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Trans is the new black: LA DA gives trans sex offender the sentence of her dreams.


Francis, the new black Los Angeles district attorney gives trans woman the sentence of her dreams. Meanwhile, the left continues to confuse special treatment or equality. You're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. I am fired up this morning, everybody. Oh, man, it's been quite a week politically and personally trying to get business done on one side and do this podcast on the other. And I would much rather just stay in the studio the rest of my life. This was my passion. My dream. I love it. So today, we're going to dive right in to a subject that is all over the news right now. The Chan's transgender community trans community, it's a subject that I'm very passionate about in the sense that I feel like this is just a repeat of history, this trans issue. So you know, being gay course, I just feel like I have to say that so many times, but you understand what I'm saying? I know what's happening firsthand with the trans community. They're being used, being propped up by the left in order to elicit sympathy. And it was the same thing with the gay community. And they just can't help themselves, but continually victimize disenfranchised groups. So it looks like that they're this, you know, awesome, save the world kind of person. And we all know that that's bull, when I decided to do this topic, because I just, I hear it, see it. And I think a lot of people don't understand it. A lot of my colleagues and my mentor, and in the podcast world, they all said, Oh, I shouldn't do that. It's too touchy, you could alienate your early listeners, I don't know if I would go into that topic. And my response is always the same. You don't become the last gay conservative by playing it safe, and I will never play it safe. I will come at the mob and the woke in the left and the Democrats harder and faster than anyone before. I'm always right, and I will never be cancelled. That being said, you know, there's a lot of stuff happening right now culturally about different words. And I just thought it was so funny because my original title for this podcast had the word tranny in it. And honestly, it was harmless. I use a lot of other words to try to piss people off. But this was completely harmless. Because coming up in my early 20s, as a gay man, I use that word all the time. It was never derogatory. I mean, the bars had tea girl Tuesday's which is just a short version of the word trainee. RuPaul says it on TV and on her show all the time. But apparently overnight, some woke group or I don't even know who assigns meaning and decides what's derogatory and what's not. But that has apparently happened. And I don't understand why. But I also don't understand, you know, a lot of things that have happened since I was younger. Until now, for example, like in high school, we all use the word fag, baggy, I was out of the closet, I could care less. Because these words only have power if you assign meaning to them. And that's exactly what the left wants you to do. They want you to be offended. That's their tactic. That's a tactic that they use every day, in order to shame people make them feel guilty. So they like when these words become derogatory, because then and you know, now that I'm thinking about it, they probably sort of set that precedent but because then they can have more sort of ammo or poop like I call it because they remind me of chimpanzees that just poop in their hand and fling it at everyone trying to get attention and trying to get what they want. But that's neither here nor there for this episode. Point being is that I just don't get what has happened in this politically correct revolution, where someone can't say tranny or faggy. But apparently, you can take a listen. No, that is the fun of this place. I call everybody faggy. Why would anyone find that offensive? Okay, I


think so. We're just like, if he's lamb or something. That's what he means. So true. That is what baggy means a little bit of Michael Scott, to show us why politically correct is such bullshit. But you know, that was a long time ago, the office has had a revival. I remember when I was first on the air, it wasn't as taboo as it is now. They've removed several episodes from on the on demand streamers. And it's just ridiculous to me that we have to go back in time, even if something was relevant at the time, even with something that was not that offensive at the time. It's offensive now, so we have to go back and erase it What a crock of crap. You know. So getting into this, sort of, I don't know what to call it, but this sort of phenomenon, this trans phenomenon. That's how happening in our culture right now, we need to understand that political correctness, fairness, equality in the name of not offending people is the biggest threat to our democracy, liberals will try to convince you that the biggest threat to our democracy is climate change. But that's not the case. The biggest threat to our democracy is political correctness, keeping people down from saying what they need to say, which then causes anger, trouble, and everything spirals spirals out of control, because people don't have a platform or a voice to just get it out of their system or ask questions without feeling shamed. It's just, it's crazy. What's happened. On the other hand, we don't have to abide by any of the rules. And I honestly think people should stop fearing the mob. I mean, and look at Joe Rogan. And I'm like, Stop apologizing. You're you look weak, you're one of the strongest, most successful, most positive media influencers in the world. And in this country, you have more listeners than Howard Stern, stop apologizing, stop acting like what you did was offensive. It's not offensive, it wasn't offensive, then it's not offensive now, but of course, he gets on and he apologizes. I think now he's on his third time apologizing, and they don't care. They don't want an apology. They want him gone. They want to run him out of town. And so we have to be so careful that we don't cower and allow the mob to sink their teeth into us and destroy us from the inside out. Just because we may offend someone I say offend away, because if we're not doing it, we're not pushing the limits the boundaries, showcasing what free speech actually looks like, representing our First Amendment rights, then we might as well just go home and go to bed. Because that doesn't help anything sitting quietly, in fear of being labeled transphobic or racist, or whatever the new label might be. If you know that you're not those things, then who cares? Don't let people assign value to what you say other than you. Now, if you're being completely derogatory, and you're using it as a phrase to tear people down, that's a different story. But you know, I've heard stories of, you know, group of college guys, and they say the word fag here and they're in a bar, they're out drinking or whatever, and they get kicked out of the bar for being homophobic, that's ridiculous. You should be able to say whatever you want, I just don't get it. But it's our job when we don't get something to counteract it. And that is the base that we should be. And we need to stop apologizing for behavior that has no meaning, and doesn't matter. Wow, Joe Rogan said the N word a billion years ago, and most of it from what I understand, and what I read, was him talking about song lyrics, or why not to use the word doesn't matter. They go in, they must have a team of like 5000 people that just scour the internet or content, you know, from 20 plus years ago, that they can use as a weapon against whoever their daily target is. It's disgusting. And this woke mob and these liberals that are bleeding hearts and love everyone. Don't you think that from that perspective that they would allow people to change and grow? And understand? Do you know how many celebrities out there have made disparaging comments about gays in the past lots because it wasn't widely accepted like it is now a lot has changed in the last 20 years or more 30 years, a lot has changed. And we need to embrace that and not continually try to correct something that doesn't really matter. So one of the things that's really crazy to me is that it's becoming abundantly clear that the transgender trans community is the shiny new toy for the mob with more blacks and Latinos heading to the right or center, the Democrats are in big trouble. And so they've been looking kind of for a disenfranchised group that they can prop up and use as a way to push their extreme agenda, which always starts with eliciting sympathy. And the changing Hispanic vote and black vote is really interesting, because no one would have ever imagined that the racist, xenophobic, homophobic transphobic, Trump would gain any traction in those segments, which is the opposite. From 2016 to 2020. Hispanic vote jumped 10% 28 to 38%. Black vote 9% 24 to 33%. And young the young population jumped from 28 to 37%. And we know that sympathy and guilt are probably the most powerful tools that people can use when they're manipulating someone trust me. I know I'm not the only one that has a mother that could compete for the gold Metal in guilt trips. And I always have to notice that liberals, for whatever reason, are always trying to save people. And they're always trying to be the hero, but they create the circumstance themselves all the time. It's like they're lifeguards, but they throw people into the pool just so they can jump in and save them. Or in the case of Lia Thomas, they didn't even need to throw her in. She's already in the pool. And, you know,


