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Biden ignores America's cries and manipulates the market to push the left's eco-terrorism.

President Biden ignores America's cries and continues to manipulate the market to further his eco terrorist agenda. You're listening to Alaska conservative. I'm your host, Chad law.

Hello, everyone, and let's go, Brandon. I'm Chad law, your host of the last gay conservative, and I'm super excited to be here for our first episode. The whole reason why I got involved in spreading information is because I have been accosted my whole life as a gay man who believes in true conservative politics programs, legislation, I've supported several conservative candidates. And for whatever reason, people believe that I have to be liberal, if I'm gay, and I think a lot of people live in that same box, you know, there's a lot of teachers out there that have to be liberal because they're in education. I think that there's a lot of conservatives that live in these communities, but feel sort of ashamed because of the segregation, and the propaganda that's constantly fed to us by the liberal mob. And so the purpose of this podcast really is to go beyond the Daily News, we take the Daily News, we take events that may have happened yesterday, may have happened last year. And we dive in and look at the how and the why it happened. And we then hopefully gain some tools in order to ensure these sorts of problems don't happen again, and give you some ammunition to fight your own version of the mob. I know many of you are dealing with woke teachers, or crazy liberal neighbors or city government officials that don't want you to water your lawn at certain times, and the list goes on. My job is to make sure that you are on your game, you have the knowledge and you have the wherewithal to go up against the mob, the left the Liberals that will be in your face for the rest of your life. So enough about that, you can read all about my story and what I'm doing here on my website and Alaska But for now, I want to get right into it. As I mentioned, we're talking about how President Biden is manipulating the market today. And when I say manipulating the market, we're talking specifically about the auto and transportation market, and how we're all being impacted significantly by the changes that we've seen since he's been in office. So I was reading, you know, doing my thing, looking at different blogs. And I came to understand and read that President Biden recently, maybe a couple months ago, had a big summit, if you will, at the White House to host America's largest automakers, minus Tesla big slap in the face to Elon. But he invited all of America's biggest automakers, and he wanted to sell them aka demand or mandate that they decrease production on the combustion engine and increase production of electric vehicles like now. And it's not surprising because Biden has always loved to meddle in private enterprise, as a senator, as vice president. And now as a president. I mean, the arrogance on this guy, the self worship is astonishing, that he truly believes he can run a private business better than current leadership. He thinks he's the best CEO. He thinks he's the best senator. He thinks he was the best vice president, and he thinks he's the best president. And he's sadly mistaken on all fronts. His records on all fronts are terrible. But it's not surprising, because he's been a Democrat his whole career for the last 150 years. And he has taken a very serious stance on the typical Democrat belief that they know better than we do. Right. So they know what's best for you and your kids. They know what's best for your job. They know what's best for your house, they know what's best for your car, they know what's best for your medical decisions, they know what's best for your retirement, and the list goes on and on and on. Because in their head, we're stupid. And to me, that's really the defining difference between Republicans and Democrats. Not all Republicans, we know that there are many in name only. But that being said to me, one of the big defining differences between Republicans and Democrats is just that Republicans believe that the American people when they choose choose, right, and Democrats believe that people in general should be controlled and led by a large federal government. And that's why they hate democracy, because that really can't happen if you have a democracy. So not only does the big guy think he's better for private industry, he also thinks the same about governing. And it's just so funny. When I read about his automakers summit, I had to take a step back and say, Are we back in 2008? You know, those of you who remember, in the 2008 recession, GM and Chrysler were hit pretty hard, mainly because they made a really crappy product. Chrysler's fell apart left and right. Chevy's products from the Malibu to the Tahoe were awful from aesthetic standpoint, from a recall standpoint, from a safety standpoint, worst products, they were getting their asses kicked by the Japanese And the Germans. And eventually it caught up the economy hit and their own stupidity led to them essentially crashing. But of course, in his infinite wisdom, Mr. Obama jumped right in, because we know it would add to his power by one of the most power hungry people in the world. And he wanted to save the auto industry. And he wanted to harness all those votes from all those employees that he saved. Well, now we know in actuality, he