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Dirty Pete the liar, hypocrite, and sorry excuse for a gay man!


Intro: Dirty Pete at it again. He's a hypocritical liar and elitist fraud who makes gay men look bad everywhere. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yeah, let's go Brandon. Come on, let's go. Let's get fired up today, folks. Come on, let's go for Brandon. Yeah.

Chad: Hello everybody. Let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of The Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law here to help each of you destroy the soul of America with violence and darkness because we're the dark anti-American. For the next hour, rest your head in my hands and trust that your binary brother and America's holiest homo will lead you to salvation. For those of you running around, don't worry, this episode and more will be broadcast through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow. Y'all know it.

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Well, folks, it's another day of fighting whining and blaming in Washington. While us good people of the world are washing our cars on our lunch breaks. My nod to Cheryl Crowe, but no, it's the weekend, we're doing laundry, taking care of the family. I was actually at the dog park with Ron when the producer called, my new producer called and said, Chad, there's way too much going on. Let's push the gay charity expose back and I need you to get on and talk now about Mayor Pete, aka dirty Pete. I mean, luckily for him, I'm always ready. I threw Ron in the car, came to the studio and to my surprise, the whole team was already in place.

I'm telling you folks, we're getting really good at this. We're going to be a year old in February and I can't believe the progress we've made. As you know, we have a lot cooking as well, but dirty Pete is shaping up to be a lot more hypocritical than I could have ever imagined as the 21 and 22 spending reports are being made public. I mean the same man and, and I talk about this all the time because I'm just obsessed with how ridiculous it is, but the same man who staged a bike ride to the White House has some serious questions to answer about his travel, political donations, etcetera.

Furthermore, we're two years into his rain, his transportation secretary, and what has he really done? I mean, it really seems his only work has been able to just prop himself up and make himself and keep himself in the headlines because I think he still intends to run for president at some point. But before we get into that, I do have a couple last gay conservative announcements. We had our first big board meeting on Friday to welcome some of our new board members and discuss the 2023 agenda. A few things came up randomly that I haven't mentioned and I think are very important that we talk about.

One of our new members mentioned he prefers to listen to the show on a faster speed 1.25 x. It's quicker and easier for him to soak up the information, then I tried it and I kind of like it too. So any of you who think maybe the show's a little too slow because I'm definitely not a fast talker. Any of you that have had that objection when you've talked about the show to friends or family, just tell him to jump it up to 1.25 or 1.5 x and it's an awesome solution. I think Johnny Cash and I had the same thing in mind when he said, ma'am, if we could play any faster, we would. Well, if I could talk any faster, I would. I'm just not a fast talker. Another huge focus for us will be social media. If you don't follow us on Instagram and Twitter, please do.

We have a new team in place and we'll also be doing a lot of cross-promotion and work with the Convention of State's action, which always is a great, great source of information. We've also started to launch our events program where yours truly can join your meetings, webinars, rallies, whatever you're doing. I'll be on a speaking tour next year as well, speaking at various Republican and conservative events, which the calendar will be published soon. I'm telling you folks, big things, big things and those of you who have been my core since the beginning will receive free tickets and any opportunity that I have to bring you into the fold, I will give it away. I'll work with your personal charities. Whatever you need from me for being an original fan, you let me know. I will take care of it. You're my number one priority.

I don't know about all of you, but every year I think about what to get everyone, friends and family. Most of the time I just say, what do they not already have? Which is, they tell me, they say the same thing about me. Most of us work hard and we have the ability to get ourselves what we want throughout the year. So a Christmas gift isn't necessarily something that is a, necessary and b, worth it because if we wanted it, we would've already bought it. So I'm doing things a little differently this year folks, this year I'm making donations to Big Brother, Big Sisters of America on behalf of all of those that I love. Obviously the kids in the family, nieces, nephews, they get to get spoiled, but that's what Christmas is all about. It's really about the children and I look at my friends, I'm like, do they really need another pair of shoes?

Do they really need another Kitchen aid mixer or set of knives? No, the Big Brother, big sister organization is so positive. There's nothing more American than this organization. I'm a big brother here in Orange County and I've watched many kids that were on the wrong path grow up to be amazing people, graduate high school when they were never supposed to. These are American children, American kids, American young people who are disadvantaged and get paired up with upstanding members of their community to help them learn and become successful contributors to society.

I mean, really there's nothing more American than that. Instead of the government propping you up or handouts, you pair someone with someone who has a lot to offer in the wisdom of life, if you will, or the Book of Life and they pass that on to someone else. That's what America's all about. I mean, sure you can drive around and hand out Christmas meals and do toy drives, which is all great, but giving the gift of mentorship and opportunity for a new life, oh, and by the way race, sexual orientation, gender, have nothing to do with anything, it's just about helping. And to me, there's no greater gift.

I mean, I think the old saying goes, give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. That's exactly what we're doing at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I would encourage all of you to make a donation on behalf of your loved ones if you can. I got this idea, my friend last year donated on my behalf to another cause I'm very, very active in. It's the Autism Partnership Foundation in Seal Beach. They are by far the most cutting edge advanced and loving people I've ever met in the special needs community. As you know, I'm pretty rooted in special needs. My mom is special ed and special needs leader in education and they provide specific scientific and medical tools to help autistic people progress and not do the mainstream thing, which is just stay defined by their diagnosis and sort of manage day by day. But no, putting goals and programs into place that help them get better, go figure.