a lot of people ask me, why do they care about these smaller groups? Why do they care about transits less than 1% of the population? Why? Why did they give it all this attention? Why are they dominating the news cycle? And I always say, look, it's not about votes all the time with these guys. It's not about votes. It's about moving continually forward and spreading this BS of essentially a utopian socialist society. I mean, that's what they want. And small groups like this that they can use as victims help that progress, because Americans don't want to see anyone victimized you know, from not like victimized like the Democrats do, but from a realistic, you know, victimized standpoint as a group. But it's what's the craziest thing is that the obsession with the trans community right now is creating massive battles over how sports should change, our laws on the books should change College, basically, a new version of affirmative action for trans should change. And it's all under the guise of this freedom, justice, equality, all the bud buzzwords that the Liberals use in order to make it seem like they're just on a mission to help, you know, they paint a poor picture, they try to convince us that these people need extra help, whether it be blacks, Latinos, any minority group, they try to convince us they then use those groups to roll out programs that are extremely radical, I do believe that some groups need help and need to be propped up, the government is here to help people who can't help themselves. I agree with that which should, is a very, very small population should be a very, very small population, but you have millions of people taking advantage of the system. And like I mentioned, sentencing criminals has really been a focus around minority communities. And they're trying to say that they're advocating for fairness and equality for the LGBTQ community. And they're pushing different standards. And fortunately for them, unfortunately, for us, these crackpot DBAs have been placed in various counties around the country that are not enforcing the law, and they're not using the law equally like it should be. And so there actually are like an insider set of laws and sentencing rules that these da set, they're not exactly on the books, but they're part of the culture. And they are at the discretion of these DBAs. And they really, basically create side laws inside outreach for people and particularly trans, which we're talking about today. And they these advocates that are essentially lobbyists, but these advocates for criminal justice reform as it pertains to the LGBTQ community. And let's just again, the trans community is what we're talking about is their argument is because because society has been so bad to these groups, they have such limited options, they have to turn to a life of crime in order to survive. No, they don't. Nobody does. There are tons of resources out there. And it's making it sound like every single trans person ends up on the streets committing crimes, that's not true. Do you really want to label a community of people like that, I don't understand how the trans community doesn't take that as a slap in the face. You know, they're being told, and they're preaching, that they should have equality and fairness, but at the same time, they want special treatment. It's like equality is such a joke. It's just this word that's used by these woke socialists to empower their little groups that they're using. Now, the constant chanting for equality and fairness is now no more than a generic bland message that people are tired of. And if you go beyond the screams, and find out what the standards and definition of equality means for trans people, it is 100% special treatment. You know, one of the most loud and obnoxious groups in LA is called the trans Law Center. And they've created this document called the trans agenda, and basically what it is, and I just pulled it right off the website. I'll read it to you. The Trans agenda centers the lives and voices of trans people of color who have too often had to Vance our collective liberation from the margins. Trans Justice is Migrant Justice, Disability Justice. Radical justice, racial justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, and gender justice. An agenda for trans liberation is a blueprint for liberation for all. Okay? How is any of that equality,


like? You are saying that if we focus on trans people of color, and they get justice, which generally speaking, justice is what you receive once you've been a victim, so again, they're victimizing the entire community. And so they're saying that if they get justice, everyone else does, too. I mean, reproductive justice, you know, all of these things that they listed imply that wrongs have occurred against them, and in those areas, but you'll notice there's nothing on the website that goes the other direction, because if they can prove something significant, that doesn't happen to non trans people, then okay, but pretty much everything is interchangeable, other than maybe some of the medical issues, but they talk about sex workers, and why they fall into a life of crime. Plenty of straight people have the same thing, have terrible upbringings and have to go to a life of crime, they don't have to, but they do, you know, and then the list goes on. They want justice for all this quote, unquote, violence they face. And I didn't realize that every single trans person faced violence in life, you know, I don't know if this is cold, or what, but in my opinion, it's like, if a trans person gets attacked violently, they need to go to the police, like every other human being, but they don't. And so they're victimized, and they're told that they deserve more, when really none of us deserve anything, we have to work for it. It's, it's in sane, I just can't get over the fact that they talk about reproductive rights. I don't even know what it's referring to. But I do know that there have been some stories about trans women that still have their, you know, parts and are able to procreate and want to have children. And so they want it to be acceptable for a man who previously was a woman who still has the anatomy of a woman to procreate. They want that to be culturally acceptable. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't want to see pregnant men. I mean, it's just, it's weird. It's not natural. It's it's it's not justice, either. Why would you want to become a different gender that can't produce children, but still produce jet and still produced still produce children, as though they're women, it's like, you can't bake your cake and eat it too. That's all we do here is, that's all we're talking about is just why these people come up with this stuff. And it's really because they feel that anything they want to do, you know, anything that they want to do in the trans community should be acceptable, or else you're transphobic? Well, there's certain things in society that just aren't acceptable. And the second that we abandon those standards is the second, we have no country, honestly, we have to hold ourselves accountable to something. And this country is based on Judeo Christian belief. And so the basis of the country would say, if you want to change from a man, to a woman, or a woman to a man, you lose all of the things that you had before. And, you know, God didn't create an environment where men, I don't care if they're trans or not, can procreate and carry babies. And I think it's child abuse to the kid. I mean, how weird for them to grow up and say, Oh,


