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Biden's Base Bashing Backfires, hard!


Intro: Biden's base bashing sends waves around the world. MAGA is not only an American phenomenon. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yes, let's go Brandon.

Chad: Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. This is Chad Law, the gay standing up for what's right. I am your fascist fairy, the new one, binary brother, the holiest homo, and the true leader of the gay world. This is the real queer eye. Queer eye for the smart guy, straight, gay, bi. Doesn't matter to us as long as you're smart and we never stop beaming our truth through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow.

Well, I am fired up today folks. So excited to be here. Hope you're all well. How are all you fascist, racist, homophobic, MAGA threats to our very democracy? Have you been working all week to destroy the soul of our nation? I've purposely waited to touch on this whole Biden speech topic like I so often do because my friends out there do such a great job of covering the breaking part of the news, the Tuckers, the Ben Shapiro's, the Laura Ingram's, incredible. I like to watch and see what's happening and responses that come in and take a fresh approach. I'm not sure what the Democrats, well, Ron Klain, who's Joe's handler were thinking with that speech.

Set aside the fact that it looked like a scene from the red square in Russia and he acted like Darth Vader. The contents alone were enough to cause World War III. Everything this guy does just gets worse and worse. The word sounded so much like Ron Klain. I know he played a big role in this speech. I don't think many are aware of how much Ron Klain controls. He is Biden's handler. He's been with him since the eighties when he tried to run for president in the primary then, and he's the one that's ensuring the extreme left agenda is being pushed at every turn. The guy is a tried and true socialist.

He is the Cheney equivalent to Biden. You know, the thinking back then, if you don't remember, was that Cheney ran the show for Bush and that's what's happening with this degenerate Ron Klain and his sock puppet Joe Biden. That's another reason I wanted to wait and watch because I was so excited to hear the left's media definitions or explanation of the big guy's words. Equally hysterical as the response is on the right. But now that we know what he really meant, I can give you the truth about each part of his address.

However, before we dive into the meat of the episode, I wanted to share a funny story with you all on another episode of Days of Chad's Life as a freak magnet. Yesterday I was asked to pick up my best friends up from LAX. Let me tell you, these are the only people I would ever venture into enemy territory for. At this point. Los Angeles is like 1978 Saigon. It's like walking through Apocalypse now. It's my best friend and her mom and dad who are like my second parents. They own a car dealership here in Orange County and they gave me an Escalade to drive them and pick them up in as we had enough space.

And let me tell you folks, I am a huge car person and I've driven almost every type of car on the road. This new Escalade is amazing. It's always hit or miss with GM and they did an amazing job with the Escalade. I might just have to get one. Seriously, it was that impressive. Totally competes with German luxury. If you're looking for a luxury, extra-large SUV, hands down Escalade is it. Anyways, back to my story. So yesterday I'm heading up to LAX to pick up my friends and I don't know if it's because I'm older or if it was just an off day, but I left way too early to make sure I was right on time for them.

I'm the guy that's usually running through the airport to try to catch the plane before it leaves. So I arrive in the area and I decided to take Century Boulevard because I wanted to get waters for them. And that's really the boulevard around the airport where there's the most stores and access to groceries, etcetera. The plane always makes you so dry and thirsty. I always make sure that there's water around for people that are coming off of a plane. But this might be TMI here, but I do so you know have the world's smallest bladder. And when I feel the first tinge of needing to go, I have about 10 minutes until it's an emergency situation.

So I'm driving down Century, I stop at a pretty big 76 station. I walk in and immediately ask, do you have a restroom? No sir, the hotel next door, which is set way back and up a steep driveway, it didn't make sense for me to walk all the way up there. Drove one block down, stop at a Chevron. Same thing. Bathroom? no bathroom, sorry, my friend tried the Starbucks down the road. Well, at this point, the 10 minutes is running out and I'm starting to feel pain. directly across the street on the same side of the block. There's a large shell station, very large. I pull in, jump out and run in where I saw restroom sign with an arrow. I rushed down the aisle to the restroom only to be met with a handwritten note on the men's and women's door that says no public restroom.

So I rushed back to the counter legs crossed moments away from wetting myself and begged the guy to open the restroom. I told him I have a bladder issue and it's an emergency. He, seriously, I'm not kidding folks, looked at me and said, "emergency, you should go to the hospital." I went from worried and scared that I was going to pee myself to furious in a matter of seconds. So I rushed out, went around the building to an enclosed dumpster area and peed. Not 15 seconds in the guy from the front swings open the gate and starts yelling me, this is not a bathroom, you're disgusting. I'm calling the cops

Naturally I told him to F off and I encouraged him to call the cops. I said, call him. Well, because we're in such a high traffic, high crime area, the cops show up within 10 minutes and it's LAPD and they do their typical protocol. They separate us. One cop for me, one cop for him. And the cop asked me, so were you really peeing in public? And I said, well, I am not sure I would consider behind a fence, behind a dumpster public. But yeah, I said, the situation's pretty simple. And I explained everything to him. He goes over to the gas station employee and asks, hey, did he come in and tell you he had an emergency situation for a medical condition?