Anyways, I'm getting off track here, but please give generously if you can this year. If not, go sign up to be a Big Brother, Big Sister. It is an excruciating process, I'll tell you that to get your application in, but once you are in it is incredible. Alright, so we have quite a few big news items to cover today in place of a funny story, which I don't really have much since the last time we chatted. No, I'm not talking about that. I'm still pissed off. He's holding a printed picture of a Trump NFT card and everyone's asking me about it. I'm not going to talk about it.

Nope, I'm not talking about it. It's stupid. Totally off the path I think many of us think he should be taking. Maybe there's some positive built into it that I don't know about, but it seems a silly, desperate ploy for media attention. everybody's looking at him to flip or flop this campaign and people should take him seriously. We want to take him seriously and then he makes [09:45 inaudible] cards with NFTs, which are a big scam anyways. See, you got me talking about it. Don't do that.

Well, the IRS continues to dig through the couch for change as politicians outspend tax revenues at record rates. This year the IRS has made it clear that it'll send out 10.99 K forms to those individuals in small businesses that have used any of the popular payment apps like PayPal, Venmo or Zell, and received over $600. This attack on small businesses send one message, we will always tax more without spending less. And Biz Pack did a great job of covering the story. It says this move will ostensibly act as the extra tax on the middle class impacting those making far less than $400,000 a year in a provision that the Biden administration claimed was to crack down on wealthy tax cheats that will now go after the little guy expected by many.

Next up, those thousands of IRS agents just hired will be allegedly going after small businesses. Democrats implemented the change in third party transactions reporting in March of 2021 when they pass the American Rescue Plan without any Republican support. If a single transaction is over $600 or of multiple ones total over that amount, it'll trigger the form to be sent out at the end of the year. This is the irs cracking down on Americans not paying taxes on small transactions, and it's exactly what they claim they would not do. The policy will directly impact small business owners and millions of Americans who make money online. Approximately one in four Americans make money by selling something online, renting their home, or using a digital platform to do work. According to Pew Research.

Folks, this is scary stuff. They're militarizing the IRS. I've already told you that, but the fact that they're coming after $600 transactions on Venmo or PayPal is ridiculous. Instead of taking a step back and seeing how they can work within the budget of the true tax revenues, they go digging through the couch for more change. You can't be more idiotic than that. No business could ever run if they were constantly chasing new streams of revenue without ever touching their bottom line. You have to manage the top line and the bottom line at the same time. You can't cut everything and you can't depend on growth either.

It's a constant balance, which our federal government has no concept of. Alright, moving on at Virginia Tech, as we know, the First Amendment only works one way. To me this is one of the most troubling first Amendment cases of our time. This Kirsten Henning, the soccer player from Virginia Tech, has received the go ahead, thank God, for her lawsuit against Virginia Tech to move to trial. We're living in a time where kneeling during the anthem, destroying flags and other anti-American demonstrations are being celebrated. And then you have this poor girl, Kirsten, who was punished for not only exercising her first amendment by refusing to denounce her country, but also for being what many in the media are calling two patriotic. She refused to kneel. Immediately she was benched, harassed, verbally assaulted, and iced out from the rest of the team. What a terrible experience.

Kristen Hennen, a walk-on turn starter was ready to commence her junior year with the Virginia Tech women's soccer team, the hokey, at the September 12th, 2020 game opener against the University of Virginia. However, her relationship with Coast Charles, they call him Chugger a dale, began a downward spiral when she chose not to kneel along with the other starters on the field for a show of support for Black Lives Matter several months after George Floyd died, while in police custody Biz Pack also reported at the time the lawsuit was filed that Henning alleged Adair berated her during halftime at that game for being selfish and individualistic and for doing her own thing. In the next game, she had been removed from the starting lineup, told to play an unfamiliar position, and was allegedly yelled at after the game. By the third game, her playing time had been dramatically cut, and on September 20th she announced she was leaving the team because of Adair's alleged campaign of abuse and retaliation.

We see this stuff every day, folks. It's my way or the highway, but it's way worse than that. It's way worse than the highway. It's my way or destruction. We will make sure you can never play your favorite sport. We will make sure you can never get into the school. This stuff follows people around and these people like this coach have been brainwashed into believing that people follow this solidarity bullshit, kneeling bullshit, whatever it is, and those who don't follow are racist and misogynistic and all the other things that they list off. The problem with that line of thinking is that it's not constitutional. You don't get to treat a soccer player that way because she doesn't want to kneel. I mean, what about the people who do kneel and they want to kneel? Where's the flip side of that? When there's one person kneeling and everyone else stands, it's just this constant battle and good for her.

I'm glad it's going to jury trial because I think a jury will be able to really throw the book at Virginia Tech and they're going to see this 20 something had her whole life ahead of her loved soccer, dedicated her life to the game, walked on, became a star, and had everything removed just because she refused to join a woke movement. Sick. Alright. Oh, this was a funny one, debt forgiveness for all except 9 million people who received an email by mistake approving them for the program. We were laughing. I said, even the federal government can hit the send button too soon and apparently send 9 million Americans approval on loan forgiveness that they didn't actually qualify. So what are these 9 million people getting now? Apologies. And they have to continue to pay off their debts. But we should be asking another question here, folks. Why is approving millions and millions of dollars of debt forgiveness to 9 million people so easy?

I mean, is it due to the lack of fiscal restraint, an unavoidable accident, human error as they pointed out? Or maybe a political power move to get 9 million people upset with those who are opposing unconstitutional debt forgiveness through executive order? I don't know. That's what it seems like to me. The mistake comes at a time when I think they had 26 million people have applied for debt relief, but they're blocked from debt relief because it's tied up in the courts. Biden does not have the constitutional right to issue debt relief, period. The campus reform previously reported that some judges argue the plan is unconstitutional. The Heroes Act, which the Biden administration says, gives the executive branch power to forgive student loans is a quote, "a law to provide loan assistance to military personnel defending our nation and does not provide the executive branch clear congressional authorization to create a 400 billion student loan forgiveness program.

