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America's Most Dangerous Cult Leader: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Proven wrong on every front, Fauci is leaving a legacy of millions dead, mass panic, and misinformation.


America's most dangerous cult leader Dr. Anthony Fauci leaves a legacy of millions dead mass panic and economic consequences, we will likely continue to feel for several decades. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host, Chad law Yeah,


man, does that pump me up every time? Hello, everybody, how we doing? Let's go, Brandon. Man, what a crazy world it is out there. So it's so disappointing to see these things happen that could have been completely avoided, had we not elected this clown, you can form a plan about as well as you can form a sentence guys, well, inept. Well, we'll talk about that on our next episode today to talk a little bit about Dr. Fauci who, in my opinion, is probably the most dangerous. Well, he's on the way out. So maybe not anymore. But he has been throughout this entire COVID process, the most dangerous person and threat to our country ever in all of history. And I really do believe that I go to Starbucks every morning, usually early, like around six. So and I usually don't see very many people and trust me, I like it that way. But I went in at seven a few days ago, and there was a pretty good sized line, the yoga class next door had just gotten down. So was filled with a bunch of Yogi's odd people, nonetheless, I'm looking around in this line, and I'm like, Why does everyone have a mask on? I don't get it. And so I waited until I got up to the register. And I'm like, Hey, are you guys still requiring masks? Because you know, as we know, the mask mandate in California ended on February 15. However, there are still some private businesses that are requiring masks in order to do business inside or within their establishment. I mean, I haven't been wearing one for months. I mean, you know, in Orange County, we're kind of in a great little bubble here, where people don't really enforce that except for the occasional Karen. So the guy that registers like, no mandates over and I'm like, what's with all these people? Like, do they not watch the news? Do they not know the mandates over and he just kind of shrugged, which they know what I do there. They're familiar with the show, I have a lot of the staff there who are fans, and then another handful that hope I die. So even if they sense a hint of politics for me, they usually shut down right away, because they don't want to get into it with their co workers or customers, etc, which is respectable. So anyways, my my nicest voice possible, trying not to be antagonizing at all, I go up to this cute blonde, probably 25 ish got a yoga mat and just really cute, nice, but big old mask on and I said, Hey, can I ask you a question? I said, Why are you still masking? You know, the mandates over right. And you can't get more liberal than this response? He says, Yeah, I know, the mandates over but I think that might just be political, and even so COVID still out there and very dangerous. And there's a lot of unmasked unvaccinated people that put us all at risk. So it's better to be safe than sorry, I did everything I could to hold my eye roll back. And I just nodded and said, Thank you, but it really shook me. I mean, I just couldn't believe this young woman. So cute, just seemed like she had a good life wanted to keep her face halfway covered all the time out of fear when a lot of the country is getting back to normal, you know. And I realized right then in there that these people, especially in the blue states, like in California, they have Stockholm Syndrome, seriously, two and a half years straight of messages of fear and hope, scientific and political disinformation, fear tactics up the wazoo overreach so far that you're worried about going outside? And if it's someone who is just getting their information from local news, or CNN, or what they read on Facebook, how can you blame anyone? I mean, COVID is the enemy and it is a killer, and we're all at risk from being killed. Right? Well, we know not but that is in the heads of these people who have been following these politicians and Dr. Fauci blindly, I forgot how scared people were. I mean, honestly, these people are so vulnerable, so scared, they were completely paralyzed by fear. And it's still having its effects, even though we're supposed to be again getting back to normal. And you know, my heart does break for these people. You know, it's really easy for us to sit there and go oh, stupid liberal, bla bla bla, which is true. But on the flip side, like this isn't a political thing. This is a human thing. Like when you're scared for your life, which is not dramatic. These people have been made to feel like their lives are at risk from this slew and it's sad, you know, it also explains a lot while why Newsom and all these blue state Democratic leaders are you know, like to keep things shut down and closed as long as possible gives them total control and gives them even more control to influence the next election. You know, if they can drive the situation to the breaking point and then come save it. They may have a greater chance of being reelected or keeping their power elected for future generations, it was the ultimate liberal experience this whole COVID thing. And I'm realizing this now as the mandates are going down, and I'm seeing what's happening in the blue states, but Newsom, and all of these other out there, socialist politicians, they all got their wish they got their own little Moscow for a while they loved it. It was the ultimate liberal experience seriously, they got to test the impact of mass payouts through their unemployment systems, they got to test total isolation of the people, they got to control information and limit the democratic process. They didn't even consider any of what their constituents wanted or needed, because they were many dictators. And as bad as they were, they were only empowered to do all this and spread so much fear because of what they were learning from Dr. Fauci after that Starbucks conversation. I knew right away, this guy is a cult leader. He's a cult leader, and he understands what being a cult leader is like, you know, I said to my team the other day that step aside, Jim Jones, there's a new leader in town of course, the younger teams like who's Jim Jones, what but you know, this Dr. Fauci guy, he's been touted as this world leading expert in virology, vaccinations, immunology and a whole slew of other things. You read about them online. It sounds like you're reading about Dr. Martin Luther King pictures with diplomats, nothing but praise rave reviews. And you have to wonder how this guy has lived so long and been indisposition for so long, going unscathed. And again, it's because as a cult leader, whether he knows it or not, he uses his influence to keep himself in power, and also in a position where no one can question him. Most cult leaders end up falling, but the situation with Bouchy is very different, because instead of something spiritual, something that's not tangible, he's talking about things that we can see and feel like the effects of COVID or vaccinations. So it's a lot less, I guess, what I would say is it's a lot harder to prove that it's a type of cult leadership or obsession with followers because it's not some pie in the sky BS like most traditional cult leaders now do I think Fauci is going to give people Kool Aid or make them put on Nikes and do mass suicide? Absolutely not. But I undoubtably believe that he is responsible for 1000s if not millions of dead people, you know, it's he passes the buck always Science, Science, Science, and then he claims he is science. So what does that mean? You know, when you're at a point when you others leaders are convinced you have the answers, you have the ability to calm people down. The week woke I was a woke as the past tense for a week, but the weak woke, they're going to just follow blindly, they're going to do whatever it is that they think this guy is gonna say, or or anyone know, I always say there's only so many lions in the world. Most of you are probably lions, but the majority of people are sheep. The problem is, is that Lions have been recognized now. And they're continually being shamed or shut down or ridiculed for being not so sure, or for maybe taking some additional influence over sheep and saying, let's take a step back and look at this. I mean, just look at this the four top traits of a cult leader, they require obedience without question vaccines, he has one great enemy that he's convinced others as well. COVID He claims to be the contact between people and God. In our case, science as if it were divine powers. He's the one he said, He's science. He requires varying degrees of conformity. Oh, look at the lockdowns,


