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Biden's Base Bashing Backfires, hard!


Intro: Biden's base bashing sends waves around the world. MAGA is not only an American phenomenon. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yes, let's go Brandon.

Chad: Hello everybody, and let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. This is Chad Law, the gay standing up for what's right. I am your fascist fairy, the new one, binary brother, the holiest homo, and the true leader of the gay world. This is the real queer eye. Queer eye for the smart guy, straight, gay, bi. Doesn't matter to us as long as you're smart and we never stop beaming our truth through the airwaves on our red, white, and blue rainbow.

Well, I am fired up today folks. So excited to be here. Hope you're all well. How are all you fascist, racist, homophobic, MAGA threats to our very democracy? Have you been working all week to destroy the soul of our nation? I've purposely waited to touch on this whole Biden speech topic like I so often do because my friends out there do such a great job of covering the breaking part of the news, the Tuckers, the Ben Shapiro's, the Laura Ingram's, incredible. I like to watch and see what's happening and responses that come in and take a fresh approach. I'm not sure what the Democrats, well, Ron Klain, who's Joe's handler were thinking with that speech.

Set aside the fact that it looked like a scene from the red square in Russia and he acted like Darth Vader. The contents alone were enough to cause World War III. Everything this guy does just gets worse and worse. The word sounded so much like Ron Klain. I know he played a big role in this speech. I don't think many are aware of how much Ron Klain controls. He is Biden's handler. He's been with him since the eighties when he tried to run for president in the primary then, and he's the one that's ensuring the extreme left agenda is being pushed at every turn. The guy is a tried and true socialist.

He is the Cheney equivalent to Biden. You know, the thinking back then, if you don't remember, was that Cheney ran the show for Bush and that's what's happening with this degenerate Ron Klain and his sock puppet Joe Biden. That's another reason I wanted to wait and watch because I was so excited to hear the left's media definitions or explanation of the big guy's words. Equally hysterical as the response is on the right. But now that we know what he really meant, I can give you the truth about each part of his address.

However, before we dive into the meat of the episode, I wanted to share a funny story with you all on another episode of Days of Chad's Life as a freak magnet. Yesterday I was asked to pick up my best friends up from LAX. Let me tell you, these are the only people I would ever venture into enemy territory for. At this point. Los Angeles is like 1978 Saigon. It's like walking through Apocalypse now. It's my best friend and her mom and dad who are like my second parents. They own a car dealership here in Orange County and they gave me an Escalade to drive them and pick them up in as we had enough space.

And let me tell you folks, I am a huge car person and I've driven almost every type of car on the road. This new Escalade is amazing. It's always hit or miss with GM and they did an amazing job with the Escalade. I might just have to get one. Seriously, it was that impressive. Totally competes with German luxury. If you're looking for a luxury, extra-large SUV, hands down Escalade is it. Anyways, back to my story. So yesterday I'm heading up to LAX to pick up my friends and I don't know if it's because I'm older or if it was just an off day, but I left way too early to make sure I was right on time for them.

I'm the guy that's usually running through the airport to try to catch the plane before it leaves. So I arrive in the area and I decided to take Century Boulevard because I wanted to get waters for them. And that's really the boulevard around the airport where there's the most stores and access to groceries, etcetera. The plane always makes you so dry and thirsty. I always make sure that there's water around for people that are coming off of a plane. But this might be TMI here, but I do so you know have the world's smallest bladder. And when I feel the first tinge of needing to go, I have about 10 minutes until it's an emergency situation.

So I'm driving down Century, I stop at a pretty big 76 station. I walk in and immediately ask, do you have a restroom? No sir, the hotel next door, which is set way back and up a steep driveway, it didn't make sense for me to walk all the way up there. Drove one block down, stop at a Chevron. Same thing. Bathroom? no bathroom, sorry, my friend tried the Starbucks down the road. Well, at this point, the 10 minutes is running out and I'm starting to feel pain. directly across the street on the same side of the block. There's a large shell station, very large. I pull in, jump out and run in where I saw restroom sign with an arrow. I rushed down the aisle to the restroom only to be met with a handwritten note on the men's and women's door that says no public restroom.

So I rushed back to the counter legs crossed moments away from wetting myself and begged the guy to open the restroom. I told him I have a bladder issue and it's an emergency. He, seriously, I'm not kidding folks, looked at me and said, "emergency, you should go to the hospital." I went from worried and scared that I was going to pee myself to furious in a matter of seconds. So I rushed out, went around the building to an enclosed dumpster area and peed. Not 15 seconds in the guy from the front swings open the gate and starts yelling me, this is not a bathroom, you're disgusting. I'm calling the cops

Naturally I told him to F off and I encouraged him to call the cops. I said, call him. Well, because we're in such a high traffic, high crime area, the cops show up within 10 minutes and it's LAPD and they do their typical protocol. They separate us. One cop for me, one cop for him. And the cop asked me, so were you really peeing in public? And I said, well, I am not sure I would consider behind a fence, behind a dumpster public. But yeah, I said, the situation's pretty simple. And I explained everything to him. He goes over to the gas station employee and asks, hey, did he come in and tell you he had an emergency situation for a medical condition?

And of course the guy beating around the bush finally says, yes, he did tell me it was an emergency. And the cop goes, "well, what did you say?" And he very reluctantly goes "to go to the hospital." At that point, the cops realize, this guy's just a prick. Apologize to me for what happened and just continue to rail him. The best part of it all. Remember I told you it was across the street but on the same block from a Chevron station that I was at prior. The street in between the two is a small dead end street like used to be a cul-de-sac, but it's fenced off and the entire street is a tent city. I mean homeless people stacked on top of each other. Not even 20 feet from the dumpster I peed in there were 40 homeless tents, sleeping bags and boxes, so many that you can't even see the ground just covered, full encampment.

And so I'm hopping in my car and a really sweet old homeless man walks up to me and says, "that guy's an asshole." He says, "we pee and have to shit around here all the time. We don't have a choice." I was flabbergasted. The guy had the nerve to yell at me, call the police, verbally assault me for urinating behind his building that happens to butt up against a large garcetti tent city. I mean, this is Los Angeles folks. This is a prime example of the Los Angeles priorities. People are told to leave the homeless alone, areas deemed to sanctuary cities for homeless not to be displaced from streets or sidewalks or parks.

Meanwhile, a paying customer who is nice enough to beg for the bathroom takes an emergency pee 15 feet from a homeless encampment with urine and feces all around gets the police called on them. What is wrong with this picture? This is just a small scale example of what's happening in these liberal run cities. Law abiding, tax paying, small business supporting and polite people are the enemy. Meanwhile, homeless camps, public dumping, crack use and constant public urinating are propped up and have carte blanche. And don't get me wrong, I feel terrible for these displaced homeless in LA, which is another result of left wing policy. And I really can't tell you what the answer is to the problem because there are so many types of homeless in different scenarios that there's really no blanket or bandaid.

However, the law or enforcement of the law should not apply to me and not to another group based on their housing situation. I mean, can you believe that I get the cops called on me for emergency peeing while a crackhead build tent city is untouchable? You know, funny enough, I was sharing this with my friends as we were returning back from the airport and they were cracking up reminding me how far along I've come, which is very true. I'm telling you, my younger years when I was more angry and a little bit more feisty, I probably would've just anger peed all over the floor. I always admired that guy who had an emergency and the flight attendant wouldn't let him use the restroom before takeoff so he angry pooped his pants and ruined the flight for pretty much anyone with a nose. Just always love a good revenge story.