didn't save very many employees. And his reasoning was a little bit different. The biggest part of it is that he would gain control over America's two largest automakers. What happened was, is that Chrysler actually just took a traditional loan, backed by secured debt that they already had. And GM, however, was so bad and had so much unsecured debt, President Obama and the Democrat managed government, the Department of Treasury essentially became GMs largest shareholder, giving them a lot of control. In the case of Chrysler governmental assistance came in the form of a $4 billion loan from the US Treasury, and Chrysler's pre existing lenders owed 6.9 billion. GM on the other hand, their debt structure was dominated by 27 billion in unsecured public bond debt. How they let that get so far is beyond me. The US Treasury provided GM with a 13 point 4 billion credit facility in December of 2008. This financing was on a senior secured basis with the first lens on many of GMs assets, second liens on the collateral of existing secured lenders. Then, the government advanced GM an additional 6 billion of interim operating credit through secured loans bringing the total bailout to $19.4 billion. So 19 point 4 billion to GM, who is failing, by the way in its own industry, which is making automobiles and by the way, those stats come from the Department of Treasury exactly how they were. But backing up a little bit, the Almighty Obama, or what we should say, oh, Biden, but the almighty Obama had this quest to save the planet through green technology. Remember, he loved cap and trade to cap and trade was the big Obama boondoggle, but he pushed GM as their largest shareholder to develop a new hybrid product. Now this is after he removed most of the senior leadership and tapped his own that he wanted to be there handing out senior leadership jobs and board positions to previous Democrat, politicians and generous benefactors to his campaigns. But once he had the team in place that would listen to everything he said, he pushed and pushed and pushed, or a new hybrid electric type vehicle. And lo and behold, shortly after that, we came about the Chevy Volt. You speak to anyone in the auto industry, from expert to people who own dealerships, etc. They will all agree that the Chevy Volt was probably one of the worst vehicles ever made, ever developed, ever tested, ever made. Bad technology, bad esthetic, bad retail value, bad resale value, all of it. This car is hideous, and it is a terrible example of green technology. To me, I would rather have an AMC Gremlin, or a Ford Pinto. Before getting into a Chevy Volt. There's a study on actually the volt and GM and America's sort of reaction to government incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles. And it talks about this. And basically what it says is Obama's goal was singular, volt volt volt, GM had accelerated the production of the volt, believing that its sales would increase as the government continued to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles. Those incentives supported by Barack Obama stated the goal that the US again for Brock Obama's legacy would become the first country in the world to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. Despite tons of incentives in place, and California getting the carpool sticker etc. We didn't even come close to the 1 million mark, we're still not close. But again, Obama, using his authority as president and the largest shareholder of GM wanted to manipulate the market through production. So he tells GM gets involved sits down with the CEO, and he says, I want you to purposely slow down production on the less green cars, the Tahoe is the Silverados, the Yukons, etc. And I want you to increase production on the volt and the greener cars and hybrid technology. Essentially, what he's doing is is creating a deficit of product that people want, and then flooding the market with a product that people don't want. Okay. And the issue there is that the car was pushed forward so fast, that all the focus turned on one car, all the marketing dollars, everything focused on one car. Well, people were trying to buy the cars that sell what Chevy is known for, in the middle of a recession, where people's jobs are at stake, where we're supposedly bailing out a company to help people's jobs and to help the company continue and pump into the economy. You then decrease production on what sells. That is how egotistical these people aren't. That is like Obama to a tee, he would rather people not buy SUVs than have a car. He'd rather SUVs not be available to force people into driving a volt, in a time where GM needed every single sale that it could get immediately. These cars, the bolts had nothing, nothing right about them, to the point where they literally started exploding all over the place. I mean, I'm not even joking. It is so scary. What you can see if you go online, do a little Google search and say volt explosions. It's crazy to see. And then here I am at the gym the other day, and I look up at the TV. And then Bloomberg, there's some you know, financial analyst talking about the future of GM, and the future of their stock performance. And one of the big focuses was the fact that they finally came up with a solution to the explosion problem. The volt launched in 2010. The first recorded explosion was in 2011. And they're just now finding solutions to the explosion problem. 