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Biden Fakes Cracking Down on Immigration


Chad: President Biden cracks down on immigration. Kevin McCarthy had to make some serious concessions and it seems we're in a Mexican standoff with Mexico. You are listening to the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law.

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. I'm your host, Chad Law. America's binary brother, the holiest homo in the true leader of the gay world, delivering common sense conservative politics to all on the airwaves of our red, white, and blue rainbow. This morning I was sitting at Starbucks with a colleague of mine discussing politics because that's all we talk about and it's been chilly in California. So I had my collar and co dress color polo on, and I swear to God, three compliments in a row from businessmen getting their daily coffee. You know, it really is a frustrating thing that floppy unkempt polo for men, which is why these new collar and co shirts are being noticed everywhere.

I had a Henley neck cashmere pullover that I had buttoned down with the collar popping through. It was absolutely stunning. It's amazing how much more put together and cleaner your look gets when you have a shirt with the right collar. These dress collar polos have become my favorite shirt by far. They're super comfortable. I don't sweat through them. They don't clinging in random spots. Polos have always been a little too business casual for me, but not these. This dress collar polo takes it to the next level. Go to They have many different fits colors and button options for your personal style. Did I mentioned, they now have women's dress color polos. They're more than a dozen color combinations and most importantly, they're really affordable. Collars and co, the dress color polo that takes your fashion game to new heights.

Okay, well good morning from dreary Newport Beach. We've been dealing with off and on again rain for a few days now. We're such babies here in California, so when it rains for more than five days in a row, people literally start boarding planes for Mexico and Hawaii. Actually, my mother is in Hawaii right now. I spoke to her the other day and I said, you're going to Hawaii. And she says, yeah. I go, what are you going for? She goes, I'm going on a girls' trip with my friends. And after I hung out, I'm thinking to myself, is it really a girls' trip when they're in their mid to late sixties and seventies? I mean, is it a girls' trip when you pack Ben Gay and Metamucil and all your dinner reservations are for 5:30 at the hotel restaurant?

I mean, at this point, I don't even know if it's a women's or a lady's trip. I think it's more like a golden girls' trip. And if I had to pick one, my mom would definitely be Rose, sweet, but simple. My poor family. I am such a troll. I love making fun of everyone and trust me, I get my fair share back. They'd love to quote my show back to me in conversations to prove a point. That's really fun.

If you're trying to get healthy for the new year, don't forget to include your pets. Folks, I know you love your pets as much as I do. You hear me talk about Ron all the time. The first thing anyone says when they meet Ron is, wow his coat is so soft. He's all muscle, which is all true. And unlike most Frenchies, Ron is solid muscle, no fat, has no skin problems, no allergies. His immune system is strong and as far as Frenches go, he's in the top 1% of health. Every vet he's ever seen ask me how I keep him so healthy. He's five years old and other than his regular shots, he's been to the vet twice in his life in five years. Why is he so healthy? Honestly, it's because he's never had kibble in his whole life. I started Ron as a puppy on fresh cooked food around two years old.

On the recommendation of a friend I transitioned him to Darwin's raw pet food. Frenchies are generally fat and lazy and unhealthy. Ron runs two to three miles a day. The vets will tell you to avoid raw because of course kibble keeps them in business with allergens, powdered meats and fake coloring. Darwin's isn't just raw food folks, it's biologically balanced for maximum nutrient absorption and contains the best meat and produce possible. It comes individually packaged so you don't have to touch anything and it's a hundred percent safe. The cost, I did the math recently, it's only a few bucks more a month than the super-premium kibble brands and you will see a difference in your dog in a couple of weeks. Seriously, go online to and try it for yourself. They love eating it and you'll love seeing the difference.

It's been seven solid days since George Santos arrived on the hill after being exposed as a sociopathic narcissist who's either pretending to be gay for his own little dreamland or he is gay and embarrassing the rest of us, I can't figure out which one. I tweet the house GOP, McCarthy and him calling for his expulsion. I would honestly rather lose the seat to a Democrat then have this creep in office, that's how serious I am. McCarthy and the other GOP leaders have come out and said, well, he's been elected to serve. We have to follow the constitution. Like I've said over and over, the lies he made up might not have impacted the election at the time, but it doesn't excuse it and you can't prove that. It's just my speculation.

It was interesting, after my last show, my assistant looked at me and said, you know, you kind of, I don't know if I agree with you, you kind of pulled the liberal card out there about Santos because it sounded like you were defending him against what Joe Biden's done. Well, if that's what it sounded like, that was not my point. The guy is a criminal, he's a grifter and a fraud. I don't know how he could pass an ethics investigation, but I love how Kevin McCarthy, he's like, well, the Constitution, you know, it's like, oh, all of a sudden you are a constitutional conservative. I don't think so. Now he needed the vote to get in. The bottom line is that this guy needs to go, whether Biden or anyone else as lied is irrelevant. Yes it does. And my point in the last episode was to showcase the wide spectrum of lies all the way from the president all the way down.

However, it doesn't make it okay just because Biden did it that this guy does it, Republican, democrat. The liberals, that's their whole thing. That was my assistant when she was saying, she said the liberals do that all the time about Trump. They said, well Trump did that, so why can't so-and-so do that? And that's not a valid argument. So I agree. But anyways, they're yelling at me to stop ranting about him because it is my hot button issue right now. So I'll move on. As we're talking about my mom and I'm not sure if I've shared this with you guys, but we really have two Brazilian nationals in my family, my oldest brother is married to an ultra gorgeous Brazilian woman who's the mother of their three kids. And my older sister is married to just the most amazing, handsome, loving guy. He's also from Brazil. He's also a surgeon like she is. But I'm not saying that to get into the Brazil mess that's going on down there, the reporting is really shaky and I don't think I'm educated enough to speak to it.