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Defund the Police= More Dead Blacks


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defund the police two years later is responsible for a record number of dead blacks total fear in the inner cities and no help from Soros sponsor D as you're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law


Yeah. Hello, everybody. Hope everyone's having a great week. Great day, great month, I think next month will be even better as our communist politicians begin to release some of these COVID restrictions that they're still hanging on by a thread. And hopefully our kids can go back to school without looking like they're scrubbing in for surgery. Today, I want to go over a couple years after we saw major calls to defund the police a spin off, if you will, of Black Lives Matter moved away from chanting No justice, no peace and began talking about defunding the police. It wasn't exactly tied to Black Lives Matter. But it was sort of a result of Black Lives Matter if you look them up. Now BLM has a different website, different branding logo, then what the defund the police organization has on on their website and online presence. So they're going to separate but equal nonetheless, it was a huge movement. They engaged hundreds of 1000s of people around the country for this big call to defund the police when they began to use the phrase, it immediately shoots red flags up to everyday people, because defunding the police tells you a whole lot of nothing. During this process, they started rolling out deeper explanations of what defund the police looks like what it means. And to be honest, it got even crazier when they started this movement. At the time, I couldn't believe how much of the media and politicians and local governments came out and supported the movement just from a mere voter perspective. Again, if someone just hears in passing defund the police, they automatically assume that it's something bad and they're right, it is terrible. But for politicians to come out and support, it was really concerning, because it has so many implications around crime, race, role of policing, how departments should run all of these things that no one should really be involved in, including these politicians other than the local governments that manage along with the people that live in those communities. But oh, no, everybody had to jump on the wave became the liberal trend of the week and really took people by storm. It was a massive deal. It got popularized in a very big way, people from all over thought it would be a good idea to take funding away from local police departments and redistribute those funds into other programs of this movements. Choosing nothing was clear, correct. Nothing was based in any sort of substance. I understood why they were saying it. But I also thought that it was very dangerous. Put that out there simply because the police are a huge force. And the last thing that you want to do is get in a battle with them. Your best bet would be to work together. But that didn't happen. But we also have to remember that defund the police has been around forever. The first popularized use of it was in the 1960s by an activist named Angela Davis and her call to action was actually abolish the police on America without police. And so defund and abolish are one in the same and you will see that on any of the defund the police material. The only reason why defund the police got as popular as it is versus in some of the other times, like the 60s 70s 80s is just because the digital era they they're able to spread the information as fast as possible to as many people as possible where they didn't have that luxury before when they were trying to do this. It was just a word of mouth sort of thing. In that time, the slogan actually meant wanting a country without police departments now defund the police has really backed up and said things like encourage community policing and shifting budgets to things that are more helpful. They're not talking about abolishing police, according to them when the initial movement is founded on completely removing police and having a country with no cops back then LBJ is another moron on the ash heap of history along with Jimmy Carter and soon to be Biden enacted this war on crime that we've heard about forever, and he pushed heavily for more police to prevent and punish crime. It all sounded good in a state of the union or a press conference. But what history shows us is that on an individual community level, it was rolled out very sloppily. And communities didn't quite understand. We have to understand that police presence in especially in the black communities during that time during the war on crime, if you will, that police presence in those neighborhoods shot from zero to 100. There was really not a lot of policing in those black communities. Some people say it was due to systemic racism and they didn't want to go and be a part of the black community and the others claim that police avoided those areas because they had they came with a higher risk. of danger either way, you have the civil rights movement going on down in the south and racial tension throughout the country. And then you lay this down, which has, I would say a negative impact on the perception of police in the inner cities. It just didn't help when defund the police happened here. People thought it was a new movement, which is okay looking at it with fresh eyes, but very similar to then the tents, racial struggles, were so apparent here that it was a perfect opportunity to just start using that chant, if you will. And a lot of politicians went on record and said they don't support defund the police, President Biden, he absolutely did not support defunding the police. But then in individual times, and on a debate stage, he said that he does support police reform, which is just smoke and mirrors for defunding the police. Obama did when he was in office for eight years. He created all of this reform that didn't make national news because he was doing it through the back door. Biden on the campaign trail came out of his basement and continued to tell people for months and months and months, he did not support defund the police. But he'd supported massive reform, which included everything that just happened to be what defund the police was asking for minus a budget slash. So Biden then got up on the debate stage with Trump and Chris Wallace. I don't know if y'all remember this. He basically said, although he totally opposed defunding police officers. He liked the idea of pairing psychologist or psychiatrist with officers to keep them from having to use force. He was responding basically to a question from Chris Wallace, who said the Bernie and Biden Task Force on reimagining policing, what does that mean? What does reimagining policing mean? And do you support the Black Lives Matter call for community control of policing? Well, first of all, let me say Chris Wallace completely lost my respect. I think he's a hack of a journalist and a terrible moderator. I mean, he's so biased, he can't even say defund the police, the BLM call for community policing. First of all, they might coexists. But they're separate movement. I mean, you may think that I'm being technical here, but really, they're separate movements. And in a political debate, you have to get it right. No matter how lovely community policing sounds. That's not the topic up for debate. It's defund the police. Basically, what he should have said is do you believe in the defund the police movement, yet he chose, like everyone else does to the roll Biden a softball and make it easy for the big guy to lay down a very easy response. However, like always, even when he's being his most calm and collected, self coached on answers through his earpiece, he still shows his true colors.