And that was the Texas Judge Mark Pittman who wrote that in his ruling. The Supreme Court will actually make its final decision on the law's constitutionality in February according to CNN. But while the case awaits the court ruling, the Biden administration extended the pause on student loan repayments, which were originally set to resume in January, but will now be extended to late June of 2023. A censure in a statement to CBS Money Watch blamed the issue on human error, citing that they will review quality control measures to support accurate and timely communications to applicants in the student loan debt relief program. I mean, call me crazy folks. I still believe this was an intentional move to cause more outrage and upset people pre-ruling, which is so silly because this Supreme Court has already shown and made it very clear it doesn't weigh the court of popular opinion, but I guess, photos, videos of people breaking down over it is enough for attack ads against those who are blocking the measure.

And let's be totally honest here. No one is just blocking the measure for the sake of blocking the measure. The measure is being blocked because it's not constitutional and if we were to create a debt forgiveness plan, it would need to be bipartisan, it would need to come out of Congress. President can't just write checks like that with our tax dollars, $400 billion. But the biggest challenge for me is that this broad blanket student loan forgiveness is essentially giving something for nothing. I mean, there are wonderful examples of student loan debt forgiveness programs that work wonderfully, but they usually require some type of trade. Now we understand that those who serve in our military receive a GI bill or a GI credit for higher education.

That's one example, and I'm not sure if this is the case, but I know when I was younger, there was a program in California with teachers who graduate with a new teaching credential, they can choose to put a couple years in a qualified inner city or very [19:05 inaudible] school and they can get their loans reduced or removed. Same with nurses. I know at one point working at low income county facilities, RNs could also get student loans paid off for doing that. I mean, if we fund any student debt relief program, it should include something back for the community, no? I mean, create a program for new law graduates who take a certain amount of low income pro bono cases. When I've mentioned this in the past, most people say, well, there are careers or degrees that aren't able to fulfill something like that.

And it's like, okay, I get it. But I'm suggesting we move away from just giving. So I know that the Biden administration and people in the White House believe this 400 million or 400 billion wipe, excuse me, is going to act as an economic stimulus because the extra money is going to go back into the economy. That's not necessarily true, first of all. Second of all, you become in an endless cycle where we're going to have to do this every 4, 8, 10 years. We're going to have to constantly build up debt and forgive it, which does our economy, our G P and inflation absolutely no favors. It's a bad idea. We have to figure out a program that also incentivizes some good. The military GI Bill for college education has been incredible in recruitment efforts and it's also helped so many people, and I'm not suggesting that everyone should have to go to the military to get their loans reduced.

I'm suggesting that there are areas where people can help everywhere and if it's possible the help should then work towards removing or offsetting the cost of their loans, not just because they're living, breathing. And lastly, my favorite pastime tooting my own horn and another last gay conservative, called it first moment. I did my episode about the fallout from Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan and I said, you watch, the biggest fallout will be the Chinese walking away from conversations around the production and manufacturing of fentanyl, which most originates and is made in China. Just months now after Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, which while she was there slurring against Xi Jinping, China decided to back out of all talks, off of all tables and plans to help combat the amount of fentanyl originating in China coming into the US.

But now that they've walked away, huge surges of stronger, more deadlier drugs are coming across the border, massive amounts, way more than there were before this happened. I mean, this is a combination that only Pelosi and Biden could create by Pelosi causing unchecked manufacturing of the drugs and no help from China. And then you couple that with Biden's wide open borders and it's led to mass death, addiction, mental illness and adding to the homeless problem. And the latest drugs are stronger deadlier and more addicting than any before ever, that they've ever seen coming across the border.

Aren't you all glad she made her mark against the Chinese and stuck it to President Xi? I'm sure all those families who've lost people to overdose feel that it was worth it for her to go and ruin the progress that we've made at capping and controlling the manufacturing and distribution of fentanyl out of China. Alright, let's get into the meat of the episode, shall we folks? Dirty Pete, also known as Mayor Pete, I call him Dirty Pete who is also known as Mayor Pete or Pete Budajudge, Secretary of Transportation has probably been one, if not the biggest disappointment as a gay leader in this country. I mean, the elitism, hypocrisy, and dishonesty always seems to be covered up by his sweet talks. And being a same-sex dad and wife to his wife, Chastity, all you have to do is Google the guy to see how seriously he takes his job.

I mean, the first couple of Google results People Magazine, Pete Budajudge calls parenting twins most demanding thing. Yet I catch myself grinning half the time. USA today, Pete Budajudge calls parenting twins, the most demanding thing I think I've ever done under the celebrity section. Budajudge, quiet on growing pork congestion as shipping concerns build ahead of holidays. Fox News. NBC News, Budajudge on Parenthood, the most demanding thing I've ever done. And business insider Pete Budajudge dishes on his future as a presidential candidate. So all about fatherhood except for one about pork congestion, but talking about his unavailability to handle the pork congestion.

