that pertain to previous episodes, I did mention that Biden's approval rating was dropping. And I mentioned that it was that 39% According to an NBC poll, well, just when we thought it couldn't get any worse. The Associated Press Center for Public research shows 39% of adults in the United States approve of Biden's performance as president. So basically, only about two and 10 adults say the US is heading in the right direction or the economy is good both down from three and 10 A month ago and the drops are significantly focused on Democrats with just 33% within the president's party saying the country is headed in the right direction down from 49%. In April, as a Democrat president who received you know, what did he say he received 135% of the vote or whatever to be president. 5 trillion ballots were cast but as a Democrat president to have from one month to another go down that drastically. It is not good at all. And again, this is associated press which they're notoriously liberal. So if they're reporting 39% approval, I could almost bet that it's below 35%. I mean, again, 33% within the president's party saying the country is headed in the right direction, down from 49% in April, I mean, it's just crazy. Now, the same poll also says that among the Democrats that they surveyed, 73% of them still approve of Biden, but last month, it was 82%. It looks like Democrats are also losing faith in their fearless leader as he so feebly tries to manage the country and avoid actually doing anything that would suggest long term success or maybe even feeding our babies. On top of that Democrats and Republicans brought witnesses in to the House Judiciary Committee for their abortion hearing the democratic witnesses were batshit crazy. One of the witnesses who supported abortion during the hearing said that she believes a person can choose what gender they identify as and that therefore men can also get pregnant and have abortions. She was asked like so many people are being asked these days and the fact that we even have to ask people disgusts me. But Dan Bishop, who's a Republican from North Carolina, asked, what does she believe the definition of a woman is?

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What do you say a woman is? I believe that everyone can identify for themselves. Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?

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Yes. All she said was yes, it is full on insanity. Listen to some of the responses coming from this Democrat witness. I'm just sad. So you give me an example of a woman you say that you are a woman? Can you tell me otherwise? Can

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you tell me what a woman is? Yes, I'm telling you, I'm a woman. Is that as is as comprehensive a definition as you can give me that's as comprehensive as the definitions I will give you today. And of

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course, it wouldn't be a democratic spa. uncertain hearing if we didn't talk about Jim Crow. This one's interesting because this is a professor actually from UCI right down the street from my house. Her name is Katherine Glen Foster. She's a professor of law Go figure. And she mentioned that if Roe was overturned, poor woman would be affected the most. And I quote for poor women, particularly women of color, the loss will be deadly. She said, this is the coming of the new Jim Crow, but she calls it Jane Crow don't don't. Oh, yeah, did you? I mean, again, where are these brilliant marketing teams that help these people come up with this stuff? I guess we're just boring on the right. We don't have the Putin price hike and Jane Crow and everything else. Well, we I think we did do Ministry of Truth, which was hilarious. But these terms are hysterical. And if they think that people take them seriously, they they've got another thing coming. On the flip side, one of the Republican witnesses was very interesting. She was questioned. Well, just listen to her response, you tell me is candidly and openly calling for a nationwide ban on all abortions, with no exceptions for rape, or incest. And if I've got that wrong, I would invite Miss Foster to correct me. Do I have a wrong yes or no?

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If we added raping incest exceptions, would you vote for it?

