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Barr goes Anti-Trump, but why?


Intro: No holds Barr, the former Attorney General comes out swinging against Trump, but seems to have questionable motives. You're listening to the Last Gay Conservative, I'm your host, Chad Law. Oh yeah, let's go Brandon.

Chad: Hello everybody. Let's go Brandon. Welcome to another episode of the Last Gay Conservative. It's me, Chad Law, your binary brother, the holiest homo, the beacon of truth, and the true leader of the gay world. I am solely here to send facts and findings through the airwaves. And you know how on our red, white, and blue rainbow? Well folks, it's a scorching hot day today in Orange County, and the electricity grid here in California is being pushed to the max. We're getting amber alerts on our phone to let us know it is so hot that the state has begged electric car owners to not plug in and charge.

Ironically, this desperate request came just weeks after the state passed legislation that will ban non-electric vehicles starting in 2035. I mean, folks, we talk about this all the time. If this isn't liberal shortsightedness, it's what I call creating MSNBC policies. Sound great on TV. Oh, California's not going to have any more gas cars. The air's going to be so clean and wonderful, etcetera. Uhuh, they lack any substance, research, facts or just responsible governing. I mean, what? Electric cars put pressure on the grid. What, you mean charging them can put enough pressure on the grid to cause brown and blackouts here in California?

Yeah, these people don't even get it. Tesla drivers, you talk to these people and they're like, oh, the power comes from the wall. But they tell you, ditch your gas car, but don't use your electric car. Get an E-bike. Oh wait, got to charge that. Get a bird scooter. Got to charge that one. Take public transportation. Well, that doesn't really work that well because usually there's no air conditioning or the things are laid or breaking down because they've been switched to electric. We just have to be the laughing stock of the world. I mean, who does that? They pass a law and then they have to quickly reverse all their cheering because it gets too hot.

I mean, it just shows you that the electricity grid is far more important than cars. And the more cars we plug into the grid, the more likely we are to have a shutdown. So Newsom really trying to rack up as many talking points as possible for his presidential run. God help us. I guess what I'm dying to know is how are they going to explain away all the lost taxes from gas and employment from gas station owners? We're displacing all these business owners. What's the solution? What's the DNC solution for that? What's Newsom, Chairman Newsom solution for that, destroying families because of a green agenda that actually contributes to climate change instead of helping it?

But before we dive into the meat of the episode, I wanted to share some fun updates. First, I'm really sorry for falling off schedule. The truth is I'm pitching a few various media companies for the podcast, and I wanted to keep the mix of episodes, how it was 1 through 30. We'll see how things turn out. I mean, if you love the show, you can always help out by sending the show and your recommendations on how much you love it to the Daily Signal, blaze Media, the Daily Wire, anywhere you'd like to see us produced. Regionally, my plan was to self-produce everything with the creation of a new media company. But first of all, life happens and things have changed.

And aligning with like-minded networks will help us get a jump on things faster. The economy also is giving me very little confidence to invest significant amounts of funds into a new venture right now, not only just my funds, but also some of the other investor funds. I don't want to be on the hook for as we see a macroeconomic breakdown here, but it's also very important that we're stronger in numbers. It's not because I don't believe in what I do to put the money behind it, but with all the censorship and government, be on the lookout warnings for conservatives, conservative media, Christians, it's best we stick in numbers that makes us that much harder to take down when they come after us.

But with that being said, just FYI, I am looking for someone part-time just to handle our Twitter, TikTok and Instagram being on there on a regular basis throughout the day. I don't have time. And our social media girl is gone to nursing school, so we scared her right out of marketing. But it would be a great part-time gig for someone in school or something. Someone looking for a little extra income. Funny story I heard yesterday. You guys know me with my funny stories. There was an elementary school teacher and part of her curriculum was to teach kids about self-esteem. Sound familiar? So the teacher tells her class, if you think you're dumb, stand up. Her goal being that no one would stand up and then she could explain that no one is dumb, everyone's just different, but unexpectedly little Johnny stood up. The teacher says, now come on Johnny, you don't actually think you're dumb, do you? And he looks at her and says, no, ma'am, I just hate to see you standing up there all by yourself.