And of course the guy beating around the bush finally says, yes, he did tell me it was an emergency. And the cop goes, "well, what did you say?" And he very reluctantly goes "to go to the hospital." At that point, the cops realize, this guy's just a prick. Apologize to me for what happened and just continue to rail him. The best part of it all. Remember I told you it was across the street but on the same block from a Chevron station that I was at prior. The street in between the two is a small dead end street like used to be a cul-de-sac, but it's fenced off and the entire street is a tent city. I mean homeless people stacked on top of each other. Not even 20 feet from the dumpster I peed in there were 40 homeless tents, sleeping bags and boxes, so many that you can't even see the ground just covered, full encampment.

And so I'm hopping in my car and a really sweet old homeless man walks up to me and says, "that guy's an asshole." He says, "we pee and have to shit around here all the time. We don't have a choice." I was flabbergasted. The guy had the nerve to yell at me, call the police, verbally assault me for urinating behind his building that happens to butt up against a large garcetti tent city. I mean, this is Los Angeles folks. This is a prime example of the Los Angeles priorities. People are told to leave the homeless alone, areas deemed to sanctuary cities for homeless not to be displaced from streets or sidewalks or parks.

Meanwhile, a paying customer who is nice enough to beg for the bathroom takes an emergency pee 15 feet from a homeless encampment with urine and feces all around gets the police called on them. What is wrong with this picture? This is just a small scale example of what's happening in these liberal run cities. Law abiding, tax paying, small business supporting and polite people are the enemy. Meanwhile, homeless camps, public dumping, crack use and constant public urinating are propped up and have carte blanche. And don't get me wrong, I feel terrible for these displaced homeless in LA, which is another result of left wing policy. And I really can't tell you what the answer is to the problem because there are so many types of homeless in different scenarios that there's really no blanket or bandaid.

However, the law or enforcement of the law should not apply to me and not to another group based on their housing situation. I mean, can you believe that I get the cops called on me for emergency peeing while a crackhead build tent city is untouchable? You know, funny enough, I was sharing this with my friends as we were returning back from the airport and they were cracking up reminding me how far along I've come, which is very true. I'm telling you, my younger years when I was more angry and a little bit more feisty, I probably would've just anger peed all over the floor. I always admired that guy who had an emergency and the flight attendant wouldn't let him use the restroom before takeoff so he angry pooped his pants and ruined the flight for pretty much anyone with a nose. Just always love a good revenge story.

You might remember the Jet Blue flight attendant who lost it on a customer, got on the speaker phone, told everyone to get effed, grabbed two beers from the galley, pulled the emergency slide and flew down it with a beer in each hand overhead. I don't know why. I just love these stories. It's awesome. But anyways, before I get too far off track, there are a couple news stories I wanted to share with you all. A teacher, go figure, teacher in the news. A teacher in El Paso Texas has been terminated or the public school equivalent to termination, unpaid leave for defending pedophilia in her classroom. There's a video that was taken by a student in the classroom where Amber Parker, a high school English teacher, is heard reprimanding a student for using the term pedophile.

In an angry rant, Parker is heard saying, "stop it Diego. We're not going to call them that. You cannot say that we're going to call them MAP or MAPS. Minor attracted persons." She goes on to say, "don't judge someone just because they want to have sex with a five year old." This is not a joke folks, this is not a joke. So of course NBC News picks up the story but starts with the school board Vice president, who originally thought the statement could have been taken out of context. He bought into the story that she was trying to be sarcastic, but apparently he didn't watch the video.

He goes on to say, after the full investigation, additional findings forced him to change his mind and affirm that decision to terminate was more than justified. He wouldn't tell us what the findings were, but anyone with a lick of common sense can surmise that this probably was not an isolated incident, just an isolated incident caught on video. No one just wakes up one day and explodes like that. It just rarely, rarely happens. Not to mention, what the hell is a MAP? So the liberal defense of this woke-ology is that it isn't condoning pedophilia, more so removing the stigma for people who have the feeling and attraction towards minors.

In the twisted heads of these MAP members. By being more accepting of a pedophiles attraction, we can reduce the pedophile from acting on these feelings. And all I say is it's not about judging, it's about protecting kids. They are treating pedophilia the same way they approach crack addicts. Don't judge, let them use. And by eliminating the stigma that addicts will get sober, eeh not, said no one who actually got sober. I mean using that same logic, by eliminating the stigma around pedophilia feelings and sexual attractions to minors, allowing them to act on their attraction, whether that be through child porn or actually assaulting a minor, they will eventually stop.