So as you can see, his seriousness as the leader in one of the largest sectors of this country is non-existent. I mean dirty Pete has quite an underwhelming background. He was a mayor of South Bend, Indiana and the city population of about 103,000 people. It's the town of Notre Dame University. And now transportation did technically fall under his duties as mayor and amazingly overnight seem to make him an expert. South Bend does have a bus station with the fleet of 60 buses, a small train station, and a small regional airport. So who better for Team Biden to nominate his Secretary, the Department of Transportation, which by the way employs 58,000 people, which is more than half of the population of his city South Bend and has a budget of $87 billion. Dirty Pete was definitely a newcomer on the scene when he threw his hat in the ring for the 2020 Democratic primary.

He ended up doing a lot better than any of us could have ever expected. Making it all the way to South Carolina where he ended up coming up short and had to suspend his campaign. During the primaries, Biden attacked dirty Pete more than any other rival two to one. He ran ad after ad claiming Pete had no experience. Biden clearly felt threatened by this new guy who gave him a short run for his money. In typical fashion, secretary seats were handed out to the primary losers and Pete was selected for transportation. That is what's so shocking for me, because clearly Biden felt dirty Pete was an experienced weeb. I mean he made that clear on the campaign trail. If you're going to give out secretary seats, at least try to match them with the skillset or give them a less crucial role.

He should have given him urban housing development or some something stupid. I guess it's not stupid, it's all important, but you know what I'm trying to say. Why on earth would Biden nominate this guy? I mean, we all know why though. I've said it a million times. Why folks? Because he is gay. It's as simple as that. Biden came out and said his cabinet, no matter what would be the most diverse cabinet of gender, sexual orientations, races, and religions, how many other gay politicians on the left are public figures enough to award a secretary position to? I mean, maybe a few, but not anyone high profile enough for Biden to make his token gay. Dirty Pete is just another example of Biden's non-merit based hiring as he's done absolutely nothing to help the transportation department. In fact, he's probably made it worse.

We started taking notice of his lack of action or experience when the pandemic supply chain issues started to hit and he was nowhere to be found. Most of these issues being avoidable if the proper plans were put into place, knowing everything that happened was inevitably coming down the road. I mean, I've said this for years. It wasn't so much about what the Biden administration did, it was actually more of the lack of doing or preparing that hurt this country. Everything that happened during and post pandemic could have been mitigated and there were certainly very few surprises. Economists predicted all of it much in advance, but the administration refused to act. So dirty Pete has some seriously dirty secrets that everyone should know and are coincidentally coming to light more and more.

Starting with his own political campaign. Pete had a handful of big money donors who don't exactly align with the small town Middle America gay mayor presidential candidate who he portrays. Forbes Magazine found that Budajudge got donations from 13 big money donators who gave exclusively to him by far the most of any Democrat running for president. Two of the donors have connections to Donald Trump. Jennifer Pritzker, a transgender retired army lieutenant colonel who inherited a chunk of the Hyatt hotel's fortune and previously backed the President Trump is now giving to Bu, so Budajudge. So Darrell Roth, the wife of Trump business partner Steven Roth.

More than one third of Budajudge wealthy benefactors got rich in finance and investments. That group includes seven who built their fortunes from hedge funds, including Bill Ackman, Philip Lafon, and Seth Klarman. I mean, you can't make this stuff up. He also received support from the tech industry, Wendy Schmidt, former CEO of Google's wife, Eric Schmidt, the chief executive Reed Hastings at Netflix, who actually hosted a fundraiser for Budajudge in Silicone Valley. Then they do a meetup held in Napa Valley. And then I love Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren comes out and says a wine cave full of crystals he's spent with rich people.

The funny thing is that he buys into all this stuff too. He's a anti-billionaire. It just cracks me up when politicians, they have this strong convictions on the campaign trail, but when their finances are released, they take money from everyone except Bernie actually, he does not and will not accept donations from billionaires. But on top of the huge number of billionaire donors, many of his donors from his mayoral campaign and presidential campaign are cashing out on transportation contracts. CNBC review of dozens of the city's infrastructure contracts during his second term as mayor from 2016 into 2020 shows that under Budajudge, a portion of the city's spending went towards contractors who later became donors to his campaign for president, which he launched in 2019. I don't know if you guys know this, Budajudge is 38 years old, actually, he's 40 years old now, and he is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party.

This role as transportation secretary could boost him if he seeks to run for higher office again. We know that several of the contractors that were his donors built roads, bridges, and buildings for South Bend in the city. The biggest budget he's ever managed is 350 million. Department of Transportation where he leads has 80 billion to manage, and he proposed a 1 trillion infrastructure plan when he ran for president. I'm looking at this data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics shows Budajudge finished raising nearly 100 million during his presidential campaign, and about 2 million came from donors in the real estate industry. There's another report here by the Center for Public Integrity in the Progressive Media Outlet, The Young Turks, shows that Budjudge received similar contributions from city contractors when he initially ran for mayor in 2011.

In that case, potential contractors gave to his political organization and then they received financial agreements from the city after submitting competitive bids. Those bids were then approved by the Board of Public Works. Now I know what you're all thinking, Chad. They all do that, is this that big of a deal? Well, if you run as a normal cutthroat politician like Biden, fine. However, when you ride in on your high horse claiming to be this guy who's won with the people anti-billionaire, holier than thou, has presented himself as a cut above and different from the masses, then no, you don't get to do that stuff. You have to stand by who you present yourself to be. When in actuality, he's a Harvard and Oxford graduate. He got a desk job in the Navy and worked for a dark money consulting firm called McKinsey.