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Okay, I reclaim my time if you can't beat that. She's so open and honest. And the guy can't even answer her when she asked him if she would vote for it anyways, doesn't matter. And that's their point. They use rape and incest as an excuse, because most of these programs are already built in anyways, or within the they have within the timeframe to abort when they know that it's raping incest in the first place. So it's a null and void issue that the Democrats always want to bring up to make us look like we are forcing women who have been through trauma to have babies when in realistic terms, it's just the excuse, and she just blast them right out of the water with that one. In other news, the judge in Arizona just ruled that title 42 will remain quoting the crisis at the border being too vulnerable right now to stop doing expulsions, which is basically when they return the migrants right back over to the port of entry. And they go back to Mexico and they're barred from coming back to the United States, the CDC who has openly suggested that that's no longer necessary, because COVID is under control, which is a total change of pace from Bouchy. Recently, just saying it's not going away, and it's going to come back and fear monger fear monger. I don't know which way is right. But what I do know is that title 42 was a very kind of bubble gum and shoelace program put together being able to use emergency around COVID to help empower the Border Patrol and kind of kept down on some of the immigration surges that we were seeing. So it was a great program. It is a great program. This is great news that they stalled the expiration of the program. However, you know, as well as I do Biden, Kamala Pelosi, they don't believe in democracy. They don't they don't care about court rulings, all they care about is their agenda, which is to get as many people across the border, grant them citizenship and change the voter base for themselves. Everyone knows that it's common sense. However, in the case of title 42, this judge ruling could actually in my opinion, have a little bit of a backfire, because I'm sure that they're just going to figure out backdoor ways to stop the explosion anyways, they're going to send orders down or they're going to just continue with these planes that fly in overnight, fill with the illegal immigrants and take them and drop them in different cities around the country. So it's something that we really need to watch. We can't celebrate and just say, oh, yeah, we still have title 42. Because title 42 was has been in place all month. And we've already seen over 250,000 illegal immigrants detained in April, which is the highest it's ever been. And it's only going higher the charts going in one direction, which is up another big news, which was really cool to see. I think this is a very exciting is that one of Hillary Clinton's former managers came out Robby Mook and he said this morning actually that they didn't trust the FBI in 2016. He testified some of the most damaging days of the campaign were caused by former FBI Director James Comey, not Trump. He was on the stand during Michael assessments defense Friday and asked whether he or any Clinton campaign officials authorize the defendant to bring information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia Alpha bank to the FBI, and he said no, just no nothing else. The defense asked me look if the campaign would have, quote, wanted to engage with the FBI in September of 2016. And he said that this was alarming information. If vetted. We would want to get the information to the public but going to the FBI does not feel like the best way to communicate what the public looks at with respect to the FBI. As I am sure there are patriotic people, we did not trust them. Two or three of the most damaging days of the campaign were caused by Comey, not Trump. Well, there you have it, folks. Of course, it won't be covered on any of the mainstream media. But essentially, her top campaign manager in 2016, has come out and said Trump didn't cause any of this. This is a result of James Comey, which used the FBI for political gain, because I'm sure he was promised some sort of job or some sort of future. And that's the news as it pertains to previous episodes. So now that that is done, and we're going to get into free for all Fridays, and I'll have Alyssa come in, and she's got her little list, I think and we will go from there. Alright, she is Alyssa. She's my go to I wouldn't be able to live my life without her. So alright, Alyssa, hit me with it. What's our first question

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Chelsea tweeted to you referring to the so called Don't say, gay bill? Why would it hurt if there was an obviously gay kid in the class? And they spoke about it?

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Well, I'm going to answer your question in two ways. And I do appreciate this question, because it just shows the amount of confusion that's still out there regarding this Don't say gay bill in the most straightforward way possible, as it pertains to the bill itself. No personal opinion inserted, yet there is no problem with that. Because nowhere in the bill does it say that gay child or a gay parent or a gay cousin, or whatever you want to say nowhere in the bill does it say that can't be discussed in classrooms? The build slowly says that formal teachings around gender and sexual orientation should not occur in a classroom for kids under seven years old. That's all it is. That's all it is. However, like most people on the left, there's always a question within a question. So when you say a kid is obviously gay, I'm sure you're trying to elicit sympathy for someone who is in the classroom, that might seem different, but by doing so you're creating a stereotype, you're saying that certain behaviors can define or point to homosexuality, which has been proven time and time and time again, false kids do weird shit all the time. You know, let's say there's a kid in school, in the kindergarten class and his favorite colors pink, and he likes to come into class with glitter in his hair every day, that is not an indicator of whether or not he wants to sleep with the same sex, that is merely behavior. And it's almost impossible, if not 100% impossible for a kid that age to even know that they're gay to know what gay means. So by bringing it up, you're pushing them into something that they don't know, there could be tons of other reasons for that behavior, the part that you really need to look at is the behavior itself and whether or not it's harmful. And if it's not harmful, then it's Mom and Dad's job to talk to them about sexuality has nothing to do with the classroom. Now, if one of the other kids who happens to know what gay is from an older brother, or whatever, and again, all of these situations, I'm just making up as I go, but say that happens, and they poke fun, and they say, Oh, you're acting gay, the teacher can have a conversation and just say, that's not very nice. There's nothing wrong with gay and he's not acting gay. He's just acting chat, if you will. So the concept that behavior can point to sexual orientation is ludicrous. And it's not true. And all of the sort of pro gay, if you will, psychologists will tell you that that's not true at all. And just from my own experience, I know so many guys that are straight married today. And they'll tell you that they played with their mom's makeup and messed around with her heels around the house when they were four and five and six years old or whatever, doesn't mean anything. So if you're going to question something, make sure that you think it through a little bit more, because you're actually demonstrating your lack of knowledge and your stereotypical views about what a gay kid should look like should be doing and what obviously gay means you're inserting your own bias, which isn't fair to the LGBTQ community. All right, what's next? We