11 years later, you got to be kidding me. And people are cheering on and thinking this is going to help the stock price, at what cost, helping the stock price at what cost 11 years of explosions on the road. I mean, give me a break. This is the reason why we pay for the government's involvement in private enterprise for years after they meddle in corporate America. Any product that has been pushed, paid for or promoted by the government has backfired so much on the American people that you can't even say anything else other than the fact that it's a result of the government meddling in private enterprise. It makes me so frustrated because for people who don't do what I do, or the many other experts out there, people who just listen to the TV commercials and CNN, and all of them being headpieces for Obama at the time now Biden, they go out and make these decisions, consumers make these decisions thinking that a brand like GM can be trusted. And honestly, even though they made really crappy products, which got them in the hole that they were in to begin with, we could still trust them making combustion engines, none other cars were exploding before Obama got involved. And Biden loves to take credit for it. By the way, at each debate with Donald Trump, he

said, I say, the auto industry with President Obama,

he did nothing. Okay, he sat in the VPS office and probably filed his nails and ate his cereal and did nothing. Now, what we know is the cars coming out of other manufacturers now, the bolt was kind of the peak, but the government's support of these companies continued. But what we understand now is that the electric vehicles coming not based on demand, but based on these crazy government involvement are coming out very, very flawed. I don't trust them. I don't see how companies like GM, Chrysler, FIA Ford, who have spent the last century perfecting studying learning and engineering the combustion engine. Now all of a sudden, our electric car brands, they're committed to be all electric by 2025. How is that possible? How is that possible? without there being some serious mistakes? Not to mention, how much testing have we done? How many long term tests and studies have we done regarding the safety and the quality of these electric vehicles? Other than with Tesla, and the only reason why I say that I'm not a big Tesla guy, I don't think I would ever drive one maybe never say never. But as a business person, I look at Tesla. And I say they've done one thing and one thing only, they started as an electric vehicle company. They're still an electric vehicle company. And they continue to grow and better their product through their learnings of electric vehicles. Not only that, but billions of dollars were poured in to the technology into the engineering of the electric vehicle that Tesla produces. And what's under the hood, or I guess, is it under the hood? I'm not sure where it is. But when we look at all the instances that pertain to electric vehicles, I know that Tesla, for example, had those two famous spires. I didn't get specifics on this, but I'm sure you'll all remember it was all over the news. Like within a week of each other. There was one major fire in China, and then another one in the San Francisco area. And come to find out after the media had spewed all over the place about how shitty Tesla is come to find out. Both of those drivers hit large objects that pierced the battery and caused the fire. So I mean, again, it's not good. You shouldn't be able to pierce the battery. But for the most part, we can agree that this is operator error. And so what the Transportation Department does in the US is it breaks down these issues into two categories, collision occurrences and non coding lesion occurrences, collision occurrences being I smashed in the back of a semi truck and my car exploded. Okay. And then they look into the fact of whether or not the collision and the in the explosion were went hand in hand or if there was the explosion would have happened either way, you know, in the end, they make an analysis and then they give a recommendation of whether or not the vehicle or vehicles need to be recalled collision incidents like we can talk about all day. But that's not really what I'm worried about, you know, if you're going to get in an accident, which we all do me more than most, but what can I say I like to drive fast. But if we're going to get in an accident and talk about response and occurrences around the accident, find, to me that's an everyday occurrence that happens whether or not it's electric or combustion. However, non collision incidents are what really scare me. And that's when you're driving along, you park your car. So you're going to the beach, you park your car, you and the kids get out, grab the boogie boards and the beach chairs and the towels and boom, your vault explodes, catches on fire and everything that you own is inside the car, your wallet. But thankfully you and the kids are out of the car. That's a non collision incident. That's an incident that's purely happening, because the quality control the knowledge, the availability of the sort of ingredients that go into the formula, being all wrong, all half assed, create non collision incidents. So let's just take a look at some interesting facts. According to the Department of the Interior, the expansion of EV market recalls are increasing. An early example of a large scale recall occurred in 2012. Potential performance issues were the first stated reason for the recall, the root cause once they dug in