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Omnibus Spending is a Woke Trojan Horse

Omnibus Spending Bill is a Trojan Horse of Marxism

Safe behind massive walls, reinforced by rock and wood, guarded by archers wielding arrows of fire, Trojans had fought off the Greeks for ten years. Seemingly an impossible feat, the Greeks never wavered from their mission. Each unsuccessful breach empowered the Greek soldiers to try harder. For ten years, the Greeks would attempt to breach, only to be sent back running to the beach. As more boats came from Greece and more soldiers camped on the beach, the city of Troy remained unfazed. The city was safe, or so they thought.

However, the Greeks had something the people of Troy did not- tenacity and grit. No matter how long it took, how many soldiers it cost them, and how much money they spent- the Greeks knew they would eventually get through those massive gates- come hell or high water. Sound familiar?

Time continued to pass until one day, much to the surprise of the Trojans, the Greeks had vanished. Retreated leaving nothing but a large wooden horse behind. The celebration ensued, the Greeks were gone, and they were finally free of the turbulence of wartime. The second they let their guard down and believed they won, Greeks waited until nightfall snuck out from the horse, opened the gates, and destroyed everything that was once a beautiful place.

As the old saying goes, history does repeat itself and we’re currently living a modern, American version of the Trojan war today.

As we sit the week of Christmas, celebrating our friends, family and football teams - American’s are paying no attention to the big Trojan horse rolling through congress under the leadership of Mitch McConnell. Furthermore, many have begun to rest easier knowing their votes were cast, and a new House of Representatives awaits to begin protecting American priorities.

In short, America’s eyes are off the ball.

Much like the city of Troy, America’s walls have been under attack for many years. Woke ideologues and marxists have tried numerous times to breach the walls of the American democracy and burn down the very structure that has held this country together for over 400 years.

For decades progressives have invaded our schools, our media, many of our politicians, and governmental agencies. However, Marxists have not been able to breach the American family, American neighborhoods, and hardworking American citizens. As horrific as it seems today, this is only a tiny fraction of the progressive’s Marxist agenda. What we’re witnessing today is merely a sneak peek at what is to come should our walls be breached, and the cracks in the walls are starting to show.

This is the closest the woke, Marxist, liberal, Ideologues have been to entering the American family and communities and it’s happening from the inside out.

American patriots around the country are working to block the penetration and growth of this woke infiltration. Strides are being made against child mutilation, grooming, and the destruction of American history to name just a few. However, that doesn’t do any good when the federal government, unbeknownst to most Americans, fund programs that go directly against what people are fighting for in their own communities.

Just like the people of Troy, many Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security, underestimating the damage politicians can do in a couple weeks.

This week the Senate led by Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, passed a 1.7 trillion-dollar spending bill. According to McConnell, republicans had two choices: support the military or don’t, which is a way to paper over the dark progressive funding hidden within the bill. Aside from the obvious economic impact of that much spending, there are over 4,000 pages of earmarks within the bill that under the guise of funding defense, fund the very ideologies that American’s have rejected for decades.

Scarier than the growing national debt and raising inflation, the economic repercussions of this bill are nothing compared to the attack on the American way of life that are hidden between the pages. Americans have proven generation after generation their ability to survive and grow through economic hardships. However, we have not protected the American way with the same strength because, “it could never happen to us.”

From allowing ideologues to remove the flag and the pledge of allegiance in schools, to supporting unconstitutional laws, American’s do not have the same tenacity and grit in protecting our culture and heritage. That is our weakness. We have allowed year by year, inch by inch, the progressives to take little pieces of America away from us under the guise of fairness, equality, and political correctness.

The democratic foundation of this country has always been our greatest line against these ideologues. By using the power of our vote, relying on those who represent us in Washington. From the time we’re old enough to read we’re promised that in America, we choose who and what happens with our votes.

However, our representatives have disregarded our god given rights, and have worked hard to make the priorities of the American people irrelevant. Our votes have become pieces of paper sent into the abyss only to elect a politician who gets to Washington and disregards everything they promised. There is no loyalty to the American foundation, and there is no loyalty to American citizens they are meant to represent and most importantly there is no loyalty to the American dream.

Filled with the modern equivalent to the Greek soldiers, this omnibus spending bill is being wheeled into the American household, through the front door pretending to help defend our nation. In order to ensure the passage of this Trojan horse the architects gave elected representatives four days to review the so-called Omnibus spending bill. The less we know, the better, which is exactly what the Greeks employed.

Before the new year and new congress are seated, billions of American tax dollars are being allocated for anti- American ideologies for the most progressive spending bill in American history. As the dollars secretly flow into some of America’s most progressive and extreme organizations, our neighborhoods will be infiltrated with those who are intent on destroying democracy and American heritage.

The gates were opened, the bill has passed, and the destruction will begin shortly. By the grace of God, there is one gift America has that the Trojans did not- we know it’s here. Had the people of Troy been aware of what was in the horse, they could have destroyed it and those in it.

American’s can destroy the spending bill before the Greek-like Marxists start sneaking out and killing our country, pillaging it’s riches and enslaving everyone including our women and children.

Initiatives such as trans education for children, over population control and anti-police organizations are all receiving millions in this budget. The Michelle Obama trail in Georgia received over 2 million dollars. The scariest of them all includes $750,000 towards a Los Angeles trans group that has a history of misusing grant funding and assisting young immigrants in receiving gender reassignment surgeries.

Headlines like, “shut down looms ahead.” And “Senators are working hard to avoid a military shut down.” When in actuality, a shut down is nothing more than offices closing, and everyone still being paid. In Ancient Greek, those headlines translate to, “don’t worry, we will fix it fast, and here’s a beautiful wooden horse as a gift.”

Confidence, security, and the desire to give people the benefit of the doubt is what destroyed the entire civilization of Troy. America is on track for that very fate, which has been shot into hyper drive with this passage of the Omnibus spending bill.

We have a choice - learn from the lessons of history or allow the beautiful horse of “equality,” “political correctness,” and “fairness” destroy us from the inside out.


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