Oh, ain't that the truth these days, these woke teachers. I heard that on yesterday's episode of the Joel Osteen podcast. If you didn't catch Sunday's podcast, I highly recommend it. Man, did I need to hear what he was preaching? Love Joel. He's changed my life for real. As we know, we receive many emails and messages on a regular basis, singing our praises and just as many singing our praises as others wishing we were dead. And I love every one of them. I read them off, my assistant prints them off and puts them on my big cork board to review. It's something that I absolutely love to do because everyone is a different perspective and it's always very different from what I think you think. And it just gives me a nice dose of reality and helps me build the show for what you guys like.

One crazy thing is that we have a little fan base in Australia. Received an email about a month ago from a gentleman named Chris. I won't share his last name for confidentiality reasons. He may allow me to on the next episode or two, but for now it'll just be Chris. Andy I just want to read you a part of the email. He says, "Chad, you are the best. You're changing people's lives with this show, bringing hope and happiness to many of us out here who have been feeling there was nothing worthwhile left in the gay community. Since discovering your show, I'm starting to feel some pride in being gay again. Thank you." So, of course I had to respond. I was so flattered in Australia. I mean, that's so cool. First of all, I love Australians. I mean, they're pretty much tried and true bad asses.

And that's what's so sad about what's happening to the government there because it was a gritty democracy because of the bloodlines in Australia. And people really stood up to their government and they really cared. And all the feminization of men and it's starting to catch up because you can see these people just bending over and taking it from the government, which 20 years ago would've never, ever, ever happened in Australia. But if you've ever been to Sydney as well, the men there are attractive, to say the least. But this is exactly why folks I started doing this show and to know there are people actually around the world just affirm that were doing the right thing.

You know, beyond that, Chris took it a step further and posted my show on some gay Facebook groups, and of course got him a ton of liberal hate, but also brought him some gay conservatives out of the closet, pun intended. He was so inspired, he actually started a gay conservative meetup group. And this is the virality we need to keep the message going. I mean, we're not a gay show only, per se. The show really represents people who have been falsely guilted into subscribing into beliefs they don't feel are right. The part that really cracked me up though is that after a few weirdos, he had to put a disclaimer on the group titled, what Is a Gay Man? Absolute Best.

A big shout out to everyone down under. I cannot wait to get back down for 4 and 20 meat pies and footy. Just a wonderful place. And the connection that I feel with Chris has been life-affirming and just warms my heart. So thank you to those in Australia. I really, really would like to do either once a month or every other week or some sort of Australia theme show and stuff going on there. There are a lot of similarities happening in Australia and in the US right now, but specifics are good and I think we could all learn from what's happening. I follow Rebel News, which has a really good foothold in Australia as well. So maybe I'll do something with them, I'm not sure but Chris, you're amazing. Thank you so much. And I really do mean it.

Another shocking email was received a couple weeks ago from an adorable guy in New York City of all places. That city will literally swallow you up into liberalism. And apparently there are still some lone soldiers and even gay conservative lone soldiers. I would've never imagined. Just listen to his note. "Hey Chad, my name is Robbie and I want to thank you for your voice and your show. Everything lately is woke trans, trans, trans, trans agenda being shoved down our throats. And there are times I feel like my head may explode. Being from New York City, young, gay, and not on the liberal left makes me feel like a middle or high school kid again in the closet sheltering my views and thoughts. It's refreshing to know not all of us have conformed with the mob and that others like us do exist in these beyond Hyperpartisan times. People like you give me hope for the future of our country. Please don't ever stop doing this podcast."

Oh, okay. Yeah. And they're telling me here there's more actually. He says, "I truly enjoyed the latest episode on limited site and agree with so much. Your monologue was fantastic a