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Ilhan Omar: How Political Correctness is Shielding her Evil

Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour (known terrorist sympathizer)

The GOP successfully removed Ilhan Omar from the foreign affairs committee last week, a triumph. They cited many anti-Israel and anti-Semitic remarks that would disqualify the jr. congresswoman from making impartial decisions and respecting the top-secret nature of the committee itself. As most republicans cheered for her removal, many conservatives, including myself, wonder why she has not been expelled from congress altogether. We know that respect for the law, integrity, honesty, and strong ethics don't count in Washington, but where do we draw the line? Do we draw the line at George Santos, who has been caught lying about his entire life? Do we draw the line at Eric Swalwell’s relationship with a foreign adversary? Or do we draw the line at Ilhan Omar, someone far more dangerous- an incestuous, anti-jew, anti-America, and public supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood? Not to mention she’s been an open supporter of terrorists. All three should be expelled, but Omar has set the bar of evil high, and no one in congress comes close to her. Including slimy democrats who would instead use her race, gender, and religion to qualify and excuse her crimes.

Omar's disdain for this country started when she arrived in 1995. After living in war-torn, starvation-ridden, and terrorist-packed Somalia, she and her family fled to a refugee camp in Kenya. After that, they were granted asylum and arrived in New York. According to her, upon her arrival, she realized America did not fulfill its promise to be a just and equal place for all. According to her, the U.S. is filled with Islamophobic people who mistreat the poor. She also notes that the country is filled with Panhandlers and dirty streets. As I was fingering through her book, my jaw dropped. I couldn't help but wonder why you would remain here if it's so terrible. However, for Omar, it's all just a persona used to excuse horrific acts of terror and blame America for the personal problems of the Somali community in Minnesota. Most asylum seekers who join us in the U.S. have eternal gratitude and want to contribute to the greatness of America. Take Cubans who escaped Castro as an example; they love America.

The vast majority of Somali immigrants do not see their asylum as a blessing but rather a curse. There is an overwhelming disrespect for this country among Somalis. This is a big problem, and Omar is at the center of it. A cultural lack of respect, appreciation, and loyalty to this country seems to manifest destruction. If you walk the Somali communities in Minnesota, such as Cedar-Riverside, you will see streets and sidewalks covered in trash and a blatant disregard for the city that welcomed them. On the extreme side, Somalis have been caught trying to leave the US for Syria so they can fight with ISIS, a group responsible for countless American killings and the torture and killing of non-Muslims throughout the middle east. According to Omar, these terrorists were just victims of their isolation in this country. She wrote a letter to the judge begging for lighter sentences for these self-proclaimed Muslim terrorists. Is this not enough for removal from Congress? Defending terrorists headed to support an anti-American regime of murderers. No one who goes on record supporting terrorists and blaming isolation to get them from doing jail time should be in Congress. The foreign affairs committee has direct ties to anti-terror activities and Middle Eastern unrest, and democrats think that it's ok for an anti-America, pro-terrorist to serve without question. Of course, because she’s a Muslim woman of color, that gives her immunity, according to Democrats.

As if that's not enough, DNA evidence has surfaced to prove she married her brother. Whether or not they engaged in more than a sham marriage is still unknown, but nothing would surprise me with any politician. Omar left the father of her two children, married her brother, and stayed married for a three-year minimum to remain in this country through marriage. Then immediately divorced him and miraculously remarried her children's father again. That's incest, immigration fraud, and marriage fraud. However, that's not enough to expel her from congress. Although Omar represents enough evil on her own accord, the true evil comes from her continual use of her gender, color, and religion to keep the critics away. In other words, the true evil is her committing heinous acts, but no one doing anything about it for fear of being racist, Islamophobic, or sexist. It creates a dangerous precedent when someone so tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Somali Muslim terrorists have no oversight. All due to the fear that comes with having a Muslim woman of color in Congress. Avoiding the truth and looking the other way out of political correctness is wrong, but used as a coverup of factual evidence of Omar breaking the law is despicable.

Do I think Omar is a terrorist herself? Probably not. However, her closeness to that community puts her and Congress in a vulnerable position. Scary to think that the same woman serving on the foreign affairs committee leaves capitol hill to have lunch with Linda Sarsour, a known terrorist sympathizer. If we allow someone so close to so much evil to represent the United States in Congress, what then qualifies as dangerous? Is this not a conflict of interest to the fullest extent? Is meeting with people who call for the destruction of the country you were elected to protect acceptable? Most Americans would say, “she's free to meet with and do whatever she wants.” That sentiment is generally valid, but not when you use every breath to tear down the place that gives you the freedom to lunch with terrorists. Omar has also said that the U.S. Military is worse than Al-Queada and that most Muslim terror groups are justified and ‘cleaner’ than the U.S. military. That is a form of treason. Unfortunately, there are no conspiracies here- this is black and white, and I wish it weren’t. Moreover, she's still sitting on the hill with zero repercussions. No oversight, ethics probe, or criminal investigation into her ties to terrorism or incest, and she continues to get away with her wrongdoings.

This is just the new disastrous formula the left is using all over the country. A criminal, treasonous, terrorist sympathizer protected under the veil of political correctness works in the capital of the United States. We must ask ourselves, why does the line of ethics, honesty, and integrity continually get pushed back to accommodate degenerates like Omar? Why are members of congress so afraid to call her out? Why do many feel intimated by her race, gender, and religion? The answer is political correctness. Congressmen and women understand that one slip of the tongue about Omar will result in devastation to their careers, thanks to the media and the DC Gestapo. Omar represents a national epidemic- fear of offending people that forces people to turn a blind eye rather than risk losing their livelihood. Beyond that, Omar represents the progressive trend of installing anti-American and socialist politicians that fall within the ‘untouchable’ category of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. What a better strategy- use political correctness as a shield for seriously dangerous politicians all over the country.

Is congress in imminent danger because of Ilhan Omar? Perhaps not, but the continual support of people like Linda Sarsour and Somali terrorists heading to Syria to kill for ISIS does not lend any confidence that something will never happen. When the company you keep is extremely anti-American and sympathizes with terrorists, there is a fine line between friend and co-conspirator. Omar’s evil is codified by progressives, political correctness, and her knowing the power she wields. The politically correct shield has given her free reign to openly hate America and Americans.

Sadly, until enough Americans and our politicians stand up and stay, “enough is enough, your religion, race, and gender does not give you a free pass." Ilhan Omar is an incredible example of how dangerous political correctness can be and how far it can go. The most significant threat to American democracy is the fear of offending used to shield evil. That alone in itself is pure evil. Often it takes a few dominos to fall before change can spread- here’s hoping her removal from the foreign affairs committee was the first one down.


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