deeper, was actually a mis calibration of a welding machine used to assemble the lithium ion pouch cells. Okay, so it wasn't the battery, it wasn't the car. It wasn't anything other than a welding machine. Okay, so if a welding machine can get off calibration can be miscalibrated to cause vehicles to catch fire explode, whatever. That is a very simple thing, I miss calibration of a welding machine. But because we don't have the knowledge or the wherewithal to figure this stuff out, and we certainly haven't tested it, we're putting lives at risk by putting these vehicles on the market. Non collision related fires are reported involving several electric vehicle makers, the Hyundai Kona Chevrolet Volt, Ford Escape, Chrysler Pacifica hybrids, and all of those reports occurred in 2020. This is in the 2008 issue. It's started in 2008. With I think the inception of the bolt or the volt, they launched the bolt later, but it started that say 10 years ago, but just last, you know, not last year, but the year before you have all these non collision fires. And all these recalls, the Department of Interior goes on to say it does not remove the risk by addressing the root cause. The cause is occurring in manufacturing, either at the battery level or during the assembly of the vehicle. And what they're saying is, is that while production of electric vehicles are being pushed, higher and faster, the quality control has gone down big time. And they have more recalls. They have more safety concerns, more fires, more accidents in a year than the average combustion engine in the same year. You know, I as a businessman or an entrepreneur, which I actually hate that term, but I How else do you describe it, I have extensive experience in bringing products to market. And I really do get it, you know, first to the finish line published is better than perfect. Let's go throw the spaghetti noodle on the wall and see if it sticks. That's all fun. And games in my you know, in my experience with beauty products, makeup shampoo, you throw shampoo out there, that's new and revolutionary technology. But you start to get feedback that the consumer doesn't like the fact that it doesn't suds enough. So you immediately work on version two, and you increase the soap levels and make sure that it's sudsing enough for the consumer. Well, with cars, you don't get that luxury, because you throw a product out, you're risking people's lives. Car accidents are one of the top causes of death in the United States. And they're even more so top causes of death amongst teenagers and young Americans the future of the company. But these people don't care, because they think that the biggest threat to America is climate change. And so it just makes sense that Obama and Biden and the AOCs of the world want more electric vehicles, more electric vehicles, even if human lives are at risk, and I can just see AOC right now, the handful of people died based on the explosion of an Eevee that she's pushed through not only the green New Deal, but also all of her media covered in bullshit social media, but I can just hear her talking about the death of someone on an electric car saying these people didn't die in vain. They died in the name of the environment. Are you kidding me? Obviously that's a dramatization. But would you even be surprised? I wouldn't they think climate change is more important than American lives. And no, it does not go hand in hand. What we need to realize is that Biden learned a lot, being Obama's whipping boy for eight years. And now he's applying the same things that Obama used. I call it Brock's bullshit. It has happened for a very long time. But Obama really brought it to a large scale. Basically, the formula for Brock's bullshit involves creating poor products, legislation and social programs, etc, etc, which they know will inherently fail, which then opens up the door for them to push a more radical agenda. So we tried it this way, and it couldn't work. So now let's go to the extreme way. Obamacare is a prime example. Rush called this may rest in peace rush called this. So early on, it was almost magical. And what we came to realize is that that's exactly what Obamacare was one of Iraq's bullshit products. It was so terrible, the website crashed so much. People couldn't get coverage, people were stuck with one provider that didn't accept any doctors. We all know the stories. It was a terrible, terrible product to be launched. And the reason why it was terrible, was because by tanking the health care system with Obamacare, it would open up the door for socialized medicine, which Biden now is calling a public option, GM, another great example, create the worst eco friendly hybrid car known to man. So we can say hybrid technology isn't good enough, and you have to do all electric. And we see that that's happening today. See, Biden is manipulating the market by pushing automakers to create what he thinks is best and not what the people or the market are demanding. And based on history, based on what we know about the big guy, he's going to offer major tax incentives, if not just straight payouts for consumers. And then he's going to give major major major tax cuts, breaks, refunds, rebates, whatever it is to the manufacturers to incentivize that they increase production of electric vehicles. Now, again, keep in mind as it comes to GM, and the reason why I'm so focused on GM, I don't hate GM, it just happens to be that they're the largest automaker in the US. And they're