No, the logic doesn't work. Who thinks of this stuff? Who has the time to rename pedophiles and think about the judgment of pedophiles? I just sit and scratch my head. It's something that I would never even fathom of trying to change. Biz Pack of course, had a great quote about the story in their article and it says, "whether the teachers remarks were made as sarcasm will be determined during the appeals process, but it should serve as a lesson that there is now a heightened awareness to the presence of rumors and their enablers in the nation's classrooms. And anything inappropriate will likely end up on social media."

Ain't that the truth? Not that these teachers care because they're experts at working the system in order not to get caught like this psycho, sarcasm my ass. But do you notice that so many of these people in these videos are teachers? Do you understand why? Other than it being a primarily liberal occupation, unlike those in the private sector who fear for their jobs and job security, teachers are impossible to fire and when they are fired, they still get paid. So they feel more emboldened than most. I mean, there was a story about I would say 10 years ago, a teacher in the LA County school district that was actually ejaculating on cookies and feeding them to his students. He was fired but got to retain his full pension.

The guy is still collecting six figures from his retirement and reaps the benefits of all of our taxpayer dollars while he sexually assaulted a classroom full of minors. Just another amazing result of giving all control to the mafia teachers unions. It's crazy. So next up, one of the most blatant examples of how the hate bias and one-sided leftist life blood pulses through the veins of every single sector of this country. Not sure if you all caught this. Ben Shapiro made a quick surprise visit to the Daily Wire booth, his booth, it's his company, just to give his fans some love at the largest podcaster trade show in Dallas. It's called the Podcast Movement and they tout to be the largest community of podcasters. And the day after Ben showed up, they issued a groveling apology over his presence after a handful of wankers complained on Twitter.

Do you see the difference here folks? Did anyone on the right complain about left wing podcasters? No. Here's their apology. "Hi folks, we owe you an apology before sessions kick off for the day. Yesterday afternoon, Ben Shapiro briefly visited the PM 22 Expo near the Daily Wire booth. Though he was not registered or expected, we take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence." This was originally posted on Twitter with a handful of other slurs against Shapiro. I'm not sure they're aware or were aware that Ben is actually the co-founder of Daily Wire and that is the company who paid for a booth contributing to the revenue of the show.

I mean, that's not even the big story because we could have guessed this type of behavior. We actually for the first time saw members of the media stand up against the blatant bias and censorship. Cumulus Media. They have iHeartRadio and about 400 radio stations around the country came out with the following statement. "At Cumulus Media, our tenant is that every voice matters and we support conferences and trade events where differing political viewpoints can be expressed and received with respect. As such, we were dismayed and disappointed by podcast movements handling of the reaction to our partner, top podcaster and conservative talk leader, Ben Shapiro's mere presence at the podcast movement. After giving the leaders of the podcast movement sufficient time to appropriately address their misstep, we have decided to disassociate from podcast movement including canceling our 2023 sponsorship plans."

Well guess what? The trade show can't operate without the cumulus sponsorship. So for what is probably the first time in history, major media cancels an event for being too left and attempting to censor those with a different view. Exciting. I love this story because the woke host of the trade show thought they would receive a standing ovation for their overtly discriminatory tweets. Oh, contrary, they got a big slap and now they're silently sitting in their own liberalism covered in their own crap. I am sure Ben brings a lot of money to Cumulus, which was part of their motivation for their support. But the reason is less important than the actual decision.

It affirms that there are some decent people left in the media that take our wallet seriously and that the left can also be subject to cancellation. Let's just hope some woke company doesn't come in and try to save the day and sponsor the event. I doubt it because trade shows aren't money makers anymore and they do very little for brand awareness or growth these days. But this is great news folks and I hope as the more extreme left attacks get, we will see companies saying, okay, this is going a little bit too far. Trust me, as a business, the last thing you want are Ben Shapiro supporters boycotting you. It will hurt.

The last story here I could not help but cover is the epitome of the clueless out of touch woke online influencers. The soft core B list porn star Mikaela Testa was recently in Los Angeles. She refers to herself as an influencer and makes supposedly $162,000 per month from her only fans account. Sure, I'm sure she's teaching crochet lessons on there. So she comes to LA, rents a Tesla model S plaid, which clocks in at about a buck 80.

She gets on TikTok and documents her LA journey, living her best life. On her way to Hotel Cecil, which is so dumb. The story is so old and stupid. Okay, the girl had a mental break and threw herself down the shoot. Does anyone actually care anymore?

Come to LA and follow an irrelevant story. I mean, you can't expect much more from a high class hooker, I guess. Anyway, so she's on her way to hotel Cecil. She's driving through Skid Row, which if you've never seen it, it is a site. In a post following she then wrote, the homeless situation was so sad, like I could not stop crying. Biz Pack Review reported some of the responses and writes, these misadventures were widely panned. One critic summed it up clearly enough. LMFAO, she can't be serious. The homelessness makes me cry, which money is prettier? Another one, intoned, did you drive through Skid Row with a Tesla?