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received an email from Peter, lovely, lovely Peter, saying, You are disgusting. As a gay person. How do you live with yourself promoting violence and hate toward trans? Evil? transphobia is why trans people commit suicide.

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So first of all, I wear when liberals call me disgusting, I wear that as a badge of honor. So thank you, Peter, mixed, there's no hate or violence in any of the podcasts. I shouldn't even have to say it but they he's probably listened to one episode or probably gotten a clip emailed to him, but there's no hate or bias. I am not transphobic Okay, first of all, I don't even agree with transphobic or homophobic or any of those terms, because, again, they're sweeping generalizations that just throw everything into a pot. So there's an insult or something that you can divide other people and pit them against whatever group you're supposedly trying to defend. I don't have stats in front of me on trans suicide rates, but I can almost promise you that the reason why trans transgender When people commit suicide has very little to do with podcasts that they have to go listen to on their own. It's like, No one's forcing trans people to listen to me. And then they listen to me, and then they go commit suicide. I mean, your argument makes no sense. There's absolutely no logic. What I will tell you, though, is that what I do hate is not trans people, I hate people who use whatever God has given them, or what they've decided to deal themselves. Whether someone is born with something like a disability, whether someone is born gay, or they believe they're born gay, like I do, whether someone's born trans or they decide choose to alter their gender later in life, those circumstances that either you're born with, or that you create are what is going to limit what you can do and what you can't do in society. And physically, emotionally, sexually, all of those things pertain to the choices that you make, or what you're born with. You don't get special treatment, you don't you don't get to commit murder. But because you're trans and you've had a hard life, you get a lower sentence than someone who commits murder, that's your same age, same, everything just has different genitalia. That's not how it works. That's what I hate. That's called legal bias. That's called Trans bias. That's called gay bias, race bias. And if you're trans or a champion for the trans community, you should be disgusted by that, because essentially, what people are saying that are proponents for that special treatment is, you're too stupid, you're too weak, you've had it too hard to step up and be the way that this country expects you to be as a contributor to society. I mean, as a gay man, if I heard people saying that we needed leniency on certain situations, and I have heard that and it pisses me off to all hell, because I don't need special treatment to be successful, I don't need special treatment to feel like I am whole, or that I'm owed something. It's actually a big slap in the face if you look at it logically, but I live with myself very well with several glasses of wine and martinis and steaks on a weekly basis. So I appreciate your question,

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Lauren Diem do. Instead of worrying about gas prices, we should focus on fixing the environment by using electric vehicles, which are also cheaper to fuel.