It's interesting, his relationship with McKinsey seems to be a love-hate relationship. When he talks about the economy, he always refers to his tenure there. However, when he talks what he refers to as kitchen table talk, he's just neighborly dirty Pete, average guy, he just stinks of elitism. He really wore his McKinsey badge when he ran and lost for state treasurer. And then he downgrades to mayor, then thinks he's presidential material. I mean, where do these people come from? You lose a state position, you go get a city position and then think you can be president. I mean, McKenzie actively worked with the president as they were hired by Obama to review ICE infrastructure. And then under Trump, they were shifted to focus on how to stop illegal immigration and free up money for the wall and other programs through ICE.

Essentially everything dirty Pete bowed against when he ran for president in 2020, his previous employer who donates significance amount of money to his campaign are in the backend helping Trump and ICE. Mckinsey's team also looked for ways to accelerate the deportation process. Again, whatever, the New York Times reported that the consultants from McKinsey focused solely on cutting costs and speeding up deportations, actions whose success could be measured in numbers with little acknowledgement that these policies affected thousands of human beings. I mean, again, this is New York Times here. So the bottom line is forget the tone of negativity for what McKinsey did. Mckinsey ultimately did more than 20 million in consulting work for ICE, a commitment of the Trump administration's most controversial endeavors, and they're also in bed with dirty feet.

The firm's global managing partner, Kevin Sneer, assured them in 2018 that the firm had never focused on developing advising or implementing immigration policies. He said McKenzie will not under any circumstance engage in work that advances or assists policies that are at odds with our values. Then they turn around, donate big time to Pete Budajudge's campaign and he took it without question. This is why I hate this guy so much. He represents everything wrong with the left and in a lot of ways our entire country. And he paints himself as this wholesome guy with Midwestern values, a veteran of the Navy and a new father. And what, what does he have to offer? Nothing.

In looking for his actual plan or what he plans on doing as Secretary of Transportation, we found this interview where it starts by the interviewer saying, "why is transportation so important in the fight against climate change?" Because he makes it all about climate change. So dirty Pete says, "when you look at the US economy, transportation accounts for the largest share of our greenhouse gas emissions. To me that means transportation ought to be responsible for the biggest share of the solution. There's a lot in the bipartisan infrastructure law that will help us do that like the emphasis on electric vehicles." The interview goes on to say, "what's one way that the law will cut our emissions?" He goes on to say, "well, we think the EV revolution will happen no matter what, but it's not guaranteed to happen in time to help us meet our climate change goals. That's why policy matters. We're investing in a nationwide EV charging network, 500,000 stations by the end of the decade. So wherever you live, wherever you're headed, you can be as confident about filling up your EV as somebody is today driving a gas powered vehicle." And again, this is a classic example of ignorance all about electric vehicles. That's all he talks about. Electric vehicles, electric vehicles, electric vehicles.

Well, as we've been over many times on this show, electric vehicles are just as much dependent on fossil fuels and contribute to climate change as gas powered cars. All electric vehicles actually do is shift the power source from gasoline, fuel, or fossil fuels pumped directly in your tank versus a line of electricity going directly into the batteries of your car that started as fossil fuels and was converted to electric power. And they say, well, what about emissions Chad, what about emissions? What about it? Our coal powered grids emit more as demand for power increases. That's where the emissions are coming from, not cars. It's coming from the grid. The grid that's dependent on coal power.

And so as more people plug in, they use more coal, more coal emits. I mean, it's not that hard of a formula. But again, the EV is the only thing he is ever talked about. And mainly through Biden's failed infrastructure bill, which he actually referred to as an attainable green new deal. I mean, again, I talk about this all the time, but this is the same guy who staged himself riding his bike to the White House, when really he just rode around the corner, pulled his bike out of the back of a gas guzzling, SUV Chevy Suburban, and rode it around the corner thinking the photos wouldn't catch his motorcade behind him. Now we find out that we're also paying for his private jet rides. I mean, this year alone, dirty Pete took 18 taxpayer funded private jet trips at the rate of $5,000 per hour and private plane transport being one of the largest emitters of carbon gases.

I mean, apparently he seemed to have abandoned his cries for all electric transportation and elimination of greenhouse gases, right? I mean you can blame it on his lack of experience or hypocritical attitude, but with inflation at all time high and the price of gas at record levels, how is it even possible for a federal employee? That's what this guy is. He's a federal employee. He's paid by us. How does a federal employee have the means and approval to fly private at their leisure? Meanwhile, people who get $600 are more on Venmo have to pay taxes to pay for this nonsense. I have an idea IRS, instead of coming after everyone for their $600 pennies in the couch Venmo purchases, why not cut private air travel? There you go, Pete Budajudge, dirty Pete, the 19th Secretary of Transportation has reportedly taken a minimum of 18 taxpayer funded flights while using private jets managed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The cost of the private flights is unknown, but the FAA reportedly charges federal agencies $5,000 per hour according to Fox News. Every day, Americans face flight cancellations and long wait times because transportation secretary Pete Budajudge, has completely mismanaged air travel. APT executive director Caitlin Sutherland, said in the press release, yet, he gets to avoid all that by taking taxpayer funded private jets to destinations with readily available commercial airline options. And despite dirty Pete using private jets, he's also publicly advocated against increasing government action to curb carbon emissions. He also blended personal and official business when using the private flights as he took the flight to go receive an award, a gay rights award in Canada for advancing LGBTQ rights.

Caitlin Sutherland continued to say, "for someone so holier than now on reducing emissions, Budajudge sure doesn't seem to mine the pollution caused by his literal jet setting. This is hypocrisy at its finest. And these troubling expenses to taxpayers must come under immediate scrutiny." Amen. And then the Wall Street Journal had a great piece on one of Pete's nods to socialism, which is called congestion pricing. And as we've covered extensively here, again, the Supreme Court ruled this year against the EPA and it disbarred them from forcing changes and costly upgrades to states in the name of climate change without congressional mandates or congressional sign off.