the ones that have played ball the most with the US government demands. GM is top 20. Sellers are all SUVs and trucks with one exception, which is the Malibu sedan. So you know, I wish I could explain why Biden feels holier than thou, especially when he and everyone knows that he's cognitively challenged. I mean, the guy is like Weekend at Bernie's, I swear Jen lackey is behind him, holding him up controlling him with controls. But you can't blame the guy he's really clinging on to the last 50 IQ points, he has left 50 IQ points, excuse me. But because the incentivization is too good, GM, and Ford and all these other companies are going to continue making terrible products outside of their expertise. And more importantly, products customers don't want, they will continue to be unsafe, and be built by engineers and texts that have only ever worked on combustion engines. And, more importantly, it's just a big F due to the free market. It's a bigger FUD to capitalism. But for the obvious part old super predator Joe doesn't respect us or think we're intelligent enough to make decisions. We're all stupid him and the left's leadership know best. That group of eco terrorists are literally the mom who smokes and tells their kids not to smoke, demanding us as Americans drive around in golf carts, because we know most of us can't afford a Tesla or a rivian. Well, they fly around in private jets get transported in Suburbans own stock and petroleum companies. And the list goes on. The funny thing is, is that this push on electric vehicles actually might hurt us, or keep us the same than it is going to make any sort of positive difference with the environment. Listen to this. This is just last week updated. According to the EPA, the top factors of contributing to climate change are transportation is 29%. And under that is about 50%. So 50% of the 29 transportation is cars, electricity 25% industry 23% agriculture 10% commercial 7% residential 6%. Okay, so you've got 29% of the entire climate change, global warming, which we used to call it global warming, and then it started to get really, really cold. And all of a sudden, we call it climate change. Because apparently the globe isn't warming anymore. It's just changing. That's a whole different conversation. Another topic that Americans really don't care about, but 29% of the entire global climate change is transportation of that 29% 50% of that is cars. Now of all of that. There's also 25% electricity, right? And we're pushing for electric cars. Why is electricity contributing to climate change? Because in the US and many, many, many other first world countries, the electricity is produced by natural gas, and petroleum. Okay, so just get the straight 29% of climate change is attributed to transportation 50% of that is cars, the rest is plane travel semi trucks, etc. Another 25% is electricity, which is because we get our electricity from fossil fuels. So how is attacking half of 29%? Better than attacking the 25% of electricity? As we plug more in? Are we using more electricity? Aren't we adding to climate change? versus taking away from climate change? Don't you think, a smart person that's a joke in government? But don't you think a smart person would think this through and say, Hmm, if my goal is to eliminate a dependency on petroleum or fossil fuels, we should probably get the biggest chunk done before we encourage people to add to that grid and use more petroleum and natural gas, it makes no sense. Here's the difference. Consumers don't really see when you're working on the grid, the average American they can't go on CNN and show how scientists are working on eliminating the dependency on fossil fuels and petroleum for electricity. It's not sexy, when an electric Hummer is and everyone can feel good about the air they breathe, and the future of America's children and all the other bullshit that they've been sold around electric vehicles, even though they're just adding to climate change. The US government, honestly just to, you know, give you guys some insight. If you look at the last 50 years, we have made exactly 1% of progress towards eliminating dependencies on fossil fuels. 1%. I mean, I just don't understand why we would encourage people to plug in when at this point plugging in means more climate change. It's just it's an absolute joke. And everything that they've tried fails solar wind power, nucular dams, it doesn't work. In theory it does. But availability, volatility engineering specialists just there's one thing or the other, that's just not right. The most clean, consistent and available product for power is fossil fuels, petroleum based products or crude oil. So let's say the mob got what they wanted. And we all got electric vehicles, as dangerous and untested as they are, we would be adding more electricity to the grid that relies on oil and natural gas. So what I mean people are not aware of this, people do not understand that electricity, for their heaters, their houses, their businesses that they go to the Starbucks, they get their morning coffee that is all powered by oil and natural gas, which Biden has made out to be the devil and thinks that that's way more important. And getting electric cars is way more important than tackling inflation, or correctly managing the COVID-19 crisis. How I mean is I'm thinking, you know, how does he push these electric vehicles, continually metals and private business? And it doesn't even make us less dependent on oil? It's