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Well, first of all, Lauren, you don't fuel an electric vehicle, you charge them, but I'm just being that was kind of a dick comment. I'm sorry. Listen, I think everyone in the world can agree that we need to shift our energy thought process, I'm not going to say dependency, because fossil fuels will be around for a very long time, if not forever. So it's not about being dependent on anything. But it's about understanding what makes sense where, how and why. And that can be varying levels of energy, nuclear power, solar, obviously, if I live in Minnesota, it doesn't make sense for me to put solar panels on my house, you know, or even in Portland, Oregon, like they get like five sunny days a year. So but in California, it makes sense. The same would go with electric vehicles in LA in Orange County, where I live, it makes a lot of sense, because generally, people aren't driving more than 200 miles and in a few days, but in rural areas where the closest hospital or the closest grocery store is 40 5060 miles away, you're really pushing it, and it probably wouldn't be that effective for that person to have that mode of transportation. So I do like your question, because you are correct, we do need to diversify energy all around the world, just as you would diversify an investment portfolio. But just to give you a couple figures, if you will, on electric vehicles, they don't save nearly as much energy or oil as you would think. So according to the EPA, you're the you're the top users of fossil fuel. 28% come from transportation, half of that. So 14% of the total is cars and you know, light light duty trucks. So of the entire use of fossil fuels. 14% come from cars. 25% of the total comes from the electricity grid. That's the grid that powers your lights, your air conditioning, your Pool Heater, your ceiling fans, the coffee machines at Starbucks, those are all powered by fossil fuel oil gives us electricity. So if you were to swap out every car in America that takes oil and make them electric, where they have to be plugged in the usage doesn't go to zero. All it does is it redirects the amount of oil from inside a gas tank to being pumped into an energy grid. So essentially, yes, there would be when you when you balance it all out, there would be a savings of oil, fossil fuels, not of dollars. So you know that that hasn't been calculated, but there would be a savings of fossil fuels but not like what you would think because you're using more fossil fuels by actually plugging in. So this whole concept of that switching to green fleets and green vehicles really will offset the cost of oil it will offset the greenhouse gas emissions isn't true. because they have to be plugged in. And in order for the plug to work, you need oil. So maybe a little bit less oil, but you still need oil. But I do appreciate your question. Thank you.

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What do we got? Sam tweeted to you, your values don't even align with the LGBTQ community, you literally just shit on them. What makes you think you can speak for them?

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First of all, I don't think that I'm speaking on behalf of anyone I'm speaking on behalf of my show. This is this is a talk show. And it's me talking my opinion, not the LGBTQ community. However, my shitting on them, according to your question, or your statement would be what I call criticism, and I criticize the LGBTQ community harder than what you would say, are the other communities out there, because I'm a part of it. And when you're a part of something, you want the best for it. And I honestly do, I want the gay community to wake up and go, Man, we have been backwards all along. This is illogical. And by saying that I don't align with their values, you're insinuating that there is this common set of values that is vast and spread across the LGBT community? Well, first of all, there's not LGBTQ in its very definition is just defining either what genitalia you have, or who you'd like to sleep with. That's it, human values, personal values, and those things don't align. And if they do, they shouldn't. So my values are my values, your values are your values, and you don't speak through a set of values for a group of people. That's just silly. It's not rational. But I want you to think about it like this. It's kind of like when you do a group project. In college, there's always three types of people. There's the leader, who generally people get resentful of and don't like, because they criticize all of them, because they're worried that their name is also going to be on the project. So they're highly critical, they push and they lead. And people are, you know, don't love that. But they're the ones that are responsible for getting shit done, then you have the followers in the middle who just sit and wait to get the assignment from the leader, and they just follow and do their job. And then and then you always have the idiot, there's either one or two of them or a handful, depending on how bad the group is. But they literally just bury their head and pretend like they're not there, they're just not not included, not they don't want to be included. They're not excited, and they do not want to participate within the LGBTQ group, I would be considered, in my opinion, a leader and as a leader, my name is associated with the LGBTQ community. And so I am highly critical of that because my name is on it. And I want the followers to follow the right formula for success of the group. Overall, my critiques are definitely not hate. My critiques are based on data and fact that are supposed to help the gay community remove its reliance on some of this crazy left socialist BS and I'll leave it at that. What other crazy do we have me yelling at me,

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you received an email saying, Dear Chad, try using peppermint and ginger instead of Tom's comes over time. Don't do much stay healthy, the natural doctor.