how did my daddy have me, you know, and you'll probably notice, I always get confused with some of the gender stuff, trans woman, trans man, there's 27 genders on Facebook. So bear with me, as long as you get the point. That's what I'm talking about. The whole thing is so ass backwards, that these advocacy groups get involved and make it worse, because they fight Bite, bite, bite, bite, they create anger, they create a sense of entitlement, and it just goes downhill. So there are four areas where these trans rights are being pushed. And they're all under fire right now. But they are very significant to society. And it's very important that we learn about them and that we react appropriately. And so those are really four things that liberals are trying to jam down our throats. Our crime, crime reform for trans sports, sports reform, college, acceptance, and job acceptance. And lastly, children. So let's start with crime. And I'll give you a little story now grab your Tums because this is sure to give you heartburn folks, there's a trans woman named Hannah Tubbs. You may have followed the case if you're from California, she sexually assaulted a 10 year old in a Denny's bathroom just disgusting human being. She was 17 at the time after she saw To this poor little girl, she walked out a Denny's and the cops weren't able to find her. The security footage, which will be up on the website after this show shows a very disheveled woman or person can't really tell their gender sort of looking around suspiciously entering and exiting the restaurant. And when I say disheveled, I mean, whoa, it is really, really, I shouldn't laugh. But man, she just looks rough. Like she'd been beaten up all night, working the late shift at the Waffle House. So I don't know if she was in front of any, like, I can't make any assumptions about her state of mind. But so I don't know if she was targeting victims, or she just saw the perfect type. But either way, she looked suspicious. I mean, honestly, if I was at Denny's having breakfast, and she walked in my guard would be up right away. That is why I believe in everyone having concealed carry permits, you know, but unfortunately, so many of us and this is up to you as well, guys, unfortunately, we've been told that judging and looking and thinking, and not being fair, is transphobic, when we know it has nothing to do with the trans aspect of this situation, people can be just as scary and alert you just as much when they're not trans. But it just happened to be that this woman was just a mess. And so again, we have to be careful. And that's exactly what gets people into these situations because they're fighting their intuition, in the name of fairness happens with women getting raped all the time, white women getting raped by black men, they often say I felt like something was happening. My gut didn't feel right. But I didn't want to label or think that about this person, because they're black has nothing to do with him or her being black has everything to do with the fact that you're a creep. And your race, I mean, a rapist and other racist. So basically, my point is, guys, we can't allow the mob to control how we respond and react to people in situations. There is no right or wrong. Every situation is different. But anyways, I'm getting off track here. So she goes away, and she's out on the lamb for seven years. She's just the most disgusting human being degenerate in the world basically gets away with molesting a 10 year old in a bathroom, that poor girl. I mean, I was around when this case was there, they offered rewards, but nothing really came of light. I thought maybe because she can easily disguise herself one way or the other. But I don't know. So we fast forward to last year, January 2021. She gets caught finally based on DNA evidence and a match they had in the system. Finally, this poor little girl, this 10 year old that was raped will finally get some justice. You know, more than likely she's been in therapy and trauma groups, etc. For the last seven years as well. But everyone's excited that this little girl may get some justice, not that it helps her emotional and mental state and how destroyed her life is because of this horrible person. But it's something so anyway, some time goes by and we're wondering what's happening and the Los Angeles da George Gascon guy, the frickin freak, he has allowed crime rates in Los Angeles to spike triple digits. I'm talking about hundreds 203 Hundreds, it's insane. He has allowed felons to walk free on the streets, they're released on 00 bail.