You would think that would be a sign to dirty Pete to start working with lawmakers or figuring out how democracy works. But oh, no, in the West Virginia versus EPA, the court ruled that regulatory agencies can't impose costly new regulations without a clear direction from Congress. The feds had interpreted an obscure corner of the Clean Air Act to impose costly climate change rules on power plants. Yeah, didn't fly with the Supreme Court. So now under Dirty PETE, the Federal Highway Administration wants to take this abuse of authority on the road. This congestion pricing. Essentially, it cites an obscure provision in the federal law that authorizes the federal Highway Administration to set national performance goals for the National Highway System.

The law is very clear, folks. It's safety, infrastructure, condition, congestion reduction, system reliability, freight movement, economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and reduced project delivery delays. Basically, they're using those things as language to allow it to regulate CO2 emissions on highways, the author of the Wall Street Journal said Pete Budajudge, Mr. Budajudge needs a vocabulary lesson. Climate and environment are different even if the left conflates them. He goes on to say, "while rising CO2 emissions over time affect the climate, these effects are global. Federal highway performance standards are intended to protect the local environment from traditional vehicle pollution, such as NOX or from highway construction. Brushing past this inconvenient distinction, the Federal Highway Administration declares that its proposed measure would help the United States confront the increasingly urgent climate crisis.

Again, no accountability, no movement of funds tax, tax, tax. With the liberals, climate ends always justify the illegal means basically. The federal Highway Administration claims that the states will have flexibility in setting CO2 reduction targets, but in the same time declares that they have to align with the administration's goals to reduce emissions. So what they've actually said is, yes, we're going to allow you to set these goals and you'll have flexibility as long as you do exactly as the administration tells you. And if they don't, they don't get their funding. I mean, some would refer to this as coercive federalism, as does the author of the Wall Street Journal post. He then goes on to say, it's not even clear how states would comply with the rule. Unlike traditional vehicle pollutants, CO2 can't easily be measured by air quality monitors. Are states supposed to ban gas guzzler and heavy duty trucks from the road, like vehicles that fail smog checks? Will they have to gauge truck tailpipe CO2 emissions at a highway way station?

I mean, possibly, he says. The proposed rule also states it will be required to quote, "established declining targets for reductions in tailpipe CO2 emissions on the National Highway system." This sounds like a DOT Conscripting states into regular vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, which states are expressively barred from doing under federal law. So that's his solution for reducing carbon emissions. Put it on the states, force residents to pay a carbon tax based on their usage of the roads. Force states to ban or limit gas vehicles use of the roads and do constant tailpipe emissions tests, which differ from smog. It's almost impossible to regulate and require multi-million dollars worth of technology to be able to do it. And keep in mind this congestion pricing, the socialist pricing isn't just roads, it's buses, trains, planes and more. I mean, the pricing that shifts with the flow of whatever the government refers to as congestion.

The idea behind this is the cost will force people, because this works, right? The cost will force people to either adjust their schedule or means of transportation to avoid the congestion. I mean, for example, in New York City where Dirty Pete has been working on launching congestion pricing now for almost two years and failing miserably, it would force commuters to pay tolls based on congestion entering into Manhattan, for example. The thinking is that the tolls will deter people from commuting alone and encourage the use of public transport. It also codifies the work from home notion as well so people don't drive, period. The problem is most people who are commuting into the city don't make their own schedules or have a choice to work from home or else they would've already made these adjustments without the tolls.

Do you think that if there was a cheaper, faster way to get into the city and all you had to do was adjust your schedule by a couple hours, these daily commuters that come into Manhattan wouldn't have already done that? In places like Los Angeles and New York Congestions 24/7, there are no peaks and valleys. Maybe a little bit, but not much. Congestion pricing will also increase fees on planes using terminals during the busy times. For example, the fee for American Airlines to use, JFK for a Monday morning flight to LAX, versus the fee for the flight that leaves at 10:30 AM that doesn't work for coastal commuters. It's a much lighter flight. Basically what they're trying to do is establish fiscal controls over the market, which doesn't work ever.

We're smarter than the government is. We're always going to be 10 steps ahead. So all of this that they're putting into place is never going to work. If people could get earlier or quicker or less expensive, they do. They find ways to do it. Proponents will tell you, London, Singapore and Milan all have these systems and they work. Well, first of all, I can tell you from experience, it's not working in Milan. But what's the difference between these places and places in the United States, one, population and two, they're very tight-knit, closed kind of metropolises that don't spread out with fingers and tentacles all throughout around the city as well. Now we're very spread out. I mean, even Manhattan is small, but all the other boroughs and then beyond that, it's very, very spread out. The other thing is that they all had existing infrastructure to pick up the shift.

See in somewhere like New York where commuter trains, have you ever been on a commuter train from New Jersey into the city, for example? They are built at capacity all the time. So shifting a bunch of people out of their cars to the train will put more pressure on the already antiquated train system there. Dirty Pete, he's the king of cart before the horse. It's crazy. They need congestion pricing to upgrade the infrastructure, but the congestion pricing will just shift pressure from one mode to another mode of transportation. If we had the public transport of Singapore and London, maybe it would work, but we don't have viable options to create that shift. So all we're doing is taxing people.