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I love that you're actually the second person to tell me that you're the first person to tell me on air or via email for the show. So I appreciate it. My listeners looking out for me this is a very new feeling. So I'm smiling ear to ear I really liked that. And I am going to get peppermint and ginger because the liberal heartburn that I get is is becoming unmanageable. As crazy as they're getting thing men should get pregnant. Thank you, by the way,

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some are DM do on Instagram saying just because the Florida bill doesn't say gay or homosexual, it still implies that people should steer away from them,

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unfortunately, because these things are like rapid fire. I don't have the bill in front of me. But well, first of all, let me say this. There's nowhere in the bill nowhere shape or form that has any sort of implication either it is cut and dry. And if you've read any state or federal legislation, there's really not a lot of room for implication in the first place. But I do think I understand where you're coming from in the sense that you believe that the bill doesn't promote inclusion, it promotes more of separation from one to the other, which has been peddled for the last few months about it. And it's totally not true. It's also not responsible to create inclusion curriculum or culture around sexuality in ages where sexuality is not known or you know, the kids are not physically capable of understanding what sexuality even means. I am all for inclusion. My mom has. My mom has a very, very rich past in special ed and special needs kids. She's actually a pioneer in the education system as someone who created one of the very first all inclusive preschools that that teach and operate with special needs and non special needs children all at once there extent and the purpose of that was to promote inclusivity. Because special needs kids have it way worse than what any gay bullying would look like. I mean, these these poor kids and and the differences is that kids with special needs are born that way. And you can say that gays are two, which is fine. However special needs, kids can be identified where gay kids cannot. So a kindergarten or a four year old can sit and look and say, Oh, that person's in a wheelchair, or that person talks differently than me. And in the past, those students have been sort of sequestered holed up in the special ed classroom, I'm sure you all remember and he walked by. And it's just, you know, it looks like craziness is happening and happening in there. And you've got kids of all ages and of all disabilities with one teacher, it's actually very, very sad. So by creating this inclusive environment with special needs, and the non special needs kids, it allows that sensitivity and stigma to be removed by the time that they're in a full classroom. The goal is that there's not any weirdness that there's a special ed kid in one of the classes where you know, that isn't necessarily a special ed class, regular class. I don't know the right word I'm supposed to use. But so I totally believe in that. I am a huge proponent of that. And I wouldn't be a proponent of that. For varying sexualities. The differences is that sexuality is a big gray area special needs is black and white. And that special needs kids don't question, you know, their disability, you know, it's one of the things kids don't get up when they're in sixth grade and go, I wonder if I'm really down, you know, I wonder if I really have Down syndrome, or I wonder if I'm really autistic were in the sexual realm or sexuality realm, it's that it's constant questioning. So you can use an inclusive model for things that are not in the gray area to desensitize kids to wheelchairs, or ticks, or speech impediments or whatever that might be. Because those things aren't changing, they're not going away. And they're going to be along the same ride through the next 12 years of school to think that that same model can be applied to sexuality at such a young age is absurd. Because psychologists time and time again, have told us that kids under seven can't really figure out or even understand what gay means. I mean, I'm sure there's some of them that watch something on TV, or maybe they have gay parents in the gay parents talk to them about what the word gay is, or you know, that they're gay. And so then they go to school and say they're gay, but to really understand it from a physiological perspective, it's impossible. And so instead of trying to create inclusion through a separate model, you just have to use inclusion and treat everyone the same. But that doesn't work with disabilities. And so as a gay man, let me tell you something, I would much rather be the one to get bullied be the one to get beat up, be the one to get hate mail on Instagram or Twitter than any of those poor kids that that are disabled. It's not fair for them. It's not fair for their parents. And so when I see these people whining and crying about making sure that gayness and transness has a place in the classroom. Meanwhile, these same people probably pick fun and point out or say things about the disabled and about these kids with special needs. It's the same people that come into the classroom and talk about how this kid with ADHD or autism is disrupting their daughter's education. Well, I don't care and you need to learn to be more inclusive. And that's the real liberal bias right there. They want inclusivity about sexuality, but they don't want a child who has special needs to be in the same classroom as theirs because they're being disruptive. As you can tell, I have a special place in my heart for special needs kids. So anyways, I digress. Go ahead. Alyssa,

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you received an email asking Chad, what is your take on reports that the Russian economy is doing okay, despite sanctions? Is this a conspiracy? Or Is there truth to it?