The negative comments really ruffled her feathers apparently. She's sensitive and removed comments from her page whose poor misunderstood millionaire provocateur outraged [20:20 voyers] wouldn't be silenced though. They continued to post comments and all other parts of Testa's online presence. One critic commented on her trip to Greece saying, "please remember to refrain from recording yourself at weird angles. If you see any people in disadvantaged positions during your stay." Someone else found a place on her page to accuse her. "So deactivating the comments is the new way of addressing things." The Biz Pack review goes on to say, "Testa is not the first to monetize her body, but she is something of an avatar in the field." If you want to see provocative pictures and videos of Mikaela, you can subscribe to her only fans page for around $15 a month.

There are apparently enough followers on the page to make her a tidy six figure gallery every month. Fame appears to come naturally to her. She decks herself out in the finest things, eats the best foods, travels in style, and has fallen into the well-worn pit of drug use. Again, folks, another real-life example that the want tobe woke double standard has spread to every end of the earth. She's Australian and got into the only fans game at the perfect time where she converted many of her thirsty IG followers into paying fans to watch her play with herself on camera. I mean, only fans is a socially accepted porn site, period. If she doesn't share her entire self on only fans, you can bet she upcharges for those videos. The insane double standards are hysterical to me. I was just crying and crying I couldn't stop but I love American money.

I mean, come on. I'm telling you folks, this is all it takes to be a liberal. All you have to do is point things out and talk. Could you imagine if an outspoken conservative did the same thing the world would collapse? Notice she didn't get out of her car and start handing out food or money, but she pointed out and cried. This is wokeness at its finest. One thing, these influencers who sell their body, which by the way, no judgment, it's their legal right, to me, it's morally wrong, but legally it's all up to them. I just always feel so lucky that I was born this hideous because I never learned how to depend on my looks. Thank God. What I'm trying to say here is that women forget the motto of Judge Judy, beauty fades, but dumb is forever and your stuff tends to sag and drag a lot more and a lot faster with overuse, and I will leave it at that.

Alright, everyone, let's jump into today's episode. I want to break down Biden's primetime address and some of the other noise out there and give you some factual bits of information to use against the woke mob, which is more activated than ever now. I mean, to be honest, I was pretty dumbfounded when I listened to the speech, not because Joe Biden was spewing hateful and divisive rhetoric about half the country, of course, but because these liberals never learn, I mean, it wasn't even that long ago when President Obama made the unforgettable comment about Republicans who clinging to their Bible and their guns. The impact of this one sentence was severe as Democrats then had a new insult to fling to those in the right, and in contrary, it forced Republicans to become extremely defensive of their beliefs and wear the statement like a badge of honor.

Sure, it's bumper stickers and hats with God's, gun and Bible or I clinging to my Bible and my gun flooded the market. On the surface that may seem harmless, but it caused something dangerous. Extreme divisiveness, kind of like today. In fact this type of base bashing caused anger on both sides. The supporters of the President were angered over "those types of people and what they represent." While the Republicans were angry over the comments themselves, absolutely nothing positive came from insulting nearly half the country. Not to mention that a few years later, Hillary drops her famous deplorable comment about Trump's supporters.

The political climate in 2016 was much more divisive then, so the response was even more extreme compared to Obama's comment. I mean, I still see deplorable bumper stickers and hats. Again, by bashing half of the country, all you create is ho hostility and anger. Absolutely nothing positive came from this either. So surprisingly, even after these two major events in very recent history, apparently in a bout of amnesia, president Biden chose to salt those wounds in his primetime address last week. I mean in what could only be described as what I refer to as base bashing, president Biden took the opportunity to tear down what he refers to as "extreme MAGA Republicans," which is just another supposed insult for Trump supporters.

His remarks were overtly angry and fear based attempting to scare Americans into fearing this radical group that he's essentially deemed as domestic terrorists. Theories around the President's motivation for such an extreme statement vary. But one thing is for sure, this base bashing is backfiring on him big time. I mean, repeating failed history is a common practice in Washington, but for the President who ran on being a great unifier, who could "work across party lines," to spew such hate on national television, I think was shocking for all.

Other than the obvious issues that come along with his rhetoric, there is another looming issue. Most of what he said was factually incorrect. The combination of angry offensive speak with factual inaccuracies is a sure way to cause a national meltdown. Very few things cause more of an extreme reaction than a combination of insults and lies and on a national level, the damage it can be irreparable. Before we break it down, here are a few quotes I pulled from left commentators speaking on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Friday. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robertson said that "to me, this was an urgent necessary wartime address." He goes on to say, "this speech last night to me sounded like a president delivering a wartime address," and indeed, Joe Biden sees this, as he said, "a battle for the soul of the country. It's a battle for the preservation of our democracy."

