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Education Election Results Demonstrate Democracy as Intended

Democracy as Intended: American Communities Reject State and Federal Woke Education

As congress continues to distribute the trillions of dollars are sent to Marxist organizations, finding positivity in politics in 2023 is nothing short of impossible. However, national politics is only a fraction of the full political picture in America. Often overlooked by the mainstream media, local elections can offer key insights into what really matters to Americans. Based on the election results of school boards across the country, education is the top priority for the American family.

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, parents were forced to home-school their children during the long-term shutdowns. This home teaching allowed parents to take a deeper look into the curriculum being taught to their children, and for most it came as a huge shock. Quickly parents all over the country realized they had been much too trusting of their local education systems. It became clear all sorts of ideological nonsense were being taught in schools unbeknownst to parents. Curriculum that prioritized sexual orientation and gender discussions in first and second grade classrooms came before reading and math. Exercises that asked students to rank their “oppression” in comparison to other classmates was mandatory while important history lessons were ignored.

Instead of whining, complaining, and throwing their hands up, organizations like Moms for Liberty and the 1776 foundation empowered local school candidates to work the American democratic system as it was intended. During their work, thousands of grass roots supporters joined the cause, and school boards flipped for anti-idealogical board members. In fact, 74% off all available school board seats up for grabs in 2022 went to anti-woke candidates. In Florida, for example, 80% of the open seats on school boards went to candidates endorsed by Ron DeSantis and Moms of Liberty.

Today, we’re seeing mass terminations of progressive ideologue superintendents across the country. Bans on critical race theory have gone into effect and deep audits of curriculum are finding all sorts of woke ideologies hidden throughout. Gender policies such as requiring parental consent to use different pronouns and names are garnering massive support within communities. This is in addition to age restrictions on any gender or sexual orientation discussions have also been adopted by dozens of boards across the country.

Contrary to popular belief, the founders designed governance to work from bottom to top, not the other way around. Policy should start at the smallest community level and then impact decisions moving up through states and eventually congress. Sadly, our federal government feels entitled to meddle in state and local government without true community representation, which has led to the degradation of local government. However, thanks to grass roots movement in education, community governance took back control and rejected the state and national push for indoctrination through education.

This is the best example of Americans using the democratic system to create lasting change in recent history. By removing power from government employees like teachers, principals, and superintendents and redistributing it to the taxpayers and parents, Americans reminded the country where the power truly belongs- with them.

School board election wins may seem like a small feat to some, but it can not be ignored. The power of the community is what our constitution calls for and history has shown democracy to be the only way to truly influence change. Let this be a wake-up call for state and national politicians all over the country- take the lead from your communities and create policies that consider their needs. These grass roots efforts are a direct reflection of how out of touch our current federal government is, and the little faith American’s have in their representative government to create policy that aligns with their priorities. The success of this grass roots movement should act as a catalyst for communities to influence other pieces of local government. Most importantly American’s everywhere are sending politicians a message: going against the people and forcing broad sweeping measures by controlling funding is a sure way to lose elections. When it comes to education, you never mess with a lioness and her cubs.

The good news is- there is still hope. A convention of states using article V of the constitution federal government will limit the federal government and naturally redistribute their power to the people and their communities. The disconnection between local and federal government is a result of the bloated and mismanaged congress and federal agencies. The founders included article V to ensure power stays with the people, and not the government.

These impressive local education election results only reaffirm the need for a convention of states. Politicians are discussing how much money to send to foreign governments and how to fund non-essential programs while American’s are prioritizing their children’s education. A convention of states will ensure American priorities come first by holding politicians accountable.


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