I mean, come on, it's almost as if the criminals are treated better than the victims. And they are especially in the case of Hannah Tubbs, and this poor little girl and the girls, obviously her identity is hidden. So that's why I keep calling her a girl and not by her name. But because she was 17. At the time when she did the assault when she committed the assault. The way the California law reads is your age at the time of the crime is what dictates being heard in whether you're in family court or an adult court. So she's 24 Now, but are 25 but 2425. Now when she was caught, however, because she was 17 when she committed the act, that they were bringing charges on sheet, technically, very technically, not standard operating procedure, very technically fell in to the child slash juvenile slash family court and not adult court. So all of a sudden, people are like, pissed, including me. And so you know, everyone's like, why is this woman? Why is she in juvenile court? This has got to stop. And so the hate mail starts coming and just reaming the judge because the majority of the public thinks it's at the discretion of the judge, which for a lot of things it is that's not a stupid assumption. It's just how it is. So the judge comes out and says gives a quote to the LA Times and says let me be clear the filing of a trend. motion is entirely within the discretion of the district attorney. In other words, I have nothing to do with it. You can tell by his tone that he's very uncomfortable with this woman being in adult court, but he has no choice. He has to try the cases that he's given. Unless there's some sort of conflict and he steps down. But Gaskin, George, this da had a choice. It happens all the time, all the time, when miners commit heinous crimes, and they're in the later part of their teens 15 1617 They get transferred to adult court, and very rarely do defense attorneys even try to fight the transfer motion. So there's so many circumstances where this person could be in adult court and it could be justified without a blink of an eye. Hannah Tubbs is a child predator. And she raped a 10 year old in a Denny's bathroom just have to remind everyone of this finally got caught then Gaskin keeps her in juvenile Family Court does not transfer her to adult court. And that's when things really hit the fan. So in all his wisdom, He allows this rapist sexual predator to go to juvenile court and be tried as a minor. There's nothing minor about what she did. And why is that? You know, everyone's asking why, why why. And I think we all know that he just didn't want to look like he was persecuting a person for being trans and it wouldn't bode well with his woke very large cash donor base and his progressive voters. It is so weird to me that this guy Gaskin thinks that he owns the law. He thinks that he has no responsibility to the victims, no responsibility to his jurisdiction and no responsibility to the law to the legislative part of this country. None. He's the Emperor. You know, it's it's crazy. So what's this excuse? This aihole. So he told the Times he says the victim has moved away from California and remains in therapy. She did not want to testify at trial blaming the victim really George, that's what you're going to do, you're going to blame the victim, because she doesn't want to come to trial. That doesn't even have an iota of impact on trying the case in adult court. First of all, you don't even know what plead. Anna Tubbs is going to enter in adult court. Second of all,


you have DNA evidence. You have DNA evidence, you have security camera footage, you don't need the victim to testify in person in order to win this case. It's pretty open closed book 25 to life. Oh, no. It's the victims fault because she doesn't want to come and be re traumatized. Screw you. I mean, I just like I, I'm so angry for this little girl in her family. That could be anyone. I mean, the vulnerability of this person, she's already vulnerable me being 10 years old. We know that. But just to be like out to lunch with your family or friends or whatever the situation was. It's like no one expects that to happen. You run in and go pee, you come out, you know, and that happens to you as a 10 year old and you don't even know what's going on, you know. And here she's 17. And she's still in therapy. I just I can't believe that an officer of the law, a district attorney could blame a victim of sexual assault for why he won't try the case and attempt to get justice. There are judges and precedent who have approved witness statements on video that that that can be entered in as evidence. They have written affidavits that could be entered in as evidence. There's a lot of options. And judges for the most part are very open to those options. When it's a minor victim of sexual assault. It's It's insane. So I'm like well, that's a stupid excuse. So he goes on to say I'm concerned that as a transgender woman, Tubbs could be victimized in a jail for adults in a youth facility. She could receive therapy and treatment, okay. Any human being can be victimized in an adult prison. Me, you anyone. So that's not equality. That's special treatment, right? I mean, the guy either is so lazy that he wants to just push his caseload bru and not assign deputy days to them, or he just really doesn't believe in getting justice for victims. I mean, it's insane how he admits it right there and then he's giving her special treatment for being trans and apparently in the eyes of gas gone Georgie, being trans is more important than the crime itself sending a message to the victim that this woman is getting away with it because she's trans, because she chose to go through gender. I don't know if she went through gender reassignment surgery but you know what I'm saying she chose to go from man to woman. She's getting away with it because she's trans bottom line because she basically did get away with He continues to go on and basically say we offered her a plea deal. She accepted, pled guilty and was sentenced to two whole years in a juvie facility. So, here's where it takes the cake guys, this is where you want to take your lumps, okay, just gives me heartburn talking about it. This is a trans woman who likes little girls, and they're sending her to a juvenile detention center filled with drum roll, little girls. I mean, they're sending her straight to the child molester buffet. Why is that? Why didn't we send Jerry Sandusky to a boy's juvenile center? You know, she seems to have the same type as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. She should just be sent to rape island there might still be girls there Epstein girls there who knows? You know, I mean, there was seven years in between so you know, the the human inside of me that actually tries to consider people, you know, the benefit of the doubt thought, Okay, well, it's in seven years a lot can change. Maybe they gave her that plea deal, because in seven years she was scrubbing oil off of ducks and doing beach cleanup and homeless outreach. Oh, no. You know what she was doing for seven years committing battery possessing possession possessing drugs violating probation. She was also convicted of assault with a deadly weapon. And she was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a minor big surprise but wasn't prosecuted for the alleged offense according to court records. The reason why she wasn't prosecuted I can tell you right now is just with some sort of technicality some reason why the DA could not try the case. And it was in a different county is not the same da it's in Kern County. But I believe that these Soros sponsor da go by the same mission, same motive. And I'm going to have these bumper stickers made and send them to each of them so they can put it on their car. The longer the rap sheet, the lower the bail. That's it. You know, we've gone from protecting nonviolent offenders to releasing career criminals with no bail to now protecting child molesters who assault girls and setting them up at the little girl buffet. Give me a break these days, especially this George Gaskin, they are dangerous. They're as dangerous as Al Qaeda I swear to God, their ideas of reform keep criminals on the streets and less cops in our neighborhood. Oh, and by the way, they don't think anyone should have a gun either.