Unknown Speaker 28:58

Oh, I love this. This is a smart listener. I love love, love this. All right, smart listener, you are very, very smart. That is not a conspiracy. That is 100% Fact. But no one other than the economist that I can find is actually reporting on this issue. Economist has been tracking this since early April and is basically saying they're faring just fine. It's not nearly as bad as what the regular media is telling you. And so if you look at what they talk about, it's it's really interesting. I mean, let's go back to Biden was like, Oh, the ruble is going to curl collapse the they're going to default on their debt payments that again, I don't have it in front of me. So I'm thinking out loud here. But Russian stocks were going to completely fall apart and the gas lines that they had would dry up. They're just one big gas station, and now No one's buying their gas. So it's gonna fall apart when really none of that is true. I mean, for example, their inflation is lower than ours. They're at 5%. We're at almost 8%. And that's because they're federal bank or their central bank, excuse me, acted immediately and jacked up interest rates to get control of the inflation that was coming because of the conflict that they started the value of the ruble right now, as of today, I just checked today, it's actually double value than it was before the invasion. They're making all their foreign currency payments, their debt payments, they haven't defaulted on anything. And they're spending. I mean, their banks have reported spending and third party organizations out of Finland have reported their back to pre pandemic levels of spending going out to dinner bars, cafes, etc. And the number one thing to realize is that, you know, we've turned off the pipelines and didn't know their oil production and sales is higher than it was before the invasion, they've actually sold about $62 billion in oil, just in the last I don't know, a couple of months. But I also think it's really important for us to remember that anyone who knew anything about Russian economics, when these sanctions were being put into place already knew that Russia came from the Soviet Union, they know how to prepare their economy to avoid all the famine and disaster that happened when the West imposed economic sanctions or type of sanctions on the Soviet Union after World War Two throughout the Cold War. So their economy is very, very closed. If you look at it compared to other economies, they're the least dependent on the world economy, obviously, they have some dependency, but not nearly as much as us or China, etc. So if any country was going to fare sanctions, well, it was going to be Russia. That's why we all said, this is useless. They know how to get around this one way or the other. It's not a big deal. They have systems in place already for when their imports stop there car manufacturers that can't get their imports. They know how to subsidize that, and how to create it domestically. It's actually very, very interesting. When you look at it, they don't live a life of wealth and success like we do here. But their economy is not collapsing or tumbling, which is exactly why he can continue to ramp up these military efforts, which I talked about in the very beginning. Biden swears we're Russian oil free. I don't believe that I think he's shipping it. I think Putin, you know, I think Russia is shipping it through pipeline into Europe. They're repackaging it and then sending it to us. But that could be considered more of a conspiracy theory. Okay. That's just kind of my opinion, if you will, however, their economy is doing way better than predicted. And the sanctions did absolutely nothing. But create a rat race, chasing experiment experience, trying to track down yachts of oligarchs,

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you received an actual nice message. Here's what it says, no question here. I just want to say thanks, my parents now get I can be gay and on the right, by the way, they love you and my mom loves your voice. So Lucas, will tell

Unknown Speaker 32:55

you your mom. Thanks, Lucas. Does she love the sound of my boys? Now? Thank you very much. That's awesome. That is the number one reason for this show is because I know there are people that are part of the LGBTQ community and gay teens that are coming up in conservative families with Christian values and conservative Christian values where they might not know where a gay kid or a gay sibling would fit in their family dynamic. And so I am the beacon of light for all of that. No, but I really do appreciate. Appreciate that. It makes me feel good that and the Tums man people are worried about my stomach and I've inspired some gay youth to be to be right.

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Next, Alex emailed you Why shouldn't Rittenhouse be shamed for shooting people? He is racist, and he killed people who supported the BLM Movement.