Then you've got Michael Star Hopkins also jumping on the war comparison on MSNBC. He says, "I've been critical of the president, his unwillingness to really take it to the Republicans and call them on what they are, which is fascist," he said. And I think now we're seeing a president who's ready to go to battle. He's ready for the midterms. Then he has to back himself up and he goes, "he's not saying all Republicans are bad. He's saying, these MAGA wing, right wing Trump supporters, CPAC, Victor Orban endorsing Republicans are a threat to our democracy," which is exactly what's going on. I mean, he let the truth out right there. The Clinton method, it's about creating a divide within the party to impact the election. That is all this is, is to pit Republicans against each other based on if they do or do not like Trump.

And sadly, there's tons of really stupid Republicans taking the bait, worrying more about Trump than beating Joe. The one good thing from this speech is that it just confirms to everyone that if this is his belief than we know his FBI raid was planned and staged. January 6th, the same, Russia, their insecurity and fear are taking all of it to extreme heights. A wartime address. A wartime address, yet no one can seem to find one person that thinks the big guy is doing a good job. The other glaring point people really seem to be missing is that MAGA "is a global phenomena" and it's not contained to the United States, but apparently if that's the case according to President Biden, then there are millions upon millions of people around the world threatening democracy.

The soul of the world, if you will. I mean, we know MAGA is an acronym for Make America Great Again, once used by President Reagan and repurposed by Donald Trump's presidential run. But besides it being a political slogan, MAGA represents a movement and although the MAGA movement's overall goal may be to make America great, how the movement works towards that goal is the most important. Now, there are a multitude of agenda items folks within this MAGA movement, but the biggest piece, which is also the most criticized, is the laser-like focus on nationalism that myself and other MAGA republicans focus on. Often conservatives refer to nationalism as America first or an America first agenda.

I mean after decades of globalism where countries around the world have benefited from our free, capitalistic and democratic system with nothing in return. The America First and Trump opinion is that our globalism policy of engagement has run its course and it's time to bring everything back home from troops to jobs. The primary goal is to keep as much money, industry, economy and investments in the United States. Now, there is a lingering fear around nationalism that exists because the media perpetuates the idea that nationalism is the same as fascism or racism or antisemitism and hate. Oftentimes you'll hear critics of nationalism refer to Hitler or Mussolini, both of which used nationalism to bolster the legitimacy of their crimes, and they both didn't really truly embrace a nation first policy.

In fact, if history teaches us anything, these so-called nationalist policies of Hitler or Mussolini were actually dictator first policies and had little to do with making their countries better. Nationalism is not an extreme mega phenomena and our policies of global engagement, especially with China and the Middle East, have been criticized widely for years, especially by some of the experts on international relations, including my personal mentor, John Mearshimer. The other piece of the nationalism myth is that it's an American only phenomena and the rest of the world sees it as a threat. When in fact the nationalist phenomena is happening all over the world.

I mean, if we look to political happenings around the world, there are several large indicators that other major countries are following suit. The biggest and most obvious example is Brexit. The people and government of the United Kingdom were tired of footing the bill for the other EU countries that hardly contribute. An overwhelming majority of British citizens voted to bring everything back home. In the same part of the world Scotland has been trying to secede from the UK for several years to be independent and self-governed. On top of that, the most recent election in France, the nationalist conservative candidate, Marine Lapan lost to Emanuel Marco by just a sliver of the vote, but it demonstrated a huge population of French citizens would like to revive French nationalism versus European loyalty.

See, the globalist expansion post Cold War was based on the idea that the United States and other Western countries could use economic power within the global market to influence the political landscape of other countries around the world. However, as we've learned the hard way with China and Russia using investment in trade to influence democracy does not work. In fact, other than driving down the costs of some items. The foreign policy of engagement has done little to help America prosper and has left us on the hook for a lot to support other countries. The easy access to information and more focus on international policy these days has driven people around the world to re-embrace nationalism as the effects of globalism are now severely impacting not only Americans at home, but the rest of the upper middle, lower class people in Western countries.

Understanding the global wave of nationalism, we must ask why do American politicians insist on pushing the narrative that nationalism is the same as fascism and its extreme and dangerous? I mean, the MAGA movement and supporters are no different than the Scottish secession supporters or the pro-Brexit British citizens and half of France who voted for Lapin. Not to mention the dozens of examples I didn't even list here. Apparently these American politicians are so used to flying in private jets, they've forgotten the number one rule aboard an airplane, always put on your mask before assisting others.

That is what nationalism is and that is what millions of Americans want to see regardless of their party. There's nothing extreme, dangerous or violent about pushing to prioritize America over global engagement, but unfortunately, the future of a Nationalist America first policy shift in Washington is unlikely. Some blame sinister behavior and fraudulent personal financial practices by politicians overseas, but more reasonably, and what I believe is that Capital Hill is filled with politicians who lived through the Cold War and the necessary globalism that followed the collapse of the Berlin wall, and they're simply too old, too lazy or too uneducated to understand what moving from global engagement to national containment looks like and what it would entail.