I've been involved in number of coach, both as a leader and a follower, get more fun to follow her, but make more money as a leader.


You know, this authority that we gave him was really fortified because his medical research is highly regarded. And he's been in his post running the NIH for 40 years. He's a doctor and a scientist who still treats patients and the media and the left has painted him to be some dedicated civil servant that's given up all this opportunity so he can save the world. But for those of us who were paying attention, if you remember the onset of COVID, you know, late 2019 into 2020, we watched this guy go from a little garden gnome with a white coat on from that to basically becoming a reality TV star getting snippy and aggressive but always using terms like maybe I don't think could be not real definitives and then as his power grew, he started becoming more definite. The camera time on this guy was insane. And you could almost watch the god complex Come out of him with every minute that he was on the camera and that seriously, his eyes twinkled. It was like he belonged. He loved the attention. He loved the media attention. He went so far as publicly disrespecting a sitting president, he interrupted and emotionally attacked senators.


Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress and I do not retract that statement. This paper that you're referring to, was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain of function. So what was let me finish shaken


animal virus and you increase the ability to humans, right? You're saying that's not going to fall?


Yeah, that is correct. And Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly.


And weekly, he got him set up on TV to tell everyone how wonderful and Pat himself on the back. I recently heard an interview where he claimed the reason he's on every now and in every newspaper is because he's trying to get as much information out to the public so they can use it for public safety. Well, that's a crock. We know in today's tight close digital internet based media, that one source can serve them all. You don't need to go and have your face on every single channel for public safety. And I want you to think about something really quick. Just let's backtrack a little bit. Think about seeing him on TV for the last two years now without looking it up. Can you remember one thing that he said? One recommendation, one assertion one bit of information that you go, Oh, yeah, Fauci said that that was right. He said this? Oh, yeah, that happened? No, not once. I mean, I watched the guy every day for two years. And I to this day, I cannot tell you one thing. He said, I acknowledged and understood and then saw happening, never, I can't go back right now and say, oh, yeah, Fauci said XYZ and XYZ happened. I mean, can you I can't find anyone who can actually just the opposite, you know, I mean, it's crazy to think that when someone's in an authority position that way, and is supposed to be delivering unbiased, unfiltered, scientific and medical information that's relevant to the situation. And you've got a guy who's essentially preaching without citing any data without any research, and he clearly believes his own lies. And he clearly thinks that he is the answer. It's very, very scary. I mean, now that information is flooded our inboxes in our browsers and our televisions, with actual, true, verifiable research data around the last three years, it's completely decimated. Almost everything Fauci has stated and to be honest, I think, regardless of what side the information came out, it would do so because he never really said anything of substance. And in a finite terms, his credibility is so destroyed this guy, you know, not that they'll do anything, but he should have been citing his research, talking about the data, but he wasn't, he may have it that doesn't make great TV and he doesn't want to disappoint his throngs of fans, right? And we're getting more and more information, just from the time that I recorded this to the time that you guys are listening to it. I guarantee more information has come out. So we wanted to know what's going on because we haven't really seen him around in the limelight in a while. And so we we reached out to his team, one of my press people reached out to his team and said, Where is this guy? And here's the response. We got Dr. Fauci is on a much needed break from COVID and is pursuing other passions within Media is currently in talks today with Andy Cohen developing the real scientists of Wuhan.


