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America's Most Dangerous Cult Leader: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Proven wrong on every front, Fauci is leaving a legacy of millions dead, mass panic, and misinformation.


America's most dangerous cult leader Dr. Anthony Fauci leaves a legacy of millions dead mass panic and economic consequences, we will likely continue to feel for several decades. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law Yeah,


man, does that pump me up every time? Hello, everybody, how we doing? Let's go, Brandon. Man, what a crazy world it is out there. So it's so disappointing to see these things happen that could have been completely avoided, had we not elected this clown, you can form a plan about as well as you can form a sentence guys, well, inept. Well, we'll talk about that on our next episode today to talk a little bit about Dr. Fauci who, in my opinion, is probably the most dangerous. Well, he's on the way out. So maybe not anymore. But he has been throughout this entire COVID process, the most dangerous person and threat to our country ever in all of history. And I really do believe that I go to Starbucks every morning, usually early, like around six. So and I usually don't see very many people and trust me, I like it that way. But I went in at seven a few days ago, and there was a pretty good sized line, the yoga class next door had just gotten down. So was filled with a bunch of Yogi's odd people, nonetheless, I'm looking around in this line, and I'm like, Why does everyone have a mask on? I don't get it. And so I waited until I got up to the register. And I'm like, Hey, are you guys still requiring masks? Because you know, as we know, the mask mandate in California ended on February 15. However, there are still some private businesses that are requiring masks in order to do business inside or within their establishment. I mean, I haven't been wearing one for months. I mean, you know, in Orange County, we're kind of in a great little bubble here, where people don't really enforce that except for the occasional Karen. So the guy that registers like, no mandates over and I'm like, what's with all these people? Like, do they not watch the news? Do they not know the mandates over and he just kind of shrugged, which they know what I do there. They're familiar with the show, I have a lot of the staff there who are fans, and then another handful that hope I die. So even if they sense a hint of politics for me, they usually shut down right away, because they don't want to get into it with their co workers or customers, etc, which is respectable. So anyways, my my nicest voice possible, trying not to be antagonizing at all, I go up to this cute blonde, probably 25 ish got a yoga mat and just really cute, nice, but big old mask on and I said, Hey, can I ask you a question? I said, Why are you still masking? You know, the mandates over right. And you can't get more liberal than this response? He says, Yeah, I know, the mandates over but I think that might just be political, and even so COVID still out there and very dangerous. And there's a lot of unmasked unvaccinated people that put us all at risk. So it's better to be safe than sorry, I did everything I could to hold my eye roll back. And I just nodded and said, Thank you, but it really shook me. I mean, I just couldn't believe this young woman. So cute, just seemed like she had a good life wanted to keep her face halfway covered all the time out of fear when a lot of the country is getting back to normal, you know. And I realized right then in there that these people, especially in the blue states, like in California, they have Stockholm Syndrome, seriously, two and a half years straight of messages of fear and hope, scientific and political disinformation, fear tactics up the wazoo overreach so far that you're worried about going outside? And if it's someone who is just getting their information from local news, or CNN, or what they read on Facebook, how can you blame anyone? I mean, COVID is the enemy and it is a killer, and we're all at risk from being killed. Right? Well, we know not but that is in the heads of these people who have been following these politicians and Dr. Fauci blindly, I forgot how scared people were. I mean, honestly, these people are so vulnerable, so scared, they were completely paralyzed by fear. And it's still having its effects, even though we're supposed to be again getting back to normal. And you know, my heart does break for these people. You know, it's really easy for us to sit there and go oh, stupid liberal, bla bla bla, which is true. But on the flip side, like this isn't a political thing. This is a human thing. Like when you're scared for your life, which is not dramatic. These people have been made to feel like their lives are at risk from this slew and it's sad, you know, it also explains a lot while why Newsom and all these blue state Democratic leaders are you know, like to keep things shut down and closed as long as possible gives them total control and gives them even more control to influence the next election. You know, if they can drive the situation to the breaking point and then come save it. They may have a greater chance of being reelected or keeping their power elected for future generations, it was the ultimate liberal experience this whole COVID thing. And I'm realizing this now as the mandates are going down, and I'm seeing what's happening in the blue states, but Newsom, and all of these other out there, socialist politicians, they all got their wish they got their own little Moscow for a while they loved it. It was the ultimate liberal experience seriously, they got to test the impact of mass payouts through their unemployment systems, they got to test total isolation of the people, they got to control information and limit the democratic process. They didn't even consider any of what their constituents wanted or needed, because they were many dictators. And as bad as they were, they were only empowered to do all this and spread so much fear because of what they were learning from Dr. Fauci after that Starbucks conversation. I knew right away, this guy is a cult leader. He's a cult leader, and he understands what being a cult leader is like, you know, I said to my team the other day that step aside, Jim Jones, there's a new leader in town of course, the younger teams like who's Jim Jones, what but you know, this Dr. Fauci guy, he's been touted as this world leading expert in virology, vaccinations, immunology and a whole slew of other things. You read about them online. It sounds like you're reading about Dr. Martin Luther King pictures with diplomats, nothing but praise rave reviews. And you have to wonder how this guy has lived so long and been indisposition for so long, going unscathed. And again, it's because as a cult leader, whether he knows it or not, he uses his influence to keep himself in power, and also in a position where no one can question him. Most cult leaders end up falling, but the situation with Bouchy is very different, because instead of something spiritual, something that's not tangible, he's talking about things that we can see and feel like the effects of COVID or vaccinations. So it's a lot less, I guess, what I would say is it's a lot harder to prove that it's a type of cult leadership or obsession with followers because it's not some pie in the sky BS like most traditional cult leaders now do I think Fauci is going to give people Kool Aid or make them put on Nikes and do mass suicide? Absolutely not. But I undoubtably believe that he is responsible for 1000s if not millions of dead people, you know, it's he passes the buck always Science, Science, Science, and then he claims he is science. So what does that mean? You know, when you're at a point when you others leaders are convinced you have the answers, you have the ability to calm people down. The week woke I was a woke as the past tense for a week, but the weak woke, they're going to just follow blindly, they're going to do whatever it is that they think this guy is gonna say, or or anyone know, I always say there's only so many lions in the world. Most of you are probably lions, but the majority of people are sheep. The problem is, is that Lions have been recognized now. And they're continually being shamed or shut down or ridiculed for being not so sure, or for maybe taking some additional influence over sheep and saying, let's take a step back and look at this. I mean, just look at this the four top traits of a cult leader, they require obedience without question vaccines, he has one great enemy that he's convinced others as well. COVID He claims to be the contact between people and God. In our case, science as if it were divine powers. He's the one he said, He's science. He requires varying degrees of conformity. Oh, look at the lockdowns,


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You know, this authority that we gave him was really fortified because his medical research is highly regarded. And he's been in his post running the NIH for 40 years. He's a doctor and a scientist who still treats patients and the media and the left has painted him to be some dedicated civil servant that's given up all this opportunity so he can save the world. But for those of us who were paying attention, if you remember the onset of COVID, you know, late 2019 into 2020, we watched this guy go from a little garden gnome with a white coat on from that to basically becoming a reality TV star getting snippy and aggressive but always using terms like maybe I don't think could be not real definitives and then as his power grew, he started becoming more definite. The camera time on this guy was insane. And you could almost watch the god complex Come out of him with every minute that he was on the camera and that seriously, his eyes twinkled. It was like he belonged. He loved the attention. He loved the media attention. He went so far as publicly disrespecting a sitting president, he interrupted and emotionally attacked senators.


Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress and I do not retract that statement. This paper