So they want to spike crime rates and have more criminals around us. More robberies happening more auto theft, but we're not allowed to have a gun. You know, it's it's insane how bad it is. I mean, listen to this. Murders, up 136% shootings 261% aggravated assault 17% motor vehicle thefts, 17%. gang related homicide is up 266% and gang related shootings are up 133% I think the most sobering statistic out of all of these is that cop assaults are up 300%. What does that tell you? That happens when your fellow politicians, bureaucrats, whatever, don't send a clear message of support for the law. And so people think they're pigs and they're just going to go off on them. It's just insane. Literally, since the day the guy stepped foot in the DEA office, the crime rates have just skyrocketed. You know, the criminals understand there, you know, the risk is worth the reward. And it's it's it's crazy. And what people don't really understand is precedent is one of the most important aspects of the law. What has happened before. So now, every time there's a trans sex offender who gets arrested in LA, the precedent that has been set by George, is you get an easy, easy sentence, because you're trans in a facility that is just basically you know, the lowest of the low security prison does the mob not get that once you charge a criminal and the process of a trial begins everything the DA or deputy DA does is sending a message to the criminal and the victim. You know, this guy he wants to eliminate the enhancement for hate crimes. Hello when there's crimes committed against gays, blacks Latinos because of those things, trans there hate crimes, but he doesn't want hate crimes. He doesn't want to be able to use that to enhance a sentence bizarre. You know, I mean, it's well known now that within the district attorney's office all the deputies have been told to not seek appropriate bail get as low as possible or sentencing regardless of how it affects public safety. Just crazy crazy crazy crazy. And of course the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department now comes out and says well just to be clear, she's out of sight and out of hearing she's you know locked in isolation all the time. Now it's not and I'm sorry the I love cops. I really do. I'm a huge supporter and donor to police causes. You won't hear me say many bad things about cops, but the LA County prisons that are operated through the sheriff's department are the most corrupt swamp pieces of crap that you could ever meet it. They have been charged, the leaders of the Sheriff's Department, the sheriff's have been charged for pay to play scams, mistreatment of prisoners, etc, etc. So if I was a betting man, she's either out in general population, or she will be out of general population because she'll bribe one of the one of the guards. I mean, if you have a 10 chance and you're interested, you can go online and look up Lee Baca or Paul Tanaka. They were two that were arrested and charged with basically lying to the federal agents about prisoner abuse and pay to play etc.


I don't know, I just feel like we can't even blink without hearing about trans rights and trans this and trans bat. And we're being indoctrinated to believe that we need to be accepting and equal to the trans community. But it's not that simple. I mean, this is a I mean that the population of the trans community is skyrocketing. I don't know if it's because of social media. I don't know what it is, but it's skyrocketing. And so, you know, whenever you speak out against these rights, or have a question or don't understand you're immediately stamped homophobic on your forehead and you you don't have anywhere else to go. That's why everyone's so afraid of these issues. I mean, look at Leah Thomas, trans man swimming for a women's team University of Pennsylvania, crushing everyone with a seriously unfair advantage. Crazy. I mean, you guys have all seen her I'm sure on the news, does she look like she should be in the pool with 20? Something college girls? No. Okay, those shoulders, she's got broader shoulders than me. And my dad always used to say, if it quacks like a duck, and you know the rest. So, in the name of trans rights and equality, and justice smokescreen under the guise of inclusivity, Leah Thomas gets to be on the girls team, the rules are still very unclear. And it's not fair. And for a group of people who are all about fairness, and equality does the other part of the team who will never be able to compete fairly? Are they not entitled to fairness and equality? I mean, I feel terrible. I know, from my experience, you know, and my family, my brothers and sisters, it's like, if you're playing a sport in college, this is their life. They're, maybe they're trying to qualify for the Olympics, or just the Olympic trials. I mean, I can tell you right now, these women, these girls have sacrificed so much to pursue their passions, they have no time for a social life. They're constantly under immense pressure with school and sports. And when I hear people saying those girls are transphobic, they need to just buck up and let her swim. Like, how could you say that? You know, how how could you say that? It's it's a horrible thing to say someone dedicates their life to someone and then all of a sudden, the rug gets ripped out from underneath you because why someone's swimming against you that has all the anatomy of a man but identifies as a woman. It's, it's insane. You know, like in the past month, there's been a lot of things coming out. And right now basically, what they're trying to create as the rule is you need to take hormone replacement therapy to lower your testosterone, lower your testosterone to a certain level where the advantage is not high. Like it's within competitive standards. First of all, I'd like to see any scientific study of that through a range of sports. I don't care how many hormones you take, there is a physical advantage that hormones can never beat. Men are larger by nature, stronger by nature. This is not me being sexist or saying anything. I think these girls are awesome. I think college athletes swimmers, I mean, what a dedication, and so she's lowered her testosterone. Apparently, Leah's testosterone is already at that low level, but she's just swimming the fastest 205 100 yard in the United States. Just this year, the Ivy League championship. I don't know if you guys saw this. This just this last weekend gave her another opportunity to leave all the CES girls eating her wake. Literally her 500 Free time was four minutes. 37 seconds on Thursday was a pool best her minute and 43 second time in the 200. Free on Friday shattered the previous pool records as well as the ivy League's meet records. And on Saturday, she smashed another pool and Ivy League record coming in at 47 Point 63 in the 100 free style race. And that really only tells like a fraction of the story, right? Because her stats I mean, if you look at her stats in our rankings I mean, it should paint the picture itself. Nobody cares about the SIS girls. Nobody cares about the regular girls and how much they've dedicated. Why, why is that? Why is nobody and and of course the responses from the parents or whatever 90% of them are kept anonymous. And the girls don't want to be named either. Because if the professors and the woke, you know, university leaders and team captains, etc, here that they won't go anywhere, they will place them in a black book and designate them as evil for speaking out against this unfair advantage. I mean, her 200 yard ranks as the 17th fastest of all time, just less than three seconds off the five time Olympic medalist Missy Franklin's us record her 500 yard time puts her 21st in history and within striking distance of a record set by Katie Ledecky, who is widely regarded as the greatest female swimmer in sports history. So now NCAA championships are coming next month, and she is poised to be the first transgender all American champion, and people are thinking that that's a good thing. First of all, isn't she mortified?