Why do Jang guado, Pang? Yo Niihau?


I had to, but you know, these people, these cult leaders, just like Fauci, they thrive most in times of fear or panic. And he's been doing this for 40 years, and people, Americans, people, humans become desperate for answers. And when that's the case, you generally give your trust to the highest bidder. It's the person or the organization that makes you feel safest. Well, we only learned of one person, we didn't get an alternative. And so he won, regardless of truth. And so between Bouchy being such a con artist, and then this phenomena of the tinder swindler and inventing Anna, you know, I see those and they're huge deals, and they're wildly popular, and people think, Oh, wow, they're incredible. But when you look at Bouchy This isn't taking you know, millions of dollars from a handful of desperate lonely women using your charms which happens all the time. This isn't faking it till you make it tricking all the major banks in Manhattan. This is one man using sweeping generalizations to impact how hundreds of millions of us live. I mean, with so much information out there that disproves what he's saying, how did this little dweeb seriously this tiny little dweeb convinced us as a nation 300 million people that he is science I've seen all kinds of cold and con stories and situations but for someone in disguise a cult leader in disguise and I'm sure he doesn't think of himself as a cult leader, but he has all the traits of one to engage millions of people on this scale when the timing is right. I guess the enemy has to be great people have to be scared. He came across the sort of small, older, hunched over man, someone who's dedicated himself to saving lives and medicine. You know, we literally needed him to lead us back to health and he was the only option that was presented and that's what we thought he was doing. But I mean if you look at him and his life guys from Brooklyn, good student captain of the basketball team, they really liked him as captain from what I read come from an upper middle class family. He got a great education had a very above average upbringing, but nothing crazy. But from what I read his time as captain of the basketball team was definitely a highlight in his life. And this is purely mean just speculating. But I know from life experience that there's always things especially in our adolescence as men that shaped future decisions and desires. Like when we get those first hits of what it is we like, it stays with us, whether that's sexually, whether that's career wise, whether that's communication, friendship, whatever it is, when you get those first hit, in his case, attention for being a coach, or sorry, Captain, it's, it's something that follows you. And let me tell you, I've got a sister who's a doctor, science and medicine are not necessarily careers known for being in the limelight or having media attention, I would assume that his undergrad and graduate years, you know, as well as his rotations and fellowships, they were probably pretty lab focused or research focused and not frontward facing, you know, not a lot of media. And out of his residency, he started at the NIH in 1968. I mean, the dude is old. And if you look at his movement throughout the organization, it was very clear he was being groomed to be a leader. And he's had that same position since 1984. Interestingly enough, though, in 1983, is when he really took center stage, and he began to crave this media attention and sensationalism like nothing else, and you can see it and you can hear it in his tone in the way he act and the way he talks all of it. And so in 1983, during the AIDS and HIV pandemic history tells me that this attention probably triggered the attention but he got somewhere in life maybe like my, you know, speculative answer that it was the high school basketball team, but he got that attention. And he got that obsession and that addiction with it during this HIV AIDS pandemic. And as I go through this and talk to you a little bit about how dangerous this guy is, just remember, there's two schools of thought on Fauci especially on his handling of the pandemic, one our school of thought or mine, I'm not assuming that you will agree with me talking about ego but my school of thought you will hear a lot of people saying it just doesn't feel right. One person, no real published data telling us what to do then changing flip flopping, I don't think so I don't buy it. And the other train of thought, and this comes from a lot of his undying fans that just love him and think he's a savior. They believe that the nature of science, his mistakes, and the guys makes mistakes, doing the best he can trying to keep people safe. And I get that. And if it was one time, or if he actually came out and said this was a mistake, I get it. But these mistakes have led us to massive amounts of death and destruction, panic, the spread of misinformation, and even the financial and economic impacts of these mistakes are huge. It's devastating. And all we want to know is what was the process? How was the data reviewed and weighed? Was there any data and in almost every single one of these big giant mistakes, there's provable suppression of out side scientific work. He's excluded other experts in the field and he muzzles and shames anyone who disagrees or offers another opinion, and so on. Other scientists are afraid because a lot of grants and funding come from NIH, so if they speak out against him, they know that he'll put them on a black book. And they'll never be able to get funding that way ever. I mean, even during the COVID pandemic, in a few instances, he admitted to saying what he calls quote, unquote, noble lies. One of them was not