I do want to talk about this issue of law and order, though. And in the joint recommendation that came from the Biden Bernie Sanders Task Force. You talked about, quote, reimagining policing. First of all, what does reimagining policing mean? And do you support it means I let me if I might finish the question, what does reimagining policing mean? And do you support the Black Lives Matter? Call for for community control of policing.


Look, what I support is the police having the opportunity to deal with the problems they face. And I'm not totally opposed to defunding the police officers. As a matter of fact, police local police, the only one to funding in his budget calls for a $400 million cut and local law enforcement assistance. They need more assistance they need when they show up for a 911 call to have someone with them as a psychologist or psychiatrist to keep them from having to use force and be able to talk people down. We have to have community policing like we had before where the officers get to know the people in the communities. That's when crime went down. It didn't go up it went down.


So let's break this down. First, you all hear Chris say the Biden Sanders Taskforce. And I'm like, hold the phone. You should all have been and still to this day be sincerely worried because I thought Biden was a middle of the road Clinton Democrat. So how did a self proclaimed socialist like Bernie Sanders end up on your election Task Force for criminal and police reform? He hates the police. He hates America. It's so obvious. And he openly stands with defunding police departments. He's on the task force on reimagining policing. It should tell you right there where Biden really stands and why box Matt Newsmax did not highlight his campaign committees with the most radical politicians in American history is sort of odd to me. Like you heard Biden goes on to say, look, what I support are the police having the opportunity to deal with the problems they face and I'm totally opposed to defunding the police. All right, not bad. He opposes defunding the police but again, he doesn't use the slogan and he doesn't denounce the open cries for total police Abolishment at all he goes on to say they need more assistance they need when they show up for a 911 call to have someone with them like a psychiatrist or a psychologist to keep them from having to use force and be able to talk people down. I mean, is this a joke? How is he saying this a psychologist right along with a cop? This is how he wants to handle law and order in this country with anarchists burning down government buildings, cities literally having no go zones filled with anarchists who make and throw Mazel Tov cocktails private businesses are being destroyed yet you want to send a psychologist with a cop? That's your idea of police reform. You have to be kidding me. I mean, how does that even go down? I'm thinking to myself, Okay, so cop arrives at a domestic violence call and all of a sudden a guy runs out the door holding a gun. The officer draws his or her weapon and the criminal looks like he may shoot. Thankfully Dr. Phil shows up he's there to counsel the two parties so force doesn't have to be used. So he walks up now Are y'all Okay? Let's try and work this out. Okay, criminal, you're just ruin in your life. How's that working for you? Cop lets down their guard and boom done shot no more clearly that's a dramatization. But truly, it only takes seconds as a gun owner and second amendment activist. You can even go on my website and see the NRA as a partner of the show. I have been in these simulated booths that recreate crimes. Let me be the first to tell you it is way more difficult, stressful you could ever imagine. It is absolutely insane. I'm not a bad shot. I'm not a perfect shot. I'm not bad. And I came out of that simulation like a whore in church. I was dripping sweat. I mean, dripping panting had those like muscle shakes from straining? You know, keep in mind this is when I was over 300 pounds. So it might be a little different now that I've lost all this weight, but it wasn't fun. And if you see me at the gun range, don't expect American Sniper Biden also said we must have community policing like we had before where the officers get to know people in the communities. That's when crime went down. It didn't go up, it went down and quote, okay, Joe, what do you mean by community policing? Second, you can't just say community policing is when crime rates went down like it used to be what does that even mean? When is used to be? What is your definition of community policing? Because there's many, many definitions. crime went down. It didn't go up like when What are you even talking about? I know the guy served in the Civil War. What is he even talking about ever? I mean, how does he still not know the highest elected office in the country? And I would say someone who holds most power internationally, but he has absolutely zero respect. However, he is the highest elected official in the United States commander in chief, how does he not know that community policing did not and is not working? It was so ineffective when it was tried, and it's still being tried, and it's still ineffective. And they might say, Oh, well, crime rates went down. But there's so many more factors to crime rates than just cop presence, okay. And what they don't report is that in these communities where you want and ask cops to just walk there patrol is like walking or driving around and getting to know people in the community. The problem is, is when you put that in to these inner city communities are more dangerous communities, hop assaults go up by 567 X, maybe there's less crime within the community, but there's more crime against the community police. It's crazy when a cop goes into the same neighborhood makes himself a staple the visits all the time he's talking to neighbors, he's actually he or she is actually putting a target on their own back from a gang banger or drug or just violent criminal perspective, having these cops all around is not convenient. Instead of having patrol cars doing patrol on a regular basis at random times having one cop or to walk around or drive around and embrace the community. It sets them up to be taken out. It's a lot easier to take out one or two cops than it is versus every patrol car driving through the neighborhood. That's actual policing. Maybe for Mr. Biden, back when he was younger, when the inner cities weren't overrun by gangs and shootings and violence, Andy Griffith could walk around and chat everyone up and Mayberry from the 60s until now that's a suicide mission in certain neighborhoods. Does this sound like a community you'd want to patrol in?


