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America's Hat Trick: Virginia, New Jersey, and Rittenhouse send shockwaves through the left.


America's hat trick three months later, Virginia, New Jersey and Rittenhouse continue to lead the left scrambling for a new plan. As they realize America's not buying what they're selling, you're listening to the last gay conservative. I'm your host Chad law


Hello, everybody. This is Chad law, the last gay conservative. I might not be the last one per se, but I'm definitely watching a lot of my colleagues get picked off left and right. A buddy of mine, we were at dinner the other night. And he says, you know, you always say you can't be canceled. What makes you different than anybody else? There's a lot of people that have more money, more power, and they're getting canceled? And my answer is always I don't have anything to lose. There's nothing you know, for them to go after family, relatives, money power. I'm just a crazy guy who wants to continue to ruffle feathers in order to have the left mob thrown off their game so much that they can't continue to do any of their what they would call meaningful work,


what I would call socialism building. So part of what I do is really making sure that I'm always keeping the mob around me in a frenzy. That's one of the reasons why I joined the podcast, because when they're in a frenzy like that, not only do their true colors come out, but they're also distracted from doing some of the major damage that they're looking to do. So if they need me as a gay man, as a conservative and as a non victim to keep themselves flipped out. And it's not just me it's other minority groups as well. People that pop out of other minority groups. I know Candace Owens, for example, just being a black woman who's extremely brilliant and conservative, just keeps them wacky. They can't stand it. When anyone breaks free from the chains of their segregation, and their propaganda to make people in these minority groups like the LGBTQ community, the black community, the Latino community, in their camp. That's how they do it. It's not fair. But life isn't fair. So people like me, in Kansas and all over the country, if we can continue to just disrupt their narrative and their agenda, it just interests us forward to be able to block some of the ridiculousness that they're trying to pitch. Crazy enough, November was three months ago, which is insane. But November was a really big deal for America, because we had three huge wins, and sent three massive messages to the left, and said, This isn't what we signed up for. This isn't why we voted for Biden, we don't want this extreme socialist or borderline socialist legislation that's going to change the way America has operated. Since we were all children. And for our children and our children's children, it's not easy to get Americans to embrace radical change, because so many of us have experienced success based on the way America was founded. So you'll be hard pressed to find people in the middle, upper middle, and upper class to embrace some of these radical changes, because how the US was when we grew up, and when we worked and became successful worked for us. So why would we want to change something that's already a great system for people who work hard, put the time in and can be rewarded? You know, I think one of those things that we have to remember is that the US really is the only country left in the world. And I've been everywhere, we are really the only country left in the world where you can start with $20 and have a million dollars in the bank in a short amount of time. If you work hard, you continually come up with creative and good ideas. And it works because of this sort of perfect combination that our founding fathers created that has mutated, I think for the worst. But it's all about incentivizing people, limited government oversight, which if you notice, whenever we add government oversight, our economy is affected significantly, in a very negative way. And lastly, a financial system where you can borrow based on different things, borrow against your house, pull cash, someone told me, they pulled cash out of their car the other day, but you can borrow based on equity, which you can't do in a lot of places. And so I think those sort of three aspects continue to keep this country going through innovation, we would have already failed. If we didn't innovate our way out of crisis. You know, I have to remind everyone that the on demand economy did not exist 10 years ago, actually, we might be coming up on 10 years. But I think you get my point is that, as Americans, because of the capitalist system that we have, we're constantly able to innovate ourselves out of the hole, which can't be said for really any other countries in the world. So as we create new economies, new products, we can hope that whenever we're in a downturn, we're going to fix it through innovation, because we're certainly not fixing it through taxing the wealthy The most important thing to the US success story is incentivization for everyone to become super wealthy, Jeff Bezos, a perfect example, he didn't come from a lot of money, he had a good idea he worked his ass off and made the right choices, you know, his company exploded. That could never happen anywhere, but the US. But for some reason, the left insists on vilifying these people for using the American system, as it should be the free market as it should be in order to be successful. And the second you start distributing wealth, and the second you start capping and taxing at the top, the second, you lose that incentive for people that are just starting out to grow to be that wealthy, why would you work hard to become a billionaire, if 25% of that is going to be taken off the top, the billionaires tax or whatever they want to have, significant amount of that is going to be taken off the top. So why not just work right below that. So you don't hit the tax bracket, and you essentially have the same amount of money. Again, this is just my sort of wild opinion. I don't think it's that wild. But this is my opinion of how people would react as we start chipping away at the incentive of the free market capitalist country that we have. And the whole thing would collapse. It's a perfect balance. And every time we've screwed with it, we've gotten screwed. And that's what we're talking about today. So before I get too, into the free market in a capitalist economy, you know, it's so important to look at the timing of how all of this happened. So President Trump's in office, loses the election to President Biden. And it's pretty disappointing, because we all knew everyone in the country. And I don't mean to speak in generalities. But the majority of the country during Trump's presidency was doing well financially. They had more money in the bank, we were safer in regards to the military and the international community. There was peace deals happening in the Middle East. Everything we could have asked for was being done within the four years that Trump took office. And he took his promises very seriously. The issue is that the media created so much drama around President Trump because he wasn't an insider and didn't give them what they wanted. That when people turned on the news, all they saw was negative, negative negative tweet this tweet that about President Trump. So it's my opinion. And now a lot of polls are saying the same thing, that people weren't unhappy with him as a president. People were unhappy with him as a person, or what was construed as him as a person by the media.