masking in the early months of the Wuhan virus. Nice thing is he didn't want to create a bottleneck of masks supply, like that's his call. And so you know, risking everyone, because you're worried about mask supply, then calling it a noble lie. Yeah, that's pretty fishy. So for what I say is, these aren't mistakes. These are intentional moves, intentional moves this guy has done in order to keep himself on top in order to keep everyone watching him. Keep the cameras on him, because that's what he's obsessed with. He's obsessed with being the one the Almighty, the spokesperson, the hero, but the challenge is, is that when you put yourself in that position, we have to ask ourselves, are you responsible, then for the consequences if you don't want a team or a panel or to show any research and you just want to speculate your way through a pandemic? Shouldn't you be held accountable, that is dangerous and extremely unethical? That does not happen in the scientific and medical community. It shouldn't happen. And when it does, people get stripped of their licenses, they get their funding pulled and all sorts of other repercussions, but because he works for our awesome federal government, he gets promotions. The bottom line is is that the guy completely disallowed us from being able to have a second opinion. We're dealing with an illness, but we weren't allowed to have a second opinion. It was discouraged. It was frowned upon and you were attacked. Doing so I don't know if you guys know this, but I have you know, my older sister is a plastic surgeon. She specializes in neonatal cranial facial reconstruction. But it's a very specialized area of medicine where she basically rebuilds skulls, bone and tissue features of premature babies that are underdeveloped when they come out. And she is often the second or third opinion, when desperate families are looking around for the right answer of how to help these babies, their families develop healthy and oftentimes stay alive. And so you know, I talked to her and it's like, the thing is, is that nothing bad can come out of a second or third opinion, the worst worst possible thing that could happen. The worst is that your opinion agrees with the original doctor, and they're on the right track, the best thing that can happen, you have some answer some technology, some technique that the first doctor wasn't aware of, and you get to save a life or you get to ensure that a small child grows and develops in as much normalcy as possible. That's called medical integrity, you should suggest your patients get a second opinion at the top clinics like Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, you don't have one person, your entire case is looked at, from every perspective from a team of specialists in their field who work together to diagnose and to treat areas of individual challenge and also systemic challenges. Tony Fauci could never work at any of those places. You have to play well with others, and you actually have to make decisions based on facts, not speculation. So when you come out and you deny an entire country's right to their second opinion, you have to be held accountable for the results. I mean, in Fauci case, people getting kicked out of their homes, doctors won't let them in to be seen groups targeted for spreading the virus 1000s of people dead, horrible clinical trials, killer drugs, did you think I was talking about COVID? See what I did there, no 1983 HIV epidemic. It's just crazy how history comes full circle. And the hardest part of all of this is that for COVID I don't think many people knew that he had done this before. And I also don't think people realize how hard the gay community was hit. There's an article in the American Institute of Economic Research lately, Dr. Fauci published an article in the Journal of American Medical Association documenting one of the first cases of the immunodeficiencies disease appearance in an infant and the author sounded an alarm about the possibility that routine close contact as within a family household can spread the disease. The article was extremely speculative, and promoted heavily this new theory if indeed, the latter is true than AIDS takes on an entirely new dimension. If we add to this possibility, that non sexual non blood borne transmission is possible, the scope of the syndrome may be enormous, although the article reiterated the need to be cautious and accepting these findings. As they awaited more evidence, the discovery, quote unquote, should at least alert us to the possibility that we are truly dealing with AIDS in children as transmitted through routine interaction. Well, clearly, this is his start. This is what he does. This is what he loves and feeds off of, but you can see he's using caution and possibility. And there's not one factual finding sided not one referencing a case of an AIDS baby and speculating from there that it must have happened by normal contact, hugs holding hands sitting next to someone on the bus, there's not one definitive in the article in proper Fauci form, he gets to splash his opinion around without being held accountable for any of it because he says possibly in cautiously, that's not how it works, especially in science, you don't get to publish your personal hypothesis, especially knowing that it can have a treacherous impact before any actual findings have been made. That is so unethical. It is so dangerous and so deadly. And this man sits back and enjoys it and laps up every second. He's controlling these people and the country. He loves the power he feeds off of it. And of course, and especially back then, you know, the mass media scours these journals for these types of stories all day long, no internet to look