The media experts are going to explain how community policing is a wonderful way of forging relationships with law enforcement and the communities they serve, which in theory, that's a great thing. But it has zero positive impact on crime, public funding, whether it comes from bed or local or state taxes. Funding for police should always impact crime rates positive like to move funding around to create community policing, and then getting no positive impact on crime rate. It's just a waste of money. It also does zero in terms of public trust of the police and government in black communities, especially because they have been taught since birth essentially, to not trust the cops don't talk to the cops don't call 911 is a ingrained part of the black culture. And that's okay, we don't have to go around changing everyone's culture. But we also can't expect cops to show up in a neighborhood and everyone to come embrace them with hugs and kisses. It's really a shame that cops are being manipulated to one way or the other way to serve either political or protester demands, and no one's really looking at the actual statistics data has taken a backseat in this country. But it's purely insane to not use data to make these decisions. A kid might walk by and say hey, and smile at a local car. But systemically black communities do not trust police. You don't insert something without any sort of plan into an area where there's no trust that doesn't immediately build trust, it actually pushes people to run or get away or hide. It's crazy how the mainstream media will speculate or offer studies of pools or like 10 or 15, or the most I thought was 500 people and then twist the numbers but no one can argue with crime statistics directly from the Department of Justice and the states that they were in. There are 12 cities who bought into this defund the police BS and cut police budgets in 2020. And now we're getting all that Statistics for 2021 Here's a few examples Philadelphia city of roughly 1.5 million people has had more homicides this year as of December 6, meaning 2021 Then the nation's two largest cities, New York and Los Angeles. That's a 13% increase in homicides since they cut police budget and by the way, it broke the record from 1990 Crime has never been that high. Chicago, though is Chicago. They're the worst what a freakin mess those politicians have made of that town. I don't even know how it's gotten to that. And then you've got Lightfoot, who looks literally like she gets electrocuted every morning before she goes to work but or Chicago leads the nation with 739 homicides at the end of November 2021, which is up 3% from 2020. And they're the ones that slashed the most well not them equal with a few others other cities that surpassed record set in 2020. They broke records for 2020 and then they broke those records in 2021 St. Paul, Minnesota, Portland, Oregon, Tucson, Arizona, Toledo, Ohio, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Austin, Texas, Rochester, New York and Albuquerque, New Mexico, which actually Albuquerque broke the record in August of 2021. So they still had a significant amount of time to get to where they ended Indianapolis, Columbus and Louisville and Toledo and Baton Rouge broke their record set in 2020. St. Paul surpassed their record set in 1992. For me, it's more important to look at the one year time because the defund the police happened, you know in 2020, but it's crazy to think that the last time there were so many murders was in the early 90s. In some of these cases, Milwaukee, which has 178 homicides was just 12 Short of setting a record from 2020 Minneapolis, which has 91 homicides is six shy of breaking a record that was set in 1995. According to the FBI and their crime report or 2021. In 2021, the nation saw 30% increase in murder over 2020 and that is the largest single year jump since the bureau began recording crimes two years ago. We believe that the largest jump and what is in common with all of this, it's not you and me. I can tell you that no, it's police hatred that has caused this amount of crime because I wouldn't want to do something unapproachable if every single person that listened to my show hated me, you know, or 90% of them hated me and I got very very, very little praise or support. I wouldn't do my show anymore. Just like these cops don't want to work like screw it. You want to defund me when it cut my salary, my pension, I'm not going into your neighborhood different people have attributed this to different thing I like this guy's name is Robert Boyce. He was the chief of detectives for the NYPD. He's retired now, but basically what he says is the reason why this is happening is because nobody's getting arrested anymore. In New York, tons of people are getting picked up for a gun possession and then they're just let out over and over again, which is these woke DJs like George Gascon in Los Angeles that continue to just catch and release for a gun charge. Why else do you have a gun on your persons? If you don't have a concealed carry permit and you're walking around brandishing it? Why would they let you back out? Obviously they don't get their gun back or at least I hope not. Nonetheless, it makes sense why police are completely impacted and deterred from doing their job therefore more crime happens more murder happens and yet these da still want to catch and release people with guns. Give me a break. You know, a workforce study found the retirement rate in police departments nationwide jumped 45% from 2020 to 2021 18% of officers resigned, and it says right here, a survey found a development which coincided with nationwide social protests and calls to defund the law enforcement agencies following the death of George Floyd. If they had the option. They retired or they resigned. It also found that law enforcement agencies are only filled to about 93% of the authorized number of position in many departments and they can't hire because they can't get enough recruits to start a class at the police academy. What's really insane is that we're already in March and were trending to beat that 30% Jump in 2021. It's going up not the other way and more cities in 2021 enacted defund the police measures and so it's only getting worse. Police Chief in Oakland, California Loren Armstrong says the lack of resources to fight crime is one of the reasons he suspects why his city is seeing the highest number of homicides in decades, Oakland Police have investigated at least 127 homicides in 