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Dirty Pete the liar, hypocrite, and sorry excuse for a gay man!


Intro: Dirty Pete at it again. He's a hypocritical liar and elitist fraud who makes gay men look bad everywhere. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yeah, let's go Brandon. Come on, let's go. Let's get fired up today, folks. Come on, let's go for Brandon. Yeah.

Chad: Hello everybody. Let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of The Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law here to help each of you destroy the soul of America with violence and darkness because we're the dark anti-American. For the next hour, rest your head in my hands and trust that your binary brother and America's holiest homo will lead you to salvation. For those of you running around, don't worry, this episode and more will be broadcast through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Y'all know it.

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Well, folks, it's another day of fighting whining and blaming in Washington. While us good people of the world are washing our cars on our lunch breaks. My nod to Cheryl Crowe, but no, it's the weekend, we're doing laundry, taking care of the family. I was actually at the dog park with Ron when the producer called, my new producer called and said, Chad, there's way too much going on. Let's push the gay charity expose back and I need you to get on and talk now about Mayor Pete, aka dirty Pete. I mean, luckily for him, I'm always ready. I threw Ron in the car, came to the studio and to my surprise, the whole team was already in place.

I'm telling you folks, we're getting really good at this. We're going to be a year old in February and I can't believe the progress we've made. As you know, we have a lot cooking as well, but dirty Pete is shaping up to be a lot more hypocritical than I could have ever imagined as the 21 and 22 spending reports are being made public. I mean the same man and, and I talk about this all the time because I'm just obsessed with how ridiculous it is, but the same man who staged a bike ride to the White House has some serious questions to answer about his travel, political donations, etcetera.

Furthermore, we're two years into his rain, his transportation secretary, and what has he really done? I mean, it really seems his only work has been able to just prop himself up and make himself and keep himself in the headlines because I think he still intends to run for president at some point. But before we get into that, I do have a couple last gay conservative announcements. We had our first big board meeting on Friday to welcome some of our new board members and discuss the 2023 agenda. A few things came up randomly that I haven't mentioned and I think are very important that we talk about.

One of our new members mentioned he prefers to listen to the show on a faster speed 1.25 x. It's quicker and easier for him to soak up the information, then I tried it and I kind of like it too. So any of you who think maybe the show's a little too slow because I'm definitely not a fast talker. Any of you that have had that objection when you've talked about the show to friends or family, just tell him to jump it up to 1.25 or 1.5 x and it's an awesome solution. I think Johnny Cash and I had the same thing in mind when he said, ma'am, if we could play any faster, we would. Well, if I could talk any faster, I would. I'm just not a fast talker. Another huge focus for us will be social media. If you don't follow us on Instagram and Twitter, please do.

We have a new team in place and we'll also be doing a lot of cross-promotion and work with the Convention of State's action, which always is a great, great source of information. We've also started to launch our events program where yours truly can join your meetings, webinars, rallies, whatever you're doing. I'll be on a speaking tour next year as well, speaking at various Republican and conservative events, which the calendar will be published soon. I'm telling you folks, big things, big things and those of you who have been my core since the beginning will receive free tickets and any opportunity that I have to bring you into the fold, I will give it away. I'll work with your personal charities. Whatever you need from me for being an original fan, you let me know. I will take care of it. You're my number one priority.

I don't know about all of you, but every year I think about what to get everyone, friends and family. Most of the time I just say, what do they not already have? Which is, they tell me, they say the same thing about me. Most of us work hard and we have the ability to get ourselves what we want throughout the year. So a Christmas gift isn't necessarily something that is a, necessary and b, worth it because if we wanted it, we would've already bought it. So I'm doing things a little differently this year folks, this year I'm making donations to Big Brother, Big Sisters of America on behalf of all of those that I love. Obviously the kids in the family, nieces, nephews, they get to get spoiled, but that's what Christmas is all about. It's really about the children and I look at my friends, I'm like, do they really need another pair of shoes?

Do they really need another Kitche