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DNC Created Divison: is it working?

Democrats Created this Division- is it Working?

This year's election will undoubtedly offer good entertainment. We will certainly see inner-party Republican insult-slinging while Democrats use personal attacks to distract from their lack of accomplishments. As entertaining as it can be, there is a significant disparity between them and us as we head into the fight of our lives. Democrats will be attacking us while we’re attacking each other. They have a head start while we go through the primary process; they will give everything they’ve got to Biden and anti-Republican media campaigns. Not long ago, I and other conservatives watched Bernie destroy Hillary in the 2016 primaries taking hundreds of thousands of votes and nearly costing Hillary the nomination. We knew the divide between Hillary and Bernie would equal a win for Republicans had Bernie ended up as the nominee or run independently. We prayed the split would equal conservative salvation, and it nearly worked. Now six years later, we’re heading for the same insanity, only this time, we’re on the losing side. Unbeknownst to many conservatives, this formula for division has been reworked to create the same chaos on our side.

Almost every piece of the divisiveness found within the RNC can be traced back to leftist operatives. From the overused term RINO to the media's non-stop pedaling of the irrelevant Trump v. DeSantis debate has been a left-led effort to split up our party. Trump may have created the catchphrases, but Democrats caused the need for them. These actions have resulted in what are perceived as radical “Trump or Bust” groups and “never-Trump” groups within our party. The situation resembles Bernie or Bust, where they learned to do the same. The media has perpetuated the story of the “great divide” within our party; in reality, the groups are not radical and could find common ground. However, the opposition continues to use agencies, the media, and local radical progressives to fan the flames of false division.

The left has employed espionage and intelligence tactics to create this chaos and plant the formula they learned from the 2016 primary. We’ve seen dozens of plants posing as Republicans in RNC precinct meetings nationwide. They take time away from the meetings and accuse long-time committeemen and women of being RINOS. The chaos moves up from there.

The constant legal attacks aren’t about Trump winning or losing in court; it’s another tool to divide Republicans. Contrary to popular opinion, the Trump legal attacks are not to influence the public, most folks have already decided, and Trump’s following is unbreakable. The legal issues have forced us into conversations around electability and how these matters impact the public, precisely where the democrats want us, undermining ourselves and our candidates.

The 2016 primary was the biggest inner party upset the Democrats have seen in years, nearly destroying the entire party. The critical difference is that the DNC controls its candidates much better because the party comes before everything else on the left. If we’re going to win, we must begin to admit that we’ve stepped into a DNC trap, and most of the inner party problems stem from false, continuous, and covert actions of the Democrats and not each other.

The harsh reality is that Trump cannot win a general election without winning over never-Trumpers (who will presumably vote Democrat). Another candidate must win over the Trump or bust folks nationwide. Even if the numbers were there for a Trump narrow victory, if the last elections taught us anything- Republican numbers must be so overwhelming that election manipulation becomes much more challenging or impossible. We’re walking into an election on the losing side because we cannot win a general election without unity. No matter how popular, a break-off candidate cannot win a general election; just ask Ron Paul or Ross Pero.

This great divide dissipates when we remove all the noise and understand that this chaotic division results from the progressive left. If we peel back the onion, the divide only boils down to a few issues, the most prominent being the candidate to support. It’s ironic because Republicans have always been a part of policy over politicians, and now we’re fighting over a person and not coming together on policy. We’ve been led in the opposite direction and need to catch up. We can all get behind issues like inflation, the border, the international mess we’re in, and so much more while we let the candidate cards fall where they may.

We will see double-digit wins nationwide if conservatives unite on these issues and break from candidate bickering. Victory can only occur if we move on and rebuild the inner party destruction caused by progressives.


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