2021, up from 122, up from 102. In all of 2020. The Bay Area cities all time high for homicides is 175 set in 1992. Now, the data on community policing is actually pretty extensive. Because Democrats have pushed for this since the beginning of time, it might not have been called the defund the police movement, but they've been trying to move funds out of police departments into community or neighborhood initiatives like planting trees. All of this data always leads to the same finding community policing has no impact on crime and no impact on police community relations. I just read an article actually about this in the appeal. The online magazine that's very, very liberal leans heavy. To the left, the author is a black guy who grew up in the inner city of New York and then Newark, New Jersey, and he's talking about his own experience. He says community policing creates the false idea that police can solve structural issues through building partnerships, but policing has only made those worse. He says proponents of community policing argued that embedding police particularly in black communities can build trust and partnerships. That way, they would change our perception on calling the police. But the strategy is flawed and has drawn resources away from communities that need it and instead directed them towards policing, even though they call it community policing. Time has shown that community policing is merely an expensive attempt at public relations after a long history of racialized police violence and injustice, and does little to reduce crime or police violence. So this guy, obviously, he's on the opposite side of me. He doesn't think that they need more cops, but he also says, Well, if you're not going to do that don't do community policing, because it doesn't work. It doesn't build trust, and it doesn't stop crime. The issues are structural issues that need to be thought through at a much higher level. And I agree with him clearly, he's anti cop. Clearly he supports BLM, but he's smart enough to recognize that this just doesn't work. So you call a spade a spade in an actual study published by the evidence and Governance and politics. Their latest research study examines the one question does community policing build trust in police and reduce crime? Now, the independent review of this study was done by the US Institute of Peace, which is a nonpartisan organization that was founded by Congress, let's hear what they have to say. USIP is a national nonpartisan, independent Institute, founded by Congress and dedicated to the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical and essential for us and global security. Part of our mission is to produce and support high quality research with potential to improve policy and practice on issues on peace and security. And that's why we're here this morning. So thank you all for joining us for a presentation and discussion focused on the question, does community policing, build trust in police and reduce crime? We're delighted to be joined this morning by members of a research team that have recently published the findings of a study based on coordinated field experiments in six countries. The research appears in the prestigious publication science, a testament to the study's comprehensiveness and rigor, spoiler alert, the headline conclusion is that and I'll use the author's words here, increases in community policing practices


led to no improvements in citizen police trust, no greater citizen cooperation with the police, and no reduction in crime in any of the


66 sites. Now, additionally, in a piece from the DOJ called more than walking a B course they spew all this junk. This is all Biden, Democrat sponsored propaganda, but they spew all this junk about how wonderful community policing is in a very small little area, and blah, blah, blah, well at the bottom of the article, and it's like fine print, it's not really fine print, but it's not something that you would read naturally, they state ironically, these relationships can negatively skew the data on crime rates, because residents trust the police, they are more willing to report crime or suspicious behavior, increases in arrest can be interpreted as increases in crime. This demonstrates the difficulty of trying to measure the positive effects of community policing da measure the positive effects of community policing that's called there are no positive effects of community policing. Can you believe that they do this whole song and dance about how wonderful it is, and this and that, and then at the very end, they talk about why it doesn't impact crime rates, because the communities feel more comfortable calling the cops you're telling me despite all the evidence that the crime increases around policing the communities is because the ones skeptical and distressing citizens all their new cop friends more, I can't even keep a straight face. When I read this stuff. It's insanity. How does our own department of justice just think about this, the DOJ publishes this crap, aren't they in the statistics, data, crime, legal analysis business, not the propaganda business, all it is is just political rhetoric, which is designed for us to accept originally Obama's police reform. But Biden's just you know, basically revived that he's not made his own original. He's using the DOJ to make an argument for community policing about you make the argument on your website, and you leave the DOJ alone to do their job, which is to focus on law and order. The other thing that's just obviously common sense the criminals or potential criminals, they're not out hanging with the neighborhood cops fist pumping really, I mean, it may positively impact kids in those neighborhoods. But another study shows that policing in neighborhoods like Mr. Rogers, but in the inner cities in black communities, the black youth responds in three ways and not one of them is your my new BFF one, which is the most common way is avoidance, what they call ducking run to pass by light engagement Hello, and smile and three conflict like protesting or causing a scene not great. It's not building trust. And the crazy thing is, is the defund the police movement. Now the way they talk about it, it's just a slogan for more press for BLM. And it's a way to try to stronghold politicians to certain policies and also punish police departments for black shooting. That's the real motive. That's the real inspiration. This is punishment and press. That's what the new slogan for defund the