And so here comes President Biden, and he's being pitched. I mean, the only reason why the guy was tapped for president by the DNC is because they knew someone like Kamala, which we know is a total failure as vice president, but someone like Kamala, someone like Bernie Sanders would just not be accepted by the majority of Americans. So they needed someone who represented a democratic middle ground. I always say that Clinton Democrats, Bill Clinton was a Democrat. However, he did a lot of things in office, that could be construed as either nonpartisan or a little leaning towards the right, as far as the economy is concerned. So people were excited that they had the opportunity to have another sort of Clinton Democrat in office. And what happened was,


they got Castro instead of Clinton. This guy is so extreme, but played it off so well, because let's face it, we really didn't get to know him as vice president for Obama. He was Obama's whipping boy. And the only thing he did was kiss baby, shake hands, and hug people creepily and smell their hair. He didn't have to do anything, as Vice President Obama was the star of the show 24/7. And Joe got to sit back and just enjoy the fruits of Obama's labor. So he gets an office, we're thinking he's just, you know, this middle ground person. However, we have to understand that AOC was on his campaign board consulting board, if you will, to represent the environment, Bernie for the economy. And so he had some of the most extreme Democrats. If there was a socialist box, they would check it. They're all, you know, self proclaimed socialists. But you had this middle ground Democrat that was surrounded by extreme Democrats. And nobody really knew who his advisors were. And everything was very, he was very sheltered by the media, and by the other Democrat candidates. And so it wasn't until he got his claws in to the US as our president that we realized, oh, wow, this is way worse than we thought. And several, a huge majority of people who voted for him said, this isn't what I signed up for. Gas prices immediately skyrocketed. Inflation kicked in, shelves in the grocery stores were empty. And all of this was done on purpose to manipulate the market, which we'll talk about a little bit more. But the real thing was, what he supported to come next, and what blue state governors and mayor's started to do, and congressmen and senators started to do after Biden got elected. They knew he was extreme. America didn't know that he was an extreme liberal. He was part of the mob. So I mean, they just fooled everybody. So once he got in the liberals and the mob, and then all the Democrats were super excited. You know, I can just imagine them thinking, Oh, wow, America's finally on our side, we're ready to go the windows open, let's push some of this stuff through while we have the opportunity. I think even Pelosi said this is going to be our one and only opportunity to use this amount of spending for our benefit for our agenda, which is disgusting. But essentially, what happened in a matter of months is everything that we liked about the country while Trump was in office went away very quickly. And so the Democrats took that opportunity to start sort of pushing out more of their radical agenda, and seeing how America would respond. They weren't trying to see it all. They assumed. And what's crazy is, I just have to wonder, like, Don't they have any analysts or data scientists that could go out and pull? Maybe because their egos are so fragile, the only people that they use to pull and analyze the market, aka the political landscape in the US are people that stroke their back and tell them how great they are. Because anyone with two IQ points could realize that you can't push Americans from A to Z in a matter of a few weeks or a month. It doesn't work. Americans progress with time, as generations die. And New Generations come forward. You can see that in the gay community. And unfortunately, things like Prop Eight and you know, with their rainbow flags in the Midwest and trying to push, push, push, push, push, you have to accept me, you have to accept me makes it worse, and we actually end up going backwards. But when people just chill out, and they begin to act as a positive example, for whatever rights or group there are protesting or pitching, if you will, it happens a lot faster. You know, it really does. So anyways, the Democrats are super overzealous, they have a false sense of confidence. And they wanted to strike while the iron thought, well, basically, they forgot. It doesn't happen like that. And that there's a lot of middle of the road Democrats that