Then you add the crime factor to using public transport in New York. So you can't drive because we're going to hit you with a $10 congestion toll, aka tax. But you can take the train and the tickets are only 15% more during congestion, commuter time. Same with the subway, but you have to risk getting killed. It's crazy. On top of that, it'll put pressure on already tapped out employers who are still recovering from covid to pay the difference in salaries to the adjustment for these tolls, the cost for employees to commute to work or pay the tolls directly. Either way, it'll force headcount costs up and cause layoffs. It's just pure socialism. That's what congestion pricing is. It's the government controlling pricing, doesn't work. The other part to mention is that smaller economies like Singapore or London, it's easier to track dollars from congestion fines back directly to the infrastructure project that it was collected from.

In other words, if you take the Brooklyn Bridge every day to work in the congestion time, the toll should go directly to improving the Brooklyn Bridge. That doesn't happen here. Our revenue system and tax regulations just allow it all to end up in a general fund being used for nonsense, things like drag queen story time at the public library, a toll road profiting for the sake of climate change. That's his big claim to fame. And then talk about inequities. You know, people of color will be impacted the most. If I learn anything from my liberal colleagues, with many driving older cars and no ability to buy an EV, well they'll have amazing public transportation, but you're calling for the climate toll road now before public transportation systems are installed to offset inequities caused by charging people to drive. It doesn't make sense. And this is all he hammers on. It is one big lie.

I mean honestly folks, how stupid can you be? And this is just top level, readily available information. You should see some of the deeper web reports about this guy. I mean, if it's true, we have a real problem. I'm going to wait for, something substantial to come out of it. But it's just insane. I mean the guy's been taking dirty money since campaigning and failing miserably for state treasurer. Then he downgrades to a small town mayor. Then raises over a hundred million dollars of dark money for his presidential campaign. All of those who could were rewarded with contracts for their help. A lot of the dark money was from pro-Trump and anti legal immigration firms, which he also worked for. I mean, we've got him spouting off about EVs everywhere for two years without recognizing that it does not positively reduce emissions.

And his inability to talk broader about the grid, our power grid and the guy campaigns as a socialist essentially, but goes against everything he says and now it comes out. He's been riding around on private jets mixing business and pleasure, receiving awards for being a gay hero. Doesn't it just make you sick? And the last thing I have to mention about dirty Pete is this habit of being out of the office when going gets tough. I mean in the height of the pandemic when everything was collapsing and the supply chain was at its worst. Where was dirty Pete? He was home for two months on paternity leave with his adopted twins. Two months gone, door closed, not available. In the biggest emergency and manufacturing supply chain history, which is 100% regulated by the Department of Transportation, to the point, it was so bad to the point, for the first time, annual and quarterly financial reports from some of the largest companies in the US listed supply chain issues as reasons for revenue drops.

It was unheard of before Pete, and hopefully it'll be unheard of after Pete. But you look back at other financial reports, even in the 2008 recession era, they never call out supply chain issues. This is a new thing because he didn't do anything to prepare the supply chain for post pandemic or even during the pandemic. Anyways, he is gone for two months. Then he comes back and he does a tour about being a dad and making excuses of why he was missing in action during the height of the supply chain crisis, promoting paternity leave and electric vehicles. It's insanity. It's all about his own celebrity. I mean, if this guy isn't a degenerate, I don't know who is. The other interesting part is that his husband Chastidy or wife Chastidy is just as corrupt or even more than dirty Pete. He milks gay charities and outreach programs dry for speaking engagements and book deals.

I mean, there's a saying, wherever Chastidy goes, a huge bill follows. As a gay man and a business owner, I can never shut out and be home, as rewarding as it may be, while my business is on fire, while people depend on me. Why not take it down to three days a week? Why not p postpone leave until the situation cools down and your presence isn't so needed? I mean, do I think he deserves paternity leave? Sure. Do I think it should be two months for two people who didn't carry a child to term? No, because one of the major parts of maternity leave is recovery from the trauma of giving birth. Your entire body is traumatized. It's a medical issue. So two months for two guys that adopt kids seems excessive, but it's even more ridiculous when hundreds of thousands of people rely on your leadership and things collapse because of it.

The only thing he said coming out of paternity leave was that they have set up a task force and supply chain issues are extensive, complicated, and too much for the average American to understand, which was just reiterating Biden's claim that no one in the restaurant he was in knows what supply chain even means. So now fast forward a couple days ago, a report comes out that as the strike was looming for the railroads, he was in Portugal. Report on Fox News "as the Biden administration worked to prevent a catastrophic rail union strike over the summer, transportation secretary Pete Budajudge went on vacation and phoned in the negotiations from 3,500 miles away in Europe," Fox News confirmed.

Then the New York Post reported, "Transportation Secretary Pete Budajudge jetted off for a vacation to Portugal as government and union negotiators work to avert a nationwide rail worker strike earlier this year." The secretary's previously unknown "personal trip" to the city of Porto was taken just a week before Amtrak announced the cancellation of long distance routes in anticipation of the strike. The White House responded and said the secretary took a long-planned personal trip from August 29th to September 5th, as usual, while traveling on personal time he remained available and engaged on urgent issues, which in this case meant multiple calls with staff and stakeholders to work on the topic of rail labor negotiations.

Now, this was not any ordinary strike, okay? Had the strike happened, it would cost our economy 2 billion per day. It is a serious thing, very, very serious. And so for him to be out and not change his vacation schedule to show face, again, totally irresponsible. But he doesn't care. He doesn't care. I love Senator Hawley and Senator Rubio both fired shots at him says, "nice that Mayor Pete had time to vacation in Europe while forcing rail workers to go without sick days," Senator Hawley. Marco Rubio fired equally entertaining shots at Dirty Pete saying, "rail workers just wanted a few days of paid sick leave. Biden told them to pound sand and his Transportation Secretary vacationed in wine country. Democrats are no longer the party of the working class." Marco Rubio is funny sometimes. But the transportation officials insist that of course dirty Pete was heavily involved in negotiations to prevent the strike. But he can't be bothered to be in office during the worst supply chain crisis ever.