police and BLM should be because that's all they care about retribution and how they can get on the TV. Fortunately, most people you and I and everyday people they don't support the movement, okay? And especially blacks want police to remain in their neighborhoods for safety. They're scared shitless now that the police aren't going into those neighborhoods, and you know what if I was a cop, I wouldn't either. They have made these high profile cases so sensationalized that cops literally risked their entire life potentially going to prison based on these social causes that really have nothing to do with their day to day. I mean, listen to this a YouGov opinion poll with field work found that less than 20% of American adults supported funding cuts for policing, and it was equal across Republicans and Democrats. That's the first time I've said that in years in a poll conducted by ABC News 686 participants, 34% of US adults supported the movement to defund the police 64% opposed it support was higher amongst black Americans 57%, then among white Americans, 26% and Hispanics, 42%. And, of course, higher at 55%. among Democrats, the Gallup poll found that 81% of African Americans wanted police to spend the same amount or more time in their neighborhoods, as did 86% of the sample as a whole. And that's huge. What does that tell you this group of people that screaming and hold them, they don't represent the entire black community. But what about the people that are older, you know, they have a decent income, even if they just have Social Security that get their purses grabbed or other horrible petty crimes, but it increases rapidly when there's no cops, of course, now, we essentially have a socialist left wing swamp in Washington. And then you have to throw in these mayors and governors that push the same socialist agenda. And you have to look and say, okay, which major movements are they actually taking into consideration with executive orders and new legislation come to find out one of the first things Joe did after he destroyed our energy market, one of the first things Joe did was he reimplemented, the Obama justice reform and encourage the DOJ to push to meet the demands of defund the police. It's exactly what it was. So he's got his DOJ focusing on defund the police. He's got his military, focusing on how to make them work and explore their gender. And we also know that multiple jurisdictions have already passed or started defunding their police and several politicians have demonstrated full support of this movement. And keep in mind, this wasn't all immediately after Floyd's death. This is happening right now. It's not a trend. It's just another way of forcing citizens to comply with domestic terrorists, which is exactly how BLM and defund the police movements are treating this once again, there's no votes, there's no democratic process, leadership gets to decide, even though 86% of blacks want the cops to stay or spend more time doesn't matter what people want. It's about how to get in the press and how to have more control. The crazy part is that most police departments are supported and managed by cities or counties through local government, except for departments like state police, state troopers, Highway Patrol. So you would think why is Joe Biden getting involved or even LBJ or any of the federal government? Why are they involved with local government policing, and it's because they want the power. And what they do is they use the federal funding that gets sent to states, which then trickles down to counties and cities to control the programs and the legislation, they will not stop and the left has ultimate power. So they're not going to be happy until all local government is controlled by their funding, there's a really, really good chance here that Biden is going to pull federal funding from states and cities who don't abide by defunding the police. And they're coming more and more, they won't call it that. But if you look at their definitions of reform, all the same, also don't allow what's going on right now to fool you like Ukraine, inflation, because there's a total domestic agenda for Biden and his camp to push out this crap. And it is easier to do when we're focused on the news than we are on legislation and federal management overreach into states and local police departments, counties and communities, we have to be careful and understand that this isn't some fake movement. It's real. And it's deadly. It's easy logic, we get it right, less money, less cops, less patrol in urban areas, which causes more crime and more death. And yes, that is clear as crystal to anyone who you tell it to unless their mind has been screwed with by some of these radical movement. The part about defunding the police and BLM is that it's not about protecting and stopping real crime, just like BLM is not about black life. It's just a liberal way of punishing the police. Because in their view, every single cop uses excessive force to kill innocent blacks. They're just on a mission to take blacks down. And of course, there's no justice for brown death or White Death, they'll only focus on the black community. It's such a grossly broad movement with little to no logic, just the only thing they have is supporters who scream the loudest out of others. And I will admit that the people at top of these organizations, the ones who organize their fundraising, and creating an actual brand, if you will, and initiating all of these programs and policies. I mean, these people have to be smart. And if they weren't, they could never pull this off. But the protesters and supporters have no idea what they're cheering for. None. Most of them are young woke liberals. They have no sense of self and they just want to feel like they belong and it's a perfect place to slide in. Because you can be anyone you want to be and you're getting praised just for chanting pigs in a blanket let them fry I mean, listen to what they have to say here and you tell mean if these people understand reform policing community policing police violence and the list goes on protecting big known businesses like Apple Target, Walmart BestBuy, Georgia, saying, Hey, man, you're not giving it to us. We're gonna take it. Of course.


Microsoft, that's all built up. That's all slavery money. That's America. So when you take it back Oh, we burn it down. Yes, we can. That was


ours. You won't give it up. If it didn't kill a black man. Do we have to burn it down to rebuild it without racism? Yes.