I mean, there are some key takeaways about nationalism and semi-fascism that Joe Biden referenced, which he didn't say in this speech in particular. It was implied, but he said it many times on TV. So we know what nationalism, what is fascism and what is the two have to do with each other? Well, they don't. Several definitions of fascism that I pulled up online. First one is fascism is a set of right wing political beliefs that include strong control of society and the economy by the state, a powerful role for the armed forces and stopping of political opposition. Another definition says under fascist rule, the emphasis is on the group, the nation with few individual rights. You must support the ruling party's views on society, politics, and culture, or else.

The term was used by an Italian political leader, Benito Mussolini, under his totalitarian anti-communist government. The word can describe someone who supports fascism or whose behavior is so stern and controlling that it seems like he does. And the last one is fascism is a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government. Alright, so these are all the definitions all over the internet. First of all, fascism is an anti-communism term, which is why they choose to use that versus socialist or communist because that's what they are. But in short, fascism is authoritarian governing without question.

Well, that doesn't sound like Trump does it. Who forced us to wear masks, who essentially forced us to get vaccinated? Who forced the private sector to abide by one theory? Who was Dr. Fauci if not totalitarian in the medical and science world? If any person or party pushes a closed one-directional agenda, it's Biden and the Democrats because you are a bad person if you don't agree with trans issues, you don't agree with green initiatives, you don't believe in socialized medicine, you're bad. You're not allowed to think otherwise. That's fascism. Since when has Trump or anyone in our movement made those declarations about the left, never.

In fact, Biden has shown to be nothing but a fascist by this very definition. I think he's more of an authoritarian communist, but just like there are no democratic communism, you can also not be a semi-fashionist. It's downplaying the severity of the insult, which it is truly an insult. Then you heard on another definition that fascism involves a form of squashing political opposites or opponents. What exactly is Biden doing in this address other than saving the soul of the nation? Isn't he attempting to shame an entire population that would vote against him? A population millions upon millions agree with?

Tell me a Republican president who has increased the IRS with be on the lookout orders for conservative, Christian, and pro-Israel nonprofits, Obama and Biden, that's called shutting down the opposition. Tell me the last time a Republican forced private enterprise like the auto industry to follow the government's lead, not the other way around. Obama did, and Biden just did it again. The entire purpose of this crazy left mob is to shut down the rest who don't agree by using fear and guilt, we all feel it, and whenever we questioned, we're immediately labeled bigots or racists or whatever the insult dejour is in the loony bin of liberals. So we understand that there is nothing in the recent past with Trump that remotely comes close to fascism, nothing more than playing politics that both sides play, but no fascism. Piggybacking on the fascism train, the other big theme they love to label us is a threat to democracy.

How does that work? Especially by the very party who has done and is doing everything in their power to circumvent the American democratic system. First thing you'll always hear from liberals is voting. Republicans are working hard to oppress anyone who doesn't vote for them. Well, that sounds odd because historically Democrats have been screwing with voters and elections for years. I mean, Democrats created and sponsored the KKK as a way to scare blacks from voting. After that, the new Black Panthers were put in place to scare white people from voting. After the Civil Rights Act, that Bill put in place by Republicans to support blacks in the wake of discriminatory policies in the south. The one that Democrats voted down over three times. Within that legislation was a small part on elections and voting.

And as a punishment, if you will, for voter oppression, the states that were found guilty of voter oppression, suppression, discrimination, and fraud essentially had to handover all their election rights to the federal government. Through the 50 years of this policy, political climate shifted and the southern Democrats instead of being outwardly racist, decided they would be the race police and instead of suppressing blacks, they would pretend to champion for them. But during that time, the Democrats learned how to use the federal election oversight and this federal election management to their favor, they attempted to strip every requirement and make voting a free for all.

Fast forward to when Romney was running against Obama's second term, the Supreme Court ruled that the discriminatory election punishment was unconstitutional, and even if the states had made huge Democrat backed election mistakes in the past enough time had passed for them to move on, and they're not on the hook to be still paying for their crimes. Now you would think the Democrats, the champions of the people and the disenfranchised would be so happy to have the elections turned back over to the states. Oh no, they flipped out. They freaked out because the sinister voting practices we saw happening even during the Romney Obama election would be noticed and blocked.

I mean, they're extreme opposition to the Supreme Court's ruling combined with some shady voting numbers would make you think that the only ones suppressing voters is these racist Democrats on the left using it to their advantage while pretending to support the rights of minorities. How are we on the right a threat to democracy? What are the voting regulations we're calling for? US citizens only ID required to prove your US citizen, limited dropboxes and mail because they're breeding grounds for fraud. True signature matching, we found out in 2020, that's a lie. None of the states actually match signatures and the creation of a streamlined system that is built and run by Americans and American computers, not foreign machines and foreign servers. I can honestly tell you I'm not one who thinks the 2020 election was stolen in the same sense Trump and many people do.