Like, isn't she mortified? Listen to what she said, when they talked to her about how important it was about how important it was for her to swim as her authentic self and praised the IOC for promoting inclusivity while keeping competition integrity going, where is the competition integrity, show me. I mean, this just Thomas's teammates were in tears swimming magazine, they feel so discouraged because no matter how much they work, and how much they put in, they're going to lose. How do you think that feels? I mean, I wouldn't like it. You know, I play golf. You know, why? Why are you going to put me on the same foursome with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson? That's exactly what's happening. It's exactly what's happening. And they just won't speak up. None of the other girls, no one else in the league. They just won't say anything, because they're so afraid. And it's like, Where is Miss inclusivity and competitive advantage? I mean, aren't you embarrassed by what you're doing to these people? Do you really believe that the whole world should stop and include you, even though it's totally unfair to everyone else, that's where your equality stops, and their inequality starts. But now, she doesn't give a crap. She's winning. Everyone else is just jealous. And they're just transphobic what's crazy, the craziest part about all of this is Leah was like a very mediocre swimmer at best as a man like not good at all. Kind of like Colin Kaepernick as a quarterback really shitty until they make the headlines, you know, all the swimmers and Swimming Coaches, Olympic champions, they've all come out and said, This is going to create records that are going to be unfair, you know, I mean, this guy who is very, very active in the college swimming community, John lawn, said the fact that Thomas could break the record of such a once in a generation athlete confirms the biological advantages she possesses and their power. It's like now your equality stops right there when everyone else is becoming an equal. I mean, that is so liberal, that is so woke, they don't care how their fight affects other people, because they've convinced themselves that white straight men are the oppressors. White women have it very easy, you know, because they can just walk into Harvard. And to be fair, nothing that we're talking about. Nothing, this whole entire podcast, and everything that I have to say about the trans community has anything to do with trans. This is a sports issue. It's the exact same argument as doping. Exactly. You can't dope because it's not an equal playing field. That's the whole reason why doping is such a big deal. But someone with five times the strength and size as the second best under them. That's not an unfair advantage. And not to mention, I mean, I don't know, I don't think it's a competitive advantage when it's a trans woman who's trying to lower their testosterone. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but I mean, neither here nor there. They're on steroids. You know, they're on all kinds of drugs. And these testosterone oppressing drugs do not make them smaller, less muscular. I mean, a little bit, but pretty much your frame that you're on the frame, you know, you can swap out a truck for an SUV, but they're built on the same frame, the frame doesn't go away. I mean, it's like, what is their whole argument here is it's not you can't just say buck up and be more inclusive, buck up.


I mean, that is so rude to say to someone who's dedicated their life. I mean, even Michael Phelps, and he was trying his best to be politically correct, came out and said the situation is just like doping. You know, although they use them for different purposes. They're on steroids. She essentially is the same As if she was swimming with the other guys, and he was on performance enhancing drugs, that would be the same sort of equivocation. And you know, this world of science, which we know science just supposed to be just black and white is not it's where the money is coming from, it's what the initial feel is, and then they manipulate it until they get the answer that they want. You know, it's, it's crazy. I'm not a doctor, okay, but there's not a hormone suppressor or increaser in the world that can bring a man physically to the same level as a female, it does not happen. And guess what, that's why we have men and women sports, steroids do not deter from size and strength, they don't. And they never actually become the gender they identify as I used to say sex, but you can be that gender in society, but your DNA doesn't change your DNA as a boy or as a girl. Just because you dress differently, you take the hormones, you get breast implants, etc, etc, does not mean that you've fully transitioned in the name of science, they use advanced medical treatments to get as close as possible. But at the end of the day, it's you can't become genetically another sex. And the reason why I'm saying that is not to, you know, go against the trans community, we'll take it that way anyways, but the reason why I say that is because when you're talking about equal playing fields, that should be the conversation, not how to suppress hormones, etc. It should go by sex, what are you born as? What does your DNA show you, because your DNA and your genetic markers determine your sex, and that is the only thing that can create an equal playing ground, a comp, a competitive playing ground, that is all it's going to be man, woman, genetically DNA, these are the teams if you don't want to play Buck up. You know, it's just crazy. You know, they just end and the Liberals just keep stoking the fire of the gender issue. And just, it's just like the race battle that they created, you know, five years ago, and they get the media as their biggest asset and convince people that they better not say anything, or you're going to be discriminatory. And we will shame you cancel, you humiliate you and bully you for it. Doesn't that go against everything they believe? How inclusive is that? I mean, it's just like, no one's thinks about the other side. No one thinks about what these girls really are facing with this issue. I mean, if someone like Joe Rogan, can be made to look like a transphobic, racist, misinformation spreading person, what does it look like for a league of 20 Something girls that are competing, if they say something, it could haunt them the rest of their lives that could affect them getting jobs? Isn't that disgusting? The state of this country that if you disagree with something, you can't say it for fear of shame, and following you forever, I understand, like, in the instance of porn, you know, you do porn in college, and then it follows you everywhere. I get it, but to question rules, and to try to understand how to make something work is not transphobic Oh, but it is, you know, it's crazy. And then, you know, it just goes on to it because you see them and you know, you see these people like Leah, and they are in Ivy League schools. And so I just have to ask myself, like, are they applying affirmative action, essentially, to the trans community? And yes, they are. You know, at MIT, for example, they encourage trans applicants to disclose their status. This is the same theory as the hardship score on the LSAT and their quote from their admissions board says we know that struggling with gender identity can create a lot of strain in high school that could affect a student's academic performance. We know that some transgender students experience bullying, which could contribute to different behaviors in the classroom. We know that teachers may have bias against transgender students, which could come up in their letters of recommendation. And we think that for some students, their trans identity may be incredibly important to who they are as a person, as we try to learn more about them. Why is the college application asking for your gender identity?