like, how did these people even function, I mean, talk about the 50 IQ points. This is just insanity. Granted, there's an offset, because if we're getting rid of the electric cars, there's the gas cars, but those are 50% of 29%, where electricity is 25% of 100%. I'm not good with numbers, if you can tell, but it's not working. So this whole summit goes by and Joe Biden's just cheering on GM cheering on GM cetera. And he's so excited because again, he continues to meddle. He's got his photo op and his electric Hummer and Jeep and this and that and the other thing, but he's telling the automakers they have to do something. They recently had a summit in Scotland, where they made the top automakers of the world sign a pledge that they would be all electric by I think it was 2030. I can't remember. And the only two companies that didn't sign the pledge were Volkswagen Group, which owns Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, etc. and Toyota. And I think the chairman and CEO of Toyota had a good point, he said,

enemy climate change is the enemy. The combustion engine is not the enemy. Why are we taking all of our focus on perfecting the combustion engine technology that's worked for years and making it clean, and a non contributor to climate change and just opting for electric? I don't know. I think it's very silly. You know, he Biden's out 10, saying, oh, GM will beat Tesla by 2025. He hates Elon. It's so funny. And Elon just trolls him. If you don't follow Elon on social media trolling Biden and other liberals. It's hysterical. By the way, Elon was not invited to the summit. Tesla was not mentioned in any of his chairs. And the funny part is Tesla's the most American made car on the market. They everything about Tesla is made in the US 100% And they're the only ones left. You know, the funny part is, is that they did a big press release, GM just opened this beautiful facility to make all of their EVs as they catch up to Tesla that they can grow into. And it's beautiful. You see the pictures, it's modern, it's gorgeous. And then you read at the very bottom, that it's in Mexico, adding to no economic growth. The US adding no more jobs. And do you really want your $100,000? Hummer h2 in Mexico? I don't. So basically, where we're at is, is that we've been pushed so hard on these electric cars without understanding the safety that they weren't selling enough. They're not selling enough. Okay, that's the bottom line, Biden is disparaged by how little uptick, the sales of the EVs are going other than Tesla. But he doesn't like to lose. And he does not want to leave a legacy that doesn't have all this carbon neutral environmental stuff behind him. Because let's face it, he doesn't care whether or not we live or die in electric vehicle, he's not going to be around much longer. He doesn't care. He just wants to feel like he's contributed to something and add to something that consumers can tangibly tangibly put their hands around. He just loves to create circumstances that leave people with no choice. So what else did he do? He screwed up the whole oil and gas market. They hate democracy. He hates democracy. And so what he does is when he can't get something voted or ruled in the courts, he just again makes up circumstances. It's insane. And if you can't make up circumstances, then him and his buddies in Congress just throw a bunch of earmarks into a bill, which by the way, we can't say earmark anymore, we can only say conservative funding, but they throw a bunch of earmarks into a bill or community funding into a bill and push their ideas without anyone in the us even knowing because it's a big 1000 piece of paper document that no one's going to read through including me. But this whole build back better build back bullshit, whatever it's called inside. Oh, what do you know, there's a $12,500 credit for people who buy an electric vehicle. Now imagine if that was available for people purchasing cars, where there's no transport in rural areas, or for farmers to buy more trucks to add to agriculture, for our food and export market? Or how about it doesn't exist at all. And we take a couple million bucks off of the $3 trillion heap of crap, because it's not glamorous for them. And it's not all about them. It's not all about Biden, it's not all about AOC. It's not all about the Green New Deal. It's about them only, not us. So in all his glory. Now, Biden has completely manipulated the market for the automakers with taxes and cash incentives and everything else. That doesn't work, but it's not working fast enough. So what he decided to do was manipulate the gas prices hit people where it hurts, I call them super predator Joe, because he has super predatory actions towards my wallet. He is a predator. He's a predator of joy. So what does he do? He gets in President first week shuts down all oil production price goes 40 to 70% up depending on where you are. This is probably the most important issue, hurting Americans today. And there's really no other explanation than the fact that he has so many options to get prices down temporarily to give us some reprieve. He refuses to do it, because he wants you to pay $5 at the pump, he wants it to hurt. So you turn around and buy one of his shitty cars. Literally, that's his idea of a stimulus for the auto industry. You can't create a stimulus through taxation and market manipulation. That's not how it works. Okay, it never works. Right now he could approve a temporary production just to get