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China: Baking it’s Cake and Eating it too…

In recent months it’s become abundantly clear that China is beating us at our own game. For decades the United States has used its economic power to influence or attempt to influence democracy worldwide. Since Nixon, the US has pursued a policy of engagement with China. In hopes of controlling the growth of the Soviets and using economic influence to democratize China, the United States has created its biggest enemy. Every administration since Nixon continued to support the failing policy of engagement with China until Donald Trump forcibly changed courses to a policy of containment. We’ve dumped billions of dollars into the Chinese economy for decades and taken on billions in trade deficits to support the “developing nation of China” until 2016. Although the Biden administration has claimed it is also pursuing a policy of containment, the trade deals and economic stimulus Biden has handed to the People’s Republic would say otherwise.

In the past, creating alliances and pushing democracy has been relatively easy for the United States, but recent policies have forced nations to question the benefits of US partnerships. China, taking advantage of a world now weary of the United States, has been able to use the same engagement policies with other nations to force trade cuts with Taiwan and gain economic control. Recently China entered into a strategic alliance with Ecuador, providing a multi-Billion-dollar loan to the government in return for cutting all trade ties with Taiwan. In a much larger deal, the Chinese have pursued a strategic alliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, once the United States’ most prominent ally in the middle east.

Biden’s strong stance against fossil fuels, combined with his hypocritical insertion into the unconfirmed reports that the Saudis participated in the killing of a journalist in Turkey (which we do all the time), created enough tension to force the Saudis to seek partnership elsewhere. The Chinese, of course, seized on the opportunity and formed one of the world's largest oil and gas alliances. In exchange for fifteen percent of a CCP-owned oil firm, the Saudis have committed to sending 480,000 barrels of oil per day to Chinese refineries. The Saudis are actively looking for ways to separate themselves from their current dollar-backed currency, which would significantly lower the dollar's value. The Chinese may provide a better solution for the Kingdom. Meanwhile, Biden continues to hand the Chinese “greener” manufacturing, from batteries to solar panels. The Chinese have set themselves up for a far more prosperous future than Biden has created here in the States. Not only have they managed to secure more oil trade by aligning with the Saudis, but they have also secured America’s green manufacturing deals. Either way, they’ll win by betting on both sides of the future of energy.

Russia and Iran are becoming more robust by joining the new Chinese-led red block. China is buying Russian oil to help them in the battle for Ukraine indirectly. Xi Jing Ping has also publicly supported Iran’s nuclear program creating a massive threat to Israel. Each one of these strategic moves was easily avoidable. However, Biden’s knee-jerk anti-Trump, anti-oil, and anti-domestic manufacturing policies have lifted the People’s Republic to new heights. This international policy of engagement China is using to secure military and economic power is working, and they are beating us at our own game.

Taiwan will take significant economic hits if the Chinese continue on their path to power, forcing other countries to cut all trade ties with Taiwan in exchange for economic benefits and protection. This, in turn, will cause Taiwan to play nice with China or face worldwide consequences. Furthermore, with a handful of more countries, NATO will become weak in comparison, and we will be left holding the bag. Sound familiar?

Sadly, our current administration seems unable or unwilling to step up and contain Chinese growth, which is why America needs a strong anti-China leader in the upcoming election. Today, Trump seems to be the only candidate with an intelligent and robust approach to China policy. It may not seem like it today, but what is happening now could be the end of America’s future. If we don’t act fast and contain the Chinese economically, militarily, and diplomatically our days as the world superpower are numbered. China, for years, has been the American boogie man, and millions of Americans are unfazed by the news of rapid Chinese growth because of the media’s lack of factual reporting and strong ties to China. We’ve created a “boy who cried wolf” situation, and it’s time for Americans to wake up. The wolf is here and here to stay.


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