Do I believe the election was rigged? Yes, but not with backdoor ballot manipulation and computers. What I believe really happened is that liberal politicians and key states changed voting laws and regulations to skew the numbers way left, making it way more difficult for a Republican to win or a Republican to even cast a vote to support a Republican candidate in those states. Pennsylvania being the leader. I mean the election was already rigged from the time Trump took office. On top of that, there was major fraud and theft within the ballots and the machines themselves, but I'm waiting for more facts to come out before I can fully back the concept that the election was fraudulently stolen.

I'll issue an opinion when more facts come out. 2000 mules is the closest evidence I've seen thus far, but it still left me with some serious questions. I'm not a hundred percent convinced, but evidence seems to be piling up. On the flip side of voter suppression, there's also voter inclusion, which includes those not qualified to vote, which is just as bad as suppressing the vote. The fact that Joe Biden had thousands of dead voters in one instance, Democrats adjust laws, make it impossible for their opposition us to win, and then they want hundreds of thousands of non-legal voters to turn out. I mean, why else would they not want voter IDs? And don't tell me because poor blacks and browns in this country don't have access to ID. That's a lie pure as they come. All you have to look at is the DMV reports from each state and their mapping.

There are no major drop offs in ID and driver's license carriers in certain cities or districts, at least not enough to make the argument that IDs are too difficult for poor voters to get. They don't want IDs so they can shove as many ballots in as possible. They say they match signatures, you don't need ID. Well, that's weird. Where do you match signatures from, your ID? Yet millions of Americans think signature matching is a real thing, and when the recount and audit happened in Georgia, it came out that the signatures are never matched, and in fact, the signature part of the ballots are packed and held in a totally separate area from the full ballots never to meet again. When they were recounting the ballots, several reporters go, why aren't you matching the signatures and all the way up to the Secretary of State and Georgia had no real answer.

They recounted the same ballots but never matched signatures to validate those ballots. You can count all the wrong ballots you want every day, but if you don't validate them as credible, then it's just an exercise in futility. Democrats are the party of slavery. They're the party of Jim Crow, they're the party of the kkk, the new Black Panthers. They're the inventors of voter suppression and the experts at a hundred percent voter inclusion and they have the nerve to tell us that we're a threat to democracy. He then went on with several additional more sweeping jabs at us and says, MAGA Republicans don't respect the Constitution. They don't believe in the rule of law. They don't recognize the will of the people. They refuse to accept the results of a free election.

I just have to argue that having the opinion, no matter how extreme is the very definition of our right to free speech within the Constitution. In fact, denouncing those freedoms across the nation is denouncing the First amendment. You're not allowed to think like this or you're a threat to democracy. Regardless of how outlandish you feel a belief is you don't get to suppress it or attempt to discredit it because you don't like it. I mean, and not to mention, several Democrats in history have refused to accept election results. Jimmy Carter lost in Georgia but took to win when the courts reversed the election in his favor. Al Gore still thinks he beat Georgia W Bush and the left took years before they stopped saying Bush stole the election, and those are the more notable recent examples, but there's a huge list.

MAGA Republicans embrace anger, they thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies. You can't make this stuff up, folks. I feel like I'm reading a JK Rolling novel. You know the next Harry Potter when they're all adults and stupid, but I mean shadow of lies, anger, chaos. I'm sorry MLB, what's that? Pro-Abortion activists that picket in front of Supreme Court Justices private homes. Don't say gay riots and walkouts. I'm sorry, when is the last time you saw a looter or someone destroying property with a MAGA hat on? I mean, the liberals in Seattle created a no go zone that was too dangerous for police. Portland, same thing, and they threw Molotov cocktails right into the federal building day after day after day.

MAGA Republicans look at America and see carnage and darkness and despair. They spread fear and lies. Lies told for profit and power. In this case, he might actually be right. I mean it's hard during his presidency to not see the darkness and despair. There is not one thing, not one thing going right under his leadership. It is dark and here's the issue, we want to change that not live in it. He keeps saying extreme MAGA Republicans embrace political and violence and defend the mob that stormed the capital and people died. First of all, I don't think anyone condones some of the more radical behavior at the capital. However, there is nothing wrong again with defending whoever you want. I can tell you this, most Americans can see how blown out of proportion this whole thing is. He then defends his disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.

How many people died in that one Joe? How many people died in Iraq? The war that you voted for that Trump as a private citizen was outspoken against before he was even involved in politics. I mean, you can see it's just the same garbage over and over and over again in different shapes and sizes. He goes on to end his speech by saying, I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify, who doesn't see red states and blue states only sees the United States and work with all my heart with the confidence of the whole people to win the confidence of you all. And for that is what America I believe is about. It's about people and that's what our administration will be about. I didn't hear that in the national address. Oh wait, that was his inaugural speech.

