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Biden's New Immigration Policies Speak Volumes

Biden Blocks Immigrants that may not Vote Democrat

Under immense pressure, President Biden visited the southern border for the first time during his two years in office last week. However, his trip accomplished nothing as he did not visit migrant detention sites, speak with any migrants, or work with CBP agents to find solutions to the ongoing crisis’ they face daily. Many have criticized his trip as merely a photo op for his adoring fans in the media.

It's no secret that Biden’s open border policies with his push for sweeping amnesty is a democrat voter drive and a way to secure their party’s future. In 2022, 2.76 million migrants crossed our southern border according to NBC News. However, the mainstream media is now blaming Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans. Although an overwhelming majority of the illegal migrants are from Mexica, Honduras, and El Salvador (70%) Biden insists on placing additional restrictions on Cubans, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, and Haitians.

Many of the Mexican and Central American migrants don’t truly qualify for asylum and can live in their home countries. These immigrants cross for “opportunities” and not to escape life-threatening living conditions. On the contrary migrants coming from the four socialist hellscapes are in true life or death situations.

In an effort to pretend like he’s strengthening the border, Biden rolled out new policies for those seeking asylum from the four countries that represent a small percentage of the illegal border crossers, and more than likely qualify for true asylum. Ironically, each one of the countries he chose have been destroyed by socialist, authoritarian, and communist leaders.

Why wouldn’t Biden put the true asylum seekers and victims of communist and socialist governments first? After all, isn’t that what we’re fighting off in Ukraine? Communism attacking democracy? Because Biden and the political elite are using immigration as a tool for power, not to grant asylum to those in need.

As of today, anyone seeking asylum from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and Nicaragua needs to submit a form via phone app (even though these countries tightly control the internet and will certainly block US sites). He is also requiring two-year financial sponsorship from an American citizen. However, none of these new policies apply to the masses who are crossing illegally everyday with no problem. Biden claims these policies will significantly reduce border crossings, when in actuality his policies are aimed at stopping a certain type of migrant.

Biden knows that there is a high chance these escapees of socialism will not vote democrat. If we take the Cubans for example, after escaping Castro, are hypersensitive to anything that looks like socialism. They are pro-democracy, and most align with republicans.

Venezuelans will mirror the Cuban immigrants. The people of Venezuela have seen their country destroyed by socialists like Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. They are hypersensitive to socialism and seeing that a ‘democratic socialist’ almost became president keeps them on the right.

Haiti and Nicaragua are both under authoritarian rule. Haiti’s unilateral democracy gives the government power without the legislator or the people. Nicaragua’s president and vice president are husband and wife and have removed almost every faction of democracy in the government.

These immigrants are not seeking ‘opportunities’ in the same way we see from our more immediate border countries. They are dealing with famine, death, food rationing, military spying, and having everything taken by the government. However, it’s not about the severity of the situation or the dire need these victims of socialism are in, it’s about making sure whoever we let in will vote Democrat.

It's no secret that the democratic party continues to get more progressive every day and if they’re going to succeed with their woke policies and democratic socialist agenda, they’re going to need all the undying support they can get. Immigrants escaping from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela pose a threat to their agenda by having experienced the horror of these policies firsthand. This is another move from the Biden administration to future proof their party and keep anyone who could speak out against the left out of the country.


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