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The Podcast 

Tired of being labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, and even transphobic for no reason? Feeling guilt or shame for not accepting this “new normal” as gospel? Concerned that skin-color, gender, and sexual orientation have superseded merit and hard work? 

Well, you’re not alone- twice a week our host Chad Law will filter the garbage and present the truth. As a gay man and successful entrepreneur, Chad will destroy typical political stereotypes and exploitation the left uses for personal gain. You’ll learn, laugh, and love having the tools to take on your version of the mob. Don’t miss it!

How it all started...

Fifteen years ago, I was sitting with a large group of people at the dinner table. Some I knew, some I didn't. It was a great meal with great company. At some point in the evening, a heated political conversation broke out. When it was my turn to make a point I was abruptly interrupted by one of the more "liberal" members of the table. She said, "Aren't you gay?" It was so out of the blue I sort of stared at her and answered, "Yes, I am. Why?" She stood up and pointed her finger at me and yelled, " You can't be conservative and gay! It's just not allowed! You are hurting the other gays and encouraging hate crimes against them!"


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