So how does this sentiment go with the primetime address where he denounced half of the country? The great unifier. I mean my favorite and perhaps the most bizarre mention in his base bashing was that, and I'm paraphrasing here, those who don't believe and stand with what the rest of the country wants is a threat to democracy. Well, thank God that wasn't the case when English breakaways went against everything and everyone and fought for American independence. America is all about pushing back on status quo, challenging beliefs, not conforming, and certainly not going along with whatever a politician tells us. I don't think worse things could come out of a president's mouth than what we heard last week, and the reactions have been interesting to say the least.

First of all, on the left, most of the large cable networks refuse to air or re-air the address citing divisiveness. You know when the left run media is distancing themselves from you as a Democrat, you're doing something wrong. Bill Mar, a champion for Democrats, has come out and said, Biden should have pointed out issues on both sides, acknowledging that he caused more damage than good. Even the most liberal of the media, New York Times and Washington Post both reported that the speech was divisive and it was not at the right time. It all boils down to one thing, the soul of the nation, and he's right. The soul of the nation is in serious trouble and so is democracy. We're in trouble. He's just on the wrong side.

A left democracy includes no parents rights to keep their kids from being surgically castrated, no fairness and competition for the sake of political correctness. No voting on issues that impact the entire country. No respect for Supreme Court rulings, constant states of emergency to ensure continued power. Federal oversteps into states with constant pushes to strip states of their rights. No rule of law, with DAs that enforce crimes when they feel like it and push ideologies. Their belief system is that our constitution was written by rich white men and it's no longer viable. Our government knows better than its people. Educators should have more rights than parents, prioritizing what they feel is right with no regard for the voter, and those deemed victims by the left should always get more.

And these may sound like dramatization folks, but this is the modern Democratic party. One thing you'll notice is our friends in the progressive caucus have been very quiet and they've been huge critics of Biden and the Congressional Black Caucus has also been quiet and they've had some choice words for Biden as well. See they understand that without being a united front, a zero member criticism system is much likely to get them elected. By criticizing Biden, they can inadvertently shift voters and they need all the votes they can get, especially with the upcoming midterms. Now, on the flip side, they continue to push us into a split party. They're taking advantage of the fact that Republicans up and down are putting their personal feelings about Trump above the needs of our country. I've said this a hundred times.

The DNC understands the power of the split base by going through it twice with Bernie. If they can get never Trumpers and large numbers not to vote and create a Bernie or bust like scenario, we're done and it's working because apparently we're too stupid or too stubborn to see what's happening right in front of us. You know, our party is too busy being on the defense of the left outlandish claims instead of saying, he can say what he wants, let's look at the numbers. Instead of defending ourselves, we need to promote what matters, crime, economy, international relations, and borders. At some point, someone on our side is going to have to say, okay children enough fighting, would you all like to share some candy or have no candy?

In other words, pick your most important issues and ensure you lobby for them within the party and to the candidates and stop holding onto your entire platform because if you do that, you're going to get nothing out of it. Allow me to leave you with this, other than the obvious hatred for Trump and his base, plus the desire to create a party divide within the r and c. There is another reason Biden went all out against MAGA Republicans. It's the political playbook 101. When you have nothing to brag about, attack the enemy, he can't talk about crime. His policies and his friends in the DA offices have created a spike we haven't seen since Clinton was in office. He certainly can't talk about international relations. I mean, the Ukraine situation is a disaster, and China has walked away from all tables and all talks.

He can't talk about the border. It's a huge humanitarian crisis. Can't talk about the economy. Inflation is still at an all time high. Energy prices are insane and the supply chain is still totally broken. It may even be more broken than it was when he broke it the first time. He could talk about climate change, but nobody cares about climate change. The guy has nothing to tout and the lies are getting more obvious and Americans are tired of watching this guy stand up and tell them the economy is strong and jobs are great, and borders are fine while they can't feed their family. So instead of lying, he does what every great dictator does, creates a scapegoat and slanders his political opponent.

If people aren't dumb enough to believe his lies, he will try and scare them into voting against the enemy. The opinions on whether the address hurt or helped us on the right is still to be seen. Personally, I think it helped us. I think it showed the anger, the insecurity, and the desperation on the left. After an authoritarian speech like this one, I believe the center and right of center will flock to our side. I mean anyone with half a brain should see that presidential addresses like the one we heard last week about the soul of the nation are the threats to democracy, not the people. This rhetoric is what insights, violence and pushes groups against each other. It's irresponsible, it's dangerous, and most importantly, it goes against everything America stands for. I'm Chad Law reminding you of what Reagan once said, government's first duty is to protect the people, not ruin their lives. You hear about Joe Biden, God bless you President Reagan and make God save America.

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