going back to the Institute of Economic Research. They right right here press accounts, noticing vouchers article immediately sounded the alarm, household contacts can transmit aids. The AP worried the next day, does aid spread by routine contact and quoted Fauci as their lead authority. New York Times did exactly the same thing. Now any responsible scientist, Doctor researcher, should any human would immediately jump up and down and say, whoa, stop the bus. That's not what I meant print a redaction. This was a medical journal, a medical hypothesis that hasn't even been tested. But no, he didn't want to do that it would remove all the praise and attention on him. He loved being noted as the expert even though he knew he was wrong. How do we know now it really goes both ways. Because had we known now what we knew then about Fauci, I don't think he would have the same pool with COVID. Or maybe he would, I don't know, the fact that no one really knew about this is even scarier to me, but also had we known then what we've learned now As his desire for attention and his ego grew over the last 40 years, maybe we could have saved a lot of lives within the AIDS and HIV epidemic. Eventually, hundreds of newspapers decimated the distressing theory from Fauci his article, Pat Buchanan enlisted Fauci as the centerpiece of a rebuttal against human health services secretary Margaret Heckler, who told him there is no evidence at all that the general population is threatened by AIDS. I mean, at this point the country is in all out mania, pure insanity, people are disowning HIV positive members of their families, hospitals won't treat them homophobia and hate against the gay community rocket's in the big cities, because you know, it's only conservatives and right wingers that hate gays. Oh, no. Even Congress brought bouches article in and entered it into the Congressional Record, along with all sorts of other sightings of homosexuals, causing the virus and recommendations on social ostracization. Bouchy his article opened the door for people to vilify HIV and AIDS patient that piece in the journal was absolutely the catalyst for one of the worst hate campaigns against gays ever. Families were torn apart. Gay people were homeless all over the cities, countless amount of lives were lost. And just like COVID, job loss houses last sickness untreated, costly protective measures that are ineffective. It's not about the fact that you're right or wrong about masking. It's about acting as the one and only authority on it. That is this guy making recommendations that can hurt more than they can help without any backup. I just get so fired up because you can't say these things without backup or any research. He's done zero. Everything he said on TV to us was a lie, or a speculation or an assumption. Not one thing was based on actual science, not one. The crazy thing is is that there's there was another leading immunologist at the time, his name was Ari Rubenstein. And even before Fauci wrote the article, he had done research on AIDS in babies in your utero, and they found that it was passed what they call vertically from the mother who had HIV or AIDS prior to getting pregnant, sent the whole paper all the research everything to Fauci never even opened never even acknowledged its presence. Think of what that person Dr. Rubinstein could have done instead of spread fear and lap up all the attention possible living in the limelight. American Institute of Economic Research goes on and says although his speculative commentary had triggered a national frenzy over unfounded fears of AIDS transmission through routine contact, Bouchy himself emerged relatively unscathed from the episode he did so by deploying an all too familiar the political pivot executed in front of his spawning news media, not even two months after his JAMA article, Fauci publicly contradicted its most irresponsible claim, and never acknowledged his own central role in promoting that claim to begin with, in an interview with the Baltimore Sun, he says it's preposterous to suggest that aids can be contracted through normal social contact, like being in the same room or sitting on the bus with someone the poor gays have received a very raw deal on this. In short, this is why we call him Bouchy flip flop, because he just follows the political winds, and the press doesn't notice because they're unethical, too. Doesn't this sound just like COVID? Guys? I mean, really, doesn't this sound just like COVID? I mean, he just he uses the fact that he's small. And for us, he was a lot younger than but you know, 40 years now, little Italian grandpa can manipulate the media. And we also have to remember that journalists, most of them are lazy. And most of them don't ever want to get questioned by source. And so they love bureaucrats with credentials like Fauci because they can print whatever and never have any risk of blowback. And because of that, they hold on to every word like it's gospel, you know, and these weak woke kids and people that follow everything he has to say, and they'll defend him to the death again, total cult leader, they will defend him to the death. They will never admit wrongdoings. It's crazy. I mean, I heard someone tell me, well, it was just merely an article in a medical journal. You know, the press did what they wanted with it. No, the press literally printed what he wrote no subtext, no misrepresented context, verbatim what he wrote, citing him as the expert that he claimed in the same article, of course, the double standard there because they deny almost everything they can't find on But they're right. It wasn't medical publication. And maybe this first time didn't have harmful intentions. Maybe none of them