Why are they comparing and waiting trans academic records for admission more than they would a regular person me or whomever I mean, they are flat out slapping us in the face screaming is screaming at us for equality, making us feel guilty shaming us and then doing the same thing that they're accusing us of doing on the other side and the way that it's impacted. Society is crazy. People are so afraid to say anything. I hope you all don't go there. I hope you all really stand your ground because you are the ones who are being treated unfairly. Now, you are the ones for coming from a middle or upper upper middle or even lower class public school. perfect grades, great sh t scores that gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, because you would like to keep your genitals. I mean, is it for real? What are we doing? What are we doing? You know, and then you've got all girls schools that people like Leah Thomas want to be accepted in. And they're admitting people based on what they identify as I mean, and it's so crazy, because they can look completely like a man, but identify as a woman, and use that as an excuse to get into school. And this is the exact same thing they pulled with affirmative action, which, by the way, they still do it. But this is the exact same thing with affirmative action. And guess what, it doesn't work, because then you end up with a school like MIT with all these people that didn't work hard, didn't deserve to be there, but got in because of their gender, or their race, and they can't keep up with the other kids. Well, good, maybe, maybe they learn to see how it feels. Maybe they have to experience what it's like to compete in the inclusive world, okay, because it's not easy competing in business, competing in life competing for a husband or a wife, because you are life is a competition, but they want the competition to be so it benefits them. And when I say they in them, I'm mainly talking about these politicians, and these trans advocates and advocate groups, it's, it's not fair. And, you know, Bryn Mawr, for example, is a top top school for women. And they go through this whole thing on their admissions website, everyone's allowed to apply, who identifies as a woman, including cisgender, and trans women, intersex individuals, who do not identify as male individuals assigned female at birth, who have not taken medical or legal steps to identify as male, and individuals assigned female at birth, who do not identify with the gender binary, they go on to say our women's centered focus is not intended to exclude any members of this special community, although it is a fundamental part of our undergraduate mission. Okay, which one is that? Are you all inclusive? Are you women only are women centered, because if that's the case, just let men in to I mean, the whole purpose of having a woman centered school, in my opinion, is some of the same arguments that they make for all all boys and all girls schools in high school, it's less distracting, it's more empowering, the teachers have a better sense and can speak to a different level, men and women are different. It's just how it is. That's biology. That's the real science. And I get so fired up, because the double standards are just so insane. Like, there's always been a media double standard. There's always been a Democrat double standard, as it pertains to, you know, education or whatever. But this is out, right? ludicrous. I mean, I just don't understand these people must live on another planet. We are the hateful, racist, transphobic and homophobic because we actually believe in a level playing field, we come out and say, That's not fair. I mean, I hate to say this, but because they'll you know, everyone thinks this is transphobic. But why don't they have trans men and trans women league in swimming and college sports that they like a universal league that they can compete in, because they kind of meet in the middle, you know, and the other sad thing is, like, girls born women who want to transition to men, guess what, they don't have this issue, they have it in reverse, they'll never be able to win competing on a man's team, it would benefit them in the opposite way that it would benefit the trans woman, trans man. But oh, no, if you say that's not fair, that shouldn't be fair. You know, you get well, society hasn't been fair to them. Really, it's like that's just another buzzword, given a twisted meaning to use as a weapon against people. And it's fairness and equality. And what are we basing the standard of equality on? What is the standard of equality? Well, in the US,


we only have one standard of equality, and it's in the Declaration of Independence. And it's basically says that you are equal, as it pertains to your God given rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's it marriage, not a God given right swimming, not a God given right, making more money, not against God given right, getting a better job or getting into college ahead of people, not a God given right in the eyes of liberals. They're trying desperately to build this sort of socialist utopia. And to them, that's what God given rights look like. Their argument for equality doesn't even work. There must be a standard. And the only standard that we have on the books in the United States is the direct Declaration of Independence. And then the Constitution goes on to sort of enhance those three things, but every time and they keep doing it, you know what they say about insanity? Same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It's liberals to a tee. They keep doing it. They mess with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I mean, they just came out with a new version in San Francisco of the Declaration of Independence. It's like they took out men they took out God and change it for creator and added fruits of their own labor. Ridiculous. You can't every time they try to meddle within our foundation it backfires. it backfires. Leave it alone, it works. You don't fix it. If it's not broken, it works. Get out of there. Okay? Don't use those things and alter them as a part of your agenda.