I hope that makes sense.


It sucks that all this happening? All the small businesses are getting burned down, but we beat us and we give it back to y'all. Y'all gonna be mad if the FBI came here and three days because we're because we're tearing you come to me. I'm coming for you. Should we defund the cops? Yeah. I think we should kill him. But you know. Did you think America has a company? America?


Clearly they don't have a clue. You can hear them just reciting what they've been told big companies are funded by slave money they take from us so we take from them I think we should kill the bitches referring to the cop. I mean, it's crazy. The same people who looted fresh small businesses, dole 1000s of dollars and burned buildings in the name of BLM. These same people want to dictate reform and budget cuts for police. How is that possible? You blatantly break the law, and then you call for reform? Don't they realize that these actions if anything, just sparked more police activity and incur more spending on police and you know, the saddest part of all of it, guess who gets to clean up their mess, it's probably someone who makes close to minimum wage who normally switches out the garbage bags and brushes down the sidewalk. These people have no understanding of how they're terrible criminal actions start a chain of injury to all people, black, brown, white, rich, poor, and everyone the business owners so people have to clean up their mess, the cops selfish and it's stupid. And all of this happens Where's BLM leadership, denouncing their activity, nowhere to be found politicians, nowhere to be found police nowhere to be found, but by orders. It's absurd. They've been trained and militarized and encouraged to wreak havoc and cause mass destruction. So the question really is if what they demand is real reform, how does slashing budgets achieve that shifting money from one area to another? It's how they say I mean, Black Lives Matter terms. It's basically mommy and daddy are mad at us. So they take away your allowance until you shape up. That's how they view the police department. But real life doesn't work that way. Especially with government funding. It is such a tangled rat's nest and you don't just get to throw out a number oh, Chicago police got $30 million this year, they should have only got 15 or we should slash 20% of it. It doesn't work every dollar as it should be. I'm not sure all the governments run with integrity but every dollar is allocated to something salary pension maintenance vehicle so when they stand up and demand a 20% slash across the board and then refund it into community programs to decriminalize things like sex work and drugs. What is that at the expense of body cams, more non lethal forms of protection body armor, just listen to their definition pull this right off of defund the Police website, defunding the police as possible reject any proposed expansion of police budgets and don't allow one more cent to fund excessive brutal and discriminatory policing. Almost every city in the country is currently rethinking their municipal budget because of COVID-19. That's the other big excuse for crime rates from liberal politicians COVID Did all those homicides we have a unique opportunity to cut the spending of police forces that consume ever larger shares of city budgets producing billions and savings that can be reinvested in a shared vision of community safety, infrastructure and recovery that does not rely on the police. Reducing those budgets can happen through withdrawing police departments from state and federal grant programs that provide surveillance tech, military gear, weapons training, and automated decision making tools. All of those things help especially when you're looking at SWAT or the teams that have to go in and deal with your psychotic protesters that want to light everything on fire and steal. They want to deny benefits slash paid police officers under investigation for using excessive force again, so stupid because now these idiot days like in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, or a lot of these cases like the woman I think she's in Wisconsin or Arizona that accidentally pulled her gun instead of her Taser were ticket she should have never gone on trial for that. And so what she's not supposed to get her rights as an employee of the city because she's under investigation. The only reason she's under investigation is because of the racial sensitivity that you've created BLM removing police from schools and universities. Well, I'm sure all the rape victims in universities would disagree with that one. They want to establish non police alternatives to 911 calls involving people with mental health needs and other forms of health crisis. Again, most people that have mental health needs don't even acknowledge our know they have mental health needs, the ones on the street, so they're not going to know the difference of what line to call and then you say other forms of calls. What are you even talking about? You want a hotline for mental health instead of 911 It already exists. And lastly, they want to repeat laws that hide enable excuse police violence and misconduct because that's it it's all the police forces want to just kill people and get away with it. Here's where they make it all about race and all about what they don't have and what we have. So it goes on to read we know the safest communities in America are places that don't center the police what we're looking for already exists and we know it works. We need to look no further than neighborhoods where white wealthy well concerned and well off live or anywhere. There's easy access to living wages, health care, quality, public education and freedom from police tear. Let me tell you something I do live in a wealthy white well connected neighborhood and town access to living wages, health care, quality, public education and freedom from police terror that if doesn't align at one has nothing to do with the other, you can still be terrorized by the police and living wages, health care and education. Those are easy access items like what do you just go into the living wage office and just they start printing you money? You can just walk into a doctor and get free health care if you're white and you live in a wealthy well off neighborhood? No. Why do they think that these gates open for people that live in higher end areas because we worked our asses off not because we're just rich to be rich because we're white, we worked our asses off God forbid they try it sometime these people at BLM it just it makes me infuriated because they use someone like me as an excuse for their domestic terrorism. Want to say we can't stand by while our city state and federal governments continue to fund an excessive, brutal and discriminatory system of policing, we will no longer be deprived of what others have enjoyed in this country, basic