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Well, okay, Alex, there's absolutely no shame in defending yourself. Each witness and video demonstrated that Kyle was being attacked and without his weapon, he would have died he was fearing for his life whether you're coming at me from a gun standpoint that he should have never had a gun going in. Okay, well, what if it was a knife? What's the difference? He defended himself as he should have as to why the victims were there? We can't confirm that they were there supporting BLM bolo. Two of them had serious criminal records and I don't remember their names or their records but I can tell you that two of them one of them had like child assault, sexual assault or something. So this is free for all Friday. So please know guys, I am off the record. So when I say certain things, I am coming from memory but I can always issue corrections later. But back to the question at hand is why he shouldn't feel shame because there is no shame. I would ask you what you say your name once. I would ask Alex. If someone comes to your house knocks on your door kicks down your door and starts charging at you or charging at a member of your family. Are you going to withhold protecting yourself because of shame and it seems like you've bought into the mainstream media rhetoric about him being racist. But I've said this so many times I feel like I'm blue in the face when there's a crime that happens. And I can tell you, several of my one of my best friends is a investigator for the federal, the Federal Public Defender. I have another friend who's a DEA, I know the law very, very, very well. And I can tell you this when there's a crime committed anything from petty theft to murder or sexual assault, the first thing the police do once an arrest warrant is issued or a search warrant is issued is they take your computer, your phone, all of your electronics, anything that has a digital footprint, they do basically digital forensics on it and they pull everything you've deleted they pull everything that you have on on regular files, they can find anything hidden. They can see your browsing history but way beyond what you do just looking through Google Chrome, I mean they go layers and layers and layers and layers deep. Of course they did that for Rittenhouse zoo, the first thing that they did when they decided to file the charges if someone's a racist, don't you think that they would text a racist slur or have a racist affiliation to a Facebook group or follow kk k members on Twitter or send messages to your parents about race or shooting different races? None of that was found not one not a shred and any tweet or meme or any of that that you see that says it is an all out lie. Even Snopes, which is a joke, basically acknowledges that he all most of the stuff, the swirl out there on him is all a lie. So no, he should not feel shamed. No, he's not a racist. And we have no idea why those victims were there. They could have been there. One of them the pedophile could have been there hunting for victims. Would that have been a different story? If Kyle saw him trying to grab a seven year old and shot him in the face just because he was at a BLM rally? You know, everything you people do is circumstantial. But when the circumstances get turned around on you, it's okay. That's why I get frustrated. Who's next?

Unknown Speaker 37:07

Sarah T dem do. Biden wasn't wrong to say that Putin shouldn't be in power. Trump has said way worse.

Unknown Speaker 37:15

This is my absolute favorite argument of all time. Well, Danny said worse, so I can say this. Like, why is there why is the liberal bar set against anything Trump did you know, I can act right now that I'm not a Trump supporter I am. But even if I'm not a Trump supporter, and I hate him, and I think he lies and everything else, why does that justify someone else's behavior? It doesn't? Didn't your mom ever tell you? Well, it's so and so gonna jump off a bridge are you going to to I mean, it's essentially the same concept. So the argument that Trump did something to justify Biden's incompetence is stupid, you should find a much stronger backbone to your argument. But I will address Biden saying those things about removing Putin from power. First of all, Russia is a Marxist socialist government that or democratic socialism or whatever you want to call it, but there's one ruler, essentially. And that's Putin and all they care about is remaining in power, that's their number one whole thing is staying in power. So when you're in an international forum, and you already have a war going, and you're talking about trying to come to terms to get the war under control, and then you say something that's basically like people would always default when they were calling me names, or whatever about my weight. And so that was a big insecurity of mine. Poons number one insecurity that we know time and time again, is remaining in power in the support of his people. So Biden as the leader of the free world to be so stupid to poke the bear that bad during an economic forum with a bunch of other countries that Putin has basically deemed an existential threat for him to go on and say Putin should be removed from power, he shouldn't be in power. You're basically saying, come drop a nuke on our head, come do a cyber attack. You don't poke the bear in these situations. And especially when he's saying he won't engage with Russia, then he makes a comment like that that's engaging. It's an assault on Putin, which will No good can come of it. No peace talks will come of it. So he was wrong in saying it. He was wrong, how he said it, and that's why his White House has issued several corrections and context updates to try to rectify it. If it wasn't wrong, they wouldn't be trying to correct it. All right. Let's hear something else.

Unknown Speaker 39:36

An anonymous person asks you, Why did you add the clip of an Asian talking? That was fucking racist? I think they're referring to the episode about Dr. Fauci.