did. Maybe it's just an addiction that he has. It's an itch that he can't stop scratching media attention cameras being held up as the world's leading scientist, but we're never looking at the impact. Two months after that article in 1983. The country was in hysterics and then once he got all this attention and credibility, he's now the new talking head for AIDS and HIV. So what does he do? He goes on tour promoting AZT, an antiviral treatment that literally kills you poison And it was killing people faster than AIDS was. And he pushed it for a long time absolute poison and not poison like some people refer to chemo as poison, which is medically controlled, and the reward often outweighs the risk. This was just straight poison might as well have been giving HIV and AIDS patients cyanide. If you want a little bit more context to this time, you should really see the movie Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConaughey is the character that he plays is is very powerful. It's a true story. He contracted HIV and was given 30 days to live. He was not gay, he got it from a prostitute who uses intravenous drugs in the movie, he got convinced by a group of doctors at the hospital to get on this AZT trial clinical trial, which is exactly what Fauci was out touting as the premier treatment of AIDS and HIV. And at one point in the movie, the doctor, one of the other doctors that doesn't like what's going on with the AZT looked at him and says AZT is killing every cell in your body rapidly. So he immediately goes off of it, and goes down to Mexico to get treatments that actually work that the FDA don't allow, and you know, there's supplements a protein, you know, other things, and he actually starts to feel better, a lot more happens. But the bottom line is, is that he actually ends up getting in big trouble for using these drugs, because they're helping, and he went from 30 days to live to seven years, meanwhile, getting arrested by the feds, etc, etc. It's a true story, which is why I'm citing it and quoting and if it was just a Hollywood BS thing, that's one thing, but it's a true story that gives absolute insight to what medical professionals especially Fauci were doing for AIDS and HIV patients, essentially killing them. Again, when we draw outside the lines for our own health, we shouldn't be chastised. And we certainly shouldn't be getting arrested, or something enforced by law. I mean, sounds familiar, right? I drew Chloroquine. And ivermectin, just for an example. It just shows that Bouchy his shoulders deep in the thick of this big pharma push for medicine, that doesn't work, but makes a lot of money. He did the same thing with Ebola. I'm not going to get into Ebola right now, because I don't have time. But I will tell you, he did the same thing with Ebola just on a much smaller scale. And when I'm writing this, and I'm looking at all the data, and we did a lot of research for this episode, I kind of understand how the FBI feels when someone commits an act of terror, who has been posting about it and telling people about it for five years, they have egg on their face. I feel like our entire country has a egg on their face. This is all information we should have known before we exalted this guy, there were no red flags. How was that pass? How do you become the highest rank public health official in the country, when you have demonstrated the most unethical, unorganized, poorly researched delivery of information as something as serious as AIDS and HIV? Only in the federal government? Can you get promoted and not fired for pulling such a stunt? I just, you know, it's incredible. And and it's 40 years later, and people are still waiting for some sort of apology or explanation. He's never offered one. He's not sorry, he loved it, he still loves it to Tony Fauci. It doesn't matter whether or not he's helping or not, the only thing that matters to him is that he's on TV, and that he can control the actions of other people using his authority and using his power. He is an evil person, absolutely evil, and I'm not being dramatic. I cannot stress this enough. He is an evil person, he shuts down other colleagues. he suppresses information from the public so he can stay as the Savior and he touts himself as being the only authority on these issues, limiting people's ability to get a second opinion. It's very, very dangerous. Think about this. Okay. As an example, have you ever watched a briefing like after a major crime, something happens, even a car chase, something happens? They have a big press briefing? Have you ever watched one where there's just one cop or one spokesperson? No, it's always a multi agency cooperation. You'll hear from FBI, local police, Sheriff ATF Secret Service, etc. It doesn't matter. But it shows a united front, but it also ensures that every angle and opinion is covered. But we're so enamored with this guy. I mean, especially the liberals in this country, that love bureaucrats, they're also weaker in nature, which I hate to say it but it's true. So of course, they broadcasted Fauci his word like gospel, and it became the new form of control, the liberals own the media and the information so even if there were second opinions out there, they would have had no alternative to broadcast and they're scared just like everyone else in this country about speaking up against something that doesn't exactly line up with what the liberals and the Democrats are pushing. See, what he knows is that most people are the victims of the last thing they heard from someone and so his whole take is say anything, just say something else on top of it sooner. So there's no question and the flip flop thing. It's like okay, yeah, we know he flip flops,