Right? Say all the time, you want a quality, you want the same treatment as a white straight man, because apparently they're on top of the food chain, which by the way, my mother would disagree. Extremely, she thinks that she's on top of the food chain. But who knows there. If you want to be equal to a white, straight male, you need to be prepared for the same consequences, responsibilities, difficulties and challenges and those things are serious. And there's no special treatment weighed in. You think a white straight man who rapes a girl at 17 gets two years in juvie. Absolutely not. They're going straight to adult court. Do you think a white straight male college athlete doesn't get to participate in a lower division so he can win? That's not okay. A lot of sports have weight classes too. Why don't we get rid of those a white straight male even coming for the most horrendous circumstances doesn't get a leg up in college admissions. So I have no issue with someone changing genders. I don't understand it. I think there's something around mental illness, as does the DSM, which is the book doctors or psychiatrists use to diagnose patients. But in 2013, it changed from gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria trying to sex it up a little bit. But in all seriousness, do I actually care if an adult chooses to reassign their gender? No, that's the freedom as an American, I don't want to be involved in your bedroom, you don't be involved in my bedroom, go do whatever you want to do. But you can't go do whatever you want to do and expect special treatment because you're doing it at the same time. The only people that have a right to sort of get involved in this, in a very serious way are the parents that are being vilified for not wanting their children to come out as trans too early to start treatment too early. And so of course, what do liberals want, they want the kids to be able to dictate because they don't believe that parents should have any sort of, say in their child's upbringing or gender. And they ignore that there's 1000s 10s of 1000s of people online in groups that get taken down all the time that have undergone sex reassignment surgery, and did it too hastily, and made a mistake, and now they're suffering for it. So if a parent who knows its kid wants to have them wait, then that's their right. That's them being equal. But no, the liberals are now pitching that the kid as low as 13. And age should be able to walk into a gender clinic. I guess they exist get on steroids and treatment without parental consent. What you can't even get a tattoo under 18 here. I mean, it's like an A tattoo can get removed with lasers. You know, once you have the reassignment surgery, there ain't no going back. Okay, no going back. So the fact of the matter is, we have to fight these policies of children, literally children who might question their gender identity immediately getting thrown into a trans status. I mean, it's crazy. It's like, you know, I have a ton of straight male friends and their moms will tell you that they used to walk around in their heels around the houses, you know, as a cute little thing as a kid. Does that mean they're trans? It's, it's ridiculous. And then, you know, these parents stand up and they're like, I don't think we should have a gender counselor in school. Because believe it or not, there is a form of peer pressure. You know, there's a woman named Dr. Schreier, and I'll put a link on the website who talks about different, you know, pieces of the the trans community and what's going on. And Joe Rogan had her on the show, and so did Ben Shapiro. Basically, what she's saying is, look, the reason why, you know, has shifted from being a handful of men transitioning to women, to now more women transitioning to men, is because taking testosterone and doing some of the treatments that they do, makes them actually feel better as teenagers, because as teenagers, you're depressed, you're supposed to be depressed, that's just, you know, not depressed. But, you know, you go through a whirlwind of hormones and emotions, and so that is spreading through social media. And she has all these examples, but she also has several people that she's worked with, who thought that was the case, and then went to to therapy, and you know, the parents got them therapy didn't get involved, just say I want you to go to therapy and figure this out. And after a couple months, they realized, okay, that's not what I was looking for. And that's not necessarily the norm either. But it's showing us that parental and vile parental involvement does weigh more good than harm. You know, it's


just like in the gay community, there's always going to be parents that are homophobic and don't accept their kid, but you don't you know, you there's no law that says, you know, you should explore your sexual orientation. And you should be allowed to go to West Hollywood and hang out in the bars to see where you fit in the gay community. Because, you know, there's always sub chapters within a chapter with liberals. So it just shows that the double standard is now seeping into parents and kids. And for whatever reason, these liberals have an obsession with that critical race theory and just trying to prove and show that the teachers and the classroom sort of administrators, etc, are more knowledgeable and should have more authority over your kids than you do. I'm like, Okay, well, that's why you lost in Virginia, and you will continue to lose, because it's actually a law on the books. If you listened to my last podcast, there's a law on the books, federal law that basically states that parents have more rights than teachers, nonetheless, these parents are are hurting right now. And they're not feeling any support. And that's my whole thing. If you take anything out of this episode, it's why should we have to suffer and feel scared and live in fear of saying and doing something wrong? Meanwhile, the double standard against us is even greater. Why? Why does that exist? It's because people comply, you know, it's no different than Black Lives Matter having a big, you know, protest or whatever, we need to stop complying to the political correctness, and the false definitions that have been spoon fed to us for years about trans about race, etc. And continue living in a way that benefits everyone because there's no awkwardness, there's no nothing. It's just people being open with each other, and being able to tell jokes and do what they need to do. Don't feel shame. If you feel shame, it's because you're allowing yourself to feel shame, but you shouldn't feel shame. It's insane. The bottom line is, is that 71% of Americans polled believe that America has become more accepting of transgender people. And they do and let me tell you something that has come with time, not cries and equality and acceptance. And these issues like Leah Thomas, Hannah Tubbs, college admissions, they all set their whole mission, their whole, you know, progress back, it sets it back, because it creates a double standard. And people like myself don't appreciate being told that we have to be inclusive and accepting and equal. But the same doesn't apply. When I'm the receiver. It just doesn't make sense. You cannot pick and choose what part of equality you want to use that day. You know, it's like Christians that pick and choose small little excerpts out of the Bible to use for an argument when two pages after that. There's another small little excerpt that counteracts that one. You know, a lot of this has to do with medical control as well, liberals are going to do you know what they need to do in order to get gender reassignment surgery covered by Obamacare, or this new public option, you know, they're just gonna continue and continue and continue. And the sad part is that the small communities like the black community, the Hispanic community, and now the trans community, they will be test two babies for radical policy. So Mark my words, in the next few years, they will propose universal income for the transgender community, and they will propose it because they will tell us how bad they've had it, and they can't work. They can't work because of society, and they're all their other issues. So watch and learn and know that transphobia exists, but no more than everything else. And it's all based on the lack of understanding or fear progress doesn't happen by screaming and yelling. Americans do not like being forced into a corner. Okay, the only way to make progress against racism, homophobia, xenophobia is generationally time. You know, growing up, you know, I had a lot of family members that were homophobic because I you know, half of my extended family lives in the south, and they were always respectful never said anything bad, but totally homophobic. And most of those people are dead now and their kids are like, so cool, no issues, and their kids will be super cool. So the point I'm trying to make his while they're beating their drum and waving their rainbow flag and telling us how bad we are and telling us how we should be shameful of what we've done. Just think about that. Think about what they don't want you to look at. Think about the Civil Rights Movement.


How far have we come since then? I mean, we've gone from separate bathrooms and businesses that don't accept blacks to a black president. And it's because the progress over time, it's not because we looted and we blew up government buildings, and we did this and that it just takes time. Don't get sucked in to the Krays don't think that you have to be an advocate because of political correctness, and most importantly, call out the injustice on the other side, like Leah Thomas against her other athletes, because if they really cared about equality and inclusivity and competitive integrity, they would wait until there's a system in place for them to compete barely I'm Chad law, and this is the last gay conservative

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