He certainly can't be bothered to be in office for a massive labor issue involving, I don't know, transportation trains to be exact. Why wouldn't you cancel your trip when a 2 billion daily tax bill being placed on transportation is just days away? Had those people went on strike, Christmas would've been destructed for everyone. No gifts, it would've been a nightmare. And he thinks he should be president. Do you think Trump would take a vacation during a crisis like this? No. What about top CEOs? Do you think Bob Eger from Disney would go to Spain when stock prices are crashing and revenues are declining? Companies hemorrhaging cash? No. How about Elon? If the Tesla supply chain was to shut down tomorrow, would you catch him in, I don't know, Ibiza? No. My point is he can spout off all he wants about how we all deserve paternity leave and vacation time but again, it shouldn't get in the way of your responsibilities if people's livelihoods depend on you and you're supposed to be a civil servant.

Servant means your service comes first before all else. When all dirty Pete really wants to be is a reality TV star with the lofty aspirations within American politics. Here's the actual problem with this whole situation. Dirty Pete thinks he deserves it and he is totally unwilling to earn it. Allow me to leave you with this. What dirty Pete may or may not realize is as a leader or high profile member of a minority group or community, by default you represent that group. For example, Reverend Al Sharpton is a leader in the black community. Whatever Al Sharpton does is going to be highly scrutinized and also sends the message to non-blacks or outsiders of the community about what's happening. So if Sharpton says March against the police, and guys, I'm making this up as I go, but if Sharpton says March against the police, those on the receiving end of that message associate it with the entire black community, we automatically think, okay, the black community wants to march against the police because Sharpton said it.

Is it fair? No. Is it reality? Yes. Same with Dirty Pete. He represents gay people, our entire community and specifically gay men. When you decide to use your sexual orientation to bolster yourself, which hey, I do it too, my podcast is called The Last Gay Conservative. I'm Gay. I want people to know that I'm gay because it lends to my perspective and creates normalcy within the community. It's not wrong to use it to help get the word out or align with like-minded people, but the difference is I know I'm in the position as an example and I have to tow the line. I have a responsibility to other gay men and to the gay community to be an example. So when Dirty Pete travels in private jets, after shaming industries and businesses who contribute to climate change, when he gets on the view and talks about being a dad without ever touching on transportation issues, when he takes money from ICE contractors working to speed up deportation and secure the border, he's telling the rest of the country and the world that gay men are hypocrites liars and frauds.

You can think that's extreme, but if you don't think we as people don't judge based on group leaders, you're wrong. I mean in politics it's a given. Biden represents all Democrats. But how many CEOs represent how we judge the entire company? How often do you judge a family by meeting the parents or one of the parents? It's just a typical human response. Now, if his being gay wasn't made a massive focal point, then who cares? But unfortunately, his sexuality and his job are always reported together. It's always secretary dirty Pete, the first gay man to be appointed as Secretary of Transportation wants EVs for everyone. I mean, I wouldn't care so much if it just read Secretary Dirty Pete wants EVs for everyone. However, as we know, liberals love to self-identify as their differences. It's all about being different and celebrating worthless attributes that lend to nothing to performance or merit.

So when they use someone's race, gender, sexual orientation or religion or any other of the protected classes to prop someone up, they're creating examples of that group. Human Health Services Deputy Secretary Rachel Levine represents the trans community to everyone. And that is where the bulk of my frustration is because I see people like Levine and Dirty Pete and Sam Briton all made celebrities for their various differences, putting them in role model positions and then wonder why outsiders of that group judge based on their behavior, because they live in their little ideological bubbles without any concept of how their actions may impact the entire country. When Rachel Levine supports transitioning for kids, people assume all trans people think that way. When Sam Britton steals luggage, people assume all gender fluid people are effed up and associate mental illness and theft with non-binary people.

When dirty Pete flies in private jets and awards million-dollar contracts to donors who support Trump, people assume gay men are all shady. That is the reality. That is life. It doesn't matter how wrong you think something is, that's not an excuse to work outside the confines of reality. Pete saying, I shouldn't have to justify my leave. People should see the value is the same as saying, you all need to change your thinking and your judgment and leave me alone. When in reality someone with global awareness, empathy, emotional intelligence, should realize that it looks terrible from the outside and it's unrealistic. And he should restructure his plans to work within the reality of the situation, which was, no one should be out of the office when the department is failing miserably. Go on vacation after you fix it. Dirty Pete represents everything that's wrong with today's liberals and even scarier, he represents a movement in this country that is slowly killing us. Being something is more important than earning or accomplishing something.

As the larger preferences are handed out to people based on their race, sexual orientation and gender, the more we're going to end up with people like Dirty Pete figureheads that have no idea what they're doing, also have no passion for the job. I grew up and went to high school with some of the wealthiest people in America and most of them did not buy their children who are newly licensed in 16 year old, a brand new car because 90% of the time the freebie cars to 16 year olds either end up totaled, trashed, broken, and mainly it's because they don't earn it so they don't care. That's dirty. Pete handed everything for being gay, never earned anything, and therefore doesn't care that he's destroying our country's most vital infrastructure, Transportation. This is Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said. Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation. So let's not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from manmade sources. God bless you President Reagan and may God save America.

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