change anything you're doing on a day by day basis, right now the risk is still low, it was just bad, it is bad. Now, I think these numbers are so stunning. If you're a healthy young person, that there is no reason. If you want to go on a cruise ship to go on a cruise ship, it is not a good idea to travel period in the United States. People should not be walking around with masks. Well, if one mask is good, it makes common sense that maybe two masks are better. If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, and what's out there now is very, very strongly leaning towards this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated.


Are you still confident that it developed naturally?


Or no, I'm not convinced about that. I think that we should continue to investigate what went on in China.


We need to look at the damage that's been done. The insanity is what he is saying doesn't change his delivery. Like no matter what he's saying. He's overly confident and overly sure of himself and just flip flops no matter what. That's why I'm calling him a cult leader because he'll do anything to stay ahead and sacrifice anyone to maintain control. So for Tony, when we're stuck working at home, no child care, no money, he doesn't care. He doesn't care that he told people to go on a cruise go travel early on. And then they ended up at sea for weeks not being able to dock with hundreds of sick people. He really doesn't care that his own NIH funded the most dangerous studies possible in biology illegal in the US. But through a nonprofit he was able to give money to and funnel through into the Wuhan lab, he doesn't care that his medical advice he gave unnecessarily ended up with 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of people dead, it all led to more stage time and to control without consequences. And we empowered him to do it. And when other states the good states like Florida, decided to go and do their own thing. He doubled down and pushed the politicians in blue states to continue to shelter in place. I mean, just the amount of assistance alone the government had to shell out in 2021 to help people during the pandemic is one of the largest influences towards this inflation that we're feeling prices are higher because of some of the things that he said and how long he drove it out. Nothing he said made a positive impact, not one except for maybe pushing the vaccine. Other than that, not one. I mean, he shut down the use of hydrochloric when and it resulted in unnecessary deaths. There was a very in depth study done at Henry Ford Health Systems in Detroit. And it found that a significant decrease in mortality rate was associated with using hydrochloric when and the research was published in the International Journal of infectious diseases. Basically, what they said was in a multi hospital assessment when controlling for COVID-19 risk factors, treatments with hydrochloric went alone and in combination with azithromycin was associated with reduction and COVID-19 associated mortality. Then he goes on to tell us that will be protected 100% from getting or spreading COVID with the vaccines, then all the vaccinated people started getting sick. This was way before Omicron the very end that they use that penetrated the vaccines and boosters. Oh, no, it was happening prior to that, you know, the vaccines then went from 100% to just keeping your symptoms lower and reducing your chances of hospitalizations. Well, if that's the case, why weren't we giving a choice? Why were we be why were we basically being forced to take it, then they take 800,000, which is a huge pool of veterans who had been vaccinated and they showed a real difference in efficacy, the efficacy rates dropped 35 to 85% from March to September 2021. I mean by the end of September Maderna is two so two dose COVID vaccine measured at 9%. Effective in March went down to 58% effective the effectiveness of shots made by Pfizer and bio and tech also two doses fell from 87% to 45%. And the j&j single dose vaccine plunged from 86% to just 13% over six months, like nothing was adding up, you know, but Tony had everyone engrossed in his suggestions, and no matter how big or small nobody questioned it, they actually started using the term misinformation as Fauci sort of racist like the left uses. He uses spreaders of misinformation. He did more in my opinion of smearing politicians and other experts that were offering different opinions than really actually coming out with well researched medical advice. I mean, everything that he did, especially now towards the end has just been last ditch efforts to keep eyes on him. You know, how many opportunities and suggestions did we lose by listening to one person cult leader? What's the motive? People say? Well, I think he just craved attention. And like many doctors, he had a massive God Complex, pretty much everything that's come out now has shown that everything he said was BS. I mean, it's crazy to see the big scary death numbers and the peaks and valleys that they used in order to make these lockdown decisions all of them were wrong. We now know John Hopkins University just came out with a study shelter in place. The draconian measures that he recommended had no positive impact on the mortality rate, the death numbers he talked about all the time, death, death, death, death death. Now we know that probably only 10 to 35% of all COVID accredited deaths were actually a direct result of COVID because the CDC has now come out and said most of the COVID accredited deaths were with people that had two or more other diseases or health issues. studies now show that disposable cloth masks don't work, don't return getting or spreading the virus. That's why the government recently just started handing out free and 90 fives Of course, they started doing that before the study came out in mainstream media, the effectiveness of the booster for Omicron was wrong, pushed everyone to get this booster and the CDC has come out and said it's yeah, it's done nothing for Omicron. It's a blatant attempt to shut people down. So you can continue to push and peddle your own personal opinions and feel like God, a lot of these. Now, misinformation spreaders are actually backfiring on Fauci and on the blue states on the left, because they are looking like in the case of Joe Rogan, for example, to you know, national headlines are trying to run him out of town. A lot of people actually went in to see what was this quote, unquote, misinformation. And they realize that these were legit scientists offering a very, very well researched and credible, excellent explanation. But you know, he won't accept defeat and go back to work. He's going to take credit for all of it, he will never admit we're safe, though. He will continue to go on and on about vaccines. He'll be on CNN and MSNBC as a contributor for all things medical, and we must realize that whether we're in a pandemic or not war or not recession or not, we can't allow this level insanity again. I mean, we literally brushed the surface of what a Marxist United States would look like, during these three years. How did it look like? How did it feel? Exactly, it doesn't matter who's president Congress Supreme Court, we allowed our representatives to act, destroy and decide for us. We can't do that. Again, we let the same politicians who don't respect elections and our legislative process except an opinion of one as gospel, we allowed that to happen. We made huge mistakes by relinquishing our power, not one single vote was cast in response to COVID. Regarding its management, we accepted the media's denouncements of misinformation when it was what we were getting all along. And most importantly, we let down our guard for a man with a history of mass panic, death and destruction that has gone all without sympathy or explanation, the UK just announced that is ending all COVID related restrictions. Boris Johnson, who's the Prime Minister was very clear to the country that COVID cases will now be treated like any other respiratory disease