rights, safety and freedom. We need to see a shift from massive spending on police that don't keep us safe to a massive investment in shared vision of community safety. That actually works. Okay, not one number. Not one statistic not one fact. All the opinion of whoever wrote this, it basically is trying to incite a race war. I mean, that's really what's going on, we will no longer be deprived of what others have enjoyed in this country. Basic Rights, safety and freedom. Everybody has that. I don't care where you live. I don't care how many cops how many people get killed. We all have it. It's not about whether or not you have it or have access to it. It's about what you do with it. Go to work, work hard, come up with an awesome idea. Build it, you're pitting people against each other. And you're basically just whining like a jealous little turd, who doesn't know the difference between living wages, basic rights and living in the inner city? I think none of it even goes together. But I can tell you one thing real quick, folks, reform costs money and it takes time, which also costs money and it requires a lot more people you want to pit yourself against police and chant horrible things. But then you want them in your communities as staples that no people what you're basically telling people to hate cops and then you're turning around and saying you want cops that know everyone and walk around and high five the neighborhood. You know, there's a reason why police officers are avoiding black neighborhoods like the plague these days. And it's because people like these BLM leaders who get paid through the movement donation and live in LA and enjoy a nice cushy life. They've sensationalized police violence, whether it was justified or not so much that it's almost like become a TV show. And because it's so sensationalized, everyone in a police uniform is scared shitless that they're going to go down based on BLM and other political movements instead of their actual ability to police literally the BLM Movement to defund the police movement. I mean, they might as well have a show on TLC you know they can come on right after a little people big world and 1000 pound sisters it's a frickin joke. I mean, I think to myself, Man, if I was a cop, you could risk losing everything my family my job my pension my life because BLM wants to use anything they can to make an example on TV. The only thing defunding does is force departments to dig in their heels and respond by limiting police in areas that need it the most. And Biden continues to this day to call for these mental health professionals in cars with cops. Clearly the guy has never been in so much as a bar fight. I guess fight or flight response only applies to those with a spine and or testicles. Honestly, this is the same exact concept. Let's start putting a Roma therapist in the ambulances with EMTs. They show up on a massive car wreck, blood and guts everywhere and here comes the aroma therapist to heal them with pachulia and lavender oil. It's the same thing. The two have nothing to do with each other making these generalizations about racist police departments heading funding demanding reform is only leading to more blacks being killed. You heard the statistics crime is through the roof. 30% more deaths. 55% of those are Blacks. It's so sad. If you cared, you would work on doing something about that. And not about vilifying police, the ones that are racist and truly evil that do exist in police departments, they're just going to ramp up their behavior. And the communities where blacks are being killed daily will have no police. So you're making the ones that actually are bad, the exceptions worse. And then the good ones don't want to come into your area because you've made examples on television like a character instead of actual reform an actual evaluation of what a police officer goes through every single day. This is bullying folks, this is not reform. And I can tell you one thing, bullying in general only causes one of two things. Either the person being bullied pulls away and runs or he fights back. What do you think police departments are going to do? They're not going to fold. The only reason why they've accepted some of this restructuring of their funds is because the amount of funds they get is controlled by City Council's or mayors or county boards of supervisors and there's a bunch of liberal tax on those. And so they can argue for why they need more money. But if these people are just trying to impress their truly psychotic BLM leaders and defund the police supporters, then of course, they're going to make those decisions rather than listen to what police actually need. There are bad cops, we know that there's bad cops, there's bad everything. But we also have to acknowledge very, very easily this whole concept of systemic racism, the idea that racism is just pulsing through the veins of every police department in America, it's not true. It's a terrible, terrible thing to say, and to think about. Secondly, we have to have to understand that a fraction of a percent of police shootings of unarmed blacks is not vengeful, or purposeful. It's not it is it's totally just and it's totally called for, and they're just getting shit on and assaulted and treated so poorly. And these guys, most of them start at like 40 grand a year, and they love their communities, and they see themselves as protectors and punishers, if you will, when are you going to stop using your race or sexual orientation gender as reasons to shame people? When does this happen? When do these BLM people realize that you can't just throw your race and the struggles that you have convinced yourself are attached to your race to anyone who's listening? Because no one cares if you're trans or not black or not gay or not? People care about your character and the character of the defund the police movement, you just saw only 20 something percent of people actually support the defund the police movement and with that BLM 20 something percent and if I'm right, that people are just judging based on character, and not based on those other factors, it's because they look like assholes, and they talk like assholes and they're angry and they have chips on their shoulder and no one wants to support them when they could have come out and met with police chiefs gone to city council meetings and worked the democratic process the way it should be worked instead of vilifying everyone and causing all of this death and hate and assault fun cops. I wonder if they actually understand the damage they've done. Nobody seems to get the impact all of this stuff has on Cops listen to this. According to Pew Research increased safety concerns fully nine and 10. Officers 93% say police in their department have become more concerned about their safety as a result of high profile fatal police. Black encounters. Three quarters of officers say officers in