us over the gap. But he can't because all of his eco terrorist friends would scream at him. From what I understand he hasn't gone to OPEC, like Trump did and ask them to keep production ramping. And if there's more supply than demand, we'll take it off their hands. The Saudis are great allies. Why? Why aren't they ramping production and providing fuel and oil to the US? You know, it's just again, more market manipulation. So for for when you guys are out at the gas pump. And you see those stickers that said, I did this with a picture of Biden, he really did do it. And he did it on purpose. He knows exactly what he's doing. Exactly. These people aren't stupid. You know, these are the top ranking officials in government. He wants us to suffer so we make decisions that align with what he wants. That is the liberal agenda to a tee. He says he's not into the green New Deal. Guess who was the climate czar, if you will, for his campaign? AOC just like his economies are during his campaign was Bernie Sanders. So why would you put people that you supposedly disagree with around you if you disagree with them? Makes no sense. So what we need to understand is that our gas prices, the availability of our vehicles, the supply chain, as it pertains to the transportation systems have all been manipulated by President Biden and his camp in order to push this eco terrorist agenda attacking all of us in the US. You know, it just really, really twist my panties when I see that they're shelling out huge tax credits to automakers for EVs. Monday. relating gas prices to force people into electric vehicles, electric vehicles get plugged in, it increases the use of electricity. Electricity is made and produced using fossil fuels. It's just this insanity. And people don't seem to realize what's happening. Because it's hard to believe that someone, our president, the president of the United States, the people who are supposed to represent us would actually be manipulating the market, manipulating your wallet, in order to get what they feel is best for you. It's just insane. December 2020, gas was average to a four gallon, and now it's 340. It's just sad, you know, people on Wall Street, companies go to jail for this all the time executives are in jail, all the time for manipulating the market manipulating their value in order to hide the shareholders. And I do have to talk about this a little bit, which is there was a big thing a couple of months ago about Biden, his latest move to alleviate the gas prices for Americans was to release 50 million barrels from our supply or reserve oil reserve, according to, and 32 million are available. Well, Chad, where's the other 18 million barrels? Oh, those got sold to China and India. So 36%, of the little scrape of 50 million barrels he took from our reserves went to China and India. I mean, is this guy living the American dream, or the Chinese nightmare is this because he owes them a favor for giving Hunter Biden all that money. I mean, he's got to do what he's got to do to get that, you know, crack addiction fed, the very people that are supposed to represent us are making us hurt, and they're hurting our wallets. And they're making us believe something that is not true. EVS do not save the environment, they are not safe. They are not consumer friendly. They have not been tested, they have not passed the test of time. And I would be very, very careful. Before buying an electric vehicle from a company that spent nearly its whole life focusing on combustion engines. Biden will continue to do this through this entire part of the presidency. So we must keep our eyes open, we must be aware of the manipulation that's happening. And we must continue to fight for what's right. And right now, that's give us our cars that we want and give us gas prices that we can afford. No American at this point, should have to decide whether they're going to go to church or take their kids to school because they can't fill up their tank. That is the most unAmerican thing I've ever heard, especially when you have a country and a government that has every tool in their belt to fix that. But they would rather talk about holes in the atmosphere and clear blue skies and clean air. Then people who are struggling to use their car who can't afford an electric vehicle, and the list goes on. Mark my words, it will soon be unpatriotic to not drive an electric vehicle. It's the liberal guilt trip. Their delusions of grandeur are incredible when they think that we're going to have a million cars, electric vehicles on the road by 2015. We're still not there. It's 2022, seven years later. So me and all of you out there that believe that this electric vehicle push is disrupting our market and injuring our wallets. Don't buy into the sensationalism. If you want one by one you're a consumer, you can do whatever you want, but don't buy one based on the fear mongering and the guilt trips that are laid on you every day from the left mob just is insane to me how selfish people can be and putting people last basically. Well, I think that's it for today, folks, I hope I shed hope I shed some light for you on why our transportation market has been so terrible in the last year during the Biden administration. And I hope this gives you some tools to share with your own version of the mob why electric vehicles and no gas is not the answer to a better environment. I'm Chad law this is the last gay conservative

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