Unknown Speaker 39:49

For the real the real scientists of Wuhan. Okay, first of all, it was not an Asian. It was creed from the office who actually speaks Chinese and it was Chinese and it was actual China. I knees and we were talking about the Wuhan lab in China it was not racist. It was actually agree a Chinese greeting and it wasn't meant to be racist if you if you felt like it was, however, or it's I can't just leave an answer straight like that going around and calling everyone racist is not going to help you very much in your life. I think that you should probably try. I feel like Dr. Laura, I think you should probably try to find other hobbies than finding racism in podcasts. But that's just my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 40:29

All right, for our last question, Jake, messaged, you chat. My mom made me listen to your show. I'm going away to college in the fall. I have a few questions for you. One, how do you suggest I keep my head above water being in such a work environment? And to what do you recommend I read within or watch just starting out getting into conservative politics.

Unknown Speaker 40:51

All right, Jake, what an awesome question. Thank you. Thank you, your mom for making you listen to the episode because clearly if you're if you're still diving into conservative politics, then I didn't repulse you that bad. I love this question. For two reasons. One, you're aware of the environment that you're going into which I would have loved to Ben and to your Eagle eagerness to learn is a breath of fresh air. The cool thing about your question is that the two actually go hand in hand. So you know, you're going to be in a work environment, the only way that you're going to keep your head above water is by listening, reading and watching people who actually make sense. The first thing I would say, to keep your head above water if you do want to have these discussions, but you never want to fight, alright, which is very hard. It's like finding a needle in a haystack to find a liberal that will have a discussion with you around facts, non biased information with no personal attacks. But if you can find that those conversations are very, very healthy. And I suggest that you have them all day long. If you can, the next thing you have to do is you've got to immerse yourself in the opposite, because you're immersed on one side. So you've got to cancel that out. So if I could give you some advice as to where to start, the first thing I would read is The Federalist Papers. It's obviously a very old book or document you should say, written by some of the original founders of the country. My personal favorite, Ron Paul, the father of Rand Paul, the current Senator, you can start with the his revolution, or the American socialist agenda, any any of those are fantastic. Also Mark Levin, very, very smart. He's a historian knows everything about the Constitution, I would also suggest that you go on to the Convention of States action, or CE O 's, and join their newsletter, read all about it. And if you can volunteer and get involved, they're an amazing group. And in my opinion, they're the only conservative group that is actually working at changing some of these things that everyone else has deemed impossible. And so anyone that can get behind them, donate to them, volunteer with them, you will not only learn true constitutional education, but you'll also be around some of the smartest people in the world. And Mark Levin is I don't know how formally attached he is to it, but he's by listening to him many years ago. He's the reason why I got involved with them. And then podcasts, you know, anything the daily wire produces Ben Shapiro are great podcasts to listen to, there's a few that I listened to are more just like, quick, conservative bullet points, that helped me a lot, sort of get my head straight. I don't know where you live. But I can tell you that I am in a woke University every day being in California, it's essentially what it is essentially how I live. And so like you, I have to stay super grounded. And I have to hold my tongue and save my thoughts for constructive conversation and just read and be as knowledgeable as possible. And it really will change your life. And you'll find that your friends, everyone around you will be gravitated towards you. Because you're gonna be someone who makes sense and someone who is grounded and not hysterical like everyone else around you. So that was the last question. Anything else Alyssa? All right. Well, this is our first Friday free for all. Hope you all enjoyed it. And more importantly, I hope these answers to these questions can give you answers to answer some of the questions that might be coming up around you. Who knows. So really good line of questioning, and it was really much more constructive than I imagined. I thought it was just going to be a bunch of people calling me a white supremacist Nazi, which happens on a daily basis. But this was fun, a nice little mix. So thank you to everyone. Whether you agreed or not for sending in your questions, your emails, your hate tweets, whatever continue, please, because these sorts of conversations are really the pillar of democracy and the pillar of America and we have to keep having them in order to move forward. You've just listened to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law reminding you what Reagan once said, The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority, or more individual freedom. And this is a pretty general description, also of what libertarianism is. God bless you, President Reagan, and may God save America.

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