from this Thursday, it will no longer be law to self isolate if you test positive. And so we will also end the provision of self isolation support payments. Although statutory sick pay can still be claimed for a further month. If you're a fully vaccinated, close contact, or under 18, you will no longer be asked to test daily for seven days. And if you're a close contact, who is not fully vaccinated, you will no longer be required to self isolate. Until April 1, we will still advise you to stay at home if you test positive. But after that, we will encourage people with COVID with COVID symptoms to exercise personal responsibility, just as we encourage people who may have flu to be considered towards others. It's only because levels of immunity are so high and deaths are now if anything below where you would normally expect for this time of year that we can lift these


restrictions is the fact that a country much more liberal than us that basically teeters on socialist democracy is ahead of us in releasing these restrictions. And now we have people all over the place that are afraid to take their masks off even when the information proves that Fauci was wrong. And then a group of politicians like Biden, for example, they have no leg to stand on anymore because they ran on solely one thing and one thing only saving us from COVID and it's not happened and it doesn't need to happen. We can live with it. every scrap of evidence coming out proves them wrong on every level. So now as we embrace for Biden's you know, proclamations of destroying COVID, which are sure to come up in his State of the Union address, he's got no choice. Meanwhile, he has a higher death rate worse economic impact and nothing to show for his draconian measures. Nothing I don't even for a second believe that Fauci or Biden or any blue state leader like Newsom had anything to do with removing these mandates. They were and in some cases still are facing mass uprising from Americans and have very low chances of reelection. Nonetheless, we need to remember emergencies are not the time to abandon our democratic process. This is the time we need the most we could have all been Back to work, traveling, going to the movies and so much more had we took power back from these dictators in blue as for Fauci, I believe that he will be shown in history as one of the most dangerous men in America. He's a power hungry, ego obsessed cult leader who tricked hundreds of millions in believing he had answers. Meanwhile, he lied caused mass panic suppressed very valuable information that could have made people healthier and less than to the death toll and was responsible for millions of Americans dead throughout his 40 year career. We can't underestimate these bureaucrats and politicians anymore. We need to hold them accountable Fauci needs to be held accountable. Had we done so we would have saved countless lives and businesses and most of all our sanity, people, our sanity, I know, the pandemic is winding down. I know mandates are coming to an end. And I know Fauci will soon be irrelevant. And that is exactly why I'm doing this episode. We cannot allow him to be irrelevant. We have to hold him accountable. We have to hold the politicians accountable. We have been lied to and we have been taken advantage of. And more importantly, we've been put in a situation where we never had the opportunity to receive a second opinion. This is dictatorship and cold leadership at its finest and moving forward. I hope that all of us get the strength to say no, if this ever comes close to happening again. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law.


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