their department have been more reluctant to use force even when it's appropriate white and Hispanic officers 76% 81% are more likely than black officers to say their colleagues are holding back in using more forceful methods. Even when the tactics are suitable for the situation. They're putting their own lives at risk because they're afraid of being paraded across the television tension between police and blacks. Three quarters of all officers report increased tension between blacks and police in their community. female officers are somewhat more likely than males to say this 80 versus 75%. Big up this is really interesting. Seven in 10 officers are reluctant to option people who seem suspicious, this finding raises the possibility that many officers are responding to these incidents by D policing that is by not fully carrying out their law enforcement responsibilities out of fear of becoming involved in a high profile incident a larger share of white police than black police say their colleagues are now more hesitant to question suspicious people, white male officers are significantly more likely to say this than white female or black male officers. Most of these police officers are not killers, and they're not racist. But there are truly racist, angry and evil people in the police department. But there are racist and evil people everywhere, every type of organization, from a church to a political party to book clubs, they all have rotten people who don't represent or define the organization at all. I struggle with the fact that too many conservatives get so defensive over that when I say that, that there actually are bad cops that exist. They just want admit it. And it's infuriating for me, because prior to reform, we have to have some acceptance that they exist if you just pretend like they're a unicorn, nothing can ever happen with the other side. These people do exist. Look, George Floyd's killer. He's a perfect example. You know, you guys say what you will. But I watched the video at least 50 times and I watched all the testimony in court watch the whole trial. The guy's a killer period. He's got domestic violence charges at home, a slew of write ups from the police department that are as long as a CBS receipt, it looked like he was enjoying himself with his knee and George's head that does exist. It's a very small percentage, but it does exist. And so what I did was I wanted to prove that I could do a better job than Obama and Biden on police reform. And so we created the last gay conservative reform plan. I think the only thing that will help this country, but not the only thing, but the first thing we have to do is start by flushing out the bad ones. It's putting a water hose down a gopher hole, they're either going to come out or drown. And so for that to happen, there's just three little things that we need to look at constant accountability, reformed psych testing and increasing polygraph so the accountability issue is very simple. Every officer wears a body cam if the body cam malfunctions or breaks they're to return to the station and have it fixed or replaced immediately if for some reason that's not possible in different areas, then they need to carry a second one in the car if ever they intentionally block turn off or alter the body can for any length of time immediate termination. No Good Cop will have an issue with that right because they have nothing to hide. Reformed psych testing is another piece that I believe in the little bit more complex and it will take some work however, most police hire exams have a psychological aspect. And from my research, these psychological exams have not really been reformed or looked at in years. I mean, if you think about it, the FBI can profile serial killers down to what color clothing they might likely wear. And these tests need to be reformed identify bad cops using psychological profiling. It needs to be in depth reformed by the best psychological profiles in the world. And it's not just for new recruits. Any existing police who have questionable records should go through the process as well. And then the last piece is just increased polygraphs. This is a basic part of the police hiring process taking a polygraph. If you look at the current questions, there's nothing about racism, why not ask part of the polygraph should include racism questions it could include what is your previously used language? Have you ever used the N word before? What are your thoughts? Do you believe blacks are more criminally intentional than whites put it in different criminal situations. But right there, you could get someone who is not good for the police department, all three of my proposed solutions for the last day conservative police reform cost a lot of money. The only way you can change and remove the evil is by fleshing it out. Even if it is less than 1% Not one of the bad ones will want to be on camera all day. And they certainly won't pass testing, if it's correctly built psychologically, and for the polygraphs, but treating the whole squad as guilty before proven innocent is only going to incite more violence, it's only going to create more racism, and it's only going to kill more blacks. Think about it. I mean, we've all been accused of something we didn't do based on people around us the time or place or just out of incorrect assumptions. It's horrible. It's a horrible feeling when you didn't do something but you're being accused of doing something because of your associations. So take that feeling that we have on a regular basis or whatever, and then add taking things from you based on that false accusation. So it's like officer A is a racist pig who killed an unarmed black person, but now officers B through Z all lose their badge, their pension, and they'd have a pay cut. If liberals truly cared about unarmed blacks being killed and racism and police departments they would stop and trying to take away the funds they need to do their job that has been there to BLM and defund the police for political reasons, has already begun to wreak havoc in black communities around the country. homicides and violent crimes are seeing huge spikes, especially in the areas where they've moved to defund the police actually, in every major city who has begun to implement or has implemented a defund the police and is seeing double digit spikes in black homicide. This is not a budget cutting issue, nor is it a race issue. It's an issue of bad apples spoiling the bunch. The use of force is very complicated and over nine out of 10 times justified. Remember, in 2021 homicides grew 35% Over half of those were dead black men and women we must tell defund the police and Black Lives Matter to stop killing innocent blacks and make a real difference with or without camera crews. You just listened to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law


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